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Rumour has it that Lukas is being farmed out for a third consecutive loan spell, and I'm struggling to understand why.

Given that we paid £1million for him 3 years ago, either the kid is good enough, or he isn't ? in which case, why not sell him for profit?

Factor in we have strikers who have question marks surrounding their fitness, and others as yet untried, Jutkiewicz banged in 11 in 33 for Motherwell last year.

So why isn't he given a go? And why is a 21-year-old player going on loan? Again? Do any ToffeeWebbers have the inside track on this?
Kevin Hudson, Stoneycroft     Posted 21/07/2010 at 17:24:22

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Shaun Brennan
1   Posted 21/07/2010 at 21:28:14

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I remember Moyes saying that he was unlikely to make it at the club in a interview.
Lyndon Lloyd
2   Posted 21/07/2010 at 21:34:18

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Yeah, I was going to post similar to Shaun. We had a report from a reader on his visit to Finch Farm a couple of years back and he said that Moyes had suggested to those gathered that Jutkiewicz didn't have what it takes to make it at the top level. (Again, it begs the well-worn question of why he'd be telling the general public something like that, but we'll assume that the third loan is evidence enough to support the claim.)

I'm pretty sure that had Motherwell had the cash to buy him this summer, they would have but now it's probably a case of farming him out on loan again to see if he does well enough at his new club that they too will want to buy him off us.

Dick Anderson
3   Posted 21/07/2010 at 21:59:53

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I can think of 7 reasons why Lucas Jutkiewicz isn't given a chance at Everton.

1. Louis Saha.
2. Yakubu Aiyegbeni.
3. Jermaine Beckford.
4. Victor Anichebe.
5. Magaye Gueye.
6. James Vaughan.
7. João Pedro Pereira Silva.

And that's without naming Jose Baxter and Kieran Agard, who may also be in front of Jutkiewicz in the pecking order. And don't forget Tim Cahill could be counted as a striker too.

Jutkiewicz may be a useful player but Everton have an amazing squad full of quality and depth.

Jutkiewicz is pretty much bottom of the pecking order and Everton usually play a system featuring only 1 striker.

So, basically, Jutkiewicz has no chance of making it at Everton.

Why doesn't Moyes sell him? Probably because at the moment Everton would only get £500, 000 for him. What's the point?

I agree with Moyes. Send him out on loan and hope that he improves. Maybe with another decent loan spell he'll develop enough to force Moyes to give him a chance. Or maybe another loan spell will at least push his value up a bit.

If I was a betting man, I would bet Jutkiewicz, Agard and even Vaughan will all be at different clubs this time next season.

Everton have a quality squad and will be pushing for Europe and even maybe Top 4 this season. There's no place for average players like Jutkiewicz, Agard or Vaughan anymore.

Even good players like Yobo, Bilyaletdinov and Osman are gonna struggle to play a part in this very good Everton squad. This squad is undoubtedly Everton's strongest since the 1980s.
Trevor Lynes
4   Posted 21/07/2010 at 22:45:02

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Yo Dick....hope they all stay ????
Russell Buckley
5   Posted 22/07/2010 at 01:08:00

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Agree its going to be hard for him to get a run. In truth as long as we play with one up front his will only ever make the bench.

On another note, I was at the training session Everton held in Brisbane Australia. I got a look at Jutkiewicz for the first time. The profile pics shown of him on sites like bluekipper where he looks like a 15-year-old are well out of date. He is a big solid guy and tall so he at least has that in his favour...
Kristian Boyce
6   Posted 22/07/2010 at 05:35:14

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Just to put another angle on this, he might be going out on loan as Moyes now might think he has a future at the club. I think at the start of last season Moyes didn't really fancy him as a future player for us, and farmed him out in an attempt to get rid of him. I think this had an opposite effect, as he banged in the goals in the SPL, and was one of the better strikers in the league.

I think Moyes has sent him out to a Championship team to see if he can cut it there. If he has a successful season, I can see him being brought into the first team next year. If it doesn't happen for him, then a move to a Championship team, and probably a recoup of what we paid for him would probably occur. So really this is a win/win situation for us.

Graham Holliday
7   Posted 22/07/2010 at 09:01:19

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Personally, I think Kristian may have a point here.

He did quite well at Motherwell last year. See if he bangs in 15-20 in the Championship this year.

You'd expect him to notch at least 10 which would make him at least a sellable asset.

If he has a cracking season for Coventry (which, for some reason I just suspect he might), he could yet come back and be a shrewd purchase.

Either way, it's a big season for the kid's career. I wish him luck.
Chris James
8   Posted 22/07/2010 at 09:47:15

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Sure I read somewhere that Motherwell couldn't agree terms with Lukas which is why he's come back and been promptly farmed out again. This is surely better than him sitting in the reserves.

He's got the makings of a decent Championship / SPL striker I think, but clearly no-one has offered enough cash yet to take him. In the current climate I'm sure Everton would accept £750k+
Glen Anderson
9   Posted 22/07/2010 at 10:13:26

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It's obvious to me.

We have too many strikers even for the reserve squad.

Jukebox had a decent season in Scotland but won't get into our first time and is unlikely to get into the reserve team.

Answer? Moyes farms him out to a Championship side.

It is almost a win-win situation for Moyes.

If the kid does fairly well but not exactly sets the world alight, it means he's probably not good enough for Everton... but at least this gets the attention of the Championship managers who may put a bid in for him next season.

If he bangs in 30 goals, then it gives Moyes food for thought and he can bring him back and think about giving him a chance in the Everton first team.

If he turns out to be crap then we can sell him for a nominal fee or even release him. Would be something of a waste but football talent spotting is an enormous gamble at the best of times.
Paddy Francis
10   Posted 22/07/2010 at 11:14:34

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Dick - I love your optimism but am not entirely sure "Everton have an amazing squad full of quality and depth."

Looking at our strikers (the most important area of any football squad) as you have done, you really think this is 'full of quality and depth' ?

I wouldn't necessarily want the Yak playing in our first XI if we're serious about a top 4 challenge, let alone number 3 in your list who has only played in the 3rd division or number 4 who has scored 7 goals in 76 apps for us.

Tottenham's strikers: Defoe, Keane, Crouch, Pavelchenko.

Man City: Tevez, Santa Cruz, Bellamy, Adebayor, etc etc!

Chelsea: Drogba, Anelka, Malouda, Kalou.

Stephen Doyle
11   Posted 22/07/2010 at 11:52:22

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Dick, your optimism is to be admired, but of those seven strikers, all of them have question marks over injuries/attitude/ability. The top four teams from last season all have a proven regular goalscorer, and unfortunately this is where we will just fall short again this season, in my opinion. We are quite a distance away from having an 'amazing' squad.
Jimmy Hacking
12   Posted 22/07/2010 at 12:15:34

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This is quite open-and-shut in my humble opinion

Lukas looked shit-hot as a 17-year-old at Swindon, was definitely worth the £1 million gamble. After three years of progress in the reserves and on loan, Moyes doesn't feel he can cut it in the Prem. So loan him out to a decent Championship side, with a view to a £500,000 transfer. (I would imagine there would be 3 or four clubs of Coventry/Motherwell's stature interested in him.)

I don't feel this was a "blunder" though; I get the impression that the lad is decent, just incapable of making that gargantuan leap into the Prem... but then nobody knew that 3 years ago.
Mike Dillon
13   Posted 22/07/2010 at 17:33:18

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We simply paid £1M for potential, and it's always impossible to tell whether potential will bear fruit.

He's probably still only on our books because we've not been able to sell him for a price that Moyes thinks is value for money. Simple as that.
Paul Oakes
14   Posted 22/07/2010 at 21:39:57

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Glen Anderson ? You say that if Jutkiewicz bangs in 30 goals in the Championship, it gives Moyes food for thought?

The fact remains there is a huge gulf and I mean a huge gulf between the Championship and the Premier League, some people may look promising in the lower leagues and they are purchased as a 'possible' for the future.

Moyes has made it perfectly clear that he is not good enough, he is being farmed out for no other reason than to try and recoop or gain more than we blew on him. Remember we are skint, literally, so we have to be cost concious on everything including buying players of this ilk who are simply not good enough for the Prem.

If this would have been any other Prem club, he would likely have been let go last season to the likes of Motherwell, without anyone batting an eyelid. Maybe 8 years ago, Jutkiewicz would have fit right in with the other piss-poor players around at that time... but to progress we need quality; he is nothing but quantity to us.

Anyways, good luck Jutkiewicz, I really do hope you make it in the lower divisions, football can be the biggest cut-throat business in the world, as John Paul Kissock who was touted to be a quality player and working his way through to a first team place, when Moyes inexplicably decided to offload him to Gretna and god knows where... then we released him.

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