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Norwich friendly

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Is anybody able to get the "live stream" for this match? I know people were complaining about not getting the live feed for Preston, so I was wondering if folks are having the same problems?

If you're having problems connecting to the stream, you can contact — TW

Chris Wilson, Denver, CO USA     Posted 31/07/2010 at 15:34:39

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Paul Thompson
1   Posted 31/07/2010 at 16:04:25

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No problem in tyhe stream from Everton TV for me. Norwich a better test than Preston, but still looking comfortable - nice passing.
Chris Wilson
2   Posted 31/07/2010 at 16:10:02

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Well that sucks! I mean it's good for you-you can see it. Just weird that my account can't connect. Who's the mom so far?
Matthew Douglas
3   Posted 31/07/2010 at 16:08:48

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Yes, I've been having the same problem today as last week. It keeps telling me it's "connecting to the media" but never actually starts playing it. Chris, I'm also in the USA (Austin, TX) so am wondering if it's a problem for international viewers. Pain in the arse either way!
TS Lam
4   Posted 31/07/2010 at 16:12:31

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I'm trying to view in Hong Kong, having newly registered for evertonTV. The Norwich game does not even appear in the 'Live' page!! What it shows it's feeding remains as Everton v Preston North End!!
Steve Jones
5   Posted 31/07/2010 at 16:16:15

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Same problem for me- I watched the preston game from over here in Florida - but cants connect to the Norwich game.
They should have enough bandwidth for all their subscribers, so this stinks.
Chris Wilson
6   Posted 31/07/2010 at 16:14:47

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Hey Matt. Well, I was able to see the Preston game, the second half at least. And I was able to see all the Austrailia matches. But today I'm having the exact same problem as you. Oh well I guess. Sure the club will bend over backwards to help out, eh?
Jay Harris
7   Posted 31/07/2010 at 16:15:50

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I'm having exactly the same problem in Florida but I got the Preston game fine and technical support assured me that there is not generally a problem with transmitting to the USA.

I have a feeling that today is renewal subscription day and admin have fucked up again but we'll never know and we'll not get an apology.
Lyndon Lloyd
8   Posted 31/07/2010 at 16:21:02

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I've been in contact with the club and there are no territorial restrictions but if you're having problems connecting to the stream, you can contact
Matthew Douglas
9   Posted 31/07/2010 at 16:18:18

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Hi Chris & Steve, I was able to watch the Aussie matches too and 2nd half last week too. Seems like we have the exact same problem.

TS. Not sure why it's not showing up at all for you although I have had that issue in the past (latest being last year). Sorry mate
Matthew Douglas
10   Posted 31/07/2010 at 16:23:32

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Cheers Lyndon, much appreciated mate
Steve Jones
11   Posted 31/07/2010 at 16:24:55

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Thanks Lyndon, appreciate your efforts, fired off an email.

Apparantly Bily has just scored a beauty.
Jamie Barlow
12   Posted 31/07/2010 at 16:28:39

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Seems you've missed a Norwich goal off your Home page thread and Cahill has just scored his hatrick. Great cheeky goal.
Paul Thompson
13   Posted 31/07/2010 at 16:32:16

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So much for comfortable! 2 soft goals conceded. However 2 sensational replies from the blues: screamer for Bily, then great skill from Cahill to chip the goalkeeper before firing in.
Matthew Douglas
14   Posted 31/07/2010 at 16:33:17

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I just shot off an email too.

I also asked if we're signing Landon as well as if Mikel is about to sign a new deal....I'll keep you posted as soon as they get back to me haha
Rick Adams
15   Posted 31/07/2010 at 16:34:07

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Fantastic goals from Bily and Cahill for his hat-trick.
Steve Jones
16   Posted 31/07/2010 at 16:40:56

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Everton TV have responded to my mail - but too late now, cant be bothered.For those of you away this week if it happens again heres the long winded replu reply:

Dear Viewer,

It?s likely the embedded player could not connect to the stream. This is usually due to a protocol issue or an insufficient available bandwidth.
Some settings in Windows Media Player (WMP) will have to be tuned.

Could you please ensure nobody use the bandwidth for other services (downloading files, online gaming, video streaming?), that your internet security settings are set to default and then try the following:

In Windows Media Player choose Tools > Options > Network > Uncheck all boxes except HTTP and Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > Reset.

In Windows Media Player choose Tools->Options on the performance tab you can also try to set your buffer time to as much as 60 seconds. What this means is that the signal will buffer into the computer?s memory for between 1-60 seconds (depending on the setting you choose) before any picture comes through. The reason why this is a good setting to adjust is because if there is a latency (delay) in the signal (depending on your location due to routing), ISP congestion, etc. then you are now giving it a much larger buffer with which to negotiate to the host. If your latency is high and your buffer runs out then your experience will be that the broadcast has stopped whereas what really has happened is that your buffer has run out and now needs to re-buffer again giving you the symptoms you are referring to.

Also try the four different settings in the ?SETTINGS? menu underneath the display - wait a couple of minutes before trying the next one.

In some case the source of the issue is a change in file association. Please make sure the .ASX files are associated with WMP.
Windows XP users:
- Click on the Windows 'Start' button
- click on 'Run...'
- type 'explorer' in and click 'OK'
- click on 'Tools'
- click on 'Folders Options'
- click on 'Files Types' tab
- look up for the 'ASX' extension
- If it is not associated with Windows Media Player click on 'Change...' and select it (you may have to browse manually on your hard disk drive).

Windows Vista users:
- The Windows Vista tool you use to change file associations in located in the Control Panel under the Default Programs.
1. Set your default programs
2. Associate ASX file type with Windows Media Player

More details at

Alternatively please try with a different browser such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

Reinstall WMP at last resort if above recommendations did not sort the issue out.


Everton TV Customer Services

Fred Kwong
17   Posted 31/07/2010 at 16:45:59

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I guess that's just a standard reply for people telling them that they can't connect, and don't think that's the case for today. (as it seems that everyone fail to connect to the live video, and there's some problem on their server side)
Matthew Douglas
18   Posted 31/07/2010 at 16:47:53

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Cheers Steve, just got the exact same response mention of Landon or Arteta ha
Brendan O'Doherty
19   Posted 31/07/2010 at 16:46:16

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Exactly the same e-mail that I got 4 years ago when I contacted them with similar problems. It's a standard response - I'm convinced they don't actually bother to read the customer's query properly.

The 'webteam' at the club is another area which leaves a lot to be desired.
Gavin Ramejkis
20   Posted 31/07/2010 at 17:47:32

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If you missed the goals
Dan Brierley
21   Posted 31/07/2010 at 18:02:36

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It was perfect for me, no a glitch the whole day (viewing from the south of france). I would recommend trying firefox as opposed to explorer. It works much better with live streams.
Duncan McDine
22   Posted 31/07/2010 at 18:22:54

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I just watched it at my Dad's (I'm too tight to subscribe aswell)... down here in Wiltshire, UK. The quality of the streaming was perfect from start to finish, so sympathise with those of you who had problems.

It was a great game to watch (considering it was a friendly), and I'm glad they gave us a bit of a game in the start of the 2nd half... we've had it too easy so far, and need a bit of a game to get the concentration back.

For those of you who missed it, here's my thoughts (for what their worth):

Howard - Did nothing wrong... no great saves to make.
Coleman - Couple of poor touches, but apart from that, he looked very classy, and cut inside well to feed Cahill for the 1st goal. Didn't get on the overlap as much as he can this match.
Hibbo - Looked pretty decent at centre half, but when swapped to RB after the break he was poor... switched off to let them in and score.
Distin - Looked solid today, and have no complaints.
Baines - Had his usual game of getting up and down well, and unsurprisingly looked good when linking up with Pienaar.

Pienaar - Started well, playing good passing football with Arteta and Baines, but was guilty of showboating, and certainly went off the boil in 2nd half.
Cahill - Typical performance... didn't play it like a friendly, and got his rewards! Fabulous 3rd goal (if Mesi had scored it, the media would have spazzed themselves off for a month!!!).
Neville - Did well in centre mid, but just needs to 'feel' the pass a bit better! He likes to fire it at teammates at 100mph! Good game though.
Arteta - Classy display, but guilty of overplaying (too much watching Spain in the WC!). We MUST keep Mikkey... he's head and shoulders above 95% of Prem midfielders.
Gueye - his first dodgy performance. Poor touches, and looked a bit lost (even while we were playing really well as a team). Moyes shifted him from right to left, but didn't have a good day.
Bekford - Looked very lively, and his pace is electric. On the downside, his decision making is very immature at times, and looks poor with his back to goal.
SUBS - I missed the last 20 mins so will just comment on:.
Yobo - Terrible, awful, shocking! I don't know what's happened to the lad, but he's looking like a liability.
Bily - Bloody awful until THAT goal!!! What a cool finish with his right peg. Seemed to pick up his performance after that.

Cheers, Dunc.
Andy Crooks
23   Posted 31/07/2010 at 19:41:59

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I didn't see the game, Were Norwich any good? I was thinking of backing them e/w for the championship?
Harvey Miller
24   Posted 01/08/2010 at 01:33:19

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The stream was excellent: better quality than in the WC!
Norwich was a little bit better than Preston last saturday but not much.
It looks like we now have a pretty good side so it's no wonder Moyes is not so keen on new players. If we can keep all the stars and stay relatively injure free there is a chance for the CL place.
Still, Neville is a liability, he does not have enough pace and vision. Yobo is also past his sell by date, he made some horrible mistakes.
Overall a very decent performance from the team. A good preseason is very important: in 2004-2005 we had one and ended up 4th.
Andrew Bone
25   Posted 01/08/2010 at 09:34:37

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I was having problems with it until I changed the viewing options on EvertonTV. It worked fine when I changed it to medium stream and quality.

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