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What We Need!

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So, here we go again! Another chapter in the history of Everton entitled ?Shit start?. We get ourselves worked up into an excited, pre-season state, just for our expectations to be dashed.... and only 5 games in!

I?m going to try and refrain from lambasting our Manager, we?ve read plenty of posts and articles dissecting his pros & con?s, but it does raise some questions which are not easily answered. I mean, can we honestly say that this is not the best squad we?ve had in 15 years? Why are players, which look so good on paper, be so poor on the pitch? Yes, we?ve played some decent football, but it counts for absolutely naff all if we can?t get results!

I can simply put our current situation down to one strike force! It?s simple when you look at it. If you don?t have a centre-forward that can bag you 20 goals a season then you ?aint gonna win things! Who have we got?

A classy striker called Saha, yep, he reminds me of Berbatov......last season! Lots of flair and pretty touches with as much goal threat as my Nan (and she died in ?86). Not to mention that he gets injured every time he ties his boot laces. What about the Yak. Well, he kinda reminds me of Jabba The fucking Hut, but with a weight problem! If you can?t get worked-up & fit playing in front of players like Arteta, Pienaar and Cahill, then you?ve got no right to pull on the blue jersey!

?Wait a minute?, I here you all protest, ?what about Beckford?? Yeah, what about him? He scores a goal against the Manc?s and that apparently qualifies him to be our main goal threat in a season when we should be pushing for a top 4 finish. No! We got him for free, he scored a couple in pre-season, against teams that would struggle on a Sunday morning, and disappears as soon as it matters.

That leaves Vaughan?? A decent player on his day, not 20 a season though! And in any case we apparently don?t need his services? Pack him off to the smoke, where he scores a hat-trick on his home debut!! Is it me or am I missing something? We need goals, and we need them now!

Maybe we?ll have another inchy moment and grab a scrappy goal which will kick-start the season? Maybe The Yak will spend more time in the gym and less on the X-Box? Maybe Saha will learn to play football without anyone coming within 10 yards of him? Or, perhaps Beckford will take off his excellent ?Clark Kent? disguise and reveal himself to be slightly better than my 3 year old Son?

We can?t rely on Cahill to keep scoring, or for Pienaar or Oman to find some adult size boots that can produce a decent shot! We need a goal scorer, we need him now! So, will the saviour please step forward and end this frigging nightmare?

Chris Bond, Felixstowe/Suffolk     Posted 22/09/2010 at 21:01:42

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Shaun Brennan
1   Posted 23/09/2010 at 07:51:33

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Bit Harsh on Jabba The Hut.

But I look at it this way. Feed the Yak he will score. Give him no service or any of our strikers no service and they won't score.
Barry Thompson
2   Posted 23/09/2010 at 07:59:30

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How about changing it to "feed the Yak, when he scores" and get Moyes to incentivise him by offering the keys to the Pukka pie van for a day every time he scores the winning goal.
Anthony Hughes
3   Posted 23/09/2010 at 08:01:12

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It's down to the board to provide funds and the manager to spend wisely or wheel and deal. Neither has happened. The £9 million spent on Bily could have gone on someone who's actually a winger.

Wasn't there a bid in from a Turkish club last year for Sicknote, we could have got rid of him and replaced him with a striker who will actually plays now and again

Agree with Shaun, give the Yak some service and he'll stick the ball in the net, he's a proven goalscorer at this level.
Andy Mack
4   Posted 23/09/2010 at 08:02:54

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We do need a quality striker to go upfront with Yak or Saha (or Beckford or Vaughn or Anichibe). It seems our youth system keeps producing support strikers and we keep playing them as a main threat and sending them packing when they don't produce. We end up looking for the tallest fella on the team and then telling him to abandon his game and get on the end of punts.

To be fair to the Yak, he has never, ever, ever been of a slim build, so is never going to get down to 12stone. Ever. Was he a waif when we signed him? When Boro signed him? when Pompey signed him? Accept he's erm, "big boned" and play to his poaching strengths. In Vaughn we have/had a very quick player - remember Howard mentioning he was "like a gazelle" same with Beckford, but we don't play to their strengths either. Letting them run onto a ball outpacing their defender.

Moyes really should have addressed this last transfer window, especially when we have Billy sitting on the bench loosing value and moral, Pienaar off come the end of the season. What worries me is come the end of the season neither of these players will be at EFC and we'll have problems on the left and the right flanks as well as no cutting edge up front...

Depressed myself now.
Declan Burke
5   Posted 23/09/2010 at 08:37:50

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"A classy striker called Saha, yep, he reminds me of Berbatov......last season!"
In my humble opinion, if Berbatov or any other striker got the service that our strikers get, they too would struggle. No Chris, put it down to the tactics that our manager employs. Ask Beattie, Johnson etc. Good players when they game, shattered players when they left.
Micheal Lynch
6   Posted 23/09/2010 at 08:44:53

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Its hard to judge the qualitiesof any striker who plays with Everton. Beckford and Vaughan are players who would play of the shoulder of a main striker using their pace getting inside the last defender but when up there on your own trying to header long punts or chase balls into corners holding it up for others to arrive you dont see these players at their best. Yakubu needs supply in the box and yes he will score but again our system will never produce that and as for saha again he needs to be playing in a 4-4-2. Im afraid its easy to blame the lack of a strike force but for me the problem lies in the system and tactial approach. Any manager playing Everton will see the long punts and say look lads drop back when they have the ball they have only one up front . Mark Piennar and Arteta and we have a chance . Attack them on the right side and defend strong on the left and take Distin on . Its simple to beat Everton even us supporters see it.we have been found out. We are predictable. Try something different David . Play players to their strenghts. Even if it fails we will appreciate you trying
Rob Hollis
7   Posted 23/09/2010 at 09:26:49

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Brian Noble
8   Posted 23/09/2010 at 09:35:31

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How many times has the Maestro got to tell you-one up front is quite enough! This gives you the added service of a second defensive midfielder which helps to ensure you don`t concede unnecessary goals.
For gawd`s sake get with it ,will you-we shall be playing without any strikers again come Saturday-how modern is that!
Chris Fisher
9   Posted 23/09/2010 at 09:48:18

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Something Declan Burke said just made me think about something. When AJ first came here, he was shit-hot and scored in near enough every game for a little while because he seemed to be playing the same way he did at Palace... then, the more he was coached by Moyes, the shitter he became ? and that seems true about the Yak as well!

I'm a big Moyes fan and think he has done wonders for us since he came but does he hate strikers?! A lot of the strikers that have left us all said the same thing, that Moyes doesn't play in a way that suits them, which to me kind of means Moyes doesn't use me to score goals ? he uses me to defend from the front and if i get a goal fair enough but if not never mind!

Afzan Yusuf
10   Posted 23/09/2010 at 09:57:43

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Yeah.. bit harsh on jabba the hut.. at least that leech got more money than our chairman.
Kiern Moran
11   Posted 23/09/2010 at 09:57:29

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I would play Anichebe on his own up front or on the right flank plus one other for the entire rest of the season, once he returns from whatever mystery illness/or bust up. I would also be thinking who we can sell to raise some needed cash for the January transfer window and to send a message to the squad that the easy ride is over.
John Daley
12   Posted 23/09/2010 at 12:05:27

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"I can simply put our current situation down to one strike force!"

Slightly simplistic there I think. The fact we have yet to keep a clean sheet in any game this season, and look increasingly disorganized and panicky when put under pressure, suggests there are plenty of problems at the other end of the pitch as well.
Tony J Williams
13   Posted 23/09/2010 at 12:59:43

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John to that I would also add our missing midfield. Every team has waltzed through the middle and none of them can shoot anymore or put a decent pass to the forwards, who are usuall about 30 yards ahead of them
Anthony Hughes
14   Posted 23/09/2010 at 14:34:09

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To sum it up so far then, we've got strikers who can't score, defenders who can't defend and midfielders who can't shoot or pass, add in a manager who doesn't know where to play his players for the best and it looks like a bleak season ahead and some fans at the start of the season thought we could win the league.
Guy Wilkinson
15   Posted 23/09/2010 at 14:50:26

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We need to play one of the best centre backs in the world at centre back.

We need to put Fellaini in front of him.

And not hook players who are playing well - poor Hibbo last weekend.
Tom Bowers
16   Posted 23/09/2010 at 17:54:20

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The problem is not the strikers but the supply to them which is poor to say the least. We have a plan or should I say Moyes has a plan which almost totally depends on the free kick,corner or other high ball producing something from Cahill,Fellaini which these days many defenders are clued in on and do whatever it takes to stop them.When this fails and it does often then Moyes has no back up plan so we just huff and puff like we did against Villa, Blackburn and Newcastle after going behind.Even when we scored 1st we couldn't win against Manure,Wolves or brentford.
The midfielders are not good enough except Arteta and occasionally Pienaar. This area was not strengthened during the summer which was a real big mistake by Moyes.You can shuffle this squad around all you like but the lack of production will be the same.Barcodes picked up a loan player Ben Arfa who destroyed us. Do we have a proper scouting system these days? It's not rocket science but Moyes and Kenwright seem to be acting like it is.
Chris Matheson
17   Posted 23/09/2010 at 19:05:35

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What bothers me is that most people here are in agreement. In other words the problems and solutions are fairly clear.

Play the best players in their correct position. Play a system that suits the players, ie if Cahill is fit you can play 4-5-1 but not if he isn't.

Above all, vary the attack: as others have said, if there is no decent service the centre forward won't score. So playing the ball sideways out the wing and hoofing high balls into the box will not bring goals.

Short passing to feet (of worse, to midriff) without any movement off the ball means no penetration and so no goals.

Unwillingness to even take a shot on goal means you're unlikely to score.

etc etc
David Thomas
18   Posted 23/09/2010 at 21:30:09

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Why would we play Anichebe up front on his own? When we are struggling for goals i can't see the logic of putting a player up front by himself who has not got a particularly good scoring record.
Andy Tyler
19   Posted 23/09/2010 at 21:57:34

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Not sure we can call this our best squad in 15 years when we don't have one player who can play right midfield.

The Yak is our best option up front. He appears unfit and not injured, which is a a disgrace and his wages should be docked.

We should have got rid of sicknote Saha, Anichebe is not intelligent enough player (he'd probably suite a Sam Allardyce team) and Beckford will need time to adjust.

Kiern Moran
20   Posted 23/09/2010 at 23:30:00

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I think Anichebe is strong and has pace, a quality the side is lacking at the moment. I think we need to purchase a new stiker and he is the best of a bad bunch. Given that Saha is injured, Yakubu doesnt seem to have it any more, Beckford can only play with a partner and Vaughan is out on loan.
Lol McNally
21   Posted 24/09/2010 at 20:34:27

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How come, when the Shite are crap, so are we? Moyes has got to start playing players in their right places. 4-4-2... fuck 4-5-1 at home.

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