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In the shadows of the media

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I work in London and am used to getting all kinds of abuse off a Spurs fan especially. (Although he doesn't have an answer to the fact Spurs last won the league in black & white) but this morning they were all raving about our players with Cahill, Jags and Baines all getting special praise.

This was nice but can you spot the problem? We had to beat City away on Sky as the only game of note of the weekend due to the weather to get this exposure and credit. These lads might not have usually watched the game but needed their footie fix.

Baines and Cahill have been absolutely wonderful this campaign but have received no credit in the media. The same happened last year and the two before. When we finished fourth we got a tenth of the credit Spurs did last season. Why is this? The following reasons might explain it.

  • We aren't a Soap Opera, more a play about existentialism... therefore the media love focusing on the ridiculous dramas played out Hollyoaks style at Eastlands or St James' Park.
  • We aren't monied. It's more headline-grabbing to tell people Spurs bought David Bentley for a stupid amount whilst we brought the infinitely more successful Steven Pienaar in on loan.
  • The more corporate grounds wine and dine the media better?

I suspect it might be a mixture of the above. The decent pundits usually give us the credit we deserve but most don't as they are seduced by the Premier League brand ? which we are not at the front of.

What do we all reckon?

Andrew James, North London     Posted 21/12/2010 at 21:18:40

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Jay Harris
1   Posted 22/12/2010 at 00:15:11

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The media are full of Reds,Mancs and Norwegians.
Paul Walsh
2   Posted 22/12/2010 at 00:22:36

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Glance through a Spurs programme at the page that credits their sponsors, box-holders and other benefactors and you will see immediately why London-based Spurs enjoy such favourable media coverage. You will find numerous solicitors, advertising agencies, public relations companies and the like t
here. Some of the capital's wealthiest and influential individuals and businesses follow the Cock. They are able to generate their own publicity.
Jason Lam
3   Posted 22/12/2010 at 03:39:16

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Here's some fine tributes:
Shaun Brennan
4   Posted 22/12/2010 at 09:22:42

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I would have thought the free kick that Baines riffled into the Spurs net earlier this season would have got him some notice?

On a side note, I live in London too and all the lads I works with, Arsenal, Spurs and Chelsea fans have nothing but admiration & respect for Everton.

David Thomas
5   Posted 22/12/2010 at 09:32:17

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We have never courted the media as a club like others have done. This dates back to the sixties when Busby, Revie, Shankly and later Clough all loved talking to the media and making headlines. Catterick hated this side of the game.

The media are full of Liverpool supporters because when they were growing up they were the dominant team and all these people from all over the country adopted them as their team. Give it 15-20 years and most of the media will be United fans or Chelsea fans because they have grown up with those clubs dominating.
Andrew Conroy
6   Posted 22/12/2010 at 09:52:03

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'We aren't a Soap Opera, more a play about existentialism'.

Amazing, Andrew!!!!!

What d'yer reckon, are we The Plague or The Outsider?
Paul Fuller
7   Posted 22/12/2010 at 10:00:20

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Andrew - I have the very same problem. I am Essex born a Breed and still live there and work in the City. I noticed on the train yesterday morning that all the back pages looking back at me referred to how pleased Man City were that Tevez was not leaving, but no mention of the game - which is ironic cause surely the game is what we are all interested in not the soap opera lives of over paid Footballers.

Now I have long had a theorey that you can tell how big a club is by the support you see away from the area the club is based.

Obvilusy you go anywhere in the world you will see Man Utd, Barcelona, Real Madrid etc Sadly, to be fair you also see a shed load of Liverpool Shirts in the London area, in fact (& sadly again) most supported team amongst my mates is Liverpool.

However, as frustrating as our media coverage is, and I know its bad cause even my none football loving girlfriend say, "they never talk about Everton", you DO see a heathy amount of Everton Shirt outside of Liverpool. The fact the Andrew from North London and me from Essex are posting on this site bears testiment to that!

Two points:

1) The Club, like Man Utd, needs to make the most of this and think nation / international not just L7.

2)a worrying thing is I'm not seeing many none Liverpool inhabiting Everton Supporters under 30, most, like me, are in their 30's minimum - which means in years to come Everton we will only be a locally support club and that will have finacial implications for sure.

While banging on one thing which has been up setting me. After all the shouting about our "national" Deal with JJB (I think it was them), I could never get any Everton stuff in my local store - but there was plenty of Man Utd, Barcelona, Real Madrid Liverpool etc.

While we are nationally supported, there is clearly not the money both in merchandise to pedal or soap opera to report and therefore we will alway remain un-interesting and until that changes Andrew and I will just have to get used to it!
Chris Briddon
8   Posted 22/12/2010 at 11:05:09

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I don't know why you guys are always surprised by this - even in the 80s when we were the best team around, media still talked of Liverpool, Man Utd, Arsenal and Spurs as well - even when Arsenal, Man Utd & Spurs won chuff all.

Since the premierl league started, we have been a mid table club, only in the last 5 years has this changed and we have become a consistent top 8 finisher. Prior to that we were languishing in the lower half of the league and not really threatening to win anything - so surprisingly the media isn't interested in us.

I have been an Everton supporter for over 30 years, but some people on here seem to have an over inflated opinion of where Everton FC are nationally & internationally. Yes we have a good history, but since the inception of the PL, that counts for nothing anymore, its what you have acheived since 1992 that conuts!
Ben Howard
9   Posted 22/12/2010 at 11:02:52

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As a Southerner I often find myself having to justify my love for Everton. 'I was born up norf innit geezer' is usually enough to convince people of my credibility. However I moved to the south coast when I was 2 years old and both my parents are from London so I didn't really have any affinity with Liverpool. if I'm totally honest I chose Everton when I was about 7 due to the fact that we were doing rather well and there was media exposure. The irony is - I was a 7 year old Glory Hunter!!!
Richard Dodd
10   Posted 22/12/2010 at 11:59:28

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Like most of us, the southern press think the world of David Moyes and justifiably sing his praises constantly.

We can hardly expect to monopolise the headlines on the back of 4 wins all season, though, can we?

Charles King
11   Posted 22/12/2010 at 11:59:37

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Scouse martyr complex.

If we were newsworthy we'd be in the news, if we played in exciting games we would'nt be last on MOTD.

Chris @ 7, sorry to disagree mate.
I moved to the midlands in the early eighties, when Kendal had us doing the biz the papers and TV were full of us.

Subbuteo had us as the default picture on their box (I've still got it), the bookies had action shots of Sharpie in the windows.

Should'nt whine, don't want to be classed as koppites.
Adam Bennett
12   Posted 22/12/2010 at 12:34:41

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You only need to look at the last three Liverpool correspondents in the Liverpool Echo ? Chris Bascombe, Dominic King (the name escapes me of the one in between those two) ? have all ended up at national papers. The best bit being that Bascombe continually slated The Sun (for obvious reasons) then goes and works for News of the World, which is basically The Sun on Sunday!

I wonder why the nationals don?t come calling for the Echo?s Everton correspondents?
Matthew Mackey
13   Posted 22/12/2010 at 12:49:38

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I can accept the fact that we don't get that much media attention, it's been like this for all the years I have supported Everton, but what gets on my tits is that when we do get it, the media treat us with disrespect. I'll give you a typical example (and there are many more like this).......

On Sunday night, after a severely depleted football programme over the weekend, the "sports" reporter on Sky News (not Sky Sports News) was excited by the fact that the game at Eastlands on Monday night was likely to still go ahead. He then went on to comment upon how Man City WILL reach the "top of the tree" at Christmas for the first time in 30 odd years and that the fans will therefore have a lovely Christmas. It was a done deal in the way he said it and not one mention of the fact that Everton would actually be there trying to win the game as well. He had such a smug grin on his face as he presented this "fact" that City would be in top spot that I just wanted to kick the tele in. This is typical of the southern media reporting shites who basically know fuk all about football. On Monday night after the game I quickly turned over to Sky News to see if this prick was still smiling but unfortunately it was someone else in his place who spend about 10 seconds talking about the game and result followed by about three minutes of how Carlos Tezes had retracted his transfer request.

When you're up against this type of bias reporting you know it's an uphill struggle to get parity.
Tony J Williams
14   Posted 22/12/2010 at 12:57:08

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I did notice that on the back of teh papers yesterday it was more about Tevez than the game and I can guarrantee you that had Citteh won they would have got a lot more than the two pages we ended up with.

I actually read in the Mirror that "Everton were there for the taking"....errr why?

Doesn't bother me much, as the press has always been crap with us.
KPR Williams
15   Posted 22/12/2010 at 13:23:48

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we didn't blew it..


Money has turned them from nobodies to rich nobodies.
Jimmy Hacking
16   Posted 22/12/2010 at 13:50:12

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Aaaargh enough with this childish conspiracy theory!

Newspaper editors have one aim only: to shift as many papers as possible.

TV producers have one aim only: to attract as many viewers as possible.

Advertising executives have one aim only: to flog as many products as possible.

the reason we don't get as much publicity as City or Spurs or Bloody Newcastle or whoever is because your average Joe, be he from London or ANYWHERE, wants to read about those teams, and the crazy shenanigans which constantly surround them. its that simple.

Why would a fleet street journalist want to write an article about Everton, when there's nothing of any genuine interest to write about? It is Everton's fault, not the entire worldwide media.
Peter Webster
17   Posted 22/12/2010 at 13:59:31

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Andrew @ 5

Surely "Waiting for Godot"?...and watching for him 24/7. Theatre of the Absurd is more apt.
Lee Courtliff
18   Posted 22/12/2010 at 13:52:40

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We don't get a lot of media attention/hype because we have won just one trophy in nearly a quarter of a century. We also have no real money so we can't afford to buy the big names.

We occupy the same city as the most successful team in this country's history and therefore are bound to be overlooked. We are not a crazy gung-ho team that attract the casual viewer with our carefree attacking play (also see stupid, naive, Sunday League play). I see no reason why we should get any attention because, think about it before you start slagging me, what do we actually offer people who have no love for the club?

Spurs have always been thought of as an attacking team even way back to when I started watching football in '89. They had Lineker and Gazza. These days they get players like Van der Vaart who carry big reputations so fans of other clubs will tune in to see how they get on. Obviously Bale will attract attention with his superb games against Milan.

Like it or not, Newcastle will live off their "entertainers" tag for a long while yet. Manure and the Shite have won many trophies and have the famous, dramatic, late, jammy, stuffy, fucking lucky comebacks in Champions League finals to boast about. Arsenal play the best "carpet" football. Man City are the new "story" due to unprecedented investment. Chelsea are the current champs of England. Blackpool are the underdogs striking a blow for the working man!

If you had to write a story about any team in the Premier League based on what they have done in the last 25 years would you really pick Everton? Of course we would, 8 days a week, but some cockney journalist doesn't love Everton like we do.

Remember that saying that went something like-"build it and they will come". Well, entertain them or win something consistently and the media will come. Just like they did to Newcastle, Spurs, Blackpool, Man Utd, Liverpool, etc. We are not being hard done by!!

Larry Boner
19   Posted 22/12/2010 at 14:39:06

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Everton took the game to City early, despite being without Pienaar, Arteta and Heitinga, went 2 goals up (the snide comments by Gray about Anichebe's pass were nauseating, can't see that remark if it's Torres or Gerrard making the pass) should have scored again when Osman broke with support.

We lost Anichebe after and hour, lost Jagielka, had Hibbert at CB and despite some biased reffing, City never actually scored a goal, we scored all 3.

It's this "they shall not pass" attitude that has been missing, it's great that we try to play football, but you need a team that can scrap for the ball when you lose it (Barcelona, world's best team, world's best at closing teams down and winning the ball).

This season we have played Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Spurs, City and lost only once. Conversely we have played, Blackburn, Bolton, Wigan, West Brom, Wolves and Fulham, won none -? the analogy is clear to me, we can match the big sides, football wise, but we need to up our game in the same way against the so-called lesser sides. Everton have missed a great opportunity this season to make a name for themselves, the overall quality of the league has evened itself out. Birmingham next up will be an interesting fixture, Arteta and Pienaar possibly back, a new CB pairing.

Michael Kidd
20   Posted 22/12/2010 at 15:43:44

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It's a vicious circle - the media print or show what they think people want and people are in turn influenced by the media. And there's a good deal of glory-hunting as well. Here in South Africa, it's pretty much only the Sky four and the two big Spanish clubs whose replica shirts you see around.

When I was younger, I used to get Shoot! magazine as often as I could and it is interesting to compare how that used to be with the likes of Match that are available today. Shoot used to have proper articles, that took up a whole page or more. Nowadays, everything is in bite-size chunks and there are pictures everywhere. In Shoot! you got a different team pic of a top league team every week and there were always team pics of teams from the other divisions too. In Match in 2010, you battle to find anything not from the Sky 4 and there's no way at all anything out of the Premier League will be there.

On a similar note, I spent some time earlier this year with my brother who lives just outside Southend and I went into the JJB there. Probably the closest Premier League team to Southend is West Ham, yet the only replica kits you could find there (other than piles of half-price England kits ? this was after the World Cup) were the Sky 4 and Barcelona and one Celtic shirt as far as I can recall. Not even a Southend kit! The same principle would apply here ? the store sells what they think people want to buy.

Having said all of that, I find it quite satisfying that I am one of the refined few who support Everton in South Africa! Who wants to be a sheep?

Charlie Percival
21   Posted 22/12/2010 at 17:40:06

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Who cares what a corrupt media thinks?
Andrew Conroy
22   Posted 22/12/2010 at 17:49:36

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Richard (10):

'Like most of us, the southern press think the world of David Moyes and justifiably sing his praises constantly.'

It was iffy enough when you were peddling this 'Like most of us' line when we were at the other end of the table. In this Age of Reason, and on these pages at least, it seems to me that David Moyes is polarising opinion like never before. So your 'most of us' platitudes don't cut it for me I'm afraid.

I don't know what 'us' you're speaking of, but it certainly doesn't include me.
Andrew Conroy
23   Posted 22/12/2010 at 18:00:01

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Peter @17,

Those and Nausea, which Louis Saha often gives me bouts of.

According to The Guardian- which I actually think gives us a very fair hearing, to get back on topic- Saha is off to Bordueax.
Ajay Gopal
24   Posted 22/12/2010 at 17:49:06

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Pleasantly surprised to see my newspaper this morning in Bangalore showing a colour picture of Baines, Cahill and Fella grinning at me from the cover page under the headline "Everton leave City gasping"! COYB! !
Paul Olsen
25   Posted 22/12/2010 at 18:30:11

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Bah, media this media that. Who cares?

We ain´t big enough to warrant back to back coverage and we haven´t been for a long time. Of course soap opera behaviour and big money attract more attention, it´s not a big puzzle.

Now if we´d only could stop complaining about no billionaires buying us, the media hating us, ref´s helping out rich clubs (shit any club except Everton), the lack of loyalty in all the players we have saved from the scrapheap and all the other ridiculous schemes some people in here cook up every now and then I could go back into my slumber. A slumber I like to call my period of being an Evertonian. No one has an agenda to silence Everton, we are just insignificant.

Let´s talk about Birmingham instead.

Ehm, sorry about that. I´ll retire to my rocking chair now.
Col Noon
26   Posted 22/12/2010 at 18:37:30

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Tony 14 - sums it up perfectly

"Doesn't bother me much, as the press has always been crap with us. "

That saved me 15 seconds.

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