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1. Howard 6/10 ? Came and dealt with a lot of high balls well, but sorry, Tim ? you are allowed to save some now and again as well, you know?

2. Neville ? Has been poor all season and especially so since Chritsmas. I'd leave him out and put Hibbo in next week. 4/10

3. Baines ? the only player who offered any quality wearing blue shirt. 7/10

4 Heitinga ? not upto it. Reminds me of the first 3.5 years of Gravesen, running around shaking his fists and talking a good game while losing 50-50 challenges. Either too small or not dominant enough in the air for the Premier League... probably both. Simply not up to it. 3/10.

5. Distin ? Needs Jagielka restoring badly. 5/10

6. Fellaini - his worst game for Everton. Never seen him give so many balls away even when he was lost in his first year he didnt piss away possession like that. Very very sloppy. Looked like he'd be out on the piss or something 4/10.

7. Arteta - mediocre. Needs to start taking more responsbility and holding the ball under pressure further up the pitch. Can't remember the last time he won us a free kick from being fouled which he always used to- yes in in central midfield. Too deep. 5/10.

8. Coleman - victim of Bolton's superior pressure on the ball. Had 2 or 3 men on him when he got in and received too deep. Arteta needs to get us up the pitch to bring him into the game more. 5/10

9. Bily - Poor. Didnt at all contribute. Needs three or four touches when only time for 2. Needs to pull trigger and shoot instead of running into dead ally ways. 4/10.

10. Cahill. Comes back a worse player for playing in Asian cup. I guess you will come back rusty when youve been pricking about playing against shite for the last month in dubai or wherever he was fucking about. Didnt offer anything 5/10.

11. Victor - Unlike others I understand his selection, however he isnt upto the job is he. He needs to be a substitue at best to change games. Has no goal threat from open play at all. Gave up after 65 minutes - criminal. For this he gets a 3/10.

12. Beckford - Needs to develop his play with back to goal but at least was trying to get in behind them. 5/10

13. Ossie - Never thought he was a right winger but left winger he most definatly is not. No impact. 4/10.

14. Baxter - Looks like he has filled out some and much stronger. Tried to do the right things. I think we are a bit soft right now all over the pitch and while Baxter isnt perhaps the finished article at least he had some pride in the shirt. Perhaps we are a scouser or two short in the team right now as that performance did not reflect the work and effort required to play for EFC. Baxter at least showed desire along with trying to do the right things. 6/10

Moyes - 5/10 - Made subs early which is good, but after 75 mins 4-5-1 wasnt working so why persist? Also, he needs to start treating them like kids if they are going to give up at 2-0 like that again. Everton were 2nd in every department, including effort - by a long way.
Johnny  Charles, Liverpool     Posted 13/02/2011 at 23:46:03

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Frank Key
1   Posted 14/02/2011 at 06:57:22

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Thought Arteta looked decent last night. He was alot more mobile and positive in possession than he has been all season.

Anichebe should never wear the shirt again. I still can't believe he just gave up the fight in the second half about rubbing salt in the wounds.
Paul Gladwell
2   Posted 14/02/2011 at 08:36:55

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I actually agreed with putting Anichebe in after how he played away at City; how wrong to think this... that was as bad as I have ever seen a footballer not give a flying fuck.
Ian Tunstead
3   Posted 14/02/2011 at 08:38:33

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I agree Johnny, I would give Baxter a go. This kid should be were wilkshire is by now but has been lost in the wilderness. He looked promising when he came on in that he actually tried and got stuck in.

Put him in ahead of Osman and Victor anyday. Ok he wont win the high balls but niether does Victor by the looks of things. At least Baxter will be able control it on the deck and create a shot for himself out of nothing.
Tony Waring
4   Posted 14/02/2011 at 09:09:57

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I agree with most of this post except on Arteta who is gradually improving but with litle support around him and I still believe Bily has got more football in him than any other half dozen members of our squad. Problem is ? like Arteta ? there's not much quality around him.

Anichebe offers nothing at all and why we gave him another contract recently s beyond me. I wonder how Heitinga got into a World Cup finalist side! Seamus is still learning his trade but looks increasingly like a one-trick pony and his prncipal asset is pace... but he might well come good.

It's going to be one long, hard slog until the end of the season if we can't beat the likes of Bolton, who are not a decent footballing side by any stretch of the imagination but at least they put themselves in the line of fire and make it difficult for opponents, which we never looked like emulating yesterday.

Dominic Bolger
5   Posted 14/02/2011 at 09:06:44

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I agree, give Baxter a go. I was really pleased to see him come on and I thought that he offered more.
Showed some desire at least, as did Beckford when he came on.

If Vic spent less time lying on the floor and complaining, he may actually get a goal. He is the worst player in the Prem by a country mile. The only reason he could have been offered a new contract is in the hope that someone will b stupid enough to come in for him.

The only players even worth a rating yesterday - Baines & Distin the rest should be ashamed of themselves, or at worst fined their weeks wages.

Is it finally time to bring in Shane Duffy at CB? Jags has been all at sea for most of the season and Jonny just isnt the player he was pre world cup. JH was my favourite player last season - Thought he brought a new dimension to the side and played really well but has been poor all season at CB.

The balance of the side is all wrong, and the movement off the ball is non existent too. Just not good enough.

I think we do have players that are good enough, they just seem to have forgotten how to play together! Shame.
Sean McKenna
6   Posted 14/02/2011 at 09:41:51

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Boys, Baxter is another Osman!! Only fatter and slower!!

What's happening in our youth system? We never have any pace coming threw the ranks, they all look big built slow an small!! Overall lastnight the team looked 3 yards off the pace, everywhere we was losing out, truely shocking display.

As for Arteta, I thought he looked a wee bit sharper and hopefully he is on his way back. And people slagging Bily off as being a slow winger ? he isn't a fucking winger!! I'd play him in Cahill's roll as Cahill offers zero but an aerial threat.

Danny Broderick
7   Posted 14/02/2011 at 10:07:09

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The balance of the team/squad is all wrong for me.

We don't appear to have any wingers. The 1 man who is proven on the wing is Arteta, but we are playing him centre mid ( I am not counting Coleman as he is an attacking full back, and Billy - the less said about him the better).

We don't have a box to box player to play alongside Fellaini in the middle.
We don't appear to have a proper number 9 up front, who will play week in week out and get his fair share of goals. I feel a bit sorry for Beckford in this respect because his opportunities have been limited at best, but I am still baffled by the treatment of Yakubu this season. If he'd been bombed out at the start of the season I'd have had no complaints, as he had looked a pale shadow of his former self. But it appeared he was just getting a bit of fitness & form again, he was excellent in the derby at Goodison, and then he was bombed from the team.

Saha, Beckford and Cahill will probably all end the season with 10 goals, but apart from them where are the goals going to come from? Anichebe could play for the next 10 years and he'd struggle to score 10 goals.

Aiden Jones
8   Posted 14/02/2011 at 10:56:14

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"Fellaini ? his worst game for Everton"

Thought this a bit harsh. He won tackles and broke up their play. Yes, his passing was not as good as normal, but maybe everyone else was so bad his options were limited so he gave away more??

Alan Clarke
9   Posted 14/02/2011 at 11:43:27

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I think one thing after yesterday is if there is a firesale of all our players in the summer, it doesn't matter because apart from Baines, they're all shite. The worry is none of them would command much of a fee.

The other thing we don't need to worry about is our manager walking. He too is shite. The whole squad and manager have shown themselves up this season to be nothing better than relegation / championship standard.
Col Wills
10   Posted 14/02/2011 at 12:52:10

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With Anichebe, I can't beliieve that a Premier League player can be blowing for tugs after 20 minutes, the ball bounced 6 yards away from him each time.

Bolton are the masters of fair but niggly fouls and 'Big Vic' went down at every opportunity. How can you play when your on the deck? If anyone can tell me why a young lad who trains every day, eats the right food and practices technique can be out of breath and give up the ghost then please tell.

And as for ATTITUDE, what's with all the ground thumping, throwing arms out at the referee and moaning when a ball doesn't reach him? Aren't you supposed to chase it down, close down defenders, 'get on with game'? Isn't he embarrassed when he see's the replay of how he acts? The likes of the Bolton players must piss themselves at his antics.

Sorry, but he's just an embarrassment to our club and to our City.

Mike Hughes
11   Posted 14/02/2011 at 13:19:31

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Just curious about this if anyone can shed any light ? do players get paid if they don't play. For example, if benched / dropped do they still pick up their £30k a week? If so, what is the incentive to perform?
Paul Gladwell
12   Posted 14/02/2011 at 13:30:06

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The big problem I see is our manager and his whole 'fed-up' vibes. Seeing your leader like this can only rub off on the people around you and that`s a big worry.

I also think the `we are skint` shit is masking the poor job he has done this season with a squad we all felt was good enough.

After last week Heitinga should have been dropped and that was proven within five minutes yesterday. As Kendall said about the Jags/Hettinga issue, you play your best eleven and Jags comes before someone who does not want to really be here and is not as good as he thinks he is.

Anthony Hawkins
13   Posted 14/02/2011 at 13:19:39

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I wrote a who schpeel about the team but pressed the wrong button and lost it, so here's an abridged version.

1. New keeper required with Howard as backup. His does not command his area and the lack of confidence has seeped into the back four
2. New quality rightback is desperately required as of three seasons ago. now URGENT
3. Centre backs. The pairing most likely to work well is Jagielka and Heitinga. Distin is physical and solid but I think we'll see a marked improvement with Heitinga and Jagielka
4. Wanted: Two new wingers. Willing to exchange one for Bily who can add the odd goal to the score line but has no pace and has no positional sense.
5. Wanted: A ball winner in central midfield who can also make a sensible pass to one of our own players. We're really missing this role.
6. New TV programme 'How to solve a problem like Arteta?'. I firmly believe we'll see Arteta reach his form just as the season closes and he will return in the 2012 rejuvinated - only if we manage to stay up!
7. We've been left up shit creek without a quality striker. Beckford is/was a good gamble and he will probably come good for next season when he's accustomed to the pace and physical requirements of the premiership.

Saha IS the striker we need BUT he scores at a cost - namely his own injury.

All that being said, with the midfield performing as it has been this season, even a top quality striker would appear to lose form due to the lack of any decent chances offered them.

However, it is not all doom and gloom. We do have some shining lights which can be built upon.

Known players for the future:
1. Baines - He's the best player in our back four.
2. Coleman - shows bags of promise but still needs nurturing and someone to show him how it's done.
3. Rodwell - In a balanced team it should be either Rodwell or Fellaini plus a ball winner, not both.
4. Fellaini - see Rodwell

Uncertain futures:
1. If Jagielka can sort himself out we'll have a brilliant centre back to form part of the spine for the team
2. Heitinga shows he's got the goods but lacks the time at CB. He and Jagielka could be the new pair.
3. Arteta. As stated above, we'll know what he's capable of come the close of the season. Judgement witheld until then
4. I'll ask the immortal question: Why is it our form improved whilst he was away (granted it wouldn't be difficult to improve!) and we managed to score FIVE goals in a game where Cahill only featured for a little while? He scores important goals but the team seems to fit better when he's not there.
5. Again, Beckford needs to be seen in the next season before we know. If he's bad, sell him in the january window. I think he'll come good.

Known misfits.
1. Anyone currently at rightback. Hibbert and Neville can not do the job. Sorry Neville, you should have gone to Spurs
2. Bily is all kinds of wrong.
3. Anichebe. Period.

Uncertain misfits:
1. Howard. He's been good for us but is all over the place recently.
2. Distin. Is strong and tall but....

The trouble is, the team NEEDS rebuilding and that costs money that the board just DO NOT have. Whilst some of Moyes' decisions have been questionable, I think the fact we've spent very little money over the seasons and Moyes has still managed to guide the team to a good finish is a massive tick in his favour. The question would be around what he can do if he has money.
Tom Bowers
14   Posted 14/02/2011 at 13:35:48

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Bottom line ? the squad is not good enough and hasn't been since very first game against Blackburn. Moyes has had all the warning signs and ignored them. He achieved nothing in transfer window when other clubs did and the writing is now on the wall big style.

Picking Anichebe for his strength against physical Bolton was a no-brainer. There is no substitute for speed and skill and Everton have very lttle of it.

Other teams change managers and improve so why not Everton as persisting with the same old set up and ideas is obviously not working? How much more proof does Kenwright need?

Anthony Hughes
15   Posted 14/02/2011 at 14:32:35

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Yes the squad isn't good enough or big enough and so we're lacking in options when players aren't performing or are injured. The thing that bugs me is that we very rarely have any players with pace in the team apart from Coleman.

I know you need to be able to have more to your game than just being able to run fast but at least if you have some pace then it gives your opposition something to worry about.

Norman Merrill
16   Posted 14/02/2011 at 14:38:02

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"I pick the players, I select the team, I decide the tactics", the words of a demented David Moyes...

I don't know what he is going to change between now and Saturday lunchtime at Stamford Bridge, but change he must. Starting with the attitude of the players, if they have NO pride in wearing the shirt, then they want to start getting pride in themselves after that shambles yesterday.

Tom Bowers
17   Posted 14/02/2011 at 16:38:13

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It just seems that Moyes, after doing quite well for several seasons, just doesn't seem to have the motivational skills necessary to lift this squad.

Without doubt we have skilful players but they are inconsistent and very rarely have played back-to-back decent games all season. Even the Blackpool game left many questions about certain areas and only a class display of finishing by King Louis saved our bacon (not to mention a class finish by Beckford).

Moyes can only point a finger at himself. He controls the action but has been out of control for a while which just indicates to me that he has something else on his mind. I will be very surprised if he is here next season.

Anthony Hawkins
18   Posted 14/02/2011 at 18:49:34

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Hang on!!! Lots of people are saying MOYES hasn't don't anything dispite the warning signs.

Okay, you're given a transfer budget of £1m for this season. What are you going to do with it?

Previous seasons he's had a little more and managed to spend minimal last summer.

You can't build a team of new players with no cash.

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