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Incompetent FA, Unforgiveable Clattenburg

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I?m amazed at the decision to take no action against Rooney for his blatant and dangerous elbow incident against Wigan?s McCarthy on Saturday. How long must we put up with the shambolic Clattenburg, who continues to fawn over the millionaire footballers, with a wink here, a pat on the bum there or just a plain old arm round the shoulder with the words ?Careful Wayne, bit naughty that, by the way my Gran says hello?.

To lie through his back, or if they are like his hair, false, teeth and say he took appropriate action is beyond belief and in itself brings the game into disrepute.

The bile that came from Old Trafford was a disgrace and an insult to Wigan Football Club. They should have been commending the Wigan player on staying on his feet. Can you imagine Nani in that position, and the obvious reaction he would feign with Fergie screaming for the death sentence against the abuser.

The whole thing stinks. When Man City was normal like us, they had Ben Thatcher banned for his obscene challenge a few years ago, despite the Ref seeing it and giving him a yellow card. Where is the consistency towards the millionaires who ruin our game?

Ashley and his air rifle at the training ground, hell even the linesman in the Carling Cup Final did his best for Arsenal in the first two minutes, flagging offside and thus avoiding a Birmingham penalty and sending off, no doubt it would have yellow.

Get Clattenburg out of this game and get some FA members who possess a pair. The game is ruined by money, now we put up with individuals causing havoc on what was a once proud sport.

David Price, Stockport     Posted 28/02/2011 at 14:57:30

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Mike Green
1   Posted 28/02/2011 at 16:24:18

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Spot on.

Apart from being amazed at the decision. I just felt an inch closer to giving up on the game for good.

It was a nasty bastard thing to do and cowardly to boot ? he and Ferguson must genuinely think it's one rule for them and another for the rest. And to be honest, they'd be fucking right.
Lee Smith
2   Posted 28/02/2011 at 16:25:37

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Quite simply, Clattenburg is covering his arse and doesn't want to admit he fucked up, again. In which case, referee chief Mike Riley should say "Mark, if that is your assessment of the incident, you are clearly not fit to carry out your job, here is your P45". It won't happen though.
Ray Roche
3   Posted 28/02/2011 at 16:38:58

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I wouldn't hold your breath... that twat Riley was as biased as they come, in fact, he was so far up Feruson's arse he could see Alan Wiley's feet.
Tony Doran
4   Posted 28/02/2011 at 16:40:40

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If that was on streetcam in town, Rooney's new number would be prisoner 567843.
Danny Broderick
5   Posted 28/02/2011 at 17:00:33

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Couldn't agree more...
Andrew Gilbert
6   Posted 28/02/2011 at 16:56:58

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McCarthy should go down the John McStay route and get the Police involved.

Not because I think it is the correct way to go but, without any action from the FA or Premier League, how else can we teach our kids that violence is not acceptable in our sport?
Ray Robinson
7   Posted 28/02/2011 at 17:06:35

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Was going to post something similar, David. It's an absolute disgrace. If Clattengburg did see the incident, then there is NO excuse to not send Rooney off. If he didn't see the incident properly, he should have admitted it and Rooney would have been punished.

Giving the free kick tends to suggest he did see the incident and bottled out of sending Rooney off ? in awe of "superstars" syndrome ? in other words not fit to referee. Still we all knew that anyway didn't we.

And as for the FA, they HAVE to make Clattenburg referee another match at Goodison, otherwise they are admitting that crowd reaction can sway referee selection. It has to happen if they are to retain their credibility.
Declan Brown
8   Posted 28/02/2011 at 17:17:51

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Football is dying a slow grim horrible death for me. It's like a marriage that is going through very troubled waters and getting it back to the better days is going to take some serious work.

The above poster who said it's another inch to packing it in completely nailed it for me.

It's no longer a sport in the real sense and the enjoyment is going for me, the only real joy is watching Everton turning over teams now and again that are seen as above us in the financial hierarchy.

Can't wait for the game to implode financially and for it to go back to square 1, but I'd be surprised if this in the next 10 years and if it did happen I'd be very worried where it leaves Everton.
Tony McNulty
9   Posted 28/02/2011 at 17:18:28

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To be honest, it is no more than I would have expected from the Fat Boy. We can hardly get on our high horses given some of Big Dunc's, Psycho Pat's, and even further back, Morrissey's or even Sandy Brown's on-field differences of opinion. Oh and remind me, where did Rooney play before he joined the Manure?
Jimmy Hacking
10   Posted 28/02/2011 at 17:27:56

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Tony #9 You are missing the point I believe; Wayne Rooney very blatantly cheated, everyone knows he cheated, and just in case anyone had any doubts, you can watch the footage of him cheating as many times as you like.

He cheated... and got away with it Scot-free. The only conclusion anyone can rationally draw from this is that big clubs get preferential treatment, which disgusts every football fan and further proves what a joke the FA are. Yes, some of our players might have fouled now and again, but how is that relevant?
Colin Potter
11   Posted 28/02/2011 at 17:48:56

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They are just plain and gutless cowards!
Nick Waters
12   Posted 28/02/2011 at 17:41:46

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Clattenberg also gave Manure that goal against Tottenham when Gomes put the ball down for a free kick after Nani handled.

Fergie must be delighted every time he sees that deferential twat down to ref his games.

And as for the FA, it's quite ridiculous how they're terrified of the Sky 4 ? I don't know why anyone expected any other outcome from today's news.

Jay Harris
13   Posted 28/02/2011 at 17:53:36

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Dont waste your words on here.

Get on to the FA site register free as a FAN and give them hell over Clattenburg and Rooney.

They may and probably will send their standard "every referee is reviewed ....blah blah blah" but if they get overwhelmed with emails it may give them something to think about.
Chris Sillett
14   Posted 28/02/2011 at 17:48:15

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It's disgusting that he wont be banned for what he's done. If I did that to somebody outside my local pub, I would have been spending my Saturday night in a police cell.

Clattenburg is just as much a cunt as Rooney though, anyone remember when he was pulling out a yellow card for Hibbert in a derby but after Gerrard walked over and said "send him off laaa" he promptly flashed a red card. Corrupt as fuck he is.
Ray Roche
15   Posted 28/02/2011 at 17:54:08

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Wasn't Clattenberg the ref who didn't allow a Spurs "goal" when it was yard across the line?
Jamie Barlow
16   Posted 28/02/2011 at 17:56:43

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Tony@ 9. What has the fact that Rooney used to play for us got to do with anything? Hasn't anybody asked Twattenburg why he didn't send him off if he's seen it. I don't get it. The bloke is a disgrace.
Ray Robinson
17   Posted 28/02/2011 at 18:03:19

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Tony, Ferguson never got away with it though did he? In fact he was a marked man before he'd even committed an offence. Didn't Rooney once use the "f" word twenty odd times in a foul mouthed tirade against a ref and get away with it?
Mike Gwyer
18   Posted 28/02/2011 at 18:09:45

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Tony #9.

Please don't compare Dunc with Rooney. Dunc was not sly, fat or ugly.

When Dunc marked your card, you stayed marked, usually on the deck till the medic's arrived. Plus Dunc has the rewards of being brutal ? more red cards than any other EPL player, and we all know that Dunc had no hiding place ? Rooney has SAF & the FA.

What Rooney did was cowardly but perfectly ligit for players in the "Sky 4" cartel.
James I'Anson
19   Posted 28/02/2011 at 18:39:52

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Dunc done 12 weeks inside. Rooney gets a pat on the back.
Trevor Lynes
20   Posted 28/02/2011 at 18:46:52

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I have no time for any players who are violent and I include Dunc who, despite his talent, was a thug and got us a bad name. Rooney is almost as bad but not quite. Clattenburg is a disgrace and has shown bias many times in favour of the big clubs and did it against EFC when Carragher pulled Lescott over in the derby game he reffed.

Bias by refs has been rife in Scotland for years and Rangers/Celtic get lots of favoured decisions... this is also in Spain where Barcelona and Real Madrid get gifts too. It's pandemic and always favours the so-called bigger clubs..

I agree that Rooney should have been censored by the FA and Clatters should be banned from Premier League games... BUT, I repeat, I was never a fan of Dunc and he was a liability whenever he played... he was worse than Rooney!!

Tom Bowers
21   Posted 28/02/2011 at 18:47:11

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Clattenburg was totally wrong and action should be taken to get him off the league's list. However, the whole situation has to be actioned. Time and time again we see this bad refereeing and I mean bad. They just lack the guts to show more red cards and the punishment that follows should also be stronger when they are issued.

The consistancy just isn't there with these elbowing incidents which are now seen in every game under the pretence of ''accidental''. Usually it is a form of retaliation for something comitted earlier or just a way of getting to a more skilful opponent.

I have said many times my concerns over the constant clutching and grabbing in the penalty areas during dead-ball situations whereby most referees do nothing. Why do we have the advantage of a fourth official if it is not used to help clean up the game?
The referee cannot handle all the dirty tricks on his own. The authorities are ultimately to blame.

Joe McParland
22   Posted 28/02/2011 at 18:18:32

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According to SSN, Clottenburg feels he took"appropriate" action. If that is the case then he should be sacked for gross incompetence. Although big Dunc had previous he was jailed for an assault that took place on the park.

Andrew #6 John McStay didn't actually make a complaint. The Police took action of their own backs. The Procurator Fiscal agreed and McStay was compelled by law to give evidence even though he himself felt that it should be dealt with by the Scottish Football authorities with no police involvement.
Karl Masters
23   Posted 28/02/2011 at 18:58:26

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Why are any of you surprised by this?

Refs are scared of Ferguson. Rooney is an 'untouchable' like Gerrard, Lampard, Ferdinand to many refs.

Clattenburg is star struck. We already know that.

Clattenburg is also bloody useless and did not see it anyway. Instead of consulting a linesman he asked Rooney!

FA don't want the scandal and a very high profile confrontation so sweep it under the carpet.

Twas ever thus!
Jamie Tulacz
24   Posted 28/02/2011 at 19:01:09

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On a different note will be interested to see what happens to Ashley Cole.

If he was a normal member of society, he would surely be arrested, I'm not holding my breath for that to happen to Cole though..
Peter Dry
25   Posted 28/02/2011 at 18:56:08

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The solace we should all take as evertonians with Rooney getting off with it is now he will hopefully be able to help Utd win their 19th League title, thus taking over Liverpool's record and God willing, inch them further to 5 European Cups.
Karl Masters
26   Posted 28/02/2011 at 19:15:45

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Peter Dry

Whilst we all like to see Liverpool fans silenced, watching those horrible Mancs and their far-flung glory-hunting 'tourist' supporters racking up trophies makes me feel sick.

At the Cup semi at Wembley the only place I could get a seat was in tgheir end by the corner flag, second row (perfect for the shoot out, but I digress) and if it wasn't pissed up, aggressive, middle aged Scouse hating Mancs frothing for a fight, it was family outing from places like Dudley where Dad read the programme DURING the match, Mum looked like she'd rather be in Tesco's, and the spoilt kids wanted to know why Manure weren't five up by half-time.

I'm sure they have some decent fans, but they have some right bell ends too.
Peter Dry
27   Posted 28/02/2011 at 19:25:20

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Karl, I've been to Old Trafford numerous times over the years and was at the semi-final too and I can vouch for how horrible a lot of their fans are but I don't have to work with them and see them in my local every day, rubbing their unrivalled success in my face.

And funnily enough, there was a family sat in front of me at the Cup Final against Chelsea, similar to the one you described, apparently supporting Everton.
Andy Crooks
28   Posted 28/02/2011 at 19:46:05

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The assault for which Duncan Ferguson went to prison was no worse than Rooney's assault. Of course Duncan should not have been jailed but neither should Rooney escape punishment,

The reaction of Phelan on MotD was spineless and shameful. In fact he represented Man Utd perfectly. A once great club have been dragged into the gutter by a fine football manager but an utterly appalling man. It actually makes me proud that John Magnier and his team brought this guttersnipe well and truly to heel..

David Price
29   Posted 28/02/2011 at 19:57:43

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For sadistic pleasure, Clattenburg to ref the last game versus Chelsea at Goodison. How about that for a hostile atmosphere???

I'd love it!!

Tony McNulty
30   Posted 28/02/2011 at 19:51:04

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Jimmy (10) I was responding to what I sensed was a high or superior moral tone pervading some of the reactions to Rooney?s blatant taking out of another player. Some of what I have seen going on from those in a blue shirt down the years is little better than what Rooney did (I have thought of Tony Kay as well, since my original post). Against Leeds once, the ref had to take the players off for ten minutes to cool things down after Sandy Brown took a run at a player and twatted him one when the ball was fifty yards away, way after the original incident which upset him.

Jamie (15) Similar response plus the fact that do you believe that Rooney underwent a major personality and character transplant after heading up the road?

Ray (16) Admittedly Dunc was less sly, more direct and in your face, but if you are suggesting that he never got away with anything then you mustn?t have seen many live games, or if you did, you were only following the ball. I would cite some of the elbowing on the half way line when the opposition were attacking our box, for instance (I took a guilty pleasure in it, mind you, great entertainment)

Mike (17) Yes, probably have to agree, neither fat nor ugly and didn?t give you the impression of being that premeditated.

Personally, I wouldn?t be seeking moral guidance from many footballers. And although I haven?t met any of our current crop in person, I see little evidence that our players are necessarily that much more morally or ethically superior to the players of any other club. Perhaps some of ours do cheat a little less, although as I write that, does anyone recall one of Yakubu?s dives in the box last season? It was as blatant as a Stevie-G special.

As for Battenberg, he?s just weak and incompetent.

Brian Waring
31   Posted 28/02/2011 at 20:14:47

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I think Clattenburgh will get demoted this weekend to a Championship game; this will be the FA, letting him, and everyone else, know that he fucked-up big style.
Ray Robinson
32   Posted 28/02/2011 at 20:15:50

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Tony, I'm well aware of Dunc's antics and for that reason alone, he can never be classed as a "legend" in my opinion. I meant that if his offences were seen, they were dealt with ? unlike Rooney's on Saturday. Duncan Ferguson would never have got away with that!
Nathan Ward
33   Posted 28/02/2011 at 19:31:08

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#21 Joe is spot on. Clattenberg did what he did and after that the FA have to make it right.

For him to think that no action is acceptable means he has no place in modern football.

However, for my money, football needs to do one of two options:

Either sit down every Monday and go through all the dodgy decisions over the weekend and take back bad cards and give new ones to the culprits

Or say what has happened has happened and move on ? ie, no video evidence.
David Hallwood
34   Posted 28/02/2011 at 20:46:26

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Compare Rooney's challenge with DJ Cambell's; one gets his marching orders for handbags the other doesn't even get a card, spot the player that doesn't play for Man U.

BTW Twattenberg has come out and denied that he favours the Sky 4... he said that he treats Lamps, Wazza and Stevie-G just the same as every other footballer.
Tony Doran
35   Posted 28/02/2011 at 21:08:56

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My friend who lip reads has just told me what Clatty said to Roo-me-mate.

"What happened there Waz?"

"Well, some granny just ran out the crowd and wacked that schoolboy looking centre-half who hasn't let me score yet with her handbag, but just so people don't think you're scared, I'll let you book me."

"Wow, cheers Waz... can I have your tie-ups as well?"

Dick Fearon
36   Posted 28/02/2011 at 22:31:47

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Tony D (#35), Your lip reading mate got it wrong. Clattenbastard actually said, "Thank Christ you didn't hurt your elbow there Wayne."
Trevor Lynes
37   Posted 28/02/2011 at 22:55:38

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Peter, I cannot agree with you about enjoying Man Utd beating Liverpool's record. I've spent years working abroad and I've been proud that our great CITY has won more trophies between both teams than any other city, including MANCHESTER, who as far as I'm concerned have worse buildings, worse music stars, worse comedians and worse fans than we have.

Liverpool won their trophies without foreign players and so did we before the Premier League came into being. The problem is, the media only recognise what has happened since the Premier League was formed and no-one ever mentions Man Utd went from 1967 until 1994 without winning the league title.

I'm proud to be a real scouser and proud of our city's achievements. Incidentally, the first Pals battalions in the 1st World War were volunteers from LIVERPOOL.

James Stewart
38   Posted 28/02/2011 at 23:14:03

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The guy is a complete clown and borderline corrupt if you ask me.
Dick Fearon
39   Posted 28/02/2011 at 23:10:39

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A quick check of 'Red Cafe' has restored my faith in the sportsmanship of ordinary supporters. Overwhelmingly Rooney was condemned for the elbow as was Clattenberg's weak response to it. The opinion of most was that the 'pig' should have been sent off.
Charles King
40   Posted 28/02/2011 at 23:21:17

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Trevor, sorry this inclusive pride with Liverpool... I can't agree with, if you were here when they won everything, you must remember this being the start of us being completely ignored. The word 'Liverpool' became synonymous with the football club ? not the city, to the extent most Evertonians I know say they're from Merseyside rather than utter the city name.

Perhaps distance diluted the effect but any success to do with the word Liverpool was associated with LFC, any misbehaviour became a scouser thing ? we were included in that alright.

Charles King
41   Posted 28/02/2011 at 23:34:41

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Dick, I agree the Man U forums generally have Rooney nailed. It's interesting he hasn't won them over ? the general attitude is he's a twat.

Far more perceptive than I thought.

Tom Bowers
42   Posted 28/02/2011 at 23:30:10

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My apologies to some of you but I believe assault on the football field should be dealt with as if it was on the street. There is no room for violence in any sport and any player who deliberately commits an action the like of which could seriously injure another should be jailed.

The deliberate punch, elbow or studs-up tackle has to be eliminated from the ''beautiful'' game and the authorities inside and out of the sport have been remiss for years.

How can the league now act against Rooney under the present stipulations seeing how Clattenburg has dealt with the matter? This would set a brand new precedent as surely Clattenburg cannot say anything different than what he claimed he booked Rooney for?

Joe McParland
43   Posted 01/03/2011 at 00:37:01

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The worst bit about this is that that twat Riley has come out and backed Clottenburk to the hilt.

This is actually beginning to look very similar to the situation in Scotland earlier in the season where there was a cover up. That ended up with the ref in question, his assistant on the day and the refs boss all leaving their posts.

The only thing is that other idiot Platini immediately backed the out of work refs chief with the offer of a job at a higher level.

In this case Clottenburg and Riley should both be sacked and Rooney banned for three games at the very least.
Steve Green
44   Posted 01/03/2011 at 01:10:39

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Thing is, this wasn't just an elbow ? which in itself is bad enough -? it was a running elbow ? blatant as they come. Clottenburg can't have seen the actual contact or he would have HAD to send him off. Therefore, he only saw or suspected 'contact'.

When he has seen the tape, he has to say 'Oh, that's a bit more than I first thought from my angle', Rooney is dealt with by FA and everybody is happy (apart from SAF and that cunt lying evasive cunt Phelan).

It's so easy to get right. Why did Clottenburg and the FA fuck up??? Why is he so devoid of being able to say "I missed the real deal, did not see it" and dealt with it appropriately ? when he so obviously didn't ? but just plain and simply admit my eye didn't catch all that was eventually revealed on film. It doesn't fuckin hurt.

Surely the FA or Premier League or BGO or whatever they are called must now see he is either incompetent or too big an opinion of himself to admit an honest error.... Fuck Me.

I will just sign off by saying that we have got to pressurise the powers that be into admitting they cannot keep the incompetent, cheating, twisty-mouthed, lying cunt from officiating (if that's what he actually does) at Goodison.

Bill will be made up, a guaranteed sell out stadium to vent our overdue spleen at the useless twat.

Rant over!

Eric Myles
45   Posted 01/03/2011 at 01:48:01

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What if it would have been Fellaini, our own notorious elbower?

Straight red I suspect.
James Flynn
46   Posted 01/03/2011 at 02:07:08

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Is it just me or is Rooney about to be Over-the-hill? I know how young he is, but has there ever been a footballer his age with more miles on his tires?
Dick Fearon
47   Posted 01/03/2011 at 02:51:15

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Tom B #42, Here in West Oz I served many years on a Protest and Disputes committee (P&D board,) I had a quite a job to get other board members to be tougher on repeat violent offenders. Our game was a convenient outlet for their vicious unprovoked aggression.

Then we read that a P&D board and its parent association in the eastern states were successfully sued by a victim of a repeat offender. The compensation pay out, including medical costs, loss of income etc came to several thousand dollars and that was just for an amateur.

If the same was to happen in England you would very quickly sort out the 'bad' buggers. As for the offender in the above case, his very next caution resulted in a lifetime ban.

Dick Fearon
48   Posted 01/03/2011 at 03:32:18

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I forgot to mention that, in the above case, it was shown that the P&D board had failed in its duty of care.
Christine Foster
49   Posted 01/03/2011 at 03:36:15

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I can't help feeling that the FA and all the instructions to refs regarding tackling and gamesmanship have destroyed what was a contact sport.

We have the ridiculous situations where any tackle that makes contact with the player is a foul. Where intent to tackle or a missed tackle (no contact) is adjudged to be a foul or worse. Outside of the Premier League it's a different world.

Whilst the flying elbow is used rarely in intent, the offended player is always pollaxed until their offender is sent off or booked.

The biggest threats to our game are the cheats who fall down whether there is contact or not, it's gamesmanship and it should be stamped out.

Then there is the ban on tackling... for god's sake, it's a contact sport where good tackling was an attribute in years past, a skill.

Lastly there are the referees, their inconsistancy, bias and inability to control a game (other than red or yellow cards) is just a joke.

Dirty play should be stamped on by referees with video help if need be but, right now, the emphasis is wrong and the game is suffering because of it.

Dick Fearon
50   Posted 01/03/2011 at 03:51:27

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You couldn't make it up! I have just read a RS fan complaining that Clutterridge is biased toward the top 4.
Alan Clarke
51   Posted 01/03/2011 at 08:32:27

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Does anyone know legally whether criminal action could be taken against Rooney by the Wigan player? I know it's unlikely but that challenge was as bad as what Duncan Ferguson went to prison for.

I'm aware that there's some kind of implied consent when you enter the field of play so you can't take action against players for the normal 'rough and tumble' that goes on in a game but if a player just decides to elbow you in the back of the head whilst your back is turned then that goes beyond what you're expeted to endure physically during a game of football. The Wigan player would surely have a case? If Dave Whelan is so incensed by this as he makes out then maybe he should look into it.
Mark Murphy
52   Posted 01/03/2011 at 09:12:12

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Not defending Clattenberg at all but his main mistake here was giving the freekick. He didn't see the incident so why give a freekick? If he hadn't then the FA could act.

The long-term problem with the rules here is that now the FA are saying they cannot act further. So why have an FA ? why not just let the refs run the game?

I saw a similar incident at our home game with Bolton last season when Kevin Davies deliberately elbowed Jags in the head when the ball was in the other half. The cameras didn't see it, nor the ref, and to be honest hardly anyone in the ground either but I did. Jags shrugged it off and owned Davies there after. I got the impression though that Jags accepted it as part of the game.

Now the FA have failed to act again, perhaps that's the case?

Derek Thomas
53   Posted 01/03/2011 at 08:31:22

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James Flynn; Possibley spot on.

There are a number of players who 'start' early who are finished early.

Case one Norman Whiteside (and btw Jimmy Gabriel WAS the player that everybody thought Whiteside was) 16 finished at 25 or 26, not withstanding the fact that when we bought him, he was probably all done at 23 or 24.

Michael Owen 17 or 18 hasn't been at the top of his game for 5(?) yrs and how old is he??

Rooney? what is he? 25 or 26? Football is a middle distance thing with added sprinting. He is right at the cusp, the reflexes are dropping away, even if you won't admit it. Most don't, because they mentally compensate by using their head / experience to 'save their legs' and 'get by'... yeah, I know that Rooney's and Ronaldo's 'getting by' is still way way above the rest of the herd.

Hand on heart ? was Rooney ever the player, the heart-in-your-mouth, trying the audacious and doing it he was pre Euro 2004? IMO NO.

Ronaldo, how old? Is he hitting the peaks of 3 or 4 yrs ago?

One player who DID know he was 'just' over the physical hill at 26ish was George Best. This, plus of course, all the other problems and distractions and he went on record later on down the track as saying he knew he wasn't the player at 26 or 27 he was at 22 or 23 so more or less gave it away coz if he couldn't do it 'properly' he would not do it at all.

Will Rooney's legs give out all of a sudden like Gravesen or will he be able to make the transition, dropping deeper, use the football brain to still do the biz? The next 2 or 3 years will tell.

Tony McNulty; where you actually there when the teams were lead off the pitch?? Yes or no? ? you are still talking bollocks Re Sandy Brown.
Den King
54   Posted 01/03/2011 at 10:39:10

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As Jay #13 says, to complain to the FA you need to register with them at and register with them.
Every little bit helps...

Don't ask in the same complaint why we have won no penalties this season!

Except v Chelsea
Ernie Baywood
55   Posted 01/03/2011 at 10:52:57

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Spot on Mark Murphy. He's a fool, but he's also a coward because he's covering his tracks. He didn't know what happened as he didn't see it so he took the opportunity to have a cuddle with Wayne and show what a sensible ref he is by being one of the lads who can diffuse the tit's temper.

He had a choice. Admit he saw it and felt it wasn't worthy of a card and get a demotion for a few weeks (and praise from Ferguson/Phelan)...


Admit he gave a free kick for something he didn't see, get publicly flayed by Ferguson, and the FA would have to hang him out to dry ? giving free kicks without any reason is not that far from corruption. Of course at least the right thing could then happen which is Rooney gets banned.

So he covered his tracks and copped a bit of shit ? resulting in an injustice.
Larry Boner
56   Posted 01/03/2011 at 11:22:54

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Tony McNulty, I was at the Leeds game in 1964, Sandy Brown was sent off after he was wrestled to the floor by Giles, I think who had just kicked him in the chest. Sandy, as I remember, elbowed Giles in the chest as he got up and was sent off, 2 minutes after the kick off.

The person who you thought ran and kicked someone was Leeds full back Willie Bell who committed one of the worst tackles I have seen in 50 years when he almost cut Derek Temple in half as he was going past him.

I think it was just after this tackle that the ref took everyone off, as he thought the crowd was about to riot.

Everton were a very strong outfit then and could look after themselves if needed, but Leeds were a different kettle of fish, quite prepared to use every underhand trick in the book to intimidate the opposition and the ref.

I don't know if there is any footage of this game, but look at Leeds cup replay against Chelsea, in around 1970, then double it for what happened that day at Goodison.

As regards the Rooney incident, if the ref said he saw it but did not send Rooney off, then he is either a cheat or incompetent ? another example of star struck referees, who give carte blanche to the likes of Gerrard, Carragher, Rooney, Ferdinand, Lampard, Cole... amazing that they are all also England players.

If Cattermole had done the same thing, 6-game suspension without doubt.

Tony McNulty
57   Posted 01/03/2011 at 12:12:20

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Thanks for the memories ? I was at that game too, although I was only knee high to a grasshopper at the time. As a consequence, I suspect your detailed memory of this incident is much better than mine. I do remember wondering what the fuck was going on when the ref took the teams off (although I wouldn?t have used that language at the time). Was there some announcement over the tannoy? Certainly I remember the crowd were getting rather animated at some of what was happening on the pitch that day. I think the players all settled down after the cooling off period.

You?ve made me think. I?m beginning to wonder whether I have conflated a couple of events and the running fifty yards and bopping incident was actually Tony Kay. I think he got sent off for that one. It was certainly at Goodison; I cannot remember the year or the game.
Norman Merrill
58   Posted 01/03/2011 at 12:21:50

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Some months ago, I put a thread on this site asking why Clattenburg had not officiated at any Everton game since that derby day shambles. That was the day when he sent off Hibbert & Neville. I am sure all blues remember that game.

How he never sent Kuyt off for the assault on Phil Neville on the bye-line still rankles with me, besides allowing Carragher to wrestle Lescott on a couple of occasions in the Shite's penalty area, during a corner kick.

So nothing surprises me with this bent official, and how the league can justify not putting him in charge of any of our fixtures since that day says it all to me.

Eugene McLoughlin
59   Posted 01/03/2011 at 12:47:47

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Hit the nail on the head, this is exactly what is wrong with the game. Sometimes I don't even care if we win as the cheats in the game ruin it for me personally. Even when we beat Chelsea, it was a bad game to watch as they have so many lying whinging fuckers diving and the likes.
Peter Warren
60   Posted 01/03/2011 at 13:19:08

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I can accept the fact that the ref thought he saw the incident and dealt with it. Everybody makes mistakes.

However, FA or him or both should be man enough to say, he didn't see it properly, in retrospect, it was a red card offence and dish out punishment. They are hiding behind the rules and a big club and big players ? as quite rightly said by someone above ? Thatcher got banned for about 10 games or something so they do have the power.
Ray Roche
61   Posted 01/03/2011 at 15:28:48

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Larry Boner

Well remebered! I couldn't have put it better myself. I think the refs name was K Stokes and he was from Newark. I only remember that because he was almost a household name (in my house at least) for what Evertonians would like to do to him. And, with hindsight and after growing up, he was probably right to take the course of action that he did.

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