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To quote David Moyes: ?If you really support a football club, your patience never runs out,? he says. ?You stick with it. Some clubs go into administration, others have to go down to come back up. You don't turn your back on them.?

This may well be true, Davey, but we also need something to support.

I grew up watching the crap of the 90s under Walker, Smith, etc and I've seen plenty of relegation dogfights. However, the really worrying thing this season, is there feels there is nothing there to support.

There is no usual passion from the players, there are no crunching tackles, no heads where the boots are flying, no socks rolled down by the ankles, no bursting runs, no taking on opponents, no shots at goal. Nothing.

Baines has put a few quality balls into the box this season, Fellaini has tried hard in a few games, Cahill got a few goals, Coleman with a few charges forward, but these are minor points I'm desperately trying to find, and something positive throughout two thirds of the season gone...

Our club is quickly going down the chute both on and off the pitch and it feels like no-one cares.

I know I have very limited football skills, but if I were on that pitch, I would run until I collapsed, then I would crawl across the turf. Where is the pride? Where is the passion? Where is the commitment?

FFS Moyes, throw a tea cup, throw a boot, drop someone (Arteta, Neville?) for a game.

The only player that runs forward is Coleman... who gets subbed, the only player with a bit of skill is Bily... who gets subbed. Sure, they may have faults but at least they can bring something to the table, like Yakubu... who gets shipped out. Players like Arteta and Heitinga are giving nothing to the team at present. Something is better than nothing.

Something will mean we can get behind the team and support them, like previously a Neville tackle, or a Big Dunc towering header.

What harm would it do to start a game at GP playing 4-3-3 with Cahill in midfield?

Give us something to cheer Davey, and we will.

Matthew Lovekin, Brighton     Posted 14/02/2011 at 17:09:50

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Christopher McCullough
1   Posted 14/02/2011 at 20:20:49

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Aye, It's worrying. I've been worried since that BBC correspondent wrote an article to suggest we should sell our best players. Soundbites aren't released without reason.

I think Arteta played well against Bolton, though.
Andy Codling
2   Posted 14/02/2011 at 20:30:01

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Fucking cheeky twat Moyes, 65 grand a week and he expects the average joe to fork out more and more money , to watch utter fucking shite. Go and take your organ grinder with you.
David Hallwood
3   Posted 14/02/2011 at 20:36:24

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I must admit I've got a season ticket and I've watched some dross in my time, but I've never lost my enthusiasm for the game and miss it in the summer.......until this season, I can't wait for it to end, and they can go fuck themselves if they thin k I'll be renewing my season ticket. I'm getting tired of being treated with contempt by the game.

Moyes's remarks are not a million miles away from Rooney's when Ingerland were booed off at the world cup; "That's loyal fans for yer" Yes fuckwit those same fans that pay for your Bentley and spent thousands of pounds supporting you, and they have the audacity to demand that the team put a shift in.

Out of all the mug consumers, we are unsupassed

Michael O'Gorman
4   Posted 14/02/2011 at 20:43:40

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I agree with you for the most part, but even though Arteta has not had a brilliant season by any account he still remains the only midfield who is comfortable in possession and is able to pick out a ball to play. Fellaini is great at winning tackles and Cahill has an eye for goal, but neither are ball controlling midfielders.

Due to the fact that we can't keep are only in form striker healthy, more of the play has gone through Arteta and unfortunately his form has let him down, but who else has the composure or skill to act as the holding midfielder.

I was absolutely livid with Anichebe against Bolton, for a lad that has great size and strength he goes down at a slight breeze... useless! With Saha out for another couple weeks or so, it's about time that players like Gueye, Baxter and Beckford get a proper run of games. Hell, nobody else has been effective!

But like you said Matthew we need something to support after a heartless effort against Bolton and useless season thus far. COYB!!!!
Paul McGinty
5   Posted 14/02/2011 at 20:51:22

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I agree with Christopher (1).
I think Arteta has improved in the last 3 weeks. I continue to have this uncomfortable feeling that Heitinga is going through the motions. Granted the manager sees him train, knows what hes about etc, but to me, hes not tight to his man, wins little in the air and is not exactly Mr Hard-man in the tackle.
I hate to be on an Everton players back but he doesn't like like the seasoned international he should be. At least with Jags you get an effort. Heitingas superior distribution is of little use if we are shipping goals all of the place.
The Manager knows best but thats my opinion.
Ray Robinson
6   Posted 14/02/2011 at 21:11:40

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Paul, totally agree with your views on Heitinga. And to think that some people thought at the beginning of the season that he should be picked ahead of Distin!
Steve Higham
7   Posted 14/02/2011 at 21:11:33

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Matthew a great post summing up the pain we are all feeling. We all know where not going to win the PL but to go out on the pitch and not put in a shift is not acceptable.
We are all crying out for someone to relate to on the pitch, there are no heroes wearing an Everton shirt anymore . We are crying out for a big Dunc charecter a player we can relate to.
What we don't need are load of shirkers who don't deserve to wear the shirt and a manger who sulks like a child.
How does the our song go - 'If you know your history' at the moment our team and manager certainly don't know it.
Charles King
8   Posted 14/02/2011 at 21:24:28

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This is probably the reason Moyes speaks little to the press, it illustrates his lack of understanding and quite frankly his intellect.

like his managerial style he's in a time-warp where people paint their houses in team colours and defer to all and sundry including football managers.

Fans never stop supporting their club, we're fickle, we complain, have unreal expectations, pick and choose games but supporters never give up, we're supporters till we pop our clogs.

His judgement is really suspect.
Gareth Hughes
9   Posted 14/02/2011 at 22:56:29

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There is no doubt that Moyes is a cheeky git. He talks about the fans sticking with the team but he was throwing in the towel in the dugout yesterday. The last week has been some sort of watershed, shocking financial figures and that game yesterday. We are a rabble on and off the pitch and the ridiculous comments from the Chairman and Chief Exec, and now manager, are barely believeable. It will only change if significant numbers of fans, many thousands of them just stop going to the games.
Dennis Stevens
10   Posted 15/02/2011 at 00:09:02

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Life as an Evertonian is grim at the moment & it looks like it's only going to get grimmer over the next few months. I can only assume these shameful comments from Moyes are to prepare us for a fall he deems inevitable. However, when the manager is already delivering weasel-worded references to a failure that looms on the horizon yet is still avoidable, then maybe he's no longer the manager we need. It seems Moyes already accepts relegation as the end result of this dreadful season. I'd suggest somebody call a taxi, but I doubt we could afford the call, let alone the fare!
Jamie Sweet
11   Posted 15/02/2011 at 01:31:31

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What Moyes said is basically true. Once a Blue, always a Blue. I will never turn my back on the club / support another team / start watching rugby etc.

However, I'm afraid that this attitude is part of what stinks about our football club at the moment. We have a chairman safely sitting at the helm thinking "it doesn't matter how shit we get - they will keep on coming".

We deplete our playing squad to the very bones - we add no quality what-so-ever, we serve up some of the shittest football in our history - yet nobody who is in a position to do anything about it seems to give a stuff... because we still keep on paying for it. Moyes and Kenwright know it, and I believe they exploit it.

If there was a restaurant that you used to love going to, which one day served you a huge steaming turd on a plate - you wouldn't go back would you? Thus restaurants don't often serve turds on plates.

Our current regime is currently serving us the biggest, smelliest of turds - and still expect us to eat it, and then come back for more, week in week out.

I get the feeling that more and more of us are starting to turn our noses up at this shit. I wish I could. But I can't. I shall carry on eating... for now... om nom nom nom.
Mike Williams
12   Posted 15/02/2011 at 02:37:08

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In my eyes Moyes made himself out to be a bit silly over the last week with his comments.

First we had "people should get behind the team" etc, then his next set of comments to the press were along the lines of "that was the worst performance" since he was manager... Well, Davey, that is sadly by the looks of things how things are going to be from now on, if not worse, and you can see why some people are getting fed up with it.

So those who took your words earlier on and thought, "You know what, I will go to the Bolton game and cheer the lads on, like Davey wants us to..." only to get that type of performance, just goes to show to me this regime is more interested in getting our money and delivering nothing in return.

I went to virtually every home game since 1986 but, after the 4-1 spanking at home to the mighty West Brom, I thought, "No more paying my hard-earned money just to pay for Bill Kenwright's fuck-ups".

Don't get me wrong, I will always support Everton and will return going to games once I believe the club is being honest with the people who make every club work, that being us fans.

Alan Clarke
13   Posted 15/02/2011 at 08:01:33

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I'm not renewing my season ticket and I will not spend any money on merchandise until Kenwright has gone.

I will still go to odd games but I will now only pick and choose which games I go to. I will not pay for anything inside the ground. The club therefore cannot rely on guaranteed income from me. I will still watch Everton on the box and on the internet. I will still go to the odd away game too. Results will still decide what kind of mood I'm going to be in for the rest of the weekend. I will still brainwash my children into supporting Everton. I will still spend too much time on this website.

I don't think I'm any less of an Evertonian for not renewing my season ticket. I'm just fucking sick of Kenwright and Moyes and Neville and I don't want to give them a guaranteed sum of money from me. Kenwright reaps what he sows.
Declan O'Shaughnessy
14   Posted 15/02/2011 at 08:53:15

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I'm sorry, but does nobody else see the irony of a post that damns the players for a lack of effort (wholly justified in my eyes) and then bemoans subbing Bily and sending Yak out on loan?

If I'd had my way on Sunday, Bily would have been shot, not subbed. I'm sorry, but the guy is not up to the job. He struggles to control the ball when there is nobody within 10 feet of him, he consistently picks the wrong option (dribbling when he should pass, passing when he should drive on with the ball).

And as for Yak: much as I like the guy, show me a lazier footballer in the Premiership currently? He's basically been the same at every club he's played at: starts well, tails off quickly and alarmingly.

Slam the players for a lack of effort sure, but don't then hold up 2 of the worst examples as some kind of damning indictment of Moyes' managerial abilities when he loses patience with them.
Tony J Williams
15   Posted 15/02/2011 at 08:56:18

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Well Feck me, Moyes basically comes out and says "Support Us" and posters on here call him silly or a cheeky git. You really couldn't write this shit could you.

He is repeating what 90% of us say on here day in day out, especially ones who tell others to go and support someone else if they don't like it.....but oh no, it's Moyes, he must be a prick for saying that.....hang on, isn't that what we are all saying? Nahhh, it's Moyes so it's cause to have a go.
Martin Hughes
16   Posted 15/02/2011 at 09:22:35

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Moyes Fuck off time to go youve lost it mate
Eugene Ruane
17   Posted 15/02/2011 at 10:05:51

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The 'loyalty' angle begs a couple of questions.

'When does loyalty become stupidity?' and 'could loyalty actually harm the club?'

Of COURSE loyalty is generally a commendable attribute, but Moyes's statement offers only his simplistic version of loyalty - basically, if you keep coming no matter what, you're loyalty can't be questioned.

Many will fall in behind this interpretation as it's a simple, obvious, easy to follow version.

But it's not the ONLY way to show loyalty.

First of all, if you're going to be loyal, you have to ask "What EXACTLY am I being loyal to?"

Moyes, Kenwright, the players?

Not for me.

Moyes gets £65,000 a week and is out of ideas, BK I wouldn't trust as far as I could welly and the players come and go as it suits THEM.

My loyalty is to Everton football club - past, present, future.

To Everton football club 'the institution'.

And if it is my opinion that those presently at the helm are, by their actions, threatening that institution (AND IT IS!) I would consider it disloyal to Everton Football Club to say fuck all, or to keep blindly supporting the current regime.

But..that's just me.

Eugene Ruane
18   Posted 15/02/2011 at 10:34:05

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Sorry, y-o-u-r loyalty can't be questioned.
Tony J Williams
19   Posted 15/02/2011 at 11:32:28

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I am not loyal to Moyes, Kenwrong or the overpaid feckers who play for us. I support Everton FC and always will, these players and manager will be gone soon enough and I will still support Everton FC.

It's that simple to me.

My post was to point out the hypocrisy of some posters. Having a go at Moyes when he is talking about loyalty.
Stephen Kenny
20   Posted 15/02/2011 at 11:39:06

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I'll never stop supporting Everton Football Club. I have stopped supporting David Moyes, so do us a favour and do one.

If you can't even get your arse out the dugout to give that useless shower of shite a bollicking as they get played off the park by a gang of no-marks, then don't tell us how to support a team we'll all still support long after your gone.
James Cadwaladr
21   Posted 15/02/2011 at 12:52:30

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Something needs to change but until someone buys the club the board will be there....Fact!


Sack Moyes, Sack Round, Sack Holden.

Hire a manager who has got some balls and who will bring in a team of coaches with some attacking experience to work alongside Stubbs as defensive coach.

The manager should have some balls and sell every fucker that has any sort of value apart from Cahill and Baines and start again.

I wouldnt be unhappy with 10 out 10 in in the summer. The club is rancid and needs an overhaul.
Mike Hughes
22   Posted 15/02/2011 at 12:48:33

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Eugene @ #17 - well put.

I've felt like that for a couple of years now since I ditched my season ticket. I now pick and choose my games but will always be an Evertonian.

Going to the match is also linked to available finances and that will be different for everyone.

I don't know when DM made such a simplistic statement as the one referred to in the above post but, before looking at the fans he needs to take a long hard look at himself and the highly paid shambles he is responsible for on the pitch.

Loyalty may be one issue on DM's mind but the manager's competence is a higher one right now for the fans.
Dale Forbes
23   Posted 15/02/2011 at 12:53:54

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I agree with Matthew and the tone of comments on this thread. No-one is deserting the club from amongst the fans. We are just tired of Moyes's drivel.

Paul was absolutely spot-on. Moyes often takes off the best players. Why not take Neville off, move Coleman to his natural position at right back? A much more penetrative formation. Hope he gets it right at Chelski.

Mike Hughes
24   Posted 15/02/2011 at 13:23:11

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#23 Dale

I don't disagree with taking Neville off but I fail to see how moving one of our most attacking players - Coleman - to right back would be a more penetrative formation.
Shaun Brennan
25   Posted 15/02/2011 at 13:29:05

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I think that quote from Moyes shows how far out of touch he is with the fans.

Michael Brien
26   Posted 15/02/2011 at 13:27:03

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Personally I think it is time for David Moyes to take some of the responsibility for the performances. He seems to be only too willing to accept the praise when things are going well. When things are going badly he should accept his responsibility.He decides the team, the tactics and the formation that we play.

I hope that he can turn things around. I think that he is a good manager, but I find his stubborness very frustrating. he seems unable or unwilling to change tactics when it is clear that such changes are needed. I think that we have a good squad of players but we have a manager who does not seem able to get the best out of them.

Look at how Owen Coyle has transformed Bolton Wanderers style of play. He has used virtually the same group of players that were labelled " long ball merchants". Perhaps the best move in the transfer window would have been a manager swop - Moyes for Coyle !!!!
Tony J Williams
27   Posted 15/02/2011 at 14:11:35

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Michael, what part of, "I pick the team, I pick the tactics etc" is not accepting responsibility? Why shouldn't the players, who all played cack, come out and apologise for the shite we had to watch?

Dale, he took Coleman off because he was having a Weston, possibly due to tiredness of playing for Ireland midweek?

Look at Bolton Wanderers.

Yeah Coyles record is fantastic isn't it? This year his record is 2 wins (one against York) 2 draws and 5 defeats. Fecking genius tactician him.
Yanga Vava
28   Posted 16/02/2011 at 07:06:29

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In the absence of the best, the worst becomes the best. I can't believe other folks in here believe Arteta was decent in our game against Bolton ? the guy is pathetic, so is Moyes, Bily and that idiot victor anichebe. In case you wondering who is the "best" I was referring to, it's none other than Steven "Schillo" "Peanuts" Pienaar. :-(((((

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