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Is the end nigh?

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We have noticed over recent times there seems to have been a shift in Moyes's demeaner and he has started dropping hints that he is not happy with the current situation he finds himself in. This from a man that (to some people's dismay) has never really questioned his employers methods, and has remained loyal to those that gave him his chance in the top flight.

I recall him asking where the money had gone from the Lescott sale a couple of years ago. He explained that he was informed he had a transfer budget even before Joleon was sold, and as he hadn't spent all the Lescott money, where was the rest? Robert Elstone then put him straight saying he had spent the Lescott money plus a lot more as he didn't take wages into consideration. I believe since then there has been a downward spiral in the manager's relationship with the board.

After the recent cup defeat to Reading, a lot of commentators remarked that this could be a watershed summer for Everton with Moyes walking. David Moyes has said he has not enjoyed the last few transfer windows and has apparently already been told there is no money for the summer period. After the last window disappointment where we lost players and never replaced them, we had leaked stories (appeasement?) that there had been three parties looking at buying us. Moyes even hinted that he didn't think the current financial situation was going to last much longer.

However, today we have our manager asking if he can work with his board any longer. (It's on Sky but I am not clever enough to do the link stuff!) He says he doesn't want to sell Rodwell and never wanted to sell Rooney. He gives Liverpool as an example saying their board would fight tooth and nail to keep their home grown stars like Carragher and Gerrard, and suggests we should be doing the same, adding "I don't see that as being good for any manager." He goes on to state he knows the situation at Everton but added, "At the end of the season, it's important we find a route to go forward."

"The chairman and the people on the board will listen to my views and they'll need to tell me what the strategy is for the club. I will see if what they are talking about is workable."

As the club never really have a strategy, and the buy-out stories have dried up again, it seems like we could be saying goodbye to our manager in the not too distant future.

Al Reddish, Stafford     Posted 15/03/2011 at 09:58:48

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Steve Sweeney
1   Posted 15/03/2011 at 13:34:01

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Looking at the body language and also the comments, it looks like Dave may well have, like most of us fans, had enough of Billy Liar's antics.

Moyes will ultimately be judged on his achievements. If he stays at EFC under Billy Bullshit, his CV will get worse and worse.

The guy is ambitious and if you read between the lines of his latest comments to the press ? "I will meet with the board to see if my plans can be achieved", coupled with Billy Liar's "I won't stand in his way" ? then I would not be surprised to see Moyes go in the Summer.

The shit would really hit the fan as the club would go into meltdown. Rodwell, Fellaini, Arteta, Baines and Jagielka would all need to be sold to fund any new manager's spending.

SO don't expect to see much of Billy Bullshit this summer...

Alan Rooney
2   Posted 15/03/2011 at 13:34:10

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What happened to the original post linking back to football365?

Opening shots from Moyes. I reckon he will really up the anti with the board and force the issue. Either find the funds or pay up my contract. Definite make or break on the cards for this summer with Moyes.
Jay Harris
3   Posted 15/03/2011 at 13:38:18

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Alleged quote from Moyes:-

"At the end of the season, it's important we find a route to go forward.

"The chairman and the people on the board will listen to my views and they'll need to tell me what the strategy is for the club.

"I will see if what they are talking about is workable."

Operative word being "workable".

That suggests to me he is looking for a breach of contract situation.

Kenwright has to go soon before we go into an unmanageable downward spiral.
Al Reddish
4   Posted 15/03/2011 at 13:46:40

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Alan at #2. The full interview can be found on ToffeeWeb's own home page under the "Nine years and counting" title.
Kevin Tully
5   Posted 15/03/2011 at 13:55:10

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As soon as I read his "workable" quotation this morning, I thought he was paving his way to the gate.

It will either go two ways if he leaves: the Charlton scenario, whereby we are royally fucked. Or we push on with a fresh approach, and finally see the team fulfill their potential.

Either way, I want rid of Kenwright.
Liam Reilly
6   Posted 15/03/2011 at 14:11:47

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Interesting article on 365 this morning, where Moyes intimates that he wants proof of the Board's strategy this summer.

If this article is true, then this is the most significant statement of intent that Moyes has uttered in his tenure here. This might just be the catalyst required to issue in some changes at Board Level.

Good times

James Hollister
7   Posted 15/03/2011 at 14:14:10

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I just got this from the Guardian today, from a Moyes interview:

"The chairman and the people on the board will listen to my views and they'll need to tell me what the strategy is for the club. I will see if what they are talking about is workable."

Looks like Moyes is going to go in there and lay down what he expects, and the money he needs to progress the team... if he can't get it, the thing I am taking from this snippet is that we could loose him in the summer if the board do absolutely nothing to release funds to improve the squad.
Stephen Leary
8   Posted 15/03/2011 at 14:01:18

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I have a bit more respect for Moyes now after reading that and if his quotes are true. I was really pissed of in January when we let strikers go, brought nobody in and Moyes didn't say a thing. I thought then was the time for him to stand up and say "I'm not taking this no more."

I think we would all agree some of his tactical decisions etc are poor but, if he had of come out last summer, even when nobody significant came in, threw the gauntlet down, and said "I'll resign if I don't get funds," we all would've looked at him with great respect.

He will go in the summer, I feel; we all know what he will be told: "If you want money, David, then sell." He has a bit more of my respect now if the quotes are true... hopefully this may scare the shit outta Bill and the board, because they know it will be hard attracting any manager that us fans would be happy with.

Kenwright ? sell, you bastard, we have had enough! I for one will not be going next season to watch a dismantled team with Sam Allardyce or Gary fucking Megson in charge. No funds, no hope, relegation beckons. We as fans have got to make a stand now ? every remaining home game we have to protest. It has to be done ? we have got to voice what we feel, do what we did to Peter Johnson, he got the picture in the end.

It would be better if we had fucking Johnson back at this rate. COYB!! KENWRIGHT OUT!!!!!!

Les Martin
9   Posted 15/03/2011 at 14:11:48

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The opening salvo by David Moyes, and quite right too, I believe he is at the crossroads, the Board either show ambition and make money available to him or sell up to another investor. With this statement, it is plain enough to see he will not want to sell his key players as he is wasting his time.

I would like to think that, in the run-up to the end of the season, the fans get behind Moyes and give Kenwright and the board the stick they deserve. A disgrace, there's one thing being frugal but £1M spent in two transfer windows, three players loaned out when we were supposed to be bringing loan players in... now the prospect of no money in the summer...

Time to make our feelings known.

James Hollister
10   Posted 15/03/2011 at 14:16:37

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You must remember tho that we had the same old fairy tales last season...the end of season is nigh and as such BK needs to secure further time for himself so he can still be fat controller in the summer.

I don't understand why people fall for the lies. The 3 companies imo where nothing more than a ruse and a lie.

If the American company where where in advanced talks with Everton, then where is the evidence for this?? Baring in mind these "alleged" 3 companies showed interest during the latter part of last season can he be using this same excuse again??

As long as there are suckers out there, then we will never get rid of him till he dies.
Chris Bannantyne
11   Posted 15/03/2011 at 14:23:50

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I'm going from frustrated to scared. It's one thing to have a shite season, or even a shite decade... But if Moyes walks (regardless of how good a manager you think he is) then what?? I don't know any manager that has put up with such a lack of funds for as long as Moyes has.

It's one thing to lose a manager and hope for a better one, but what sort of quality a manager would we get at EFC at this point in time? Plus, if he goes, then a whole bunch of players will go also.

I don't mean to get TOO gloomy about it all, it's just these ideas that scare me. I don't want relegation, I don't want to do a Leeds. I hope to hell Moyes can push, and be a catalyst for new investment or a sale. Hopefully there is a rainbow behind the dark clouds that are looming!

David Barks
12   Posted 15/03/2011 at 15:02:14

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I don't understand how you people think it was the Board that leaked the stories about there being three parties interested in buying the club in the past. If the stories said there currently might be a buyer, then sure, I could see you saying the Board is just leaking it to appease people. But this was in the past, and only served to intensify the belief that Everton won't sell. Those were not stories released by Everton, they served no purpose for them. The only reaction I saw, and that I had myself, is that Kenwright will continue to listen to offers but in the end turns people away.

I'm sure Moyes has had enough of it, as have I. You don't think Moyes takes pride in his work? You don't think Moyes strives to be the best he can be at his profession and wants to be given the chance to compete against those currently at the top? He must be incredibly frustrated to have to go up against the likes of Ferguson, Wenger, Ancelotti, Redknapp and Mancini and look at their squads. When he looks at those teams he knows that if they have a young star those managers will never be forced to sell. But he has to fight tooth and nail to hold on to each of his players each Summer. It's ridiculous.

Again, Moyes is not the problem at Everton, it's those above him, and soon he will realize that he can't reach his ambitions at Everton under this Board.

Tommy Coleman
13   Posted 15/03/2011 at 15:11:38

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I'm anti-Kenwright but who does Moyes think he is?

He will be the jugde of what's "workable" will he? And what if he disapproves? Will he walk away? I'd like to see where he'd walk to, this is the best job he'll ever have.

I also read into those comments that Rodwell is up for sale at the right price.
Chris Matheson
14   Posted 15/03/2011 at 15:06:32

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The root of our problems is at board level: a Chairman with no money, other directors whose interests appear to lie elsewhere, and a board and senior management with little financial or marketing imagination.

I do not want Moyes to go, despite his limitations and all the things he does to frustrate us. And there is no guarantee that if Moyes goes then Kenwright will follow him. Most probably not. I agree with Chris B above: it will bring in many more problems than it sovles, and will not solve the main problem at our club: Kenwright.
Al Reddish
15   Posted 15/03/2011 at 15:16:47

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Tommy, I read into those comments that the Rodwell deal has been as good as done and Moyes has been told he can like it or lump it.

David @#11, totally agree with the second paragraph of your comment. However, I never said it was the board that leaked the stories, just that they were leaked.

Richard Dodd
16   Posted 15/03/2011 at 15:19:48

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Far too much is being made of these quotes from David Moyes. There is no rift in the relationship between master and servant and Blue Bill has the right to DM`s loyalty via the lucrative contract the two agreed on less than two years ago.

Speculate all you will but you can be certain the two will lead us into 2011-12 ? signings or no signings! And they will BOTH deserve our continuing support!

John Audsley
17   Posted 15/03/2011 at 16:43:26

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Richard Dodd

Speculate all you will but you can be certain the two will lead us into 2011-12 ? signings or no signings! And they will BOTH deserve our continuing support!

OK Richard, why does Bill Kenwright deserve our continuing support??? ? best to explain before you get slated by all and sundry.
Antony Matthews
18   Posted 15/03/2011 at 16:51:23

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If Moyes goes in the summer, the person I'd like to see come in is Paul Lambert of Norwich. He screams and shouts on the touch line more than Pulis... and he's getting results.
Trevor Mackie
19   Posted 15/03/2011 at 17:01:34

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Kenwright, if you're reading this, do the decent thing:


Then we can escape from the mind-numbing mediocrity that is Moyes.
Trevor Lynes
20   Posted 15/03/2011 at 17:13:03

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The ONLY way that fans can show displeasure and get attention is by not attending a game... simples!!

I reckon, if there is no transfer money available and players are sold, we must act ? otherwise, nothing will be done.

David Hallwood
21   Posted 15/03/2011 at 17:28:15

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Rewind back to the end of the transfer window and an interview with Moyes, in which he looked angry, dejected and embarrased by the situation. Something's got to give in the summer, but if y'all pardon the pun, I won't be giving the club anymore money ? season ticket renewal? ? Just say no (or fuck off, which ever comes first)!
Lewis Morrison
22   Posted 15/03/2011 at 16:32:59

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Great to see Moyes finally speaking out against that joke of a Board that runs our club! Bad thing is, I think Billy Bullshit has seen this coming a mile off and has already set the ball rolling for Moyes's departure.

Kenwright's recent comments where clearly made to put Moyes in the shop window, I don't care what anyone says. One things for sure: if you were a chairman of a top club and you fancied Moyes as your manager, then you would certainly be taking note.

It's a joke, it really is... in fact, no ? it's a crime that Bill Kenwright and that joke of a Board are still at our club. We the fans will have no-one else to blame but ourselves when he eventually kills our club and we stare relegation in the face once again. Why? Because we have the power to do something about it.

I've said it before and I'll say it again... Them bastards across the park would never let this shit happen. They would be out in their tens of thousands, running Kenwright and Co out of town, just like they did with the Americans. Why are we different? Why do we stand for this shit? Why do we let these clowns at our club take the piss time and time again?

I believe it's now a straight choice for the fans: Moyes or Kenwright? If Moyes is the one to leave then I believe Kenwright will be forced out or quit for his own safety anyway. The fans should not let it come to that, though ? we should force the issue now!


Phil Bellis
23   Posted 15/03/2011 at 18:21:50

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You really are a creeping toady, Richard ? a throw-back to the days of "Thank'ee sir, I know my place."

I bet you were the type of LGO who had "superior" officers instead of "senior".

As for what Kenwright deserves... I think you both need shafting with the blunt-end of a ragman's trumpet.

Liam Reilly
24   Posted 15/03/2011 at 18:30:51

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Richard #16:

"The two will lead us into 2011-12 ? signings or no signings! And they will BOTH deserve our continuing support! "

You have got to be a wind-up merchant or Bill in disguise.

Made me laugh though.
Jimmy Hacking
25   Posted 15/03/2011 at 18:59:01

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#16 I have it on good authority that "Doddy" is distantly related to Lord Haw-Haw.

And for the record, I believe that Moyes's comments today are highly significant. IMO, the worst that can happen for our club is for it to tread water for another 2 or 3 years, before Moyes eventually leaves anyway. Better to leave now (well, this summer I mean). I love Moyes but he cannot work under these conditions.
Dave Wilson
26   Posted 15/03/2011 at 19:03:06

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He`s a negative twat.

I mean you would never get Fergie fielding Seven defenders at Home, or Anchelotti opting to play with just one striker ? especially now he`s got 100 millions worth ? and could you ever imagine Mancini, playing with FOUR defensive midfielders? Or Arsenal playing for half a match without a Striker?



Jay Harris
27   Posted 15/03/2011 at 19:19:58

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I assume that's tongue in cheek.
Tom Rowe
28   Posted 15/03/2011 at 19:25:56

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Dave Wilson, if you're counting Hibbert as a defender you're watching the wrong game mate!
Alex Garnett
29   Posted 15/03/2011 at 19:28:01

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I have always been an avid supporter of both Moyes and Blue Bill, however, my support for the latter is waining dramatically!!! The conditions that Moyes has worked under for the last 9 years have been unbelievable and he has done amazingly well to get us where we are!! Bill has done the best he can and he can sustain us no longer.

The likelihood of Moyes unearthing diamonds like Cahill, Arteta, Jagielka for peanuts is no more. Look at that young player from Southampton, his price is pure madness for an unproven lower division player, there is no way we can compete!!

I honestly believe that Kenwright wants the best for the club and, if it is true that he has rejected deals for the better of the club, he has no option but to take a chance ? let someone else have a go. I do worry about his connections and advice from Earl and Elstone ? are they the ones advising him not to sell? I mean, even bloody Blackburn have been bought out ? has anyone been to Ewood Park??? ? what a shithole!!!!

If we have to sell Rodwell to get on an even keel and start pushing in the right direction, then so be it; however, under the current board, it won't happen, the fee will pay wages, cover interest payments and give Moyes a little bit of cash to spend. I hope Moyes does push the board this summer and good for him if he sticks to his guns ? after all, at the moment we have started to go backwards ? this will be affecting his reputation too and I would not blame him for jumping ship.

If Moyes goes, the Board may have no option but to go as well. What kind of manager would they be able to get in?? Megson, Lambert (as good as I rate him), Holloway ? what players are these going to attract?? It would be like appointing Moyes again 9 years ago ? an unknown reputation... (Apart from Megson's shit one!!!)

I honestly think that, if a new Board came in, they would be more than happy to keep Moyes; his reputation is fantastic in the media ? then he may be able to attract the kind of player that we want, and afford them at the same time!! Anyway, enough of my ramblings... COYB

Nick Entwistle
30   Posted 15/03/2011 at 20:18:31

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Every summer has been a watershed summer since '05. Either progress or stagnation. Well, it's all been stagnation... woop!
Paul Gladwell
31   Posted 15/03/2011 at 20:23:44

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Dave, you forgot the two young centre-halves on the bench we had too the last home game, as well as the four on the pitch.
Daniel A Johnson
32   Posted 15/03/2011 at 20:24:31

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Moyes has an ego and this season is the first time Everton FC has made Moyes look bad. His ego has been badly bruised and he obviously blames the board.

Moyes's stock has fallen, he knows this, and is probably thinking, "Another 12 months and all my hard work building a reputation could be permanently damaged."

Moyes will walk in the summer; there is no kitty for players... Where can he takes us? He probably thinks, "What's the point anymore?"

My worry is what message it sends to the players if Moyes walks. They will all happily follow him out the door.

Who could fucking blame them.

Trevor Mackie
33   Posted 15/03/2011 at 20:30:23

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Dave Wilson

Trouble with your sarky strop is those managers don't do it every game... and they win stuff.
David Crowe
34   Posted 15/03/2011 at 21:07:38

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People need to stop with this title, "The end is nigh" ? seems to be used at least 3 or 4 times a year and it never is. As if TW doesn't have a bad enough rep for being negative.
Andrew Presly
35   Posted 15/03/2011 at 22:00:16

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Moyes walking will save us about £8m in compensation so I think that's a positive development. A fresh start is needed in every single part of the club. Ideally Kenwright and the Board being first out.

What wasn't "workable" about beating Reading at home, Moyes? That was the last straw for me. Thanks for the memories, Davie, you coulda been a contender.....

Stubbs rather than Round as interim caretaker, though...

Owen Coyle appears to be Moyes Ver 2 but the sad thing is that he might legitimately see that move as a sideways step... from Bolton ? has it come to that?!
Drew O'Neall
36   Posted 15/03/2011 at 22:08:36

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I thought the fact that he used "Liverpool" as an example, a name which he doesn't utter lightly, was an obvious attempt to stir emotion...

If you want to start the protest, now is the time to do it because, in my opinion, you will have the manager's support.
Chris Bannantyne
37   Posted 15/03/2011 at 22:13:23

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If Moyes goes, I want some smart-arse German manager, who will just stick it to the board at every opportunity. Why German? I dunno, could be Inuit for all I care, it's the sticking it to the board bit that I'm keen on.
Guy Hastings
38   Posted 15/03/2011 at 22:50:47

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Kenwright won't even go over his own dead body.
David Israel
39   Posted 15/03/2011 at 23:10:40

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It is looking increasingly clear that a rift is developing between Moyes and Kenwright. And as I don't think the former will find the board's "strategy" to be "workable", we should prepare ourselves for his departure.

Who will succeed him? Well, I think the only "young and ambitious manager" that may look forward to the challenge is one Dario Gradi.
David Thomas
40   Posted 15/03/2011 at 23:36:51

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Dave Wilson 26,

Come on, its Steve McClaren or Roberto Di Matteo. These two managers were the answer to our problems because they were outshining Moyes with their respective clubs this season. Oh, wait a minute....

Oh I forgot we also had Slavern Bilic because he is Eastern European and looks like he is hard.
Kieran Kinsella
41   Posted 16/03/2011 at 01:26:52

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What does it matter? Kenwright and Dodd have won. Everton is finished.
Eric Myles
42   Posted 16/03/2011 at 01:45:21

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Andrew (#34), Bolton could well be in Europe next season, at least they have two chances to get there through the league positions and the FA Cup.

So, for Coyle to consider Everton, it would be a step backwards for him.

James Hollister
43   Posted 16/03/2011 at 03:25:34

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Will there be money in the summer made available? I think there will be, and here is why.

1) Moyes will demand money for new faces; the squad is visibly aging and, even worse, the squad is too small, even with replacements.

2) Moyes walks away, new man walks in and asks "Where is the money so I can buy better players and make a bigger squad?" Board look at him and say "Hard luck cheese..." Manager then goes to town on the board in the media.

Under pressure, the board are forced to sell quickly... it's not something I think they'll want to put up with, right?

Ergo they will make collateral appear in the summer, or watch the brim and hellfire that another manager would bring. Like I said, they will have no choice but to give him money... and as for selling to buy? I seriously can't see Moyes putting up with that, we've already lost 3 players due to this and I honestly can't see him allowing this to happen.

Fun and games in the summer people... not for sale? Watch how quickly it's sold if Moyes is forced to walk away.

James Hollister
44   Posted 16/03/2011 at 03:32:59

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Eric Myles ? how is inheriting a better squad a backwards step?

This season, we haven't fired on all cylinders at all, and have been desperately unlucky not to win matches, when we have drawn. While Bolton have been desperately lucky to win matches they shouldn't have.

Any other season they wouldn't be in Europe, and let's be really honest, do you really care that much about a tournament like Europa, which has 19 games to play and awards virtually no money for winning it?

Everton, in every way except boardroom, are superior, so I think it's a bit silly to say Coyle joining us is a backward step...
Al Reddish
45   Posted 16/03/2011 at 09:36:57

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David Israel - Dario Gradi, that made me laugh.

David @#34. The title is actually: IS the end nigh? Not trying to be negative, I was just asking is this a parting of the waves based on recent manager's and chairman's comments.

Tommy Coleman
46   Posted 16/03/2011 at 09:52:54

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If/I hope Moyes does go, I'd like to see Everton go for Michael Laudrup, currently managing Mallorca.

Doing a good job with a small club, loads of experience and contacts which could get us a few cheap gems.
Mark Murphy
47   Posted 16/03/2011 at 10:35:54

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Great shout!

Laudrup will be a future great!
Jimmy Hacking
48   Posted 16/03/2011 at 12:14:05

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Guy #38 ? he's a vampire or something?
David Thomas
49   Posted 16/03/2011 at 14:50:23

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It's Michael Laudrup now is it.

So we should get rid of a manager who has us 9th in the league after 29 matches with 37 points and a 0 goal difference.

And bring in a manager whose current club are 9th in the league with 35 points after 28 games and a negative goal difference of -9.

On that basis how is ML doing a good job, but Moyes needs to go?
David Edwards
50   Posted 16/03/2011 at 16:35:57

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For better or worse I think it's looking certain Moyes will leave this summer. The board and Moyes are already setting out their preliminary positions. It's going to be a fire-sale, 24-7-365 Bill will plead that his hands are tied without investment, while Moyes will try to keep what still remains a surprisingly good reputation with the media (despite this season being lousy!) and jump ship and look for pastures new. If I can just get a bookie to give me odds on this set of scenarios and I'll be quids-in!

This summer is going to be THE watershed moment of the decade for the club - In years to come we'll refer to it as AM (after Moyes) and it'll either be the start of our rise from the ashes, or Championship here we come - with Kenwright at the helm I fear it'll be the latter. Do you think we can tempt Jose from Spain for a real managerial challenge?!?!
Tony J Williams
51   Posted 16/03/2011 at 16:44:27

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He has 6 more points from a game less David ....I have seen the future.... bring it on. Laudrup for Everton... you know it makes sense ....well not really!
Tommy Coleman
52   Posted 16/03/2011 at 16:50:42

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David/Tony - Remember Mallorca are a tiny club compared to us, he has spent far less than Moyes on players and his team are holding their own in the best league in the World.

Mallorca play great attacking football and he also did well at another small club Getafe.

I think he has great potential as a manager which is what we have to gamble on, because let's face it, we are not getting a Mourinho are we ?
Dave Wilson
53   Posted 16/03/2011 at 17:49:08

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When JR goes this summer Moyes`s spend will be exactly zilch over a 9-year period... how did Laudrup spend less than nothing?

Also where do you suppose these cheap gems will spring from?

And final question where have you been? We cannot afford cheap; we can't even afford free.
James Flynn
54   Posted 16/03/2011 at 18:31:09

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Would rather Moyes stay with some cash available, than see him go and we're still in the same financial situation. Looks like he's going though and too bad. He is a good manager.

But regarding comments about who would come in his place? Don't know that either. But know with a certainty that if the EFC position comes open, the line of applicants will be out the door and around the block. An open manager position in the top football league on earth? EFC will have a large stack of CVs to go through.

Would prefer the money situation improve and DM stay. Doesn't look like either of those things happening. It's too bad, but the Club goes on.
Andy Crooks
55   Posted 16/03/2011 at 19:17:36

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Dave Wilson and David Thomas can I ask you a simple question. Do you believe that David Moyes is the best we can get for £3.5 million a year? Yes or no? One word will do.
Dave Wilson
56   Posted 16/03/2011 at 19:23:37

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Now let me ask you a question, knowing that any new manager would still have to sell his best players and be given no transfer kitty,
would you be prepared to trust Kenwrights judgment and gamble with the future of our club that he will come up trumps when selecting a replacement ?
Andy Crooks
57   Posted 16/03/2011 at 19:49:06

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Excellent one word answer, Dave. In response to your question...... I've paused at the keyboard here. Was he not advised by Walter Smith when selecting Moyes? I'd like to think he'd take good advice, if it where down to him I'd have to say no, I wouldn't trust him. You know my views on Moyes but I'd much rather see the back of Kenwright than DM.

Just a thought, Dave, but if we got a billionaire investor would you give DM a shot at spending the money?

Dave Wilson
58   Posted 16/03/2011 at 20:00:59

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I dont know what happens to you when you speak about Moyes, your logic goes out of the window.
You`ve called for Moyes`s head all season and yet you dont trust Kenwright to select his successor ?

Who on earth did you think would be selecting the new manager if you got your way and Moyes went ?

We wont get a billionaire and if we did he would probably want his own man in, if that happens its simply a case of the King is Dead long live the King.

I support Everton not Moyes

To rehash an old Neil Young track - "If you cant get the club you`d love, Love the club you got
Ian McDowell
59   Posted 16/03/2011 at 20:11:58

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If Everton were to get a billionaire owner willing to splash the cash, I would hope Moyes got the chance spend it, I think he has earned that opportunity and I am quietly confident he would produce the goods.
Michael Kenrick
60   Posted 16/03/2011 at 20:18:58

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Ian, here's a list of players: Yakubu, Beattie, Fellaini, Bilyaletdinov Krøldrup, Johnson.

Those are the players Moyes has splashed the cash on (£5M or more)... are you really quietly confident he would produce the goods?

Coz I'm not.
Paul Doyle
61   Posted 16/03/2011 at 21:31:00

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Michael (#59), also add Richard Wright, Simon Davis and the millions he blew on loan signings like Ferrari, Castillo and Fernandes into the mix and you realise that his signings, like our league positions, are hit and miss.
Ernie Baywood
62   Posted 17/03/2011 at 01:32:16

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With the exception of Yak and Bily, he's not lost out though has he? When he's spent cash it's tended to be with the safety net that they were young enough to be resold if they didn't work out.

I know Moyes is limited and that he's not the solution, but it's a shame that it's going to end this way. He has improved our standing, and our football. He's acted with a lot of decency in the face of a lot of shit from the board. And even this season, he's bitten his tongue until, I suspect, he decided there was fuck all else to play for and he might as well start throwing some grenades.

Will be remembered fondly by me but I do hope he goes. Along with the chairman.
Thomas Williams
63   Posted 18/03/2011 at 00:40:16

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Ian, here's a list of players: Yakubu, Beattie, Fellaini, Bilyaletdinov Krøldrup, Johnson.

Those are the players Moyes has splashed the cash on (£5M or more)... are you really quietly confident he would produce the goods?

Coz I'm not.

Michael, Yakubu fantastic until injury; Johnson served his purpose, get us nearer top 4, then sold him at a profit; Beattie, just never worked out for him; Krøldrup, DISASTER, I will give you that; Bily, not really kicked on much like Beattie tbh.

I cannot believe you have even considered Fellaini a flop, the lad is pure class, if made available watch all the top teams go for him and at 20M+, so 1/2 of your fail list haven't, now let's talk about the 2M signings....

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