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I haven't posted for a while but I feel I must say something about the whole situation at MY CLUB who I have supported all MY LIFE.

Let's start at the top and work down. Bill Kenwright came along as though he was an Evertonian on a white charger to slay the Johnson red evil dragon and, at the time, I fell for it, hook, line, and sinker. But now, after all these years, we are NO BETTER OFF FINANCIALLY. In fact, we are WORSE off now because of all the loans he has taken out since he took ownership of the club I have supported since I was a kid.

Now I am 53. He got our club for £30M. And when a shareholder at the [forum] meeting, after he said the club was for sale. a shareholder asked him how much he wanted for the club? His answer was, delivered leaning back in his chair and yawning while he said the question was... BORING!

Neither him nor any of the other parasites that infest our great club have invested a fucking penny of their own cash in the club. Now they are making this big announcement about a £9 million investment in the Park End development and whatever. But that fucking £9 million or less would have been better invested in getting rid of the obstructed views and fixing the other facilities that he and his cronies have neglected for years. We lose about three thousand paying supporters every home game because of obstructed views.

Then lets go onto his relationship with his manager (Stooge!) David Moyes. I would agree that David has done a great job up until the season before last. But then he was holding out for HIS CONTRACT! It would never have happened in Catterick's or Kendall's days. When they measured themselves on what they WON!!!

Moyes is believing the shit that the papers are saying about him being a great young British manager... but let me tell you, David, you're getting older by the week, it might not matter to you on your £5 million a year in your cosy little agreement with Kenwright. Kenwright said a couple of months ago, "I don't think I could work with another manager." ? Maybe you know too much, lad! Because, every season, you make a twat of a start.

Don't blame fuck all, not the bottle getting thrown at EVERTONIANS, WE can look after ourselves. Not injuries, Not fuck all, Just get them playing for ther lives. WE ARE SICK OF BEING HAPPY ONE WEEK, AND FUCKING TOTALLY DEPRESSED THE NEXT. After you and the rest have gone, ME AND MY KIN WILL STILL BE THERE!
David Moorcroft, Walton     Posted 27/09/2010 at 00:17:42

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John Andrews
1   Posted 27/09/2010 at 08:02:46

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I could not agree more with you, David. Not one bloody penny has been invested and it is breaking my heart! I actually cajoled my son into supporting the Mighty Blues and have regretted it ever since.
Chris Perry
2   Posted 27/09/2010 at 08:12:35

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The club is going backwards under Moyes and Kenwright, to the dark days of Walker and Johnson.
Afzan Yusuf
3   Posted 27/09/2010 at 08:47:53

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"Bill Kenwright came along as though he was an Evertonian on a white charger to slay the Johnson red evil dragon"

I thought the guy with white charger had now turned out to be a red, ugly and a broken dragon himself...
James I'Anson
4   Posted 27/09/2010 at 08:39:31

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I still find it amazing when I speak to some of my fellow Evertonians about Kenwright and the board. I don't mean the well informed ToffeeWeb reading Evertonians, I mean your average matchgoing Echo reading Evertonian. One lifelong friend of mine refuses to discuss it any more because we always end up falling out, especially once the beer is flowing.

I understand and respect that everyone has thier own opinion but I feel his opinion is ill-informed. Ignorance is bliss, as they say... He simply will not have it that Kenwright has done anything wrong. Not even Kings Dock (Gregg's fault); Fortress Sports Fund (never heard of it ? the irony).

The biggest problem we have is that he's not alone. As long as our supporters continue to bury their heads in the sand, Bill is laughing his head off. Also, the reason I mention the board as well as Kenwright is that I think Woods and Earl are every bit as bad, while I have a feeling they are all just the pawns of Phillip Green.

Steve Sweeney
5   Posted 27/09/2010 at 09:15:43

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Do what I did 3 years ago, I stopped giving the lying bastard my money.

Kenwright has destroyed our club and is a total shit. Moyes is being found out for what he is ? an average manager who has little nouse when it comes to tactics.

The next Manure manager you must be fucking joking, they wouldn't trust him with their kit bag.

Alan Clarke
6   Posted 27/09/2010 at 09:16:27

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The best thing that's ever happened to Kenwright is those cowboys taking over across the park. As long as they're in charge, Kenwright will always look like a saint at Everton. Hicks and Gillett dominate the local and national press so Liverpool's plight always looks worse than ours even though they've spent far more than Kenwright ever has on his 'beloved' Everton. I wouldn't swap them because they're all shithouses but it seems a lot of the contentment with Kenwright comes from the fact that the Yanks are royally screwing up our neighbours.
Steve Sweeney
7   Posted 27/09/2010 at 09:19:43

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Oh and by the way, if our dismal season continues, not only will we lose Pienaar but, come the summer, as we won't be in Europe again, we will have no choice but let Jack move to Man U for £17m but with add ons, and we will get some ageing Utd players and an extra million or two for the next 3 seasons.
James I'Anson
8   Posted 27/09/2010 at 09:45:20

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We're bottom of the league and there's still no protests. If he doesn't go soon it'll be too late. We'll be selling off our assets before you know it because the Championship can't pay thier wages.

I know a lot of people on here are blaming Moyes. Maybe they're right, maybe not. It is my opinion that whether Moyes needs to go or not, it would be absolutely pointless unless the board go too.
Phil Bellis
9   Posted 27/09/2010 at 10:01:53

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Could you imagine if Everton had hit rock-bottom in the 60s...there'd have been a riot, Kenwright wouldn't have dared show his face

1-6 to Arsenal and no mutiny!
How the years have diminished some people's expectations and tarnished our motto
Is this an age thing? are all the narks dying out?
Managers sacked for finishing 4th and losing a Cup Final
Showers of cushions flung onto the pitch
Police surrounding the Directors' Box
Full-time booing scaring the pigeons at the Pier Head

Jesus, these days, poor old Gordon Lee would be hailed as another Clough
Tony J Williams
10   Posted 27/09/2010 at 10:59:49

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There are no protests because we have a better breed of fan than those Gobshites over the park.
Alan Clarke
11   Posted 27/09/2010 at 11:02:10

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That's right Tony. We can hold our heads high when we get relegated and end up selling all of our best players.
Tony J Williams
12   Posted 27/09/2010 at 11:01:55

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Phil, times have moved on mate, unfortunately we are no longer the "Merseyside Millionnaires" and haven't tasted success for over two decades, apart from a gloriously ugly FA Cup win with the Dogs of War. (The irony of winning ugly when so many are screaming about our boring play when we are trying to pass teams to death now.)
Tony J Williams
13   Posted 27/09/2010 at 11:09:34

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I will have a bet with anyone that we will not get relegated this season.
Phil Bellis
14   Posted 27/09/2010 at 11:22:39

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Sadly, you're right, but I still say you can build a decent team without mega-bucks but you need the right foundations. You start with a good man manager/coach who can blend different players' capabilities plus the club infrastructure to support his aims and vision.

Young 'uns try to tell me Clough would have failed to build a team in this current PL setup... do you agree?
Dennis Stevens
15   Posted 27/09/2010 at 11:23:47

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Is that our measure of success now?

Over eight years in charge & all that's expected of Moyes is the same as we hoped for when he arrived: save us from the drop!

It'd be funny if it wasn't so sad.

Chris Keightley
16   Posted 27/09/2010 at 11:23:23

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Great, Tony ? a bet that we won't get relegated, FFS. We probably won't be, but please tell me why anyone should be parting with their money to watch this season fall apart?

I am not a fine weather supporter by any means, but I feel Everton has had the soul ripped from it; when that happens, loyalty goes out the window I'm afraid.

Tony J Williams
17   Posted 27/09/2010 at 11:36:53

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Where have I suggested that "success" would be avoiding relegation? I have stated that the very least a manager should do is keep you in the league....the very least.

Success is when you actually win things, avoiding relegation is not winning, it's simply surviving, which is simply not good enough now for the team we have assembled.....if they all manage to play the way we know they can.
Kunal Desai
18   Posted 27/09/2010 at 11:56:30

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You see there are times in life when you have to bite the bullet and change for the better in the long run.

BK is sitting pretty at the top, no one is pressuring him into changing, he must think all is rosy in the garden. We may not want to be labelled as gobshites but how else are us fans meant to vent our anger at this malaise.

Only the fans can push this bastard out!

Tom Winek
19   Posted 27/09/2010 at 12:14:19

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"Sadly, you're right, but I still say you can build a decent team without mega-bucks but you need the right foundations "

Phil surely you must agree we have a well-assembled squad without having spent "mega-bucks"? I've seen 3 or 4 games this season and, apart from the Newcastle game, have played well. Okay not the attacking football we mostly want but we're unlucky not to have won 3 games.

We have a budget smaller than Blackpool.
David Price
20   Posted 27/09/2010 at 11:32:22

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Dave, the shares value are at £24m, assets at £13m, the property value of the ground (which is free hold) is excluded from this, so I?m guessing anything over £40m is a fair price and gives Bill a tidy profit.

As you say, the directors don't put a penny into the club while taking out £245k a year between them in salaries. It's personal investors we need, that's what Man City, Spurs, Stoke, Wolves, Chelsea have, granted, as like Blackburn and Villa, the well will run dry.

It?s so frustrating that a small figure, in today?s? market, of £20m outside investment each year, could see us make that last step up. Interestingly, the club loan of £30m was taken out using season ticket and matchday sales as a guarantee, now that's either faith in the supporters or just taking us for granted.

A balanced view says the club is run well financially, it isn't putting the club into deep unmanageable debt and has backed the Managers request to secure the current playing staff at the expense of any significant transfer activity. It's not for anyone to tell someone how to spend their own money, but if I was the 8th richest man in football and an Evertonian, currently one out of two so far, then I?d try to make a difference to the club we all love.

We may as well be the people's club in ownership as well if the current level of investment by the board is anything to go by. Outside foreign investment as we know has it?s risks and are given licence by the Premier League to go and print money to purchase a club, regardless of the debt that club finds itself in 5 years down the line.

There is no easy solution to our plight other than hope we can turn this season around and take comfort in the stable, if not mega spending and irresponsible way the club is run. So, when asking to get the board out, who do we have in mind? Likewise the Manager and some of the players.

Listen, none of us are happy at the moment, but we will be okay... it's just difficult not seeing us treading water for a few seasons yet. Our version of treading water, however, has been top 6 usually, so it hasn't been a total write off under Moyes and Kenwright has it?

Jimmy Hacking
21   Posted 27/09/2010 at 12:28:46

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To be fair to BK, he has been putting the effort in by searching for investment 24/7 for several years now.
Phil Bellis
22   Posted 27/09/2010 at 12:22:38

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No arguments from me, Tom, we have a decent squad now who have proved they can play quality football
Unfortunatley, so far this eason we are, as someone called us a few weeks ago, "Arsenal Lite".

The question I'd ask is could a different manager do better with this squad? And no, I don't have the answer - torn between hoping Moyes can progress to be all I thought he would be and fearing the havoc of mid-season mangerial change.

What I was trying to say (badly) is that the constant justification for our lack of competing at the top is our being skint doesn't wash with me and, I presume, other long-standing Evertonians. It annoys me as much as those pontificating how we should be happy with our lot now because "we were worse under Walter".

And how sad that Blackpool have a bigger budget than us; whose fault is that? The players, the fans, the managers? Hopefully we'll catch up with them on points, at least, before our day out in November.
Andrew Clare
23   Posted 27/09/2010 at 12:26:12

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I agree David. A good indication of how far we have fallen is the fact that we are bottom and the manager's position is not under threat. We are not going anywhere with Moyes and after eight years under his guidance we are still mediocre. We cannot beat poor teams like Blackburn, Fulham etc. We will probably recover from this bad start and finish tenth. This IS no good for a club like Everton. Time for Moyes to go!
Steve Higham
24   Posted 27/09/2010 at 12:20:55

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Great post, David; feel exactly the same. Everyone associated with the club has let the fans down. We turn up in our thousands every week, home and away, and go home feeling depressed and let down. Some posters on this site believe that just staying in the PL is good enough but that is a betrayal of our club's proud history and traditions.

We all need to remember our club motto: NSNO ? it is not 'only mediocrity will do'. I know some of you will say that I am living in the past and times have changed but, it is our history and our heritage that makes us stronger and better than any other team I know.

Tony J Williams
25   Posted 27/09/2010 at 12:41:13

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Steve, the posters who are happy just to stay in the Premier League would be well in the minority, especially on here.

Any returning again to budget for players, yes when our first XI clicks we can play fantastic football; however, that doesn't happen ofter because only "mega bucks" can buy you consistency. Our players are very good but when they are bad, they are diabolical.

Even Torres on one of his worst days will still bang in a late winner, Yakubu on a bad day will fall over all the time and usually lose possession on the half way line and do an Anichebe impression (hands on hips blowing hard).
David Price
26   Posted 27/09/2010 at 12:49:52

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Blackpool don't have a bigger budget but they have an owner who loaned the club £42m on an interest free payback.

We have the 8th richest man in football on the board and yet have to go to Barclays for £30m at 8% interest. So we pay £3m interest each year, Blackpool have £3m to go towards players, bigger budget? No, directors/owners who support the club financially as well as vocally, absolutely.

Tony J Williams
27   Posted 27/09/2010 at 13:57:30

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Erm David, doesn't the fact that Blackpool have more readily available money than us equate to a bigger budget?......just asking like.
Tony McNulty
28   Posted 27/09/2010 at 13:57:45

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Phil, re. your various posts.

Annoying and depressing as it all is, I am not going to panic after a few strange and bad results (although there are issues with us at the moment: tactics; players played out of position; Yakubu unfit ? I am sure a fit Yak would have buried that last chance on Saturday, he was just too bloody knackered; etc. etc.)

But what you might have to come to recognise (as I have, regrettably, over the last couple of years) is that without some injection of capital, we can no longer compete. It was just about possible maybe three years or so ago, but no longer. The days of a Cloughie taking a club from Division Two to the heights of Europe are gone.

Years ago, cash injections helped buy success, but did not guarantee it. Nowawadays that still applies, but what has changed is that you can no longer have success without cash. Richer clubs have taken things to the next level. If you have as much money as Manchester City or Chelsea, in the end you can buy whoever you like, and as a club, not really worry if you get some purchases wrong. It is the owner?s loose change. You can also weaken potential rivals by hoovering up their best players and even leave these players in the stiffs if necessary.

And for all his real or imagined faults, I am sure our Chairman knows all this. The question we all want the answer to is: why does nothing change at Everton? When your train set starts electrocuting you whenever you go near it, in the end you walk away. And I must admit, that is a real fear. It is all well and good people slagging off the manager and the Board, but if they all walk what might the alternative look like?

Charles King
29   Posted 27/09/2010 at 14:04:26

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David, Fine article.

Essentially we have mediocre people running Everton. Supporters are turning away from the club as we morph into Coventry City, and who can blame them, how else will the message get through.

There's no hope with Kenwright and co fronted by the Moyes glove puppet.

"Mediocrity is excellent to the eyes of mediocre people? ? Joseph Joubert.

Alex Gibney
30   Posted 27/09/2010 at 15:18:22

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As I posted elsewhere, we've been mediocre for years now, as much as it pains me to say it. A couple of fifth place finishes and fourth were deemed as success because we were told there was no money so we should be grateful.

As has been pointed out on here, nothing will change until Kenwright goes... if he goes. We do have a good squad but Moyes doesn't know his best eleven yet, which is worrying to say the least. The most depressing aspect of all of this was that as the season approached we were literally on quality forward away from really being good... Maybe we still can be; here's wishing....

Peter Laing
31   Posted 27/09/2010 at 15:35:52

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For anyone who questions the motives of Bill Kenwright I add the following questions:

Why the silence of Trevor Birch?

Who was Christopher Samuelson and did he really have an equity card?

Why did Paul Gregg get painted as villain of the piece when we all know the truth behind the King's Dock fiasco?

Why was Wayne Rooney really sold?

How come Keith Wyness was chased around the Med by Philip Green on his yacht and told paid off to keep his mouth shut?

Why has David Moyes abandoned his vision and principles for the sake of a gold-plated contract?

Why have the AGM's been scrapped?

What is the role of Robert Earl and Sir Philip Green in the running of Everton?

Why do the local media give Kenwright carte blanche when they castigate Hicks and Gilett at every given opportunity?

... and the 24/7 search for investment?

Answers on a postcard.

Tony J Williams
32   Posted 27/09/2010 at 16:00:09

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The only one I could muster a guess at is that the local paper give Billy liar free reign because our debt is teh moment. The Gobshites across the park would receive a winding up order if the banks actually decided to call their debt in, as they can't pay it.

Other than that, it is anyones guess
Anthony Hughes
33   Posted 27/09/2010 at 15:55:26

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We would like to think that one day we can all step off this perpetual roundabout of just existing as one of the also rans but we know unless we win the lottery (figuratively speaking) and a billionaire comes in to buy the club then we're going to be here this time next year having the same discussions. The worry is when this trend starts to become a downward spiral as at the moment it appears we don't have a fucking pot to piss in. The next few years dont look promising, as without any sort of money to improve the team we are getting left further behind those teams that we, at the moment class as our equals.
Why the fuck can't this useless prick of a man so called running our club find any sort of investment at all?
It beggars belief and ok we're all pissed off with the bad start to the season but the next few years are worrying as to how we are going to finance ourselves. This is even before we talk about new stadia.

Phil Bellis
34   Posted 27/09/2010 at 16:48:57

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Tony McNulty
A few truths there
It's hard for those of us who love(d) playing to understand how young lads with the skills we wished we had are happy to sit in the stiffs and not play at the best level they can
As you say, the obscenely rich are causing mayhem in many ways, not just the obvious
One way round this is developing/ buying-in youngsters and hope some come through, which we are trying to do to some extent; this is, though, negated by the near-certainty of losing them to the rich clubs (or Newcastle!)

Not being able to keep a born and bred Blue really showed how buggared-up it all is; a depressing downward spiral
I still live in hope, though, as in:
take 1 ex-binman, a teenager from Burnley, 2 old crocks with dodgy knees etc....
Marc Williams
35   Posted 27/09/2010 at 17:29:24

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David, Not the most eloquent piece writing & you've got to get over that nasty habit of hitting the 'caps lock key'
in anger, but heh.... I feel your pain, frustration & resentment 100%.
Trevor Lynes
36   Posted 27/09/2010 at 18:39:28

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I am even older than the article writer and feel just as angry when the slogan of EFC has become a total hypocritical lie!! Our history ended when the Premier League was formed and ambition at board level died.
Ste Traverse
37   Posted 27/09/2010 at 19:02:51

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The sad thing is despite 10 years of evidence against him we still have fans who think the sun shines out of Kenwrights arse and defend his disasterous regime.

Roy Coyne
38   Posted 28/09/2010 at 00:22:12

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Ste, that is one of the mysteries of life: a guy suggested it's because he loves the club. If I lied to my family like he has to the Everton family, I would get castrated.
Alan Clarke
39   Posted 28/09/2010 at 08:13:45

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Tony, I'm sure we won't get relegated. People aren't panicking about being relegated but I do think this season will see us looking nervously over our shoulder rather than looking up. This isn't panic, it is pure frustration. 8 1/2 years on and really, where are we compared with when Smith was in charge? We weren't bottom under Smith.

I will bet you we finish bottom half.
Nelaj Behajiha
40   Posted 29/09/2010 at 17:59:57

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Over the last week more and more people have tried to work out why we are so awful, with numerous people offering excellent analysis of our current position. What I would like to know is who the majority of Everton fans blame.

I personally blame Moyes and Kenwright for our current position. Both fail to identify problems and seek to rectify them, and have landed us in this mess. But I understand that there are many people who will have different beliefs than me and I?d like to read what some people's thoughts are, as that?s what appeals to me about this great site.

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