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The Mail Bag

Hats off to Hibbo

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I know it's April 1st but you can put that joke back in the box ? Tony Hibbert's real and perceived shortcomings have been well documented over the years but he always puts in a shift when selected and in these days of transfer-wrangling and press-leaking there's a lot to be said for an honest pro.

We want players to love the club; maybe we'd pick Messi and Xavi but it's not up to us. Here instead is Tony Hibbert, let's lay off the predictable scoffing and thank him for his ten years of service.

Sam Morrison, Bristol     Posted 01/04/2011 at 11:02:17

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Norman Merrill
1   Posted 01/04/2011 at 15:41:15

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Sam, The article by Paul Joyce in the Express, Tony mentions that he feels that Gravesen was better than Rooney. That itself would bring some interesting comments on mailbag.
Tony J Williams
2   Posted 01/04/2011 at 15:49:23

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Fair play to the lad.

10 years of service with no so much as a grumble, strange when he is apparently the biggest moaner in the team (according to James Beattie).

Best "defender" that we have on the books and has been for years.
Brian Waring
3   Posted 01/04/2011 at 15:57:56

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Hibbert is paid to defend, something he does with aplomb, but when he makes a mistake, he is ridiculed.

If Baines or the hoofer that goes by the name of Jags make mistakes, nothing is said.

IMO, there is not many better in the Prem than Hibbert when it comes to defending.

Peter Dry
4   Posted 01/04/2011 at 16:01:18

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Well said Sam. Whatever people's misgivings about his footballing ability may be, we should celebrate the fact that he's a local lad who has done well and seems a decent lad too.
Jamie Barlow
5   Posted 01/04/2011 at 16:26:38

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Nice post Sam.
John Audsley
6   Posted 01/04/2011 at 16:44:49

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I like Hibbo and always will.

He is a top defender and always gives 100%.

If I was in the trenches, I'd want him next to me.
Gerry Quinn
7   Posted 01/04/2011 at 17:08:16

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He's Everton through and through, no whinging or holding the club to ransom... I do have a joke or two at his expense, but I certainly do appreciate what he gives for us in heart.

Well done Hibbo ? please score soon, I want to see us riot ? and I can't wait to see how you celebrate it, lad!
Chris Bannantyne
8   Posted 01/04/2011 at 17:30:10

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Next time we are comfortably winning a game (whenever that might be....), I want to see Hibbo subbed on as a striker (Moyes should have no problem playing another person out of position).

Hibbert needs to score, just once! It will be one of the most remembered goals of the decade for Evertonians. I will be telling my grandkids "I was there when Tony Hibbert scored the only goal of his senior career in his 312th league appearance, against Liverpool, who subsequently went bust and disappeared from football forever. Oh aye, that was the second year running that Everton won the treble...." or something similar I'm sure.
Luke O'Farrell
9   Posted 01/04/2011 at 17:50:40

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We all know Hibbert is like marmite; you either like him or you hate him.

He has been a fantastic servant and yes, a good "defender" but let's not get carried away. His best days are behind him now and he doesn't defend as well as he used to.

'Best "defender" that we have on the books and has been for years'... 'there is not many better in the Prem than Hibbert when it comes to defending'.

I don't really rate him or Jags, to be honest, as they are "defenders" not "footballers" but I think Jags is a much better defender than Hibbert.

Best in the Prem?!? He can't head a ball and his positioning is awful; two fundamentals off defending.
Ray Roche
10   Posted 01/04/2011 at 17:55:56

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Remember when Nevillehinó scored and his daft celebration ? "running like a lunatic"? I hope Hibbo's rehearsed some ridiculous dance routine....
James Stewart
11   Posted 01/04/2011 at 18:03:48

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Yes he is a loyal servant but let's not get too mushy!

No-one would want to buy him anymore so he will be here til he's released. I used to rate him as a defender but not this season ? he has been atrocious whenever called on.
Jamie Barlow
12   Posted 01/04/2011 at 19:13:04

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No he hasn't, James.
Jon Cox
13   Posted 01/04/2011 at 19:14:51

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I think Hibbo's great. Great and loyal servant ? he's one of us. One of the best tacklers in the Prem. His timing in the tackle is as good as any defender in the league.

The best thing for me is the fact that, when Hibbo goes down, you know he's hurt, unlike most...
Tony J Williams
14   Posted 01/04/2011 at 19:34:13

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Which games would they be then, James?
Lee Courtliff
15   Posted 01/04/2011 at 19:34:48

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He seems a nice bloke. Commited to the cause. Local boy...

But come on, I am not thanking him for distinctively average performances when he gets paid THOUSANDS of pounds a WEEK for playing football.

I think he is a very average defender, good sliding tackler, but average defender due to his lack of positional sense. I have nothing against him, I hope he scores a goal for us and gets to win something with us.

The reason he never "rocks the boat" is because it is almost certain that, if we sold him, he would end up in the Championship. In my humble opinion anyway.

David Hallwood
16   Posted 01/04/2011 at 19:54:07

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Spot on, Brian Waring (#3). Although I wouldn't swap Baines for any other LB, Cashley included, the amount of goals conceded this year as a result of crosses coming in from the left when Baines has gone missing is worrying... but he can't be in two places at once.
Tony Cheek
17   Posted 01/04/2011 at 20:00:06

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Well done, Tony Hibbert! Ten years at Everton and still looks like he`s got a few more years in him.

Not, and never will be a Goodison favourite but, to be honest, he has done well since he got his place back from Nev and, barring injury, he will probably play the remaining games this season.

His "touch" will never be brilliant and will never dribble past two men to get to the dead-ball line before whipping in a cross. His crosses all come from back passes from Coleman, but they have not been that bad and I feel he is unlucky not to have a few "assists".

Dave Wilson
18   Posted 01/04/2011 at 20:34:19

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More European games in an Everton Shirt than any other player.

There are many more talented players than Tony down the years, he has always had to work flat out just to get his place, fair play to him I say.

I`d love to see us 2-0 up against Villa with a minute to go and we get a penalty in the St End and Tony got his chance.
Dave Wilson
19   Posted 01/04/2011 at 20:41:41

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Better make that 3-0
Jay Harris
20   Posted 01/04/2011 at 21:18:00

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Better make it 10 secs to go, Dave!!
Sean McCarthy
21   Posted 01/04/2011 at 21:56:01

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"I used to rate him as a defender but not this season he has been atrocious whenever called on. "

I take it you dont go the games then, James? Just jump on the anti-hibbert bandwagon? When called upon this season (and the previous NINE) he has been more than reliable. Get past his shortcomings (crossing) and what you see is what you get. A solid defender.
Michael Tracey
22   Posted 02/04/2011 at 00:52:16

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Average player and not up to Premier League standard, sort of shows us the mediocrity we have had if this is his 10th season. I cringe whenever he is on the teamsheet. Someone posted a worst 11 list the other day and he would be my right back any day of the week and twice on Sundays. Hope he never dons the famous Royal Blue shirt again. COYB
Jackie Barry
23   Posted 02/04/2011 at 04:41:42

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Don't doubt his dedication but lets be honest he is very mediocre. Certainly not one of the players I want to see on the team sheet every week. He can't cross and his favourite trick is to over hit a long ball over the top, he is one of the most frustrating players I have ever seen. However I don't doubt his commitment, he tries and that is more than what can be said for some players.

Please don't try a tell us he's great though, it saddens me to think of how excited we have become with the mediocre.
Liu Weixian
24   Posted 02/04/2011 at 10:32:10

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Luke (#9): What do you mean, 'they are defenders and not footballers'? Are you saying defenders aren't footballers or they can't 'play football' so that is why they are defenders?

I feel that Hibbert is a good defender. It's just that his lack of attacking instinct makes him somewhat limited. Having said that, he is paid to defend, to protect his goal and if he contributes to clean sheets I won't mind him not scoring for us.
Martin Mason
25   Posted 02/04/2011 at 10:30:59

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He's 10 years a Premier League player, a local lad who cost nothing and who admits to having difficulty in adapting to having to stand off where he would have tackled to avoid being sent off in the modern game. How can anybody slag the bloke? He is a massive credit to the club.
Ray Roche
26   Posted 02/04/2011 at 10:41:54

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Michael Tracey

So, Michael, I take it you've never been to a match then? Worst right back ever? Hottiger, Thomas, McDonald, Holmes, Pointon.... Christ, we've had some dross over the years, but Hibbert's better than that lot any day of the week. And twice on Sundays.

Get a grip man. And stop being outrageous just to get a reaction!

Gavin Ramejkis
27   Posted 02/04/2011 at 10:44:28

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Tony has been a credit to the club and put in a good shift, the game has moved on beyond his ability; even if he does make better tackles than Neville, he's never going to set the world on fire but there's no denying he has done a job for the club.

He's been left out to dry on too many occasions when he's had non wingers stuck in front of him, the worst example being the FA Cup Final against Chelski where Osman disappeared and Malouda tore him a new one. I'd love to see him score before he leaves but doubt it will happen.

Ian Kearney
28   Posted 02/04/2011 at 11:40:44

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In those ten years, he has become a multi millionaire, fair play to the lad for his effort, but I won't be getting all emotional over this little anniversary.

Another player lacking in technique, who is that scared of having the ball at his feet, he even lets it go out for a throw-in deep in his own half rather than taking possession and using it. It's no surprise he's never scored, or even come close.

Well done Tony, but can we have a better right back now, please?
Steven Pendleton
29   Posted 02/04/2011 at 13:31:14

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Fuckin Hell. Hats off to Hibbo. Is this a joke?? Should never have worn the kit again after clearly showing his shortfalls against Chelsea in the FA Cup.

Good tackler maybe, but what else does he fuckin do? Oh yes, he's a local so that must count for something. What a load of shit. As long as he's on our books we'll be treading water.
James Stewart
30   Posted 02/04/2011 at 13:54:58

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In answers to the above questions: no, I don't get to games anymore; I gave up my season ticket after the home defeat to Newcastle. There is only so much a person can take and that game was woeful! I saw West Ham away though and Hibbert was absolutely gash!
Michael Tracey
31   Posted 02/04/2011 at 16:21:24

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Ray Roche. Yes, I have been to few of them actually. It's my opinion... and yes, they are like assholes ? everyone has one, including you.

I didn't just write to cause a reaction. Like I said, we are mediocre because players like him have had ten years playing for us. It's the sort of thing that obviously an apathetic fan like yourself is willing to accept; he's a local lad after all. I suppose to you Bill Kenwright is a hero as well?

Sam Morrison
32   Posted 03/04/2011 at 19:14:33

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In my humble opinion, I rate Hibbert as a defender though I agree he offers little going forward. The original post was to meant to honour what he's offered and achieved but the thread has become yet another catalogue of all the things he isn't.

Steven Pendleton (29), Hibbert was playing with an injury in the Cup Final (blame Moyes) and was left completely exposed (blame Osman and Moyes). If you're judging ten years on one game, it's hardly fair to pick that one out.

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