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Aloyalty: Pienaar et alia

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I'd like to introduce a footballing concept: Aloyalty. Just as one can talk of something being moral, immoral or amoral, I think we need to have this idea in football.

Players (Pienaar, Bent, Keane, Lescott and the rest) don't feel loyalty to their clubs, they don't feel that a club helped them to develop, paid them handsomely when they were injured, offered them a stage in which to make their name, and above all the fans often gave them adoration.

What they do feel is I want more money and glory, to them it's not being disloyal, it's simply the way of the world and the concepts of loyalty and disloyalty is irrelevant and alien. They have what I am now calling an aloyal attitude, an attitude which in their minds, is simply the way things are and they can't understand the silly saps who help to pay their wages and who support one team through their whole life.

So next time a player, like Darren Bent, twitters that Spurs must let him go to Sunderland and two years later decides that he must go to Aston Villa, don't accuse him of disloyalty, just remember loyalty and disloyalty are not the issue, he's just being aloyal.
Richard Tarleton, Rutland     Posted 18/01/2011 at 16:41:39

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Brian Garside
1   Posted 18/01/2011 at 17:24:23

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S.P. is moving for a pay rise.
Wouldn´t you?
S.P. should be applauded on his return to Goodison, if he can get in the team!!!
Al Reddish
2   Posted 18/01/2011 at 17:28:43

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At least we all now know that this is what God wanted him to do. Can't believe Harry has tapped up the big man too!
Matt Brown
3   Posted 18/01/2011 at 17:27:54

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I'd probably be 'aloyal' if I got offered £70,000 a week and the chance to play in the Champions League.

I agree with what you say in principal but in reality it doesn't happen.

Fair play to him, but he won't be half the player he was with us.
David Barks
4   Posted 18/01/2011 at 17:28:39

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And if you want to apply that concept then apply it to the fans as well. Arteta is getting tons of flack for his performances this season. The second a player starts to have a couple mistakes supporters want them sold. So supporters are completely fine with choosing when the loyalty the THEIR club is cut, but if a player has the chance for a pay raise at another club, that's not okay. Things are simply the way they are. Pienaar was out of contract, and legally could choose where he wanted to go next season. Everton decided to cash in on him while they could. That's the system, deal with it.
Anthony Jaras
5   Posted 18/01/2011 at 17:25:46

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I think it sometimes shows the character of a player in the method or reasoning he uses to engineer a move away from a club that he is seemingly happy at.

With Darren Bent, it is clearly all about money, as Villa are looking awful and Sunderland have played some decent football and are on the up this season, while Villa are in decline.

Steven Pienaar is moving for a bit of both, money and glory and the fact that he has chosen Spurs over Chelsea, indicates that he wants Champions League football in a side on the up. It could be argued that the money offered by Chelsea - reportedly less than Spurs - was the deciding factor, or it could be a simple fact that Spurs have a younger, hungrier squad. However, with the talented midfield at Spurs, will he get a look in?

We all pretty much know who the players are who play for the love of the game as well as the money and we can all see the mercenaries, simply hanging around for the cash. They can be spotted a mile off.
Dave Roberts
6   Posted 18/01/2011 at 17:27:43

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Brian Garside

Well actually no....not necessarily. 30 years ago my employer invested £32.000 getting me professionally qualified within my line of work.

In return, although I had opportunities to reach for the cash and earn more elsewhere I repaid my employer's investment in me with a lifetime of work....loyalty if you like.

We're not all mercenary bastards you know. There is just a little more to life than money and anyone who doesn't think so must be quite sad really.
Robert Johnson
7   Posted 18/01/2011 at 17:24:24

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You're right of course, but I honestly don't know what else people would expect. I've developed a lot in my current job, it's improved my CV and will probably help me get a better paid job next. I like the organisation I work for and the other people at it. But if someone else offers me say 20% more, I'll be off with fond memories but no guilt whatsoever.
I'm not saying there aren't exceptions - some players, like Cahill, obviously feel differently about it.
But Pienaar's done a great job for us, he's seen out the duration of his contract rather than agitating for a move half way through it, like Lescott or Rooney did, and we're getting our money back on him, so as gutted as I am he's off, I've got no complaints.
Ben Jones
8   Posted 18/01/2011 at 17:37:22

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I've got no problems with Pienaar moving it all.

He put in a good shift for us and never once slagged us off to the media, so he clearly likes the club.

Nothing wrong with choosing a club with Champs League football. The only thing that is up is I hope Moyes can use the money wisely.
Dave Roberts
9   Posted 18/01/2011 at 17:34:35

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....and as for the lad himself....played well at times but somewhat overrated. He thinks he is better than he really is. Very few goals, very few assists, over ambitious passing and more often than he was good he was bloody frustrating.

We won't miss him much...if at all.
Anthony Jaras
10   Posted 18/01/2011 at 17:35:33

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Agree with you there Dave. I once worked in a place that I absoutely despised, so I quit and took on a job with £9,000 less pay per annum.

The result was I bloody loved that new job and I stopped being a miserable git and started enjoying life again.

Happiness comes before money and I would rather have just enough to get by, with a smile on my face than have £10million in the bank and a frown all the time.
Brian Waring
11   Posted 18/01/2011 at 17:39:24

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Dave, I think we missed him on Sunday.
Anthony Jaras
12   Posted 18/01/2011 at 17:41:57

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Pienaar did the small, ugly things (chasing down, shielding the ball, winning free kicks, alleviating pressure, etc) very, very well and we will miss that greatly.

My fear is that Baines' game will suffer now as Pienaar freed up a lot of space for Leighton to run into and their link up play was dynamite. Pienaar also helped Baines defend that left flank well too.
Col Hughes
13   Posted 18/01/2011 at 17:36:07

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You cant blame pienaar for moving to a club with ambition and board that backs the manager, since he signed we have not moved on like spurs have.
Im getting really sick of hearing how skint we are, and that we have no investment coming in, while everybody around us is looking to buy players,
Our future looks bad to me at the minute, We should of really kicked on this season, but typical of everton, when you expect somethin good, they disappoint, thanks for putting your hand in your wallet Bill,
Tim Spring
14   Posted 18/01/2011 at 17:34:15

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We can all look at the Pienaar situation as Everton fans and have a go that he didn't sign for us, or question loyalty for leaving but what was there for him at Goodison anymore, he was never a fan before he came so had no ties to the club apart from that Moyes took him from Dortmund obscurity to the heights of the Premier League.

As a blue I'm gutted he has left, but I don't blame him at all. It's not peanuts fault that "Blue Bill" can't find the mystery investor to end all our worries, or dip into his theatrical pockets to find a few more pounds to keep him happy.

If you are at the top of your game and cannot take that forward where you are, why stay when you have more money and champions league football just a few stones throws away?

We need 30 million invested minimum to challenge for honours, Pienaar is not an idiot and, baring a return of Lee Carsley, Marcus Bent and Kenidine Kilbane, we are never going to get a champs league place in the next couple of years. By that stage he is the wrong side of 30 and has missed his chance.

Also football is a game of chance, if he breaks his leg tomorrow his career could be over, players take the chance when they can because it might not come round again..

I think it is really harsh to put him in the same category as Darren Bent, he has never forced a transfer and has given 100% up until the transfer was being finalised at the weekend.

I hope he isn't booed on his return to Goodison, I just hope he doesn't play that well against us when he does!

Also he wrote this on twitter today - "To end speculation I am going to Spurs. I've had brilliant years at Everton and it will always be a special place in my heart." He might be humouring us but I think he is genuine.

Dave Roberts
15   Posted 18/01/2011 at 17:43:53

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Yeah you miss him because he's not running around like a mosquito.

But just examine his real CONTRIBUTION!

A wonderful goal against Arsenal, a sweet free-kick against Chelsea and...from then on it gets difficult. His final ball was crap 8 times out of 10. Baines made his life easier for him on the left by making expectations of him simpler..

He was very poor in the World Cup despite all the advantages of home soil and being South Africa's most famous player (just about) He was a very useful lad to have around but he was the fulcrum of precisely nowt!
Julian Wait
16   Posted 18/01/2011 at 17:51:18

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I don't see not signing a contract extension as a bad thing, it's perfectly reasonable. In his shoes, I would make the same decision he has made. i.e. Pay rise pus CL footy.

Moyes himself has said that Pienaar has done everything asked of him this season. I really don't think we can be upset with the lad.

He had a contract, he was prepared to play it out (and play well), now Everton accepted the offer and that's it. He will move on and we must do the same. I really think he should be given a great reception on return, because he never let us down.

I am a bit worried about Pienaar playing LM for spurs and them moving Bale back to LB (to replace the muppet that played against us the other week). I think it is the final piece to the Spurs jigsaw and Harry knows it.
John Keating
17   Posted 18/01/2011 at 17:58:43

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Lets not be too naive. Players and clubs have always manipulated moves to suit themselves.
What I find unforgiveable is the club, my club, losing out to manipulative players and their agents.
I don't mind the manipulation coming from my club but not from the agents and players.
Yes it may be one way but tough. EFC is still here and I'm stuck with them. Players, far better than SP come and go and their loyalty, if you can call it that, moves with them.
The club should offer new conditions to players they want far earlier than they do. If the player, after a fair period of time, does not agree then the club should get rid asap for the best deal.
Mick Wrende
18   Posted 18/01/2011 at 18:02:46

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He will be a flop at Spurs just like Lescott at City. His only position will be left wing despite what Harry says and that wont fit in with Spurs current set up. So he will probably be sub and fade into nothing. Not only that but he has been crap for every other team he has played for. Footballers have no brains so just look at the money - had he stayed with us he would be a regular for some years but at spurs he will be an also ran.
Richard Tarleton
19   Posted 18/01/2011 at 18:02:46

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As a judgement on Pienaar, the player I agree with Dave Roberts, comment 9, but that isn't my point. The point is footballers do not have a morality about loyalty, yet at one level we fans expect them to feel some of our loyalty. Gary Speed still insists , see his interview with Brian Viner in last week's "Indie" that he's always been an Everton fanatic, but he left for what were probably excellent reasons, but not quite fathomable to us Everton fans. Football for players is totally a business and I agree , we all go from one job to the next for money etc.Sometimes like my son has just done they go from a big income because other factors are too much, but that's a rarity. Giggs has been a one club man, because he's at United and probably would have been hard pushed to improve his salary anywhere else.
But to expect the idea of loyalty is simply romantic sentimentality.
Rich Williams
20   Posted 18/01/2011 at 18:15:27

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good riddance
Brian Hill
21   Posted 18/01/2011 at 18:08:51

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Mick @18, I agree completely. I cannot see him in Tottenham's first 11 or even as an impact sub. Pienaar has looked good in our team because of the system in which he played. Tottenham play a much more fluid, changeable style which, I feel, Pienaar will struggle to adapt to because of the rigidity of Everton's style of play.
Andrew Steen
22   Posted 18/01/2011 at 18:04:22

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Oh dear. Do we think Harry will be back in summer for Leighton?

Surely it would be easier for Harry to ask Bill for the manager's job at Everton.
Phil Bellis
23   Posted 18/01/2011 at 18:40:21

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The boy's a fool - the cushions on the Chelsea bench are much more comfortable, but, it's a short career - not like 5 years ago where you had to train and play until you were 22 to become a millionaire
Good luck to the lad; the extra cash will give him a massive, massive uplift in lifestyle in return for playing less
Jay Harris
24   Posted 18/01/2011 at 18:42:30

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Loyalty is always a two way street so ask yourselves how many clubs are loyal.

Look at poor old Avram Grant a man being humiliated by the antics of the pimps that own the club.

Players have always been commodities for clubs to trade but we have unscrupulous agents on their side now so it's no wonder Football has the morals of an alleycat.

I cannot fault Pienaar in any way.

He has stood by his contract and would have willingly seen it through to the end but for EFC needing a fee and he has played his tripe off for us every game.

I will certainly stand and applaud him on his return to GP (and hope that he has a stinker!!)
Yanga Vava
25   Posted 18/01/2011 at 18:53:10

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Pienaar will play at Spurs, y'all know it, but just kidding yourselves because you are bitter since he is leaving. Like the others mentioned above, if he is played left-midfield with Bale at left-back, most teams in the Premier League will be in trouble.

Honestly I can see an in-form Pienaar pushing Modric at centre-mid but Harry knows where he is going to play him and we will find out on the weekend. Back to us, I hope Moyes gives Bily a chance at left-mid... though he won't replace Schillo, I'm sure he can do a decent job for us.

Brian Waring
26   Posted 18/01/2011 at 19:03:29

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Good point Jay, about it being a two way thing. As soon as a player is no longer needed at a club , the club will fuck him off, no matter how long he has been there. So, why is it a problem when the player decides he wants to go?
Tony I'Anson
27   Posted 18/01/2011 at 18:58:55

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I agree with Jay. He played his heart out in every game, so can't ask for more.

He obviously thinks the grass will be Greener at Spurs, over Chelsea. They've also got some great fans, with the wealth to take them into the Champions League. Plus I'm sure he'll enjoy strolling down Oxford street on his days off and make full use of the tube given his driving limitations.

Now I'm more concerned about Everton and how we move forward from this and hope our best young players don't take the Dick Whittington story literally.
Howard Don
28   Posted 18/01/2011 at 18:58:12

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I'm gutted because I really liked Stephen as a player, but I have no problem with him leaving. He saw his contract out (nearly) and he'll get my applaasue when/if he comes back.

However I think the best point made in this link is Dave Barks (4), loyalty works both ways. Arteta is having a poor season by his standards and starting to get some stick in these parts. OK he's got a mega new contract, but don't kid yourself he could have got that elsewhere, he chose to stay. Like his mate Tim Cahill the Guy genuinly feels for this club and can't be accused of not trying even if it's not coming off at the moment. So time to cut him a little slack I feel, show him a little loyalty and hopefully the real Michel will come through the bad spell that all players hit from time to time.
Andrew Gilbert
29   Posted 18/01/2011 at 19:16:31

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He signed a contract, completed it and left.

Fair enough. Not sure how well he will do at Spurs and whether it was the right decision, but he is certainly no Lescott.
Jimmy Hacking
30   Posted 18/01/2011 at 19:19:00

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One aspect of this sage that many of you seem to be missing is that Pienaar is an awesome piece of business for Arry. He is worth a gamble at £2.5 million, its not like Spurs can't afford it, and if he struggles to make an impact and drifts into the reserves, then so what? Sours can flog him in the summer for, ooh, £8 million.

Lovely jubbly.

Maybe we could put the £2.5 million towards the cost of buying him back?
Jimmy Hacking
31   Posted 18/01/2011 at 19:24:59

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ha ha thats "saga" not "sage". must have food on me mind
Tony J Williams
32   Posted 18/01/2011 at 19:23:38

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Get over it. I have. I believe the Bale going to left back as the best chance he will get a lot of match time at Spuds.

He certainly won't get in before Van Der Vaart, then again he will be off somewhere else for about £25m in the summer.

He will not replace BAle on the wing and he doesn't have half the pace of Lennon, probably has the same ratio of cack final balls though.

Thanks for the years Pienaar, have a good time with your extra £10/15k a week. You must really need it.
Ray Robinson
33   Posted 18/01/2011 at 19:24:45

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I will applaud Pienaar when he returns to Goodison. He has always given 100%, never slagged the club off and has honoured his contract. The only slight doubt in my mind is whether the £70,000 a week was his prime motivation or just the lure of CL football. If the latter, then fair enough.
James Cadwaladr
34   Posted 18/01/2011 at 19:40:43

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Bale will move to left back. Redtwat will have bought him to allow Bale to overlap a la Baines with us. Pienaar is one of the few if not the only left sided midfielder to offer real defensive help as well.
Nelaj Behajiha
35   Posted 18/01/2011 at 19:40:33

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I'm sorry it seems to be that the views on here are emblematic on how silly our fans can be sometimes.

I am sick of Rooney getting slagged off as he's proven really he does still support Everton. He's a least tried to repair the damage; pity a lot of supporters can't forgive him. His move was motivated by football rather than money. He's won the league 3 times and the European cup once.

The vast majority of people treat other people the way they treat them in life. If Everton fans abuse him, what do you expect him to do?

Lescott's move was purely motivated by greed. He's not even considered and decent defender by City fans. Since he's left Everton he's spent most of his time of the bench and when he has played he's been pathetic. He's playing so well that City want to offload him to Wolves.

I can't see how Pienaar fits into either Chelsea or Spurs side. I don't believe he'll stand much chance of being a regular in the Chelsea team. At Spurs I can't really see him lasting long before Spurs make another big signing in the summer.

Let's be honest. it's Moyes's stupid fault he's leaving in the first place. He should have been sold before the World Cup as we'd've probably got around £10 million for him.

The ridiculous decision to reward Arteta ? a man whose performances have been pathetic ever since his return ? with a £70k a week contract and not offer the same to a player who's been consistently creative is riduclous. He's never been that popular amongst Everton fans for whatever reason.

By the way I'm sick of people complaining about the board as usual. I suggested that if people felt that strongly about the running of the club they, should organise a protest.

Paul McGinty
36   Posted 18/01/2011 at 19:53:48

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Moving on from Pienaar ? can anyone confirm whether or not Davie Moyes has a relative (brother?) acting as Charlie Adams's agent. Everytime I see Adams play I am impressed... looks like a quality player, the engine room of Blackpool's good season to date.
Stephen Kenny
37   Posted 18/01/2011 at 19:49:08

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Bale is in double figures already this season with a load of assists. If Harry Redknapp moves him to left back it's the worst decision in football since we appointed Mike Walker.
David Israel
38   Posted 18/01/2011 at 19:54:30

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The fact that Steven Pienaar is leaving Everton FC epitomises, more than anything in recent history, the historical footballing ? and especially financial ? decline of the club. True, Wayne Rooney and Joleon Lescott also left, but they did so with hefty transfer fees moving in the opposite direction, whereas here we witness a case of our great club being unable to get one of its top players to sign a new contract and having to let him leave for what would be a ridiculous fee were he tied to a contract.

How long before this continuing nightmare ends?
Roberto Birquet
39   Posted 18/01/2011 at 19:41:05

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Col Hughes:

Spurs "have ambition" because they are rich. It is that simple. The head of Spurs does not give his own money to the manager, in a way that Kenwright does not. Spurs make money. Check out their ticket prices ? particularly season tickets ? far more costly than Everton. The Spurs manager gets what the Club makes, just as Moyes gets what Everton makes. We just make a lot less.

It is in a rich place, north London. One may conisder that they have a rich demography ? hopefully without seeming racist ? a strong Jewish following. Everton has none of this.

On loyalty, there was an excellent piece in the Independent today. And I echo what was said in that, namely my one chief problem with Pienaar was that he was not up for the derby game. I strongly hope and damn well expect that his wages were docked for last week. We cannot pay him as much as Spurs could, but he was handsomely paid by us: if I had his wages for one month, it would change my life. Sad, maybe, true, definitely.

I have always expected Pienaar to leave, going back over a year. For that reason, I wanted him gone in the summer with the fee paying for a winger. At least we have discovered what a good player Coleman is. But we arguably still need a winger for left or right side. We definitely need a striker. I hope the money for Pienaar and the expected money for Yobo and Yakubu, will be used to buy at least one of them.

Tony Doran
40   Posted 18/01/2011 at 20:13:23

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Don't blame Pienaar, but it's taking the piss when we can't even keep players already at the club. I could put up with not competing for the top players when buying but this is really dis-heartening.

Should we now be doing some sort of protest like the Shite to get new owners? Kenwright is telling us he has people on the phone everyday wanting to buy the club, basically he's just calling us all a load of knobheads.

During that power struggle when the Kings Dock thing was going on, I supported him but now I believe he just wants the club as a trophy... even though he can't afford the polish to clean it.

James Royston
41   Posted 18/01/2011 at 20:17:02

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Why all the aggro? It's just a job to people like him. He's gone.

Let's be honest, he was good but not exactly brilliant, the World Cup showed that. We got our money back plus a bit more and he gets more pounds in his pocket but will he get that many games? In recent years, how many players who thought the grass was greener than Goodison have done better when they moved on?

I won't applaud him IF he plays at Goodison again, but I will not boo him either. Total indifference is far more effective.

Col Hughes
42   Posted 18/01/2011 at 20:19:27

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Nelaj ? Too right we should have a go at the board, if it weren't for Kenwright, we'd be in a fantastic stadium in the Kings Dock, with people jealous of us. But what do we have instead? A stadium that's decaying, and we haven't got a pot to piss in, to replace the players that want to leave us.

We're going backwards, and I'm sick of not getting any updates from the club on what the are doing or trying to do.

KPR Williams
43   Posted 18/01/2011 at 20:29:50

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You know what... if he had played Sunday, put in the game of his life and scored a hat-trick, I'd have at least a little bit of respect for him.

As it is, I think he savaged the hand that's fed him very handsomely for the past 2/3 years. He turned his back when we could have done with him which in my eyes shows what Everton and his fans meant to him...

Lee Gorre
44   Posted 18/01/2011 at 20:29:35

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My problem with him is that he asked not to play in the derby at the weekend, when by playing he could have made the difference between 1 point and 3. That would have been a parting shot that would have guaranteed him some respect when he returns. Instead he's left a bitter taste with me.

How can deciding whether to move to one club or another for ridiculous wages that we all can only dream of put you in a frame of mind that you can't play? Unbelievably spoilt and arrogant behaviour and he is not on his own there.

Kevin Tully
45   Posted 18/01/2011 at 20:42:16

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To all the posters who "don't blame him for leaving" ? I agree, it is his prerogative to earn as much as he can.

The fact he is going to a club to become a second-string player ? that makes me lose all respect for him as a professional footballer.
Paul Conatzer
46   Posted 18/01/2011 at 20:42:56

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Loyalty is a funny thing. Players have been sold, who haven't wanted to be sold... eg Alan Ball, and I'm sure any number of others. To the owners, the players are just assets. I've changed jobs because I wanted to live somewhere else or I wanted to do something different or to get a raise or more responsibility...
Andy Crooks
47   Posted 18/01/2011 at 20:37:11

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The only aspect of Premier League football that doesn't stink is the loyalty of most supporters and a tiny minority of players. I'm amazed that anyone expected much of Pienaar. In fact, one poster above feels that he deserves credit for having never slagged off the club in public... The mind really boggles.

I'd love us to be in the Champions League but I'd still go if we were in League Two. I'd still have the memories and we would still have our tradition. It's not all about the mercenaries on the field. Everton is also about history tradition and the mates you watch the match with.

I'm sure that most of us in the stands would happily play for Everton for our current salaries (not much in my case) ? And there you have the difference between us and them.

Colin Prendergast
48   Posted 18/01/2011 at 20:53:44

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Pienaar's well within his rights to do what he did, I don't expect loyalty from him and we'd exploit a similar situation if we had a pot to piss in. He did well for us and we'll miss him as much as what he's helped do to Baines's game than anything else.

But one thing I can't forgive is his 'head not right' attitude last weekend. I don't care what's on offer, he's a player who's employed by a club and effectively went on strike in one of our biggest games of the season. Says it all about him for me. Good riddance.

Warren Hayward
49   Posted 18/01/2011 at 20:51:03

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SP was a good player ? nothing more. If you are digging a ditch and someone taps you on he shoulder and says "dig ditches for me for double the money" you would go.

Let's move forward ? we should be happy with a top half finish, we are potless and Moysey has performed miracles to keep us up there .

Barmby was scum as he showed no loyalty, and we resurrected his career he kissed the badge and then rubbed our noses in it by joining the Shite.

SP was different, he's given us 4-years and wants to move on.

Alan Clarke
50   Posted 18/01/2011 at 20:58:49

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I'm booing the little twat. Some of you wimps need to have a word with yourselves, wishing him all the best. Any player who wants to leave Everton for money can fuck off. Whether he's an Evertonian or not, it doesn't matter.

There is no greater honour than pulling on that blue shirt and he's just thrown it back at us. Don't anyone say "can you blame him?" because I can. He was offered a king's ransom to keep playing for us and he turned us down. We are Evertonians, born not manufactured. Those who don't understand, don't matter.

Fuck off Pienaar, you greedy shithouse.

Danny Broderick
51   Posted 18/01/2011 at 21:14:05

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Alan, you wanna have a word with yourself before having a go at anyone else.

How do you know he wants to leave Everton for money? You don't, full stop. He's not an Evertonian. He signed a 4-year contract, and was prepared to honour that contract until the summer. The fact is that the club accepted an offer for him now to cash in on him before then.

Although I guess I am wasting my time even explaining this to you judging by the language in your offering. Pienaar is moving on, and you should do the same.

Frank McGregor
52   Posted 18/01/2011 at 21:20:03

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Personally, I am disappointed with Pienaar ? particularly given the way his career was resurrected by Moyes at Everton. However, I am more disappointed in the manner his agent has advised him and the way the whole affair was protracted out. History repeats itself and I feel this is going to be a replica of the Barmby career after leaving Everton.

Taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture with Yobo, Yakubu and now Pienaar moving on, Everton wiil not have the worry of the players taking off for the African Cup of Nations. Buy players that are committed to the Premier League schedule.

David Israel
53   Posted 18/01/2011 at 21:08:20

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Roberto 37, parts of North London are certainly richer than most of Merseyside, but do you remember Bernie Grant? He certainly wouldn't have been elected MP if his constituency was an affluent one.

As for the Jews ? and I know you didn't mean it racially, neither did I take it as such ? it is an urban myth that they are all well-to-do. Take my word for it!;-)

I also doubt it very much that Daniel Levy and Co don't put any cash into Tottenham Hotspur FC.

Our financial plight is not basically down to demographics.
Matty Dawkins
54   Posted 18/01/2011 at 21:29:45

Report abuse

Personally, I don't think we'll miss him that much.

I say make a move for Tuncay from Stoke.
Michael Coville
55   Posted 18/01/2011 at 21:26:02

Report abuse

I don't blame Pienaar for moving but I do blame him for not turning out against the RS. He was still employed and paid by Everton on Sunday and he should have been professional enough to play. Just like Lescott he let himself down IMHO.
Alan Clarke
56   Posted 18/01/2011 at 21:32:48

Report abuse

Sorry Danny but any 'fan' who thinks it is good that a player chooses another club over ours cannot look themselves in the mirror and call themselves an Evertonian.

What the hell has happened to us? I remember when playing for Everton meant something, now it seems everyone is happy for a player to want to leave. I know for a fact, Pienaar will get a frosty reception from the Goodison faithful when he returns. You don't turn your back on Everton.
Jamie Sweet
57   Posted 18/01/2011 at 21:38:50

Report abuse

By bye Mr Pienaar. Time to step up, Mr Bilyletadinyovski.

Osman is much easier to say... Maybe that's why he keeps getting in the team.
Nilesh Tailor
58   Posted 18/01/2011 at 21:50:05

Report abuse

I am disappointed to see Pienaar leave because he was a decent player and worked hard for the team. He had his magical moments, like the goal against Arsenal, Villa for example, but he wasn't consistent enough and would drift in and out of games. Like other players who leave Everton, we'll definitely replace Pienaar. I'm sure Osman will start more games, this also now give Bilyaletdinov & Gueye a chance to really push and try to impress when given their chances.
Stephen Corcoran
59   Posted 18/01/2011 at 21:53:41

Report abuse

I will boo him when he returns, for the simple reason he bottled out of playing on Sunday whilst under contract, in a derby match of all games. Total disrespect for our club and us fans, I think all respect he had went out of the window the minute he declined to pull on the jersey.

By the way, I hope the wages clerk wasn't in the "right frame of mind" to submit his last weeks pay. Enjoy keeping the bench warm, Steven.

Matt Whitehouse
60   Posted 18/01/2011 at 21:50:50

Report abuse

Best of luck to you Steven! You could have handled the transfer in a much more professional manner considering what this great club has done for your career, but I hope this move proves to be beneficial to us and you! I honestly hope Spurs don't wreck your career, but the grass isn't always greener!!! Enjoy your payday!! Bring on Mageye Gueye!!!
Mark Pierpoint
61   Posted 18/01/2011 at 22:06:35

Report abuse

Frank (#52). I worry the only people to blame for the way this was played out was Everton. Chances are that he was clear in the summer of what it would take for him to stay. He isn't worth £75k per week so we should have said fair enough and sold him there and then.

I think Pienaar has been quite honourable in all of this. I would hope he would offer this weeks wages back though. Whilst I understand his reason for not playing, it would be an honourable gesture and only fair to be honest.

Other than that, I don't get the few posts such as Alan's and Frank's. His agent hasn't turned his head; he has made the decision to move to a bigger club. This may be painful but we have to accept the reality that ? due to the amateurish way we have been financially managed, coulpled with genuine bad luck in looking for investment ? we are not in the same league as Spurs.
Timmy Hill
62   Posted 18/01/2011 at 22:15:17

Report abuse

I like the way Matty Dawkins (#54) thinks ? Tuncay is class, and far too good for Stoke. Sums Pulis's approach up so perfectly that he can't get a game but Rory Delap has every whim accomodated.

Sorry to see Peanuts go, but he's certainly replaceable: I just hope we get someone with some skill. We need more skill: someone to pick a pass, to commit defenders, to play in between the lines ? in short, to do all the things Cahill patently can't.

And if Anichebe gets any more starts I'm going to give someone a Chinese burn.
David Israel
63   Posted 18/01/2011 at 22:16:05

Report abuse

Nelaj 33, "I suggested that if people felt that strongly about the running of the club they should organise a protest."

How about organising a take-over instead? It's been said to be more effective.
James Doran
64   Posted 18/01/2011 at 22:25:28

Report abuse

Up until last Sunday, Pienaar always put a shift in, but he was always going to because he knew that, if he was to secure the scale of lucrative move/contract which he was after, it would be beneficial to him if he displayed his strengths and skills, endeavour, desire, willing, passion etc every time he played for EFC.

Before Sunday?s match Pienaar knew that he no longer needed to put a shift in ?for EFC? because the scale of lucrative move/contract that he was after would be happening imminently for him regardless of whether he did or he didn?t. It was at ?that? stage that he decided to disregard the contract which he had with EFC.

Prior to Sunday, I would have said "I wouldn?t clap and I wouldn?t boo shall his name ever be announced at Goodison Park when he was playing for another club". Circumstance has now changed, however; if you are within earshot of me and Pienaar returns to Goodison Park when playing for a club other than ours, you will definitely hear me boo when his name is announced.
Colin Prendergast
65   Posted 18/01/2011 at 22:21:21

Report abuse

Personally don't get the Tuncay shout. Granted he's got a bit of skill. But I just don't see him doing it consistently for us and think he's just destined to frustrate. Nor can I see where we'd play him. Just more square pegs and round holes for me.

Get a winger with pace, two even. There's a few about, granted quite unproven but worth a shout for a couple of mil ? Jarvis, Jennings, Hammill. And a striker with less glass in his legs than Saha and who's second touch isn't a header or a sending off. Not many about though. Bothroyd maybe? I'm thinking limited spending.

Kunal Desai
66   Posted 18/01/2011 at 22:19:55

Report abuse

Pienaar doesn't owe Everton anything, he fulfilled his contract as it was about to come to an end in the summer and he chose not to commit himself to a new contract. Simple really.

At the end of the day, he's gone to a club which could have actually been us, in the Champions League, challenging for 4th and perhaps even the title.

If anyone is to blame, then blame the fucking board. They couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery let alone having any ambition or vision for this club which is slowly eroding away day by day under this ownership.

David S Shaw
67   Posted 18/01/2011 at 22:29:35

Report abuse

If all payers were loyal, how would we sign a player?

If anyone wants loyalty follow international football.
David Israel
68   Posted 18/01/2011 at 22:28:49

Report abuse

Loyalty - the theme of the thread - has its coin reverse, too. Across Stanley Park it goes by the name of Sammy Lee, and I almost switched off the telly halfway through the game on Sunday as they kept showing his "grimly determined" face! : -)
Peter Bourke
69   Posted 18/01/2011 at 22:10:50

Report abuse

I'm with Alan Clarke on this one.

Anyone who tries to compare a normal average wage and salary earner being offered more and posing the question "wouldn't you move" or "do the same thing" is not fair and reasonable.

I have been offwered more in my job but have decided to stay with my current employer because they are a company of integrity and have shown me flexibility when I needed it. If you are earning £50k a year and get an offer to earn £80k a year, that is not comparing apples for apples with someone who is earning £60k a week being offered £75k a week.

When Tim Cahill was in Sydney, I had a discussion with him about loyalty and he more or less stated he loved playing football and loved Everton, and that the fact he was being paid to fulfil his dream was a bonus. People who assume everyone else would do the same in his position are sadly mistaken.

Conor Waters
70   Posted 18/01/2011 at 22:29:59

Report abuse

Is anyone just a little concerned that we are letting some of our best players leave the club, without so much as a fuckin sniff of some replacements coming in the door at goodison???

I sincerely hope there are a few deals in the pipeline before the window shuts.
David Israel
71   Posted 18/01/2011 at 22:45:02

Report abuse

Conor 69, I totally agree, and I'm also more worried by the lack of incoming traffic than by this all but unexpected departure. After last summer, this will have been the second totally frustrating transfer window in succession if no one of real worth and experience comes in.

I don't want to sound too pessimistic, but one takes a look around and sees everyone improving while we stand still. If things don't change, it won't be long before we're back fighting relegation every season.
Magnus Arason
72   Posted 18/01/2011 at 22:51:11

Report abuse

SP: "To end speculation, I am going to Spurs". Make that "To end speculation, I am a footballer who prefers benchwarming over making a difference at a club challenging for Europe".
Jamie Crowley
73   Posted 18/01/2011 at 23:00:11

Report abuse

KPR - going all the way back to @42....

Clearly an agreement was done in principle with Spurs and / or Chelsea. He was effectively on Sunday not an Everton player any longer.

The kid hustled his nuts off for Everton and they got a great return for their money with his service to the Club.

Wish the boy well.
Jamie Crowley
74   Posted 18/01/2011 at 23:08:14

Report abuse

Alan @56 -

It's a business. That's the reality of it. To say anyone who has appreciation for Pienaar and what he did for his time at the club is not an Evertonian?

I'm not picking a fight at all but that seems very naive and polyannish (did I spell that right?)

But I do admire your stance and your approach to fealty and loyalty.

It's never good that a quality player leaves for what he may consider greener pastures. But it happens at very big clubs as well. It's reality and it will happen time and time again as long as there's big money being tossed around.

We cashed in, possibly too late, but at least got something for a 28 year old with very questionable finishing skills.... it's not the end of the world for either Everton or Pienaar. In fact, it is what it is.
Matt Whitehouse
75   Posted 18/01/2011 at 22:53:26

Report abuse

The harsh reality is our club is skint!!! We clearly can't afford to buy anybody the transfer window. In retrospect Pienaar should have been sold last summer for three or four times what he's gone for today, but the club is being run poorly, nobody can argue with that!!! But we should get behind Moyes! We've had the best 2 years of a decent player's careers, in which time he's helped Leighton Baines become the best attaciking left back in the country!

We all know that Moyes won't see any of the transfer money from Pienaar's departure, but let's get behind Bily, Gueye and the rest of our boys and we can beat any one wr play!!!! COYB

Danny Broderick
76   Posted 18/01/2011 at 23:12:15

Report abuse

I don't think it's good that Pienaar has chosen another club over us,but is it wrong? He decided to leave a while ago - remember it was Moyes who came out and said we would keep him until the summer and if he leaves for nothing so be it.

We accepted a bid for him in the build up to the derby. From the moment we accepted the bid from Chelsea,he was no longer in our plans. Moyesie shouldn't have even been considering playing him ? if he'd got injured that could have cost us £3 million. I also understand Pienaar's position ? how can he honestly give it everything he has got for this club when he is in transfer negotiations,with one eye on joining a new club?

The bigger question for me is how we are going to replace him now we have some money? Will Moyesie even get the full £3 million to spend?

Jay Harris
77   Posted 18/01/2011 at 23:09:44

Report abuse

when did we last challenge for Europe?

For the last 2 years we've signed nobody and shown no ambition.

If the board had shown Pienaar's ambition, I am sure he'd have stayed.
Chris Jones
78   Posted 18/01/2011 at 23:03:03

Report abuse

I have to say I am disappointed with Peanuts. Davey pretty much rescued his career, the fans warmed to him, he got good reveiws and was handsomely paid. He also has some very good role models to follow, vizz a viz loyalty - i.e. Tim and Micky. And we offered him a new, improved contract. He was also pretty much guaranteed to play whenever he was fit.

But it wasn't enough.

In the case of Lescott, we seduced him from another club, waving a cheque book that was (then at least) much bigger than Wolves'. Then someone, i.e. Citeh, basically did to us what we did to Wolves, but we were very handsomely compensated thank you very much. We could have bought Distin three times over but one of him was enough to make up for Joeleon's departure.

JL gets shit and Peanuts gets approval. Tell you what, it's a funny old game...

ps: Kudos to Davey for spotting Peanuts was a good bet. He got a lot of good games out of the lad and in what is a very quiet transfer window he got at least 150% of his outlay back.
Aiden Doyle
79   Posted 18/01/2011 at 23:45:40

Report abuse

He had a fixed term contract. He upheld his end of the bargain, as did the club. As the contract was coming to an end, we parted in a way that was mutually acceptable. I really don't see what the problem is.
Mike Green
80   Posted 19/01/2011 at 00:03:19

Report abuse

Fucking right Alan Clarke. How could you applaud a player who unacrimously chose to leave Everton - having been offered club record wages to boot - as he ran on for the 3rd choice club in another city? As a human being I'd respect his decision, just as I would if my son pines for ' the lights, the stage, the drama!' but I certainly wouldn't clap the cunt.

Phil Rodgers
81   Posted 19/01/2011 at 00:38:25

Report abuse

If we don't bring anyone in before the transfer window shuts then I am seriously believe we are in decline.
David Hallwood
82   Posted 19/01/2011 at 00:37:53

Report abuse

If you want loyalty buy a dog. They are workers selling their services to the highest bidders. We are the mugs who contribute and perpetuate this grotesque and ultimately doomed ?sport?.
Craig Bellew
83   Posted 19/01/2011 at 00:41:03

Report abuse

My bird has just said to me "Fuck Pienaar ? he's shit anyway,"... and you know what ? she's gotta point!!
Sean Condon
84   Posted 19/01/2011 at 01:26:02

Report abuse

Pienaar can go and fuck himself.

Six months before he either a) whines like a bitch about not getting in the team and is shipped off to some outfit in Istanbul, or, b) is arrested for real on an assault charge.

Martin Faulkner
85   Posted 19/01/2011 at 01:55:40

Report abuse

1. We didn't let him go, he was always going to go, he came to a side on the up and left a side on the slide; we can't force someone to stay.

2. He didn't fulfill his contract, "my heads not right" = "fuckin shittin it I might get injured by that twat Kyrigakos and forego my bucket of gold".

3. At least he agreed to fuck off now for a fee, the lesser of the two evils, he could've got a nice signing on fee in the summer.

4. Would I clap/cheer him at Goodison? Would I fuck...

Any one of some of the wingers mentioned on this thread and others would ensure he was forgotten rather quickly:


All these guys have one thing Pienaar hasn't got and that's pace, something we sorely miss in our side. I'm not that well up on Jarvis & Jennings but from what I've seen of Hammil, Etherington & Eagles, they can play a bit too.

Here's a thought, let's try the "secret weapon"?

Vijay Nair
86   Posted 19/01/2011 at 02:36:18

Report abuse

Conor Waters (post 70)

I echo your sentiments. As it stands we have one of the smallest squads in the league, yet we are letting players go left, right and centre without anyone coming in.

No money, no depth, no clue, no ambition... I see no light at the end of the tunnel. We are in steady decline.
Tony Rice
87   Posted 19/01/2011 at 03:43:15

Report abuse

Yeah... we don't need no "aloyal" players ? only EFC players that WE developed...

Yeah... (We didn't get Pienaar from another club, did we!?)

Team v West Ham


Erm, uh, oh crap.....!!!!!

FFS! ? The club has shown little or no ambition; don't blame him for going.... Fellaini will be next...
Paul Olsen
88   Posted 19/01/2011 at 07:47:05

Report abuse

To those saying we should have sold him in the summer. Could we have done that?

I believe most clubs were quite happy to sit on the fence and wait it out as it was quite clear that Pienaar wouldn't sign a new deal already before last season ended.

I actually believe we would not have been able to sell in the summer. Shame really as Pienaar for all his effort has failed to make a telling contribution all season.

Getting the £3 mill for him now is in fact the best we could have hoped for, sadly.

I wish him the best of luck at Spurs although I doubt he will make much of an impact. If he does then he's a better player than I have believed.
Gavin Ramejkis
89   Posted 19/01/2011 at 07:51:42

Report abuse

Conor, David and Vijay - I've been banging on about this for months, and more so recently asking who goes in the summer just to pay the bills. We have the smallest squad in the EPL which is now 2 players smaller and with the added rumour that Vaughan is off to Celtic.

What the fuck is going on? A press dribble from the club saying Billy Bullshitter is now going to allow DM to have the Pienaar money for a replacement, well how about a fucking replacement for Yakubu and if he isn't staying Vaughan?

It's not a joke our starting 11 and bench will soon look like those dark days of the other summer with the bench packed with babies and every one with their fingers crossed we can get more than two games on the trot out of Balsa Boy Saha. Roll on season ticket renewal time because I think Billy Bullshitter has an even ruder awakening coming.

Guy Hastings
90   Posted 19/01/2011 at 08:08:11

Report abuse

Does anyone really think that with £3m about to wing its way into BK's dusty coffers, Pienaar was going to be put in against that lot across the park and have three sacks of shit kicked out of him? I'm surprised BK didn't drive him down to WHL personally.
Paul Gladwell
91   Posted 19/01/2011 at 08:29:40

Report abuse

He can fuck off now and join the list of players who have gone downhill once they left us. Even Rooney for all his medals is not the player I thought he would be when he was single-handedly running rings around the entire Bolton team, or when she commented to Bellamy after the League cup game "What the fuck was that?"
Richard Tarleton
92   Posted 19/01/2011 at 09:02:20

Report abuse

Thanks for all the comments. Many contributors have discussed Pienaar as a player, others have discussed his loyalty or disloyalty. That simply wasn't my point.

Mario Balotelli made my point with great eloquence in his interview in "La Gazetta dello Sport" when asked about how long he'll stay at Man City, he replied, "For this year and one more I'll stay at City." Such attitudes are beyond loyaty or disloyalty, they are simply aloyal.

Anthony Hughes
93   Posted 19/01/2011 at 09:08:40

Report abuse

Totally agree Gavin, the future transfer plans for incoming players looks decidely bleak. The only way we have of generating funds in the future would be to sell the our better players and that is hardly a progressive plan to move us forward on the pitch.
Dave Roberts
94   Posted 19/01/2011 at 09:18:27

Report abuse

Many posters compare 'loyalty' in football to loyalty in other areas of employment and while this is correct to a point, the two are never the same. This is because at the end of the day footballers earn their massive wages as a direct result of the loyalty of supporters.

Come hell and high water the players and their agents know that loyal supporters will pay at the gate, buy the shirts, pay their Sky subscriptions and that it is this constant cash flow that allows players to live the high life. All the money in football originates from the pockets of supporters of clubs and of the game itself, supporters who could only dream of living the lifestyle that the players do.

What pisses me off is that this 'loyalty' is totally one-sided. In a sense, supporters are being taken for a ride as when a player decides he wants to move on for money or CL football or whatever other spurious reason, the supporters of the club he's leaving get nothing save the occasional platitude and most often not even that.

Brian Waring
95   Posted 19/01/2011 at 09:41:25

Report abuse

Hang on lads, maybe Pienaar has looked at us and thought, I'm never going to win anything here, and thought he had more chance of silverware at Spurs. Nothing wrong with showing ambition, as well as getting more money.

Also, it's funny that a lot of you have said Pienaar is going to be a bench warmer at Spurs ? that shows how far behind Spurs we really are, when one of our first team regulars, who was one of our better players, isn't going to make the Spurs first eleven.
Grant Smith
96   Posted 19/01/2011 at 11:51:45

Report abuse

Pienaar has done what in modern football is a rare and honourable thing: he honoured a contract. He then got offered better wages to do the same job with at least the same, although probably greater prospects of success. I wish him well ? we all should.
Matthew Mackey
97   Posted 19/01/2011 at 10:36:08

Report abuse

Brian #1;- I think you have totally missed the point in what Richard is saying or you simply don't understand the term "loyalty".

Your comment "SP is simply moving for a pay rise, wouldn't you?" ? well, no actually. If I'm earning £60k a week for doing something I love rather than working in a dead-end job, then is there really any need to want say another 10 grand a week?

Your response also takes away any right you may feel you have in the future to complain when another selfish, money-grabbing tosser comes along and thinks he's better than the rest of his team mates and so fucks off for extra money that, in truth, he doesn't need. Unfortunately you seem to have have absorbed the Sky bug where fuck the loyalty in football, it's all about the money.

Steven Pienaar, or indeed his agent, needs to remember that Everton and David Moyes basically resurrected his career which was going nowhere before he arrived at Goodison Park. Had Moyes not taken a gamble on him then he would probably be just another "has been" wallowing in the seedy, shitty second-rate leagues around Europe.

My guess now is that Steven Pienaar will spend more time warming the bench at Spurs so it won't be long before he gets frustrated and wishes he was playing in a team that virtually guaranteed him a game every weekend.

Dave Roberts #6;- I couldn't agree more.
Peter Warren
98   Posted 19/01/2011 at 12:05:40

Report abuse

I'm annoyed that we threw millions down the drain ? yet again ? more than I am at Pienaar for jumping ship.
Matthew Mackey
99   Posted 19/01/2011 at 12:03:40

Report abuse

Anthony Jaras #12;- Let's hope 'appy 'Arry doesn't come tapping up Baines now then! (I wouldn't put it past him.)
Phil Martin
100   Posted 19/01/2011 at 12:46:35

Report abuse

Pienaar did exactly what Beckford did when he came here. Got a pay rise and increased his chances of silverware in one move. It was a no brainer.

Maybe in the summer when Pienaar rejected our final contract offer, IF the board had backed Moyes and said "Sell him now and we'll give you £x million to replace him," Moyes would've had the grounds to cash in then. The problem is Moyes probably knows that cash wouldn't have been passed back for reinvestment. So it was probably worth hanging on till Jan, as he wasn't going to get any substantial funds either way.
Ben Howard
101   Posted 19/01/2011 at 13:37:02

Report abuse

In response to Martin Faulkner (83) I think you've compiled a good list of players to replace Pienaar. For me personally I'm a huge fan of Adam Hammil though and think we'd be mad to pass the opportunity to sign him, especially when the reported figure is £500,000. I really believe this boy is going to be the business (and I'm not one to play FM normally, promise!) Here's a great video that showcases his talent (yes, I know YouTube makes Jo look world class!)

On the subject of Pienaar I feel he's always given his best for us and has been a highly effective player. Although I agree that his assists and goal ratio could have been better the nature of his industrious running and terrier-like hassling of the opposition allows others to shine and his comfort on the ball always makes him an option for a pass.

I don't feel that my love for Everton is less because I wouldn't boo him. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if he was told that he would not be playing the derby because the deal to sell was too crucial.

Good luck Steven!
Brian Waring
102   Posted 19/01/2011 at 13:49:08

Report abuse

Matthew, everyone goes on about Arteta being loyal, he was after more money, he got it, he's now on £75k a week.

When Moyes took an age to sign his new contract, everyone was saying he was only stalling because he wanted to see what BK's plans were for the future, funny he ended up signing it when £65k was put in front of him. But I suppose it's okay them two getting huge new contracts, because they stayed with us???

The difference is, Pienaar wasn't getting what he wanted, so he moved on to get it.
David Edwards
103   Posted 19/01/2011 at 16:44:10

Report abuse

I think he does leave a slight hole (not as large as he thinks he will) and I think his presence was missed on Sunday, but I can't help but say good riddance!

Of course he's a mercenary...most players are, so he doesn't need to explain himself...but don't ask me to give him a wishy-washy round of applause on his return. He'll be with an opposition team of his own choice, so a robust sledge is expected. All this 'corinthian-spirit' rubbish is misguided. You'll be asking me to clap Rooney next - he went for the same reasons as Steven did, so let's not get all precious or hypocritical.

Loyalty is a rare thing and to me the player who epitomises it is Cahill. I have no doubt that he would have commanded a large transfer and interest from the Sky4/5 in recent years, but he has chosen to stay with us. When Piennar is forgotten in Everton (and Spurs!) history in a few years, Tim will be a legend. Enjoy the money Steven....players like Tim look beyond it!
Rob Murphy
104   Posted 19/01/2011 at 19:39:52

Report abuse

Baines made him look much better than he actually was. Simples
James Royston
105   Posted 19/01/2011 at 21:50:34

Report abuse

What is so differant about Pienaar? I think most present day footballers would do exactly the same thing. He was employed to do a job then moved on.

I love Everton; I'm aged 71 & have supported them since I was 7 years of age. Yes, I have been one of the lucky ones seeing them win the league, FA Cup Finals (66 Fantastic) and Euro Cup Winners. But many of the players involved where bought for big money in them days: Kendall, Ball, Steven, Stevens, Sheedy, Latchford, Lineker, etc etc...

How do you think those other clubs supporters felt when they all left (even ask Leeds fans when Beckford chose us)??? Just like so many on this site right now?? By the way all (except Beckford) of them moved on... BUT EVERTON still exists.

Mike Green
106   Posted 19/01/2011 at 22:54:13

Report abuse

Paul Gladwell (89) - was that the game they put "Real Madrids" Campo on him and Rooney put him squarely on his arse TWICE? It was that game for me as he drove towards the goal time after time under the increasingly bright floodlights I was watching greatness. He might be not now but then at his age he was as good as he gets.

Gavin (87) I rarely go shoulder to shoulder with you but yeah.... and £3m? Big fucking deal!
Jamie Morgan
107   Posted 20/01/2011 at 13:51:42

Report abuse

Like all other loyal blues I get the same depressing feelings about how things are going on and off the pitch, No money, players moving on etc. But I have spent this morning trying to see the glass half full.

Ok Pienaar going to Spurs was the worst kept secret in football since the summer. (Strange really as the only time they should have been allowed to talk to the player was after having ageed a fee with Everton - so Monday then!) When will this complete tapping up of players stop?

But let's look at those players who seem proud to be in the shirt. Lately we have had Baines coming out ignoring admiring glances from Bayern no less, Bily now comes out and states he wants to play more, is working hard, never thinks about changing clubs etc. This is a proven Russian international who wants to give everything for Everton and we should be getting behind him.

And today we have two of the younger players signing new long term contracts, players who have made a contribution this year and i think can help us kick on. Add to that Arteta being happy here, Cahill a true blue, Rodwell so far staying, Felli starting to boss games and even Heitinga starting to show a bit of desire.

So as depressing it is to be coming up to the end of the window with more outs than ins, I still think we will bring a couple in and in the meantime we need to really get behind the ones here already and start kicking some ass like we know we are capable of! COYB

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