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The Mail Bag

Here we go again...

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Forget the hype, forget the optimism, forget CL ? we are clearly not good enough ? end of.

Our balance is all wrong, we our lob-sided, we have got options on the left, we have options in the middle, but we have no options at all on the right hand side.

All teams know that closing down Arteta will lead to an Everton team playing hoofball from the poorest passers in the Premier League, namely Jagielka , Hibbert or Neville.

We have been sussed out very early on by the league's most physical sides who normally can't put two passes together but have shown how easy it is to outplay Everton with it's multitude of craftsmen ? wait until any of the Top 6 get to us.

Moyes still hasn?t got a clue what his best team is and, more important, what formation he needs to adopt to get the best out of them (see my Article written yesterday).

Selection dilemmas:

FB - Neville or Hibbert or Coleman
DM - Heitinga or Fellaini or Rodwell
Hole - Cahill or Bilyaletdinov or Rodwell
CF - Saha or Beckford or Yakubu
RW - Osman or Pinnear

Clearly there are so many options with so little time to sort out.

Another result like today?s or last week?s at Blackburn at Villa next week and you?ll start to hear comments about lack of confidence , players not prepared due to World Cup etc etc and bingo ? here we go again as the poorest starters in the league.
Mike Oates, South Coast     Posted 21/08/2010 at 21:09:39

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Tony J Williams
1   Posted 21/08/2010 at 23:41:32

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Bollocks, Mike, that team out there should have pissed all over Wolves and we did first half but, as usual, the team can't put a 90 minute performance together and we let the cack team back into the game.

There was nothing wrong with the line-up today, only the performances.
Dave Ryan
2   Posted 21/08/2010 at 23:55:15

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Too early to mention Martin O'Neill?
Ed Fitzgerald
3   Posted 21/08/2010 at 23:57:06

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Whilst I understand the frustration, I think your response is an over-reaction. Let's show a little bit of patience. Barring two daft cock-ups we would have had four points and been saying what a solid start.

In 1984-85 we lost our first two games and won the league! We do have the best squad in many years and can play some sublime stuff. The team needs our support not a hammering from us after two games.
Tony J Williams
4   Posted 22/08/2010 at 00:07:29

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Dave, we don't have fast wingers for a quick break or a massive front man for a boot clear. So No to O'Neill.
Ed Fitzgerald
5   Posted 22/08/2010 at 00:08:10

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Have you been taking drugs or are just taking the piss?

Have you ever watched Villa, Celtic or Leicester they are all fucking awful to watch. All O'Neill's teams are 'softer' versions of the stuff Sam Allardyce has his teams playing.
David Hallwood
6   Posted 22/08/2010 at 00:07:00

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Dave Ryan #2: O'Neill is a long-ball merchant ? always has been, and that's how he sets out his teams.

Tony J #1: to me there doesn't look like there's a goal in the side, we desparately need a consistant goal scorer, and a player that chips in 10+ from midfield (Donovan?) wouldn't go amiss either.

Dave Ryan
7   Posted 22/08/2010 at 00:25:56

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We have the players, why are we playing one striker up front against Wolves? We got to the final third then struggled.... two strikers and we could have been sorted after half an hour?
Dave Ryan
8   Posted 22/08/2010 at 00:31:22

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Oh and Ed, I know O'Neill is no managerial hero but at least he is not afraid to have a go. We all remember what happened between the 90th & 91st min a couple of seasons ago. (ps:- no drugs, just a couple of beers to cope!)
Dick Fearon
9   Posted 22/08/2010 at 00:26:48

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Our lack of goals is a reflection of the fact that in their playing days our entire coaching staff were safety first defenders.
They may know all there is to know about the defensive side of the game yet sod all about the attacking side.
Who for instance could an up and coming striker look to for advice.
Robert Daniels
10   Posted 22/08/2010 at 00:21:01

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I think we need to change our strategy and style of play to have any chance of winning the title wth this squad of players.

In my honest opinion, we are too weak were it matters, central midfield.

If you look at Chelsea with a 4 - 3 - 3 formation, Lampard, Essien and Mikel, and swap them for Heitinga, Rodwell and Fellaini, to me we look evenly matched.

With their back four including Terry and Cole, our back four including Jagielka and Coleman, again there's a common feel about it.

Substitute Drogba for Saha, then there's only the wide positions to contemplate.

Pienaar or Bily or Osman for Malouda, Anelka, doesn't seem to work.

Maybe Gueye, Anichebe, Beckford, might be nearer.

The point I'm making, and will probably get slaughtered for saying it, is we need to play without Arteta, Pienaar, Osman, Cahill, Bily, because they're not strong enough collectivelly to win us a title or trophy.

Man Utd play with Carrick and Fletcher, even the Shite when they looked like they may do something played with Gerrard, Alonso, Mascherano,

Arsenal haven't looked like winning a title since they started playing with skillful but fragile midfielders.

Rodders, Felli, Johnny, is the answer ? our new holy trinity!

Build the rest of the team arround them and we won't go far wrong.
Tony Cheek
11   Posted 22/08/2010 at 00:22:20

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For those of us stupid enough to have waged a bet on winning the PL this season (self included), an abysmal start and already 5 points behind a Chelsea killing machine who just disposed of a Wigan team in a way we can only dream of doing. Of course we were all in cloud-cukkoo land ....or what?

What were we thinking of? Have we got a striker that can score 25-plus goals a year? Have we got full backs that can get to the deadball line and make precision crosses? Have we got a manager who can play his best team on the day and make match-changing substitutions? Have we got a team that can counter attack with speed and accuracy?

The answer is .... No!

Can someone explain to me why Fellaini was on the bench today? He is picked for the first game although obviously still a long way off his best form and it seems like DM will play him into top form, but next game he`s on the bench.... complete madness!!

Why does one of England's best young players sit on the bench while tried and tested players (read Osman) get abundant playing time?
Why is Heitinga not playing in the back four as he does for the World Cup finalists?

No excuses now, DM, everyone is fit... SORT IT OUT FOR FUCK'S SAKE!!!!!

Brendan O'Doherty
12   Posted 22/08/2010 at 01:11:50

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What a load of defeatist tripe, Mike.

"Not good enough - end of."

What are we supposed to do? Give up ?

"poorest passers in the Premier League"

Slight over-reaction ? Even for the players you mention.

"wait until any of the Top 6 get to us."

So we should just be wetting ourselves in case we get caned?

"so many options with so little time to sort out."

It's the 22nd August FFS! It's hardly begun!

"the poorest starters in the league "

Ask West Ham or Wigan (GD= -10).

FFS MIke get a grip of yourself! Football is about ups and downs, but if anyone believed your sentiments they may as well give up and take their ball home.

Mat Jenggo
13   Posted 22/08/2010 at 02:29:14

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Fellaini is left on the bench because he is fasting. Remember last season during the fasting month, he looked knackered. same story. That's why Moyes left him on the bench.

And Osman bollocks to you, you made a horrible backpass that almost put Hibbert into trouble AGAIN!!!
Hibbert for right back and Coleman for right wing. Osman only for central midfield role. Get your act together, Moyes.
Eric Myles
14   Posted 22/08/2010 at 02:57:42

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Where was Yakubu? Was he injured or is he being cotton-balled before his sale?
James Flynn
15   Posted 22/08/2010 at 05:28:39

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Just need to put it into the net. We outplayed two teams.

Score goals, you youngsters. We love leaping up and down.

It's obvious (after just two games) no team can put the clamps on us.

Put it in the net sons. We'll handle the rest.

Clearly going to be a big year for EFC. Indisputedly going to be a big year. Just get the kicking it over the goal line part down. Which the boys will.
Norman Merrill
16   Posted 22/08/2010 at 07:35:47

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Another poor display, for whatever reasons? The team chosen looked capable on paper, but the tactics still leave a lot to be desired... And we have not met a decent side yet.
Ross Keeley
17   Posted 22/08/2010 at 07:38:27

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I wish we could address the lack of pace in the side as I believe this is one of our biggest problems. Most of the best sides have natural pace and, apart from Beckford, I can't see that we have any.

I don't think teams worry about being caught on the break against us because how often do we see a great Everton goal on the counter attack?

No money probably means no more players coming in before the window shuts although, as I'm writing, I can't think of any quick wingers available that I would want us to sign anyway.
Paul Gladwell
18   Posted 22/08/2010 at 08:09:17

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I would seriously consider putting Arteta out wide until we get someone good enough to go there instead of fannying around breaking up our most potent weapon in Baines and Pienaar to cater for Bily.

Also, if Moyes cannot find space for some of his luvvies like Heitinga and Neville, then they should remain on the bench, not be played in midfield, especially at home against shite like them yesterday. Five in midfield can be very attack-minded if done correctly but, with Neville or Heitinga there, it becomes too defensive.
The holding role should be for Fellaini and it is about time he let Rodwell off the leash. My midfield at Villa would be Pienaar, Fellaini, Rodwell, Cahill and Arteta wide right.

Anthony Hughes
19   Posted 22/08/2010 at 08:36:21

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No need to panic yet as it's early days but an injection of reality is needed to bring us down to earth. There was no way we are going to win the league and top 4 will really difficult, we will be involved in the 6th to 10th place battle as our players and managers are not top 4 quality.
Garry Martin
20   Posted 22/08/2010 at 08:32:11

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Problem is we haven't got a proven goalscorer up front. Moyesie's putting an awful lot of hope in Beckford and I'm afraid, apart from speed, he looks a bit clumsy to me. The team didn't perform that badly today.

I also think EFC were relying on West Ham buying the Yak to fund a new front man. If you look at our front men they are simply not up for it. Saha ? injury prone & a bit dated. Anichebe ? simply not good enough. Vaughan ? injury prone.
Yakubu ? Has never really got back to full potential since his last injury.

Paul Olsen
21   Posted 22/08/2010 at 08:55:20

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"Forget the hype" your first words in this text.

But we are buy into your hype? The negative one that is.

Ligthen up, it's still August.
John Daley
22   Posted 22/08/2010 at 10:47:23

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"Fellaini is left on the bench because he is fasting".

If true, is there any chance the big topped Belgian can talk Yakubu into doing the same?

James Flynn,

"We outplayed two teams"

"It's obvious (after just two games) no team can put the clamps on us"

You been hitting the pipe hard this last week? Don't know what the results were in the prettified parallel universe you've been partying in, but back in the real world Everton have just been comfortably 'clamped' by two of the more workmanlike teams the Premier league has to offer.
Neal Sutherland
23   Posted 22/08/2010 at 10:55:40

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"Some of his luvvies like Heitinga" - the guy was a World Cup finalist, Jesus wept!!!

I agree on all the knee jerk reaction, but it has to be asked why Moyes dropped the players he did, only to bring them on to try to change the game in our favour?

Why not try Gueye? Why not go 4-4-2 and if Cahill has to sacrificed with 20-30 mins to go then so be it.

And for all the criticism of Osman etc, and discussion on the tackle, it was categorically Saha who stupidly lost the ball when he had a pass out to the left. That let them back into the game.
Colin Noon
24   Posted 22/08/2010 at 12:15:04

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This is absoulte garbage that you are spouting Mike. Did you expect either Blackburn or Wolves to roll over and let us put 5 past them?? its never going to happen. We actually played well first half, sencond half we were not good enough granted. To call this post an "over-reaction" is putting it nicely, I will put it down to dissapointment more than anything, but really have a look at what you post before it goes on here because you sound like a kopite!
Colin Noon
25   Posted 22/08/2010 at 12:15:04

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This is absoulte garbage that you are spouting Mike. Did you expect either Blackburn or Wolves to roll over and let us put 5 past them?? its never going to happen. We actually played well first half, sencond half we were not good enough granted. To call this post an "over-reaction" is putting it nicely, I will put it down to dissapointment more than anything, but really have a look at what you post before it goes on here because you sound like a kopite!
Jamie Tulacz
26   Posted 22/08/2010 at 12:22:49

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Rodwell has to be given a starting spot. Afraid Bily just isn't looking up to it at the moment, and looks short of confidence, don't think we should be changing a strong left side to accomodate him.

Paul Gladwell (15) agree with that midfield for now, think we're also lacking a bit of pace as well so maybe give Gueye a run out at some point. Shift Heitinga back into defence and give Coleman a run out at the back. Need young hungry players in the side to shake things up at the moment
Joseph Strumm
27   Posted 22/08/2010 at 12:32:04

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Dont think you've said too much wrong there Mike,too many people must get their opinions from media pundits who've over-hyped us,two games gone and its the same predictable,conservative dross,no invention,pace and DMs usual inability to read the game and make positive tactical changes,i can't see any defence for starting every season looking so jaded and short on direction.Anyone who thinks we're top 4 material is seriously fucking deluded!
Chris Hannon
28   Posted 22/08/2010 at 13:43:05

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How have media pundits overhyped us? No-one mentioned us at all as challengers for fourth place except for Cascarino in The Times! Doesn't it show how far we have come under Moyes! Teams are scared of us! They know if they come to Goodison open, they will be made to look very poor! In the Smith days, teams would come to Goodison thinking "We'll get something..." Now they're made up with a point! Even the almighty red shite came last season and defended! We're going places but it takes time. If you are gonna be negative then don't follow Everton because you help no one!
Chris Hannon
29   Posted 22/08/2010 at 13:43:05

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How have media pundits overhyped us? No1 mentioned us atall as challengers for fourth place except for cascarino in the times! Doesn't it show how far we have come under moyes! Teams
r scared of us! They know if they come to goodison open they will be made to look very poor! In the smith days teams would come to goodison thinking well get something! Now there made up with a point! Even the almighty red shite came last season and defended! Wer goin places but it takes time if u are gonna be negative then don't follow everton because you help no one!
Paul Gladwell
30   Posted 22/08/2010 at 14:11:17

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Neal Sutherland, so what Dirk Kuyt played in the world cup final too.
But anyway I am not slagging Heitinga, I think he is a great player..... In the back four where he played in his World Cup final and there is no way in my eyes he should be picked in the middle ahead of Fellaini and Rodwell like yesterday, as when Fellaini plays he takes the ball off the back four preventing Jags to play hoof ball and Heitinga never did this yesterday enough and there is no need to have such a defensive minded player in the middle when you are also only playing one up front, against a team hell bent on not attacking.
Alls I am saying is Moyes has a group of players in Distin,Cahill,Neville etc who will always play even if it means them playing out of position and when their form is shite.
I have been to both games and it seems with a full strength squad he is struggling to have some balls and his two team selections have been terrible, Osman out wide was a disgrace and just fuels the boo boys on his back and breaking up our most potent weapon on the left to cater for Bily was garbage too.
Joseph Strumm
31   Posted 22/08/2010 at 14:22:58

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Chris Hannon,Excuse me for having an opinion contrary to yours,your going on like Wolves parked the coach in front of their goal,they actually went for it and after equalising carried on attacking with the intention of winning the game,i'll be as negative as i fucking like if the team deserves it and its Everton not everton!
Tom Bowers
32   Posted 22/08/2010 at 14:25:30

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We cannot expect much to change this season as we have the same squad with the same problems-inconsistancy over 90 mins.The first half was go0d and Beckford was very lively and that was the the real bright spot.Hibberts passing when in good positions was as usual abyssmal and Bily was off with his finishing.In 2 games we have been severely punished for glaring mistakes by top players.It goes without saying that Moyes has to get this turned around very quickly as we have only played 2 moderate teams so far with Villa next week who will be on the rebound after their performance at Toon today.
Chris Hannon
33   Posted 22/08/2010 at 15:00:36

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No they wer made up with a point though! You keep being as negtive as you like, you sad basterd! Sorry... Basterd! When has negativity ever got anyone anywhere? Never!
Mike Prendergast
34   Posted 22/08/2010 at 15:06:25

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Look at the upcoming games, aside from the cup.
We could start with one point after five games!
Joseph Strumm
35   Posted 22/08/2010 at 15:15:27

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Chris- "When has negativity ever got anyone anywhere?Never!"- i rest my case! and it's bastard!
Andy Crooks
36   Posted 22/08/2010 at 15:52:18

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Colin Noon,to doubt the great Moyes does not,at least to me, make one sound like a kopite.
Michael Brien
37   Posted 22/08/2010 at 18:45:35

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Know your history ? August 1984 1st game Spurs at Goodison 1-4 - 2nd game West Brom away 1-2. You know the rest I am sure. Fast forward to August 1993 1st game Southampton away 2-0 2nd game Man City at Goodison 1-0. We also won the 3rd game, also at Goodison 4-2 v Sheffield United. Pity that we only won another 9 games out of the remaining 39 in 1993-94 !!
The point is after 2 games you can't tell what the League Table is going to be like come early May 2011. One of the great things about Football is that it is very difficult to predict exactly what is going to happen. We have made a slow start - but if we had won both games so far with goals to spare it would mean that we would have 6 points. It would not guarantee a successful season.
I used the eaxmples of 1984-85 & 1993-94 to show that. In the first of those seasons we had a very poor start, to what was one of the most successful seasons in Everton's history.In the second we won our opening 3 games and actually topped the League - but we only just avoided relegation. You can't tell after so few games, so to say that the doom mongers are over reacting would I think be an understatement.
Karl Masters
38   Posted 22/08/2010 at 22:56:43

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Sense at last Michael Brien.

Moyes needs his best combination and I agree about Arteta on the right for now at least, Paul Gladwell


Hibbert Jags Heitinga Baines

Rodwell Fellaini
Arteta Pienaar


subs Beckford, Yak, Distin, Coleman, Mucha, Bily, Osman
Ciarán McGlone
39   Posted 24/08/2010 at 10:48:22

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"It's obvious (after just two games) no team can put the clamps on us."

I was hoping that if there was one good thing to come out of our first two results...then it would be that the unbridled optimists...developed a modicum of restraint.

Clearly not.

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