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Signings so far

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It has been a relatively busy start for Everton so early on in the close season. Whilst we may not have been splashing the cash so far, we have been busy and have clocked in four new signings, with more to follow. After a bit of study, I?ve come to the conclusion that we may have picked a couple of gems, whilst others are going to have to earn their bones.

So far we have:

Jan Mucha ? From his showing in the World Cup we are really none the wiser, but taking into account he helped his national side qualify for the finals, it?s a step up from Carlo Nash. Maybe he will challenge Tim Howard; maybe he won?t... but he improves the quality and depth in the goalkeeping department.

Joao Silva ? He is the player with most to prove, coming from the lower Portuguese leagues. Only time will tell. Let?s just hope he isn?t a Brett Angell.

Jermaine Beckford ? In my mind, he will either do nothing or take to the Premier League the same way Cahill and Jagielka did. I have a sneaking suspicion that he may turn out to be quite good.

Mageye Gueye ? This is the interesting one. After looking into his previous, it seems that he might be a great signing. As a 19-year-old, he scored 9 league goals last season then got injured. He?s also a France U21 player and apparently turned down Olympic Lyonnais to join us (after being scouted for a while). I think this one could be the best of the bunch.

There are others mooted, this Azerbijiani kid for one; and we?re still awaiting the big marquee signing. But importantly, these signings have been made early, so they?re getting the chance to bed in, in training and on the pre-season tour in Oz.

Whilst I would love the billions of Citeh, I (perversely) like what we are doing, ie, paying Yaya Toure (central midfielder/Barcelona reject) £220,000 per week is not the way to develop the team in the long term. There will also be conflict over pay within the squad, I?m sure Tevez would like to think he?s worth the same weekly wage.

I honestly hope that at least two out of the aforementioned signings step up and live up to their potential.
Giles Larkman, Thailand     Posted 04/07/2010 at 18:13:12

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Fran Mitchell
1   Posted 04/07/2010 at 22:03:59

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Gueye sounds promising. Likely to play on the wing and considering we have tracked him for 6 months, and taking what the player said himself, it seems that he will be in the first team squad this coming season. Looking forward to seeing him.

Beckford can't really be called, but is likely to be a sub.

Silva? No idea, probably in the reserves before a loan move.

Mucha, improved back-up for Howard, can't see him being a top No1 keeper though.

My Main reaction to this article..... £220k a week for Toure!!!!!! Is that true? If so that is absurd!
Alasdair Mackay
2   Posted 04/07/2010 at 23:01:23

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You definitely get the impression that the OS has been taking the Gueye signing more seriously than the others. I think Mucha and Beckford are good signings as well.

Considering we have spent a grand total of about £1million and added 5 players to the squad (including Abdullayev) - 3 of which will be in and around the first team next season, I think it has been a good summer so far.
Matt Traynor
3   Posted 05/07/2010 at 00:19:16

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Bluekipper are claiming that Donovan will be the "big" signing of this close season.

With the young signings Moyes has made, if there's no-one out of the exit door, I'd say that's pretty good business.
Brendan O'Doherty
4   Posted 05/07/2010 at 01:50:01

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Agreed Matt, but the important bit is "if there's no-one out of the exit door".
James Flynn
5   Posted 05/07/2010 at 04:55:10

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Matt and Brendan - You know I'm newly arrived, so am not up on (and so not wounded by) off-season Toffee doings.

Way back when LD was loaned out, it was apparent he had to sign a new and improved contract with Galaxy before the loan could go thru. EFC wouldn't get him so cheap (meaning the outlay to sign LD was established).

Add to this, DM has addressed so many areas this off-season, but not the right flank attacking. Why not? Hmmmmmmm.

Now, I don't know anymore than any here, but my view is Landon soon or (more likely) in December, it's a matter of dollars how soon LD is back in Royal Blue.

For all the arguing about Landon, he's not the "Be All End All". He's the last piece of the puzzle. At which point Ferguson makes room for Moyes as a Scot come South and creating success in the EPL.

Going to be very exciting this season.
Matt Traynor
6   Posted 05/07/2010 at 06:28:52

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James, BlueKipper have a close relationship with the club. Moreso, say than the custodians of ToffeeWeb! Actually, some fans think it's a little too cozy, but that's another story...

Anyways, they have a star-type rating (called kipper's - I'll let others fill you in on the Scouseology as I've lived away for over half my life!)

They call it 5/5 kippers - they reckon it's a cert he'll sign this close season, so in time for the August kick off.

For our budget, I think that's about the best we could hope for. Last season was funded by the Lescott sale. We are broke, and it aint gonna change anytime soon.
James Flynn
7   Posted 05/07/2010 at 06:37:16

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Matt - I just feel perspective is needed when discussing Landon's return. He's 28 and HAS NOT established himself in a big-time soccer league. Landon knows it.

It's surprising to me how many ToffeeWebers ignore this where LD is concerned. His salary is well-within EFC structure. EFC just has to make sure LD's endorsement money is right. He's always made more money from that than salary.

Besides, it's not just a matter of what he can do for Everton Stateside. He'll be a huge hit in England. Huge. I would think that's first in his worth to EFC.
Matt Traynor
8   Posted 05/07/2010 at 09:23:31

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James, Everton has taken in waifs and strays over the last few years ? signed players where the general reaction was, "So what?", and part of the turn-around has to be the family atmosphere at the club, which is why episodes like Lescott, and Rooney before him, rankle.

Moyes, as a perennial learner, *seems* to have changed his approach ? rumours abounded earlier in his reign of bust ups, fall outs.

So we have: Arteta ? big fish in small league in Scotland (apols to Scot's fans, you know what I mean), fails at Sociedad, revelation at Everton.

Peinaar ? Lost his way in Dortmund, took a season to settle in with us, and he's back at where he should have been.

Heitinga ? similar to Pienaar at Atletico. Settled in quite quickly.

Landon ? two spells in Germany, didn't show his form. By his own admission he was younger and thought he'd made it. He has 5 minutes of Everton - where he isn't the most talented player ? but he takes to it like a duck to water.

Not every player is a success story. Andy (don't call him Shandy ? he drank FAR stronger stuff!) van der Meyde, Jo, etc.

But, if anyone can settle in and be judged "a success" in the Prem, it's Landon Donovan. At Everton.

His fee and wage are clearly within our budget. Compared to other signings he doesn't really represent that much of a gamble. I think the player himself, and the US Coach Bradley, saw that his very short spell in England improved him. That improvement comes from the coaching, the competition, and from the desire of the player.

For all who are saying we could do better. Could we? Really? Jermaine Pennant is on his way back... He's on £45k a week though!

As I've said before, if we can't recoup the fee AND his wages in merch in the States, we really should just set up a market stall on Great Homer Street and be done with it.
David Hallwood
9   Posted 05/07/2010 at 09:57:13

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Giles, I for one wouldn't like the billions of Citeh, because I think it's ruining the long term health of football. There was a time when I would've bit your hand off for a Sheik or a Russian, but Fifa or Uefa have got to step in and stop this nonsense, and I can only hope that the measures that are to be implemented will be successful.

If they?re paying Toure that amount of money, it won't be long before Tevez is knocking on the door, demanding a rise because he's 'only' on £150k. Now that's fine because they've got the shieks (no pun intended), but it then has a ripple effect, and players from, Stoke for instance (or to be more precise their agents) will be knocking at Tony Pulis's door saying that his player's 'only' on £20k pw and surely a £5k pw rise is more than reasonable.

Therefore the collective wage bill will rise; I don't have a problem if football can afford it, but it can't... and the way this is going, in 10 years it may be Citeh & Chelsea playing each other on alternate weekends.
Aidy Dews
10   Posted 05/07/2010 at 10:28:14

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Our big signing of the summer will be tying Arteta down to a new deal hopefully?!!That's the deal im most bothered about, and the rest can take care of itself.

I'd also love us to tie Pienaar down to a new deal and if possible, and sign Donovan permanently ? I don't want us to be signing him on loan for a month or so, I want him here permanently and making a better contribution over the season. Last season when he was here, he gave us a better balance and new dimension and added much needed pace to our side and we really did benefit from it. He was a great outlet to have and we were a better side for having him on the right; as soon as he went, that changed slightly... yeah, we did well but we were just better with Donovan on the right.

As for the new boys, Gueye looks like he might get among the squads and play a part, probably from wide with him apparently being lightening quick. Beckford will be on the bench from the start and will no doubt step in when we get injuries but who knows after this pre-season ? he might have a blinder and give Moyesy food for thought?

Joao Silva might be for next season; this season he'll be in and out of the reserves and will make appearances on the bench, maybe get a few minutes here and there, but I think this season will be a settling in one for him.

Mucha is no doubt better competition for Howard, he's an international and hasn't done too bad at this year's World Cup but he isn't going to force is way through and become number one; however, he most certainly will keep Howard more on his toes than any of the others have IMO.

Abdullayev is one for the future, IF we decide to take up the option of signing him within the 2-year first option period. I would also like to see Moyes bring in some cover/competition for Baines at left back as the likes of Bidwell and Garbutt aren't ready just yet, I don't think. We could do with getting some one in for a year or two to push Baines whilst Bidwell and Garbutt progress through the academy and reserves.
Graham Holliday
11   Posted 05/07/2010 at 11:46:40

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Anyone seen John Ruddy has finally moved onto pastures new? Has signed for Norwich for an undisclosed fee.

Good luck to the lad, and hopefully we got a reasonable deal for him...
James Stewart
12   Posted 05/07/2010 at 11:58:19

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Gueye is the one I'm most interested in seeing play.

I think Beckford will also turn out to be a bargain.

Mucha, however, I believe to be a waste of resources. Suspect at best. And I really don't see the point in selling Ruddy, a good promising English keeper, and bring in a foreigner as backup.
John Crook
13   Posted 05/07/2010 at 13:16:53

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With regards to Ruddy leaving ? obviously Howard is 1st choice with Mucha as back up. Whats the crack with Nash?? He signed a 2-year deal in Aug 2008. So therefore his contract expired last month! I'm sure I saw him in the Aussie training camp pictures on the official site. Does that mean he's staying as a Number 2 keeper on cheap wages and help out Chris Woods with the goalkeeping coaching?
Alan Clarke
14   Posted 05/07/2010 at 14:28:47

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DId anyone else hear Pat Nevin on the radio during Slovakia's last game? He said Moyes was planning to have Mucha as his first choice keeper.
Mike Allison
15   Posted 05/07/2010 at 15:34:49

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I think Nash is sticking around because Howard and Mucha are on holiday, Ruddy's been sold and so we therefore need someone to make up the numbers on the tour and in the training. I imagine from his point of view its another 7 or 8 weeks work probably at about £5k a week or so, so why not?
Jonathan Tasker
16   Posted 05/07/2010 at 21:34:00

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I think Clint Dempsey and Kevin Prince Boateng would both be worth looking at. After his very impressive World Cup it may be too late with the The Prince but I think you have seen what a good player he is.
Mike Allison
17   Posted 05/07/2010 at 22:59:37

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Look on the GOT forum. I said K.P. Boateng ages ago. He's a Moyes type signing, promising youngster loses way slightly and needs to be well managed and feel wanted, see Arteta and Pienaar for previous experience.
Ben Jones
18   Posted 06/07/2010 at 12:10:29

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I quite like our dealings so far. We're just buying squad players which slowly improves our team.

Gueye is an interesting one. He seems to have quite a bit of potential.

Mucha impressed me in the World Cup. He's proved he can fit in the highest level. He'll certainly keep Howard on his toes and think Mucha should play in all of our cup games.

Joao Silva looks promising too, but will hopefully see him in the next couple of seasons.

Beckford undoubtedly a squad player but can see him getting his chance.

World Cup has brought up some interesting suggestions. Ghana especially. Boateng, Gyan and Ayew (a winger we have been linked before) would all do.

I think we will get the one marquee signing or two if either Arteta or Pienaar leaves. Cover for left back would be nice too and could see that happening.
James Stewart
19   Posted 06/07/2010 at 13:30:24

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I personally wouldn't spend any little money we have on any of the Ghanaian team. Gyan has pace but poor finishing and he would command a sizable fee. Boateng plays centrally and we simply don't need anymore CMs.

Valter Birsa on the other hand would be a classy addition.
Mike Allison
20   Posted 06/07/2010 at 17:34:22

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Boateng's played wide midfield most of the season and also as a support to the striker, two positions we do need. Now that he's Ghanaian I'd be a bit more wary, as if we keep all our other Africans we could be 5 or 6 men down for two months every other season when the Afcon is on.
John Hall
21   Posted 06/07/2010 at 20:54:08

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regarding Nash ;on the OS it says that he signed for 2 years with an option for a further year - he might just take up that option!

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