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That's It ? I'm Done

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Everton have really pissed me off even more so this season after so much was expected last Summer. I listened the other day to a RedShite player extolling the virtues the new coach Steve Clark. How he had really zipped up training and that they were moving the ball with more pace etc etc... What do our coaching staff do? Our Play is slow, predictable and never seems to go forward.

I am getting to the stage where I really don't give a fiddlers fuck anymore. You know what, I also could't care less about wether Billy Liar stays or goes. If the masses carry on supporting him then so what? I have decided that Everton will not get any more money from me until he is gone.

So My grandson will get a Barca Kit or a Brazil kit. No more Everton Pajamas or School pen sets. "Renew a season ticket" ? you must be fucking joking! Bill, I surrender ? have your train set; I will go and play with something else.

Saints are building a new stadium 15 minutes from me... maybe I'll start to go there. Just given my seats away for the Chelsea game, I will be off to play golf. I really just don't give a damn anymore.
Steve Sweeney, Prescot     Posted 11/05/2011 at 16:05:32

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Sam Hoare
1   Posted 11/05/2011 at 16:42:56

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Bet you'll be back... Have a good game of golf though.
Paul Foster
2   Posted 11/05/2011 at 16:48:12

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You couldn't care less whether Bill Kenwright stays or goes ... But Everton won't get any more money from you until he is gone.

You sound a bit confused. If you don't care whether he is chairman or not, why does his presence fundamentally alter your financial relationship with the club?
Aiden Doyle
3   Posted 11/05/2011 at 16:51:40

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Erm... Could somebody translate what DNP/CtC means please?
Steven Astley
4   Posted 11/05/2011 at 16:52:08

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Well fuck off then Steve - is it your time of the month or something?
Paul Foster
5   Posted 11/05/2011 at 16:53:59

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Do not post carbon tetrachloride.

Fair advice, now I think about it.
Chris Keightley
6   Posted 11/05/2011 at 16:56:50

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This is mirrored across many fanbase threads. It's quite sad when you see fellow Evertonians turn their backs on this great club and say that they have had enough. If only there was an AGM where we could voice our concerns... Nope? Then blindfold & gag me, and tie my hands behind my back, and let me be on my way.
Tony J Williams
7   Posted 11/05/2011 at 17:23:58

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See yee then, lad, yadda yadda yadda.
Mark Wayman
8   Posted 11/05/2011 at 17:22:00

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I feel as though the club are just scraping by until we go bust.

I don't mean relegation. I don't mean administration. I mean fail to exist, perhaps the first Premier League club to do so.

I don't see much future for the club as a going concern the way it is being run. Don't see anyone investing enough to make a difference and certainly no-one buying the club.

I have no idea who really 'owns' the club as it seems we have loans out everywhere, and are not able to build on the land inside the stadium.

I absolutely live for Everton, and yet, to completely contradict myself, I've never felt less interested in football or Everton as I do right now. Just thinking of the club and what next season may hold in regard to squad size/quality exhausts me.

Just to end on a more positive note, nothing beats days like Saturday against Man City, the crowd etc. I guess that is why I keep coming back.
Tony J Williams
9   Posted 11/05/2011 at 17:30:00

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If we go into administration and disappear, I will probably live a more stress-free life and save thousands of pounds a year....hmmmm?
Colin Potter
10   Posted 11/05/2011 at 17:27:26

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Can't blame you Steve, I withdrew my cash during the Kirkby debacle.
I think we have the lying prick until he pops his clogs, which can't come quick enough for me.
Paul Foster
11   Posted 11/05/2011 at 17:37:39

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Shameful, Colin.
Colin Potter
12   Posted 11/05/2011 at 18:03:23

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Why Paul?
There must be thousands who feel the same as I. He is a boil on our once great club. Do you think he gives a toss about us fans? If he did, he wouldn't be with us now.
Paul Gladwell
13   Posted 11/05/2011 at 18:32:58

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We are all pissed off with the shambles the prick carries on making at the club.

I have hated this season from Blackburn away onwards, I am sick of leaving my seat early not being able to take the taunts from chav club fans sitting to the left of me all season, but jacking it all in is not going to help the name of Everton and that is what it is about, not the lying clown, he will go eventually.

I have seen a good few jack it in and once they go you never come back, their birds won't let them for starters and Saturdays become chore days... keep the faith and watch some DVDs to cheer you up ? I do and it works.

Mike Rourke
14   Posted 11/05/2011 at 18:53:02

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I imagine that substituting footy for Rugby League would be a lot like swapping a delicious Sunday roast for a motorway service-station salad.

You´ll be back.

EVERYONE comes back.
Andy Crooks
15   Posted 11/05/2011 at 18:52:10

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I have been as hard on Kenwright and Moyes as most. I won't give up, though, because I hope to be here long after Kenwright has gone. I don't, however, blame those who feel differently, those who are giving up their season ticket. I don't get to enough games to want to give them up, they are cherished occasions and that's where I'm caught.
Simon Templeman
16   Posted 11/05/2011 at 19:36:15

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Steve, I understand your frustration but I fail to understand the motives of Randy Lerner, Roman Abramovic, Sheik Mansour and any number of foreign investors, they are all set to lose HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of pounds on their investments as things stand. I believe we are headed towards a Premier League "FRANCHISE" for all and they hope to sell THEIR product to the Far East among others. People like the above do not give money away.

So I would prefer we bide our time for now, remain in the top flight and choose our time to take advantage. This of course requires us to remain at the top table which I believe we will do.

Gareth Hughes
17   Posted 11/05/2011 at 19:58:42

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Agree with the original poster, the worst thing about the current incumbents is that they have taken away the hope from so many of us ? that is a terrible thing to do. It's doubly ironic when you consider that the architect of all this is the biggest romantic ever to shed a false tear. Having said that, to wish death upon Kenwright, a la Colin Potter, is going way too far.
Frank Duffy
18   Posted 11/05/2011 at 20:15:02

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I had 2 season tickets but not renewed. Too many depressing games. We had a great second half on Saturday but a bloody awful first half. Too many games this season which left me depressed and some games were a chore to go to.

It's easy to remember the good times but what the players are paid we should be expecting better football ? money or no money in the transfer kitty.
David Hallwood
19   Posted 11/05/2011 at 20:30:02

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Sorry I'm with Steve on this one. Throughout the 90s & 00s I kept the faith and never missed a game despite some godawful football. Now, even though I'm a season ticket holder, I've missed about 8 games and I'm not renewing my season ticket until someone on the board shows some ambition.
Michael Kenrick
Editorial Team
20   Posted 11/05/2011 at 20:44:39

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Ooops... Operator Error at Command Central. I thought the OP was just a bit too negative for publication and had decided to shelve it but I guess the cat is outa the litter box and crapping all over the place now!

I thought there'd be a lot more Steven Astley (#4) type posts but it seems the section of congregation feeling this way cannot simply be left by the wayside...
Dave Wilson
21   Posted 11/05/2011 at 21:12:55

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Generous of you to give your Chelsea tickets away Steve, you coulda got your 60-odd quid back. There's only a couple of hundred tickets left and people are paying 30-odd quid to sit behind a post.

Fair play to you, enjoy your Rugby ? or what ever it is Saints play
Simon Harris
22   Posted 11/05/2011 at 21:05:52

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No matter how it happened, I'm pleased this one got through ? as it's therapeutic knowing someone actually feels worse than me, for once.

I just hope for Steve and all our sakes, that BK is not the new Doug Ellis.
James Flynn
23   Posted 11/05/2011 at 21:18:25

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Steve - Venting frustration on TW? Got it. But you ain't leaving and you know it. Not gonna keep looking to see an Everton result? Haha.

Appreciate your frustration, we all feel; to be so close and yet still outside looking in.

But pushing your kids towards rooting for that big fish in the La Minor Liga pond instead of EFC? Come on now.
Alan Clarke
24   Posted 11/05/2011 at 21:32:36

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I felt exactly the same at half-time on Saturday. I really thought this would be my last visit for a long time. I was sick of watching Moyes send out 3 defenders in the midfield with no intention of creating an attack. But that second half reignited the passion.

I'm not renewing my season ticket this year. I can no longer justify the expense when the club is being so badly run. I don't want Kenwright and co having my secured income. I am not turning my back on the club though and I will still try and get to a few home games, maybe even some away games which I forego to get to all the homes.
Dave Wilson
25   Posted 11/05/2011 at 21:41:02

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Perhaps you can go to the rugby with Steve?
Mike Allison
26   Posted 11/05/2011 at 21:38:57

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Someone else wrote almost this same post a couple of months ago.

I think that's why there haven't been so many #4 type posts, as we all chipped in back then.

You'll be back Steve, and why not? Fans never used to know or give a fuck about what went on behind the scenes. Caring about the boardroom is losing sight of what football's actually about. Its our 11 fellas against their's, and you'll never stop wanting ours to win. Everything else is just bullshit to fill the time between matches.
Sam Morrison
27   Posted 11/05/2011 at 22:18:05

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Steve (OP), you're not done; if you were done, you wouldn't feel the need to tell everyone that you're done. When you're really done, we won't know about you being done, cos you'll be done.
Jay Harris
28   Posted 11/05/2011 at 22:43:12

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To quote our dear departed former stalwart "Once Everton has touched you nothing is ever the same".

I should know I've felt it for the last 50 years willing them to do well, feeling thoroughly depressed when they dont but at least I've had the benefit of John Moores's stewardship of the club when we did have a proper chairman who everybody respected.

The current lying, deceitful charlatan cant go quick enough for me and I understand certain fans feel disenchanted with life right now. Some of us will continue to look to the good times to help us through the bad times but how many Evertonians have we lost through this current regime.

I dread to think.

Peter Bourke
29   Posted 11/05/2011 at 23:14:07

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Steve, you're entitled to be upset but you have exposed yourself as a fair-weather sailor. OK, have your hissy fit, which you are entitled to do... but, if we all reacted like you, the stands would be empty and EFC would be no more.

Don't forget to close the door on your way out.


John Ford
30   Posted 11/05/2011 at 23:12:31

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Most of the comments reflect our impotence and our status as also-rans beneath a top tier of rich clubs who simply out-buy us year on year, City and Spurs being the latest.

It's the top heavy distribution of money which is killing the competition, killing the game and making it virtually impossible for most teams to win anything.

We may be the 'best of the rest', and fair play to Moyes for that at least, but there's fuck all we can do about it, and nothing meaningful to be achieved without major investment.

Moaning about 4-4-2 or 4-5-1, substitutions, negativity, blah blah blah, is just not relevant when the core issue is the fact that English football has been shafted for the past ten years, and us along with it. I hate what Sky have done to our game and to my team.
Brian Denton
31   Posted 11/05/2011 at 23:27:19

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Yeah, you can't get away from being an Evertonian. Or maybe many of today's supporters do treat football as a product; if they don't like the product, they go elsewhere, like any rational consumer. I'd rather be irrational...
James Flynn
32   Posted 11/05/2011 at 23:16:42

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Jay (28) - "how many Evertonians have we lost through this current regime"?

Most fans are casual. Those departing will come back once we are challenging for the Trophy. Look at Man Utd.

20 years ago, there wasn't 10s of millions around the world wondering how Man Utd was doing while some Northern England millions were definitely wondering how soon that club would dump the Scots failure Ferguson.

Then came Cantona.

We're a "Cantona" away to challenging and those insisting they're done with EFC will be be back when we make the final move up.

Next season I think.
Trevor Mackie
33   Posted 11/05/2011 at 23:53:13

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Far be it from me to defend the Mancs but, since the Busby Babes, Munich and the "phoenix from the ashes" rise of Best, Law and Charlton, culminating in them being the first English club to win the European Cup ? the Cantona arrival was but a cherry on a mountainous cake formed many years ago.
Stephen Leary
34   Posted 12/05/2011 at 00:40:58

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Everyone I think feels this way, especially after a bad result on a saturday, but we dust down and by monday were thinking an chatting about the following saturdays game.

I travel from Northern Ireland to every home game and I couldn't live without Everton. I'm 23 and, ever since my dad took me when I was 3 years old, I have been hooked on the Everton blood. As the saying goes, once it's in your blood it's there forever.

I'm as frustrated as the majority of our fans on how we are being run and where the club is going, maybe Doddy apart we all feel Kenwright has to go... not necessarily for some sugar daddy, but for someone with business nous and acumen, with a plan and strategy.

Something has to happen and will I feel this summer, whether it's to be a takeover or Moyes walking, I feel there will be a major development at Goodison in the next 3 months. COYB!!
Brendan O'Doherty
35   Posted 12/05/2011 at 01:29:56

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Absolute disgrace finishing 7th behind all those teams in the top 6 with no money, shameful in fact. It's enough to stop anyone ever going to the game again.

Think I'll go and burn me club flags and scarves in protest, and start watching Accrington Stanley instead.
Tony Rice
36   Posted 12/05/2011 at 01:14:06

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Bye then.....

Step 1: Stop posting on Everton websites...

Ernie Baywood
37   Posted 12/05/2011 at 02:39:54

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Abandoning the club on a matter of principle is one thing, but because we don't play attractive enough football for you? Where have you been for the last 20 years?

See you back here when we challenge again.
Adam Fenlon
38   Posted 12/05/2011 at 03:59:23

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I really don?t understand these sort of posts ? watching football is a hobby, if you?re not interested anymore then stop following it. It's not the grand political statement or life decision you seem to think it is?
Eric Myles
39   Posted 12/05/2011 at 04:30:39

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James #32, do you really think Cantona will sign for us in the summer?
Keith Edmunds
40   Posted 12/05/2011 at 05:31:36

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What has Everton ever done for us?

Well they have dominated my Saturdays (or whatever day it is we play on now) for the last 45 years. Can't imagine what I would do without Everton, Good, bad or boring.

But apart from that, What has Everton ever done for us?
Paul Gladwell
41   Posted 12/05/2011 at 06:45:02

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What has Everton ever done for us?
Given us years of bad Saturdays,relegation battles and embarrassing failures, but WHEN we win the FA Cup again it will make it all worth it and I bet when we get to Wembley again you will be fighting for your ticket then not giving it away and that next Wembley takes only four wins remember, we will be back sooner than you think our history proves that even when we have been shite.
Come next August I will be refreshed and excited like a school kid waiting for that first home game you enjoy your shopping.
James Cadwaladr
42   Posted 12/05/2011 at 08:14:04

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If you want out so be it. But you won't be able to stop the emotions... Also not fair denying your grandson the chance to become a blue, you ought to be passionately creating the Everton buzz for him. At the very least let him enjoy what you have in the past and get them the Everton shirt rather than Brazil or he'll end up supporting the other lot. Sure you wouldn't want that.
Alan Williams
43   Posted 12/05/2011 at 08:12:26

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Bye... what was your ST seat as we are looking for ones close to us in the main stand?

Real fans stick with the club and unless you have fiscal issues or live miles away then stop moaning. Fans walk away every year and I for one think it's not a problem as the walk-up market ticket is more expensive, thus meaning more income for EFC, so have a good time watching Saints but I would prefer Wigan myself!

Seriously it?s not BK that is driving you away, it?s the modern game, along with its high wages and greedy institution. BK and EFC are victims of the modern game ? we just don?t have glamour or the commercial product to become a major player any longer and the board do have to be held to task but, if you look at the product, EFC is just not viable.

We as fans love our club and what we are but outside the fan base we have very little appeal and I?m afraid that?s the real issue. I travel 500 miles round trip to GP and it cost a lot to stay a STH but I stick with it, I just wish I lived a bit closer these days so I could enjoy it more ? you don?t know how lucky you are!! COYB

Derek Thomas
44   Posted 12/05/2011 at 08:15:25

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More to the point, apart from appointing Moyes, which was mostly down to Walter.

Disclaimer; I will not accept getting rid of Johnson, BK was on the board when he arrived, and Johnson sold up for his own financial reasons. Bill didn't force him out, he just took advantage.

Paul Gladwell
45   Posted 12/05/2011 at 08:33:30

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Do you know what will happen when you buy your grandson a Barca or Brazil shirt? He wont support either, he will then go to school and be embraced by little kopites who will spend their lives wearing The Shite kit but never actually going and that will have your grandson wanting to follow his mates...

Catch them early or lose them.

Tony J Williams
46   Posted 12/05/2011 at 09:07:48

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Amen Adam 38.

Why do posters consistently feel the need to tell others that they will not be renewing etc.

This is an Everton website about football, what self-importance to believe we want to know or even care if you are not going again. Do it within another discussion post but believe it when I say, pretty much no-one cares if you stay or go to a game, so there is no need for a new post just about you. No-one on here knows you and, with respect, cares if you leave.
Tim Taylor
47   Posted 12/05/2011 at 09:31:06

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John Ford (#30)

Funnily enough I was just having the same conversation with a fellow Bluenose at work. It's not EFC that's screwed, it's football.
Andy Codling
48   Posted 12/05/2011 at 09:38:42

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Tony Williams, what makes you believe any one gives a fuck about your opinion or if you go the match? No-one on here knows you and, with respect, cares if you stay or don't. If people want to express their dissatisfaction with the current regime and how they will protest against it, then let them.

Are you angling for a moderators job, as you seem to have enough time on your hands to snipe at other posters on here throughout the day? Michael do you have any vacancies for Tony 'J' ? Supersupporter?

Simon Harris
49   Posted 12/05/2011 at 09:43:05

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Tony 46

That's a tad harsh, the lad is obviously frustrated and wants to share it with fellow Evertonians.

I've said similar things myself hundreds of times, but a bit of banter, and a good dose of Evertonianism from my mates, always puts me back on track.

Steve, keep the faith, Kenwright can't go on for ever... can he? Shhhiiiit... what if he does a Doug Ellis and stays until he's 90???

See you at Glorious Goodison next season.
Lee Mandaracas
50   Posted 12/05/2011 at 09:27:32

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Good idea not renewing season tickets. That's the way to ensure success isn't it? What sort of supporter withdraws all 'support' of their club in bad times but yearns for a philanthropic billionaire to throw away all of their own hard-earned? Why would you expect a mega-rich investor to throw away hundreds of millions of pounds on a team for whom they have no passion and yet you no longer plan to spend a few hundred a year of your own cash?

I thought being an Evertonian was personified by supporting them through thick and thin. I fully understand the frustrations ? God knows I have felt them too most of my life as a Blue ? but withdrawing your support just compounds the situation and puts a greater burden on the rest of us left behind. I am no fan of our heirarchy but they are what they are and we cannot complain about their 'shoestring budgets' when we are contributing to the chopping shorter of the laces each season!

I am sorry but if you want glory and an easy ride to supporting success, by all means do as you suggest. Go and support the Saints ? even Man Utd or City or whomever you choose. I don't want to be associated with fair-weather supporters or glory hunters. Personally, I prefer to do all I can to encourage others to feel the passion I feel for this club and recruit, recruit, recruit. Not abandon faith all ye who enter here!

I fully understand your frustrations but have no respect for your intended desertion. Goodbye and good luck but please do not think I would welcome someone like you back with open arms if we ever do find the glory days again.
Tony J Williams
51   Posted 12/05/2011 at 10:07:59

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Andy, I don't care what you or others think of me, never have. This is an anonymous forum where I post points in response to others.

I don't have the self-importance gene to express my points by starting a new thread, never have and never will.

What's the point of your post? What's the daft comments about me for? If you don't give a "fuck" why does your post seem so confrontational and angry? Why respond?

I post on here a lot because I can, simple really.

I learned a long time ago to not get worked up about what people I will never meet think about me. Let them swear and abuse, I will reply with a reasoned response (unless I am drunk) or with sarcasm, because I am a sarcastic person, truth be told.

Are you looking for a moderators job? You wouldn't be very good because in one breath you champion Steve's free speech but in the next you seem to want to censor mine.
Andy Codling
52   Posted 12/05/2011 at 10:34:30

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Last thing I would want to do would be censor your opinion, Tony, but the thread is about being unhappy about the current situation at Everton and a person's response to the lack of ambition shown by the board. Nothing self righteous about that ? just a fellow poster wanting to sound out with others how they feel about this and what they are going to do for the forthcoming season. If you don't like the subject then simply don't read it or feel the need to snipe at others.

It looks like Billy Liar is going to keep on with his huge list of mistakes and still have the backing of a huge amount of supporters because he is a blue. The club is so incompetent we can not even put a building in the car park by all accounts. This summer will be another let down when it comes to transfer activity and some of us are simply fed with the whole thing. So my response was not angry or confrontational, I'll leave that to you when you've had a drink.

Dave Wilson
53   Posted 12/05/2011 at 10:37:41

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Andy Codling

Sorry mate but Tony #46 and Adam #38 are bang on the money.
Football fans come and go, if everyone who became a matchgoer in their childhood or youth remained matchgoers for the rest of their lives, they couldn't build a stadium big enough.

In the past, if people didn't feel they were getting value or the the magic had worn off, they simply stopped going.

Why all of a sudden do people feel the need to announce it to the world, why feel the need to give a reason or an excuse? Are they looking for somebody to talk them down?

It won't happen, mate: if they are that unhappy they are best left to jump. I just wish they would do it quietly.

Most fans support the club, not the chairman or the manager... and, give or take a few hundred, Everton's average attendance next season will be pretty much the same as this season.
Charlie Dixon
54   Posted 12/05/2011 at 10:54:17

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Time Gentlemen!

With Steven (4). Couldn't care less fella. Enjoy watching the egg. I'm going to Craven Cottage tomorrow to watch us win the Under 18's.
Sam Morrison
55   Posted 12/05/2011 at 11:15:48

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Jeez, I didn't realize we were all taking this post so seriously!

Like I said above I don't think Steve's really going anyway, he's just pissed off. And if he DOES go somewhere, it's not like there'll be an empty seat in Goodison, is it? Surely, even in this age of glory-hunting vapidheads and non-attending armchair fans (like me) there will be a blue arse ready to sit in his chair?
Chris Fisher
56   Posted 12/05/2011 at 11:23:38

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I support Everton FC, not Bill Kenwright, we need someone else in charge 100% but i would never give up watching my Everton for anyone, you stick by the club through thick and thin no matter what, its like a religion and if its not to you then your more than welcome to dissapear from Goodison, you wont be missed. I imagine though that as with most of us you are just extremley pissed off with the way things are at the moment, need to voice your anger some where and we'll see you next season!
Tony J Williams
57   Posted 12/05/2011 at 11:39:54

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That's the rub Chris, some posters seem to equate sticking by Everton FC as sticking by Kenwrong.

I want him gone as much as the sweary heads but I still also want to go to the game and watch the togger.
Eugene Ruane
58   Posted 12/05/2011 at 12:52:27

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KENWRIGHT shit piss wank cunt fuck bollocks OUT!!
Tony J Williams
59   Posted 12/05/2011 at 13:12:07

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Touche Eugene
Gerard Carey
60   Posted 12/05/2011 at 16:57:24

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Once a blue, always a blue. It's in the blood. It's Everton we love and always will. Me?! I'm just hoping we can raise a few mill to get in a couple of players during the summer, then make a decent start to the season for a change. Heres hoping!!!!
Chris Rudd
61   Posted 12/05/2011 at 17:10:38

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"Just given my seats away for the Chelsea game, I will be off to play golf."

Feckin golf? Enough said!
David Price
62   Posted 12/05/2011 at 22:12:37

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With respect, Andy, who gives a fuck that you don't give a fuck if Tony doesn't give a fuck about our new golf-playing rugby-watching wannabe who doesn't give a fuck?

Think i've captured the general theme... anyone else fucked off with this one yet?

Phil Rodgers
63   Posted 12/05/2011 at 23:54:59

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I will always love Everton, but this season more than ever I feel that we have reached our glass ceiling and that the best we can hope for is probably where we are now and it aint very exciting ist it?

The way we have conducted ourselves in the transfer market is utterly shambolic and extremely disheartening for everyone concerned, so I can fully understand people giving up. Also the media does us no favours whatsoever by giving the impression that we are always 'punching above our weight' like we are fucking Wigan or something and not one of the most sucessful clubs in English football.
Andy Codling
64   Posted 13/05/2011 at 08:39:47

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Brilliant, Mr Price.
Alan Williams
65   Posted 13/05/2011 at 13:14:19

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Look at the Coventry game and the Wimbledon ones and see if you think we haven't progressed. 7th is not great but that's all we can afford, it's reality and not guaranteed!! COYB
Dave Wilson
66   Posted 13/05/2011 at 14:24:31

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David Price

You`ve just kicked the weekend off.

Pissed myself
David Mathieson
67   Posted 13/05/2011 at 22:42:41

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Original Poster: After reading the Moyesiah?s latest comment, after a long line of utter rubbish he has spouted, I am inclined to feel the same; some of the rubbish he comes out with is mind bending & if you don?t know what I am on about, you are part of the problem.

?7th is like winning the Champions League? You couldn?t make it up. You would think he was managing Charlton. As a fourth generation Evertonian, it is in my blood to follow the Blues, and I will for life but there is something rotten to the core, from top bottom at Everton which will hinder our progress for a very long time, which previous generations would not have accepted.

All these Kenwright haters need to get a grip, he is not perfect but at the end of the day: you lot voted for Kirkby, like numpties & he is far better than Johnson ever was. Moyes has been backed to the hilt and has not over-achieved because the group of teams we?re in & around we have outspent over the years such as Notlob, Fulham.
Tony J Williams
68   Posted 14/05/2011 at 13:04:34

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?7th is like winning the Champions League? You couldn?t make it up ? You could make it up and you just have. The whole quote was about if you would have said we would have ended up 7th when we were three points from bottom, it would have been like winning the Champions League.

Don't let the truth get in the way though eh lad?
David Mathieson
69   Posted 14/05/2011 at 17:16:14

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Tony ? That is what he said... fact!

"Don't let the truth get in the way though eh lad?" ? you saing he didn't say it? Are you mad? Hardly made up-irrespective of the situation or context he tries to put it in.

I belive the points gap from the top 6 to the bottom 3 was a mere 6 points at Christmas as well ? hardly makes any sense to compare it to winning the Champions League. I am pretty much certain you would be unable to fathom that & just go along with it.

Good result for the Moyesiah today as well... I was only glad I did not have to listen to the idiot speak. Shame I read your post though.

Tony J Williams
70   Posted 15/05/2011 at 13:13:06

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David, you tried to make it sound as if he just came out and said, "7th is like winning the Champions League"; he didn't. When put into the context of the whole sentence, he was saying that he didn't see us finishing as high as 7th when we were almost bottom.

Unfortunately I have read your post too, misleading as it was and don't worry I won't respond again. Who knows? You may just take random words from my post and suggest I said and meant something I didn't

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