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Season ticket renewals

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It's March so the annual super-sized envelope with Season Ticket details arrives ? 5 months before the transfer window closes. 

In previous years, I have optimistically opened it and dutifully sent Bill my £500 towards a new striker, winger etc. 

This season, I have been SO disappointed by the lack of investment and poor performances, it went unopened into the bin. 

Everton seem to rely on a loyal fan base and the good will of hard working supporters. This direct action seems to me to be the only way to demonstrate to the EFC board our displeasure. 

The consequential lack of funds may cause a little bit of pain next season (can it really get worse than this year?), but in the long run it will be good for us. 

I would like to hear if others are planning to do the same. 


Amanda Hudson, Manchestoh     Posted 19/03/2011 at 07:49:12

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Graham Skeoch
1   Posted 19/03/2011 at 21:52:32

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Same here; watched another wretched performance today... I am waiting to see what happens during the summer, we need changes!
Graham Duffy
2   Posted 19/03/2011 at 22:24:30

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I have two season tickects. No way I am renewing them when the club has no idea what it has in mind in terms of cash and new players. Why they expect me to buy a 'pig in a poke'. A real joke. We are still playing this season and they expect us fans to pay up front when our jobs are on the line. The players can pick up millions a season just by being on the bench.

Moyes & Kenwright Out ? and I will not buy another season ticket till they go.
Stephen Larkin
3   Posted 19/03/2011 at 23:08:09

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I wont be renewing this year either; I have two tickets for me an me boy... even he's fed up.
Tony J Williams
4   Posted 19/03/2011 at 23:43:36

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See you, then, lads, I will renew mine, as I support Everton...not David Moyes or Kenwright etc.

Tara fair-weather fans.
Tony J Williams
5   Posted 19/03/2011 at 23:57:18

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Just renewed, hope you are satisfied.
Alan Clarke
6   Posted 20/03/2011 at 00:00:28

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Well done to Tony 'J' Williams for being the ultimate Everton customer. Just because you continue to suppport this current board does not make you a better blue. If anything you're worse. You're the one accepting the current shite served up b the board and manager. You've no right, Tony 'J' Williams, to start claiming you're a better blue.

Everton are 3 season tickets down next season through my family.
Tony J Williams
7   Posted 20/03/2011 at 00:15:50

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I am not saying that it makes me a better Blue at all Alan, but these fair weather fans get on my tits. Just because we are not in Europe/Vying for the league, they won't renew. Well fuck you very much.

So if you are not happy with Everton, just fuck them off... great thinking that. We have been much worse and we have renewed.

Tara then, Alan and your plus 2, see you when we are winning.
Larry Boner
8   Posted 20/03/2011 at 00:10:41

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4 season tickets not being renewed: myself, 50 years a Blue, my Dad, 80 years a Blue, my brother, 40 years and my son 15 years, all long time season ticket holders and upholders of the faith.

It's nothing to do with Mr Moyes or the performance of the team, we have no right to win any game, never mind a trophy, it's a protest against the board and its total lack of any plan to move the club into the 21st century.

I have spoken to several of my Evertonian friends and almost to a man, they are not going to take up their renewal for next season. Maybe, just maybe, this form of protest will wake these people up, but don't hold your breath. There is an agenda here that I cannot understand, allowing a once peerless club to become a laughing stock, with onlookers scratching their heads in disbelief.

Tony J Williams
9   Posted 20/03/2011 at 00:20:11

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Worse? Why?
Robert Johnson
10   Posted 19/03/2011 at 23:59:25

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Wish I could give it up, but I know I can't.

I hate being an Evertonian.

I had my heart broken a long long time ago by an ex-girlfriend, but that feeling was nothing to how I feel now.

Change is coming, and it may not be for the best.

I fear for my club now.
Tony J Williams
11   Posted 20/03/2011 at 00:20:51

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Good for you, Larry, but I would bet good money that the renewal number is quite high.
Alan Clarke
12   Posted 20/03/2011 at 00:43:59

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Tony, do you want to know about my obsession? Everton results shape the mood I'm in, not just for the weekend but more the whole week. They have done as long as I can remember. My favourite colour is royal blue. My kids wear blue. I tell my wife she doesn't look good if she wears red. I can trace my family back to Evertonians stood at Anfield. Everton means everything to me, beyond words, beyond description. It is part of my fabric. I am glad I'm chosen.

So I get incredibly irritated by some cock who highlights the middle initial of his name everytime he posts, starts calling me fair weather. Because I know my history, I know the absolute fucking mess we're in and I choose to no longer support this regime. You've no right and no place to start claiming higher ground.You can fuck off with all your 'better blue' shite. My season ticket money is going directly into the Everton Trust.
David Hallwood
13   Posted 20/03/2011 at 01:20:34

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Tony J I'm another one who won't be renewing my season ticket. Fair weather fan ? do me a favour! I've see some abject shite over the last 20-25 years and have never lost the faith, but the lack of any ambition from the board has made me realise that the only way to protest is to vote with my wallet.
Andy Crooks
14   Posted 20/03/2011 at 01:25:36

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Alan, I think Tony uses the J to distinguish himself from another Tony Williams. Still., I agree with you Alan. Tony is spouting "better blue "nonsense.

Tony, I haven't had a season ticket since I lived in Manchester in the 1980s but imagine that anyone who is not renewing goes through a bit of soul searching first.

Rob Burke
15   Posted 20/03/2011 at 01:34:28

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Alan Clarke, thank you, your mood is like mine. I'm 19 years old and, because of my dad, I support Everton. Living in Worcester near Birmingham, my mates were Kopites Villa & Manc fans but I kept the faith. Before this season, I was a big Moyes fan. I have the money to get a season ticket yet I chose not, not because of Moyes, but Kenwright.

Before I turn this into a board issue, I have followed Everton through thick in thin from relegation into Champions League, least to say I love the club. However, the club isn't moving forward not least because of Kenwright.

I love Everton, however, we need investment; until we receive this, I will not be following an Everton game; however this does not mean I don't support them ? it means I don't support the regime! COYB

Eric Myles
16   Posted 20/03/2011 at 02:35:26

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A protest of putting it in the bin unopened is an empty protest.

Put it unopened in an envelope addressed to Kenwright and tell him he's the reason why you won't be renewing your ticket.

Rory Slingo
17   Posted 20/03/2011 at 06:48:16

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Tony J Williams, what happens when you keep rewarding a child for bad behaviour? Does rewarding him only when he does something good mean he has fair-weather parents?

How dare you accuse fellow Evertonians of being fair-weather supporters when they're only doing what they think is best for this club to move forward, just as you are?

What is absolutely clear is that this board hasn't a clue in the current climate about how to get this club back to being on the pioneering edge of football. But Kenwright does know a thing or two about pulling the wool over supporters' eyes and it is their blind loyalty to the club that he relies and preys upon to keep his hands on his trainset. And just like a spoilt child that won't share, he won't let go of it ? no, he loves it too much! He's one of us, don't you know?

So, good for you Tony, you top, top blue! You've got your season ticket. Thanks for sending Bill the message that it's all hunky-dory and we all accept that this is our lot. Here's to many more years of safety from relegation under Blue Bill! Until Moyes goes, that is. NSNO, eh?
Lynn Thorne
18   Posted 20/03/2011 at 08:25:47

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I have thought long and hard; I have 3 season tickets at moment. I will probably renew 2 of them, but will leave it until the last minute as a sort of mini-protest!

I did actually e.mail the club in respect of what a lot of people are saying and actually got a good response. I will not publish it as I said I wouldn't. But I felt better for doing it.

As others have said, I support Everton and can't give it up, but understand why some people feel they have to.

Rob Burke
19   Posted 20/03/2011 at 09:07:48

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At the end of the day, Tony, if you're happy to pay hundreds of quid supporting a failure of mismanagement and want Everton to continue to become a mediocre club then that's fine; however, most fans would agree we deserve better than this. What would you recommend then, Tony, if we cannot go on like this?
Garry Martin
20   Posted 20/03/2011 at 09:12:36

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Tony J... I applaud your loyalty but, I am a lifelong blue season ticket holder & this season I have struggled to come to terms with what's happening at OUR club.

I too will not be renewing my season ticket, the reason being that I am no longer prepared to put my hard-earned cash into OUR club whilst people with ownership of OUR club will not put any of their masses of money into OUR club.

It is my opinion that the people who own the club are allowing OUR club to survive solely on supporters & other outside revenues (Sky, league etc). This safeguards their asset at our cost.

Eugene Ruane
21   Posted 20/03/2011 at 09:33:58

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If Gerald Scarfe was a blue and read TW, he'd now be doodling a picture of Tony J Williams laying prostrate on the deck, while a grinning Bill takes a dump into his mouth.

A speech bubble from Tony would read..

"Mphh splutter...m..more mphh..season-tickets..mphh splutter..please Mr...splutter..Kenwright!"
Dave Roberts
22   Posted 20/03/2011 at 10:00:16

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People who are not happy with a product have every right not to buy it but does this site have to read increasingly like a depressive's forum?

For fuck's sake I know as well as anybody that this season has been a bitter disappointment given the expectation of the summer but is it really that bad?

Villa supporters thought they were on their way to a permanent place in the top four two years ago. Where are they now?

Chelsea supporters thought their team were running away with the league after 10 games now it's not certain they will finish in the top four.

Even deluded kopites are beginning to realise their team is crap. How far have the mighty fallen over the park?

Arsenal supporters were accustomed to winning a trophy or two every season and now they've won nowt for five years and this season will probably make it six.

Manure fans may be happy with their league position at the moment but their team is fading fast and being nearly a billion pounds in debt they are teetering on the edge of oblivion.

A thick City supporter, given the millions invested in the team, was so confident they were going to win the league this season he put £10k on it. The daft prick can probably afford it but how disappointed will he be?

Yeah, I'm disappointed too but I also understand our limitations. I am not exactly over the moon either with the way the club is run and funded but we do not have a mega-rich board. Maybe one day we will have but until then we are stuck with what we have and what we have is a chairman who re-mortgaged his house to save the club from Johnson and who may be wealthy by our standards but he's no Abramovich.

I'll be renewing my season ticket not because I am a better blue than those who have chosen not to do so but because I am a 'different' blue and the difference is that, no matter how unhappy I am with the board, the manager or that 'orrible Chang half-time beer, at the end of the day I am an Evertonian. I have been an Evertonian for 57 years, I love being an Evertonian even if sometimes they break my heart and I want to go to Goodison and be an Evertonian. I can and do groan and gripe as much as anybody about the current situation but the fact that I will renew does not mean I am happy with it or am condoning it, but just that supporting the club, my club, comes first.
Andy Codling
23   Posted 20/03/2011 at 10:41:13

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Fair-weather supporters? You cock!
Martin McGeever
24   Posted 20/03/2011 at 11:04:10

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Like others, I received the Season Ticket Renewal in the post over the last couple of weeks for the son & I. We have added dilemma that my son is too old for Family enclosure and friends that we go to the match with are not renewing due to finances being tight.

I have been a Blue since my father, also a Blue, took me to Stamford Bridge in 1966 for my first game and, to top it all, I was carried on the shoulders of my lifelong hero (Brian Labone, RIP) after the game.

I have experienced both highs & lows (too many lows to remember) ? the nerve jangling and stomach churning of the Wimbledon game; the heartache of losing to the Shite at Wembley... But as Blues we just persevere.

I have to pick myself up often skiving off work to make the 400-mile round trip for mid week games in all kinds of weathers. My heart is crying at the moment at what is happening to my club. I have all the problems of job uncertainty that a lot of people have and a recent letter from the taxman saying I owe him the equivalent of ten season tickets for my son & I (despite me knowing that this thieving tory Govt are wrong).

I shall somehow find the money to fund my son's & my season ticket in another part of the ground ? because I live in hope of the glory days returning again. I don't give a flying fuck for Kenwright & his cronies but I love My Everton.

John Audsley
25   Posted 20/03/2011 at 11:16:06

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Fairweather fans????

Complete garbage, Bill Kenwright will get as close to nothing from me as I can permit.

As long as people like yourself and that spoon Dodd brown-nose him, he will never leave. This summer will be the worst in our history, wait and see.

Fairweather fans, Jesus wept...
Rory Slingo
26   Posted 20/03/2011 at 12:03:27

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#22 Dave Roberts, being a relative pauper among his peers is something we can hardly blame Kenwright for. Besides, how many other PL chairmen dig into their own pockets to put money into the club? Only Chelsea and City have rich owners that can afford to do so and even Abramovich has had to be sensible the last couple of seasons. The other top clubs like Man U, Arsenal, Spurs have money because they are well-run clubs with solid revenue streams and infrastructure to bring in income not just on matchday and not just from within the UK.

Apart from our youth academy the Everton business model must look Mickey Mouse in comparison. And that we can blame Bill and the board for: the ineptitude, the lies and deceit, and more recently the total contempt shown by the Club towards its supporters.

Yes, support the club above all else, most would tend to agree. But the club seems to have lost all perspective under this regime, it has transformed into a different animal entirely. Does it still bear resemblance to any romantic notion we have of our once proud and great institution? What is left of it that you are showing support for, may I ask? The pride and ambition has slowly ebbed away, eroded and replaced by complacency and cowardice.

Chris Sillett
27   Posted 20/03/2011 at 12:49:18

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I think its embarrasing and quite sad when people start calling other fans 'fair-weather' just because they are fed up and cant justify paying £500+ to watch their club slip further into mediocrity.

There's people who have sat by me for years, through the Walter Smith era, probably Mike Walker as well, and I have heard them comment on how dour and uninspiring it has become to watch Everton, and that they are considering giving up their tickets. Are they fair-weather? Ask them to their faces, but I'd probably make sure you're not within slapping distance...

Dave Wilson
28   Posted 20/03/2011 at 12:44:43

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I personally know of three young kids who will get their first season ticket next season; that's how it works, some drop off and some climb aboard. I think Everton's average gate will still be around 35-36,000 next year.

What I don't get is this "I`m right and your wrong" shite ? WTF is all that about? Surely every individual is entitled to spend his/her hard earned on what ever the fuck they choose?

And why are the people who choose to continue to go suddenly the new bad guys? Many of us were watching Everton long before Kenwright came along and we`ll still be watching them when he's gone.

I won't be driven away from my own club by Kenwright's shite stewardship and I will laugh in the face of anybody claiming to be a better blue than me because they choose to withdraw their support.

There is no right or wrong; it's your money ? do what you want.

Eugene Ruane
29   Posted 20/03/2011 at 13:05:45

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Just about every non-Everton decision we make is based on some kind of logic.

If we're caught in the rain, we'll stand in a doorway to try and keep dry ? logic.

If Vanessa Phelps is on telly, we'll immediately switch over ? logic.

Any decisions to do with restaurants, cinema, are made on the basis of 'Will it be good or not?' If we think the answer will be 'no', we jip it because logic tells us that's the right decision.

Everton Football Club though, for the majority of us, is the one illogical part of our lives.

With Everton, logic goes COMPLETELY out of the window. And because of this, we have all have our own personal illogical Everton history.

I for instance have spent around 45 years obsessing over a team/club that has been for the most part unsuccessful.,I spent eighteen years traveling from London on (shitty) British Rail for 'home' games. Seven years flying to home games from Dublin, all the time a season ticket holder (since 73/74).

You want nuts? I even kept up a season ticket when living in NZ.

Maybe most mad has been buying a season ticket for 'PL Everton'; playing in a league we simply have no chance of winning.

Well the illogical bit will always be there, but for now, not the season-ticket. I didn't renew last year and have no intention of doing so until Kenwright is gone.

However, I have ABSOLUTELY no problem with anyone who DOES buys a season-ticket and understand TOTALLY the mental turmoil many are going through (and have gone through) about whether or not to renew.

As I say, everything Everton is illogical ? we're all different and we all see things differently.

But anyone even HINTING that they are a better blue, because they ARE renewing, needs to be told to fuck RIGHT off!!
Tony J Williams
30   Posted 20/03/2011 at 13:27:55

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Sorry lads, as usual I realise I shouldn't post when I am bladdered.

Fair weather fans isn't right, I do apologise for that comment but as Dave above says, why are the ones who want to still have the matchday experience and enjoy meeting their mates for the pre and post match bevvies suddenly being shown as Kenwright lovers?

Eugene, Kenwright has absolutely zero input when I think about renewing my season ticket, I want to watch my team playing live football, nothing more, nothing less, but this doesn't fit in with your witty comments though does it?

I have renewed and will keep renewing because I want to watch Everton play football, Kenwright will eventually be gone and guess what, I will still be renewing then too.

See you at the match lads, apart from those who aren't renewing. Won't make my matchday experience any less than what it is now.

Kunal Desai
31   Posted 20/03/2011 at 13:30:20

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Tony ? Have a day off mate!! your talking out your backside. Why does anyone want to fill Kenwright's pockets? I'd prefer to give my money to the homeless then that joker!
Tony J Williams
32   Posted 20/03/2011 at 13:50:39

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Kunai, what should I do then? Not renew because Kenwright'ss an arsehole? Then what? What do I do instead of going the game with my mates, which we all enjoy?

So because I want to renew and enjoy the experience (enjoy, yeah right), I am talking out of my arse? How's that work then?
Larry Boner
33   Posted 20/03/2011 at 13:55:56

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Tony, I admire your passion for our club, but what makes you think that the people who don't renew their tickets are giving up on Everton?

I will still go, but when it's a cold night in November, we are playing Blackburn at home, 5:30 KO, on ESPN, then I will have a choice, especially if the board has decided that we have had another blank transfer window, they are not going to sort out that fucking escalator to the Top Balcony, the sausage rolls are now £4 each and Fellaini is patrolling the Arsenal midfield, with Rodwell starring for Man Utd and England...

That is the power of customer choice, I don't have that now and have not had it for a long time, but I will next season!

Dave Wilson
34   Posted 20/03/2011 at 13:51:27

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Kunai: filling Kenwright's pockets? How do you work that out mate?

When you go to a game of football, you are paying for unrehearsed live entertainment, lining somebody's pockets don't come into it.

As I left Stamford Bridge a couple of weeks ago, I saw Kenwright, desperately trying to milk the occasion by hanging back in the Directors Box long after everyone else. "What a prick" I thought...

I can honestly say thats the first time I've given him as much as a second thought while being at a match.

Kunal Desai
35   Posted 20/03/2011 at 13:56:42

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First of all it's Kunal (with an 'L') thanks!

Don't call those who have no interest in going, whether it be due to the current regime or different, 'fair-weather fans'... yes, you might have apologised but that makes you sound like a coward thinking you're better than the rest.

Would you not think that 'masses' of empty blue seats will just make those on our board quake in their boots? The main source of Everton's revenue stream is through ST's, once those numbers slowly diminish, they will realise that they'll have to sod off and take whatever little offer comes there way to buy EFC.

Right now, BK and his cronies are laughing at people like yourself, they'll be rubbing their hands together after they've given you some usual spiel probably consisting of a sizeable transfer budget available to the manager, no players will be sold and another "watch this space" catchphrase or similar before the transfer deadline when no players have come in.

He's taking people for mugs, but fall for the trap if you so wish.

Drew O'Neall
36   Posted 20/03/2011 at 14:25:41

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Why doesn't everyone who isn't renewing co-ordinate and throw their envelopes on the pitch at the next televised home game? Quietly not renewing won't get anyone's attention.

Stan Collymoore's caught on and was asking some pretty probing (well relative to all the media luvees who toe the club's "memoires from the boy's pen" line) questions on TalkSport last night about why a club like Everton couldn't gain investment.
Chris Butler
37   Posted 20/03/2011 at 14:20:48

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The simple reality is most people are sick of financially contributing to a club that makes no effort at all to treat the fans as intellgient human beings. Look at the way Manchester City treat fans, allowing fans to meet with club officals once a month to discuss issues.

Tony J, people are sick of paying ridiculous fees to watch games that are simply not enjoyable anymore. Going the match now is like a chore rather than a duty.

I'm sick of the morons running our club into the ground who just refuse to engage with supporters about issues. The idiots who made Everton fans wait 2 hours outside Upton Park for their tickets purchased 2 weeks before.

I've just given up with being treated like a walking pound sign so I'm another one who will no longer be contributing any revenue towards Everton.

Rory Slingo
38   Posted 20/03/2011 at 14:48:00

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Dave and Tony, you may not be thinking of Kenwright but he's definitely thinking about you when he sees those renewals. He's mistaking your support for the club as an endorsement of him and his visionless board.

You two seem preoccupied with your matchday experience in the short-term. Think long-term, with Bungle and Zippy left in-charge you might not have a matchday experience to worry about anymore in the near future. One look at the club's financial statement shows we can ill afford to sing 'que sera sera' and wait till they leave of their own accord, especially if Moyes goes this summer or can't work more miracles next season with zero funds.
Tony J Williams
39   Posted 20/03/2011 at 14:44:54

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Coward? get over yourself lad.

I will guarantee you that there will not be masses of empty blue seats.

How is Kenwright laughing at me? He doesn't even know I exist and as I have already stated, Kenwright doesn't enter my head as to whether I renew or not, the only thing I think is "can I afford it this season?"

He is not taking me for a mug, as that would indicate I am buying something I don't want. I do want to go and watch a live match, they offer me the ticket, I buy it. A normal transaction.

The main source of Everton's revenue is from the Sky Money not season tickets.
Phil Bellis
40   Posted 20/03/2011 at 15:00:26

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Just as well, Tony J as, rumour has it, the next 17 years' season ticket income has been put down as surety against (another) EFC mortgage.

The two lads to my right were absent yesterday... around me, in the Lower Gwladys, I counted another 20+ empty seats, and several strangers substituting in others ? a sign to me that, as Chris (#37) says, some fans are finding it a chore, now.

My lad, a home-and-away fanatic for years, is now finding he has "things to do" for certain home games, despite having paid in advance.

If I renew (doubt was unthinkable in the past), Reason 1 will be to preserve my spec, as I'm gradually having the passion flaked away, season by season.

Many of my mates have never had a season ticket yet manage most games, if not all

And as pointed out, not having a season ticket doesn't stop you going when you want to, does it? It merely gives you freedom of choice.

Rory Slingo
41   Posted 20/03/2011 at 15:13:25

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#39 ? And how much longer do you think that Sky money is going to keep this club afloat, Tony? Everton's debts have been secured against future Sky revenue based on maintaining top 6 finishes. We are being overtaken by the clubs around us, Moyes has to spend just to keep up with them as they improve their squads and, if we don't, we're going backwards and down the table.

If all our matchday income and future Sky income goes to servicing our debt and Moyes gets nothing for his transfer kitty, then it's obvious the current model is unsustainable. There is a much bigger issue here than pre- and post-match bevvies with your mates.

Dave Wilson
42   Posted 20/03/2011 at 15:25:49

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I dont understand where you are coming from, you say you will still be going to the games which is fair enough, but won't you still be contributing?

You are perfectly within your rights to choose your games, but at least make it clear that's what you are doing, let's not try and dress it up.

You`re either protesting or you`re not.
Ray Robinson
43   Posted 20/03/2011 at 15:32:20

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I will be renewing next season but leaving my application until April 15th as a token protest (yes, a futile gesture, I suppose) but I do appreciate why certain others won't be. My fear is that, combined with financial pressures resulting from the economic downturn and increasing unemployment, the disillusioned that do not renew, will lead to sub 30,000 crowds at Goodison next season.

And it probably won't just be at Goodison. The Premier League may be unpredictable week to week these days in terms of individual results but it's still the same 6 teams at the top and the same strugglers at the bottom. It's getting progressively harder to fill grounds these days even without specific reasons such as Everton's.
Dave Wilson
44   Posted 20/03/2011 at 15:44:55

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Sorry, I don't get your point either, think long term you say, or you might not have a match day experience in the future, but if I take your advice I won't have one NOW.

You need to explain to me how me withdrawing my 500 quid will make things better? The only thing sellable about our club now is the fanbase, do you really think thousands of revolting fans will help attract a buyer?
Neil Smith
45   Posted 20/03/2011 at 15:56:33

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Some interesting comments. I had a season ticket with my son up until 2008. I gave it up with a very heavy heart. The main reason was financial. They wanted £800 for the two. I had been going at that point since 1978 and had a season ticket continuously since 1980. A lot longer than some of my friends who have not since given up.

My main reason for going was financial. When all is said and done, in difficult economic times, I could no longer afford it. For those packing in, next season will seem weird. But you will realise there are other ways to follow your team and still enjoy the game without suffering ridiculous prices and kick-off times, as well as poor facilities.

Tony Doran
46   Posted 20/03/2011 at 16:43:36

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If anyone is giving up any seats, I need 3 on the halfway line, Row A. Preferably Kenwright's and his chums.
Trevor Mackie
47   Posted 20/03/2011 at 16:34:15

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£500 plus travelling to watch paint dry.

I don't think so.
Phil Bellis
48   Posted 20/03/2011 at 17:21:13

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Dave Wilson... what did I say?
Dress what up as what?
Rory Slingo
49   Posted 20/03/2011 at 16:28:40

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I can't guarantee that withdrawing your £500 will make things better, nor was I presuming to tell you what or what not to do with your money just so we're clear. Fair do's what you do with your hard-earned. I was only trying to illustrate how the action of renewing a season ticket might be misconstrued by the board as support for their current plans, or lack thereof, for the club. As you've said that Kenwright doesn't even figure into your decision to renew or not, that would make any such presumption on his part all the more worse, wouldn't it?

When the club minimizes any official channels for supporters to air their grievances or treat us to condescending answers to very serious questions, what other course of action do concerned fans have other than to vote with their wallets? What else will get their attention?

Not renewing doesn't mean you can't attend matches. What it does is show the board that you're no longer willing to part with your money upfront in return for "ring-fenced", "I'm bored" and "Watch this space". They won't be able to take matchday income as a given anymore, they'll need to show intent and a clear vision to put bums back on seats. Parting with your £500 tells them they can just carry on with no conceivable plan to secure more income streams besides refinancing the debt we're already loaded with against income we haven't earned yet!

As for the fanbase, I'm sure any potential buyer can look at our history with confidence that attendances would soon pick up again with some clear intent coming from the club coupled with some investment and improvement on the pitch.
Dave Wilson
50   Posted 20/03/2011 at 18:50:18

Report abuse

I dont know, Rory, you could well be right, but withdrawing support goes so against the grain ? not that I`m suggesting you`d find it any easier.

I think my main worry is the fans who do make this protest may not come back, we all know people who kinda got out of the habit of going and have never returned.

I want to shout at people to renew their STs but I know I have no right, especially when I fully understand/agree with their position.

I think Kenwright has opportunities to sell this club, but I now believe things are so bad he`ll have trouble just getting his money back.

What if he`s still here in 2-3 seasons time, the protester will have found other things to do on match days, he`ll be gone forever, our club will be in an even worse state... and the bastard`ll still be here!
Daniel J Johnson
51   Posted 20/03/2011 at 19:20:41

Report abuse

It's only natural that attendances and season ticket renewals go up if the club is challenging in Europe and even in the Premier League, it's part of the nature of football and momentum plays a big part. However, I always lose my underwhelmed and dissatisfied feeling about a day after a bad result and can't help but anticipate the next game. It's one of the reasons we love football; regardless of form or chasms in quality, every supporter feels that their team could turn the corner and get a result.

Regarding the board, I honestly can't understand the anger directed towards it. Kenwright may be a bit of a tit and luvey, but at least he attends the game and at least he's a fan. Why do fans concern themselves so deeply with the finances of the club?

At the end of the day, footie is entertainment; nobody forces you to watch it and it's your right not too. If you pay 500 quid for a season ticket, it doesn't give you the right to question where the money is going and the right to demand investment in the first team squad or the stadium. I personally would still turn up even if we were in League 2 and had a first 11 comprising of octogenarians. It strikes me that football acts as an outlet for people's grievances and anger.

Eugene Ruane
52   Posted 20/03/2011 at 19:33:57

Report abuse

Daniel Johnson, you say..

"Kenwright may be a bit of a tit and lovey, but at least he attends the game and at least he's a fan. Why do fans concern themselves so deeply with the finances of the club?"

Thank you Daniel!

The sigh I made after reading that paragraph was recorded and it has just been accepted by the Guinness Book of records as the world's longest, loudest ever sigh.

I'm an air-exhaling record breaker!!

(cue Roy Castle: "If you're the daftest, the dumbest..." etc)
Graham Duffy
53   Posted 20/03/2011 at 19:40:39

Report abuse

Daniel Johnson, were was Kenwright when we played Reading in the cup reply? Was he not in London watching one of his Productions. But of course he is a True Blue.

By the way, does he or other Board members have to buy Season Tickets up front?

Answer ? NO!!!!
Karl Masters
54   Posted 20/03/2011 at 18:52:54

Report abuse

Anybody not renewing is well within their rights, although I suppose (in the interests of an even-handed debate) by renewing early you are effectively getting 4 or 5 games for free next season compared to paying on the gate.

That's the deal I suppose. Give a bit, gain a bit. It's a free choice.
James Royston
55   Posted 20/03/2011 at 21:38:45

Report abuse

You now what, I'm approaching 72 years, and I've been an Evertonian since I was 7 years old when I sat on a Gladwys St barrier with my Dad, that's almost 65 years ago. There was some fantastic years as well as many totally desparing ones including relegation from the old 1st Division.

I stopped going a couple of years back... I tried to kidd myself it was as a protest at the crap football I was seeing. But in truth I have realised since there where many other real reasons, partly my inability to get there by myself (for medical reasons), partly because I could no longer get to meet my old mates (those who were left) in the Oak or the Harlech, I miss those few (???) pints & atmosphere which were all part of the day, but truthfully it was also partly financial as well. Do I miss it?? You bet your fucking life I do. So will all you guys who say you are giving up.

If you can afford to renew, think very hard before you give up because, believe me, it's harder than retiring from work... My daughters and other family members still have their season tickets and they, just like many of you, keep saying they are packing in cos they have had enough. They won't... "I have taught them to well" ? I hope...

So, week after week, I religiously now wait & sit listening to the radio, using my imagination, or watching our occasional televised match and so many memories, just as if I am there shouting and, yes, moaning & groaning but most of all inwardly SUPPORTING EVERTON, wishing I was able to be there....

Most of you are correctly & understandably fed up right now but by next July /August you will be raring to go again and thinking "things can only get better"... May not be true... but that is what we all will hope. Why do I believe this? Because I have seen it and been through it all before.

But at the end of the day, you will realise YOU ARE BORN AN EVERTONIAN... no-one ? be it player, board, chairman, or whatever ? can take that away, and do not allow them to even try.

In the words of the only Everton Player I have ever held in contempt.....Once a Blue, Always a Blue... believe me, for 99.9% that is absolutely true. Yes, you might call me an old fart but I wish I could still get to every Everton game, good or bad...

Kevin Sparke
56   Posted 20/03/2011 at 22:48:16

Report abuse

So what you non-renewers are saying is:

"I'm not renewing my season ticket until Kenwright sells, so I'm going to make Everton an even more unattractive prospect to a potential buyer by decreasing their revenue streams."

Un-Fucking believable...

Yet the fella you're all keen to see the back of put his house on the line to keep the club going when no other fucker wanted anything to do with the club...

Well, sorry guys, but I know who it is who looks the 'True Blue' here... and it ain't you lot.
David O'Keefe
57   Posted 20/03/2011 at 23:08:23

Report abuse

Kevin, Put the true blue card where the sun doesn't shine.
David O'Keefe
58   Posted 20/03/2011 at 23:11:40

Report abuse

As for that true blue that you mention: NTL,KD, FSF and DK. He's killing the club and I have put more money into the club than him with little in the way of a return.
David Thomas
59   Posted 20/03/2011 at 23:32:02

Report abuse

James Royston,

Excellent post. Agree 100%.
Ste Traverse
60   Posted 21/03/2011 at 00:52:39

Report abuse

Kevin Sparke.

This so-called 'True Blue' Kenwright was too busy watching 'the Wizard of Oz' while we were all at Goodison watching OUR team get knocked out of the FA Cup by Reading.

He's no 'True Blue'. The man is the biggest phoney around.
Jimmy Sorheim
61   Posted 21/03/2011 at 05:24:41

Report abuse

This is sad to hear, so many of us are frustrated, not just by the poor season but by how little is being done to replace our stars like Pienaar and Yakubu. I have taken a stand that I will always love Everton because I started doing it because of Duncan Ferguson. He was inspirational and I miss him.

Currently there is nobody that seems to openly show their love and passion for the club, it is all about the money! Saha, £50k/wk; Arteta, £75k/wk, they should be ashamed of themselves... and I am glad Pienaar just moved away after rejecting a £60k/wk contract. We can't build this club on blood-sucking vampires like Arteta, when I look at his shitty performance this season I am disgusted, now he can retire and live the good life by playing shit for the rest of his contract.

I agree with Moyes that there has to be laid down a strategy, currently we have NONE and that I think pisses most people off. I would, however, keep supporting this club or else it will suffer come summer when we need to strengthen our squad, and if people stop buying season tickets then the money we will get from our position in the league will count for nothing as that will go to wage expenses.

Think before you act, as this will destroy the club you know, the people behind it will live, and so will Kenwright!!!!

Ray Roche
62   Posted 21/03/2011 at 09:03:24

Report abuse

I think it's unfair to call Arteta a "blood-sucking vampire" and refer to "shitty performances this season". Arteta has been our best player for most of his time at Everton. Sure, he's struggled to find form this season, who hasn't, but he was becoming more influential in recent games before his hamstring went.

Every player struggles with form from time to time, things you try don't come off, the energy is inexplicably missing, it just won't happen for you... and if you can't see that then you've never played the game at any level yourself.

Ray Roche
63   Posted 21/03/2011 at 09:12:48

Report abuse

And, you mention Ferguson. People come on here talking about the "legend" Duncan Ferguson, a man who frequently gave the impression that he didn't give a toss as he ambled through games (when he was fit, that is) yet somehow he now is this mystical figure.

Big Dunc was never in Arteta's league as a player, although, on his day, he was unplayable. Sadly, he was rarely on his day. He was always first off the pitch and seldom came and acknowledged the fans who paid his wages, yet I don't see any comments about HIS retirement in luxury in Majorca.

James Capper
64   Posted 21/03/2011 at 09:05:58

Report abuse

Amanda, I know exactly how you feel, and after supporting "OUR" club since my first game in 1954, I can take no more of what we have become, and that we fans are no longer part of EFC. The deceit and lies of the luvie and his useless board, the regular negative tactics, and team selections of David Moyes, have finally worn me out, and also two other generations of long time season ticket holders, so the renewals were binned on day of arrival, and I stopped going after the Reading disgrace.

I have felt this way for some time, but they made their own decisions, and we will miss our trips to the "Old Lady", but we can keep our good memories for free, at least we have some! I wish real fans and 100% players the very best for the future.

Phil Bellis
65   Posted 21/03/2011 at 10:45:49

Report abuse

Cheers Kevin, you've invented yet another divisory label - "non-renewers"...

One more time... not renewing or purchasing a season ticket is a matter of individual choice and financial priorities. It doesn't mean:

1) You're not a supporter;
2) You're a "lesser Blue"; or
3) You won't go to the match anymore.

So, sorry to disagree, but I don't believe True Blueishness is relative to the money you give the club (or give Bill to waste).

Gavin Ramejkis
66   Posted 21/03/2011 at 12:02:23

Report abuse

Kevin, that'll be BK's house worth £1m at the time and bought the club for £20m and transferred the debt he had to borrow far more from Anita Gregg to buy? Then again, Kevin, BK's very keen on the old mortgage, isn't he? Is it 14 mortgages on Goodison Park at the moment?

True Blue, my ringpiece... the guy's a cancer at the club and the arguments of not renewing being the killer of the club is a disgrace ? the killer has been there for 11 years and counting and fucked up every one of those years.

Dominic Buckley
67   Posted 21/03/2011 at 13:14:13

Report abuse

Phil B

I'm contemplating not renewing this year as, like everyone, cash is tight and I'm a bit fed up with them.

But let's get it right ? anyone who supports the team by getting a season ticket in these bad times is entitled to see themselves as a more committed fan.

The idea that you're showing your commitment by showing up less is just a bit daft.
Stewart Littler
68   Posted 21/03/2011 at 12:58:09

Report abuse

I am not renewing next year as I simply can't afford it, and am saving up for next January when 2012-13 renewals will come out, I will buy that, and then should be able to save for September 2012 to buy 2013-14's.

I expect that in 5 years, an Evertonian will have to have their season ticket committed to by the end of the season before the season before the one they're buying for, if that makes sense!
Jimmy Sorheim
69   Posted 21/03/2011 at 13:28:36

Report abuse

I'm sorry, Ray, but I think I was unclear about Arteta and his £75k a week contract and his poor form. The thing I wanted to be clear was that too many players today are greedy and demanding pay way above their worth, just look at Saha when he got his £50k a week contract, he then went lazy and in my opinion hasn't been the same since.

I am suggesting that Everton shouldn't be all about the money kind of club and that we should get more players like Duncan who burns for the club and would almost kill to play in a blue shirt; loyalty is what football should be about, not money.

By the way, Duncan Ferguson is one of Everton's greatest players so for you to dismantle his worth is a sign that you are a part time Everton man or that you haven't followed the club for as long as I have.

I will admit that Arteta has been important up until this season, but I have no respect for his wage demands as he is clearly not that stable in his performances. I would want Moyes to find more young talents that have a loyalty about them. We will never be a pure money club in the way Man City or Chelsea are and that is a big part of why I love this club. Just look at Man City as they have spent trillions and stil have trouble being among the 4th best in the Premier League, this shows that you have to look at the player types not just their status and high price tag.

Phil Bellis
70   Posted 21/03/2011 at 13:57:02

Report abuse

As you know, having a season ticket simply means you pay in advance and receive a few games free.

You can still attend every game if you choose not to fork out the cash in one go, but spread the cost over the season.

Or pick your matches

Personal choice, plain and simple.
Michael Kenrick
Editorial Team
71   Posted 21/03/2011 at 14:14:06

Report abuse

Oaky, Jimmy: "...a sign that you are a part time Everton man or that you haven't followed the club for as long as I have."

We don't do this dick-waving nonsense on here, so knock it on the head, please.

Ray Roche
72   Posted 21/03/2011 at 14:00:37

Report abuse

Jimmy, I've been going since 1959. Home and away, although an away game is rare these days as I have other things to do when we're away (golf!) but I still have my season ticket and never miss a home game. I did miss quite a lot of games when I was in my late teens and twenties because I preferred to play myself but went every midweek or Saturday when I could. Once my knees fell to bits I renewed my season ticket. I had my first in 1964.

Having been going for that length of time, Ferguson is not one of Everton's greatest players, believe me, although he certainly captured the imagination of the younger fans and did have the ability to stand out as our talisman in those days. I was merely pointing out that Ferguson was very well paid in his days at Everton and is enjoying the thing, a comfortable retirement, that you seem to think Arteta's not worthy of.

I think we may well agree that wage demands and the money slopping about in football have devalued the game. I find it difficult to have respect for the likes of, say, Pennant, a bloke who can "forget" that he left his Porsche at a railway station for weeks. Too many average men earning... sorry, receiving, vast amounts of money for very average talent.

And we DO agree that Everton are, and probably never will be, a moneyed club in the same league as the Mancs, City or Chelsea. But we are in a league above them as far as class goes.

Ray Roche
73   Posted 21/03/2011 at 14:17:07

Report abuse

Michael, thanks for that, I hadn't taken offence,though, and Jimmy can have his opinion, but as you may see, I've responded to his comments. And my dick is bigger than his.
Dave Wilson
74   Posted 21/03/2011 at 14:30:05

Report abuse

Now now Ray, you know two wrongs dont make a right.

Made me chuckle though.
Daniel J Johnson
75   Posted 21/03/2011 at 16:03:45

Report abuse

Eugene, just read your post five or six times and still can't read your tone. I don't see how the first sentence negates the second, or how what you quoted was preposterous.

Eugene Ruane
76   Posted 21/03/2011 at 16:13:14

Report abuse

Got to love you Daniel!

Anyone who can post.."Kenwright may be a bit of a tit and lovey, but at least he attends the game and at least he's a fan. Why do fans concern themselves so deeply with the finances of the club?"..then post that others are preposterous, gets my vote!

Good on yer!

(By the way ? my tone? Dead, dead fucking sarcastic!)
Daniel J Johnson
77   Posted 21/03/2011 at 16:21:50

Report abuse

Er... You misunderstand me, I was saying that the quote you used from me ? "Kenwright may be a bit of a tit and lovey, but at least he attends the game and at least he's a fan. Why do fans concern themselves so deeply with the finances of the club?" ? I was saying that I don't understand why it's so preposterous and why you're so incredulous. Care to elaborate?
Peter Laing
78   Posted 21/03/2011 at 17:19:26

Report abuse

I sit in the Upper Bullens Road ? same seat for the past 10 years. In recent season's the number of regular faces around me has diminished, arguably they may have decided to renew their season ticket elsewhere due to my bad language and regular bout of tourette's. I renewed a day before the opening game this season and guess what ? my seat was still available and I could have had the pick from the row in front of me.

The year after Rooney burst onto the scene, most seat's around me had been reserved by season ticket holder's, kid's, women, Dad's and lads etc. There was a sense of optimism as in the the nil satis nisi optimum spirit. Now it has been replaced by doom and gloom.

Jamie Barlow
79   Posted 21/03/2011 at 17:52:43

Report abuse

"We don't do this dick-waving nonsense on here, so knock it on the head, please." Absolute classic. Cheered me up after reading a lot of shite and name calling on this thread. It's simple really, if you want to renew, renew. If you don't, don't. Great post from James Royston too.
Eugene Ruane
80   Posted 21/03/2011 at 18:49:34

Report abuse

Daniel J Johnson
81   Posted 21/03/2011 at 19:20:48

Report abuse

No problem. :)

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