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Don't be so weak

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I am getting sick of articles posted on various Everton fan sites discussing which of our current squad we should sell.

Are Evertonians so collectively weak that instead of fighting our greedy board we discuss and accept our lot? It's as if people accept the twattings we get off Reading at home. Fucking Reading!

Last week I read comments from David Bick regarding Everton?s board pulling out of negotiations with three other investors.

Then I read that Robert Earl was an unnamed investor in the retail element associated with Destination Kirkby. KEIOC discovered that apparently Kenwright was being pushed by the rest of the board to go for Destination Kirkby.... Evertonians are so weak they just accept this!

Even Robert Elstone said that none of the board has put in any money. Yet they are waiting for a massive payout. The only way to get rid is to make their position unbearable.

It comes down to this. We get rid of them or go down! Why sell are players??? Why talk about it???



Chris Regan, Merseyside     Posted 07/03/2011 at 20:03:39

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David Crowe
1   Posted 07/03/2011 at 21:12:09

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I'd definitely be game for a cheeky protest before the Fulham game. If we can't make their position unbearable we should at least keep them on their toes and make it uncomfortable for them.
Al Reddish
2   Posted 07/03/2011 at 21:20:50

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I feel we are in a Catch-22 situation. To get rid, we need to protest. However, if you look at every club whose supporters do show some kind of protest, that club invariably slides down the table as it affects the players on the pitch. This is certainly one thing we don't need at present.

Maybe a protest should be organised for after the last home game of the season (if at all) as a kick up the arse before the next transfer window opens.

Steve Leary
3   Posted 07/03/2011 at 21:37:41

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We have to protest every home game, not just one or two. We have got to let them know what we think, even at full time after the players have gone down the tunnel... what about an in-ground protest?
Christine Foster
4   Posted 07/03/2011 at 21:56:40

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The fact of the matter, Chris, is that there are too many supporters who believe that the board, Kenwright and indeed Moyes is doing an ok job considering. They believe the tripe that's feed from the papers about how well the club is run and fail to see anything other than good intentions for the club's future.

The only way that's ever going to change is if the media twig to the fact that perhaps the reason we are where we are is because of the board, because of the chairman, and yes, even our manager.

I am sick to death of those running the club hiding behind anything they can. They have the transparency of a brick and the passion of a bank manager. There are good Evertonians on that Board and I used to feel sorry for them, but not now. It's they who have given up and now want a payout that only a buy-out will bring.

It's like watching the Conservative Party. Vested interests still abound.

I can see several scenarios that could force the hands, Moyes walking being the major one. If he should, it's not because he isn't performing but because he has had enough. Selling the good players we have will surely instigate that if he cannot use the money to rebuild.

But again, let's be real for a sec. Selling the players will keep the wolf from the door until someone else can tip in the investment. Moyes's stock would not be damaged, if he succeeds then everyone will say (rightly) how well he has done. If he fails then it wil be because of the lack of investment...

Given where we are, a demonstration will highlight the issue but, time and time again, Kenwright and Co have been shown to have thick skins. They couldn't give a ...
David Thomas
5   Posted 07/03/2011 at 23:01:33

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"The only way to get rid is to make their position unbearable."

How are you suggesting this should be done? I take it you have got a plan of action?

Jamie Sweet
6   Posted 07/03/2011 at 23:22:35

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"Evertonians are so weak they just accept this!"

What are you doing about it which we can all emulate then Chris?

Writing in to Toffeeweb? Done that. What else you got?

I'm keen, and I agree with your point... please show me how to stop being so weak.
Steve Leary
7   Posted 08/03/2011 at 00:57:23

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Excellent points Christine
Gary Tan
8   Posted 08/03/2011 at 02:47:30

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To Jaime (#6), how about we all write an email to the club on a given day, and copying as many media outlet as we can. Surely if the media gets thousands of emails with Kenwright Out! as the title, this will come out in the open and hopefully get the momentum going. All we need is some email addresses and maybe MK can do a poll to guage how many of us will write in...
Gavin Ramejkis
9   Posted 08/03/2011 at 07:52:15

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David #5 from your Ivory Tower in Upper Gwladys do you have this response as an autotext entry as you roll it out every time and do you have anything different to add yourself?

"How are you suggesting this should be done? I take it you have got a plan of action?"
James I'Anson
10   Posted 08/03/2011 at 08:21:07

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When the protests finally start, be sure not to offend anyone or you might lose your season ticket, be ejected from the ground and taken to court.

Christine, I agree, although if we need to sell players I would prefer it was done by new owners. Owners that would not bow down to Man U and sell our prize assets for £20M on the drip instead of £50M.

Andrew Clare
11   Posted 08/03/2011 at 08:46:28

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The easiest way to protest is to stop attending matches. If everyone decided not to go to two home games and Goodison was empty, we would soon see some action! I don't like suggesting this because I love the club but what is the alternative?
Andy Callan
12   Posted 08/03/2011 at 09:17:24

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We're a selling club, that's why.

The sooner everyone gets used to it, the better in my opinion...

We need to sell to buy new players; the Rooney debacle proved that, but it's been goin' on since we sold Barmby if you think about it....

We're skint. Simple as that.
David Thomas
13   Posted 08/03/2011 at 10:35:26

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Gavin 9,

How many posts would you say we have had over the last 12 months saying the fans should protest?

I would say there has been a significant number. Would you agree?

How many protests have we had at Everton games over the last 12 months? None that I can recall. Would you agree?

In your opinion, why do you think there is a significant number of people on this site always saying we should protest and then there are never any protests at the matches?

What in your opinion is stopping the people who want to protest from protesting?
Chris Keightley
14   Posted 08/03/2011 at 11:10:17

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As I have said before, how can you have a protest when the majority of Evertonians don't want too?? I'm not saying they are not happy, just saying they can't be arsed. For some, going to a game ? win, lose or draw ? and just being there is special... why would you then protest??

The only way to get through to 30,000 plus is by educating them in a drip-feed way, unfortunately that could take a long time. I'm a supporter of Evertonians for Change, and what they are about but even they have recruited just 2000+ of which a few hundred might go to the games ? let's say its 365 thats just 1% of our support ? therein lies the problem.
Adam Bennett
15   Posted 08/03/2011 at 11:54:12

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For me, the reason why there has not been and won?t be any protests, is because too many Evertonains have this belief that to be a ?proper Evertonian? you have to ?get behind the club?, and to criticise the club for whatever reason means you're some kind of kopite wanna-be.

In other words, when Rodwell gets sold on the drip to our feeder club, when Fellaini doesn?t sign a new contract, when we don?t make any signings in the summer because the bank has taken all the money and Moyes walks because he is fed up ? don?t worry, ask questions or try and change things to halt our decline?.. just cheer everything!
Ian Pilkington
16   Posted 08/03/2011 at 11:49:27

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Chris, An excellent article.

In over 50 years, I can't remember being more depressed about the state of the club. Unfortunately, postings such as #11 sum up the complacent attitude of many supporters.

The darkest period by far in Everton's history was after World War 2 when a parsimonious board sold the best players, brought in inferior replacements and eventually saw the club spend three seasons in Division 2. This will happen again unless we get new ownership soon.

James I'Anson
17   Posted 08/03/2011 at 13:20:11

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I think they might get a fright when season ticket renewals are due.

They'll probably come out and say that the slow season ticket sales are due to the credit crunch.
Tony J Williams
18   Posted 08/03/2011 at 13:18:32

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To be fair Gavin, it's a valid question that hasn't been answered so until it has been, what's wrong with rolling it out everytime the topic comes up?

Andrew, the problem with not attending games, other than possibly affecting the players, is that most of the regular fans have season tickets, so they already have our money. Yes, the cold pies and warm pints won't get bought but that is hardly going to make that big a difference.

I also side with Chris, too many of us are just too lazy or just not arsed enough to go to a protest and the slight chance that we might be compared to the pricks over the park also worries me.
Dave Wilson
19   Posted 08/03/2011 at 13:43:42

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Not sure people are to lazy, the club plays a large part of most Evertonians' lives and I think most if not all would be willing to take any action they believe would benefit the club.

The trouble is you will never ever win hearts and minds by telling people that they "need educating" ? most people know all our problems; telling them they don't will not win 'em over.

There needs to be a plan; asking people to storm the walls of Goodison on a website isn't a plan ? it's somebody looking for somebody else to organise something for them.

If you want to get things moving, it's no use telling people you are committed, you have to show them. and any plans you have need to be peaceful or you will instantly lose any support you may have had.


You are right, I too have noticed. David Thomas does usually asks somebody calling for "action" what they had in mind. The question may irritate you, he`s probably pissed off asking it but, at this stage I can't think of a more valid question.

Show him a plan that will improve the club and I bet his next question will be "Where do I sign?"
Charles King
20   Posted 08/03/2011 at 13:45:23

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I think fans are a different breed now. In ancient times, when matches were relatively affordable, you might decide to go on the day of the match; these days, everything is decided pre-season, people travel great distances and pragmatism has replaced spontaneity.

The pre-planned campaigns ? are they effective or just naff? The Glazers are still at Man U, Ashley is at NUFC and the RS have ended up with a bailout rather than a Chelsea/ Man City infusion.

I'm afraid only season ticket decline will force change.

John Gee
21   Posted 08/03/2011 at 14:49:15

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Where's the money Billy boy?
Where's the money Billy boy?
We sold Wayne Rooney,
To that red nosed looney,
Where's the money Billy boy?

Where's the money Billy boy?
Where's the money Billy boy?
We sold Steven Pienaar,
To that tax dodging Wiener,
Where's the money Billy boy?

Why don't you fuck off Billy boy?
Why don't you fuck off Billy boy?
You tried to sell the ground,
Now you're gonna take us down,
Why don't you fuck off Billy boy.
Dave Wilson
22   Posted 08/03/2011 at 14:44:12

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To the younger fan the thought of throwing a cushion might seem a little tame, but back in the day it was the Evertonian equivalent to the white 'ankie and, fuck me, did the powers that be get the message!

The beauty of the cushion protest was it was always done at the final whistle ? well mainly, you`d always get some impatient fucker if we really stunk ? so it never affected the result and it was peacful... ish.

I remember Ipswich ? a brilliant side at the time ? wiped the floor with us and I`m not joking, the cushions that rained down at times seems to eclipse the sky... We twatted them in the cup a fortnight later.
David Holroyd
23   Posted 08/03/2011 at 17:32:29

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There is no point in protesting; the Board is too thick-skinned to listen anyhow Kenwright won't hear you in London. It will be very interesting to see how season tickets sell as this season over 25,000 were sold. Yobo and Yak will be gone... Pienaar already, almost certain one more will go, it leaves the squad short on numbers.
Dan Brierley
24   Posted 08/03/2011 at 17:08:40

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'Don't believe the lies/tripe printed by the media & club'

But believe half-baked, unproven theories assumptions and lies printed on internet websites because Everton somehow have a right to do better than everyone else on the basis that it's YOUR football team? Oh the fucking irony!!!

So let's go to Goodison with our stakes, pitchforks and torches, and put the board members' heads on spikes outside the ground. 'HOORAH! The wicked witch is dead!! Great!!' everyone cries, now we can be a top footballing side again.

Then all that is needed is a new owner with 'business acumen' who will come in, pay off all our debts, build us a new stadium in the town centre and pump around £50 million into the squad. New owners will be queuing up around the main stand for the privilege to do so... right?

I want more than anything in the world for a new owner to come in, and make our team great again. But in any business, you have to look at the climate, and lie of the land. To compete at the top in this league, you need a billionaire who has no regard for how much money is spent. Forget business acumen, the Premier League has become a game for those with endless pockets. Man City have taken the game to another level, challenging even Abramovich's wealth. United and Liverpool seem to be able to clock up never-ending debt, with only Arsenal showing the remotest signs of being a genuine business, but only after taking on a £250 million loan over 22 years to pay for The Emirates.

Recently, somebody on this site suggested that Aston Villa are the example to follow for teams outside of London. They have just recorded a £37 million loss, which granted is an improvement on the £46 million the year before. Villa's turnover was £90 million, with incredibly only £26k change from that after paying the salaries. Good business acumen eh? £112 million and counting since Lerner took over:

The point I am trying to make is, only a billionaire benefactor is going to get us out of this situation, unless some serious changes are brought in to make the game's financial playing field more even. Driving out the current board will only open the doors for the vultures to come in, in my opinion.
Bill Simpson
25   Posted 08/03/2011 at 18:56:36

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I couldn't agree more with Dan. It's easy to knock the Board and the Manager, but we can't spend money we don't have (as Portsmouth did) and there's no point in keeping players such as Pienaar who'd have gone for nothing at the end of the season when we could get a half-decent fee for him in January. It's a pity that the money wasn't re-invested, at least in the loan of a quality player who could have made a difference to the second half of the season, but let's get real and remember that, however illustrious our history, we're now one of the poor relations of the Premier League.

Until (more likely unless) that billionaire benefactor comes along, nothing much is likely to change and we should be grateful that, in David Moyes, we have a Manager who, despite his occasional lapses, really has done a fantastic job for the club.

As for that elusive billionaire, I suspect that the problem really lies not with the Chairman or Board in failing to find one, or the need for a new ground, but with the fact that the City of Liverpool and Merseyside conurbation aren't seen as populous or wealthy enough to support two top clubs. Therefore, Liverpool FC, with their global audience, get the buyers and the cash.

If you look at the national situation, only Manchester and Birmingham (apart from London) have more than one top-flight club and both of those conurbations are much bigger than Merseyside. It's just a pity that we didn't push on and establish ourselves as a global brand after the success of the eighties. But at least we're still reasonably competitive in the Premier League, despite the Jekyll and Hyde nature of this season, so let's be glad that we're not supporting Leeds (remember them?) or one of the Sheffield clubs to name but two other major northern cities that don't even have one Premier League club.

Steve Harris
26   Posted 08/03/2011 at 20:28:03

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And I couldn't disagree more with Dan's comments. It's that kind of apathetic attitude that will be the end of this club.

So your realism dictates that we are unlikely to find a suitable wealthy owner in this current economic climate therefore we should put up and shut up. NO WAY will I accept that, it is time that we stood up to this incompetent board and liar of a part time chairman. No one knows what the outcome will be but it's gotta be better than where we are heading with this shower.

Read #16 ? all the change that is happening around the world proves people power can make a difference to get rid of leaders without knowing what the future holds but knowing in your heart it's for the best. KENWRIGHT OUT! Keep singing, #21!!!

David Thomas
27   Posted 09/03/2011 at 00:18:00

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Steve 26 & 27,

"NO WAY will I accept that, it is time that we stood up to this incompetent board and liar of a part time chairman".

Do yo attend Everton matches? If so, I am presuming from your post above that you will be protesting at one of our upcoming games? Or are you asking others to do something on your behalf?
Christine Foster
28   Posted 09/03/2011 at 04:38:40

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Dan Brierley: I'm not sure if your comments are directed at my post as they don't seem to be attributed to anyone's in particular, but your patronizing comments deserve rebuke. You obviously believe the only solution is a billionaire. I don't. You ridicule the fact that some clubs can be well run with good business ethics and management... well, sorry but Everton FC is not a good example of THAT particular trait, is it?

You seem to believe that everything that doesn't come from the club must be lies, or far closer to the truth than anything reported on the internet, why??

Unproven theories and assumptions? Kirkby? Good enough answer? Kings Dock? Getting warmer? Fortress Sports Fund... Not much unproven there.

Assumptions are made in the absence of confirmed fact. But you don't need to know your house is burning down when all you can see is smoke... common sense tells you. I suggest you wait for your billionaire... it'll probably be a long wait.

Bill Simpson: "It's easy to knock the Board and the Manager, but we can't spend money we don't have" ? and just who is responsible for that situation, Bill? Nobody? Care to take a punt at that?

Lets be thankful, Bill? What for exactly?? That we are skint, lost a wonderful opportunity to have an iconic home in the city, have to sell our best players to survive? We could have been worse off? How exxactly? You mean a chairman without money and can't find investment or the smallest squad in the league or a manager who thinks Anichebe is a first-team striker.

If you are comfortable with the way the club is run, thankful that we are not in a lower league and think that Everton will only ever be a mid-table, 'make up the numbers' team, then you must already be happy.

I don't see the future as an individual billionaire but a similar arrangement to the RS happening. I see EFC turning around over 5 years if this happens. I have hope and a vision that it will happen.

Something more than those who lie down and accept what they are told. It could be different.
Anthony Hughes
29   Posted 09/03/2011 at 07:54:59

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Well said Christine.
Chris Keightley
30   Posted 09/03/2011 at 08:16:31

Report abuse

If you want an example of have to run a club, Stoke and (on a smaller scale) Huddersfield are definitely worth following: two clubs managing wages and expectations whilst making a profit.

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