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Bily ? Don?t Be A Hero

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Great victory today, the look on Caragher's & Gerrard's faces throughout the game was one of the highlights for me, as were the performances by Cahill, Arteta and some of those players who have been getting stick recently: Distin, Ossie and The Yak who I thought had a great game in the first half, but maybe tired as the game neared its conclusion. All of the above seemed up for it.

But I am sure there are many letters on this and I wanted to discuss something else ? Diniyar Bilyaletdinov.

When he joined last season, I thought he had some ok games, he of course scored some important and great goals and I had high hopes that, following a long break in the summer, following the much published fact that he had not had a break for 18 months or so, he would come back as a main player for us. I saw a few pre-season games and he looked again okay, although I thought he looked the part against Norwich, but once the season has started, again it has just not happened. For me today was the final straw.

When I see players with so called lesser talent giving their all and tackling back, tracking the play, diving in to block anything they can, then I watch Bily and his slow, uninterested play it makes my blood boil. He had been on for about 5-10 mins today and I was watching the way every time Liverpool went forward he backed off and off and just let them run at him.

Then you see the likes of Cahill, Arteta, even bloody Yak chasing everything back who had already played a half and there he is wandering about. It didn?t take long for Liverpool to notice this and it got to the point where every attack was coming down our left and poor old Baines was trying to deal with the onslaught on his own.

Bily is almost a step behind the play, sticking out a leg in a vain effort to tackle and then just watching the ball go past him. I actually felt like we were playing with ten men and it is no coincidence that Liverpool came more into the game when he come on. (Yes, I know we scored around this time, but at the point Liverpool were attacking us.)

I don?t know what it is, but it is just not working out. Yes he is not playing in his correct position ? just behind the attacker, but really with the effort he put in I wouldn?t even have him on the bench. I mean compare young Seamus today with Bily and it is unbelievable that the youngster is the less experienced player.

I don?t like to turn on a player and even though I don?t like what Johnny H has been saying recently at least he seemed to be up for the cause today, it is just with Bily, I think the time has come to move him on.

At the end of the day sometimes things do not work out, there is no rhyme or reason, but a player does not settle or does not show what he can really do and I think this is the case with Billy. One of the most frustrating things is that I could see him going somewhere else and showing he is really a world class player....
Marc Davis, London     Posted 17/10/2010 at 20:36:36

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Ernie McAllister
1   Posted 18/10/2010 at 04:51:33

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I hope we sell this useless lad come January. I have never fancied him as a good player, and he continues to disappoint when given the chance. He is not a prem player at all.
Jay Harris
2   Posted 18/10/2010 at 05:01:01

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Bily strikes me as a modern day equivalent of Duncan McKenzie but without Duncan's ability to take players on.

He can do magic to turn a game in a few minutes but stands with his hands on his hips for the rest of the time.

Unacceptable in the modern game as Berbatov found out.
Steve O'Malley
3   Posted 18/10/2010 at 05:07:21

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I agree Marc especially with your comment that when he is on it really it's like playing with 10 men, that is exactly what I said at the time. He was obviously told to make sure he tracked back and he literally did that , as the reds attacked down his flank he just went deeper and deeper allowing the players to run at him.
To me he is the sort of mercurial talent that you can only afford to bring on when you are 3 or 4 up with 15 mins to go (including time added on ), to see if he can add to the tally
Derek Thomas
4   Posted 18/10/2010 at 07:32:03

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Lke his clone McFadden, how many chances is he going to get.

And the bad news is that we paid buttons for McF and got a decent profit back.

Blini, for thats what he is, will be the otherway around.

Get rid in Jan just to free up his wages for Donovan.
Chris Perry
5   Posted 18/10/2010 at 08:52:41

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Why on earth would you use the money on a 30-year-old one trick American!!!!!! Jesus, some people on here are so one-dimensional.
Tony Doran
6   Posted 18/10/2010 at 08:44:51

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Who'll give us a decent price for him. He plays with his head down like we used to when we were kids playing with a stone in the playground and and you couldn't take your eye's off it in case you lost it. When he came on my first thought was just don't give the ball away , work hard and tackle and when you get it play it simple. But no he gets the and allows himself to be closed down by 3 players gets the ball caught up in his feet and loses it. Must add though did you see Tiny tapping Carragher on the head all the time.
Tony J Williams
7   Posted 18/10/2010 at 09:08:14

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I can't see the above posts so hopefully not repeating anything (I doubt it)

It's just like us Evertonians, we comprehensively beat the Redshite and what do we do? We have a go at a player who came on for a half... and to me put in a few tasty challenges and got down the wing well.

I suppose we couldn't have a go at Ossie as he was man of the match until half time and Hibbert only played 15 mins... who's next... oh yeah, that Bily, he's crap isn't he?

It's like the Cahill's crap apart from his goals comments.

Enjoy the satisfactory win and leave the complaining until after the euphoria of this game has had a chance to fade.
Chris Fisher
8   Posted 18/10/2010 at 10:12:47

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I think he's quality, I certainly didn't think he did to much wrong to be honest, like Tony J Williams says just enjoy the victory and except that sometimes it's ok to not find something to complain about!
Jimmy Hacking
9   Posted 18/10/2010 at 10:49:03

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I've been pretty horrible about Distin over the last year or so, but credit where credit's due, he was our best player yesterday. seriously.

Bilyaletdinov has the talent, but f**k knows whats going on in his head. the writings not on the wall yet though, with Pienaar injured I hope he gets two or three starts in a row now.
Andy Codling
10   Posted 18/10/2010 at 11:20:29

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Bar the Man utd game , Distin has been our best centre half
Nelaj Behajiha
11   Posted 18/10/2010 at 12:07:42

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I blame Moyes actually considering Van der Vaart was going for a similar price I think that it was criminal to sign a useless player like him. To come from Russia and to be good in England, you need to prove yourself in world class tournaments which Billy hasn't. I know people will start going on about wages but I believe it's just as bad to have a player that doesn't even try getting thousands or pounds each week.
Aleksandar Jovanovic
12   Posted 18/10/2010 at 11:30:05

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Bily is a world class talent. He can do anything with the ball, but like Felli he is not the type of player that fights in a best way in defense. Fellaini annoyed me for such a long time before finally he showed a bit of a fighting character and immediately he started looking okay on the pitch. Even now I find many situations where Felli could have acted better.

As for Bily, those type of players sometimes never adapt to English football but if he does he'll be great.

Helikaon Bow
13   Posted 18/10/2010 at 12:45:41

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He needs a run of games to be honest. Once he gets that in a position he likes I am sure he'll come good.

Unlike Mr Beckford...
David Price
14   Posted 18/10/2010 at 12:46:02

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If it's simple to do, then sell Bily and buy Landon. It's not a case of let's find someone else to pick on.

Naturally you should be looking to improve and the comments reflect this. Some players just don't suit Premier League and it's looking like Bily is one of them.

Ernie Baywood
15   Posted 18/10/2010 at 12:51:29

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It does look like that for Bily, but in his defence... often has he had the chance to play in his true position? We all saw that Osman can operate in that free role on the left (made free due to the excellent Baines). Why not Bily - has he really had a decent run in any position other than playing as Hibbert's wide man? The second half yesterday was over once Arteta struck after 4 minutes.

Yes, pretty crap excuses for him... but I'd like to see him get a go ahead of Baines from the start and genuinely see if he can cut it.
John Lindsay
16   Posted 18/10/2010 at 13:27:05

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I have been saying for ages that Bily is a complete waste of a shirt. He runs around like a clueless 10-year-old playing in an under-16 league. He even does that silly childish little skip at the end of a run

I wonder what the fuck Moyes saw in him to make him pay £8 million (??).
James Staddon
17   Posted 18/10/2010 at 15:59:55

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Billy is so easily got at, wern't we all singing praises when we signed him? He has shown for us and his previous club that he can be a world class player, he probably just needs a run of games and some genuine support, we are too quick to have a go at someone. If you don't trust in Billy at least trust in Moyes which on occasions is hard to do so but still...
People are saying sell him and buy donovan,but in all honesty he didnt actually play that many games and he had some pretty poor performances in a couple!!
Brian Waring
18   Posted 18/10/2010 at 16:48:34

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The problem is Jame's, he is never going to get a run of games from Moyes.

Andy Burke
19   Posted 18/10/2010 at 16:36:09

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I hate saying this but I agree with the posters that have said he will never make it as a Premiership player.

He reminds me of me playing football, always a split second behind everybody else on the pitch, and looking like I am going to fall over even when I haven't got the ball. Granted I am total Sh1te and compared to me he is a footballing God but I don't play in the Premiership.

In relation to his attitude, I do believe he gives a shit, it's just that he is wither entirely clueless suffering from a crisis of confidence (you tell me which). I don't agree on any level that he is a world class player as much as I hate to say it, if we could get half of what we paid for him, I would sell him in January and use this money to keep Pienaar. However, I think we would be lucky to get 2.5 million so i can't see him going in the near future. Lets hope all of us doubters are proved wrong in the next few months - I do doubt it though.
Anthony Newell
20   Posted 18/10/2010 at 17:10:18

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It's not like he's had an extended run in the side this season has he? I'd have played him ahead of Osman from the start of season but he's obviously fallen out of favour with Moyes and that was too adventurous

I recall loads on here calling Fellaini a useless lummox and to similarly 'get rid'. I believe Billy has the quality in him to come good as his 'goal of the season' againt Manure demonstrated
Chris Leyland
21   Posted 18/10/2010 at 17:13:48

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Ernie - post 1. Are you on some sort of commission lad?

You want us to sell Bily and sell the Yak in another thread.

And while we are at it that Arteta is shite, sell him too.
James Bernard
22   Posted 18/10/2010 at 17:11:59

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Lay off the lad will you. If Beckford would have finished the pass through to him in the derby Bily would have had an assist yesterday.

He is not the type of player who runs around and puts tackles in but he won a few good headers yesterday and him and him and Osman are obviously vying for the same place in the team.

He wont get in over Pienaar when hes back but Pienaar is more than likely going to leave and maybe then Bily will get his chance.

i have never known so many people to complain about a player after just winning a game.
Nick Waters
23   Posted 18/10/2010 at 17:35:23

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Marc, I'm not sure if was at the game. I was. You're simply wrong about Bily. The whole team backed off after the second goal - not just him, and singling him out reveals a prejudicial view. He'd only been on for 5 mins (and won the corner for the 2nd goal), and had little chance to move forward for the rest of the game.

Most of our better wins have been with him in the side.

Philip Kolvin
24   Posted 18/10/2010 at 17:18:34

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I know how bitter and twisted this must sound after such an incredible day, but I have to say that I completely agree with the critics here. Most of all yesterday, I was concerned about his positional play. When defending, he was caught marking space, time and again, and did not track back with any sense of commitment.

When going forward, his runs were unintelligent. When he got the ball, perhaps becauase of lack of pace or his predicatability, he tended to run up blind alleys. I had hoped that, like Fellaini, he would get into the swing of it after a season, but I see no signs at all that this is happening.

Clearly it is a matter for D Moyes and his team to assess the potential contribution, but on current form he does not even look like a squad player. This is not glass-half-empty syndrome, but as has been pointed out by others ? our style of play does not allow for passengers.

Ed Fitzgerald
25   Posted 18/10/2010 at 18:23:32

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He needs a run of games, too often he is in and out of the team. He is not a typical Moyes player really, which maybe no bad thing.
John Keating
26   Posted 18/10/2010 at 18:35:52

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Sorry guys we are not Utd or Chelsea we cannot afford to give anyone a run of games in the hope he comes good. We need a full 11 out there contributing fully.

At this time, Bily is not delivering. If we bring him on he has to at least improve on the player he replaces; unfortunately, since joining, apart from an odd moment, he has failed.

Joe McParland
27   Posted 18/10/2010 at 19:57:39

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I actually thought that Bily started to look good once Beckford came on and we went more 442. It seemed somehow more natural to him, and he looked like he suddenly realised what his job actually was. Whereas I always think that Cahill is better in a 5 in midfield it could be that Bily is better in a 4.
Max Main
28   Posted 18/10/2010 at 20:32:34

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The way I see it is that he's a decent player, capable of playing very well, who isn't ever likely to set the Premiership alight. But we're never going to get any money for him, so in these days of squads not teams, it's nice to have a Russian international sitting around who we can play in shitty early round games in the UEFA and Carling Cups. Would help if we were actually in either of them of course...
Jeremy Scully
29   Posted 18/10/2010 at 20:31:55

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just re-watched the game again with billy in mind,and i know he isnt as energetic as pienaar getting back but thought he put in a good shift. he's a luxury player that in in a 4 3 2 1 formation would come alive. this time last year fellaini was still getting slated.i think given a free role working off cahill and yak(or rooney) he'd be banging them in. plus on 58 minutes he tackles gerard...bonus!
Lee Kidd
30   Posted 19/10/2010 at 11:39:20

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Sensible post. I think he's a luxury player but an off the pace luxury player. I also think he gets flummoxed when asked to hold shape and position. Therein is the big problem; we're a very rigid unit under Moyes, and flair players don't work.

I don't know if Bily is simply crap or he just isn't showing what he can do, but the fact is Moyes is going to be here a lot longer than Bily is (like it or not), and if he can't offer us anything tactically there's no point waiting for him to "come good".

I'd be very surprised if he weren't moved on in January. I guess it all depends on the Pienaar situation, but even if he goes I can't see much benefit in keeping Bily at the expense of selling him and trying someone new.
Ciaran Duff
31   Posted 19/10/2010 at 12:36:36

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File this one along with ...
+ The Yak is a fat lump of lard - get rid.
+ Distin - Hopeless against Utd - get rid.
+ Cahill - Past his best - get rid.
+ Osman - Manager's favourite - get rid
+ Fellaini - Too many yellow cards - get rid
+ Heitinga - Mouthing off in the press - get rid
+ Baines - Too small for crosses - get rid

+ Jags - Too much hoofball - get rid
+ Moyes - Too defensive - get rid

+ Kenwringht - Big fat liar - get rid

Ya get the picture fellas?
Michael Upton
32   Posted 19/10/2010 at 19:19:47

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I think some people are forgetting that football is a now squad game.

Short./medium term, when our predictable and sporadic injury crises leave us lack in wide men/midfielders, Bily could come in very handy. And long term, if we ever get back into Europe it would be good to have strength in depth.

People have short memories. Let's not forget he scored a peach against Manure last season and has produced a few other moments to savour on top of that.

Remember this?

I think he'd be more of a player whereever he was playing (with us or another club) if he ever got a decent run in the side.

I've never been one to slag off any Everton player and I think Bily has the potential to do a much more useful job on the wing than Ozzie, who I feel tends to play better in a more central role.

Bily has class, no question, and even if he's not in the side now we'd be mad to get rid because you never know when he might come up with another belter against one of the "big boys."

For crying out loud, we thought we'd be struggling to fill the bench on Sundaty - let's not go cutting back on what we have.

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