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Super? Danny Gosling

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I read recent reports that suggested Gosling could leave on a free but didn't believe it as I was led to believe (from a club insider) that he had a year left on his contract.

I am amazed to read tonight that his agent has been in touch with the Premier Lague who say he's a free agent and can sign for whoever he wants.

Now if true (and thats still a big IF because we all know about "stories") it begs the following questions:

  1. Who is responsible for this massive cockup?
  2. Does he really want to leave for more first team football as has been suggested?
  3. That being the case, are we still responsible for his medical bills (bit callous I know but so is wanting to take advantage of a cockup!)?
  4. What club would take him in his current "unmedical" like condition?

Jay Harris, Liverpool     Posted 07/07/2010 at 02:13:54

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Kieran Kinsella
1   Posted 07/07/2010 at 04:51:22

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So, just as everyone is looking forward to a new season safe in the knowledge that we've tied Rodwell to a new deal, everything falls apart.

Dan Gosling has apparently left the club for nothing because he is a shallow golddigger who would rather get paid more at a worse club than earn a regular spot at the team that gave him his break.

This on top of the fact that Arteta, who a month ago was staying, is now wanting to leave along with Pienaar. What odds that World Cup Johnny will want a double-your-money deal or he's off to City? Let's not forget that Fellaini's Dad was trying to get him to move before he was injured and now he is just about ready to return ... to the shop window.

I guess the only question is did all of this come as a surprise to Kenwright or does it explain why Moyes has signed half-a-dozen seemingly unnecessary 19-year-old long shots?

Rob Prince
2   Posted 07/07/2010 at 06:33:00

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If he goes he goes. Agree with you Kieran, he must be a gold digger. It really is depressing having half our squad rumoured to want out. Personally I couldn´t care less any more. With the exception of Arteta, whom I really will be sorry to see leave, I think they are all a load of mouthy greedy bastards, your Pienaars and Heitingas and Fellainis (yes I also remember his dad´s comments). Sincererly, let whoever wants to go piss off. I´d rather have 11 Phil Nevilles who actually want to play for this club than a bunch of greedy tossers.
Michael Brien
3   Posted 07/07/2010 at 07:28:53

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Has Gosling officially left the club and signed for someone else? Has Arteta left? Has Pienaar joined another club? As far as I know, they are still Everton players. Let's not assume the worst just yet. The papers are full of speculation which is just that.... speculation. Not all of the stories are true.
Kirk McArdle
4   Posted 07/07/2010 at 07:26:06

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"MirrorFootball" & ""

Umm, not exactly the most reliable of sources. It states that Newcastle and Sunderland are interested. Not exactly the clubs that a player with International aspirations (given the current state of the national team are in) should be looking towards.

I think I remember reports that were saying that Rodwell & Gosling had caught Fergies eyes as stand-out upcoming players. Now you wouldn't turn down a free transfer to Man Utd would you?

But let's just see if he picks up an Everton embossed pen and signs a new 4-year contract shall we.
Chad Schofield
5   Posted 07/07/2010 at 07:32:04

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I sincerely hope that this is The Mirror being overzealous. He would be a complete idiot to leave under circumstances like this. Either way, whilst it sounds like there has been a very poor administration error on behalf of Everton, there would be more wrath towards Gosling, if true, or The Mirror should they have run a story that's not true. Obviously hoping for the latter.
Chris Wilson
6   Posted 07/07/2010 at 07:14:33

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Well, before we label Gosling "greedy" before he's actually left us, go back to Jay's question ? who screwed this up? This oversight is just plain pathetic and I am dying to hear the excuse that we as fans are expected to swallow by the club. Let's wait to hear them say, "Oops. Our bad."

I don't think we can get too angry with Gosling. Players want to play and if he's given the opportunity to start and earn more doing it ? well what can we do? I mean there are people calling for Landon Donovan to come back and if that happens, Dan is pushed further down the pecking order so why wouldn't he want to go someplace where he'll be given the chance? But all of this is moot if whoever monitors player contracts does their fucking job.

Will he leave? I don't know. Will other clubs try to bring in a player who will be out for so long? They might if it only costs them a weekly salary. What gets me is, IF he leaves, all the money that has been spent on any surgeries, consultations, and rehabilitation will be for another club's benefit. I also wonder if there was a sell-on clause that we would have owed a percentage of Gosling's fee to Plymouth? Wonder if we would be made to pay them something ? money we don't have.

Trevor Lynes
7   Posted 07/07/2010 at 08:30:39

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I find the whole thing embarrassing if true... how can anyone make this sort of mistake in a business situation when the lad is an asset from a monetary point of view?

I sincerely hope it is all media speculation as it makes us as a club an utter laughing stock... the club have not made any official comment and at the moment are filling their pages with trivia from Australia.

Craig Taylor
8   Posted 07/07/2010 at 08:41:25

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I am confused on a couple of points:

1. The club didn't give him a written offer in time. Why does that rip up his current contract and make hime a free agent?

2. I thought the offer was an extension to a current contract? If not, and he is at the end of his contract, could he not have declined any written offer and become a free transfer in any case?

Alan Kirwin
9   Posted 07/07/2010 at 08:59:50

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Seems to me Craig has hit the nail on the head. This all sounds utterly ridiculous. Either he has a contract or he does not. One imagines he does, as that's the basis upon which he's being paid.

The mere act of "putting a written contract in front of him", to the best of my knowledge (and I've worked with contracts for 25 years) has no legal basis whatsoever.

He either signs a contract, as does the club, and then it's binding. Or he does not sign it, in which case it has no value to anybody.

I fail to see how the physical presentation of a new contract changes his status in any way, shape or form. Unless there is a football ruling that says something along the lines of "a player must receive a written offer of a new contract before the last year of his current contract begins, otherwise he is a free agent".

All sounds like typically surreal nonsense from the parallel universe of Premier League football.
Matthew Tait
10   Posted 07/07/2010 at 09:19:17

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Does seem very strange, I hope it's not just the simple cock-up on the club's side that's being reported.

Can't say I'm too bothered though, Gosling's just not very good in my opinion. But I'll always have fond memories of his goal against Liverpool.
Danny Burke
11   Posted 07/07/2010 at 09:20:32

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This seems like utter bollocks to me and I can't get my head round a few issues:

As I understand it, he has a year left on his contract. How does the fact he was not given a "written" offer render his current contract null and void?

Also as he is under 24, I was of the impression that he cannot move for free. Look at Ledley at Cardiff, he is out of contract but they are still due some sort of fee from his next club.

Who would sign him while he is out with a serious injury?

Why would he go to a lesser club (Barcodes, Sunderland) rather than the stable environment of Goodison where it is known that Moyes likes to bring players through? Moyes gave him his chance after all.

If the "verbal offer" was acceptable (which I assume it was as the issue seems to be written and verbal rather than the terms on offer), why not just offer him a "written" contract and get it signed?
Stuart Downey
12   Posted 07/07/2010 at 09:22:07

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I'll add my tuppence worth. According to the reports, it was an FA ruling regarding the contracts. Now surely if this is worth millions, which it must be, I hope Everton are consulting the lawyers.

My take on it is this ? the (FA) rules say Danny Gosling must have had a written contract to play for Everton.

Everton would argue that he had everything bar the paper, and that it is not just and equitable for him to be allowed to escape a contract merely because it is not on paper ? ie, implied performance (Gosling accepting his wages, turning up to training and playing etc) says both parties were living up to the contract.

So... either:

1. FA Rules apply 100% (and he leaves);
2. Gosling's current (unwritten) contract applies ? which I assume he could either carry on/ or mutually terminate;
3. Gosling signs a new contract.

I dunno if that makes sense. Once again... Everton stay quiet.
Stuart Downey
13   Posted 07/07/2010 at 09:28:48

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Just to add on to that, they'll say the FA Rules don't override contract law. They might get away with that, but........ the FA will simply say "Ok, he can't play in the EPL for the duration of his contract" ? which the courts might not like.
Tom Astley
14   Posted 07/07/2010 at 09:32:45

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I fail to understand the issue.

Gosling joined on a 3½-year contract in January 2008. So by my reckoning, this contract expires next summer, so what is the fuss about?

I can only assume we have offered him a contract extension, but if it was only verbal, so what? He still has a year remaining on the original contract we gave him!
Lee Kidd
15   Posted 07/07/2010 at 09:44:11

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Appearing all over the place now ? the Daily Mail being the latest.

Looks like it's happened ? just one of the many calamities due to Bill Kenwrong and the board.

I am absolutely astonished by it though. I cannot for the life of me understand Gosling quitting Goodison whilst he is in the midst of a serious injury and the only clubs looking at him are below the calibre of Everton.

The only reason that can exist is that Gosling can negotiate a fairly massive signing on fee due to being unattached. With that in mind, if this does prove to be true, we appear to have dodged a bullet on a young, unproven player who would have fucked us over a few years down the line.
Helikaon Bow
16   Posted 07/07/2010 at 09:47:45

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It's quite amazing to be honest and it questions my loyality to the sport. How can it be heathly if players are leaving for simply money reasons?! He would have got games this season for sure and is only 19 FFS. We scouted him at a lower league club, given him the training and platform to suceed and what has he done in return? Buggered off for more money! How can the game of football here develop if there is little loyality and so much greed?
Michael Ward
17   Posted 07/07/2010 at 09:52:43

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As far as I know, the ruling with the contracts is that, if you are under 24 and your club offers you an improved deal, then the club that takes you on a 'Bosman' if you like must give compensation determined at a tribunal.

If however your club does not offer you an improved deal then you can leave on a free.

This seems to be the point made is that the club made a verbal offer which Gosling has sought to overturn and has been successful on the grounds that, I assume, the rules state an offer must be in writing.
Lee Kidd
18   Posted 07/07/2010 at 09:53:19

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That's the thing though ? wage-wise, I doubt he'll get more money at Newcastle. But he'll pocket about £3m from the signing on fee, and it looks that at the age of 19 he's prepared to sacrifice his career development for an instant payout.

Maybe on the back of a serious injury, he's questioning how long he has left in the sport and wants to milk it dry.

I wouldn't be surprised if he was turning out for a League Two side in four or five years if this is true ? because in my view it means he's lost his bottle for the professional game.
Roberto Birquet
19   Posted 07/07/2010 at 10:00:38

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I do not understand the situation. A contract requires an offer (including a verbal offer), consideration by the other party (ergo, Gosling), and finally acceptance.

Who cares if he received a written offer?

Verbal offers are more difficult to prove, but there are ways.

If an offer was given, he can turn it down ? simples. If he has not turned it down ? i.e. accepted it ? that could be used as proof that the verbal offer was made.

If he has a year on his deal and wants out for no fee, then he has got us by the short and curlies. We pay his wages while he is crocked, and get nothing in return.

So... to the question... are we still responsible for his medical bills? (Bit callous I know ? if it's true, then there is nothing remotely callous about it all.)

Jeez, these guys get paid mega-bucks. I could not imagine getting paid anywhere near that, consider walking out on my employer for a better deal elsewhere, and still think it ok that they pick up my medical bills!
Chris Stewart
20   Posted 07/07/2010 at 10:21:43

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Post#2... 11 Phil Nevilles... *shudders!!
Brian Keating
21   Posted 07/07/2010 at 10:19:48

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Has he actually left then?

Has he signed for someone else?
Stuart Downey
22   Posted 07/07/2010 at 10:20:03

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Roberto ? I think Verbal offer/acceptance would be implied and by his performance of the contract ? taking his wages (consideration from Everton), and training/playing (consideration from Gosling). I don't think it'd be difficult to prove there was a contract, but it's whether the courts would enforce a contract over the FA, and then what the FA would do if the Courts said there was a binding contract.
Ciarán McGlone
23   Posted 07/07/2010 at 10:05:36

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Guessing the content of a contract is rather pointless...

There is no way we'd get anywhere near four million from a tribunal anyway. We're probably losing about a million pounds... and an average player (in the position we play him) who will probably never make it at Goodison.

If he goes then I wish Dan all the best. Hopefully someone will play him in centre midfield and make a decent player out of him... because he's certainly not going to make it as a winger ? or a full back for that matter.
Gary Hegarty
24   Posted 07/07/2010 at 10:42:16

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Until he physically leaves or is released, he is still being paid by the cluvb under the terms of his original contract therefore the implied intent is that he believes he has a contract.

I don't understand the FA position but surely if he still has a year left, the FA would be encouraging breach of contract, which surely they have no right to do.

Final point ? he accepted the "verbal" offer only months ago. Irrespective of not being followed up by a written offer, are we to assume that he didn't want to agree to the new contract then? In which case, WTF??

Smacks of an agent wanting a payday here!!!
Ciarán McGlone
25   Posted 07/07/2010 at 10:44:50

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And by the way... there is absolutely nothing to indicate this is about money. People should stop filling in the blanks guesswork that isn't informed.
Spragg Johnson
26   Posted 07/07/2010 at 11:11:19

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All a bit of a shambles ... but there you go ... we couldn't have a close season without calamities, accusations and hearsay all around.

Gosling struck me as a bit slow, a bit of a tap-in merchant ... but I'd rather have him in the squad than have him leave in this manner.

Let's hope Gueye is a more than useful replacement.

If Pienaar and Arteta leave I'll be a lot more annoyed though!
Steve Pugh
27   Posted 07/07/2010 at 11:24:13

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Isn't there a rule that a player can sign for another club during the latter stages of his current club. I actually thought it was the last 6 months but maybe it's a year.

This means Gosling could effectively see out his time at Everton, making the most of our medical expertise, and then move on next summer.
Ellen West
28   Posted 07/07/2010 at 11:22:46

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Greg O'keeffe is now reporting the same story in the Echo (wasn't he in Austrailia with the squad??). However, Greg adds that "[Gosling] deliberately stalled on a new deal because he wants first team football in his preferred central midfield position".

Comments like that from Greg have to be true, because if they are not, this could really affect Gosling and his relationship with the fans, but also he will be looked at by other clubs as 'wanting things his way'.

Poor lad. I can imagine that Everton or his agent may release a statement about this, but if the statement was printed in the press too early, it will make the journalists look like a bunch of idiots.
Richard Dodd
29   Posted 07/07/2010 at 11:33:12

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I don`t think Davey saw Gosling as anything more than a promising ? and improving ? youngster who was a valuable slot-in player. He used him generally as a winger or wing back although the kid had aspirations to play inside.

My information is that he was disappointed not to receive the offer of a step-up deal on par with Rodders and his dad threw the toys out. Given that it was likely to have been Xmas before he kicked a ball in anger, we would almost have forgotten him by then.

Whilst it`s being painted as a cock-up, who wants a disgruntled injured player? So good luck to the lad who I always saw as just another John Oster, whose career will probably take a similar route!

Dave Smith
30   Posted 07/07/2010 at 11:47:19

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If Dan Gosling is commited to the Everton cause, loves this club through and through, he will re-sign.

If he isn't, and doesn't, he will go. I would be happy for him to leave, as I believe we only need player's who are 100% commited and love club.

11 Phil Neville's? Yes please.
Aidy Dews
31   Posted 07/07/2010 at 11:23:12

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It's just said on SSN that he as left the club, so must be true. Anyway, the point I'm going to make is this, and I know some of you might think it's stupid... but is it really?

Could we have made the cock-up on purpose so Gosling leaves and then we re-sign him back up on a free this summer?

Hear me out: when we signed him from Plymouth, there was an agreement in the contract that Plymouth would get a percentage of any fee we brought in if we sold Gosling at any time whilst he was contracted to us. Well, now he's gone, that agreement no longer exists... so, if he left but re-signed and in the future we sold him for a decent fee, that money would solely go to us and no percentage would go to Plymouth.

Could it be possible that Everton are trying to pull a crafty one by cocking up Gosling's contract offer, resulting in him leaving and then we possibly sign him back up so that, if we ever did sell him in the future cos were so hard up, we would get 100% of his fee instead of say only 75% because Plymouth are entitled to 25% (I'm not saying it's that, it could be anything between 10 and 25%) due to the agreement back when we first bought him?

It sounds a stupid one, I know... but what other reason could it be, cos I'm sure we do want to keep him as he is a decent up-and-coming player who will get better. With our financial situation, where we can't go out and spend millions, we need to keep players like Gosling and nurture them along in to good first team players. So it doesn't make sense for us to be so daft and do what we've done and ended up losing him for nothing. There must be a reason for our actions, surely... and it can't be that Moyes doesn't rate him and as let him go either, IMO anyway!

What I've said sounds weird, I know... but, like someone as said above, Man Utd was looking at both Rodwell and Gosling and see them both as good prospects and players for the future. Say if we gave Gosling a new deal in time and in the future he improved and became a top player and the likes of Man Utd or who else came sniffing with offers we couldn't refuse and we accepted and he left, we would only get a certain amount of the fee due to Plymouth being entitled to a percentage of the fee. Whatever we got out of it might not have been enough to replace Gosling, but now he's left for nothing, and if we signed him back up, we would get the whole of the fee for him in the future as the agreement with Plymouth would be void due to him leaving and we would get the full amount to buy someone else?!

It makes me wonder if we're so hard up that we've thought of silly little things like this for our future gain.
Richard Parker
32   Posted 07/07/2010 at 11:20:22

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If the reports are true, then it's a quite astonishing balls-up from the EFC admin. But thank christ it's Gosling and not Rodwell.....

He'll end up in the Championship in 2 years anyway. He looks lost in the Premiership.
Ciarán McGlone
33   Posted 07/07/2010 at 12:09:09

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11 Phil Nevilles....I've never heard such a depressing idea in my life..

Anybody who think's the employees of this club..'love the club' ... needs their head tested.
Tom Winek
34   Posted 07/07/2010 at 12:12:29

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Was quite amazed when the story first broke yesterday. Not that we'd failed to extend his contract but that he wants to leave. It's fine that he doesn't 'love the club' but surely he's not going to get a better chance to play for a bigger club. Never thought he'd cut it anyway but if he's going in search of regular football then fair enough.
Mike Dillon
35   Posted 07/07/2010 at 12:19:15

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I notice there are no quotes from Dan himself, and indeed the only quotes attributed are to his "agent".

Could this be his agent fucking him around? Make it public that there is interest in Dan and that he's not had a proper contract and it may force Everton's hand in giving him an improved deal or risk losing him for nothing.

I hate agents, I really do, and I would not be surprised if it is just the agent weasling his way around claiming he knows what's best for Dan. I bet it's not been mentioned that with any transfer, the agent gets a fair wedge of sign-on fee too...
Chad Schofield
36   Posted 07/07/2010 at 12:31:49

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You'd have to seriously question your choice in agent if he exposed this story without your prior knowledge.

The papers are reporting as he's left though... I'm still going to hang on until it's reported on the OS (albeit in the papers section which should be enough for a statement from the club one way or another). There's one thing speculation that a player is wanted by Sheik Shitty and they're offering a cock-sucking unicorn in exchange, but when there's reports such as these the club should really be on top of them.
Tony McNulty
37   Posted 07/07/2010 at 12:40:04

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I don?t think Gosling the player is any great loss, although any revenue is always a loss.

Like Ciarán, I have few illusions about the loyalty of the majority of players.

Assuming the Echo has it right (and this could be a big assumption), what this would illustrate is a gap in the basic management processes at Everton. Contractual issues like these should never fall between the cracks (although from my work in many organisations, I know that important matters often do, with no-one taking responsibility.)

I hope someone is taking steps to plug this gap, after which a robust conversation (and perhaps more) will be required for the culprit. The club needs to conduct its affairs in a professional manner; we?re not street vendors flogging dodgy hamburgers.
Aidy Dews
38   Posted 07/07/2010 at 12:47:24

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First and foremost, forget my theory of why he's left!.

According to SSN, he didn't agree to the new deal as he demanded that he be a first team regular and be played in his favoured CM position, so really all this nonsense about a cock-up is bollocks and why he has left is because both parties obviously couldn't come to an agreement. No doubt Moyesie couldn't garuantee either as Arteta, Fellaini, Cahill and Rodwell are ahead of him for the CM berths... even Pienaar, Osman and Bily will get picked to play centrally ahead of him. I really don't know what he's thinking, he either rates himself very highly as a player or his agent has been talking him up and telling him he's great, for him to be so demanding cos he isnt better than any of the above that's mentioned!

If he had a brain, he would sign up and get his head down, keep learning and improving, no matter where he was played at the moment, and then see if he could warrant a start in his favoured position after he's proved himself and got better over the years?!
Dave Smith
39   Posted 07/07/2010 at 13:09:20

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Ciarán - I wasn't talking about Neville's footballing ability!

I know it's a little much to expect player's to 'love the club' but, if Gosling want's to leave, let him. Look what happened with Lescott. My point was, if Gosling was anything like Neville or Cahill, he will re-sign.

If he wants out, there's no sense dragging it out and trying to force the lad to stay.
Lee Kidd
40   Posted 07/07/2010 at 13:17:19

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36: Chad...

It's on the "What the Papers Say" section right now.

Seems like it's fact now. Dan Gosling is an ex-Everton player!

Amateurish from our board in every way ? the reporting of it along with the fact it actually happened. I mean, player contracts is literally the only thing I can see that this board actually does on a regular basis. They don't seek investment, they don't search for new managers ? all they are responsible for is player contracts and income/expenditure.

Andrew Mackenzie
41   Posted 07/07/2010 at 13:18:44

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Whatever the views of the player involved, it is more worrying to me that the fundamental management of the club's assets are failing to the point it may cost the club between £2-4 million. If I were Kenwright or Moyes I would be livid... Mr Elstone?
Lee Kidd
42   Posted 07/07/2010 at 13:22:41

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Well, exactly Andrew. How hard is it to track about thirty people's contracts and understand the utter basics of contract law?

Regarding Gosling, as a player, I don't really care for him at all. The lost money is the concern (which would have been about £2m tops).

So Elstone has effectively lost our club £2m. Or, to be fair, the board collectively have lost themselves £2m.

Which means, essentially, that Beckford cost us £2m.
Fran Mitchell
43   Posted 07/07/2010 at 13:13:45

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How are people calling him 'greedy bastard', 'money grabbing', 'disloyal' etc.


Also, if he did leave and went to Newcastle or someone of that ilk, surely it would be becasue he will get more games... How is that being a 'gold-digger'???

People really need to calm down... Oh and #2... Get rid of Fellaini, Heitinga, Pienaar et al for 11 Phil Nevilles (who by the way must be oh so loyal to play for Everton for a measly £40k a week)... GET A GRIP!
Fran Mitchell
44   Posted 07/07/2010 at 13:27:04

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If Gosling was like Neville or Cahill... turn that around, what if we said to Cahill or Neville ? you're gonna be a sub 95% of the time, oh and your on £15k a week, not £40-50k..... would they remain oh so loyal?
Fran Mitchell
45   Posted 07/07/2010 at 13:30:13

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I do hope this is all wrong tho, I actually think Gosling is a pretty good player. Not outstanding, but pretty good. At his age there is no knowing how far he can develop but even if he just became a solid squad player he would be needed... Man U have build their club on having a large squad bulked with O'Shea and others of that ilk, thus allowing them to have good solid squad players just happy to be there, or then sell them for a few million.
Lee Kidd
46   Posted 07/07/2010 at 13:31:01

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Gosling is a kid, he's been given an opportunity in the Premier League that few ? if any ? other clubs would have given him.

He's been offered a multi-year contract despite suffering a serious injury. He's paid more than 90% of players his age in the Premier League. He's on the fringes of a first team squad consistently aiming for European football.

Yet he is now walking away from Everton to join a lesser team who will be lucky to avoid the drop this year, solely to earn a quick payday by negotiating his own signing on fee. (I disagree with Ciaran, the only reason for this can be money or, at a stretch, location.)

Gosling's situation is a world away from anything Neville or Cahill would face. If either of those players were offered a four-year contract with increased or similar wages at their age, nobody would begrudge the move.

The point here is: will Gosling get anything improved by moving club other than the instant payday? And would Gosling have the status he has as a player now (limited though it is) if Moyes hadn't taken a punt on him?
Tony J Williams
47   Posted 07/07/2010 at 13:30:13

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Can someone explain to me how a player under contract can now leave on a free? I have read through all the responses and are none the wiser, I understand the basics of a contract, offer, consideration and acceptance so how can a late supplied paper offer (unless the offer was put forward on a "time is of the essence" basis) be anything else than simply an offer? He is still under contract so an offer, any time before the completion of his current contract, is still valid. Just because it wasn't put to him a year before his contract runs out, how is that somehow not valid?
Tony J Williams
48   Posted 07/07/2010 at 13:36:09

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And Lee, read the disclaimer on the "What the papers say" section. Doesn't make anything fact.
Ciarán McGlone
49   Posted 07/07/2010 at 13:31:38

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"I know it's a little much to expect players to 'love the club' but, if Gosling want's to leave, let him. Look what happened with Lescott. My point was, if Gosling was anything like Neville or Cahill, he will re-sign."

The problem is that Neville and Cahill get paid big bucks and are first-team players... Gosling is not.

I'm also not convinced by the whole 'Neville and Cahill are here for the love of the club' thing; they've never been tested, and never will be.

To be honest, the whole Gosling scenario reads to me like he wants to play football... rather than warm the bench. If that's the case, then fair play to him.
Lee Kidd
50   Posted 07/07/2010 at 13:37:06

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I know that, Tony, but the fact Everton aren't dismissing the comments instantly means that they're doing the usual and closing shop to avoid the backlash for as long as possible ? especially due to the fact they're publishing the story on the site which means they are aware of it. Imagine if a story emerged like this about someone like Rooney or even Macheda at United? It'd be dismissed or confirmed within hours.

Plus the sheer amount of rags picking up on this now makes me 99% sure Gosling has gone.
Helikaon Bow
51   Posted 07/07/2010 at 13:33:36

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"You're gonna be a sub 95% of the time, oh and your on £15k a week not £40-50k... would they remain oh so loyal? "

Fran, don't be such an idiot, the lad is 19 ? not 33!

Everyone is right, considering the training and Premier League football he is getting, the lad should be very grateful indeed and should show us a little respect.

What annoys me most is the £3m we've lost, especially with our budget.
Fran Mitchell
52   Posted 07/07/2010 at 13:36:02

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Actually Lee... I would begrude Neville or Cahill more... they have made their money, enough to support the family for generations.

Gosling is an injury away from retirement... or an injury away from low-division, low-paying football.

A signing-on fee to Gosling will mean a heck of a lot more to him than to Neville or Cahill. If Nev was so loyal, he would accept lesser wages, knowing that he is not as imporatnt as he was when he first signed.

Gosling will get first team football at another club... rather than sit on the bench at a club aiming for Europe. If an Everton player, eg, Pienaar, leaves for a CL club to sit on the bench, you say he is disloyal, as football should be about playing games... now with Gosling you swing the arguement round saying he should be happy to sit on the bench for a 'bigger' club rather than play for a 'smaller' one.

If this does happen, the blame should be with the club.
Ciarán McGlone
53   Posted 07/07/2010 at 13:37:36

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Lee, Gosling's signing on fee will be about 50 quid and a curly wurly.

Talk of millions is pure and utter gibberish.
Lee Kidd
54   Posted 07/07/2010 at 13:42:36

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Ciaran, don't kid yourself ? a 19-year-old who has featured in the Premier League who is valued at around £4m... He'd definitely command a signing on fee that would be about half of his fee if he was at a club. Instead of the fee going to the club, it'll go straight to the player.

He's probably going to receive a payday of around £1.5 - 2M realistically.
Ciarán McGlone
55   Posted 07/07/2010 at 13:48:51

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A few sub appearances in the Premier League... and coming back from a serious injury.

Who exactly values him at £4mill?

He'd get sod all of a signing-on fee.
Fran Mitchell
56   Posted 07/07/2010 at 13:52:28

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Surely paying someone a massive signing-on fee would be pointless... I thought these clubs became alerted to the fact he's available for nowt.

If they want him cause he's cheap, surely they want him casue he's cheap, and then wont give him millions... they may as well try and sign an uninjured player for those millions.
Charles King
57   Posted 07/07/2010 at 13:59:04

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Dan, if you've left, thanks for scoring against the RS, and good luck to you.
Lee Kidd
58   Posted 07/07/2010 at 14:15:27

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Nah, when you sign a player he gets a signing-on bonus whether it's from a club or not. The fee is negotiable - obviously, if no club fee is involved, the personal fee will be a lot higher.

Just because he's unattached doesn't mean he's free.
James Marshall
59   Posted 07/07/2010 at 14:34:32

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I haven't read the thread, but I'm delighted if this is true. Gosling is the worst player to have dragged on an Everton shirt in living memory. My Nan (deceased) could have scored his goals against the RS and Utd so those really don't count towards his ability.

A terrible player I'll be glad to see the back of ? even if it ends up costing us £4m or whatever a tribunal would have said he's worth. 4p is closer to the mark.
James Stewart
60   Posted 07/07/2010 at 14:52:53

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James Marshall, well said! Exactly my thoughts too.
Ernie Baywood
61   Posted 07/07/2010 at 15:02:02

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I agree with your points James (and James I suppose), but it shouldn't have cost us anything to see him go.

The board just burned a million quid!
Tony J Williams
62   Posted 07/07/2010 at 15:15:25

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Nah Ernie, his goal against the RedShite was worth a cool million, easily
Adam Bennett
63   Posted 07/07/2010 at 15:30:46

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1) Whoever?s job it is at the club to sort out the contracts, he/she should be sacked immediately. What the hell would happen if something like this happened to Arteta, Pienaar, Rodwell,.... etc..?

2) If Gosling is seriously just going to walk out on the club in this way, then good riddance. After the big break Moyes gave him and after the club sticking by him when he got injured, to have this kind of attitude is a fucking disgrace. (it would be interesting to know who his agent is by the way!)

3) To be perfectly honest, when our squad is fully fit, he won't even get near the bench, so, as a player, he won't be missed that much. Could have done with the money though!
Phil Bellis
64   Posted 07/07/2010 at 15:42:12

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#29..."Whilst it`s being painted as a cock-up, who wants a disgruntled injured player?"

Cheers Doddy, stupid of me -- for a minute there I thought one of Bill's Blue Backroom Brigade had made a mistake and lost the club 2-3 million quid

Does your information stretch to knowing if the club will continue to pay Gosling's medical biills and recuperation costs? Oh and wages, of course

Be nice of the club if they did, wouldn't it?

Stuart Downey
65   Posted 07/07/2010 at 16:20:07

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1. If Dan Gosling's "new" verbal contract is obsolete, doesn't his old one continue to exist? i.e. doesn't he have to wait a year?

2. Say everything happened as in media reports. Did Gosling go back to Everton and say - "What's happened?" I assume he's asked for more money and been rejected. Hence the tribunal

3. Would a court date be better? Would the civil courts/employment law override the FA (at lease the contract side)? I imagine the FA would stop him playing.

4. If he wanted to stay, it could of been done, on the "verbal terms" previously agreed within an hour, surely.

5. Everton are naive, amateur and idiotic. I only pray in my naivety a lawyer did it who can be sued for the losses.
Anthony O'Sullivan
66   Posted 07/07/2010 at 16:27:19

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In fairness to Gosling, if he agreed to a new contract, all Everton had to do was write it up before the middle of May. It's now 2 months later and I think he has every right to be annoyed.

For the club, it's a loss of £4 million potentially but I never thought he was all that good to be honest.
Ciarán McGlone
67   Posted 07/07/2010 at 16:37:21

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It's only a 'new verbal contract' ? if he agrees to it... it appears he didn't.
Tony J Williams
68   Posted 07/07/2010 at 16:47:02

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So Anthony because he is "annoyed" that seemingly gives him/theFA the right to void his existing contract? A question that would be nice if it could be answered, Does he or does he not have a year left on his current contract?
Andy Morden
69   Posted 07/07/2010 at 16:54:50

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He probably also wants to play for a manager who won't leave him on the pitch when evidently crocked.
Tony McNulty
70   Posted 07/07/2010 at 17:19:47

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The smoke and mirrors will doubtless be putting in their appearance soon. But to clarify further my rather measured response above (#37), if he does leave for nothing, someone, somewhere is owed one hell of bollocking.
Giles Larkman
71   Posted 07/07/2010 at 17:23:19

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If he wants to go, let him go. If he stays, fair play to him; If he leaves, he'll just be following the standard greedy, money-grabbing Premier League footballers we've come to know and expect.

I would dearly love to see a wage cap in the Premier League. I wouldn't care if the 'top' footballers weren't attracted; the Bundesliga seems to cope well enough without paying average players stupid amounts of money.
Matthew Tait
72   Posted 07/07/2010 at 17:30:04

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James (58)... does the name Alex Nyarko not mean anything to you?

As stated earlier, I do agree with you though that Gosling seems to be pretty rubbish, and we're probably well rid of him if he's leaving.
Max Main
73   Posted 07/07/2010 at 17:34:32

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71 posts on Dan Gosling. Who saw that coming?

I like bullet points, so :

1) Gosling is not very good.
b) £4 million? No.
c) Greedy money-grabber? I'd go literally anywhere for a signing on fee of £1.5 million English sterling pounds. Come on, hands up, who wouldn't?
5) He'll probably stay anyway, who the hell signs injured players?
ii) Calling Kenwright "Kenwrong" isn't clever, funny, or cool.
Steve Fletcher
74   Posted 07/07/2010 at 17:46:54

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@ Chad 36: Please don't put phrases like 'cock-sucking unicorn' in your postings.... caused me to burst out laughing. Not a good reaction when I'm on radio dispatch in an emergency control room... If I lose my job, I'm blaming you!

With regard to Gosling... haven't read rest of thread ? work and all that ? but whilst I don't think he will be a great loss if he goes, and thanks for THAT goal, to not get a bean for him shows some serious incompetence at Everton.

Fran Mitchell
75   Posted 07/07/2010 at 17:53:54

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Its dissapointing if we lose him as he is one player to have on the bench who you'd look at and say 'he could get a goal'...He has a bit of the Tim Cahill about him, lacks in a lot but still has something. To lose him for nothing at 19/20 is bad business.

To say he's one of the worst players ever to play for Everton is pathetic and wrong, oh so very wrong... Hottiger, Nyarko, Barlow, Angell, Pembridge, Gemmil, Jô and many many more...

He's a decent player, and we need a big squad. Nothing to be happy about here.

However, I am confused about this contract thing... How is he free if we didnt extend his contract? Why has the club not came out and made a statement on this? It's now in the Echo and Sky Sports so merits comment.
John Daley
76   Posted 07/07/2010 at 17:36:02

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If he has actually gone, whether for more playing time or for money, then Gosling has merely done what all professional footballers are predisposed to do. Every player ultimately acts in their own self-interest. All this bollocks that you hear spouted about loyalty to a club is merely an easy and ever reliable soundbite to get the fans on side. In my opinion, the blame has got to lie with the retards who run the club and made such a rudimentary error.

I mean come on, was anyone actually surprised that Kenwright, Elstone, whoever, showed such a basic lack of business acumen? As Evertonians we've become accustomed to the board's constant bare-arsed bungling. They're a pack of fucking clowns minus the make up. Don't forget we're the club who, last summer, applied for a work-permit for a player we hadn't actually agreed a deal for and whose agent had never even fucking heard of us.
Dan Parker
77   Posted 07/07/2010 at 18:11:17

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Explains why we signed 3 young strikers. I think it's a poor show though, he demonstrated a fair bit of potential last season. I think the lack of communication on the official site pretty much confirms for me it's not something they wanted (or hopefully it's not true).
Tony Kelly
78   Posted 07/07/2010 at 18:01:44

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This is my take on this unfortunate episode. David Hodgson, the former Liverpool player, is his agent, working for a firm called BHP sport. I believe they don't think Dan can hack it at the top level, and they have exploited a loophole, in which they can get Dan a massive signing on fee, because he is a free agent. I think this signing on fee would dwarf any contract he would get at Everton. I genuinely believe that Dan won't make the grade at a top club and, after a season or so at Newcastle, he will drift down to the lower leagues, probably ending up at his hometown club Torquay.
Tony Kelly
79   Posted 07/07/2010 at 18:16:03

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Having giving my opinion on the Dan Gosling affair, I think someone at the club is culpable for not looking at the legal implications on this episode. This is not the first time the club haven't been professional, you only have to look at the Kings Dock and Kirkby fiascoes, which have cost the club millions, yet nobody is called to account. What a sorry state of affairs.
James I'Anson
80   Posted 07/07/2010 at 18:12:41

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I have been looking forward to the new season for ages now. For the first time in ages, you can sense the feelgood factor about the team during the pre-season. Nothing could fuck this up, not even the anticipation of Arteta's and Pienaar's contracts...

Enter Bill Kenwright.

What the fuck happened with Dan Gosling's contract? Are we that skint that we can't afford a piece of fuckin' paper and a pen?

I couldn't really give a fuck about dishonest Dan or his gobshite agent. I'm just demoralised at the way things happen at Everton. If Bill and his board won't fuck off then at least they could employ someone that has got half a fuckin' clue how to run a football club.

Ian Bennett
81   Posted 07/07/2010 at 18:38:36

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Totally agree on the Oster comments, and sorry I can't see him kicking on. He has no pace, no tricks, what his best asset? No great loss. To me he's a £2m player and no more. Certainly no-one would pay £4M ? would you?

If he wants £15k a month plus appearance fees, we'll claim that back in saved wages. At most he'd play a total of 20 games over the next season ? I'd personally like other more potential players get the game time than him. It might sound bitter but again I'll say what his asset now to build on?
Brendan O'Doherty
82   Posted 07/07/2010 at 18:51:42

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The only explanation for this that I can think of is that his existing contract, on which there is a year (or is it 2 years?) to run, was ripped up/cancelled when this supposed new verbal offer was made. I can't see any other reason why he is now able to walk away on a free. This might also explain the deafening silence coming from the OS, because that would make the scenario even more incompetent than it already appears to be. Could this be the case?
John Crook
83   Posted 07/07/2010 at 18:58:01

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What about the role of Gosling's agent in all this?? When the 'verbal' offer was made, why didn't the agent shout from the roof tops "Hey Bill, don't forget it's the rules that we have to have it done in writing." I'm guessing the agent saw dollar signs in his head when dozy Bill couldn't even pull off a contract extension properly. How many more lows can this club reach?
Andy Codling
84   Posted 07/07/2010 at 19:05:59

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No great loss; let's see where he is in two years time.?
Chris Wright
85   Posted 07/07/2010 at 19:13:49

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So, Dan Gosling can move on on a free can he? If he goes well good luck to him, to be fair he is not going to play every week at Everton, especially not central midfield, and if he can go to play regular football somewhere else, who can blame him?

I've always thought him to be a new Leon Osman, good honest Premier League squad player but never going to go on to play at a top level consistently. A couple of big goals against the Ugly Red Sisters, have made his value higher than it was.

Where the story gets interesting is the fact all is not what it seems. The inquiry was requested by Everton not Gosling (or his agent) after a verbal Contract was agreed but not submitted in writing. They needed to find out if a) they could still offer the contract to him and b) if they could get a fee for him if he could leave.

At no point has Gosling said he was desparate to leave or has his agent actually tried to move him on. This is a mess caused by Everton and their poor admin, how many times has it affected supporters over the years and now finally it has caused the ultimate embarrassment to the club as it has affected a player.

Someone at Everton really has let the club down, I have no idea who actually this person is who negotiates the contracts, Moyes, Kenwright or Elstone, or someone else, but I think someone may have a price to pay.

Having said all that, Gosling being injured and having already agreed a contract verbally maybe he won't go and all this all blow over.

Will Leaf
86   Posted 07/07/2010 at 19:09:14

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One of us really should shoot an email to Everton Football Club, a gentle reminder the season opener is 14th August, Blackburn Away...
Tom Rowe
87   Posted 07/07/2010 at 19:26:45

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The worst thing is the silence from the club on the issue. Surely someone within the club knows about this and has a statement to clarify the matter.

I can't see how not extending his contract voids the previous contract. If the club know different they should let us know, instead of letting Sky and the world laugh at us for being so shit at even the simplest things.

It's the top story on Sky Sports teletext, FFS; it's embarrassing.

John Daley
88   Posted 07/07/2010 at 19:25:20

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E-mails? Kenwright's probably still employing a telegraph operator.
John Daley
89   Posted 07/07/2010 at 19:32:32

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"Anyway, the fans don't need to know about us needlessly losing a member of the playing staff for fuck all. That's not news. Stuff like that's got nothing to do with them. I won't have our official site relaying sensitive subject matter to the masses. They can read a paper can't they? The fact that Phil Nevilles gonna do a bit of crappy commentary for Everton tv? Now that's what you call fucking news son! Get it as the main story now! The gullible gits will lap it up."
Gerard May
90   Posted 07/07/2010 at 19:35:29

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I am sad to see the lad go, but in reality it's no great loss, when you are being described as a new Leon Osman, in reality it's probably time to give up, let Newcastle pay him whatever a week till he is recovered from his injury, proving that they have learnt nothing about throwing money at injured, second rate players.

Everton FC, Bill Kenwright and Moyes, however, need to be kicked squarely in the ass. I can only imagine the outcry had Rodwell gone to Chelsea or United in similar circumstances. We need to be a lot more professional if we are going to attract players in the future.

James McGrady
91   Posted 07/07/2010 at 19:45:52

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People are focusing on the admin error. But wait, he was signed in January 2008, his contract ran out July 2010. So that means we offered a highly regarded 18-year-old only a 2½-year contract!

Gosling did well to break into the team straight away, but surely they would not have expected him to until this season. Why offer such a short contract?

Tom Rowe
92   Posted 07/07/2010 at 19:57:00

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James McGrady, when we signed him it was a 3½-year deal which is up at the end of this coming season(June 2011) . David Moyes would not pay £1.5M for a player from a lower league club on such a short contract. It's probably a load of shite and I would treat it as such until the player and the club confirm otherwise.
James McGrady
93   Posted 07/07/2010 at 20:05:09

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True, Tom, it's got to be paper crap.

I know how stringent Moyes is with giving older players long contracts but he always gives 3-4 year ones to younger players. I just can't see them giving a 2½-year contract. Plus, unless it was a rolling or 6-month contract, it would be on annual set up so either 2 years, 3 years. Not and a half.

Brendan McLaughlin
94   Posted 07/07/2010 at 20:17:11

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It's on the BBC site. Must be true enough.
James McGrady
95   Posted 07/07/2010 at 20:19:47

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As for Brendan's point that maybe his existing contract was ripped up when this one was "offered". Then he was playing (and presumably getting paid) without a contract. More legal problems ahead?
Kevin Gillen
96   Posted 07/07/2010 at 19:31:09

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This surely has some serious ramifications? If the Premier League allow Gosling to walk away to another club in these circumstances it will set a dangerous precedent.

My understanding of contract law is that if there was a verbal agreement and the club continued to treat him as our player and pay him, then the contract still stands, a contract can be verbal or written. Also the Premier League does not supercede general contract law. I would be saying ,"See you in court!" Also can you really believe that the Premier League would make this ruling against the Sky Four? I smell a rat.

The other issue to consider is what club would take a player in these circumstances? Surely this will poison relationships between Everton and the club that fields Gosling and I'm sure between the player's agency and football clubs in general. I can't see Fergie taking Gosling in these circumstances and I'm sure we are not the only club who expect to operate with their employees in good faith. You could well see a situation where young disgruntled players might use stalling tactics and deny they have seen a written contract to get a move. Its not in the overall interest of clubs to operate in this way surely?

Which begs my final question, did the club want to keep him? Maybe they're thinking he'll cost too much money to keep the bench warm.

Mark Greenhouse
97   Posted 07/07/2010 at 20:40:21

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Anyone else surprised to learn that his agent is an ex-red based in the North East??

Or that his agent, one Mr Hodgson, in 2008, said "?We?ve been involved in ten or 15 transfers where the clubs have probably thought ?what on earth?s going on here?? because it?s not what they?re used to from agents, but we are thorough and detailed to ensure our clients are looked after.
?There are so many unscrupulous people involved in the industry now that it?s frightening ? people who will make enormous sums of money for making a single phone call. We?re not like that."

Really Mr Hodgson???
Dave Smith
98   Posted 07/07/2010 at 20:50:43

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Is it just me, or does Gosling appear desperate to leave Everton by exploiting this loophole?
Tony J Williams
99   Posted 07/07/2010 at 20:54:12

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So if the new verbal contract was agreed, was it agreed "Yes we will accept X amount of your English pounds per week; however, if we don't have this in writing by Y, it will not be a valid contract." If that is the case, then the contract is void or he may sue for breach of contract but the existing contract is not satisfied so surely he still has a year left on his contract?

Probably a ploy by Bill to get him off the books and not have to pay his medical fees.

Also, why doesn't he just accept the new deal? If he was in agreement before, what is the problem now?
Stuart Downey
100   Posted 07/07/2010 at 21:57:33

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#98 based purely on basic contract law:

Offer was made by Everton ? I'll call it "non-written" since thats all I'm sure about. Appears to be a valid contractual offer.

Acceptance ? does not need to be in written form ? this is what puzzles me. If Gosling is today, right now, on the old contract, and hasn't accepted the new one, then surely (media reports being true) he will have to see out his old contract.

If he has taken the pay rise from Everton, I would assume this would constitute implied acceptance. FA regs state (so we're told ? and I haven't read them) that no paper, therefore no contract. But that's just the FA, that doesn't mean that in the civil court there wouldn't be a contract.

So what I'd like to know is (and we will never know), what contract is Dan Gosling on today? He MUST be getting paid whilst injured. Is it his old one or his new one?

And secondly, who had the responsibility of watching the clock regarding the paper ? Everton or their lawyers?

I'd suggest Everton might mount a legal challenge but, as I've said above a few times, even if successful in the courts, he won't play for us again, because we don't want him to, and the FA probably wouldn't let him.
Brendan O'Doherty
101   Posted 07/07/2010 at 22:16:07

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If it turns out that he doesn't in fact have a year left of his 'old' contract then either:
a) the 'old' contract was cancelled by mutual agreement when the new one was verbally offered, or
b) we have been misinformed all along about the length of his 'old' contract, and it was in fact 2.5 years and not 3.5 years.

I can't wait for the explanation. This is going to be spinning taken to a totally new level.
James McGrady
102   Posted 07/07/2010 at 22:26:39

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What ever mistake has happened, it would seem that he is a greedy mercenary who is exploiting a loophole only months after being happy to sign, months of which he has sat around being paid and treated by our medical staff.

If he goes, I'd like to see the reception when he plays against us.

Gary Tudor
103   Posted 07/07/2010 at 22:25:47

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Regardless of the point of law on his contract, he wants to leave, let him and move on.

He wants to play as a regular central midfield player, does he seriously think he is as good as Felliani, Artetea, Cahill, Pienaar or Rodwell?

Move on, Dan, and enjoy relegation, at least we got a fee for Rooney!

Maybe one of the new signings will now get an earlier chance.

Bring on Blackburn, COYB.
Trevor Lynes
104   Posted 07/07/2010 at 22:38:45

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This topic has had lots of comments for and against Gosling... EFC has said fuck all and if someone's head does not roll over this total mismanagement of a monetary asset then there should be an enquiry. Players are the assets of the club and DM has been strangled for lack of funds to the extent that a couple of seasons ago our bench was like a creche at the start of the season. Whatever money Gosling would have brought in has been squandered and we have already got a small enough squad with uncertainty prevailing about some of our senior players being at the club.

The players signed so far are totally unproven and will reduce any money available to sign any 'name' player/s. I dread the thought of losing Pienaar and Arteta as, whatever fans think of Gosling's merits, he has been a decent sub when drafted in.

Instead of attacking Gosling and perhaps others who might see greener pastures elsewhere... our club management should be required to make a statement and clear the air.

Andrew Keatley
105   Posted 07/07/2010 at 22:45:14

Report abuse

I am going to wildly speculate on something:

I do not pretend to know the ins and outs of Gosling's playing contract - it seems that there seemingly must be some kind of anomaly in it that means that he is now a free agent.

However, it might be true that the club had deliberately not offered Gosling a written contract as of mid-May - possibily due to the fact that he is currently recovering from quite a serious cruciate ligament injury (the sort which has resulted in other players never quite returning to their former glories).

Let's say BK et al thought "Let's stall - see how he gets on; we'll string him and his agent along with some vague promise of a contract - but if it looks like the injury has taken it's toll then we can always review that closer to the time." Let's say it went something like that.

And let's say that BK et al thought that they were likely to get away with that - whether they were aware of the potential problem with the "verbal contract" offer or not. And let's say that Gosling and his agent were savvy enough to go to the FA/PFA and check what the official legislation was.

And let's say that because Gosling felt slightly affronted by the fact that no written contract had been forthcoming, and that perhaps he himself might have gotten wind of the severity of his injury etc, that he thought "I might just exploit this loophole as right now it seems the most sensible thing to do."

None of that is anything more than ridiculous speculation. But let's say it wasn't...

Brendan McLaughlin
106   Posted 07/07/2010 at 23:05:18

Report abuse

@ Andrew
So did Everton fuck up or did Gosling shaft us? I'm realy unsure which side, if any, you are coming down on. Or is it a plague on both their houses?

Mark Harding
107   Posted 07/07/2010 at 23:09:39

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Average player... I won't lose any sleep over him. A player going nowhere, joining a club going nowhere. GOOD RIDDANCE!
Graham Holliday
108   Posted 07/07/2010 at 23:12:15

Report abuse

I'm still not entirely sure about this. I'm fairly sure when he first signed he was contracted until 2011, and that the extension (that was apparently never signed) was until 2012.

In which case, he's still under contract.

No word from Everton, but that's hardly a surprise.
Brendan McLaughlin
109   Posted 07/07/2010 at 23:24:01

Report abuse

Graham no word from Everton. Perhaps that's hardly a suprise because they are, as I would expect them to be, consulting their lawyers!
Andrew Keatley
110   Posted 07/07/2010 at 23:18:25

Report abuse


Who can tell at this stage ? especially with the club or Gosling himself yet to issue their official stance on proceedings. And even when they do, what can we actually take at face value?

My fear is that both parties are to blame to some degree ? showing neither in a particularly good light. It's easy to feel that this is a simple case of the wronged (Everton FC) and the wrongdoer (Gosling and agent... and Gosling's family if some reports are to be believed) ? but that is almost never true.

All I can say is that I would never wish a plague on my own house... which in this case is always going to be Everton FC. So, if a mistake has been made then so be it; and if there is some chance of Gosling staying ? or the club gaining compensation via appeal ? then I would hope that the club can achieve it.

Gosling himself, on the other hand, I do not care massively for ? as a player (or as a person). But if he felt undervalued by the club then it is his prerogative to flex his legal muscle; if the club had offered him a reasonable contract, and he had flat turned it down and sought a move, then I for one would have been much more disappointed in his attitude.

All just speculation though.

Kunal Desai
111   Posted 07/07/2010 at 23:25:56

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Perfect example of a player, sounded out in some quarters as a "potential England" prospect, instilled with nothing but greed, and typifying the way the Premier League is going. Until this regime changes, England will slump further as a footballing nation. Players are playing only for more and more money and aren't arsed about England.
Nick Armitage
112   Posted 07/07/2010 at 23:42:53

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This is an agent after a 10% cut of a signing on fee... but who really cares? Any player who is behind Leon Osman in the pecking order ain't really worth a wank anyway.

He is average at best and probaly will find his level when Newcastle get relegated back to where they belong. Fuck him.
Chad Schofield
113   Posted 07/07/2010 at 23:45:06

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@Steve Fletcher #73, sorry to have distracted you, and keep up the good work fella! The last thing you need is visions of phalacioing horned steeds when you're doing something important.

Perhaps this is what happened with Gosling's contract: Bill and Co got distracted thinking about whether humming birds make a buzzing noise or something.

With regards to why Dan was not offered a longer contract, it's something to do with a player under 21 not being able to sign a contract more than 3 years in length (according to what I've read elsewhere... certainly not professing to know much about this mess professionally) ? something which will surely be addressed once this debacle has been used as a high profile test case.

Until he has moved on, I am not going to vent anger at him. Regardless of personal perceived ability, he is (was) on our books. He's had a horrible injury which has left many a talented player looking away from playing professionally. We have paid for his rehabilitation thus far because of a mutually beneficial contract to both parties, and I'm as at much of a loss how this can be nullified unless again it is in the interests of parties involved.

Surely if the contract had been voided when the verbal offer had been made (does Wild Bill think he's in a Western ? "a man's word is his bond"?) then could we not charge him for the healthcare, lack of appearances in training given that any contract surrounding him would be to play/train etc? Whilst he would have holiday rights, surely he would have to earn time on his new unwritten "contract".

Anyway, this is all speculative on my part and I'm sure there's people far smarter than me looking into it... Maybe Bill's asked his milkman to have a glance over it as he doesn't want to waste money(!).

I'm just angry there's no official line, even if it's "we're aware of the situation... In communication with him and agent... Lawyers exploring options... etc". It's fucking stupid to remain dumb when every hack is republishing the same shit.

This is not a sudden story and they must have been able to have thought of several different ways in which to spin it, but as someone else wrote, all we get is a bit in What The Papers Say (with comments enabled?!) and news on how Neville is going to talk over some shit, as though he's the Pope...

Unless the fucker's been ordained, been smoking crack, or has suddenly developed Messi-esque skills, it would be nice to hear about things directly affecting our club.

Ian McDowell
114   Posted 08/07/2010 at 00:08:25

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I could not give a fuck actually, I hope the twat never plays again.
Roy Coyne
115   Posted 08/07/2010 at 00:17:36

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To be honest, the thing that annoys me most is we are made to look stupid; whoever is responsible should be fired. Until there is a change at the top, we will continue to be run like a comedy soap opera.
Max Fine
116   Posted 08/07/2010 at 00:47:56

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In all probability, this whole saga will be about the most remarkable thing Dan Gosling will do in his career. So at least he's made his mark.

Don't forget that if in fact he was looking for £25k a week, that's not far off £1.5 million a year.

Had he wanted away (and been a little less conniving about it), £1.5 million would have more than likely been the fee we would have been able to get for him. So financially it's not too great a loss.

I would have liked to see him develop for at least a season more to see if he could find a way around his lack of pace, as he did seem a composed footballer. But alas he was always going to be outshone by Jack Rodwell (2 years younger) and Marouane Fellaini (2 years older) in his preferred position, at least in terms of the immediate future.

As has been stated previously, the biggest loss to the club is the embarrassment of having had their business incompetencies splashed all over the tabloids.

Hopefully a high profile case like this is what was needed to ensure our amateur board no longer take a footballer's word as his bond. Thankfully, at least this lesson has been learned with a Dan Gosling rather than a Wayne Rooney.
Chris James
117   Posted 08/07/2010 at 07:08:32

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For my money (not £25k a week, I stress), this episode sums up everything that's wrong with the Premier League today.

1. Greedy players with zero loyalty ? despite the fact we've nursed him through injury and given him a start in the Prem, he's fucking off purely for his own ends. If he really wanted to go, he could have had the decency to let the club get some cash from him on the transfer market;

2. The fact that an 'average' footballer, and yes Dan Gosling you are a deeply average footballer, can earn £25k a week (whilst most clubs are on the verge of bankruptcy and a lot of the fans are facing pay freezes on average salaries of less than £25k a year... IF they've got a job);

3. That Footballers' rights are somehow higher than anyone else's in a court of law ? a verbal agreement surely has some weight?

4. Football agents. (Need I say more? They make estate agents look like angels.)

Ultimately our beloved game has been hijacked by people who's morality levels are a shade below the average banker or Eastern European pimp ? the Premier League and the football agents. For all those who say 'football is business now, get used to it', I have to say this: how many businesses do you know that have increased their income by a marked percentage every year for 10 years plus yet are making bigger losses and stacking up debts year on year?

The only ones winning are the players (and I think it's time that balance is redressed ? the earnings and behaviour of our PL 'stars' are both frankly obscene now and completely unjustifiable and unsustainable), the vile agents and the equally twisted creatures who run the Premier League and put their own personal profit above sport and the fans 8/10. This isn't a business ? it's a bloody casino!

Obviously it also yet again exemplifies a certain level of unprofessionalism under the current Everton administration (Moyes is excepted), so we can't put all the blame at the little mercenary's door; Kenwright, you have to take responsibility for this I'm afraid, you're in charge so you either need to step up or sack someone.

Michael Brien
118   Posted 08/07/2010 at 07:31:51

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I would put the blame with the player, I have to say that Dan Gosling has gone down in my estimation. Given that he has had a serious injury and been out of the game for the last 4 months ? and is expected to be out for another 4 months ? I think that he is acting rather rashly. Everton will have looked after him whilst he has been injured and this is how he responds!

Sorry to sound old fashioned but I have always believed in the principle of loyalty working both ways. Dan Gosling has shown precious little loyalty to the club that gave him a chance in the Premier League. If he is making comparisons between himself and Rodwell then he is being stupid. Let's see which one of them has the more successful career ? my money would be on Rodwell.

Liam Reilly
119   Posted 08/07/2010 at 08:04:27

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£25k a week is too much for an unproven squad player. The club were right not to agree to that nonsense.

He's 20, just done his knee and as we well know with JV, these years are critical in the progression of a young footballer. £4 Million, I seriously doubt that. He'll wind up in the Championship soon enough.

Liam Reilly
120   Posted 08/07/2010 at 08:24:00

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However, to counter that, its inexcusable how the Club failed to put any offer in print after issuing a verbal offer. Someone should be accountable and dismissed for that.
Steve Pugh
121   Posted 08/07/2010 at 08:05:08

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Wow, so much anger, and it is all based on rumour. How many of these reliable sources reported that Everton were signing Riquelme? or Moutinho? or M'Bia? Everyone knows that journalists are only interested in ratings, whether it is sales of newspapers or TV viewing figures, and true or not this is one hell of a story.

At present Dan Gosling is still listed as an Everton Player on the OS. John Ruddy isn't, which shows that they are keeping the site up to date. Therefore I am not going to assume that Dan has left until it is official either on the OS or in an interview with Dan himself on screen, not reported in a newspaper.

As for no reports from the club, they probably can't believe that people are taking this seriously, as many people have said he still has his original contract which he must honour, so if he wants to leave the club this summer it will cost the buyer, he can only leave on a free at the end of his contract.
Eugene Ruane
122   Posted 08/07/2010 at 07:56:50

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He's no Rooney, easily replaceable, so him going bothers me not one jot.

However reading the report in the Echo gets my spider senses tingling.

Specifically, certain sentences.

Blah blah "Dan Gosling is ready to leave Everton for nothing after he dragged (nb: dragged!) the club to a Premier League inquiry to prove he is a free agent".

Blah blah "wants to quit Goodison Park after delaying new contract talks".

Blah blah "..has enraged Goodison officials over his conduct during the acrimonious affair".

Blah blah "The Blues had wanted Gosling to sign a new deal, with a verbal offer believed to have been agreed, but a failure to put that in writing by the mid-May cut-off point meant he could walk out for free if he so chose"

Blah blah " thought to have deliberately stalled on a new deal because he wants first team football in his preferred central midfield position"

Blah blah "..It is understood Everton are aggrieved that Gosling has chosen this way to leave, after the club gave him his break in top-flight football and supported him to the half way point of his cruciate knee ligament rehabilitation".

Blah blah "..The scenario is a double blow for David Moyes, who has supported Gosling throughout his Goodison career and recent long term injury woes, and who would at least have been able to use a £4m fee to further his own summer transfer budget".

So there it is, the honourable Everton FC, fucked over by Dan Gosling (BOOOOO!!) purely for more money.

Except......this is the Echo and Kenwright is Kenwright.

To me, the tone of the article stinks of smoke-screen, smear tactics and bullshit.

"Problem? Let's muddy the water Everton style!"

I don't know what really happened, but these days, when I read a piece like this in the Echo, my first thought isn't "Gosling, what a greedy twat" it's "Everton have fucked up and now they're going to do ANYTHING to deflect the blame".

We'll see.
Tony J Williams
123   Posted 08/07/2010 at 09:00:57

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True, Eugene... but, like everyone, we all have our own views and no matter what you read, people's bias will always shine through. Those who hate Kenwright will automatically blame him; those who don't believe Gosling is very good will probably blame him.

Then you have the "wait and see" people, which I am probably with, although I am siding against Gosling a little, they wait until all the information is aired before shouting for someone's head. The interesting point for me is who actually called for the enquiry, there has been conflicting reports suggesting that Everton called for it to clarify the legal stance and others are staing that Gosling "dragged" Everton to one.

All bullshit until it is finalised. I won't lose too much sleep, if any, if he goes.
Gavin Ramejkis
124   Posted 08/07/2010 at 09:26:29

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He has gone as per the BBC website this morning. Personally, I rated the lad as a decent squad player but not a guaranteed starter. BK has questions to answer as the buck stops with him over the loophole that was exploited. Other than the lost revenue, it would not have been £4M in my estimate, more like £2-2½M tops. Just move on.
Chris Fisher
125   Posted 08/07/2010 at 10:06:19

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He wasn't even that good, Rodwell is the standout youngster and Danny ? although I'll always love him for that goal against the shite ? was never going to be anything more than a squad player. Good luck to him yo-yoing up and down the leagues with Newcastle!
Jimmy Hacking
126   Posted 08/07/2010 at 10:21:12

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This is a massive shame in my opinion. I think one or two people here are kidding themselves a bit when they call him an average player; surely his potential is crystal clear? And he has done very well IMO in his limited appearances for Everton.

I think he'll have a decent career; this will be a real coup for Newcastle, it's win-win for them... even if he doesn't win a regular first-team place, they can always flog him back to us for about £3 million next summer.

Spragg Johnson
127   Posted 08/07/2010 at 10:31:31

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Wait till he plays at Goodison... he'll get the Barmby/Xavier treatment... but, after a dismal spell at the Barcodes, it might be for Plymouth or Scunthorpe in the League Cup! His career may well go the same way as that Sheff Utd lad who turned us down for Spurs... can anyone remember his name though? I certainly can't... I just hope the career of a certain J Rodwell shites all over that of D Gosling... and I'm positive it will.
Tony J Williams
128   Posted 08/07/2010 at 11:19:30

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Jimmy, as a poster who doesn't like to slag players off too much, I think he is slow, has the touch of an elephant and can't beat a man.

His highlights include a twice deflected "wonder" goal against the RedShite and a shinned goal against ManUre, both brilliant goals to us fans but can you remember a game where he has come on from the bench and actually changed the game? I can't.
Mike Allison
129   Posted 08/07/2010 at 11:18:44

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"I think one or two people here are kidding themselves a bit when they call him an average player."

Absolutely not. Many people have said it all along. Maybe we'll get proven wrong but he's just never looked that special. If he wants to play central midfield then I can understand him leaving, because he's never going to be good enough to get into a midfield where Fellaini, Rodwell, Arteta, Osman and Cahill (and possibly even Bilyaletdinov) compete for places.

I'm puzzled over why he wants to leave. I said before he left that, just because he can leave doesn't mean he will, and was genuinely surprised when the news broke. He's injured, so where's he going to go, what's he going to do and who's going to want him?

The Sheff United lad is Kyle Naughton, he's a very good player and he didn't turn us down for Spurs, Sheff United refused him permission to talk to us because Spurs made a higher offer.
John Lindsay
130   Posted 08/07/2010 at 12:02:54

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Just a thought. Where is Gosling at the moment?

He is obviously not in Australia. If he is still an Everton player then he would be at Finch Farm getting treatment.

If he is no longer a blue, I hope we have put the contents of his locker in to a skip and fucked him off. In which case, his rehabilitation is at a standstill which I am sure will make him less of an attraction to another club.

Mind you, he will get plenty of exercise running around all the clubs who are lining up to talk to him... not!!!
Rob Murphy
131   Posted 08/07/2010 at 12:11:44

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Good luck to the lad, he seems to be in the right profession if his seriously deluded, greedy, selfishness is anything to go by.

Next we'll hear he's been shagging half the squad's birds and sending ridiculous naked texts!!!
John Nelson
132   Posted 08/07/2010 at 12:21:49

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Fuck him, the cheeky twat. He's obviously off his fucking kite if he thinks he should get a centre-mid place ahead of Arteta, Fellaini and Cahill, couple this with the fact that he's only 20 and still developing. Also, this whole episode, his average ability and being injured for 6 months will surely put clubs off him, so good luck to the little fucker if he thinks he's getting another club.

Thanks for the goals against the RS and Man Utd, Dan, but apart from that you won't be missed.

Dave Roberts
133   Posted 08/07/2010 at 12:29:10

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It's not Gosling moving on that bothers me (I don't rate him particularly despite his welcome goal against the shite); it's the fact that this was allowed to happen by the Club.

Theoretically, Gosling could have been the best prospect since Maradonna and we could have lost him because of a monumental cock-up! The fact he is not that good is really not the point. The Club need to wake up.
Alan Clarke
134   Posted 08/07/2010 at 12:24:57

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It doesn't make sense that he's leaving when he's seriously injured. We all saw with Arteta and Jagielka that rehab from this sort of injury is not straight forward. Gosling may not even be fit until the start of next season. Granted, a ligament injury like this should not be career-threatening but until the player is back playing, you never know, it could be. W

hy would any other team pay him a signing-on fee and wages during his time out injured without knowing if he'll actually return to playing? It's a hell of a gamble for a team like Newcastle when that money could be better spent on a better player or on a player of the same quality but not injured. Who the hell signs seriously injured players?

Something really doesn't sit right about this rather than it just being a clerical oversight. Is Gosling really that stupid that he doesn't realise the seriousness of his injury or are Everton just not arsed about him leaving?

Richard Harris
135   Posted 08/07/2010 at 12:40:38

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Yet another young player influenced by a greedy agent. Will we be fine without him? Yes. Will his career be better at a club outside of the big 4 (Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea or Arsenal) ? probably not, but the agent will make a nice bit of money from the move...
Dave Roberts
136   Posted 08/07/2010 at 12:42:04

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I have two theories:-

a) Once Gosling saw the pink away strip he decided he was off.

b) As it was unlikely Gosling would play this season because of his injury and subsequent struggle for fitness, the Club weighed three things up.

How good is better than average.

How much will he earn while recuperating and not making a contribution....a lot (especially if we have to offer him more dosh for doing shit all)

What is the solution.....arrange a cock-up, break the rules, and with a bit of luck he'll fuck off. We'll get nothing for him anyway while he's injured.

So there you have it. Kenwright is not a dickhead, he has just saved the Club a fortune!
Tony J Williams
137   Posted 08/07/2010 at 12:51:29

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His saved wages would probably match what we would have got for him anyway.

I wonder how good his rehabilitation on the NHS will be. If he is gone, I wouldn't let him near Finch Farm treatment.

On second thoughts, give him Baz Rathbone's home number!!
Martyn Valentine
138   Posted 08/07/2010 at 13:29:58

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To be honest, I'm glad he's gone/going if all that's important to him is the money.

If Newcastle or West Ham want to offer a huge weekly wage for someone who probably won't be fit to play until the end of the year, then good luck to them, we all know how successful both those teams and the players who have done just that have been recently.

I hope that we use the money we were going to waste on Gosling wisely on either tying up existing players or putting it towards a decent package for a 'headline' signing this pre-season.
Alec Laurie
139   Posted 08/07/2010 at 13:46:07

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I like Dave Roberts' (135) theory!! Brilliant.
Helikaon Bow
140   Posted 08/07/2010 at 13:50:51

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Any ideas for Gosling chants next season (if he finds a Premier League club)?
Tom Astley
141   Posted 08/07/2010 at 13:50:09

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Lets clear this up.

Gosling signed a 3½-year contract in January 2008, therfore contracted to the club until June 2011. A club is prohibited from offering a player under the age of 20 a contract of more than this length.

Gosling is offered a 'verbal' contract extension, which he accepts, and a deadline of mid-May is agreed for having it in writing. (Who agreed this? Presumably his agent with the club?)

Mid-May passes, someone in Everton admin has made a cock-up and the agreed deadline is not met.

Therefore, Gosling remains an Everton player until the end of the 2011 season, as was agreed when putting his name on the dotted line in January 2008.

This story has not gone official on our website, and none of the daily rags are able to explain where this final year of his contract has disappeared to.

Gosling remains an Everton player, whole thing blown out of proportion.
Helikaon Bow
142   Posted 08/07/2010 at 13:54:58

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Premier League statement:

"An independent hearing, convened under Premier League Rules, was held last week to look into the contractual status of Dan Gosling,"

"Having looked into the matter, and considered the arguments of both Everton and the player, it was determined that the player is unattached and entitled to a free transfer.

"This is subject to a right of appeal by Everton which must be brought within 14 days of the decision."

So sure now Tom?
Tom Astley
143   Posted 08/07/2010 at 13:58:39

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Yes, I am so sure.

We just show he still has 1 year left on his original contract and he is still our man.

Gosling and his agent can't play anything against that.
Tony J Williams
144   Posted 08/07/2010 at 13:56:33

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Tom, that was my train of thought but what are these proceedings that have supposedly taken place? The FA have apparantly made a ruling... based on what, I have no idea... and basic English contract law cannot be dismissed just because he is a football player. The contract isn't frustrated and there is no breach so how can a player just up and leave when there is a year left on his contract? Maybe that's why it isn't on the site, as it is all rubbish... then again the site is far from informative is it?
Helikaon Bow
145   Posted 08/07/2010 at 14:01:16

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I am under the impression that once contract discussions are opened, verbal or written, the current contract is void.

It's a Fifa ruling apparently.
Helikaon Bow
146   Posted 08/07/2010 at 14:05:19

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Also, Plymouth fans are outranged because this move has potenially cost them £1m and £250,000 was due in three games time.

Looks like he fucked them over too.
Rob Murphy
147   Posted 08/07/2010 at 14:00:53

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Think the max contact at that age is 2½ years, Tom, so his contract with the club is finished.
Brendan O'Doherty
148   Posted 08/07/2010 at 14:01:24

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Someone needs to explain soon where this remaining 1 year of his previous contract has disappeared to, otherwise this will go on ad infinitum.

Personally I reckon it may have become void when the new verbal one was agreed, but... then again, maybe not.
Rob Murphy
149   Posted 08/07/2010 at 14:07:50

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Apparently Rooney, Rodwell & other youngsters at the club were always offered verbal contracts which they duly signed. Just another case of a deluded footballer with serious opinions of himself!!
Tom Astley
150   Posted 08/07/2010 at 14:08:28

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Apologies, it was a three year deal he signed, as that was the maximum available to under 20 year old.

Once contract discussions are opened, the current contract IS NOT void. Where have you heard that from? You are telling me that when Man Utd started negotiating a new contract with Ronaldo in 2008 (a process which took them 2 months to complete), he was a 'free agent' during that time. Rubbish!

The 6 months still stands, hence why nothing on the OS as they are now going to show that in the appeal and Gosling stays until at least January. But I am presuming he will be sold anyway for how he has handled himself throughout this.
Helikaon Bow
151   Posted 08/07/2010 at 14:20:53

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The Ronaldo contract didn't become void, Tom, because he rejected the offers. Because Gosling accepted the offer verbally, under FIFA rules the club have to put it in writing before an agreed date. When it was not signed, the contract was made void. Simples.

It's not right but that is what has happened. Either Gosling has been very clever or, as I believe, the agent, an ex-red, told him of the ruling and they acted.
Tony J Williams
152   Posted 08/07/2010 at 14:18:22

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Exactly Tom, the initial contract has not been satisfied or ended by mutual agreement so how can it now be considered void?

If the verbal agreement occurred and his wage increased, acceptance can be inferred with Gosling accepting the extra pay.

Something not right about this story.
Tony J Williams
153   Posted 08/07/2010 at 14:32:58

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Surely then, Helikaon, if the "new" contract is void, it reverts back to the existing one, otherwise why hasn't Gosling threatened to sue for breach of contract? The new one, in effect doesn't therefore exist so he has to play out his remaining one, which is not yet up.
Mike Green
154   Posted 08/07/2010 at 14:03:41

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This cant be true surely.....? I'll wait till it's on the OS to be honest.

However, if it is true, Dan Gosling needs his head read and wants to change his agent pronto.

He's 20, has made 22 appearances for a "top 6" club who've not only illustrated that they give youth a fair crack of the whip with every chance also of international recognition if you make the grade.

He's crocked for another 4 months and has (reportedly) been offered a wage rise from £7k to £15k per week.

As far as 1st team football's concerned there's plenty of potential for him to make the right wing (or right back) berth his own. Is he just admitting he's not good enough for us?

And (this is without even getting started on loyalty) he's prepared to tear that up on the chance of getting a better deal somewhere else? If it is true, you've got to think that he's got assurances verbally from another club ? and, well, if it is true, can he really take the risk on a "verbal" agreement......?

He must be mental. I hope its all paper talk ? if it's not, then good riddance and good luck, he's going to need it.

If it is true and I was BK and he came up and said "you didn't put it in writing...." I'd just say "D'you know what? Just fuck off."

But ? like I say, let's wait for the official word.
Tom Astley
155   Posted 08/07/2010 at 14:33:19

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Helikaon... Ronaldo signed a new contract with United in 2008, he didn't reject that one. You can't just make up a piece of legislation to suit your argument.
Mike Green
156   Posted 08/07/2010 at 14:36:43

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I'd also tell him he's welcome to stay at the club if he cant find anywhere else for a revised offer of £300 a week.

No point cutting your nose off to spite your face is there.
Helikaon Bow
157   Posted 08/07/2010 at 14:41:51

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Tom I am not making anything up. Ronaldo opened discussions with Utd and the difference between him and Gosling was that he rejected the offers whereas Gosling accepted his.

You'll just have to wait and see. When you do, you'll see I am right.

I wish I wasn't though.
Helikaon Bow
158   Posted 08/07/2010 at 14:45:44

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"Ronaldo signed a new contract with United in 2008, he didn't reject that one."

Yes, the last offer he accepted, and the club offered him the contract in a written form before the expiry date.
Fran Mitchell
159   Posted 08/07/2010 at 14:39:38

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Tom.... Gosling signed a 3-season contract.... half a season then 2 subsequent full seasons...not a 3½-year contract. A player under 18 cannot sign a contract more than 3 seasons. Part of the contract was an option to an extra 2 seasons with negotiable terms, there was a deadline for this contract to be offered. The blues didn't meet this deadline, so his contract is now up.

No contract has been made void. It has simply expired.

This is a royal balls up by the club for failing to send a contract extension before the deadline.

Gosling now has a chance to play regular football in the PL, so I fully understand his leaving.
Fran Mitchell
160   Posted 08/07/2010 at 14:50:16

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'Apparently Rooney, Rodwell & other youngsters at the club were always offered verbal contracts which they duly signed.'

How do you sign a verbal contract... IT'S VERBAL!

This is the club's fault, they missed the deadline for offereing a contract.

Why is he deluded?

Its not like he has said... "I'm signing for Man Utd or Real Madrid." That would be deluded. He is/wants to move to a smaller club so he can play regular football during a period of his career when playing is the most important part. What is deluded? I would actually call it realistic.
Tom Astley
161   Posted 08/07/2010 at 14:51:25

Report abuse

Helikaon... yes Ronaldo signed a new contract in 2008. So you are saying that United offered him a new contract before he went to Real, which he rejected? So how did he command an £80m transfer fee then, why didnt he just 'do a Gosling?'

Stop making things up!
Tony J Williams
162   Posted 08/07/2010 at 14:55:20

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Fran, at last someone has finally cleared that up. So simply put he was out of contract and can do one now.

Finch Farm should be closed to him and he should be told to fuck off to the Royal in town and get on the waiting list for physio or give him BUPA's number.
Tom Astley
163   Posted 08/07/2010 at 15:01:12

Report abuse

Gosling signed a three YEAR deal, not season deal. He still has 6 months left to run. These 6 months cannot just dissapear, irrelevant of whether he was 'verbally' offered an extension or not.

This is the crux of this argument. These 6 months will still stand, therefore, he will still be an Everton player come 14 days time when the appeal has to be heard.
Fran Mitchell
164   Posted 08/07/2010 at 15:01:27

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A verbal contract has no legal grounding... it's mearly a conversation. Otherwise everyone would say 'we agreed verablly' there is no way to prove or disprove it.

Agreement of a verbal contact means nothing... no contract is made void. The contract was made void due to details in previous contracts (that's the written kind, not the verbal kind).
Mike Green
165   Posted 08/07/2010 at 15:05:29

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Come on. people... let's see if we can get this thread over the 200 mark.... come on... we can do it...
Fran Mitchell
166   Posted 08/07/2010 at 15:05:35

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From all the sources I have seen, it says 3 season... I do not have a copy of his contract at hand, so if you do then apologies, but, if it did have 6 months left to run, this wouldn't be happening, would it?
Tony McNulty
167   Posted 08/07/2010 at 14:56:19

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If he wants to join a soon-to-be-smaller club, then why not sign for the Shite?

By the way, on my Sky box the Shite channel is now free - I happened to spot it whilst flicking through the sports section a few weeks ago, and it is still free as of yesterday.

Now if this is not someone at HQ taking the piss (they might have seen my succession of paid Everton games from a few seasons back), this smacks of desperation by the Dark Side.

Has anyone else got this problem? I am going to have to ring Sky and tell them that, "I have a Shite problem with my Sky box."
Tom Astley
168   Posted 08/07/2010 at 15:09:26

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On the Liverpool Echo website, it says three years, not seasons: "Gosling joined Everton from Plymouth Argyle two-and-a-half years ago on a three-year deal. Everton wanted to hand him a longer contract but players under 20 are not permitted to sign five-year deals."

Ergo, 6 months remain. We offered him a two-year extension to this, verbally, which was not put in writing. Therefore, he is under no duty to accept this verbal agreement anymore. The appeal will then show that he has 6 months remaining which he has to fulfill. End of!

We don't want this getting to 200 really do we!!
Fran Mitchell
169   Posted 08/07/2010 at 15:14:15

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I doubt it... in football contacts are generally based on seasons rather than years.

According to The Guardian his contract expired on June 30th.
Alan Clarke
170   Posted 08/07/2010 at 15:32:39

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Come on Tom.

Why haven't the club or the player actually said anything yet?
Tony J Williams
171   Posted 08/07/2010 at 15:32:59

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"A verbal contract has no legal grounding"

Don't say that to my tutor, he would have a heart attack and then proceed to give you a two-hour lecture confiming that you are in fact mistaken in that assumption.
Tom Astley
172   Posted 08/07/2010 at 15:35:55

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The club won't say anything because they have a right to appeal within 14 days, which of course they will do. They aren't going to go public with what is going on.

Gosling won't say anything for the same reason.
Fran Mitchell
173   Posted 08/07/2010 at 15:41:19

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A verbal contract, when relating to employment, is not legally enforceable. Same applies with tenancy and credit agreements.
Tony J Williams
174   Posted 08/07/2010 at 15:53:38

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A person's actions can be deemed as acceptance too, I would be interested to see if he has been getting paid at an increased rate or not.
Fran Mitchell
175   Posted 08/07/2010 at 15:56:29

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That would be interesting to see... however, we are talking about Everton here so I wouldn't hold my breath.
Giles Larkman
176   Posted 08/07/2010 at 15:55:54

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If all this speculation turns out to be true, in a truely immature and vindictive manner, I would like to offer Mr Gosling the oppotunity to kiss my fat, hairy asshole.

Yet another classless Premier League footballer and as someone, quite rightly, pointed out, he wouldn't have known about this legal loophole, he would've been informed by his agent.

So Dan (again, only if this is true), clear out your locker and fuck off. We currently have enough problems holding onto our good players without jumped-up wannabes, like you, believing your own hype.

Caveat ? I know it's his profession, I know he has a right to change employer... yadda yadda yadda, but each year I get more and more disillusioned by professional footballers, and now the likes of Dan Gosling are acting like prima donnas. What next.... a fucking revolt from the Under-16s?!?
Fran Mitchell
177   Posted 08/07/2010 at 16:16:31

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Who's acting like a prima donna?

Is he moving to a smaller club to get first team football or a bigger club to warm the bench?

How is that believing the hype?

Yes, the agent will be looking at making a quick buck, but I don't hear anyone going beserk about Beckford rejecting Leeds United's last contract offer? I hear quite a few people suggesting we should go for Ledley as his contract is running out and a few others. Do you think that is immoral? Are they twats?

IMO, Gosling has probably looked at things since not extending his contract and thought, with my injury its unlikely I will play much this season, maybe the odd sub appearance and the odd league cup game, while the likes of Newcastle have stated their interest and said you'll play 20-30 games if you sign for us. He's looked at that and thought, yeah, that will be better... fair enough I think.

Newcastle are not going to give this lad £3 million and £30k a week, they're skint too, remember.

Someone at Goodison has dropped a bollock here; BK and Co will try and make Gosling look like scum to turn attention away from their poor management, but that is what we should focus on.
Giles Larkman
178   Posted 08/07/2010 at 16:32:08

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We shall have to agree to disagree, but I have the right to feel disappointed in his behaviour.

If he wanted to leave, I believe, he should have stated that and his intentions to do so. Doing it this way leaves a bitter taste in many fans' mouths.
Max Main
179   Posted 08/07/2010 at 16:20:40

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If I understand things correctly:

Gosling isn't happy as a second string player. Understandable.

It seems other clubs might be prepared to offer him first team football. Understandable.

He's been made aware by his agent that because of this loop-hole, he can leave now and pocket what would have been the transfer fee, possibly a million or two. Understandable.

Everton fans feel hard done by because... Everton have been providing treatment for his injury sustained in a match for Everton, where he was asked to stay on the pitch and play on?

Apart from the loss of a mind numbingly average player, and the possible transfer fee we might have got for him, what's the big fuss?

In my view the player's done no wrong and someone at Everton in "legal" has had a bit of a shocker with contract law.

If this is this summer's disaster I don't think we could have wished for a better one.
Mike Green
180   Posted 08/07/2010 at 16:38:04

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Fran ? I'm with Giles all the way.

The bottom line is, if this is true, the club clearly thought they had an agreement with the player - the player seems to have "gone back on his word" and basically shat on them.

It stinks of his agent saying "you know what Danny... they've not backed it up in writing you know... I've just had West Ham on and they'll give you £500k up front and match the £15k..... what do you say... be mad to turn that down... there's no loyalty in football nowadays lad... EFC would shit on you before look at you twice if they didn't rate you.. but they do... becuase YOU'RE GOOD DANNY!!! YOU'RE BETTER THAN GOOD!!! YOU'RE BRILLIANT!!!! NOW LETS GET DOWN TO LONDON AND SHOW THEM WHAT YOUR MADE OF ? THATS IT DANNY GET YOUR BOOTS ON WE'RE LEAVING!!!!"
Michael Kenrick
181   Posted 08/07/2010 at 16:32:12

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There are some quite astounding comments being made on this thread, people shooting from the hip based on gut reaction to tabloid shite, compounded unfortunately by what appears to have all the hallmarks of a typical Club-inspired hatchet job through the ever unreliable auspices of the Liverpool Echo (nice job, Eugene!).

It shouldn't come as any surprise ? the vilification of players who, for one reason another, fall out with the club, is a common theme going back through many cases where the same modus operandi has been employed ? a right pasting through the pages of the Echo. The Club seem to see it as their duty to set the fans against the player, as, of course, the club itself can do no wrong.

Just to cast a somewhat different light, I read this today:
The lad was hanging on for a contract. He kept telling Everton his contract was up, they insisted it had a year to go. He was right. He?s then been on weekly deals for months, they supposedly were going to give him an increase and if they had he would?ve signed, he likes it and wants to stay. In the end, they basically only offered him what he was on. Less than Vaughan or Anichebe.

The bit about weekly deals doesn't help very much, as I'm certain The Guardian is correct regarding his contract: it expired on 30 June 2010. That at least is one of the few facts about this bizarre case that makes any sense. Otherwise, if it was valid for another 6 months or a year, we simply would not be at this point here and now. (Tom Astley, PLEASE take note: normal contracts expire in June of each year; I believe the Echo was being typically lazy using the phrase 'three-year' to mean 'all or part of three years'.)

It's all really very sad. I would strongly suspect that Gosling and his agent have acted somewhat rashly, in large part out of frustration. And I cannot rule out the possibility that the club is being somewhat reticent given the player's injury and the apparent lack of any real need or desire to resolve his contract... even to the possible thought that there could be issues or concerns regarding the long-term prognosis over his full recovery.

Will Everton appeal? We've assumed they will, but the Premier League have already studied the case, taken testimony and given their verdict: why would that change? If a written contract was required by a certain date, but was not forthcoming from the Club, that is pretty clearcut.

As Fran says, the cock-up here is the administrative one that allowed this to happen. The pained language of the Echo piece merely underlines how hurt the club are for having their mistake shown up. Whether they are losing a great player or not in the process, we will not know for a number of years...
Brendan O'Doherty
182   Posted 08/07/2010 at 16:52:25

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So according to Fran it transpires that he was not after all on a 3 or 3.5 year contract, and it was actually only for 2.5 years? This explains the missing year/6 months, but still most people have been led to believe that it did at least run into next season, and had not yet expired. Someone somewhere is/has not been telling the whole story.
Mike Green
183   Posted 08/07/2010 at 16:56:15

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Thats it Michael - kick the club.
Will Leaf
184   Posted 08/07/2010 at 16:36:01

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145 wrote:
"Also, Plymouth fans are outranged because this move has potenially cost them £1m and £250,000 was due in three games time.

Looks like he fucked them over too."

Hmmm...I did not realize Peter Reid had recently signed on as Argyle's manager.

Terrible news for The Pilgrims (the monumental cock up, not Reidy taking over) that quarter million soon due being not an insignificant amount for a League 1 side.
Brendan O'Doherty
185   Posted 08/07/2010 at 17:03:45

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Tony McNulty ? I seem have a 'Shite' problem with my Sky box as well. I am going to block this unacceptable disgusting and horrible channel by making it accessible by PIN only and then forgetting the PIN. Hopefully my remote control will never then stumble on it again.
Brendan O'Doherty
186   Posted 08/07/2010 at 17:09:30

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"He kept telling Everton his contract was up, they insisted it had a year to go. He was right."

That is absolutely mind-boggling if true. Heads must roll.
Tony McNulty
187   Posted 08/07/2010 at 17:15:00

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Thanks Brendan,

What a hoot. So the Shite fans are paying for Shite when the rest of us don't even want their Shite for free.

You clearly need an IQ somehwere up in the thirties to support that lot.
Michael Kenrick
188   Posted 08/07/2010 at 17:39:55

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Yea, Mike Green (#182); shocking init.

You'll be glad to know I've started my remedial classes already ? I'm writing out longhand the Echo piece 50 times until I get it into my head:

Everton ? GOOD; Dan Gosling ? BAD
Tony McNulty
189   Posted 08/07/2010 at 17:41:43

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I just went back to look at the Shite channel again, and (I jest not) there were adverts in succession for: debt counselling; vodka; circulation problems; coping with long-term disabilities; and dry, irritated eyes. Gives you a good idea of the demographic.

I have had enough. I?ve decided to ring Sky and complain that my children could potentially get access to this disgusting channel and as a gesture of goodwill could they please replace it with some hard core pornography for free.

John Daley
190   Posted 08/07/2010 at 16:52:58

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The club has clearly cocked up here and the blame must surely lie with them. We're all looking at this through blue-tinted bins but I suppose things look very different from Goslings perspective.

Say the lad did indicate he would be willing to accept a new contract. He toddles off, duly expecting receipt of a written contract offer, as is surely standard practice. He then gets fucked up in the Wolves game and finds out he's got a really serious injury. Oh well, at least his new contract should be sorted soon and his future will be secure.

The weeks pass and no written offer is forthcoming. What the fuck's going on? What's the delay in putting the deal in writing? It's a simple procedure surely. The May deadline's fast approaching and things still aren't sorted. The club seemed pretty eager before. Are they now considering backing out because of the injury? Maybe they think I'm not going to recover properly and they don't want to be stuck with another lame duck like fat Yak.

Meanwhile, the agent's cogs start turning and it clicks that he can get both himself and his client a better deal elsewhere. Gosling's obviously not important to them because they can't even be arsed picking up a pen, for fuck's sake. Other clubs are then tipped off that Everton haven't bothered to put his contract offer in writing and as such Gosling could be available on a free. After they stop pissing themselves laughing, the other clubs indicate they would be very interested in these circumstances.

Everton eventually hear about this, realise they will now lose out on a much needed transfer fee, and say "Woah, wait on a minute, you can't do that. We mentioned a new contract months ago didn't we? It surely doesn't matter that we never put forward a formal written offer. Does it? Does it really? "We've done it before you know and it's always turned out alright in the past. C'mon Dan, be reasonable, you know uncle Bill was gonna sort you out in the end. You know what I'm like... I'd forget my head if it wasn't screwed on. "Bollocks, I've done it again, haven't I? Why do things like this always happen to me?"
James Flynn
191   Posted 08/07/2010 at 17:57:39

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JD (189) - Now with all the speculation, THAT one sounds most plausable.
Thor Sørensen
192   Posted 08/07/2010 at 17:08:01

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Put yourself in Dan Gosling's place.

It's early 2010. Your contract is running out and has less than 6 months left. You've informed the club of this on several occasions but they are, which is standard Everton procedure, incredibly slow when it comes to transfer/contract matters.

As the season draws to a close, you suffer a serious knee injury. It's a big blow to you and you're really down and depressed. Getting back playing will require lots of hard work and a long rehabilitation. You probably won't be back on the pitch until the end of the year, at best.

Finally, a boost as the club eventually put forward a verbal offer, which you happily accept. However, the club never gets back to you with a written contract offer, so in the end there's nothing for you to sign. A rollercoster of emotions and you feel even more down and are starting to feel unwanted at the club ? Why won't they re-new your contract?

A few months later your contract inevitably expires and all of a sudden you've become a free agent. What on earth to do? You've not asked for this at all. All you wanted to do was get your new contract sorted and focussing on overcoming your injury. Instead, you find yourself crocked and without a club. You're in a bit of a shock.

Then, what if you logged onto ToffeeWeb or other similar fans' websites and read all the bile, abuse and nasty comments about you. What then? Would you even want to stay at Everton after that? Or would you look elsewhere?
Rob Murphy
193   Posted 08/07/2010 at 18:10:04

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I'm soooo sorry pedantic Fran. Rooney & Rodwell were offered terms verbally, which they accepted. Then the club put this verbal agreement in the form of a written contract of employment. Messrs Rooney & Rodwell duly signed these contracts with a very nice silver Cross Pen, while smiling for a professional photographer.

As for the questionable mental and psychological state of Dan Gosling, whom I described using the term 'deluded' ? the lad is out injured my friend and shall be out injured for a considerable amount of time. Who, one may ask, should want to sign a crocked player, pay him an obscene amount of money in relation to his talent & also pay for his rehabilitation while he sits on his arse for how long?? Realism eh???
Andy Crooks
194   Posted 08/07/2010 at 18:45:06

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Michael, I don't feel we are losing a great player. I like Gosling but he lacks pace for right back or right midfield. If he should ever start in central mid field then we will be going through one hell of an injury crisis.
Unfortunately it might seem that this affair highlights just how badly run the club is. Time for a regime change. If we can't get someone with money perhaps we could get someone with a semblance of a brain.
Fran Mitchell
195   Posted 08/07/2010 at 19:13:55

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Exactly, Rob... they became written contracts, Gosling's is still verbal, Everton are still to offer Gosling a written contract, or am I mistaken?

Apologies for being a pedant, but you know some people think no actual contracts existing to sign is important. But hey, guess we're not all so pedantic.
Dave Roberts
196   Posted 08/07/2010 at 19:51:42

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I believe there is a strong possibility that the Club have not been stupid here... but devious.

My theory (135) was tongue-in-cheek for the most part but it occurs to me that perhaps there really is a case for believing that Everton did not want to offer Gosling a new contract. That left the possibility of telling a young player, crocked while playing for the club and out of action long term, that it didn't wish to employ him any longer.

That would have been untenable and the club would have been rightly villified. The other option is to appear temporarily stupid... but that doesn't taint the same as being evil, does it?

I have a strong suspicion, the more I think about it, that the club wanted rid and that the least damaging option was to suffer a brief period of looking incompetent. Everything else is just going through the motions to look as good as possible, including an appeal I am sure the club knows it can't win.
Chris Leyland
197   Posted 08/07/2010 at 20:31:30

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Fran Mitchell (172) - "verbal contract, when relating to employment, is not legally enforceable"

This simply isn't true.

Here is a direct quote from a number of legal websites regarding unwritten contracts:

"There is always a contract between an employee and employer. You may not have anything in writing, but a contract will still exist. This is because your agreement to work for your employer and your employer?s agreement to pay you for your work forms a contract."

There are 3 issues when deciding whether a contract has been formed whether it be written or verbal. Offer, acceptance and consideration. The acceptance must also mirror the offer. i.e. "I will pay you £10 grand a week"; "I accept £10 grand a week" is offer and acceptance. "I will pay you £10 grand a week"; "I accept £15 grand a week" is not.

It appears from the "facts" in this case that the offer was made by Everton and the acceptance was made by Gosling. The question is whether Everton then started paying Gosling the agreed amount under this new contract, as this would mean that there had also been consideration, thus making the contract complete, regardless of whether it was written down or not.

Knowing Everton, I suspect the answer is No!
Garry Martin
198   Posted 08/07/2010 at 21:07:08

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I've never seen so many threads as this one, but please remember this folks...........What has just happened with Gosling is just another example of the greedy manner and direction that football in the Premier League has gone.

The poor guy is only offered £15k a week, he's injured, he's only 20 years of age, he's a non regular in the first team... poor sod!!

How long will it take the average person to earn that sort of money?

I'm afraid my appetite for the Premier League has dwindled an awful lot during this World Cup.
Sean Patton
199   Posted 08/07/2010 at 21:23:40

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In all this hoo-ha over Gosling we have all missed sight of a very important thing. Yesterday, when Dan was packing his bags, the latest batch of Academy graduates were signing on.

Among the list of newbies was one Ross Barkley and, by the time Gosling has recovered from his injury, Ross will have taken his place in the squad.
Thor Sørensen
200   Posted 08/07/2010 at 21:43:24

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I think this matter is crying out for the club to make SOME SORT of comment. Still nothing on Everton's official website, though.

(Sorry for now turning this into a 200 post-thread!)
Brendan O'Doherty
201   Posted 08/07/2010 at 21:40:50

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It seems from all the comments that most aren't overly bothered about the loss or Gosling or to a lesser extent the financial implications. But the questions have to clarified: When did Gosling's original contract expire? How long was it for? Did someone at the club misunderstand the length of the contract?

(Note to Ed: his contract expires in June 2012 according to the TW players' page).
Michael Kenrick
202   Posted 08/07/2010 at 21:48:25

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Yea, Brendan, thanks; I should fix that. I started looking back through the original stories from January 2008 when he signed but could find nothing definitive about his contract duration. Interestingly, his Wikipedia entry (probably recently modified) says that:
Gosling was to sign a "three year contract" (two and a half year term expiring in the summer of 2010) for Premier League team Everton

I've seen nothing to refute that (other than what we have on our pages... but I've no idea where that came from!)

Seems the main story is consolidating into one strand, summed up here externally by Jonathan Ellis at The Transfer Tavern. The mystifying part remains the role his current injury may play in him being a free agent.
Andrew Humphrey
203   Posted 09/07/2010 at 00:01:08

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Now that it appears pretty much official that Gosling has left Everton (on the Premier League website if not our own), despite the bitter taste he's left, my interest in the player has evaporated. Still, I was just thinking about what the future may hold for him.

I imagine the scenario went something like this; Club offer new deal, never get it in writing. Agent smells a pay-day, starts telling Gosling he could double his wage, get a huge signing-on fee, and of course inflates his ego :"You should be starting, in your preferred position in the centre. You're better and worth more than Rodwell, Fellaini, Arteta, Cahill and Pienaar put together". Gosling and agent then go to Premier League and (no surprise from that bunch of Everton hating idiots) he's given his free transfer.

So he can't have signed for Newcastle or West Ham or whoever yet, but I guess his agent has sounded them out and has got some agreements in principle, high wages, promises of first-team action etc...

Of course, now that he has no club, is out for at least 3 more months with a serious injury which may take double that time to recover from... he's not in the strongest bargaining position.

I know it sounds bitter, but wouldn't it be a bit of justice if the Barcodes or Hammers turned round and said, "Oh you know that promise of £25k pw, £1m signing fee and guaranteed first team place... well, we didn't offer it in writing, so I'm afraid we're going to have to have another look. How about £8k, no signing fee, and you don't get paid until you're fit?"

Be nice if what went around came around.

Ian Tunstead
204   Posted 09/07/2010 at 01:29:11

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When I spoke to Dan on Friday, I was wondering why he was wearing a suit, especially as it was a really hot day. It now makes more sense, he must have been on his way back from the tribunal.

From what I remember of the conversation, I said "I wouldn't like to cross David Moyes" (which is what he must have just done); he then said to me nervously "Yea... but he's not very approachable." But he still spoke about Everton as if they were still his team, he said "We actually have a really good side now."

We chatted about the World Cup, England and what a shambles it was, and I said "I bet there's no Bigtime Charlies at Everton with Moyes around" ... and, after a nervous cringe-like laugh, he said "No, none of them."

We wished each other luck, shook hands and I said "Hopefully you'll get more first team football next season", which will probably be the case... but unfortunately with another club.

It's a shame, i personally rated him quite highly as a potential talent coming through. I think over the next 5 years we will see him develop into a player something like a Barry or Parker, maybe even a Lampard type player.
Brendan O'Doherty
205   Posted 09/07/2010 at 02:12:28

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"I think over the next 5 years we will see him develop into a player something like a Barry or Parker, maybe even a Lampard type player".

Are they serving magic mushrooms now at Euston station? Now as much as I can understand those who feel he might develop into a good player, those sort of comparisons are, ahem, wide of the mark.

Sounds from what you are saying that he was so happy with the tribunal's outcome that he brought the bleeding sofa and chairs with him as a souvenir!

David Moyes 'not very approachable'? "Och aye, Danny. Ah didnae 'no' ye wanted more dough."
Jamie Sweet
206   Posted 09/07/2010 at 05:12:51

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What club would be stupid enough to sign a player with a potentially career threatening injury - for more money per week than we verbally offered? He can't pass a medical and won't be fit for at least another few months...

Then along came Newcastle...

There is a reason why Danny wasn't getting very much first-team action. He wasn't very good. One goal does not a good player make. Not bothered losing him, just a bit upset that we could have got a rumoured £4million for him. Having said that, what club are stupid enough to pay that sort of money for an average at best, slow.... hold on a minute...

Garry Martin
207   Posted 09/07/2010 at 06:10:15

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Jamie #206... spot on there, mate.... Barcodes never learn!
Alan McGuffog
208   Posted 09/07/2010 at 08:58:23

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Forgive my ignorance of the ways of football finance but can someone explain... there seems to be the view that Gosling will pocket a substantial signing-on fee from his new club. But surely this depends on more than one club wanting him?
If only Newcastle, for example, wants to take him off the dole queue, why would they want to pay him this fee? Surely all they would have to do is offer him a "paltry" £20k+ per week and say, "Take it or leave it, son!" Why would they offer him a one-off multi-million-pound gift if no-one else is prepared to bid for him?
James I'Anson
209   Posted 09/07/2010 at 09:29:43

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No doubt we'll be hearing Dan's side of the story soon. Probably after any appeal. Unless Bill tries to get some kind of gagging order on him.
Can't wait.
Dave Roberts
210   Posted 09/07/2010 at 09:45:26

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I think the 200th poster should get a prize.

Perhaps a pink away shirt signed by Dan himself!
Robert Workman
211   Posted 09/07/2010 at 10:13:51

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Some years ago when I worked for an organisation in Geordieland a verbal offer of employment was made (by one Newcastle fan to another Newcastle fan). He was delighted and told his boss that he was going to leave, in no uncertain terms, although he had nothing in writing. Then my organisation imposed a total freeze on recruitment. After a massive amount of grovelling to senior management this recruitment was eventually permitted. I was pleased as he turned out to be a very good goalie for our 5-a-side football team.
So Gosling should watch out as Geordies are also capable of making "unsubstantiated" verbal offers!
Incidentally the nickname that I was given by my colleagues was "Billy Bingham" (our manager at the time), so that gives you an indication that it didnt happen recently! They were also very proud of the fact that we had a Geordie goalie on our books (David Lawson?).
Robert Workman
212   Posted 09/07/2010 at 10:38:58

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I have just checked the BBC Sport website. The Gosling item has been dropped from the Main page and the Football page. It does not appear on either the Premier League page or the Everton page. Gosling is still listed as No. 19 in the squad.
Thor Sørensen
213   Posted 09/07/2010 at 10:52:52

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Dave Roberts # 210. (re: 200th post)

Yeah, I'm running a bit short on baby nappies for my youngest one, so it would come in handy right now. ;-)
Tony J Williams
214   Posted 09/07/2010 at 11:22:55

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Robert, also disappeared from the Everton page on the BBC interweb site too. possibly jumping the gun, printing rubbish or waiting for the appeal date to pass?
Michael Evans
215   Posted 09/07/2010 at 12:09:32

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Anorak question ? What's the large number of posts on TW for a mailbag thread? Has "Super Dan" caused a new record here?
Tom Astley
216   Posted 09/07/2010 at 12:43:38

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I told you all yesterday that all the Daily Rags had jumped the gun. He is still an Everton player. Contrary to all other posts, he did sign a 3 YEAR deal, expiring in Jan 2011. 6 months left, roll on August COYB
Ian Tunstead
217   Posted 09/07/2010 at 12:59:00

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I have read people on here comparing Rodwell to Beckenbauer. I have read many people write off Fellaini. I think my comparrison is less outrageous.

If you think about it Barry was playing left back up untill a couple of season ago. He was hardly pulling up trees. Now all of a sudden in his late 20's he is an automatic starter for the England team, so important to the team that the manager took him to South Africa injured. Barry is also very slow like Gosling, you must have seen Orzil leave him for dead the other week? Lampard also didnt make a name for himself and become an international untill his mid 20's when he went to Chelsea

Gosling is still very young with lots of time to improve, he has shown me enough to believe he has what it takes even though it is clear his best position is not at full back. Although i do believe the best chance he had to reach his full potential would have been at Everton under David Moyes.
Brendan O'Doherty
218   Posted 09/07/2010 at 14:22:51

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Agree with you about Barry. But I just can't see Gosling, despite his potential which as you say has been developed by DM, ever being like Parker or Lampard. Love him or loathe him (especially as turned us down once), Parker is a real tigerish type of player, closing opponents down and having a big influence on his own side's play. And further up the pitch, Lampard has a goal scoring record to match any midfielder. Gosling does not have a great first touch and seems to make wrong decisions quite a lot when in possession.

I think we can agree though that he probably won't turn out to be as good as he would have been under Moyes's tutelage.
Ian Tunstead
219   Posted 09/07/2010 at 15:59:39

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Yes, with the rare exception Moyes has been able to get the maximum from his players and develop them into more valuble assets.

Gosling might argue that Moyes will not get the best out of him by playing him out of position but a lot of players develop in unfamiliar positions untill the time is right for them to move to their prefered position.

At 19 Schweinsteiger used to play on the right and now he is playing in the centre and one of the star players at a World Cup. Arteta was played on the right to begin with and now he is one of the best players in the league in that position. Gosling should have been more patient and, if he wanted to play more games, why not ask to go on loan? I think he has made a huge mistake and will regret it over the next few years.
Ryan Rosenberg
220   Posted 09/07/2010 at 17:18:08

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Just over one year ago, Dan Gosling had this to say:

"I have another season to go on my contract and have been offered a two-year extension. Everything seems fine with it and it's just a question of when I do sign it."

"This is a top-five club in the Premier League and there's no other club where I'd rather be. This is a great place for young players. It's harder at the top four clubs, with all their money, because they tend to just go out and buy the top foreign players.

"Here the gaffer gives you a chance and I'm very grateful for that. With the squad size and money here, he has to look at youth and the lads who have come through have done him proud. That was certainly a major factor in coming here because I knew I would get a chance, and I have".

I'm very grateful for that? Bullshit; unloyal prick.

Brendan O'Doherty
221   Posted 09/07/2010 at 17:32:45

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Just over one year ago, Dan Gosling had this to say:

"I have another season to go on my contract and have been offered a two-year extension".

So Gosling himself said that his contract expired this summer.

Yet Tom Astley (#216) is still telling us that the expiry date is June 2011.

Which is it? On what basis are you sticking to June 2011 Tom, even though all the evidence now points to an expiry date of June 2010, including from the man himself?

Andy Riley
222   Posted 09/07/2010 at 19:12:45

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Gosling needs to look at himself and think about what he has done for other young players. His agent will no doubt make a windfall amount for himself and his client but the cost will probably be the opportunity for other young players because it is likely that Plymouth will not now be able to offer a future to other young players Academy players like Gosling himself was only a few short years ago. Whatever else anyone may think about BK I believe he is a gentleman and clearly expected Gosling to be the same and abide by a gentleman's agreement. Gosling should be aware that what goes around comes around.......
Michael Kenrick
223   Posted 10/07/2010 at 01:37:10

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Yes, Tom (#216), please explain your conviction that his contract runs through January 2011. Note: No contracts end in January; they all end in June.

And as I've already said, the lose usage of "three years" in the Echo does not cut it I'm afraid. Is it just your conviction that it expires on January 2011 or do you have some evidence you can put before us?

And how do you explain the player's own belief that his contract ended in June 2010?

Ponder this: how else could he now be a free agent?

Garry Martin
224   Posted 10/07/2010 at 11:22:32

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Mike Kenrick (#223). If you go to the official EFC site & go onto the Dan Gosling profile, it states that he was signed in the January 2008 transfer window, which should take him to January 2011, now, if my assumption is correct, how come he's walking?
Ian McDowell
225   Posted 10/07/2010 at 23:25:09

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Still no mention of this at; why ??
Michael Kenrick
226   Posted 11/07/2010 at 18:36:20

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Garry (#224); if it was exactly 3 years from January 2008, then he could not walk as a free agent. But if it's just "three years" as lazy shorthand for 2½ years (fitting with all contracts ending in June; none in January), then I believe as stated elsewhere that his contract was up 30 June 2010 and he can walk as a free agent.

Ian (#225), I would imagine that the Club is remaining true to their side of the story, that they have not surrendered the player's registration, and that the matter is still pending an appeal. So the normal thing would be to say nothing, admit nothing, until it is resolved.

So... when's the appeal?

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