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Please let this be the Wigan effect!

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Take yourselves back two seasons. A very indifferent start to the season culminated in a November live TV game away against Wigan. We lost 1-0 and put on possibly the worst showing ever seen under Moyes (yes, it was THAT bad). After the gam,e you could tell Moyes was in a state of disbelief ? as I was too.

However, that game acted as some sort of trigger that galvanised the players (and manager?) to reach some impressive heights for the remainder of the season.

So, have things reached the lowest ebb against West Brom on Saturday? Does this mean that enough is enough and we start to show 200% drive and determination to go with our occasionally neat passing? Perhaps one of our ?strikers? will actually hit the net? my money's on Anichebe to achieve this first. He looked OK, and really does offer something different.

Bring on Chelsea, as if this was the Wigan effect, then they ought to be quaking in their pink boots! I?m done now, call the asylum to pick me up.
Gareth Mercer, London     Posted 29/11/2010 at 09:09:06

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Shaun Brennan
1   Posted 29/11/2010 at 14:29:01

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Gareth, I wish I had your optimism. But I've been knocked down a bit of late. I don't see us getting anything. I thought our turning point was the 2-0 derby win. But nope.

Still I'm off to Twickenham this weekend for the rugby, were I'll be guarenteed to have an eye on my phone for match updates. Hoping for the best.

Also Chelsea have been poor of lately. They are due to dish out a good spanking. Will it be us?
Jimmy Hacking
2   Posted 29/11/2010 at 15:03:26

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I hope you are right, Gareth. Surely our players must be smarting to SOME extent after Saturday, but I gave up attempting to apply logic to Everton's form approximately 8½ years ago. Nothing would surprise me any more.
Brian Waring
3   Posted 29/11/2010 at 15:19:50

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Gareth, the players and manager are paid a fortune, that should be the trigger needed from day one of the season.
Jay Harris
4   Posted 29/11/2010 at 15:35:24

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I hate to say it Gareth but that "Wigan" spirit has long gone nad I fear for the club right now.

Kenwrights soundbites have long since gone stale and now Moyes has given into critisising individuals.

The supporters have mostly lost the faith so where is our inspiration to come from?
Lee Courtliff
5   Posted 29/11/2010 at 15:56:03

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I wrote almost the same piece stating the Hull game last season as the turning point. God I hope we are right, Gareth. COYB.
Nick Entwistle
6   Posted 29/11/2010 at 17:55:12

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I've been looking for the usual catalyst moment all season, we've had plenty of matches it coulda/shoulda happened and I don't think anything is going to change, not until a striker can get his foot behind the ball (and over it in Beckford's case).

It will happen, and we'll be back to our strong selves once more, but we're 10 points off any meaningful European competition and the form doesn't look like its going to change any time soon.

Right now, I'd be happy if we could just top Liverpool but that will be touch and go also. Bring on January.
Paul Olsen
7   Posted 29/11/2010 at 19:36:56

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Somehow it feels the troubles go deeper than previously and I am truly concerned. Hopefully you are right.
David Hallwood
8   Posted 29/11/2010 at 21:01:33

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I don't get to many away games these days, but I had the misfortune to be at that one, on a freezing Monday (or was it Tuesday) night and we were piss poor-worse than I've ever seen us. I think our next game was against Spurs @WHL and we beat them 1-0.

So I sort of agree with you Gareth, because I think last season we played Hull City almost a year to the day of playing Wigan and by all acoounts we were even worse. We've been here before and have come out the other side, it's just hard to be optimistic at the moment.
Paul Gallagher
9   Posted 29/11/2010 at 22:00:11

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The most worrying thing about the way were playing is there is no fight or hunger to win the ball back from the opposition that was always something you could rely on with a Moyes side. There could be two reason's for this: either we think we're better than what we are and all we have to do is turn up against the likes of West Brom and turn them over without breaking sweat; or Moyes has lost the dressing room and they're not playing for him.
Russell Buckley
10   Posted 29/11/2010 at 22:08:00

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The major concern for me is we have had several wake up calls this season and the players and Moyes are still fast asleep.

Not being in European football you would logically think that the domestic cups would take on greater importance. Still we get turfed out of the League Cup and continue to play like crap.
Derek Thomas
11   Posted 30/11/2010 at 09:41:25

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The only Effect that has any bearing on the matter is the very basic...

Cause and Effect and the cause is


No sorry, Moyes is not the cause he is the Symptom.

The real cause is 40 years of failure at Board level.

Oh and Fucking Murdoch and his Sky.

The cure short term is a new Coach

Long term ... a Miracle.

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