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Time for that Black Taxi

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The firing of any manager is traumatic. Nobody wants to see it. Most like Davey even if we disagree with some of what he has done. But once it's done, it's like opening a window on an airless room.

Look what Big Joe achieved after his appalling predecessor ? I can't even bring myself to write his name ? was fired. Look what Davey was able to do after Walter Smith was gone. I believe we could turn this season around, refocus on the FA Cup and get to Wembley if Moyes goes now.

I can tell you what he is doing right now ? getting back to basics: Five at the back. 'Making us difficult to beat.' One up front, etc etc. And he will field reserves in the FA Cup to focus on a relegation fight.

It's negative bullshit and it's time to end it. This is not going to change by itself.
Peter Fearon, Liverpool     Posted 27/11/2010 at 17:02:43

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Kunal Desai
1   Posted 27/11/2010 at 17:48:27

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This season his last.
Christopher Marston
2   Posted 27/11/2010 at 17:49:34

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Moyes has to go! He's been lucky in the past cos i have aways stood by that everton just play shit football and only one good game once in a blue moon
Terry Downes
3   Posted 27/11/2010 at 17:48:22

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No chance ? we're stuck with Bill and Davey Boy for a long time yet.

I'm sure some fans will come on here and still defend both of them.... how, I don't know ?

It's going to be a long hard winter... but hey, roll on summer to where we're told there's no money.
Tony Hughes
4   Posted 27/11/2010 at 17:52:37

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Of course he has to go! but sadly we are stuck with this shit unless he wants to go himself and would you walk out on 60k a week?
Andy Crooks
5   Posted 27/11/2010 at 17:52:09

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Peter, after Walter Smith went we brought in a keen, motivated , ambitious young coach. He did a good job but, in my view all the qualities he brought have gone stale. He falls short and looks wearied and finished.
Time to bring in another ambitious young coach, as soon as possible. The Moyes era is over. Nearly but not quite. I wish he'd go with dignity and the respect of all Evertonians but this will be drawn out and painful.
Richard Dodd
6   Posted 27/11/2010 at 18:00:56

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Don`t be so juvenile,`Our Davey` is going nowhere ? even if the unthinkable happens... and it won`t!
Nearly nine years of relative success has earned him the odd off-season and I am sure he continues to enjoy Blue Bill`s confidence.
Christopher McCullough
7   Posted 27/11/2010 at 18:08:17

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This is a joke. No investment, no momentum, no improvement.
Thomas Williams
8   Posted 27/11/2010 at 18:02:57

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Andy, you would go stale as well given what Moyes has had to put up with. The last 3 seasons we have been on a knife edge to challenging the then top 4... what has Kenwright done in that time? Yes, closed the chequebook, it happens too many times for it to be a co-incidence.

Moyes knows we are/were in with a great chance of pushing on after the Cup Final but no, BK and cohorts closed down the finances. Anyone in their own job would get fed up with negative interference from their boss, would they not?

We have stood still in last 3 years when we had the opportunity to move on. Alas, BK yet again demonstrates his ineptitude at best, or deliberate ruining of our club ? that is the issue here. You can burble on about Hibbert, Saha, Heitinga etc but would we still have them players if Moyes was given a fair chance in the market? We are being outspent by Wolves, West Ham, Sunderland and Fulham, FFS!!

Christopher McCullough
9   Posted 27/11/2010 at 18:09:45

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ps Tony#4

If you want Moyes to walk, all you have to do is convince 20 or 30,000 other blues inside or outside Goodison to show their dissatisfaction in the obvious manner.
Andy Crooks
10   Posted 27/11/2010 at 18:09:09

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Richard, I really thought you had seen the light. Still, as someone else said, when you start to worry then things really are grim. You are right, though, that he will enjoy Bill Kenwright's confidence. This pair have more damage to do.
Steve Guy
11   Posted 27/11/2010 at 18:10:42

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Moyes ain't going anywhere until HE wants to. This is not a crisis as such, just a team failing to live up to its own pre-season hype. My view is that uncertainty over Pienaar and Heitinga is having a negative effect, similar to the Lescott scenario. The sooner they're both gone, the better.
Alan McGuffog
12   Posted 27/11/2010 at 18:01:28

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Trouble is, who are the "ambitious young coaches" who might be persuaded to come. An obvious candidate might be Coyle at Bolton. Once upon a time we would go sniffing and we'd get our man. Could anyone really see him leaving Bolton to join us now? This is how far we have fallen and we all have our reasons and explanations for this.

Would someone like Owen Coyle want to be lumbered with the squad we have when you consider some of the contracts that some of these guys are on?

Look, I am no apologist for DM and I couldn't argue that it may be a time for a change BUT we are not the Everton of the past who could cherrypick our staff. Sack DM by all means but be prepared for someone like Megson or Big Sam to take his place. My blood freezes as I type...

Then again, Howard Kendall appears to be upping his profile... who knows.

Nathan Ward
13   Posted 27/11/2010 at 18:07:26

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Now isn't the time for the knee jerk reaction.

However there is something seriously amiss somewhere at the club at the moment.

Team selection today was all wrong.

Substitutions were at least on time but were again all wrong.

Sadly the game was lost by mistakes by players again and by some awful refereeing decisions.

Can't defend Arteta but the ref was 5 yards from Baines when he was elbowed. That should have stopped play and given a straight red.

There after we were still in it but the lack of class in Beckford resulted in three sitters missed.
Leon Perrin
14   Posted 27/11/2010 at 18:03:18

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Trouble is we can't dither, this squad are not fighters, if it carries on after Xmas, we'll be "Donald".

We must resolve the Moyes depression this week ? give someone the opportunity to prune the mercenaries and try new blood in January.

For those who thought it was all about transfer funds look at Bily and Jonny H ? you were wrong: Moyes is not a good manager.

Neil Humphrey
15   Posted 27/11/2010 at 18:10:47

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I rarely post, but visit this site daily. Up until now I have been what you folks refer to as a 'Moyes Apologist'. Not any more. Moyes has to go. It's one thing to be battered by one of the Sky Four. But to be battered by at home by a Championship-quality team that, at the start of play today, had not won in five games... is unforgivable.

People are querying why so many players ? Saha, Heitinga, Arteta etc ? seem to not give a shit. To me its obvious: Moyes has lost the dressing room. He needs to go so we can salvage something from this shit season.

Paul McCann
16   Posted 27/11/2010 at 18:18:35

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Where did you tink we would finish this season?
James Cadwaladr
17   Posted 27/11/2010 at 18:37:30

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Alan at 12. The ambitious young manager you are looking for was in the away dug out today. He would be my choice.
Andy Crooks
18   Posted 27/11/2010 at 18:41:21

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Nathan, when will be the time for a "knee jerk" reaction? Next April when Moyes and his pal have completed the job?
Alan McGuffog
19   Posted 27/11/2010 at 18:44:57

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James I agree with your opinion of the Baggies coach, but I hark back to my rather depressing point.... Why would he want to come to a club that is stagnating through lack of ambition and investment?

He is a promising coach and, should he leave WBA, he will go to, frankly, a better club... certainly a club with a plan; something that we do not have.

James Cadwaladr
20   Posted 27/11/2010 at 18:50:14

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Alan, I very much hope you are wrong and that we are still seen as an attractive club to someone like Matteo, but alas you may be right.

May be knee-jerk but, if it were me, I would be sacking this season off and having an overhaul in January. The club needs freshening up. I'd get rid of Saha £3m, Heitinga £7m, Pienaar £1m and I would seriously consider getting rid of Arteta if a we could get £15m for him and get a new manager, Di Matteo for arguement's sake.

I would like to think that BK sanctioning him to sell to buy would be enough to tempt Di Matteo to come as he would at least be able to immediately start getting his own players.

The fictional £26m from the sale of the above players would be enough to improve on what we have now given Di Matteo's positive tactics by bringing 3 quality, hungry players in the required positions. Adding that to the quality already in the squad and I think we would be just about back on track, after a bedding in period, by the start of next season.

I'd also be bringing Yobo back next season. I think the issue was down to Moyes judging by what he has been saying.

Look at it like washing all the staleness away.
Robert Moore
21   Posted 27/11/2010 at 18:58:43

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I really feel like crying today... why has it come to this? We can't score, we can't defend... we could go down.
David Edwards
22   Posted 27/11/2010 at 18:52:31

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Blue Bill saved us ages ago, but his continued presence is not only holding us back, it is threatening to derail us into the Championship.

David Moyes got us on the right tracks and we had some good seasons... but his trick of getting a team of average players and moulding them into a spirited fighting force has long gone.

Our squad, with a few exceptions, are either no longer willing to bust a gut for Everton, or just are not good enough.

Over the last decade or so, my expectations for my club have decreased (as the Sky TV money and billionaires started to take over our beautiful game), but the club was able to give me a few occasional warm moments to support the existing regime... NO MORE! Our Manager needs a change... he's just lost it somewhere along the line (the Lescott, Pienaar, Arteta contract issues perhaps...? Maybe even when Round came in for Irvine...) and not only doesn't he know our best team, formation or tactics, but the team doesn't either.

I really only hope for one thing these days... and it's for our proud record of years in the top flight to continue (it's really our only bragging rights nowadays). As I predicted a few weeks into the season, we were in for a relegation fight and our mini-run didn't convince me we were completely out of it. We are now in the fight of our lives (look at the table!) and Bill and David need to look deep inside themselves and ask if they are the ones to keep us there come May. If not... then it's taxi time!

Sadly we all know a change won't happen, but if enough of us give the regime the kick up the backside they need, we may get just a bit of the fighting spirit we once had in bucket-loads, and just finish mid-table (or 4th from bottom)! God, it's bloody tough being an Evertonian these days!

Edward McBride
23   Posted 27/11/2010 at 19:02:55

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We are back to the bad old days of Gorden Lee and Walter Smith: boring football, odd good result, no chance of winning anything. If we can't win anything, at least let's be entertained ? bring in Coyle or Di Matteo.
John Gee
24   Posted 27/11/2010 at 18:52:06

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Our star player is out of form (it happens); the best striker at the club is at rock bottom with his confidence; our new striker is aware of all the whispering about him not being good enough; our left winger is a mercenary who wants out; our World Cup Finalist defender thinks he's a CL player; our left back is being fucked over by the national team; our suspended big-haired icon is finding his feet after a long injury.

Which of the above is David Moyes's fault? This, for me, is the worst aspect of following this sport. When things aren't going well, all everyone does is shout for someone to be sacked, usually the manager. It's pricks like that who threw cusions at Howard Kendal just before he became our greatest ever manager.

Some of the clownish things I've read recently defy belief. Our manager is doing a good job under difficult circumstances and our owner isn't willing to sell out the club by flogging it to some fucking chicken farmers from the other side of the world.

It's a dodgy spell. We've had a stuttering season so far and the chances are that it won't improve until some issues are resolved during the January transfer window. What we don't need right now is to sack the heartbeat of the club. Especially when he's proved time and again that he knows how to qualify for Europe.
James Cadwaladr
25   Posted 27/11/2010 at 19:25:10

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John, they are all mere excuses. Ask "Why?" to each of your statements.
Leon Perrin
26   Posted 27/11/2010 at 19:20:30

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What do you think he's paid £3 mil for, come in and work without any problems? I'm the only fucker who does that (not £3 mil, Mr Taxman) it's taken years of bullshit and pretending to work hard, and sure, I get accused of loafing around, but I own the fucking place so fanny to it.

He needs to sort it or go, and to be honest after 8 years...???

Charlie Percival
27   Posted 27/11/2010 at 19:25:08

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Ian Holloway anyday!

Blackpool play great stuff!
Mike Allison
28   Posted 27/11/2010 at 19:34:25

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"Things are never as good as they seem when you're winning, and never as bad as they seem when you're losing."

We should keep our heads, things seem utterly dreadful right now, but football is a game where momentum shifts happen and can be extremely important. Today's result is devastating, although the bizarre way the game played out means 1-4 doesn't really tell the story. It was slightly freakish that we were 0-2 down, we were the dominant team for much of the game and the Jara/Baines/Arteta incident made a huge difference. All that should be borne in mind.

That doesn't mean I'm stating a decisive position on Moyes. He should be considered 'under threat' as he ultimately has to take responsibility for where we are as a team, whatever other circumstances come into play. For the first time under Moyes, I'm prepared to consider the possibility of him going, and I do now believe there are realistic alternatives out there (Jol, Di Matteo and Coyle) who would be interested, and who would be an improvement, certainly in the short term.
Brian Waring
29   Posted 27/11/2010 at 19:34:23

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Why is it, John, that when things are going well, Moyes is the best thing since sliced bread; when things are shite, it's not his fault ? it's everyone else's?

Can't understand your point about Baines being fucked over by the national team, he's been one of our better players. Even if he was playing shite, what would it have to do with the national team?

"It's the fans' fault that Beckford isn't scoring because he's hearing whispers that he's not good enough"???

Johnny is a quality centre-half, who is being played out of position by Moyes.

So then, our shit start (once again under Moyes) is nothing to do with him ? he doesn't take any blame?

The man is paid a fucking fortune to do his job ? the miserable fucker needs to start earning it.
Charlie Percival
30   Posted 27/11/2010 at 19:53:38

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After that performance, we'll be lucky to sign Victoria Beckham.

Phil Neville will be next manager when this happens... Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse!
Ste Traverse
31   Posted 27/11/2010 at 19:52:17

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I agree, it's time to fuck him off. He's so negative and spends to much time pandering to that useless prick Kenwright instead of DEMANDING cash for players.

Enough is enough. Book that taxi for Moyes and his sidekick Kenwright.
Colin Potter
32   Posted 27/11/2010 at 19:43:28

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John Gee, go back to bed lad, your'e talking absolute nonsense.
John Gee
33   Posted 27/11/2010 at 19:51:05

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So would Moyes be doing a good job if he was paid half his money?

How can a manager instil form into a player? (by the way, sell Arteta? seriously?)

The Johnny at centre half thing is twice the problem you think it is. He wants out, he only signed for us because he wanted out from where he was and we came in for him late on. If he's played in his proper position then we'd end up with another disgruntled centre-half who has shown himself to be more committed to the club than Johnny-come-lately-in-the-transfer-window.

Anyway, I'm not saying Moyes is blameless. There are obviously things he should have done or things he shouldn't have done. But, on BALANCE, he's doing fine inspite of some things undermining him. Such as players being out of form, struggling with a banjo, engineering moves, coming back from injury.

Have some fucking character and stop trying to oust one of the best managers in the PL.

JOL? JOL? What? Stop drowning your sorrows mate, it's messing with your head.
Jay Harris
34   Posted 27/11/2010 at 20:06:27

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Never mind "three points against Chelsea will keep the Wolves from the door"...

That's if we can convince Chelsea to score more own goals than they score against us.
Alan Clarke
35   Posted 27/11/2010 at 20:08:31

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When people go on about what an asset Moyes is, which other teams in the Premier League would employ him? None of the top 6. Would Bolton take him ahead of Coyle? Would Blackpool take him ahead of Holloway? Would Stoke take him ahead of Pulis?

The only teams I can think of would be West Ham and Blackburn. That says it all to me.

What has happened to us? Nil satis... School of Science... We've turned into mediocre fans with a mediocre attitude. We're as much to blame as Bill and Moyes.
Brian Waring
36   Posted 27/11/2010 at 20:09:22

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Yes John, he's doing fine. Take a look at the Prem table mate. 3 wins out of 15 = 2pts above the relegation places.

You've got to remember also John, he is one of the best-paid managers in the Prem.
Chris White
37   Posted 27/11/2010 at 19:56:46

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We need to sell early January (Heitinga, Saha, Yakubu, Pienaar) get as much money as we can, possibly £17 million, and sign a top quality striker, play him with Beckford and/or Cahill, give Bily and Gueye a fair chance in their right positions and watch the rest of the season peering over the seat in front with fingers and toes crossed.

If this doesn't work, Moyes and Kenwright need to be told by us, the match-going fans, before the end of this season ? maybe by becoming non-match-going fans! This could possibly be too late of course but changing the manager at this time of the season is not going to happen, let's start panicking in March if we are still in the shit.

Brian Waring
38   Posted 27/11/2010 at 20:13:42

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Mike, the problem isen't always about the cash, it's about Moyes being to defensive all the time.He never takes any chances, safety first.

We have a very good first 11, but they are being hampered by having to play a certain way, and thats being ultra defensive.
Anthony Millington
39   Posted 27/11/2010 at 20:29:51

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Moyes bangs on about how we are a top four team, but we have won three games which is nothing short of pathetic. He uses the same negative, unsuccessful tactics time and time again and is very predictable.

Everyone knows that Heitinga is no good in midfield yet Moyes persists with him, that is until the other team score and only then does Moyes look to go positive and attack. Why not attack from the off? We are gettin beat or drawing with his current tactics, so why not go for it from the off and stick two upfront and not use a defender in midfield! I would also like to see Vaughan brought back off loan and given a chance like everyone else has been. He would certainly do no worse than what our other strikers have done and he would run himself into the ground which is the type of player that we need at the moment.
John Gee
40   Posted 27/11/2010 at 20:28:52

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Brian, I wrote the word "balance" in upper case for a reason. You've obviously missed that point. I also asked the question would he be doing a good job if he was being paid alot less? He wasn't just standing around when someone decided to throw money at him. He gets paid as befits his status. He turned round a crisis club, came up smelling of champions league roses with a team full of shit, consistently qualifies for Europe, showed a flash of genius when every striker at the club got injured, found impressive gems that EVERY other manager thought were duds. On BALANCE, he's done fucking great.

By the way, there is another thread on here critisizing him for anwering "yes" to the question "would you like David Beckham at your club?"
I know this website is notoriously anti-Moyse but come on, get a grip. Every other thread is the same ffs, we lose a game-sack him, someone misses a chance-get rid, the goalkeeper misses a punch-drop him.
Paul McCann
41   Posted 27/11/2010 at 20:52:48

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John Gee I couldn't agree more. People are ridiculously fickle. What about a bit of perspective?

The reason I asked Peter where he thought we would finish this season was that O was expecting him to come back and say top six, pushing top four with a good run of form and luck with injuries. That is what I think at least 90% of us would have said at the start of the season. The fact that that was the expectation shows how far we've come under Moyes - it wasn't long ago we were watching Walter Smith trying to break a world record for the most centre halves in a starting line-up.

We are struggling, but we've been a lot worse. Moyes has done a good job over the last eight years, under trying circumstances, and with a limited budget. I for one am not going to start calling for his head after a few bad results. That's what happens in football - you win some matches, and you lose some matches. Moyes wins more than he loses, which is a damn sight more than most of our managers since the eighties.

People need to get a grip.
Mike Rourke
42   Posted 27/11/2010 at 20:48:33

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I hear you Brian, I really do, but when your big summer signing is Jermaine Beckford you have to cut your coat accordingly.

It's for that reason I'm choosing to continue cutting Moyes some slack. I understand why others won't and on days like today it's not easy to come on here and defend him, but I maintain that with the current board there is not a manager out there that could come here do a job and leave with their reputation enhanced.

Until we sack the board, chopping and changing managers is exactly like rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic.
Jonathan Tasker
43   Posted 27/11/2010 at 21:35:40

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You know who our next manager should be , don't you?

I've said it on here several times before.

Here's a clue.

He was managing one of the teams at Goodison today.

He was the one whose team won 4-1.
Seamus McCrudden
44   Posted 27/11/2010 at 21:48:18

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You can say what you want, but when I saw the teamsheet today, even I knew we would potentially be in trouble.

Big Vic in when he's clearly not ready, Heitinga on again even though he clearly doesn't want to be there, Coleman dropped when he has been doing quite well on the right... what the hell is the point in starting with a defensive attitude to go behind and then bring on a 2-man strikeforce? That has nothing to do with the board & everything to do with the negative ineptitude of our manager.....

I for one thought Beckford did well without scoring, at least he gets into the positions unlike the Yak or Saha. Manager wise, Martin O'Neill is a great motivator, surely he would know what to do with our best 11 on the pitch?

Jamie Tulacz
45   Posted 27/11/2010 at 21:55:46

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Terrible result today yes, but I have to agree with posts 41-43. Our main problem is strikers not sticking the ball in the net at the moment. Unfortunately it's very hard to get a guaranteed 20 goal a season man unless you're prepared to throw substantial money at the problem, money which we don't have.

The same negative formation everyone is complaining about now is the same one that made us the 3rd best side in the country in the second half of last season. Could someone enlighten me as to how that's suddenly become a bad formation in the space of 15 games this season. Also it's the same formation that most of the top clubs play nowadays.

To me our main problem at the moment is too many of our better players not performing. Yes the manager has to take some responsibility for that, but sometimes sides do get into a bad run of form and low confidence and find it hard to escape from that. I seem to remember us being in a similar position to this at the same point last season and we finished 8th in the league. Yes not ideal, but pretty good considering the investment we're getting in.

To suggest that Martin O'Neill would think about coming here, with no money to spend, having left Villa where he had substantially more to spend seems ridiculous. I may be wrong but didn't Moyes finish consistently above O'Neill most seasons, despite having much less money to spend?
Andy Crooks
46   Posted 27/11/2010 at 22:04:29

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John Gee, I respect, but disagree with your defence of David Moyes. However, I agree with you re. Beckham. We would have nothing to lose in such a move and it might just spark something.
I would love David Moyes to put together a run of results and I would be happy to admit I was wrong. I just think though, that a change is needed. It's not a knee jerk reaction , I have felt this way for some time.
John Daley
47   Posted 27/11/2010 at 21:46:33

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"People need to get a grip."

What a load of bollocks. How anyone can defend that depressing, pathetic, shambolic excuse for a performance is beyond me.

If your formation, tactics, personnel, are not performing game after game then you surely don't persevere with them ad infinitum. The only effective tactical change Moyes has come up with in the last few years was to play with no forwards on the pitch
whatsoever, and that was out of necessity . Surprised he never stuck with it as it suits his safety first attitude down to a tee.

To claim that people are overreacting and order them to "get a grip" is ludicrous. I'm sick of going to every game and within the first five minutes thinking "here we go again" as the same pattern emerges. It's not only this season that things have stagnated. Towards the end of last season we were struggling to break teams down, conceding sloppy goals, and generally making hard work of it. The games against Birmingham and Villa away, Fulham and Portsmouth at home spring readily to mind.

Moyes just seems to muddle through in the hope that something is going to change and results will
suddenly start going our way. Well, they won't without him earning his money. Show some invention, switch things around, utilise your self
proclaimed 'best squad ever' you stubborn, dour, defensive minded twat.

Apologies for this drunken ramble but I am sick to the back teeth of this guys moribund managerial regime and am currently seriously considering melting my season ticket under the grill.
Andy Crooks
48   Posted 27/11/2010 at 22:41:02

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John , you will,look at your post tomorrow morning and realise you weren't that drunk because every thing you say reflects the view of many of us. I'm just about to switch off match of the day before the humiliation comes on. Last on match of the day? I think David Moyes must hold the record for that.
Andy Tyler
49   Posted 27/11/2010 at 22:41:36

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Spot on John #48.

I have, and still want to be, a fan of Moyes but not whilst he continues to go 'through the motions'. He never tries anything new or different, it's just the same old rubbish.

For what we are paying him, I expect better and that means making big decisions. Arteta has not performed all season, it's probably a blessing he got sent off today because could you see Moyes dropping him?

The Wolves and Newcastle games should have shown Moyes that Heitinga is no good in midfield, two months later he is still playing there. He'll line up alongside Fellaini next week again!

He then treats Coleman, probably our lowest paid player yet one who has given 100% all season, terribly by dropping him.

As for training, I really don't know what they do. He's had this group of players together for a number of seasons now, they don't seem capable of moving the ball quickly or play a first time pass (the number of times we need to take an extra touch which often results in us going sideways and really annoys me).

Ian McDowell
50   Posted 27/11/2010 at 23:11:58

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John Daley spot on, that?s how a lot of us feel.

This Heitinga in midfield has become a joke. How many non-performances has he put in and he still gets a start week after week.

I just wish Moyes would try something different even billy centre mid or go 3 strikers, just do something different and be positive.
Mark Pierpoint
51   Posted 27/11/2010 at 23:17:40

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We are reaping what the board have sewn at the end of the day. Moyes has his limitations, but I think the chicken has come home to roost now. Years of underinvestment has left us behind the Sunderlands of this world and we all saw it coming.

Though I have never been a massive fan of Moyes in recent seasons, mainly in his decision to give Saha a new deal, I agree with the above comment that, when Jermaine Beckford is your marquee signing, you are looking at trouble...

Jamie Tulacz
52   Posted 27/11/2010 at 23:33:03

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All very well saying that Arteta should be dropped and Heitinga's not playing well enough, but who are you going to play in their place? Fellaini suspended, Rodwell clearly not fully fit and on form after coming back from his injury.

Not saying Moyes is completely faultless, but the players do have to take some responsibility.
Micheal Lynch
53   Posted 27/11/2010 at 23:11:49

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Protest, protest, protest. We should not accept this, simple as that. Would Liverpool? ? they certainly would not. We have as fans a responsibility to let the Board know that this is not good enough.

For fuck's sake, look at our system of play defence defence defence tactically clueless and £60 grand a week. Playing Heitinga out of position. Playing Billy out of position. One striker against West Brom. Dropping Coleman... What did he do wrong? Attack players.

Playing Arteta, even tough he is totally out of form. Playing 4-5-1 and sticking with it last week at Sunderland even tough we were 2-1 down until 10 mins to go.

How can we ever know how good a striker Beckford could be? Everton is a graveyard for strikers. Play two up front. Attack. At least try this ? it can't be any worse. A new system might spark players into life.

Kenwright what's the story? Is the club for sale? How much? Cut the bullshit . You can't progress us, you can't, so get rid. I would rather Hicks and Gillette than you. You're not genuine. We are dying a death as a club. We are stagnant. No Money, shit ground.

To our support, please don't accept it.

Jimmy Hacking
54   Posted 27/11/2010 at 23:45:24

Report abuse

As one or two of you have already mentioned, the problem with getting rid of Moyes is fairly obviously: who the fook could we replace him with? Gary Megson?

face it, we got incredibly lucky in appointing Moyes, a rookie who instantly came good on the biggest stage. lightning might not strike twice again.
Robert Daniels
55   Posted 27/11/2010 at 23:42:27

Report abuse

Come on, lads... I was ten years younger when we were saying "Give Moyes a chance" 1 Ten more years and i won't be around to see him sacked. Just hope Kenwright pops his clogs before me.

Moyes, the man, I admire and always have done.

Moyes the manager, I hate and nearly always have done.

Fuck's sake ? he has to go; we need a new manager now just to save, and keep, the really good players we have, and build a team around them.

Before they leave, we need a new manager...

Howard Kendall would know how to handle these players, that was his forte.

Come on, Howard ? SAVE US AGAIN!

We're on the march,
We're Howie's army.

We're all sick of Davey Moyes,
And we'll really shake them up,
When we string Kenwright up,
Cos, Everton are the greatest football team.
Micheal Lynch
56   Posted 28/11/2010 at 00:10:44

Report abuse

Slavan Billic Jimmy.
Dave Charles
57   Posted 28/11/2010 at 00:13:34

Report abuse

'Martin O'Neill is doing nothing'. Was one quote I heard leaving Goodison Park after the WBA game. Let's give credit to WBA for their performance and the way they took control of the game. I would have been well happy to see Everton do the same home or away.

Would a Martin O'Neill team play the same way as West Brom or more like Everton. I feel more like Everton, so therefore, Martin O'Neill can stay as far away as possible. We are far too easy to predict; we know it... and so do other teams but our current set up don't.

If things are to change, then please, not Martin O'Neill.

Paul McCann
58   Posted 28/11/2010 at 02:19:43

Report abuse

Martin O'Neill walked out on Villa because they wouldn't break the bank. Something makes me think he's not the right man for the (imaginary) job.

By the way, I wasn't 'ordering' people to get a grip. I was hoping that people would find some perspective.
Ste Traverse
59   Posted 28/11/2010 at 02:28:58

Report abuse

The person our gobshite chairman would go for if Moyes fucked off would be Dave Jones. His over-sentimental shite would kick-in.
Norman Merrill
60   Posted 28/11/2010 at 07:12:01

Report abuse

John Moores will be turning in his grave, and as for a black taxi, I'd take the Merc off him and make him walk home from Finch Farm, with time to reflect on what he has done to our club, along with Billy Bullshit.

Can't wait for the FA Cup draw today, mind you neither can all the Evostick and Rymans league teams left in it, waiting to draw us.

Ernie McAllister
61   Posted 28/11/2010 at 10:26:05

Report abuse

John Gee ? I'll tell you exactly what others have stated time and again and is absolute fact.

Tactically inept; has been since he came here; has absolutely no idea how to make substitutions; has no idea how to change matches when things start to turn shit... absolutely clueless.

Constantly playing the players out of position. WTF is with Fellaini playing further up field when he simply can't play there? His best season for us was when he was playing just in front of the back four. Playing Heitinga in midfield is like setting up a team with 10 men, add Fellaini to that mix in the wrong position and it's 9 men.

The dour, negative way we play week-in and -out. Moyes manages this team ? that's what he is paid to do. He has had no excuse this year, yet it's turning into one of the worst under his managership... 2 points off the bottom 3 and we aren't even into the Christmas period.

It was Moyes who gushed this was 'his best ever team' bollocks during the summer, and clearly refused to look for anyone apart from the free.

You can say the often over-used "no money" argument... but the fact is, Mr Moyes, given a full squad, has no clue what to do with them, and yet ironically we do better when the squad is bare bones and is forced to pick itself... That, to me, speaks volumes about his ability to manage not just Everton but any Premier League side.

For me, not selling the Yak was a criminal offence... or it should have been made one. If we don't get shut now, I just can't see how we will survive the drop with him, because things are just going to keep on getting worse... to me it's clear the players have had enough of him. Knee-jerk reaction? I'd hardly call the severe crisis we are in knee-jerk at all.
Ged Dwyer
62   Posted 28/11/2010 at 10:43:52

Report abuse

Brian Waring ? you talk nothing but sense mate. My patience with Moyes ran out four or five years ago. Some of his decisions are just bizarre.

Dropping The Yak the other week after he had just scored and had started to look match fit. Dropping Coleman after he had scored against Blackpool and then dropping him again today for Victor who is definitely not a wide right midfielder. Coleman has looked excellent and he would have been ideal to help Hibbert today. I'm sure Vaughan would be putting in some of these gilt edge chances but Moyes doesn't want to know him.

And, after 8 years, where's the battling centre-mid player? I really am worried now with Pienaar (he should be kept in centre-mid now) almost certain to leave and Cahill missing for 6 weeks after Christmas. Moyes's team selections and tactics make you think he is actually trying to get us relegated!

Ernie McAllister
63   Posted 28/11/2010 at 10:40:53

Report abuse

"Dave Charles ? Would a Martin O'Neill team play the same way as West Brom or more like Everton? I feel more like Everton, so therefore, Martin O'Neill can stay as far away as possible."

You are dead wrong there with that assumption.

Every team O'Neill has managed as always been a very attack-orientated side. Villa under O'Neill, until the problems, were extremely attack-orientated until he started loosing players, and lost the support of Lerner who refused to give him the finances to challenge for the top 4 or to replace players that where sold behind his back.

I think O'Neill is a decent manager but, under the shit we are in with Black Bill, O'Neill wouldn't touch us with a bargepole ? and I doubt anyone else decent would either.
Wayne Smyth
64   Posted 28/11/2010 at 10:24:01

Report abuse

I can understand people defending Moyes because he's had little to spend these last few years compared to his peers ? IF we had just been drubbed 4-1 by Arsenal, Man Utd, Chelsea or Man City, Spurs, or any of the clubs that have significantly outspent us.

But, can anyone tell me how much the WBA side that drubbed us 4-1 cost? Or Brentford? Or any of the other sides that have beaten us AND played better football than us in the process? Even the Barcodes side was full of has-beens, youth players and players on loan or bought for a relative pittance.

It's true that Moyes's net spend is not much at all. But that isn't the full story. He has had money to spend because the club sold just two (very overrated) players for a net total of nearly £50M. That has given Moyes the ability to buy a large number of Prem-quality players to fill in areas we were deficient.

Yet, even with all that money spent, we still have far too many square pegs in round holes and absolutely no balance to the team. That's the players fault?

No doubt two things will happen now:

1) Donovan will come in for a few months, provide some pace and directness, which the squad still lacks after 9 years, and with some balance finally restored, we'll finish mid-table.

2) Next summer Rodwell will be sold for £20M+ and DM will buy some more centre-backs, a right-back and another centre-midfielder with no pace who he can then play out of position on the wing.

DM did a fantastic job turning the worst Everton squad I've seen, into the best. But I think we've seen that he does not have what it takes to move to the next level and he certainty appears to have no idea how to get the most out of any of the players he's spent big money on.
Lee Kidd
65   Posted 28/11/2010 at 10:47:46

Report abuse

Moyes is going nowhere. We'd have to be plum bottom in March for it to even become a possibility.

He's tactically dogshit of course, but even so we'll almost certainly "come good" and finish around 8th, and the "IMWT" campaigners will be going on about an assault at the Champions League spots next year because "we got unlucky at the start of last year".

Said it before and I'll say it again ? we'll finish around 8th and, with the overrated squad we have, that will sadly be a very good season.
Tom Campbell
66   Posted 28/11/2010 at 10:54:22

Report abuse

Some of you people have short memories. The minute we have a bad run, some fans decide to crawl out of Moyes crack and tell him to fuck off. There is a lot of hypocrites on this site that have no faith in Moyes when things are really down yet they will be cheering his name after Christmas when he brings us back.
Ernie McAllister
67   Posted 28/11/2010 at 10:59:47

Report abuse

If you don't score, you can't win... and if you can't win... I'll leave the rest up to you.

I am very concerned about the way things currently are... 2 points off the bottom, going into the Chelsea game, where in all honesty, I feel the only way we could possibily win that is by Chelsea scoring more own goals than they score for themselves.

Even a draw next week could see us possibly slip into the bottom 3... if that happens with Christmas approaching, we really will be in the shit. I can't remember any team that started the Christmas period in the relegation zone surviving the drop... not saying that's what's going to happen but, if you don't score enough goals...
Guy Wilkinson
68   Posted 28/11/2010 at 10:43:18

Report abuse

He's been here years and we've got nowhere.

We have a better squad than Liverpool and should be challenging at Spurs' level in the league.

Moyes needs to walk. The only sensible replacement is Owen Coyle.
Drew O'Neall
69   Posted 28/11/2010 at 11:01:21

Report abuse

Typical knee-jerk reaction from a paranoid neurotic.

"I can tell you what he is doing right now ? getting back to basics: Five at the back. 'Making us difficult to beat.' One up front, etc etc. And he will field reserves in the FA Cup to focus on a relegation fight".

That's pure supposition, you might as well have said "I can tell you what he's doing, living under a bridge and eating billy goat's gruff".

Hopefully this week's debacle will allow DM to see past his Arteta tinted glasses for a few weeks until he returns to form.
Tom Campbell
70   Posted 28/11/2010 at 11:04:46

Report abuse

PS -> Don't dare criticize Moyes when HE LEAVES Everton to manage a more ambitious club. I know people will call him a traitor; however, most of you people decide to betray him after 10 odd games.
Ernie McAllister
71   Posted 28/11/2010 at 11:05:26

Report abuse

Tom Campbell - Fickle? No, we are realistic and don't live on Cloud Nine.

The only time I will cheer is when Moyes and Black Bill are forced out the door.

Those "that have no faith in Moyes when things are really down" ... Ah but then it's Moyes's fault we are in this entire mess to start with.

Another 3 years, no thanks; 9 will be more than enough.
Ernie McAllister
72   Posted 28/11/2010 at 11:11:12

Report abuse

Tom ? Non of the top 6 sides would touch him to be fair... they all have better managers.

You need to take your IMWT-tinted specs off.
Viv Sharma
73   Posted 28/11/2010 at 11:03:12

Report abuse

Tom (#66) ? fans on this site appear to be fickle because we have a wide range of opinions and when things aren't going well, the anti-Moyes brigade will come on here and vent. When things are going well, the pro-Moyes Boys will be here praising him. I think to critisise the opinions of a collective is very short-sighted.

I always try and give DM credit if he does well but I'm not afraid to say when he is not. If this is where we are after 9 years of team building, then he HAS to go.

Ancellotti looks like he is about to be given the boot because Chelsea have lost 3 games and in the eyes of the Chelsea board, a run like this is unacceptable.

OK, he has greater resource than us and I am not suggesting that any manager of ours should be sacked for 3 bad games, but this is endless bad play and a major part of the reason that we have poor resource is DM and BK. BK needs to go because he is running us into the ground and DM has bought all these players and had the time to mould them into what they are now: SHIT.

When we drew against Man UTD, I was gutted because our performance was one of the worst I have seen in years against a then struggling giant. The 2 goals at the end showed spirit from the players but the we were disgustingly poor for the majority of the game and I thought then if we play like this for the rest of the year, we will go down. I then got slated for saying so because everyone was on a high for getting a draw (rare result these days) but the fact is that this squad and his tactics DO NOT WORK and we are in serious trouble.

When should we be happy to accept shit? NEVER!!! IF YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR EVERTON FC, MOVE ON OR WE SHOULD MOVE THEM ON, not defend this. I applaud your loyalty to the club, I do, but I strongly believe that (even if you ignore the table) no club that took itself seriously would allow this kind of performance week-in and week-out.

Brian Foley
74   Posted 28/11/2010 at 11:19:31

Report abuse

Guy @69

Good point about Liverpool & Spurs but if we'd won yesterday and beaten Newcastle at home we'd be level with Spurs (albeit prior to todays ko) who are supposed to be having a cracking season, so it's all a bit weird isn't it. Also most, if not ALL the above posts wouldn't have been written either.

I am in the Moyes corner generally but I have to admit I am very concerned with the lack of imagination when picking teams at present and even when Moysey looks at the league table this morning, he'll also be thinking that, if we were 6 points better off, we'd be Europe chasing (which may well happen) but he's got to take the blinkers off and go for it a lot more.
Norman Merrill
75   Posted 28/11/2010 at 11:38:45

Report abuse

Tom Cambell, you have every right to defend Moyes... did you go to the match? And what did you make of his team selection?
Joe McMahon
76   Posted 28/11/2010 at 12:00:16

Report abuse

All those wanting Owen Coyle, who are we to think he would want to join us? Their (Bolton's) facilities and stadium make ours look like something from the 30s.

Also, our Chairman isn't exactly appealing is he? Don't get me wrong ? I would love Owen at our club, in fact anyone other than the negative, dour, overpaid, clueless twat we have now. NINE years... how long does he need?

Paul Gladwell
77   Posted 28/11/2010 at 12:10:50

Report abuse

1. Sick of driving the game waiting for his usual brainwave 2 o`clock team selection.
2. Sick of the negative shite they play.
3. Sick of the usual late subs trying to rectify HIS mistakes.
4. Sick of sitting in the Park End getting ridiculed by fans of tin-pot clubs.
5. Sick of leaving early to avoid this ridicule.
6. Sick of his treatment of Coleman, even when the lad plays well, he has a go at his flaws ? is he bitter about how the fans forced his inclusion?
7. Sick of fellow blues asking me "Who would we get?"
8. Sick of Ssharp on the way home not having the balls to crticise Moyes.
9. Sick of non-Blues in the pub afterwards telling me we are lucky to have him.
10. Sick of the papers full of non-Evertonian pundits telling us we are lucky to have him.
11. Sick of him believing his own hype and NEVER blaming himself; yesterday he blamed Beckford... well, play the lad and get him sharp and those misses will turn to goals ? at least he is getting himself chances, unlike the other two piss-taking fuckers.
Paul Gladwell
78   Posted 28/11/2010 at 13:29:26

Report abuse

Tom, a more ambitious club would have sacked him years ago. He will end up at Celtic or Newcastle, never in a million years will he manage Man Utd, they will not touch him with a barge pole.
Steve Pugh
79   Posted 28/11/2010 at 13:46:39

Report abuse

I suppose it might be because of where I live, but I would be quite happy to get Paul Lambert in as a replacement for Moyes. He has worked wonders at Norwich with very little money.
Brian Waring
80   Posted 28/11/2010 at 13:57:44

Report abuse

Tom, it's not just 10 games though is it, it's been 9 years, of negative, defensive, tactically inept football.

There is one phrase I have heard over the last few weeks, and it's this ? "Moyes will turn it round, he always does."

Can you see the problem with that line?

Guy Hastings
81   Posted 28/11/2010 at 14:22:22

Report abuse

I'm with Dave Charles on MO'N ? the longer "he's doing nothing", the better.
Liu Weixian
82   Posted 28/11/2010 at 14:22:57

Report abuse

The people who are calling for Moyes to be sacked aren't betraying him. He is being paid a fortune to manage the club but, after nearly a decade in charge, he has won nothing.

He is tactically clueless (plays people out of position), asks his team to play negative football (it's 4-5-1 against mighty Wolves and West Brom), lacks attacking sense (20 touches in midfield before losing the ball), and screwed up every striker who has played for us.

If you want to know what a real manager is, please look at the bloke who is managing the Shite now.

Guy Wilkinson
83   Posted 28/11/2010 at 15:12:30

Report abuse

Brian @75... ? And if we'd won every game we'd be top of the league, but we are where we are, and it's not a nice place.

Joe @77... Coyle would come as it's a step up to a bigger club ? larger average attendances, higher profile.
Leon Perrin
84   Posted 28/11/2010 at 16:20:52

Report abuse

Moyes has NEVER ? I repeat, NEVER ? been a top manager, he's a one-trick pony with survival on his mind... full stop. Evertonians brought up on real football have watched with unlimited patience as excuse after well worn excuse has been proffer by the Sky fans.

One or two promising performances last season, with Mystic Meg predictions (24 years!!) and blindness to a 6-1 Arsenal drubbing and Chelsea Cup Final debacle, his stock remained high... in fact, this excuse-free season would at last show the real Moyes.

Baffling player selection, shit scared tactics, ponderous play, good players playing for a move. Could it be any clearer? ... his lifebelt of excuses have gone; he's out of his depth.

To the bed wetters who say "knee-jerk", "be careful what you wish for", "who could we get in" ? we need to start having a real go with some verve and pace make the place vibrant again and that means anyone over the ghostly Moyes. Knee-jerk? After all these years, I must have real bad arthritis and haven't noticed.

He's become our Benitez (unfortunately based on coming 4th rather than winning the CL); how poignant.

Andy Crooks
85   Posted 28/11/2010 at 16:20:05

Report abuse

Brian Waring, exactly. He always does because he always has to.. Why? Because he's a second-rate coach utterly out of his depth. Give him a decent squad, which he has, and he couldn't make a decision to save his life.
Chris Sillett
86   Posted 29/11/2010 at 12:35:44

Report abuse

I think I'll be voting with my feet in the summer. Unless something changes at the club, either Moyes leaving or Kenwright going, I can't see myself renewing my season ticket.

It's just utter garbage at the moment, it was the same situation this time last year and it's not going to be any different next season. £500+ to sit in the freezing cold to watch us get out played by West Brom? Naaa, not anymore thanks.
Steve Pugh
87   Posted 29/11/2010 at 12:29:58

Report abuse

Moyes is not a second rate coach. What he did for Everton during the early part of his tenure was incredible. He turned our club around virtually single handedly with no help from the board whatsoever. I think some people on here need to remember that before they slag him off.

However, that doesn't mean to say he shouldn't go. It appears to me that he is frustrated with the club and hasn't got the desire to try anything anymore. If he does leave he will walk into a good job elsewhere and you will probably see that club improve dramatically. There might even be posts on here questioning why we let him go.

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