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Crisis club Everton, part ten

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It's amazing what one result can do. When David Moyes took over he said that we must no longer be referred to as "crisis club Everton". He achieved that. In the last month, the phrase has come back again. It seems that we have turned full circle and the years of hope have ended.

The comments today seem to suggest that Mr Moyes is aware of this, he wants events on the field to deflect from what is wrong off it. I admire his thinking and attitude but have concerns about what the outcome of this might be.

I believe we are about to have a decent run which will move us up the table, earn us more money and once more rescue Bill Kenwright. I'm seriously in two minds over this. Of course I want us to win, I want us to get to Wembley, I want us to finish top six. However, it seems to me that we are postponing our hangover... David Moyes to the rescue once again?

What is wrong at Everton must be confronted, it won't be if David Moyes pulls the rabbit out of the hat one more time.
Andy Crooks, Belfast     Posted 28/02/2011 at 18:58:26

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Chris Jones
1   Posted 28/02/2011 at 20:19:45

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Totally agree Andy. Moyes gets on my tits at times but most of the time I'm on his side and I'm always on the team's (except for the pitiful Bolton performance). Our real mission needs to be to force Kenwright out, even if Davey papers over the cracks.
Tony Cheek
2   Posted 28/02/2011 at 20:31:21

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Sorry Andy, although there is much less "Moyes Out" mail on Toffeeweb these days, it does not reflect that the job he has done this season has been anything but good enough. A couple of good results isnt enough.

If we go on an unbeaten run from now to the end of the season, then it will just piss me off thinking of what might have been if Moyes had managed the team well.

In my opinion, he put the rabbit in the hat, lost the little bastard, and has been fumbling around looking for him for too long. If his little twitchy nose appears over the rim before the end of the season, then it's only what we should expect of this team.

Alan Clarke
3   Posted 28/02/2011 at 21:16:05

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Moyes and Kenwright are not separate entities. If one goes then so should the other. This bullshit from Moyes is treating the fans with utter contempt.
Dave Wilson
4   Posted 28/02/2011 at 21:18:12

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Why is Moyes treating the fans with contempt? Everyone calls for candour and openness, he couldn't really have been more open.
Jon Ferguson
5   Posted 28/02/2011 at 21:21:58

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If (and it?s an 'IF') we can do what we haven?t been able to do all season, and consistently beat the teams currently around or below us, then we could definitely be looking at a top six finish. In recent weeks we look like we have built up some momentum and players like Arteta look like they are coming back into form.

More importantly (from my perspective), if we can navigate past Reading then we have a good shout at the FA Cup. Either Arsenal or United will knock the other giant out. We are likely to face City, on the surface a very tough game but we have a great record at Eastlands and the fixture will come in the middle of a heavy Europa Cup schedule and City desperate not to drop points in the race to finish in the top 4. This gives me hope we can also get past them. I am desperate for silverware, but even if we only get to the final I still believe it's a Europa League position for getting to the final.

Being in Europe is essential for attracting any top players and, even if we continue with our current business model, we have the potential to generate funds from sales. Selling Yakubu, Vaughan, Bilyaletdinov (who I don't think has been given a fair chance), Heitinga and Yobo. We could get over £20 million from those sales. That could buy us a striker and a winger, and possibly a squad player of two, still leave us with our stars and create some room for some youngsters to develop into.

I would love some investment, but it is (for whatever reason, pro- or anti-Kenwright) unlikely to happen anytime soon. Until the last few weeks, I will admit to being depressed at the season... but the irony is that, despite all the setbacks and false promise (and worst of all, the turning points), the season still has the potential to be our best in 15 years.

Maybe I?m an over optimist (it doesn?t feel like it on a Saturday afternoon at Goodison) but I still have faith in our future, with or without a buyer.
David Hallwood
6   Posted 28/02/2011 at 22:28:19

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I can actually see his point because football is meant to be a bit of escapism from the bills, and the shite that is normal life, but instead we seem to spend more time talking about economics rather than football.

But that said, we're in a place where it is almost impossible not to mention the awful financial situation.
Trevor Lynes
7   Posted 28/02/2011 at 23:06:31

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So long as EFC hang on to Baines, Felli, Arteta, Distin, Coleman, Rodwell and Jags, we can form another decent competitive squad with the money generated by selling Heitinga, Bily, Vaughan, Yak and Co. Some have not produced and others don't want to stay.

If Osman can maintain the form that was shown against Sunderland, he will be well worth keeping too; however, we do need another striker as Beckford cannot play up front on his own and Saha is over 30 years old and injury-prone.

We also need cover for Baines desperately... it's a shame we couldn't get Lescott back as he was decent at left back and also cover at centre back.

Eric Myles
8   Posted 01/03/2011 at 01:42:01

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Trevor #7, maybe one of the reasons Lescott wanted to leave was that Moyes thought like you do.

Left back isn't Lescott's position, it was left centre back and cover as left back.
James Flynn
9   Posted 01/03/2011 at 01:20:11

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Alan (3) If Moyes has to go, then who to replace him? Really, you think SAF, Wenger, the Anointed One, or whomever else would do better with the funding Moyes has to deal with? His margin for error as to player availability is wafer-thin. Who are all these managers who could better produce than he?
James Flynn
10   Posted 01/03/2011 at 01:55:16

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Oh, and Alan (3) "treating the fans with utter contempt"? Really, that's how he sees you and me? Really?
Alan Ross
11   Posted 01/03/2011 at 02:43:20

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If anyone was in doubt as to an emerging rift between Moyes and the Board, then witness one interview before the Sunderland game:

Do I detect a poke in the eye in particular for Billy the Benevolent.

John Maxwell
12   Posted 01/03/2011 at 02:37:55

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Eric #8.

Lescott left as he tripled his wages, you would do the same if your competitor offered the same.
Gary Sedgwick
13   Posted 01/03/2011 at 03:32:25

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How many times has Lescott played at CH with City and how many at LB? More LB than CH.

Agree with John #12. He left for the moolah.
Eric Myles
14   Posted 01/03/2011 at 05:35:42

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Yes John #12, especially if my boss had me doing somone else's job because he himself couldn't be arsed to get the right person in to do it.
Eric Myles
15   Posted 01/03/2011 at 05:54:22

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Oh and John, I've walked out off a job for the very same reason, rather not get paid than do somethng I don't like.
Alan Clarke
16   Posted 01/03/2011 at 08:16:04

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You're all as gullible as Moyes makes out then. What Moyes is saying is "Don't you silly emotional fans worry about all that financial stuff, just worry about the team". Our focus should not stray from what is happening at board level. A few wins should not paper over the fact that Kenwright is ruining our club. It's always the same with Everton fans and that's why Kenwright is safe in his seat in the boardroom.
David Price
17   Posted 01/03/2011 at 10:13:37

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Andy, wanting us to win every game would not postpone the hangover, in fact if we won every game we'd win all the trophies be top dogs and have a buyer in no-time.

There's no if's and maybe's supporting your team, they cross the line tonight and we mentally kick and head every ball for them.

Must win, have to win, will win. That's the attitude needed from all of us.

Eric Myles
18   Posted 01/03/2011 at 14:25:18

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Spot on Alan Clarke #16.

Kenwrght OUT
Stephen Kenny
19   Posted 01/03/2011 at 15:41:38

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This is a very odd post considering you're his biggest critic on this site.

He won't really be pulling a rabbit out of the hat should we win a few and get through into the quarters or even semis, he will be getting a group of players to perform to the standard that they should have all season.

The majority of our coming games look winnable because, in terms of players, we will have a better standard than the opposition (bar Man City).

If we climb the table and end up 6th-8th, which is possible, it still doesn't excuse what a poor 2/3 of the season we have had. In my eyes, Moyes is as culpable as Kenwright for this and once again we will talk of what might have been?
Chris Matheson
20   Posted 01/03/2011 at 15:32:26

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I am pro-Moyes and anti-Kenwright.

That's not a contradictory position is it?

Anyway, while I am on here... KENWRIGHT OUT!
Andy Crooks
21   Posted 01/03/2011 at 17:23:00

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Stephen, my views on David Moyes remain unchanged. The point I was tring to make is that it seemed to me that after the Bolton game we had reached the end. Anti-Moyes and Kenwright feeling was as high as I've ever seen, at least on this site. In my view, that was a good thing. A couple of good results and the heat has died. A decent run to the end of the season will keep the pressure off Kenwright and the appalling performances of this season will fade. To use Gavin Ramejjkis's recent analogy, our revolution didn't really take off.

I just hope that this summer Evertonians will take a more cynical view than in previous years. I agree with Alan Clarke that Moyes and Kenwright are not separate entities. Actually they remind me of Little and Large. Eddie Large was a journeyman comedian with some talent who threatened to but never quite became great. Syd Little, well his contribution was, err nothing. Well, nothing but standing in the limelight. Didn't they fall out in the end?

Stephen Kenny
22   Posted 01/03/2011 at 18:43:44

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I also agree with Alan that they are one and the same.

As Ste Traverse pointed out, Moyes has publicly backed Kenwright throughout, even at our lowest ebb. For me, I want them both to leave at the end of this season, regardless of whether he leaves with a cup.

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