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For many on TW, the lack of innovation in the Everton Marketing team is incomprehensible and has endured many a tirade of abuse; Australia tour with none of the latest kit on sale being a personal highlight of mine.

That said, it does look from this 365 article:,17033,13320_6758957,00.htm that maybe they may be getting their act together or at least, showing some forward thinking and vision.

Chang (like the beer or not), is a massive brand in Asia and has fingers in many pies (see the renewed sponsorship of ESPN Sports in Asia) and the club have stated that they believe this will be a lucrative deal.

A quote from the article: ?Everton have moved ahead of the majority of their rivals by realising that genuine global growth is about more than tumbling into town like the circus for 36 hours and a pre-season friendly?

Innovation from Everton, this should be applauded.

Now, let the conspiracy theories roll.

Liam Reilly, Dublin     Posted 18/02/2011 at 17:38:04

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Gavin Ramejkis
1   Posted 18/02/2011 at 21:51:13

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Football is a commodity worldwide, take a look at these figures from the World Cup and tell me there isn't profit to be had beyond the realms of what we earn now -
Lyndon Lloyd
2   Posted 18/02/2011 at 22:05:45

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While there's always room for improvement and there will be mis-steps like the timing of the kit rollout, I actually think the marketing and communication folks don't always get the credit they deserve for some of the innovative, peer-leading things they have done in recent years ? regardless of the obvious Pravda parallels, the club's official web site is highly regarded and there have been a number of additions over the past few years like the iPhone app (as one example) that demonstrate that they're aware of the latest technologies and looking to use them.

And, after performing a u-turn on having an official retail presence in the centre of town, the Everton 2 megastore was really well done, right down to the name/address poke at LFC.

Though it'll take time and leg-work to really gain traction in markets such as China, Thailand and Japan, the Club are among the leading pack in establishing their brand there. The only short-cuts to success in foreign markets involve winning trophies, unfortunately...

Peter Warren
3   Posted 18/02/2011 at 22:34:13

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Trophy cabinet success, particularly in Europe, breeds fanbase overseas and commercial success. With the exception of 85', our record in Europe is one of the worst ever. Don't see that changing anytime soon...
Kristian Boyce
4   Posted 18/02/2011 at 22:44:02

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Coming from a marketing background, many times I've been left puzzled by the clubs perceived lack of exposure in marketing terms. Living out in the US, I've felt the club has never used potential to market its brand having had two of the biggest names in US football play for the club. But it seems the Asian market has been its target for a while now with sponsorship deals with Chang and Keijan before that. It seems the Chang deal is very solid and will be with us for a while which leads me on to think, why doesn't Chang buy/invest in us? With all the talk of 24/7 investment search by the Chairman over the last few years, hasn't a potential investor been sitting right infront of his face for a while now. I wonder if this idea has ever come up?
James Flynn
5   Posted 18/02/2011 at 23:16:06

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A little off-topic but connected still. Here's a link to an article for American soccer fans comparing the EPL to an American major League, baseball:

Doubt many baseball fans in here, but the comparisons (Team by Team) are actually pretty close.

And note the last line about EFC management. No laughing.
Brian McEnaney
6   Posted 19/02/2011 at 00:59:38

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My first post, so please go easy on me! Continuing the James Flynn aside, being a lifelong resident in the cold north of Minnesota in the US (yes, Toffee fans are everywhere!) I've always thought of Everton more closely resemble the Minnesota Twins baseball team. Sharing some great characteristics is what attracted me to Everton all those years ago. Having said that, I can certainly accept the Detroit Tigers comparison-especially the fact that the Tigers are a much older club. But I digress...

The Twins have just moved into an amazing new ballpark in downtown Minneapolis. It's a beautiful, cozy park that fits very, very snugly and perfectly into its neighborhood. The area around the ballpark on game days is amazingly vibrant and great fun.

The US went through an era when big, boring, multi-use stadiums were built in the '70s for (our) football and baseball, not totally unlike some of Italy's soulless caverns. They were very similar to each other and one couldn't tell the difference between them-people absolutely hated them. Having seen the error of our ways, now most stadiums (in any sport) are single-use, designed to fit into that particular area and as mentioned, each have a great 'local' feel. Sort of updated, modern versions of Fenway Park (baseball). Honestly, most of them are absolutely fantastic, and each look and feel very unique to that particular team.

Not having had the good fortune to visit Goodison Park yet (hope to get there this year), my first hope (based on what's transpired over here) would be to redevelop Goodison Park. I'm doubtful that the neighboring area can be much tighter than the Twins' new home. But if that can't be done, my next hope would be to develop a very unique place, very much capturing the 'spirit' of Everton, very distinctly from Liverpool, with the fans being very tight onto the pitch. My hope would be that it's not shared with LFC, but as a non-resident I'm in no position to judge. Despite my best hopes, perhaps sharing would make the most sense. I personally may not like it, but the New York Giants and New York Jets football teams share their stadium.

Please understand that I'm not trying to 'compare' at all, but rather relate that the US has only in the past few years recovered from a dreadful era of stadia construction, but this newest era has told us in spades that 'cowsheds' don't work ? they'll be rejected. Stating the obvious, you only get once chance to do it, and doing it right ('right' as defined by location, right-sizing it, building it with 'character' and 'charm', having modern amenities, etc.) pays massive dividends. Doing it wrong forces supporters to suffer the consequences for generations. For what it's worth, this US-based Everton supporter really admires those that are fighting to do it 'right'. What that means I'll leave to the good folks of Merseyside, as you'll know best. Many thanks!
James Flynn
7   Posted 19/02/2011 at 03:53:45

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Brian (6) The Minnesota Twins are the perfect example. A super-well run organization that emphasizes player development and Bran promotion. Unfortunately, EFC ownership is not up to that standard.

I'm wishing on a star that the Yankees buy EFC. The Old Girl will be updated, as will the concessions etc.

Come to think of it, the Twins could buy EFC and reap the benefits. Although the problems seem insurmountable, we both know that the "turnaround" would take a very short time at Goodison for the right American buyer.
Keith Edmunds
8   Posted 19/02/2011 at 04:33:19

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James 7. All Bran?
Tony Waring
9   Posted 19/02/2011 at 09:17:17

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I'm very concerned that Chang...."has fingers in many pies". If it's pork pies we're talking about I sincerely hope they are not planning a takover bid for Satterthwaites. That would be worse than losing to the RS for the next 10 years !
Dan Brierley
10   Posted 19/02/2011 at 09:12:45

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Your marketability is intrinsically linked with the success of your product. There are only a handful of truly global brands in football. Real Madrid, Barcelona, United, Liverpool, Munich, Ajax, Inter & AC Milan.

Its not rocket science why these clubs are popular. They are the most successful teams in world football.

What other factors decide which team you support, and buy their products? Friends and family is the big one. You have to be exposed to Everton by somebody close to you. When you see what it means to them, it makes you realise it is something special. And then at some point you will go to your first game, and realise there are thousands of others also touched by the club. You feel 'at home'. And an evertonian is born.

The problem faced by clubs trying to go global, is trying to sell that 'special' feeling but through only a TV or Computer screen. You can put up billboards or TV adverts all around the world, but ultimately that only leads someone to the product, they still have to like it after that. This is the question I haven't seen answered by anybody who says our marketing is shite. Why would someone overseas want to follow Everton, over the teams I have mentioned above? Without the friends and family/matchday element, what is it that attracts a new fan?
Ajay Gopal
11   Posted 19/02/2011 at 10:39:45

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I take issue with "Chang being a massive brand in Asia". They are unheard of in India ! (No offence to fellow Thai Blues). I have always wondered that "Kingfisher" would be a great brand/partner for EFC:

They have a dynamic and flamboyant owner - Vijay Mallya, a bit like Sir Richard Branson. He owns an F1 racing team, the Indian Premier League cricket team called the Bangalore Royal Challengers, sponsors a number of sporting events, etc.
They are not allowed to advertise their beer in India - so, a perfect opportunity for Kingfisher to flash their brand on TV to millions of Indian consumers.
They have many businesses, of which their most visible are liquor and airlines (I know Kingfisher Airlines is expanding their routes from India to Southeast Asia, Europe, etc).

If only somebody would knock on Mallya's door, and explain the opportunity for branding he has with Everton, he may even buy us ! Err.... make that "invest" in us. :-)

Alex Kociuba
12   Posted 19/02/2011 at 15:47:42

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Ajay.. knock on Mallya's door!

I guess the Premier League has more viewers in Thailand than India?
Eugene Ruane
13   Posted 20/02/2011 at 00:28:02

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Derek Thomas
14   Posted 20/02/2011 at 02:24:36

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Sales and Marketing; the pink shirt Mk1, totally misread the numbers for the initial roll out.

Sales and Marketing; the pink shirt Mk2, who ever signed off on that wants shooting.

Sales and Marketing; The Vanilla Dream retro shirt, lots of people seem to like it, we even win in it, too little too late.

Chang Beer; we took what we could get, The 2nd beer in Thailand, in both sales and taste, been there tried them both out of loyalty, and fair play. I even got the rs B. in L. to do a Blind fold (so there wouldn't be a football bias in what was a serious scientific test) taste test the first night we were there.

The result was ....

'Over 'ere mate, dos Singa's por favor jimmio '

Thai equivalent of 'Que?'

Holds up 2 fingers in a none confrontational way, points with other hand to Singa.
Liu Weixian
15   Posted 20/02/2011 at 05:10:42

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Chang's a popular beer in many parts of Asia? Maybe in Thailand, but definitely not popular in Singapore and Malaysia.

We got the official Everton kit only a few months after the start of the new season, and 'official' EPL stores don't even carry it. The stitching on the shirt makes it look like some counterfeit jersey you can get for £3 for $10 in a flea market. We have the ugliest kit in the Premier League.

I do not buy into the argument that we have a competent marketing team.
Alan McGuffog
16   Posted 20/02/2011 at 13:36:12

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Ajay (10 )
Two options for new club motto: "Most thrillingly chilled" or "King of Good Times "..... either will do.

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