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Phil Neville for England

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Over the last couple of weeks, a little bit to my surprise, Adrian Durham on Talksport has been advocating Pip as the best English right back and that he should be in the England team.

I am full of praise for our captain, but was still surprised. However, having just watched Gareth Bale destroy Inter for the second time and knowing Pip totally nullified him, Durham's thoughts become more realistic. Can anyone name a more consistent right back than Phil Neville?

I am a very proud English supporter and I would certainly be happy if he was chosen again.
Tim O'Connell, West Midlands     Posted 02/11/2010 at 21:38:38

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David Reiner
1   Posted 02/11/2010 at 23:34:26

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He is a dependable defender, but every time he gets into a shooting/crossing/attacking position, he is dependably shite. He does well to maximise/complement his limited skills with intelligence, awareness & perserverance, but to have him being capped for England in the future would be a damning indictment of the lack of quality available throughout the country (as is capping Heskey/Carrick/Barry/Owen/Glen Johnson/Warnock/Carragher/Beckham/Upson/Bridge/Crouch/Green/James at present, to be fair). Time to add a certain DJ-punching Phil Collins ultra to that list soon, methinks
Eugene Ruane
2   Posted 03/11/2010 at 00:11:49

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I couldn't give a flying fuck about England - here's a few reasons why.

I have no doubt International duty with England played a part in Rooney fucking off.

Same with Lescott.

Plus if Rodwell gets a couple of games, he'll no doubt get the Rhino's top-lip of Rio whispering sweet millions in his ear,

Plus anything that has the potential to get Everton players injured, I'm against.

Plus you have to cheer for Stevie G and Jamie, imo both shifty, sly and cowardly.

Mainly though, it's because most people from England seem to delight in the thieving scum Scouser stereotype.

Seriously - try visiting Beaulieu or Lymington and see how far you get explaining to the locals you're a fellow 'Englishmen' (nb: don't be like Rooney and Stubbs in the estate agents in Chelsea - do it fast BEFORE the police arrive)

In my experience, 'The English' hate scousers, Consequently, anything they support, I don't.
Eric Myles
3   Posted 03/11/2010 at 01:42:31

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He'd only get injured in training and not even get on the field.
Mike Green
4   Posted 03/11/2010 at 01:46:32

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Hear hear Eugene - well said. I personally don't want to see ANY of our players representing their countries! I'd much rather wallow around without a single member of our squad fit to grace the world stage. Besides it's not just the English (not sure what country they come from....?) that hate scousers, it's everyone ! Isn't it........?
Eugene Ruane
5   Posted 03/11/2010 at 06:39:44

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Mike Green - to answer your question, no, incredibly it's NOT everyone.

In my own personal experience, I've found the Americans, Aussies and Irish actually seem to quite like us and view the city very positively.

I can honestly say it's ONLY here (nb: in England) that the simple act of ordering a pint or asking for directions marks me out as a violent, work-shy thief.

By the way, I LOVE your use of 'grace the world stage'.

In fact I'm going to start using it myself but with your ironic interpretation.

EG: (shakes head) "Benfica put five past us, yes we certainly graced the world stage tonight"

(you were being ironic weren't you, or do think regular humiliation in World Cups IS 'gracing the world stage'?).

Also liked your use of 'wallow around' - means nothing but sounds negative - clever!

Ray Roche
6   Posted 03/11/2010 at 07:49:36

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Eugene Ruane

If you think that it's only in England that Scousers get verbal abuse you should visit Wales more. If I had a pound for every time someone, joking or not, has brought up the "thieving Scouser" topic I could BUY Wales. Even after pointing out that the crime levels are,per head, higher in Cardiff, Swansea, Rhyl etc. I still get it.

"Lock your drawers, Scouser alert" was a fairly common comment when entering work.

Nick Entwistle
7   Posted 03/11/2010 at 08:33:38

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Not the 'poor us' mentality from the Scousers again! Boris was spot on wasn't he.

Just face it: everyone hates everyone else to an extent. Try being a middle class southerner ordering a pint in your city centre, straight away you're being looked at differently. Probably because people are wondering which pocket holds the keys to the car.

Howard Don
8   Posted 03/11/2010 at 08:33:18

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Normally I'd dismiss anything coming from Adrian Durham as rubbish. The man has to be the most irritating pratt on British Radio, beating any other contenders by a country mile. However, while Pip is to old now to be the future there's little doubt he could do a good job for England if called on in an injury crisis.

Personally though I wouldn't want him anywhere near the distractions and risks of an England squad he's too valuable to us.

Eugene some of the worst offenders in the thieving scouser myth are so called comedians. Every lazy, second rate comedian on TV, now that racial, religious or fat wife/mother in law jokes are off limits, seems to thinks its fine to joke about a whole section of the population being thieves and scallys. Reason? they know they won't end up in court.
Dave Roberts
9   Posted 03/11/2010 at 08:55:12

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I thought the concept of Warp Speed was just an impossible construction to make Star Trek a workable and writable series.

However, the velocity at which this thread left the theme of the original post to become a discussion about the views of others (in respect of scousers) has made me think again.

'To boldly go....' and all that!
Dave Lynch
10   Posted 03/11/2010 at 09:08:30

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Why the fuck do you , or anyone for that matter, even entertain Talk (Shite) Sport??? Durham, Parry, Gough et al contrive nonsensical arguments and scenarios aimed at people with the IQ of retarded jellyfish. It's shit of the highest order.
Mike Gwyer
11   Posted 03/11/2010 at 09:03:14

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I was at WHL and from kick-off it was obvious that Everton's main priority was to keep Bale quiet.

I do not want to nulify your post but Bale also had to cope with Coleman before facing Neville. Basically, Coleman did not venture forward for much of the game. Being honest, we played with two right backs.

Additionally, and probably more to the point, Neville took Bale out in the first half, for which he was booked, this tackle left Bale limping and thereafter he had a quiet game.

What I'm saying is that it was not just Neville who kept Bale quiet but more likely Moyes's tactics of keeping two men on him, and whenever possible letting Bale know he's being marked. Our players did this to the tee.

Howard Don
12   Posted 03/11/2010 at 09:56:06

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Dave Lynch (10) I must protest at your quite blatent jellyfish-ism. This type of discrimination must be stamped out and eliminated from our beloved game forthwith.
Tony Christian
13   Posted 03/11/2010 at 11:41:08

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I am born and bred in Liverpool but hate the term scouser. I find the term very derogatory and find that the most annoying 'scousers' and worst ambassadors for this city are those who proudly use the term 'scouse' to desribe self. What's wrong with being a Liverpolitan which incidentally is the correct term for a citizen of Liverpool.
Ernie McAllister
14   Posted 03/11/2010 at 12:04:56

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Sideways Phil to the rescue of England... now that's funny!
Dave Lynch
15   Posted 03/11/2010 at 12:42:13

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I never describe myself as a Liverpudlian as people get the wrong impression and think I support that load of shite across the park.

Your'e right Howard #8 some of the worst ambassadors for this city have been the likes of Boardman, Tarbuck and Black. Gobshites one and all.

Not far behind is John Bishop! I went to see him in the Echo Arena and all the prick did was talk about the time he played in a Liverpool testimonial and his mates Carragher and Stevie G lar. Walked out befor the end, even my missus said he was an irritating shit.

Nick Entwistle
16   Posted 03/11/2010 at 13:02:47

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John Bishop is a second rate comedian who's gained popularity with BBC bosses as his accent ticks a few boxes designed for regional equality.
Tony Christian
17   Posted 03/11/2010 at 13:26:12

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John Bishop is the 21st Century version of Stan Boardman ? annoying, embarrassing and a typical rednose gobshite. Anybody who calls themselves a scouser is a tit in my opinion.
James Marshall
18   Posted 03/11/2010 at 14:03:53

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That bloke who plays for the RS at right-back, whose name I genuinely can't remember, is a lot better than Pip going forward ? in the modern game, attacking full-backs are everything and while Pip is a better defender than him (Glenn Johnson, I remembered) he isn't as good going forward.

Maicon was ripped to bits by Bale last night (and last week) yet he's still considered the best right-back in the World even though defensively he's a bit iffy ? a la Ashley Cole.
James Marshall
19   Posted 03/11/2010 at 14:05:53

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Oh and as an aside ? John Bishop is about as funny as gout.
Dave Lynch
20   Posted 03/11/2010 at 14:11:45

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Glad I'm not the only one who thinks Bishop is a tit. My wife dragged me to the gig and i haven't let her forget it since. I always describe myself as coming from Liverpool by the way, not. "I'm a Liverpudlian".
Tony J Williams
21   Posted 03/11/2010 at 13:58:12

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Eeee aaahhh lid, whatter yoooo goin on abbbarrt, yer foookin knobbbbbhead.

Normal language in the Alex on South Road.

John Bishop is quite funny but he obviously plays on his accent and that lazy scally accent goes right through me.......laaaa
David Price
22   Posted 03/11/2010 at 15:22:27

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Poor Stan Boardman, great line, "don't like Germans, they bombed our chippy". As a young boy during the war, his house was bombed by the Germans. His baby sister was being held by his mother at the time of the attack and was killed whilst his mother survived. They were re-housed next door to my Dad's in the Dingle area.

Dr Frasier Crane would refer humour dealing with grief and the chippy was in fact his baby sister. True story, is that a far enough tangent from the original post?

Tom Bowers
23   Posted 03/11/2010 at 15:39:11

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Don't know how a lot of these comments have to do with Phil Neville and an England comeback? Anyway he is a consistant performer without the attacking qualities that seem to keep Johnston and Cole in the squad. Pip has had his day with England and has nothing to prove. He is no spring chicken and is best kept on club duty. We get too many injuries already without hanging him out to make up the squad numbers on England duty.
Gerry Quinn
24   Posted 03/11/2010 at 15:46:27

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Nick, #25, yes, I remember the Big Dunc ones here on TW. I cried with laughter at other words, whatever happened to that kind of humour on TW? Come on, guys, lighten up, and let's have that "Scouse" humour with Phil Neville as our target.

"Diego Maradonna has a Phil Neville tattoo"

I know, but it's the best I could come up with at short notice!

John Gee
25   Posted 03/11/2010 at 15:47:06

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Back to the topic...

I'd hate for Phil to get an England recall because of the significant increase in risk of injury plus it would only be a matter of time before rhino lip whispered in his shell like about a move to manure!

Seriously though, I would support any team playing against England with the exception of the Aussies and possibly Republic of Ireland. During the World Cup, I actually cheered every one of Germany's goals. The England team is mostly a collection of reprehensible maggots undeserving of my support.
Paul O'Hanlon
26   Posted 03/11/2010 at 17:34:11

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"Can anyone name a more consistent right back than Phil Neville?"

Tony Hibbert. Better defender, but doesn't lead like Neville does.
Steve Mink
27   Posted 03/11/2010 at 18:20:36

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Phil Neville got the better of Bale because the whole side was set up to nullify Bale. Just shows what a clueless coach Benitez is that he left Maicon on his todd, even though he had plenty of warning of the Bale threat in the first leg.

Like most respondents, I couldn't give a hoot about Ingurrland, but it gives an indcation of how far they have fallen if the best names they can find for right back are Phil Neville and Glen Johnson.
Gerry Quinn
28   Posted 03/11/2010 at 18:47:05

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Careful guys, you'll flash up the Ingerrrrlund mobsters horrified at your lack of patriotism!

Bunch of prima-fuckin-donnas ? the players, that is!

Gary Green
29   Posted 03/11/2010 at 18:51:03

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Eugene I'm sorry son but you are a twat. I am a southerner, live in Bournemouth, and regularly visit Beaulieu and Lymington, oh and by the way, a match going Evertonian. Your twisted impression of what "we" think of scousers is so out of date and frankly sounds self-pitying and childish.

I also go to England matches and don't want Neville playing for England because frankly it would be backward step. Conversely, I don't want Rodwell/Jagielka playing for England because they might get injured/tapped up and not be available for my first team, Everton.

In my view, and all of those that I travel to matches with (there are plenty of us from the area you deride), consider Scousers of all persauasions even the RS variety to be most hospitable and welcoming. Get used to it mate, us on the south coast may soon be regarded as the "new Norwegians" simply because we were chosen to support Everon and love everything about the city and its inhabitants.

Nick Entwistle
30   Posted 03/11/2010 at 19:04:58

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Don't know why everyone automatically has to support Engerland just because they like football. In reverse I do care about England RFU and England Cricket but really don't have time for the game on any other level... though Oval hospitality in the pavillion is rather superb what? Oh, four runs clap clap clap.
Gerry Quinn
31   Posted 03/11/2010 at 19:38:10

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Nick - if you liked football, it would be somewhat pointless following Ingerlund then
Tony Christian
32   Posted 03/11/2010 at 19:44:30

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I've always despised England as I cannot abide the 'no surrender', Sun reading, right-wing Little Inglanders who follow them. Always seen them as a southern biased outfit and can only enjoy a tournament when they are knocked out.
Jon Cox
33   Posted 03/11/2010 at 19:34:50

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Fuck this load of crap. Stan B. might be a RS but he was funny as shite in the seventies. I can't believe you scousers on here are so sensitive.

Try being an apprentice for five years in a garage and see what ultra thin skin gets you. In a garage you haven't got a choice, you grow a thicker skin and learn to put up with shite or you die.

If anyone's to blame about scousers and brummies and jordies and anyone with an accent then look to our precious media. They are the ones to blame for the way we all look at people from other parts of the country in a stereotypical way.

Also I can't believe anybody watches the BBC. Am I on a different planet or what. I'll bet you lot still pay your fucking license, wankers.....
Eugene Ruane
34   Posted 03/11/2010 at 19:51:21

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Dave Roberts, at which point does this thread 'leave the theme of the original post'?

In fact to anyone asking "what has this got to do with England and Phil Neville?".


The original poster Tim O'Connell says he would be happy to see Phil Neville play for England as he (Tim) is a 'proud England supporter'.

That's his reason for wanting to see PN play for England and fair enough.

But so imo are all the reasons posted for NOT wanting him (or any Everton players) involved with England.

Opposite views but not 'off thread'.

And If someone is challenged on their opinion, their response is not 'going off thread' either.

Anyway, debate develops, it doesn't have to stay rooted and inflexible to one spot.

Obviously If there's a thread about Everton's away support and someone posts that they love Vesta Chow Mein, pull em up, however personally I suspect the 'going off thread' thing is often used as a way of saying 'I don't like the way this is heading'.

Nelaj Behajiha
35   Posted 03/11/2010 at 20:39:13

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Don't give a shit about England but he's not good enough to play internationally. I think anyone who lives outside London and actually supports England is an idiot the FA show northern fans no respect.
Eugene Ruane
36   Posted 03/11/2010 at 20:31:23

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Jon Cox.


No, I'm not buying it

It was the line "I can't believe anybody watches the BBC".

Plus your assertion that Stan Boardman was funny.

My satire senses started twitching.

I'm guessing you're a performer, have developed a character and are immersing yourself in him, in the same way that Sascha Baron-Cohen did with Ali G or Steve Coogan does with Partridge.

I'm seeing a small theatre in Edinburgh, single spotlight and you in overalls, oil on the fingers, a rag hanging out the arse pocket and...


I'm guessing we could be watching the Jon Cox show in a couple of years (or maybe you're in a Mike Leigh?)

If I'm wrong I'm... well, a bit scared,
Gerry Quinn
37   Posted 03/11/2010 at 21:20:59

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Eugene - good stuff lad - while you are in the mood, can you have a go at characterising me then?Free of charge, that is?

I can't afford a psychiatrist, but you appear to be the next best option :)
Eugene Ruane
38   Posted 03/11/2010 at 21:49:20

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Fair enough Gerry.

Let me see then.

Erm....ah, I see you put a question mark after "Free of charge that is" which is not a question.

Plus you've done that smiley face thing.

So I reckon you're as....

Shit sorry, gotta go, phone.
Rob Murphy
39   Posted 03/11/2010 at 22:20:56

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Anyone seen my cow??
Jimmy Hacking
40   Posted 03/11/2010 at 23:37:00

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I'm still unsure (and always will be) as to the talents of Phil Neville, but I don't see the harm in him being picked for a few qualifiers or even the Euro 2012 squad he IS a solid RB, yes he's no spring chicken, but other players have made their international debuts in their 30s, why not Pip?

oh hang on, just checked on wikipedia and found he has been picked FIFTY-NINE SODDING TIMES already by about 6 different England managers, ergo of course he's bloody good enough. I don't understand this whole debate.
Jimmy Hacking
41   Posted 03/11/2010 at 23:42:24

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As for the scouser stereotyping thing, I am a manc (yes, yes, do your worst) and whenever I head south of Stoke everybody calls me "Shameless" or "Liam" and expects me to act like the 7th member of the Happy Mondays, It's more of a Northern thing that a Liverpudlian one
Kevin Hudson
42   Posted 04/11/2010 at 10:42:19

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Eugene says:

"In my experience,"the English," hate Scousers.Consequently anything they support,I don't."

So on account of a perceived prejudice ? he actually advances his own (subjectively reciprocal) prejudice first!!

Hardly "hands across the water," is it?!
Tom Bowers
43   Posted 04/11/2010 at 17:30:01

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Personally I wouldn't mind if none of the Everton squad was picked for their respective countries as long as the squad was good enough to be in the Prem. top 4 consistantly. We are Evertonians first and foremost and having seen some of the mediocrity that sometimes gets selected it really isn't a fair reflection that the player can be considered world class. We know Mikel is world class but he cannot even get picked for Spain even for a worthless friendly game and does anyone remember the travesty against Howard Kendall. Good on the boys that do get a cap or two but it's something for them to savour and doesn't do anything for the club or supporters.
Long live Scousers everywhere.
James Stewart
44   Posted 04/11/2010 at 17:52:44

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Yes Hibbert is a the better English defender.
James Stewart
45   Posted 04/11/2010 at 17:52:44

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Yes Hibbert is a the better English defender.
Stephen Kenny
46   Posted 04/11/2010 at 18:39:14

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Did your cow refuse to produce milk for you and ask to move to a new farm by any chance?
Drew O'Neall
47   Posted 04/11/2010 at 19:09:17

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Adrian Durham is such a massive toss-pot that I wouldn't even do him the service of pointing it out to him.

Have you heard him say; "You are unbelievable" when he doesn't agree with something Darren Gough or one of the others say??? Honestly, I'd kick his self righteous, tabloid-bandwagon-jumping-on, ginger head in, right there live on the radio station.

Is he only there to insight (road) rage?

I gather Talk Sport get a nice few quid from the incensed listeners who call in to put him right and for that reason I never will.

I can imagine Alan Brazil and Porky Parry in their monthly meetings saying "shall we get rid of that tube Durham?" and then quickly riposting "nah, the calls from wind-up hour just paid for the box at Chelsea/Man Utd etc".

Thanks for this opportunity to vent my hatred for Adrian Durham without falling in the trap of calling Talk Sport's 0898 number?

While we are (I am anyway) on the subject of Talk Sport, does it grind anyone else?s gears that they, without exception, have the same commentary game on as 5-Live What's the F'in point of that??!! Do they think we won?t notice? Do they think their audience is so stupid that they?d rather listen to Stan Collymore sit and recount what he sees on a television punctuated by adverts every ten minutes than turn over to the BBC and listen to Alan Gree?? aaah I get it.

BTW Phil Neville should have been in the World Cup squad as cover in at least three positions but it's too late now.
Eugene Ruane
48   Posted 05/11/2010 at 07:37:30

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Kevin Hudson, your interpretation is interesting.

I stated "In my experience (nb: MY experience) the English hate Scousers. Consequently anything they support, I don't."

Now my response could be interpreted as childish or angry or irrational or stupid or...many other things.

However you say "So on account of a perceived prejudice ? he actually advances his own (subjectively reciprocal) prejudice first!!"

And why is this interesting?

Well firstly there's your use of 'perceived' regarding another person's experience/s.

Fact: 'In my experience' I was always there, you never were, so I'm curious to know what qualifies you to use 'percieved' with such confidence when referring to someone else's reality?

However what really fascinates me, from a scientific point of view, is that it appears I am being accused of directly challenging Newton's third law of motion.

His third law states that for every action (force) in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction. In other words, if object A exerts a force on object B, then object B also exerts an equal and opposite force on object A (nb: basically how I see my situation re England - England discriminates against Scousers, I withdraw support for England - action and reaction).

Now however, it seems we have Hudson's law, which reverses this.

Remember "So on account of a perceived prejudice ? he actually advances his own (subjectively reciprocal) prejudice first!!"?

Sounds very like 'For every REACTION there is an equal and opposite action'.

Maybe an apple fell on your head?

PS: By the way, you can direct questions/criticisms directly to me. This thing of "he says this!!" makes it sound like something escaped from the zoo
Kevin Hudson
49   Posted 05/11/2010 at 12:10:03

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Perhaps the issue is causality due to subjectively-unreliable anticipation?

With a whiff of hypocrisy, you've become passive-agressive to the whole on account of the bigoted actions of the few... and, in the process, fallen into the trap of re-inforcing the tiresome stereotype of the cliched Scouser harbouring a chip on his shoulder.

Sadly, I too have not been immune to these wearisome prejudices... but I've discovered the best way to ameliorate this psychological trend of our English brethren is by removing any (percieved) ammunition,and subtlety shifting their opinion of our kind...

ie: Don't be a sucker!!
Eugene Ruane
50   Posted 06/11/2010 at 09:57:40

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A sucker?

Same to you with passive-aggressive nobs on!
Ciarán McGlone
51   Posted 07/11/2010 at 15:15:17

Report abuse

No need to use a thesaurus on every word there Kevin...every four words should do the trick.
Kevin Hudson
52   Posted 07/11/2010 at 20:39:02

Report abuse

What a departure for you Ciaran...

Read a red-top if you want dumbed-down discussion. (That's sarcasm & alliteration).. Should I pretend to be thick to conciliate your inverse-snobbery? ( You might want to look that one up.)

Or maybe not..

Cast your mind back to the calamitous "Negativity an explanation," article published by you on ToffeeWeb. Remember indulging in these particular words: Zenith-permeates-hegemony-vacuous-disposition-pejorative & puerile?

Do you also remember incorrectly spelling the word "correllation?"

Then why the sudden volte-face?

Ennui, peut-etre..?
Eugene Ruane
53   Posted 07/11/2010 at 23:01:08

Report abuse

Ciaran, if I was you I'd be very scared.

He's actually trawling back over your past posts to get you.

Kevin Hudson
54   Posted 07/11/2010 at 23:33:48

Report abuse

Pot. Kettle. Eugene.

(Meanwhile.., Undies. Vest. Computer.)
Eugene Ruane
55   Posted 08/11/2010 at 10:21:40

Report abuse

This is great Kevin, I can keep you coming back here forever if I want.

You are now in my power.

I can bring you to this post and make you dance about whenever I feel bored.

In fact, right now you'll be thinking "He's posted again! Where's my bumper book of long words and my Gyles Brandreth put-downs compilation?"

And it's no good suggesting I'm wrong because there you are, just below this post.

Go on dance!!
Kevin Hudson
56   Posted 08/11/2010 at 10:50:03

Report abuse

And we're back to Newton's third law of motion!

Although your arguments lack the necessary gravity, as you are a WIMP!!

(Weakly Interacting Massive Particle )
Eugene Ruane
57   Posted 08/11/2010 at 11:12:55

Report abuse

Kevin Hudson
58   Posted 08/11/2010 at 12:25:51

Report abuse

"Ah.. Gah.. Do do do, push pineapple shake a tree.."

Good cardio-vascular exercise doing this in my "Giles Brandreth," style jumper...

(Heads back to Dictionary Corner...)
Ciarán McGlone
59   Posted 08/11/2010 at 15:35:41

Report abuse

Haha, nice one our Kev...

However, I would point out that there is a not so subtle difference between using 'fancy' words in a relevant context, and shoe-horning them into sentences where they have absolutely no place, in a manner that can only be designed to make yourself look uber-intelligent.

Here's a bit of advice: it has the opposite effect.
Kevin Hudson
60   Posted 08/11/2010 at 16:49:04

Report abuse

Oh I see......

You've appointed yourself The Authority on linguistic etiquette,and are now policing ToffeeWeb Towers! This must keep you awake long into the night!

Does this mandate permit you to employ any word you choose (after all, everything you say has relevancy), and empower you to capriciously arbitrate on the oh-so important concept of other people's grammar?

Can I be arrested for failing to uphold blue-collar language at all times?

Should non-native English contributors take heed?

Does your semantic & pedantic regime extend to all who dare submit a post on this hallowed forum-or is Ciaran's Law designed exclusively for me?

Did you know that the fancy accent hovering over the second A in your name offers no linguistic function whatsoever, as your name is pronounced exactly the same without it?!

An indulgent shoe-horn that makes you look uber-pretentious.
Eugene Ruane
61   Posted 08/11/2010 at 18:30:25

Report abuse

(Ha ha ha leeeuuurvin this - going to keep him here until December)


(Adopts Slim Pickens accent, fires colt 45 at Kevin's feet)

Say 'capriciously arbitrate' agin shitkicker!

(fires again)

Say 'Ennui, peut-etre' again!

"Maaaan you use your voice purdier than a twenty dollar whore"
Kevin Hudson
62   Posted 08/11/2010 at 20:25:18

Report abuse

In that case..I'm Jack Palance.

"Pick up the gun.."
Ciarán McGlone
63   Posted 09/11/2010 at 09:33:49

Report abuse


Is the word 'sophistry' in your garbled vocabulary?

I am certainly not policing the board - just having a laugh at your strained attempt to look brainy.

ps: I think you'll find that the fada in the Irish language broadens a vowel and therefore has a very real 'linguistic function'... But then again, please feel free to educate me on the merits of my own name and native language. You do appear to be that type.
Kevin Hudson
64   Posted 09/11/2010 at 10:53:43

Report abuse


Gently poking you over your name is the direct response to the SOLE purpose underlining your contribution to this thread:

To mock how I use MY native language.

Clearly YOU are that type!

You leave yourself wide open to the very charges you direct at me, hoping I won't pick up on your hypocrisy, as you're just "having a laugh."

And yet, without knowing anything about me, or having met me, you reckon I wish to impress a chatroom full of strangers I'll never meet, in cyberspace.

You're full of personalised assumption, aren't you?!

Is that inferiority?

What's the Gaelic word for "bitter?"
Ciarán McGlone
65   Posted 12/11/2010 at 16:54:49

Report abuse

Ahhh... You're 'poking me gently' over my name opposed to being completely ignorant of what you're talking about!

My mistake.

ps: As usual, the rest of your post is gibberish.

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