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Magaye Gueye

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I've just read that Moyes is going to give Magaye Gueye more chances to "demonstrate his potential", and that, apparently, his lack of first-team appearances thus far is due to his development being "hampered by injuries".

Correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't Gueye been sitting on the bench for almost 3/4 of the season now due to our beloved manager always opting for a defensive line-up and/or square-peg-in-round-hole formation?

While I have the utmost respect for Moyes when it comes to his dedication and honesty, sometimes I wonder if he actually knows what the strengths of his players are and, more importantly, whether he has the balls to play to those strengths.

I'm sure there will be others here who disagree, but think back to how long it took for Coleman to be installed at right mid, for Arteta to be moved from right mid to centre mid, for Jagielka to displace Yobo at centre mid, etc, and, conversely, why it is that Heitinga and Billy continue to play in positions which they've underperformed in for the majority of the times they've been there.

PS: I know this is an oft-repeated topic, but I feel it's one that continues to be relevant simply because Moyes continues to persist with his "square pegs, round holes" mentality. If this achieves nothing other than contribute to a growing chorus of calls for Moyes to be more adventurous with his tactics (to which I think he actually responds), then it may be worthwhile.

Ok, rant over.

Rob Teo, Singapore     Posted 05/04/2011 at 05:49:14

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Tony J Williams
1   Posted 05/04/2011 at 13:53:40

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The only reason he is going to get more time is that there is about 3/5ths of the team out injured.

The lad is now the most used and most experienced sub along with Vellios on the bench.

Square pegs... feck off. He wouldn't get a sniff otherwise but for the injuries.

Another, 20-minute induction and now he is the wonder kid that should have been playing for the whole season. Just wait until he has a stinker and then everyone will be calling him a dud and a waste of money again by Moyes etc etc.
Chris Bannantyne
2   Posted 05/04/2011 at 14:07:07

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Not saying I entirely disagree with you, just wish people would stop using the "square pegs, round holes" analogy. It might just be the most over used cliche on this site.
Andy Crooks
3   Posted 05/04/2011 at 14:15:53

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It's not, Chris; that honour goes to "be careful what you wish for"... closely followed by "IMWT".
Sean Callaghan
4   Posted 05/04/2011 at 14:23:32

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Without wishing to seem like a horrible pedant, Rob, you state that you have the "utmost respect for Moyes when it comes to his... honesty" and then call him a liar by suggesting that his statement that "Gueye's development has been hampered by injury" is not the truth and that the real reason for his (Gueye's) lack of first team action is due to another reason.
Michael Kenrick
5   Posted 05/04/2011 at 14:58:38

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From my records, it does appear that Magaye Gueye was out injured for a while.
  • He played in all the reserves games until November (except one, when he was away on international duty, playing for the French Under-21s);
  • He was missing from the Reserves when they restarted in February after their astounding three-month winter break (Oh... something about bad weather?)
  • He didn't reapear for them untill mid-March.
  • He was absent from the subs bench for all senior games in February until mid-March.
  • So I think it is safe to conclude that he was out injured for that last period ? about six weeks. The odd thing is he started missing the bench in November and December, after being there for every previous game. I know those French blokes don't much like our cold weather, when they can start to look just a tad lazy... or are we not allowed to say that any more!?!

    It just blows my mind that a reasonably good prospect like him spends over half the season primarily on the bench. And only gets a game when forced by injury. When he plays quite well. Reason #728 why Moyes drives me mad!
Dave Roberts
6   Posted 05/04/2011 at 15:23:25

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I like this lad. I can't say he changed the game on Saturday because that would be an exaggeration but he seemed to have more about him on the flank than Bily did. He's strong on the ball, not afraid to cover defensively and he is definitely creative. I just hope he doesn't end up like another AvdM or Fernandes, a huge hope which for one reason or another fails to materialize.
Rob Teo
7   Posted 05/04/2011 at 15:26:39

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Sean, you're right. I've basically contradicted myself ? even though I really do have a lot of respect for his honesty. (Perhaps "most of the time" would have been a useful qualification?)

Tony J WIlliams: I'm not saying Gueye is the wonder kid saviour on account of a 20-minute performance. I am, however, saying he should have been given more playing time to develop his potential based on the positive reports of his performances in pre-season and the reserves (which add up to more than 20 minutes). More so when we consider that left-mid has consistently been a problem since Pienaar left (hey, guess what? Gueye can play there!) and that Heitinga and Billy have both stunk when they've played in midfield.

I mean, if doing well in the reserves and in pre-season doesn't give you a shot in the first team ? especially when those ahead of you in the queue are playing badly ? why bother having a manager? We may as well use a computer to generate a line-up each week based on reputation, seniority and wages. Why worry about that elusive thing most managers yearn for in a player: good form?
Jamie Crowley
8   Posted 05/04/2011 at 15:44:26

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Of course Moyes didn't start him except through injury... anyone suprised by that needs their head examined.

I really liked the look of this kid Saturday. He showed real promise and a couple of his crosses / corners curled in just beautifully.

He'll follow the Coleman road and be starting soon on a regular basis. He'll also allow us to off-load Bily and bring in much needed cash. And if I'm wrong.... won't be the first time.

I think his future is bright ? assuming DM will give him a genuine chance to shine.
Tony J Williams
9   Posted 05/04/2011 at 15:50:29

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Rob, I am not saying "you" were calling him a wonder kid but many posters here have suddenly elevated him to stardom already and are using it as a stick to beat Moyes with.

Michael, how is he a reasonably good prospect? We haven't seen anything of him more then the pre-season, where he didin't stand out and a cup game where he stank.
Jamie Crowley
10   Posted 05/04/2011 at 15:54:32

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Tony, honestly after watching him can you not see the kid's control, fantastic ability to curl it in, fine work rate, attacking mind-set?

What's a kid have to do for someone to be enthusiastic about his start and subsequent future? No one in their right mind would put a crown on his head and dub him savior. But surely you were impressed with his showing on Saturday?

Dave Wilson
11   Posted 05/04/2011 at 15:40:02

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This is all over the shop mate.

Jagielka was a championship utility man when he played for Warnock - played evey position for him - but after having a look Moyes decided he was a center back, a decision which transformed him from a championship player to an international.

Arteta was voted player of the year by the Evertonians themselves on more than one occasion when he played out wide - many would like to see him back there.

And Coleman served a shorter apprenticship than 99.9% of any player playing in the Prem - it could in fact be argued he still isnt ready.

Hietinga had the center back birth, but lost it through poor - sometimes gutless - performances, he`s only playing at all because we are so short.

Chris is right, square pegs in round holes is a very tired criticism, usually aimed by people who merely differ on team selection to the manager. Gueye is getting a shot, not because he`s earned it but because we are desperate and until we know a bit more about him the jury is still out.

Sorry you probably lost any support you might have had by claiming Yobo played centre Mid
Dave Wilson
12   Posted 05/04/2011 at 16:05:06

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Rob (7)

These reports about Gueye doing well in the reserves, where did you read them ?
Ray Roche
13   Posted 05/04/2011 at 16:03:26

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Dave Wilson.

Not sure if you are claiming Yobo never played centre mid field. He did play some games as defensive/ centre midfield, a position he has apparently played for Nigeria on occasions. He was, however, woefull relying on hoofball to an extent that makes Jags look like Beckenbauer.
Dave Wilson
14   Posted 05/04/2011 at 16:15:03

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not suggesting that at all, I remember him playing a couple of games there when Stubbs and Weir played for us.but you can count them on one hand. and it was usually when we we struggling with injuries, to say he was displaced as CM is like saying Hibbert was displaced at CH
Michael Kenrick
15   Posted 05/04/2011 at 16:25:53

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I'm with you Jamie... but far be it from us to question the man who loves everything Moyes does yet seems to have a downer on every player we have ? reason enough to take his opinions with a very large pinch of salt, methinks.

In his first senior game, on as a sub, Gueye set up a goal... but he stunk the place out Brentford.

In his third senior game, on as a sub, Gueye set up a goal... but he stunk the place out Brentford.

In his fourth senior game, on as a sub, Gueye set up a goal (not given)... but he stunk the place out Brentford.

What are we to conclude from this? Well, he stunk the place out Brentford. That's all I got, sorry.
Michael Kenrick
16   Posted 05/04/2011 at 16:31:29

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Dave Wilson (#12) ? no more spoonfeeding. You're gonna have to do your homework yerself. And you're only gonna find fault anyway...

Now if only he was a local load...

Joe McMahon
17   Posted 05/04/2011 at 19:17:55

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Chris 2, the most over-used cliche on this site is "Be Careful What You Wish For".

I agree Rob, many were calling for Coleman well before he got a chance. Moyes is only using him now, because he has to. I still have nightmares now at playing West Ham (bottom of the league) with no strikers in the starting 11.
Pat Finegan
18   Posted 05/04/2011 at 19:21:50

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"I wonder if he [Moyes] actually knows what the strengths of his players are?"

And we do know? We watch no more than 14 of them play for an hour and a half every weekend, he sees every last one of them every day in practice.

I'm not defending Moyes's decisions. Maybe they have been the wrong decisions but I'm in no position to criticize.
Michael Brien
19   Posted 05/04/2011 at 19:33:22

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If the lad isn't given "game time", as they like to say these days, then it is hard to assess how good he is. I don't know if he will be a good player or not ? but surely the only way to tell is to give him the opportunity to play.

He could be said to be an "unknown quantity" but isn't that something Moyes could have used our favour?After all he would be (and still is) not very well known to opposition players. Something that could be used to our advantage.

Pat #18 I am sure Moyes knows his players ? but if we were to follow your "I'm in no position to criticize" mantra then that would end virtually all discussion on a whole host of topics, eg, I am sure the Defence Minister knows exactly what the defence budget is, more than the average person ? so should nobody question how the money is spent?

Moyes is fairly well paid for the job that he does and as we still appear to have freedom of speech I am perfectly entitled to voice my opinion. I will praise David Moyes when I think he deserves it ? I will be critical when I think he warrants that.

In my opinion, David Moyes is too cautious in his tactics. And as regards giving young players an opportunity, I would say that there have other Everton managers (even less celebrated ones) who gave young players more opportunities than Moyes has done. If he had to choose between a half-fit Tim Cahill and Gueye I reckon he would be more inclined to choose Cahill.
Dave Wilson
20   Posted 05/04/2011 at 22:08:45

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What happened to my post?
Michael Kenrick
21   Posted 05/04/2011 at 23:55:36

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What post is that, Dave? 4 outta 20... that's more games than Gueye has played, init? Oh, there it is... wrong thread. S'pose ya want me to move it?
Jay Harris
22   Posted 06/04/2011 at 00:02:18

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Ask the "postman" Dave.
Ian Kearney
23   Posted 06/04/2011 at 01:14:29

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Dont forget those of us who wanted Fellaini to play deep long before Moyes employed him there, our Davey has his qualities and they are admirable, but tactically, I think he's slow on the uptake.
Eric Myles
24   Posted 06/04/2011 at 02:04:29

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A big problem I can foresee with Gueye is that (and pardon my swearing) he's 'French' and we'll see half the crowd being ejected from the stadium when he fucks up.
Gavin Ramejkis
25   Posted 06/04/2011 at 09:48:24

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If every player we had played their perfect game every match we'd be Barca or Real Madrid, they don't and they never will. As to Moyes knowing where to play players, why then three months to put Coleman on the wing and why continue to play Bily on the wing as he will never be a winger? Moyes appears to be stubborn and sadly lacking in ideas and innovation.

I'd much rather see players given a chance than rotting on a bench while others are given game time and stinking the place out, football is about winning not standing still or this dreary percentage shite hoping to snatch a victory and not conceding.
Karl Meighan
26   Posted 06/04/2011 at 09:43:55

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I would like to see more of Gueye as I don't see Bily having a future at Everton and we should have enough points to be clear of any basement battle.

Gueye has shown glimpses of promise in a few short appearances but will need a run of 20 games before we can really decide if he has what it takes to play in the Premier League.

Moyes not giving him more playing time, even from the bench, in a team crying out for some midfield drive and pace, is down to one or two things.

One: he has seen enough in training to tell him the player is not good enough; or Two: he feels he is not ready and being inexperienced would only add to the teams problems.

Given that Bily offers something good once in fifteen games and imo is never going to make a player at Everton, now could be a perfect time to see what the French kid can offer us.

There does seem to be a bandwagon rolling which is a little unfair given he only cost a million pounds and maybe expectations are getting a little bit to high.

It's always good having prospects and, the way the finances are, there cannot be enough. They may not all come good but it shows a way forward imo.
Dave Wilson
27   Posted 06/04/2011 at 10:07:57

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I always get a laugh when people miss the blindingly obvious and attack Moyes for playing people out of position.

Only a complete idiot or somebody who doesnt understand the game would have a squad full of specialists in a squad the size of ours, thankfully Moyes is not that idiot.

We don't have a striker now Saha is out and we don't have a winger, so on limited funds (zilch) Moyes has assembled a group of players that can and will step into a role that isn't their favoured one.

It's a policy that has seen us finish above every team that isn't super rich, season after season after season.

Only the super rich clubs can afford to fill every position and have cover.
I`m not sure which part of that is difficult to understand.
Gavin Ramejkis
28   Posted 06/04/2011 at 12:14:00

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Dave you've missed the obvious; your double standard, Arteta was played central mid by Moyes and Bily on the wing, two of them shockers week in week out (what little game time Bily got). By your own reckoning on none other than this post itself you say why not Arteta on the wing, well Dave is that your mistake or Moyes leaving Bily on the wing and Arteta CM with neither doing anything of note? Before he got injured Arteta moved to the wing and started getting better but how long did it take Moyes to make that master stroke?

Dave if you are going to defend Moyes then defend him but don't try to defend mistakes you point out yourself in the same post. Bily isn't a winger, Moyes bought him with the intention of playing him on the wing. In Beckford's recent interview he intimated he wasn't looking forward to being played as a lone striker, oddly enough that was also blatantly obvious if anyone had scouted him as he's never played as a lone striker before he came to Everton. Playing players to their strengths and not the manager's ideas isn't rocket science.
Peter Warren
29   Posted 06/04/2011 at 12:41:19

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Dave 27# ? "only a complete idiot or somebody who doesn't understand the game would have a squad full of specialists in a squad the size of ours; thankfully Moyes is not that idiot."

Only an idiot would buy Beattie and play no wingers. Only an idiot would buy AJ and play long balls into the corner for him to chase. Only an idiot would but Davies and play him in central midfield. Only an idiot would turn down £15m for jags and let Yobo go for free. Only an idiot would not flog Pienaar 2 years ago.

Dave, you're right, Moyes is not the idiot who fills our squad with specialist players. He is the idiot who, when he buys specialist players, either does not play them or plays them out position or, for strikers, does not play to their strengths.
Dave Wilson
30   Posted 06/04/2011 at 12:43:31

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It is neither my mistake nor Moyes`s, it is merely my opinion.

Unlike you and many others on here, I know the difference.
Dave Wilson
31   Posted 06/04/2011 at 12:48:09

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When Beatie was signed, Arteta was playing out wide ? probably as well as anyone in the country.

AJ has proved not good enough, Moyes gambled on him, found he wasn't good enough, but still made 2.5 million quid profit on him. How many has he scored since he left?

Hughes, Coleman, Toshack and Hodgson, two Spurs managers played Davies in Midfield too.

and if we sold Pienaar two years ago how long do you think he`d have played for us?

Opinions Peter. You or Gavin thinking Moyes got it wrong doesn't make it so.
Nor does it make the people who refute your claims automatically wrong.
Jimmy Sorheim
32   Posted 06/04/2011 at 13:32:41

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As I have predicted before on the messageboard, Gueye and Vellios would be played, starting from the Aston-Villa game. I am happy to be right and very happy that Moyes has given us a taste of these two newcomers.

Gueye has been promised more game time by Moyes, and I feel that he will blossom into something we need at this point in time. Vellios also got some game time, but it might take longer for him than Gueye. All-in-all, I feel confident that these two possess qualities we need now and after this "summer sale" is over.

I didn't think he would dare to use them both so soon, but I am seeing signs of the old Moyes coming back and that just makes me look bright on things again! May it continue!! Lets cheer on this team to Europe for the remaining games!

Stephen Stott
33   Posted 06/04/2011 at 13:36:07

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Instead of slagging Moyes off for not playing Gueye earlier get your facts right first - Moyes in his post match comments did say that he wanted to give Gueye a chance earlier but he had done his hamstring and was injured for some 6 weeks. Why let the facts get in the way of another Moyes slagging?
Tony J Williams
34   Posted 06/04/2011 at 13:48:08

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Peter, Moyes did not play Davies as a central midfielder, he put him out wide and the fecker wouldn't stay out there.

Yobo hasn't gone anywhere on a free, he is on loan.

Why would we flog Pienaar two years ago?
Peter Warren
35   Posted 06/04/2011 at 13:52:58

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Tony ? disagree, he played him in the middle and had Osman out wide ? crazy. I meant to say flog Pienaar 18 months ago, when he had 2 years on contract left ? precisely what we'll have to do with Fellaini. Allowing our best players to run their contracts down is crazy.

Dave, granted, as you think people who would play specialists is stupid, I think Moyes is stupid for buying Beattie without wingers. As it happens, yes, Arteta was playing well... but not a winger, and I also thought Beattie was a poor player. But why on earth get these people in, if you aren't going to play to their strengths???

Moyes has lots of good qualities but he drives me crazy for many decisions he makes and it's not all to do with "we have no money!"
Michael Kenrick
36   Posted 06/04/2011 at 13:54:20

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Because, Stephen, it's quite justified. In a squad crying out for more creativity and yes, even some goals, this player has been sat on the bench for half the season ? oh and that was BEFORE he was injured ? read post #15.

Moyes's caution in overdrive. He never even got the typical meaningless 5 mins at the end of a game. Of course he is now "inexperienced" when it comes top the Premier League.
Gavin Ramejkis
37   Posted 06/04/2011 at 13:50:15

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Odd response, Dave, when you use the term "Only a complete idiot or somebody who doesn't understand the game", pompous and idiotic to the extreme and YOU have the audacity to claim the moral high ground when people disagree? Yes, Dave, it's opinion... unless it comes from the keyboard of you now?
Dave Wilson
38   Posted 06/04/2011 at 14:14:41

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Am I reading you right? You`d be happy with a manager who would buy only specialists even given the size of our playing pool? You wouldnt think him and idiot? You really are desperate to get rid of Moyes.

And please don't get all insulty as usual when when somebody doesn't agree with what you say. It really doesn't strengthen your case

I don't have a problem with opinions, just inaccuracies, feel very free to point out any I may have posted and I will withdraw them.
Stephen Stott
39   Posted 06/04/2011 at 14:48:08

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So Michael you would expect Moyes to throw a 19-year-old who had just come from a 2nd division team (soon to be relegated to 3rd tier of French football) straight into the fiercest quickest league in the world. To Moyes's credit he got him involved straightaway in the first team squad. He played him in the Carling Cup were he struggled and just when he was about to involve him more at the start of this year he got injured.

Michael, I know you don't like Moyes, but stop turning every article, issue into another Moyes bashfest. Some of us quite like him!

Dean Adams
40   Posted 06/04/2011 at 19:21:43

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Moyes did try to sign a winger but we could not get a work permit for Obinna, yet he now plays in the Prem.... How, why and when will we ever get such things to go in our favour???
Gavin Ramejkis
41   Posted 06/04/2011 at 20:57:54

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Dave, you claim people are idiots if they question Moyes ? a straight forward response to your own words; you also intimated about playing Arteta on the wing as a masterstroke yet didn't respond to your own double standards so how exactly are either of those points not responding to you?

You turn my pointing out that Moyes plays players out of position into that I want him to buy a squad of specialists ? please point out EXACTLY where I said that as I'm confused at your vague response or insinuation and also that I'm desperate to get rid of Moyes... Again, Dave, with your ability to read things that haven't been said, point out EXACTLY where I've said that? I won't bother holding my breath.

David Ellis
42   Posted 07/04/2011 at 06:22:29

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I think there is a real danger of being too careful wishing for square pegs in round holes that stink the place out. IMWT
Dave Wilson
43   Posted 07/04/2011 at 07:12:48

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Gavin... where do I start?

I said any who assembled a squad full of only specialists would have to be a complete idiot or didn't understand that game. Now you may think you are gaining support by twisting that into me saying "anybody who disagrees with Moyes is an idiot" but you ain't; people can see for themselves.

If I ever said that, I wouldn't have to go far to be chinned. Thankfully I didnt, anybody can scroll back and see you made it up.

The only person to use the term "idiotic" about another poster on this thread is you.

In the OP, Rob claimed it took Moyes a long time to move Arteta to the right. I pointed out he`d already played their very successfully for seasons. You for some truely bizzare reason see this as double standard... WTF?

You even go on to say I portrayed it as a "master stroke"... no I didnt, you made it up.

I didnt say "you want a team full of specialists" ? you made that up too ? I ASKED if I was reading you right.

I`ll admit it was wrong of me too assume you wanted to get rid of Moyes... It was silly of me to draw that conclusion based merely on the fact that you never seem to miss an opportunity to bash him. I withdraw the allegation and look forward to your contuinued support for our manager.
Dave Wilson
44   Posted 07/04/2011 at 07:49:28

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Oh BTW, Gavin, You said Beckford "intimated" he didn't relish playing up front on his own.

Given your dislike for playing people out of position and the fact that you think he should be partnered... who did you have in mind?
Daniel A Johnson
45   Posted 07/04/2011 at 12:18:29

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I have visisons of a small wee scottish lad, all curly ginger hair and big blue eyes, trying to put a square peg in a round hole on a kiddie toy set and getting all upset because it won't go in.

Then I have visions of him rooting around his dads shed finding a mallet and coming back and pummelling the fucking square peg untill it is wedged firmly in that round hole.
Guy Rogers
46   Posted 07/04/2011 at 13:13:41

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What the fuck are you lot babbling on about? The boy's got real promise and can play wide left, fingers crossed he can deliver on his potential and we get to see more of him this season.

Fingers crossed this also means Bily plays in the middle more as often Moyes's best decisions are forced on him!
Luke O'Farrell
47   Posted 07/04/2011 at 14:06:21

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Everyone is talking about Moyes and he has done well to buy players who can master a number of postions.

The fact Moyes plays people out of position doesn't necessarily mean that they enjoy doing it or that they are any good there. Yes, we have players who can and will play in positions that are not their own.

So what? Having versatile players doesn't make them good. Moyes continually plays people out of postion. Even when we have a fully fit squad to pick from.

Highlighted by the year after year use of Osman as a right sided midfielder and his insistence on playing Bily wide left.

Moyes also favours the hard working, versatile player over the creative type. This will probably never change either.

Also in reference to Davies, I never understood that. When he finally got moved out to the right hand side and hit a bit of form, we offloaded him. Similar to the Yak this season ? he was quality in the derby and got the Stoke winner... then shipped off again.

People against this point please don't mention the West Ham game. This was after he had been benched for a few games in favour of Saha, who was garbage at the time. Plus he has never been the impact off-the-bench type of forward.

At the end of the day, it comes down to favourites and people who will work hard over footballing ability. I think it always will with Moyes; he's just that type of coach.
Tony J Williams
48   Posted 07/04/2011 at 15:05:29

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Luke you can't name games for proof and then suggest posters can't mention others because it doesn't fit your point. It's like the Monthy Python sketch all over again.

Davies was always on the right, he just kept on floating into the middle.

Osman is used on the right because he is not good enough for a start in the middle but better than what we have on the right, ie nothing until Coleman... who was brought in as a right back so the square peg, round hole theory is ballsed up on that one because he is a better winger than defender.

Moyes "favours the hard working, versatile player over the creative type"... Yeah, Pienaar, Arteta, Baines, Saha and Fellaini, good job they are just versatile and not quality or creative.
Gavin Ramejkis
49   Posted 07/04/2011 at 16:44:21

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Dave, Dave, Dave, let's give you a lesson as you obvious can't even admit your own points

Posting number 27 (or is this a different Dave Wilson???): and I quote "Only a complete idiot or somebody who doesnt understand the game would have a squad full of specialists in a squad the size of ours, thankfully Moyes is not that idiot." You claim not using the word idiot yet forgot you used it???

Posting Number 11 - and I quote (again, is this a different Dave Wilson???): "Arteta was voted player of the year by the Evertonians themselves on more than one occasion when he played out wide".

Posting Number 38 (again, the same Dave Wilson???), and I quote: "You`d be happy with a manager who would buy only specialists even given the size of our playing pool."

Now, Dave, you claim not to have said these yet in seconds I can show you where and when; care to explain those in relation to your posting number 43?

As far as playing Beckford alongside another striker, care to share how long it took Moyes to play Beckford alongside Saha? Yes, we all know Saha is out until the end of the season and he has no-one else in the squad who is an out-and-out striker beyond Vellios and possibly Gueye... that would be a gamble I can't see Moyes taking now but, given the state Beckford was in after the Villa game, it is worrying that playing him as a lone striker could also put him out for the rest of the season too ? and then who would you play, Dave?

Your claims of my constant bashing of Moyes is your own twisted perspective; mine is that when he earns plaudits I'll give them but, when I'm not happy as a paying supporter, I'll be fucked if I take heed of you and keep quiet.

Luke O'Farrell
50   Posted 07/04/2011 at 16:51:55

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So you would have got rid of a striker hitting form, Yakubu, and replaced him with a striker who hadn't scored for a number of months, Saha?

The worst thing was that Moyes didn't even justify it or provide an explanation. Saha was tripe in the games after that, when he was strangely an automatic first choice. Resulting in the West Ham farce of no strikers playing and 3 on the bench... because Moyes didn't know what to do.

The main point with Davies was he was starting to come good and we shipped him out. Strange decision.

Saha? Creative? Except for the Blackpool game; they defend worse than some Sunday league teams btw. He has been awful for over 12 months and I still can't believe we turned down £8mil from Besiktas.

Fellaini is not creative either. His best position is in front of the back 4. Don't get me wrong, he would be one of the first names on the team sheet. I just don't think you can call him 'creative' in comparison to Baines, Arteta etc.

A few years back we were subjected to Hibbert RB Osman RM Neville and Carsley CM... to imply that we didn't have better quality than them available is ludicrous. I remember at the time questioning Moyes's starting XI on an almost weekly basis as it made no sense.

He has been fantastic for this club; hats off to him. I now know longer have to sit through May worrying about the dreaded 'R' word.

The problem is we are now moving away from that and trying to challenge at the top end of the table.

We will never do this unless Moyes adapts and changes. He is too stuck in his ways; even when we have a fully fit squad. Also when we do have a fully fit squad; rare I know but it has happened. He doesn't have a clue what his best XI is. We come into every season without him knowing what to do with regards to his best team.
Tony J Williams
51   Posted 07/04/2011 at 17:10:15

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How was Yakubu hitting form? He scored one goal. Anichebe did that last season too.

"A few years back we were subjected to Hibbert RB, Osman RM, Neville and Carsley CM" ? was that the same team that qualified again for Europe?

Davies coming good? I must have missed those games. How is he faring at Fulham?

"We will never do this unless Moyes adapts and changes." Or maybe if he gets the money to buy these flair players without having to sell one of the better ones to fund it. One step forward; one step backwards. You stand still, you go backwards in this league
Dave Wilson
52   Posted 07/04/2011 at 17:18:43

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I do not claim I didn't use the word 'idiot' when describing anyone who assembles a squad full of specialists ?you made that up; in fact I REITERATED IT on post 43 - scroll back and look. How the fuck do come to the conclusion I forgot??

Nor did I claim I didn't say Arteta was played at right wing ? you made that up AGAIN ? I also REITERATED that post 43 too ? scroll back again and check... although I still think your claim that this is a double standard is bizzare.

And I didn't claim you wanted a team of specialist... like I said, I ASKED you if you do, scroll back again, go to post 38 ? the clue is in the question mark!!!

As for you not constantly Moyes bashing, don't make me laugh, anyone who logs on here regularly knows you do ? have the courage of your convictions man, some people may not agree with you but they will respect you.

Sorry Gavin, its clear you either won't or can't understand the posts with which you are arguing and, for that reason, I`m out.
Luke O'Farrell
53   Posted 07/04/2011 at 19:13:56

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The point is we should be doing better than we are; regardless of the money situation.

We got into Europe in spite of them players not because of them.

Yes, granted we are a few players short but how can you excuse the start of the season? We still had Piennar and a squad capable of winning games.

Yakubu was hitting form in terms of performance wise; goals could have followed given the chance. Comparing him to Victor? Really? He has a goal to game ratio of about 1 in 12. Saha had done nothing to warrant a place, the Yak had. Backs up my original point about favourites.

Also if it came down to it, to move the team forward; Rodwell would be the one to go. His progress has stalled badly, I really don't think he will be the 'midfield general' the media thought he would be.
James Flynn
54   Posted 07/04/2011 at 22:49:26

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Stephen (39) - Thank you.
Tony J Williams
55   Posted 08/04/2011 at 10:22:56

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"We got into Europe in spite of them players not because of them."

In true Duncan Bannatyne style, "And because of that, I'm out"
Karl Meighan
56   Posted 09/04/2011 at 10:36:58

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I ain't attacking or taking sides here but i must point out Dave @ 27 that every player has a specialist position. Sometimes players have to fill in and adapt but I assume every player has a favoured position?

This 'utility player' tag only comes about when there are lots of injuries. Very few players will step in and bounce from position to position and perform well enough to keep there place.

Despite the lack of funds the objective at any club is to improve and move forward; we have not done that this season so it should be obvious that players are needed.

Moyes has himself brought in good quality without breaking the bank and sometimes a gamble when you have the full close season to watch the players is needed.

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