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Derby Games

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My record in attendance is 8 wins, 12 losses, 4 draws (including one I count when I couldn't get the ticket but went to Wembley):

  1. October 1984 LFC 0 - 1 EFC
  2. September 1985 EFC 2 - 3 LFC
  3. February 1986 LFC 0 - 2 EFC
  4. May 1986 EFC 1 - 3 LFC
  5. January 1987 EFC 0 - 1 LFC
  6. April 1987 LFC 3 - 1 EFC
  7. October 1987 LFC 0 - 1 EFC
  8. November 1987 LFC 2 - 0 EFC
  9. March 1988 EFC 1 - 0 LFC
  10. May 1989 EFC 0 - 0 LFC
  11. May 1989 EFC 2 - 3 LFC (I was outside the ground)
  12. September 1989 EFC 1 - 3 LFC
  13. February 1991 EFC 4 - 4 LFC
  14. February 1991 EFC 1 - 0 LFC
  15. December 1991 EFC 1 - LFC 1
  16. December 1992 EFC 2 - 1 LFC
  17. April 1996 EFC 1 - 1 LFC
  18. October 1997 EFC 2 - 0 LFC
  19. April 1999 LFC 3 - 2 EFC
  20. April 2001 EFC 2 - 3 LFC
  21. September 2001 EFC 1 - 3 LFC
  22. April 2003 EFC 1 - 2 LFC
  23. August 2003 EFC 0 - 3 LFC
I've not bothered in the last 7 years ? marriage, mortgage, kids. I expect a win next Sunday, nothing to do with ownership issues, just footballing ability. I've always hated derbies, but for the first time since I can remember (bar the 1984-85 season when we were the best ? my first full season as a season ticket holder) we are the better team (I was born in 1970, so two seasons out of 40 isn't bad!).

I think we will win; do you?
Mike Jones, Merseyside     Posted 10/10/2010 at 00:52:55

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Brian Denton
1   Posted 10/10/2010 at 15:23:29

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The September 1985 derby was the real bastard ? if Lineker hadn't missed that sitter, we'd have drawn ? 1 point more for us, 2 less for them. We'd have been Champions and in that season the one of us which won the Championship was always going to do the Double.

The Pact... the Pact...!!
Charles King
2   Posted 10/10/2010 at 16:36:12

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Mike not only do I think we'll win, I think we should hammer them, they are shite.

Can't go, so I'll do something else while the game's on.

When I tune in for the result, I expect the words "and it just gets worse for Liverpool" with muffled background chants of "fuck off back to Norway".

If we don't win, Moyes won't last till xmas.
Nelaj Behajiha
3   Posted 10/10/2010 at 17:32:38

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I don't think we'll win; I'd accept a 0-0 draw anything but losing to those hunting bastards would do. We should organise a mass amount of USA flags around GP as that would really piss off those Norweigan twats. Apologies to all Norweigan blues.
Steve Guy
4   Posted 10/10/2010 at 17:28:12

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Torres playing.....Jagielka out kinda levels it up for me. Should that be the case I see a draw. If it's Torres out and Jagielka in, I see a narrow win for the Blues. Either way don't forget they play with at least 12 to our 11. The Devil or the ref or maybe both !

The really annoying thing is that what ever the result the talking point won't be the game, but the takeover saga which has "gripped" the nation (well the media and their fans) since last week and which won't be resolved until just before or just after the game..
David Price
5   Posted 10/10/2010 at 18:16:35

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I didn't see a derby goal for about 7 years, first derby game was when we won the league 69-70, a 0-3 defeat at Goodison, then in March for the return my Dad and older sister decided I was too small to run the gauntlet at Anfield, so missed the 2-0 win, missed the 1-0 win the next year but for a 'birthday treat' got a seat for the Anfield return and we lost 4-0.

Several nil-nils followed, the infamous Bob Latchford, last minute at Anfield, one-on-one with Clemence and chipped the bloody thing into his arms... until '76, stood on the Kop, 3-0 down at half time, and it happened, Martin Dobson from 35 yards put a screamer past Clemence into the Kop goal.

Best derby day since? I reckon the 2-1 Rd 4 Cup win in '81, just a great day beating the best team around at the time when given no chance.

But, come this weekend, if we win, then for a few hours this will seem like the best derby win ever.

David Hallwood
6   Posted 10/10/2010 at 19:15:14

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I must admit I hate derbies with a passion ? always have. In fact, a friend's relative is over from Canada, and I'm thinking of giving him my ticket and watching it on TV.

I don't know what it is but I must have a neon sign over my head "If you're a kopite gobshite, no the gobshite's gobshite, the one they all look up to so they can become an even bigger gobshite, please sit next to or near me" and yes, it's a big sign.
Charles King
7   Posted 10/10/2010 at 21:55:05

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Want a memory?

Andy King's drive at Goodison, the taunts of "7 years" shoved down their red gobs at the Park End, bedlam absolute bedlam.

Continued on the 93 bus home to Kirkby, chocca with Evertonians, and a couple of sheepish reds blankly looking out the window.

On Monday in the office, someone asked, "Anyone know where Kings Drive is?"

Helpfully, my red mate said, "Woolton, near me ma's."

The trap snapped shut: "No, it's not, it;s in the back of Ray Clemence's net!"

Cue blue roars of laughter and reds muttering, "Fuck off will ya"

Sean McCarthy
8   Posted 10/10/2010 at 23:48:28

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I still vividly recall the chants of "Blue and White kop" in the 84-85 derby as we took over the left-hand third of their end ? as well as the dozens of pies hurled towards the gobshite who tried to respond by standing on the old barriers singing THAT song. Hilarious!!
Lee Kidd
9   Posted 11/10/2010 at 01:42:04

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My heart says Everton win, my head says a loss or a bore draw. Can't lie to myself. As bad as Liverpool are, we are just as bad and - given Jags being out and Liverpool needing a win to shake off the horror story at the club currently - I can't see us winning without more than a slice of luck.

And given that the referee will inevitably be pro-Liverpool it's like starting a goal down to begin with.

But you never know - if one of our strikers decides to turn up for a change we could take advantage. If we shackle Gerrard and Torres they have very little else to hurt us. It's all "ifs" though...

I'm always a pessimist ahead of derbies :P
Matt Traynor
10   Posted 11/10/2010 at 01:51:25

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Like many of you I hate the tension of being at the game - borderline nastiness in more recent years.

Since being exiled, it's just as tense watching in bars. Always try to avoid a RS bar, but invariably get some of the "never been to UK in my life but they are my life" idiots larging it.

Like Lee above, I'm a pessimist though if we are due a win, I'd like it to be in the 5th minute of injury time, when there should've been 3 (but the ref claims he added 30 seconds for a Gerrard dive), and there was a blatant foul in the build up by Fellaini, missed by the ref as he was arranging where to go for post-match drinks with Stevie Me Laa, as Cahill nuts in a cross.

From an offside position.

And the goal is given.
Albert Perkins
11   Posted 11/10/2010 at 03:21:37

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We have to win this one. They are on their knees. New buyers watching their first game. Manager in deep trouble. On the verge of losing 9 points (wow!). Star players looking for an out. Supporters crazily whining (ha). We must not let them get out of jail.

Liam Reilly
12   Posted 11/10/2010 at 07:56:31

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On their knees, staring at Administration and Waldorf and Statler refusing to bow out graciously, but have no doubts, they will be really up for this one.

We are Everton and have a disturbing habit of shooting ourselves in the foot, but have faith, this weekend will belong to the blue half of Merseyside.

Mark McDonald
13   Posted 11/10/2010 at 09:50:39

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I too, have to say I hate derbies but we shall not have a better chance than this one to finally stuff them good and proper and give them a hiding.

Yes, I know they always seem to come out on top but this time let's hope everything goes our way. God knows we deserve it after all the luck and incidents going their away down the decades. This one for me is hopefully the one that we shall remember and talk about for years after. People shall say, "Were you at the Goodison derby in 2010?" COYB!

Nelaj Behajiha
14   Posted 11/10/2010 at 10:59:00

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Sorry boys but I've read nowhere and just had a little search on the world wide web and haven't found any confirmation Torres is playing.
Adam Bennett
15   Posted 11/10/2010 at 12:14:13

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I honestly think we will loose, for three main reasons:

1) Moyes will shit himself as always (apart from twice anyway) and produce a set of tactics that plays straight into their hands.

2) Phil Neville will produce one of his ?rallying cries? in the Echo.

3) There are far too many Evertonians at the minute taking the piss out of them, sending all these text message jokes everywhere and updating their facebook statuses, while failing to realise that we are only above them on goal difference.

Everyone, just keep your fucking mouths shut this week. If their takeover goes tits up, they get a 9-point deduction and then we beat them ? then start taking the piss out of them.

Gerry Quinn
16   Posted 11/10/2010 at 14:19:40

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Just in from the Shite Boardroom: There is no truth in the rumours that the new American owners will re-name Liverpool FC the "Hub Cap Steelers" and that if we were to share a stadium it would be called the "San Giro"!
Kevin Gillen
17   Posted 11/10/2010 at 16:06:40

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My son is going to his very first derby courtesy of a very charitable act from my older brother Paul. He is so excited as living in Hull he doesn't get to the match that often. I really do think we can win but a lot will depend on the officials and on who scores first. We need to keep the ball and play as much football as we normally do then I'm sure they will start kicking us. Last year at Anfield was I think the dirtiest game I've seen in the Prem for many a year and that prat Atkinson wasn't up to the job. I would love to see them on minus three points come next week and us climbing the table.
Tom Bowers
18   Posted 11/10/2010 at 22:46:47

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Cahill is our matchwinner if match fit and no jet lag. However, question marks as usual concerning Timmie and Oz.

The intensity of a derby match always finds some players wanting on both sides, irrespective of current form or league position. This is shaping up to a 0-0 draw taking into account the offensive problems of both sides due to unfit forwards, especially like Saha, Anichebe, Torres etc...

Having said that, is it not breakout time for the likes of Osman and Fellaini to hit the target? Without the goals from midfield, Everton put too much on Cahill's shoulders and one can expect the usual tactics from Carragher and Skrtel to keep him down. It's for sure Moyes will not start Beckford but I think Heitinga will replace Jags. We have a good chance but for sure we will need to score first to win.

James Cadwaladr
19   Posted 12/10/2010 at 04:27:23

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Sunday afternoon, 3pm: Everton have taken the lead through Cahill in the 32nd minute only to have conceded an illegitimate goal after a handball by Gerrard as he controls the ball and lays off for Kuyt to equalise in the 70th minute.

For 15 minutes, Everton have been pressing and Liverpool struggling to keep the ball... with 6 minutes to go, Baines swings a cross in which is flicked on by Fellaini and half-cleared by Poulsen. The ball falls to Hibbo on the edge of the box who shins it towards goal on the half-volley, the ball takes two minor deflections off Johnson and Carragher before hitting the back corner of the net.

Everton 2 Liverpool 1 Cahill (32') Hibbert. (84')


Mark my words, you heard it here first.

Mark McDonald
20   Posted 12/10/2010 at 09:49:45

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James (19) I'll take that! You know I was thinking a similar thing that Hibbo would get his first goal in the derby!
Kunal Desai
21   Posted 12/10/2010 at 19:55:23

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Since the Shite beat us at Goodison last Nov, they have recorded two league wins away from home ? Villa and Burnley. It has to be our time this time round!
Conor Waters
22   Posted 13/10/2010 at 00:35:13

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I've only made it to 3 derby matches ? and had nowt to show for it. March '08 at Mordor when Lady Gaga scored the only goal, a bore 0-0 draw again at Anfield in January '04 and another defeat at Goodison back in April '03 when Unsy scored a pen in a 2-1 loss.

So Jebas, if you're listening, give us Blues a fucking break and let us unleash a shedload of misery on those redshites this Sunday please. I'll take a spasy 1-0 own goal off Pepe Reina's bollox or any other fluke. Just please for once can we kick them when they're down???
Michael Brien
23   Posted 13/10/2010 at 13:25:56

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James (#19), that would be brilliant!!! However, Like Adam (#15), I am more than a bit worried about all the jokes doing the rounds at the moment. Yes, on the one hand it's fun to see LFC as the subject of so many jokes ? however, we aren't exactly many places above them in the table are we?

There is also the fact that we seem to be going into this derby match as favourites ? I don't think that we do the "favourites " tag very easily. Remember the Derby in 2007 when we seemed to have them for the taking? Yes, there was the "Clattenburg effect" but what looked like being a win ? the way the 1st half went ? ended up in defeat.

There was also the '86 Final, we looked to be well on top ? remember Bruce Grobelaar having a go at Beglin? If only we had scored another goal when we were on top we would have won that game I am sure. How often has that been the case against them over the years?

Some of the jokes one of my mates has sent me I have actually changed in telling them to other friends ? substituting Lincoln City (my local League team) for LFC. As with Adam, I would rather wait to make fun of them ? IF we beat them on Sunday then that's the time to do it.

I would love to have a really convincing win over them; I was at Goodison in 1982-83 for that 0-5 game and believe me it still hurts!!! However, realistically I will settle for one more goal than them and a nail-biting last few minutes which we Evertonians seem to be used to when we are leading!!!

Tom Bowers
24   Posted 13/10/2010 at 13:40:20

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I am probably older than most in this forum and saw my first derby match way back in the Fifties. Needless to say, I have seen many derbies and many with controversial incidents, poor referreeing and last-minute goals, usually by the Redshite. Now and again you get a boring game which ends 0-0 where both teams play very tight and won't open up.

Given the league position of both and the injuries to strikers I would not expect a free scoring offensive game on Sunday. Just hope the Blues don't do anything stupid early to give them something to survive by. Without Kuyt and possibly Torres they will be more likely to be extra defensive.

We need a big effort by the midfield guys to control the game until Timmie gets his opportunities. Webb is the referee which I think at this stage is safe to say a good choice as some of the others (Atkinson, Clattenburg and Marriner) would give me the willies... Go get em' boys.

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