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Backs Against The Wall

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Derby day looms and the misery that Liverpool was under has gone and a new optimism at Anfield has begun. This could be a good thing because we do not play well when we look the favourites.

Look at the examples; Derby at Anfield last season, we were on top and threatening them. Then Liverpool get a player sent off, and then we turn into a very average looking side. Last year, Manchester United score and we had our back to the wall and look what happened ? we absolutely annihilated them. We were better at keeping possession, we played in their half, we had a solid back four and we played with a purpose and we had venom with our finishing.

I know it is horrible to say but the Jagielka injury could be a blessing in disguise because this could be the thing that puts our backs to the wall and makes us fight and makes us want it. I think our best defensive player last season will get his chance and he will shine.

We should have 11 players on that pitch on Sunday who are willing to put their bodies on the line and get hurt if it?s necessary. I don?t think we?ve got 11 players who will do that, I think we have a few, like Howard, Neville, Cahill, Osman, Heitinga and maybe Fellaini. I wouldn?t include Yakubu who wanted out only 2 months ago and Pienaar who is stalling on a contract. I don?t think Arteta would go into a 50/50 if had a chance of getting hurt.

Moyes and Round both need to drill it in the players? heads that we have to go out fighting from the off and we need to set the tempo in what is sure to be one of the closely fought derbies in a few years. If we win on Sunday we gain ground on them. But if we don?t, we are in serious trouble. We have sSpurs away coming up which is not an easy game. Then we are running out of time going into the Christmas fixture list and the FA Cup starts up.

Everton promote that Nothing but the Best will Do. So let?s see that on Sunday and prove that we are in the wrong position in the league and really kick-start our season into gear. Nil Satis Nisi Optimum??
Jake Wilson, Liverpool     Posted 13/10/2010 at 17:30:57

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Ernie McAllister
1   Posted 13/10/2010 at 18:25:07

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All the Shite did was park the midfield and defense. We, being one-dimensional, had no answer to it.

It's one thing to pass the ball crabwise but for what purpose when you don't have the nouse to break them down and you just get bogged down in the middle?

If anything, it was the fault of Moyes and Round, as it invariably is all of the time.

I thought we were timid and shite throughout that derby at Anfield, no-one had a clue what to do with the ball when they got it. No-one.

Will things change this time around at home? I'd like to think so, but we are clueless in front of goal, so playing crablike again and grabbing a point is all I can hope for; sad but true ? I can't see 3 points here. Get a savvy striker and Arteta caring on the ball and we'll see... but don't hold your breath at all.

Anyway 4-5-1 again anyone? lol

Ernie McAllister
2   Posted 13/10/2010 at 18:30:34

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Everton promote that Nothing but the Best will Do. Is it me or you and only a very few like you, believe this to be true in this day and age?

The decline of EFC is precisely the opposite of NSNO.
Christopher McCullough
3   Posted 13/10/2010 at 18:31:38

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Jake ? Definitely Fellaini! It seems to me that Osman needs to prove himself in the derby. I like the guy a lot but he supported them as a kid and he needs to show he is an Evertonian. I don't care if Yakubu looks disinterested, he is calm under pressure and I'm confident that, given the opportunity, he put the ball where we want to see it. Arteta needs to step up and, finally, I agree with your comments on Jagielka and Heitinga.

I hope Everton tear them a new one.
Jon Cox
4   Posted 13/10/2010 at 18:39:21

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I'm starting to have problems at work. My mind's just not on the job, and I'm in auto mode.

It's the permutations on the pitch that I can't get out my head... Now we have the YNWA aspect to contend with and all the rest of it. By the time Sunday comes, I'll be a jibbering idiot and not capable of a single rational thought.

What I would like to see is DM coming out with a bit of Sir Alex's mind games for a change and mentally get off on the front foot.

As for Ozzy, if he can't get in the middle of the park, then I'd leave him on the bench. I would certainly play Bily before him. We need someone who has the ability to strike a ball from outside the box, and at this point in time only he has that attribute.

Up-front, I'll go with Andy C, and go for Beckford and the Yak. If this partnership worked then what a great game this would be for this to be realised. I do not think LFC would expect this and it would throw their tactics into disarray.

Arteta, as has been said, needs to go 30% up on his game as opposed to his game so far this season. If Pienaar plays so does he. It must be all out attack for 90 mins in a calm, cold clinical way. We must be the better team at playing football.

Three days to go... and counting.

Brian Waring
5   Posted 13/10/2010 at 19:07:07

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Don't be suprised to see Hibbert back at right back, Osman back on the right side of midfield, with Coleman benched, and Neville moved into midfield.

Moyes will set up not to get beat.
Guy Hastings
6   Posted 13/10/2010 at 21:06:45

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He's got to play with pace on the wings, a slug with salt on its tail would better either of the Shite's full-backs at the moment.
Joe McMahon
7   Posted 13/10/2010 at 21:10:30

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Brian ? spot on, I'm also fearing this will happen. Keep it tight and try to nick one (even though we are the home team), and as usual we will lose.

Moyes's record against Liverpool, for £65k a week, is... eeerrr.... how can I put it? ? Fucking Shit. I've had it with Round & Moyes.

Mike Oates
8   Posted 13/10/2010 at 21:30:54

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For goodness sake, stop the Heitinga will be our shining star, the lad is a mercinary and will be off as soon as he can. Yapping to the press today re Bayern Munich. He's clearly miffed that he can't get into the starting 11 and maybe it's just me but I don't think he's a patch on Jagielka.

I also think Moyes will decide to cash in with him. Forget the "He's a World Cup star" because, if you really looked at his performances, he was caught out on numerous occasions in no-man's land and with balls played just behind him.

I just can't see the reason for the constant calls for his inclusion.
Gerry Quinn
9   Posted 13/10/2010 at 21:38:58

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Totally agree, Mike # 8.
Yet again we are provided with this kind of crap again........somebody translate the original interview and tell us he's been mis-quoted again.
Moyes should put a ban on anyone talking to the press - unless it's about Everton. I'm not remotely interested in where any Everton player wants to go!

A number of recent reports suggested that Everton defender John Heitinga has attracted the interest of reigning German champions Bayern Munich and the Dutch international has now admitted that he'd be interested in joining the Bavarians.

"It's hard for me to say how serious the reported interest is at the moment. I know that Bayern haven't approached Everton yet and they haven't contacted me either," Heitinga said to Voetbal International.

"I have to admit that I feel flattered that I'm being linked with a big club such as Bayern Munich though. I'd definitely be interested in joining them. They play Champions League football and I'm still eligible to play in the competition, since we don't play European football with Everton.

"Every footballer wants to reach the top and I'm already 27-years-old. So this could be the right moment. You never know what will happen, especially in the world of football."
Alex Kociuba
10   Posted 13/10/2010 at 23:14:29

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Latest News !!

? Texas court issues restraining order on sale of club
? Hicks & Gillett claiming $1.6bn in damages (£1bn)

The pantomime continues.. ;-)
Alex Kociuba
11   Posted 13/10/2010 at 23:17:33

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The restraining order documents are here if anyone's interested:
Alan Clarke
12   Posted 14/10/2010 at 09:46:10

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Just imagine if the takeover goes ahead but Hicks still bankrupts them by claiming £1 billion in damages.
Charles King
13   Posted 14/10/2010 at 10:49:49

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The RS court ruling could'nt have gone better, Hicks and Gillette have too much to lose and will cause mayhem for as long as they can, just wonderful.
Neil Vaughan
14   Posted 14/10/2010 at 12:30:09

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Mike #8...I'd be fuckin miffed if I was being kept out by Distin aswell...Yes he maybe a mercenary but we need to win games and therefore IMO he should be playing alongside Jags.

Last season (admittedly after a dodgy start) Johnny H was excellent and we look much more solid with him alonngside Jags rather than Distin (who is just another Yobo waiting to happen). If he's playing and does want off then a few good performances between now and Jan may add a few quid to his fee.

However, I can' t help feeling though, with all the comedy going on across the park, that Everton are gonna do 'an Everton' on Sunday and kick us all in the bollocks. The manager shits himself every time we face the Shite and I don't think Sunday will be any different, never mind what shit is happening at Anfield.

Me... I'd like to see him go for it from the first whistle and give the arrogant, moaning, horrible protesting bastards a good hiding...!!
Norman Merrill
15   Posted 14/10/2010 at 14:23:29

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Brian Waring (#5), you have stolen my thunder. It's a long time since we dictated the tempo of a derby match, so would it be too much to expect Moyes & Round to get it right this weekend?

How we play is really down to the team selection, and tactics, this would be a great opportunity for Fellaini & Arteta to boss the midfield.

And whoever we choose to play upfront, really give it a go. I would like to see Beckford given a chance, its the type of game that may just suit his style. Whoever wears the shirt, wear it with pride, and commitment, for 90mins. And give the Goodison faithful a treat.

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