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Pre-Match Tension

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I have been reading the largely negative posts on the site, whilst following the largely negative run of results of the team. I can?t help but feel that there is not too much wrong with the way the team is actually playing (on the deck, pass and move etc?).

Alright they are not doing these things that well, but they have been doing them significantly better than most of their opponents. Despite this the team is still drawing and losing... and, as they say, the table never lies.

In my opinion, the real problem is the tension within the team. They look too nervous and wound up. The frustration of the fans and the manager is clearly getting to them, and this is leading to mistakes and a gradual diminishing in the quality of the footy they play. This is Moyes?s problem, but what I wonder is your opinion of how it should be solved?
Gavin McGarvey, Puebla, Mexico     Posted 12/12/2010 at 04:10:55

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Michael Kenrick
1   Posted 12/12/2010 at 07:35:12

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Derek Thomas
2   Posted 12/12/2010 at 07:47:12

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PMT; Large doses of evening primrose oil all around. This is every week. At least with Herself, it's only once a month... and if I get really lucky a hormones in a frenzy leg over.

Instead, all I get is fucked over weekly... or should that be weakly?
Alan Clarke
3   Posted 12/12/2010 at 08:01:36

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How can you tell what the tension is like from Mexico? We are not blind followers. We are not uneducated fans that should just cheer no matter what. We care about our club and right now all our efforts should be put into showing how pissed off we are with Moyes so he fucks off.
Kunal Desai
4   Posted 12/12/2010 at 08:16:13

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Two strikers who could scores goals would do for a start, oh I forgot we never play with two strikers.
Dick Fearon
5   Posted 12/12/2010 at 09:48:28

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I honestly believe Moyes has hit a brick wall. Having formed the opinion that 4-5-1 is the only way to succeed, nothing in the world can change his mind.

Instead of reading that he is disappointed with our strikers I would rather read that every day he is giving them extra shooting practice. Then he could say exactly what extra practice our ball-throwers and free-kick artistes are doing.

Peter Laing
6   Posted 12/12/2010 at 10:04:33

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Gavin, if you want answers, herein lies the problem: the anxiety and frustration that generates within the stands transfers onto the pitch every successive game that we continue on this dreadful run of form.

After 9 years in charge and clearly without the financial support required from Bill Kenwright and the Board, David Moyes looks devoid of ideas. The football is toothless, one-dimensional and quite frankly boring to boot.

I am actually at the stage where I can't actually motivate myself anymore; I turn up to the home games due to the fact that I continue to outlay some £600 each season in blind optimism of something happening. The club is stale and stagnant and without radical change we are probably going to be stuck in this rut for sometime to come.

Tony Cheek
7   Posted 12/12/2010 at 12:13:36

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Right... might get crucified for this but what about starting without Cahill? Beckford and Yak up front, and use Tim as a powersub.

I would just like to see, for one game, that we start with two strikers. We are going to have to manage without Cahill soon, and to be honest, he is not really a 90-minute man. Think of the impact bringing him on as sub would do as well... worth a try, I reckon!!

Ged Simpson
8   Posted 12/12/2010 at 12:41:17

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I think we have a team that plays OK but the obvious problem is the poor strikers we have. We are not in a position to give Beckford time to settle. The suggestion of using Tim or Felli is sad.

So I imagine I am Moyes... Well the obvious thing to do is buy a decent striker in January.

There lies the problem.
Dave Lynch
9   Posted 12/12/2010 at 13:36:54

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Only way to solve it is to sack him and get someone in who will actually gain the respect of the players, because I think he has lost it to be honest.

I know Anichebe is no Messi, but to turn down a contract of that size speaks volumes to me.

Brian Waring
10   Posted 12/12/2010 at 13:35:29

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"So I imagine I am Moyes"
  • I don't bring Saha back in for the Yak, while the Yak was starting to show a bit of form, and then continue playing Saha, even though he has been shite.
  • I don't play a striker, who has just come back from injury, one week as a right winger (dropping Coleman to accomadate him) and then bring him on to play as a left winger.
  • I don't continue playing Heitinga, as a defensive midfielder, when you have Rodwell sitting on the bench.
  • I don't have Arteta, our most creative player, playing so deep, that he doesn't have any effect on the game.
  • I stop being so negative, and actually just go for it, especially at home.
  • I stop blaming the players, when at the end of the day, the buck stops with me.
Anyone care to add any more?
Brian Waring
11   Posted 12/12/2010 at 13:48:28

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By the way, I know Rodwell has been playing instead of Heitinga, but he had been playing him week-in, week-out, even though he was poor, whilst Rodwell was sitting on the bench.
Dave Lynch
12   Posted 12/12/2010 at 14:32:24

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If I were Moyes, I would sack Round and get an assistant who actually knows something about the game. Also, I would start bigging up my players to instill a bit of belief in them.

Oh! Also playing them in their prefered positions may help.

Andy Roberts
13   Posted 12/12/2010 at 15:29:09

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If I were Moyes, I'd avoid taxis!

Wishful thinking...

Jay Harris
14   Posted 12/12/2010 at 15:30:09

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We do play with 2 strikers. It's just that one of them has been useless for the last 12 months and still gets a game.

I lost count yesterday on the number of balls into the six-yard area, where Tim Cahlill was the only player looking to get onto them, while Saha was still somewhere between the halfway line and the penalty area.

For all the Yak's criticism regarding his fitness levels, he knows where the six-yard box is ? and it sure isn't back towards the halfway line.
Rob Murphy
15   Posted 12/12/2010 at 15:53:02

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Exactly Jay. Cahill has been playing upfront all season. Can't understand people moaning about 4-5-1 all season when we are clearly playing 4-4-2.

My complaint is, what has Yak done wrong? He was awesome against the shite, looked to be playing himself bang into form... and then he's dropped. Now, even Anichebe is getting a game before him? While I don't see the players in training everyday, it just doesn't make sense??

Kris Boner
16   Posted 12/12/2010 at 18:23:59

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Michael Kenrick - You just made my somewhat depressing weekend!
Dennis Stevens
17   Posted 12/12/2010 at 18:45:29

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Moyes is unlikely to quit, at least not yet a while, & can't change the squad much, if at all, however, he could make some changes to the coaching staff ? whether that would solve our current malaise, I don't know.

My feeling is that the bold young manager who arrived back in 2002 & who obviously wants to play good football, judging by the players he's bought, has somehow lost whatever it was he had. A good manager who we all hoped might one day become a great is now looking increasingly inadequate & bereft. - TAXI!?!?!

Simon Baines
18   Posted 12/12/2010 at 22:00:45

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Alan Clarke ? what is the difference between the poster being in Mexico and someone watching the game next to the ground?

And for everyone that is saying sack Moyes can you please tell us how we are going to give the new manager a transfer kitty when we have no money? Or is this going to be the first manager in history to just want the players we have.


Brian Waring
19   Posted 12/12/2010 at 22:34:16

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Simon, this has been mentioned (where have you been?) many times...

This is a good squad of players, and what is needed is someone who can get them playing to their potential, as a team. Instead, we have square pegs in round holes, players playing shite, but still starting, week-in, week-out.

We have a manager who seems shit-scared to try anything different, so sticks with his old faithful formation. So there's the problem, Simon.

Simon Baines
20   Posted 12/12/2010 at 23:05:45

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Brian. I don't have a problem with other people's opinions, we all have our own, but the quetion was, if we have no transfer kitty for a new manager, do you actually believe the new manager will want the players we have? It would be the 1st time in history that a new manager doesn't want his own players.

And you say he doesn't try anything different yet we have gone from a team that has defended and played long ball but won 1-0 a lot, to a team that can now pass other teams off the park but can't score... so he has done a lot, or would you rather have Mike Walker or Walter Smith?

Dennis Stevens
21   Posted 12/12/2010 at 23:05:16

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Simon, any new manager will have to do as most managers have to ? sell to buy... and if he's an astute manager, he'll be able to turn a profit on players and steadily improve his squad.

Of course, success on the field of play will generate some additional revenue and also provide a boost to commercial revenues as well. D'you really reckon there'd be no takers for Moyes's job?

Simon Baines
22   Posted 12/12/2010 at 23:12:37

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No, of course there would be takers, I mean for instance a few people are saying Holloway, who I love... but come on, does anyone remember Mike Walker? He had a great couple of years with Norwich and then nearly got us relegated... be careful what you wish for.


Dennis Stevens
23   Posted 12/12/2010 at 23:27:16

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Yes Simon, I do remember Mike Walker's few months at the helm. I also remember Joe Royle succeeding him & saving us from the drop & winning the Cup.

Any change is a risk but this pitiful clinging to mediocrity for fear of failure is appalling. We are precariously close to the relegation trap-door now & if we do see a change of manager, my concern is not that they won't have any money, but that they won't have enough time to ensure our safety.

Simon Baines
24   Posted 12/12/2010 at 23:39:08

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I love big Joe, but a lot of people on here would complain if we played like the Dogs of War... O yeah, we have been playing for seasons like that, getting 1-0 wins, and everyone complained because they wanted to see lovely football (everyone thinks they're Abramovich) now we are playing good footy and certain players like the Jag who can't pass are looking out of their depth and we can't score.

I would love for us to go back to playing crap and winning 1-0 but people would still complain.


Dennis Stevens
25   Posted 13/12/2010 at 01:45:55

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Your comments regarding playing style rather miss the point, Simon. I mentioned Joe Royle merely to highlight the fact that sometimes a change can prove to be a good thing, as it also was when Moyes replaced Walter Smith.

Moyes could have been a disaster & taken the club straight down in 2002 but the Board took the risk of replacing Smith with a manager untried at this level. No doubt there were then also those who felt Smith was a safe pair of hands & that a change would be too risky.

Simon Baines
26   Posted 13/12/2010 at 01:55:39

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No, I didn't ? my point is the style of football he played kept us up, and the style of footy that Everton have been playing for the last 7-8 years has been getting us 7th and above, but supporters moaned; we now play passing footy and can't score.

What as a supporter would you prefer? Crap footy and 1-0 wins? Or nice to watch passing footy but can't hit a barn door because they're over playing? I know you will choose another option but we ain't Barca and we're not Arsenal.

Just for a second grab between your legs and choose: 1. Crap footy, 1-0 wins... or...2. Nice footy to watch... can't score?



Dennis Stevens
27   Posted 13/12/2010 at 10:42:40

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Simon, based on your last post, I don't think you've got a clue. Are you related to Moyes?
Simon Baines
28   Posted 13/12/2010 at 15:23:14

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No, but I'm a Moyes supporter, I know this is the negative site I was warned by some of my mates before coming on here, but I don't care.

And because we all have our own brains, nothing anyone says on here will change that, I was happy when we come 4th under Moyes and we have better players now so Moyes is not to blame for everything.

And if you look through every post on this site, every player has been called crap at one time or another. I think if we beat Chelsea 10-0 people would still whinge if we played crap.


Brian Waring
29   Posted 13/12/2010 at 19:47:52

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Simon, the good thing about Toffeeweb, is that you can voice your opinion no matter what your stance is on BK, Moyes or anything else to do with the club.

Some of the other sites out there just tow the club line. I imagine your mates are probalby more into the likes of blue kipper, where everything is always rosey in the garden, and you get slapped down if you dare criticise anything to do with the club.
Dennis Stevens
30   Posted 13/12/2010 at 23:43:49

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I'd never have guessed, Simon. What a shame you're not an Everton supporter seeing as this is an Evertonian website. You say you have a brain, but then say nothing anybody on here says will change your mind about being a Moyes supporter - why come onto a forum, why have a brain?

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