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Seamus Coleman

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It has been mentioned on another thread that Seamus Coleman should be loaned out to Blackpool for another season in order to gain premier experience. In my view this would be a disaster. Blackpool will be relegated with the lowest point score ever recorded and Coleman may have his confidence shattered.

I would have him in the Everton starting line-up but that is unlikely to happen. As an alternative I would loan him to a side who will be challenging for promotion from the Championship. Boro, for example. He will return to Everton full of confidence ready to take his place as potentially the best right back in the Premier League.
Andy Crooks, Belfast     Posted 10/07/2010 at 23:56:03

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John Daley
1   Posted 11/07/2010 at 02:15:21

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"...potentially the best right back in the Premier League"? Possibly the most ridiculous statement I've read in a long time.
Matt Traynor
2   Posted 11/07/2010 at 02:38:31

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It's funny how various people on here represent the "unofficial fan club" of certain players, or the manager, or our esteemed Chairman...

Coleman has shown promise, but we have to realise that the bulk of his senior experience has now been gained from his loan spell at Blackpool.

At 21 now, he's comparatively "late" into the scene at top flight football (Beckford is similar). It's probably more important these days than, say, 25 years ago.

Coleman lacks experience at any professional level ? you point out it's unlikely he'll get game time at Everton, but I think given a choice of a loan spell at a club struggling at the wrong end of the Premier League, or a club in mid / upper echelons of The Championship ? he'll learn more at the Prem club.

Also, don't Blackpool have a reputation of being a footballing side? I don't know what Strachan's Boro' side play like, but given financial constraints I imagine it's "variable". I think Blackpool would be a good loan move for him.
Martin Clark
3   Posted 11/07/2010 at 07:07:27

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I agree he'll learn more in the Premier rather than the Championship. Not only will he need to perform at a higher level but it would also mean that he'd more than likely need to defend against better opposition. This would help improve his ability to defend and also his decision making when to attack.

I feel if Moyes still rates Neville and Hibbert ahead of him and is only likely to use him sparingly then loaning him out could only benefit, as he seemed to develop with each game for Blackpool. I would prefer to have a clause that he could return if we were to get injuries or to be reviewed in January if Moyes then believes he deserves a chance.
Derek Thomas
4   Posted 11/07/2010 at 07:51:13

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I pretty much agree with Martin (No.3) with the added proviso that he does not get Cuptied. This should not worry Blackpool too much as their main aim will be not to get relegated.
Gavin Ramejkis
5   Posted 11/07/2010 at 08:28:06

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I agree with the need for Coleman to be getting game time but can't work out th elogic of giving a rival an advantage of one of our players? I don't see Blackpool competing at the same level as Everton but Coleman was one of their better players last season and would give them a competitive edge.

Does this gentlemen's agreement bollocks of not playing against your own team exist or just when it's a Man U player (a la Howard)? My mind could be swayed if I was to see Coleman dancing through the RS defence and scoring the winner at the Kop end.
Danny Burke
6   Posted 11/07/2010 at 09:39:40

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Gavin the Premier League ruled that loan players cannot play against their parent club due to the obvious conflict of interest. I cant remember exactly the Howard situation but wasnt the wierd part there that we had already signed him so Utd have no right to dictate if he played or not, yet still he didn't play.

As for Coleman, get him out on loan again to get experience, I watched him for Blackpool a few times and his defending would be his weak link, get him on loan in the Prem and get up to speed against Malouda, Giggs, Young etc rather than a few journeymen wingers in the Championship.
John Crook
7   Posted 11/07/2010 at 11:24:34

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Having a season long loan at Blackpool ? or any struggling club ? would be an excellent learning experience in my opinion. Only thing is I think there is some rule whereas you can only have a certain amount of players of loan ? I think it was Ian Holloway who actually said it. Coleman won't get in over Neville or Hibbert... so, yeah, it would be best to loan him out. I'd like to see what he is like on right midfield in a few friendlies. He looked good forward in his 3 or 4 appearences to date.
Colin Raj
8   Posted 11/07/2010 at 12:39:31

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i think the rule is 2 players from the same division which is why holloway said he was looking overseas for loans. i think moyes will definitely have hibbo and nev ahead of coleman for the simple reason that they are more defensively sound and at the end of the day, your starting right back needs to be a solid defender. i think we'll see him back at blackpool after the preseason tour
James Stewart
9   Posted 11/07/2010 at 12:42:22

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Coleman changed the game against Spurs and people still want to get rid of him on loan. Amazing! First off he is not that young! He needs to be playing here! What happens if Hibbert gets injured? Or hopefully Neville? We need him as cover and as an attacking option to change the game.
We hardly have the squad capable of loaning out our best youngsters out. There is a real problem in this country of not trusting youth. Look at the top sides at the World cup. Germany, Argentina etc All full of youth and energy. Then look at the England debacle.
Colin Raj
10   Posted 11/07/2010 at 12:51:22

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"What happens if Hibbert gets injured? Or hopefully Neville?"

What kind of comment is that? I didn't really take to Neville at first but I've been won over in the past 2 seasons. For all his faults, he's an excellent leader and ambassador for our club. People are looking at that one Spurs game and think Coleman is an Irish Maicon. I hope he turns out to be but he's not there yet... not yet.
Andrew Edwards
11   Posted 11/07/2010 at 13:08:37

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Just read on the Sligo Rovers website that Everton are coming to the showgrounds on 8 August. Must be part of the deal to sign Coleman so a good opportunity to see him play in an Everton shirt. only 2½ hours from Belfast or less than 2 hrs from Derry airport.
David Thomas
12   Posted 11/07/2010 at 15:38:03

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What a stupid, idiotic comment. You're actually hoping one of our players gets injured. David Moyes watches him every week in training and if he feels he is not ready yet to be a first team regular then I for one will trust his judgement.
Jon Ferguson
13   Posted 11/07/2010 at 17:40:43

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Although I don't agree with James wanting Neville to get injured (I think Neville has been excellent for Everton and continues to be a strong presence in the squad) I agree with him that Coleman is not that young and should be staying with us. I think he would develop quicker playing alongside our defenders than the Blackpool players.

I think he has shown enough as a young player to be given a run in the team at the start of the season. If it turns out he isn't ready then we take him out the starting eleven until he is ready, giving Hibbert or Neville a run.
Lee Kidd
14   Posted 11/07/2010 at 18:08:45

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I think a lot of people, if they're being completely honest, wouldn't shed too many tears over a Neville injury. Wishing him injury may be a step too far, but let's face it ? he's not the best.

Colin Raj inadvertently summed it up in Post 10: "for all his faults". Yes, he has A LOT of faults and looks desperately out of place at Premier League level.

Hibbert is our strongest right-back in terms of simply being solid. Coleman has a long, long way to go before justifying the cult hero tag he has amongst some of our fans.
Brendan O'Doherty
15   Posted 11/07/2010 at 18:04:54

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I don't think he should be loaned out, as he will be needed when we inevitably get our injury crisis at some point, or Nev is moved into midfield to cover for someone missing through suspension.

The 'Howard business' was, as Danny says, different because he had already signed permanently. There seemed to be a, ahem, 'unspoken agreement' between Moyes and SAF, which of course incurred the wrath of the Premier League as it involved a third party.

David Booth
16   Posted 11/07/2010 at 18:46:29

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This is English football in a microcosm: a youngster who has wowed almost everyone who has seen him and turned two games on their heads in our favour - yet he's no nearer a first team place than I am.

This obsession with 'experience' instead of being adventurous and giving youngsters a chance to let their enthusiasm express itself is so frustrating.

Having been offered a new deal and Neville and Hibbert as his only rivals I really hope he'll become a vital part of our plans for next year.

He's clearly got something a bit special and we need to know if he can sustain that promise, or if it was just a flash in the pan.

If I picked the team, he'd be in and I'd be thrilled if he started our first game at Blackburn and we really went for it next season.

Aiden Doyle
17   Posted 11/07/2010 at 19:36:31

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There?s more than one way to de-fur a feline. Sticking doggedly to your opponent is the simplest form of defending, at least in principle. Pinning back the opposition and making them concentrate on their own defensive duties can be just as effective. Baines is extremely good at the latter. Coleman is the only contender for right-back who might (and I stress, might) be able to do the same.
Ian McDowell
18   Posted 11/07/2010 at 22:43:16

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I agree with post 14, first and foremast, a fullback's first job is too defend and Hibbert is the best on the books at that.
Aiden Doyle
19   Posted 11/07/2010 at 23:20:42

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Ian, it obviously depends on the manager?s tactical preferences but, in many cases, the modern fullback?s main priority is NOT defense. They?re often deployed as offensive outlets for their side and being an attacking threat is fast becoming a prerequisite. That?s why Glen Johnson cost something like £18 million ? and why a fullback like Hibbert, who is utterly hopeless in the opposition half, probably wouldn?t fetch a tenth of that price, despite being the ?better? defender.
James Stewart
20   Posted 12/07/2010 at 01:06:56

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Neville is shite. End of. No doubt many will retort with comments about him being a model pro and such like.

I wouldn't argue with that at all and in an age when most are complete mercenaries his attitude and commitment are to be applauded. However as a footballer he is piss poor. Hibbert is better in every way. So will Coleman be. As for Neville being a great leader, well I am sorry I don't see that either. The Benfica game sticks in the memory. That game was crying out for leadership and he was silent as a mouse. If Everton are to progress to be a top 4 club you can't give a first team place away purely on sentiment. Neville does not deserve a place on ability so it would be better if he were injured/benched.

I remember groaning when he signed for us and I have pretty much groaned every game he has played since, when yet again he fails to make that 5-yard pass.
Martin Clark
21   Posted 12/07/2010 at 10:34:22

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Would love to see Coleman get a chance to cement the right back spot as his but our manager is of the cautious type and, if he deems Coleman as not ready, it's likely he isn't ready. Hard to believe with Hibbert and Neville his only competition!

Hibbert looked like the solid defender yet lacking going forward full-back we know and Moyes loves Neville for some reason. Neville would be just as effective shouting orders and leading from bench (no longer good enough to have a regular spot in the side).

Michael Brien
22   Posted 12/07/2010 at 12:48:14

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Personally I think Coleman is a better all-round player than Hibbert. The fact that he is 21, a late starter, has played in The League of Ireland is not important. There have been other examples of so-called late starters who have gone on to have very good careers. We have very good competition for places/strength in depth at right back ? it's a shame that this does not appear to be the case on the left-hand side.
Liu Weixian
23   Posted 12/07/2010 at 14:11:13

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The primary task of a defender is to defend. Hibbert is a better tackler than Neville and more experienced than Coleman. Since Coleman is fast and we lack a pacy winger down our right side, why not develop him as a winger?
David Thomas
24   Posted 12/07/2010 at 17:34:35

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"I remember groaning when he signed for us and I have pretty much groaned every game he has played since, when yet again he fails to make that 5-yard pass."

Yeah and you more than likely will be on here moaning if Coleman does start as first choice and gets exposed in games because at this moment in time his defending is not his best attribute.

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