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Jermaine Beckford

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I probably risk being criticised on this site for saying the following (but that's nothing new): What has Beckford done wrong this season?

I'm not a big fan of Beckford's and he is certainly nowhere near the class of some of our ex-strikers like Sharp, Lineker, Latchford, Royle, etc etc, and he certainly has his limits. However, he has got pace which we severely lack in our team, and he also knows where the goal is. He also seems a physically fit lad and with those attributes he is surely better than Yakubu, Saha, Vaughan and Anichebe.

I honestly see Beckford as the best of a bad bunch of strikers that we have. He has played in a total of 37 games this season, his first season in the top league, but 21 of those appearances have been from the substitutes bench. Moyes has a reputation for making subs late in the game, so in a lot of those 21 sub appearances, he has probably only played about 15 or 10 mins at a time.

Beckford has only started in 16 games for Everton this season but scored a creditable 9 goals, better than one goal every two games he's started!

I don't see him as good enough as an all-round striker to play the lone man upfront, but certainly in a partnership, he is more than good enough to be a Premier League striker, especially for a club like Everton that have such poor attacking options and no money to spend.

I really think he has done well this season, despite not been given a fair enough go in the team. As mentioned, I feel he is our only striker that actually looks like scoring a goal and therefore the only striker that we should be looking at keeping rather than selling this summer and giving him a decent run of games next season in a 4-4-2 formation.
Let the criticism begin...
Matthew Lovekin, Brighton     Posted 16/05/2011 at 17:23:10

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Harry Reynalds
1   Posted 17/05/2011 at 15:18:13

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I agree, he's not a bad little player, considering the money he cost....

But at the moment, if we have to pair him up with anyone, it has to be Anichebe, due mostly to our lack of striking options. I think one of the last times we started with those two up front together was the away derby at Anfield. And god, from what I can remember, they were so, so poor together.

However, Beckford and Saha was a winning formula. Pity Saha's a permacrock
Neil Humphreys
2   Posted 17/05/2011 at 15:16:25

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I agree with the thrust of your arguement in that he's "not that bad" or "best of a bad bunch".
What galls me is that the free transfer 3rd Division (In old money) striker who frankly struggles to hit a barn door is the best we have. What a sad state of affairs....
I've been living my Everton dream vicariously through football manager recently and I have to say, its far more enjoyable than the real thing!

Looking forward to the lap of honour at the final game. To my mind, only Baines, Distan and Fellani should take part - and even two of them have been average at times.

James Martin
3   Posted 17/05/2011 at 15:17:30

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Great post. I agree with everything you've written. How many strikers are there in the premier league who can play the lone striker role well? Drogba has in my opinion been the best over recent seasons but even then he is playing usually in a 4-3-3. Everton's lone striker is very alone in the formation Moyes plays. I think a Saha Beckford combination with Saha dropping into the hole, utilising his long shot threat, and Beckford on the shoulder of the last defender, would work really well. Considering how badly we've played Beckford's had a decent season to get nine goals.
Dick Anderson
4   Posted 17/05/2011 at 15:17:07

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Beckford is the type of player who scores goals and doesn't do much else in the game.

That fine if your Darren Bent and you have scored 17 goals in the Premiership this season.

Darren Bent doesn't do much apart from score goals. But when he gets 17 in a season you dont mind.

But Beckford has scored just 7 goals in the Premiership this season and thats simply not enough.

Kevin Davies has only scored 8 goals in the Premiership this season but he works incredibly hard, holds the ball up superbly and causes problems for defenders for the entire game.

Bent does little on the pitch but scores lots of goals. Davies scores very few but has immense physical presence on the field.

Beckford however does very little on the field and only scores 7 goals.

Thats just not good enough for a Premiership team.
Guy Hastings
5   Posted 17/05/2011 at 15:25:06

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I suspect that sometime along the line he's pissed Moyes and/or Round off big time for voicing his opinion after he's been dropped or been subbed after 45 mins. Good for him.
Chris Keightley
6   Posted 17/05/2011 at 15:30:31

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You say seven goals is a bad return but, in 16 starts, that's not that bad: 9 goals in his first season having jumped two divisions is a good return for little outlay. I say cheers Becks ? see you next season!!
Mark Murphy
7   Posted 17/05/2011 at 15:49:07

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Neil, what have Howard, Jags, Coleman, Neville and Osman done wrong that you would begrudge them a lap of the pitch?

Re Beckford, I think he is raw and talented but, as with many before him, won't be played in his optimum role under Moyes. If he went to a more attack-minded club he would get 15 goals per season minimum. I'd have the hump with Moyes if I were him as well!

Paul Mackie
8   Posted 17/05/2011 at 15:51:13

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He's an alright player in my opinion.

The only problem with him is that he's just another player that Moyes insists on playing as a lone striker when it's obvious to everyone watching that he isn't a lone striker. He needs to be played just off the last defender, using his pace to score goals.

As for some of the tosh on here like "doesn't know where the goal is" and "couldn't hit a barn door", some of the goals he's scored have been absolute belters.

He's certainly better than fucking Anichebe!
Chris Bannantyne
9   Posted 17/05/2011 at 15:44:32

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Yeah I agree with the post. And even if you think he is rubbish, you'd have to agree that he is less rubbish than Vic.

Now I know every article lately doesn't take long until it turns into an "Anichebe is crap" campaign, but unfortunately it's true.

Beckford has only started a handful of games, the majority of which were at the start of the season before he had time to gel, and I don't know if you remember the start of the season, but everyone aside from Cahill and Baines were playing like shit too.

So yeah, 9 goals ain't bad. Chelsea aren't going to shell out £50mil for him just yet, but I can't understand why he is our only "consistent" striker, and yet the only one that our manager is not prepared to give a run of games to.

There's plenty of room for improvement, but I for one have been happy to have him.
Tri Tan
10   Posted 17/05/2011 at 16:07:40

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Beckford can be a prolific scorer if he were a bit more clinical on his finishes. He has certainly had his opportunities in front of the net and I believe that is key to him having a chance to be prolific.

I chalk this year up to learning the ropes for Becks. The strike force has been been a ridiculous rotation of musical chairs. Next year though I expect much more from Becks, IF, Moyes can settle on 4-4-2 with Becks + (Saha, Anichibe, Cahill, etc...)
Alex Kociuba
11   Posted 17/05/2011 at 16:04:25

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Would West Brom swap Beckford for Odemwingie, Stoke for Kenwyn Jones, Bolton for Elmander, Blackpool for Campbell? The answer is No.

It is worth pointing out though, that only 5 Premier League strikers have scored more than 13 goals this season, and only one (Berbatov) who's scored more than 20. On the other hand, including all positions, there's 33 players who've scored more goals than Beckford.
Tony Cheek
12   Posted 17/05/2011 at 16:20:17

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Think Beckford should start every game. He is always going to score goals. But you just know he is always going to struggle with Moyes as manager.

Get 7 or 8 defenders in the team first then see who else we have. With any other manager I would put money on him being top scorer next season, but with Moyes in charge, he will probably get just as many starts next season.

Peter Dancer
13   Posted 17/05/2011 at 16:40:11

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"Beckford is the type of player who scores goals and doesn't do much else in the game".

Dont really agree with you there Dick. He's a very unselfish player at times, running accross the goal to creat space for other players (Bily's goal a few weeks ago springs to mind).

I like to think positively (however hard that is with Everton at times) so with a season of starts under his belt and a strike partnership with our star new signing [fingers crossed], I think he might just do well. As many people have said on here, he's def the best of the bunch at the moment.

Tony Cheek
14   Posted 17/05/2011 at 16:48:48

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You might like this... now if this man isn't a goal scorer, then who is?

Andy Codling
15   Posted 17/05/2011 at 17:11:15

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Moyes could strangle the confidence and ability out of Messi and reduce him to a shadow of himself and slag him off for not getting back to defend even though he plays seven defenders and everyone back for corners and set pieces.
Dick Anderson
16   Posted 17/05/2011 at 17:20:38

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But ultimately Everton want to be at least a Top 5 Premier League side.

And a striker who scores 7 Premier League goals in a season is not good enough.

To be a Top 5 team, Everton need a 15-20 goals a season striker.
Anthony Millington
17   Posted 17/05/2011 at 17:22:42

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He's done ok, scored a few important goals for us and has stayed injury free so has been reliable in that sense, but we need something more to take us forward. I'm afraid he has his limits, how many goals has he scored when he's started in games? Most are from when he comes from off the bench aren't they?

if Baines goes along with the Yak, Yobo and Vaughan, we need to buy a top striker and replacements for Pienaar and Baines with the money.
Gavin Ramejkis
18   Posted 17/05/2011 at 17:22:47

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Alex (#11), do you know there are 273 players in the Premier League that have scored more goals than Anichebe this season?

Dick, Saha only has 7 goals to his name this season too.
Sean McCarthy
19   Posted 17/05/2011 at 17:32:39

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Dean... Lawton... Hickson... Young... Royle... Latchford... Sharp... Gray... Lineker... Ferguson... Beckford...

It has a certain ring to it don't you think??? Hmmm... ok maybe not. He's not good enough for Everton Football Club. And never will be. There's not another team in the Premier League that would have him. That's how good he (and Victor) is!!!
Tony J Williams
20   Posted 17/05/2011 at 17:35:37

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The one thing that he has done wrong in my eyes is that he constantly wants to twat the feck out of the ball instead of placing it. (Blackpool goal aside, which was a peach).

If he has time to think about it, he will always try to leather it; you don't always need to...
Aidy Dews
21   Posted 17/05/2011 at 18:47:39

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To be fair, you can't really knock his contribution this season after stepping up from League One. Yeah, he's got his limitations and has had to adapt to a lot better class of league and to have got himself 7 Prem goals and 9 in total is a good return IMO.

I think he'll come on even better next year after a decent first season with us in the Prem and hopefully the rest of the players will know his game a lot better and play to his strengths and he will contribute the same if not more.
Mike Hargreaves
22   Posted 17/05/2011 at 19:34:48

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Bring James Vaughan back, he's got an eye for goal and has stayed fit for a few months. Remember a few seasons back, him and Anichebe worked pretty good together in their limited appearances.
Joe McMahon
23   Posted 17/05/2011 at 19:40:39

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Dick Anderson ? For crying out loud, what is your problem. Imagine if Beckford had started let's say 30 games with another striking parter, he would have got the goals you slate him for not getting.

Bent cost over £20 million pounds, he also starts games and, unless injured, ends them, that's over 90mins on the pitch. I don't know what he earns now but at Spurs he was on £90k a week. Can we please have some perspective.
Pat Finegan
24   Posted 17/05/2011 at 19:22:25

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Becks has the best goals/minutes ratio on the team. 16th in the Prem. Not too bad for a free from League 1.
Nathan O'Hagan
25   Posted 17/05/2011 at 20:20:23

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I think next season will be the time to truly judge Beckford. I'm certain he will never be a top class striker (Saha is the only one we have, but his injury record is appalling, and he has long barren spells). In a 4-4-2 or 3-5-2, he could bag 12-15 goals a season I think, which ain't too bad, if we have another 15-20 goal striker, and a couple of 7-10 goal midfielders (another goal scoring centre half a la Mountfield/Lescott would be nice too).

But I think it's up to Areta etc to create the kind of chance he needs with through balls along the floor, which they haven't this season. We also need an out-and-out winger to get round the back and create a different type of chance from the by-line.

The fact is we have NO money to spend this summer, so we can dismiss all the strikers we're being linked with, maybe Elmander on a free would be viable (similar player to Saha, admittedly only one really good Prem season, but seems a good option), and we'll need to sell Yak, Yobo, Vaughan, hopefully Vic, maybe Johnny, maybe Bily, and get in a really decent winger and another creative mid.

The players we have will simply have to do better, and our manager (of whom I'm still a massive fan) needs to not play two defensive mids against a team like West Brom. I'm all for defensive solidity, but this season has been such a let down, I'd rather see us go out and attack and lose/draw than play defensively and still lose/draw.

Ben Jones
26   Posted 17/05/2011 at 20:55:17

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Some ridiculous comments on Beckford here, especially from Sean and Dick.

He's had his first season here and hasn't done bad. He clearly has the traits of a good striker, his movement is very good, and though he needs to learn to outwit defenders and improve his teamwork, he clearly is a rough diamond. We definitely should keep him for next season.

But Dick and Sean, what other alternative is there? We have no cash. What choice does Moyes have if we have no cash? How are we going to get that 15-20 goal striker?

And Sean, how is he not good enough for Everton when we have no-one better at the moment? How are we ever going to get anyone as good as Lineker with no cash? Get with the times man! We are not going to get anyone by saying "But we used to be a Championship winning team... bla-bla"
Jay Harris
27   Posted 17/05/2011 at 20:54:18

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Beckford's only problem is he needs the game played his way and not Moyes's way and the two can't meet in the middle so petulance every other game.

Beckford knows his strength and, despite all the arguments, could easily score over 20 goals a season IMO.

However, our MF needs to stop acting like the QE2 and get up the pitch quicker in support.
Rob Hollis
28   Posted 17/05/2011 at 21:06:13

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I think failing to get to the Reading match on time might have been considered wrong.
Rob Murphy
29   Posted 17/05/2011 at 21:06:40

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I want Daniel Sturridge on loan next season???
Mike Bates
30   Posted 17/05/2011 at 21:18:04

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Rob Murphy - I don't know, do you want Daniel Sturridge on loan next season?
Peter Laing
31   Posted 17/05/2011 at 21:26:38

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The answer to the Beckford issue lies in two incidents this season: not making the home Cup tie against Reading due to being caught in a traffic jam; and the post substitution reaction at Wolves. David Moyes has a very short fuse, not a great deal of tolerance ? a further transgression on Beckford's part would probably result in a move from his current role amongst the stiffs to the transfer list.
Dick Anderson
32   Posted 17/05/2011 at 21:27:16

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There are always options, guys, even with no money.

If we sold Yakubu, Vaughan, Yobo & Beckford we would raise around £12 million and could purchase a tasty striker for that type of money.

Or we could just bring Yakubu back and I'm sure he could score more then Beckford's 7 goals a season.

Or how about bringing Hallam Hope through and seeing if he could play a similar role to what Beckford has this season? I would guess that, if Hope had similar opportunites that Beckford has enjoyed this season, he would score 7 goals ? maybe even more.
Mike Bates
33   Posted 17/05/2011 at 21:42:02

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Dick, what opportunities are these? 5 mins here and there for half a season. Then played into a bit of form, and after getting a few goals all of a sudden he's getting dropped for a striker who couldnt score in a brothel! You want Hallam Hope to have those opportunities and see another talent at our club ruined? Nice one.
Ray Robinson
34   Posted 17/05/2011 at 21:51:58

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Anyone see Reading's Long and McAnuff tonight? Class acts.
Sean McCarthy
35   Posted 17/05/2011 at 22:22:49

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Ray - spot on about Long.

I'm not suggesting we go and buy a top drawer striker as I know we don't have a pot to piss in!! My point is simple. Have we fallen that far from grace that the best we can hope for is jermaine beckford ?? I really hope not.
Dick Anderson
36   Posted 17/05/2011 at 22:10:00

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Mike Bates,

You claim Beckford has had no opportunities and only gets 5 mins here and there so I did some maths for you.

First of all, Beckford has been involved in 31 of the 37 Premier League games so far this season.

Now you probably will argue most of them were cameo appearances but that's not true. In fact I worked out the statistics and found this....

So far this season, Beckford has played at least 1247 minutes of Premier League football. I say at least because that figure does not include injury time. My guess is with injury time it could be closer to 1300. But he's definately had 1247 minutes at least.

Do you really believe that playing someone in 31 games and giving him at least 1247 minutes of Premier League football can be considered as not giving him opportunities?

If Hallam Hope played in 31 games next season and had at least 1247 minutes of Premiership football... would he score more then 7 goals?
Andy Peers
37   Posted 17/05/2011 at 22:29:14

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We could have the four best strikers in the world and Moyes would never start with two of them even though he may add the second one in late in the second half after we are 1-0 down. With Moyes as our Manager, we will never know how good a striker really is.

Wayne Rooney was lucky to get away before he got stifled by Moyes. I really don't see a better option than him but his team selections are beyond belief sometimes, example being playing Anichebe against WBA for our attacking force!

Dick Anderson
38   Posted 17/05/2011 at 22:31:51

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Shane Long looks good but it's a big step up from the Championship to the Premier League.

Don't forget Andy Johnson used to score goals for fun in the Championship for Palace but he's an 8-goal-a-season Premier League striker.

Even Yakubu has found the net 10 times since January in the Championship.
Andy Peers
39   Posted 17/05/2011 at 22:37:31

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If your minute count for Beckford is correct then you have indirectly given him a compliment. 1247 minutes is a total of 13.85 full games, which means he scores once every 2 games or less or 20 goals a season. Did you forget to do the math before you posted?

13.85 x 90 minutes = 1247

Jalil Noor
40   Posted 17/05/2011 at 22:48:32

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A striker is always a confidence type of player. They need that bit of selfishness and swagger to try the audacious. And they need the midfielders and others to help create chances or space for them unless you're a Messi.

Take that away from them and expect a workhorse and you get a striker who can't score in a brothel.

Look at Torres, look at Saha early in the season, look at Drogba even.
Pat Finegan
41   Posted 17/05/2011 at 22:52:39

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Andy and Dick, The stat I have is 7 goals in 1230 minutes. That's 1 goal per 175.7 minutes (best ratio on the team.) This is including the beginning of the season when he was piss poor.

Based on these stats, if he played every minute of every game, he would have about 19 goals.
Luke O'Farrell
42   Posted 17/05/2011 at 23:11:20

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Dick Anderson

Do you realise that Beckford's number of minutes on the pitch compared to the number of games he has played equates to 40mins a game.

Hardly a substantial amount of time to become a match winner for the team let alone even get a few chances at goal.

Yes, the lad is a bit short of nous sometimes and does some strange things. There is however no doubting his movement, which is better than all our other strikers by far. He also is a fairly decent finisher although he appears better when it's instinctive rather than when he has time and space.

He has also recieved piss poor service in pretty much every game he has played.
Jamie Sweet
43   Posted 18/05/2011 at 01:42:01

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Andy #39 ? Interesting... that makes him effectively a one-in-two goalscorer in the Premier League. Not bad for free!

He ain't top drawer, but he also isn't anywhere near as bad as some make out.

Decent squad player and likely to improve.

Also, strikers thrive on confidence. When has Moyes ever given this guy a chance to build up some confidence?
Graham Duffy
44   Posted 18/05/2011 at 02:23:43

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Give him a good run in the team, some support and next season will be a lot better for Beckford.

If he was a big money foreign import he would have been given this season to settle in.
Andy Peers
45   Posted 18/05/2011 at 03:10:52

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Confidence is the key for a striker, look at Saha... He hadn't scored in 11 months and then scores 4 against Blackpool and I think 3 more in the next 3 games... and then of course he gets injured. Maybe Moyes is thinking this way for Anichebe, so pretty soon Anichebe will score 4 or 5 in a game and we will sell him for £25 million to Man City... I didn't realize how smart our Manager was... silly me.
Jamie Sweet
46   Posted 18/05/2011 at 04:40:32

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Dick #36 - "If Hallam Hope played in 31 games next season and had at least 1247 minutes of Premiership football......would he score more then 7 goals? "

I would say probably not. He's just a kid. Not a good example. It'd be nice if he did though!
Michael Brien
47   Posted 18/05/2011 at 07:17:59

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Years ago, the great Dixie Dean in an interview stated that, if he had been playing alongside Ian Callaghan and Peter Thompson ? who at the time he was speaking played on the right and left wings for Liverpool ? he would have scored 100 goals in that season. I think the great man knew a thing or two about goalscoring and he was never short of praise for the service that he received from the wingers ? assists as we would probably call it today.

Beckford is a decent striker; to ask a player totally new to the Premier League to play a lone striker role is in my view quite poor tactics by the manager David "Legend in his own Mind" Moyes. He is never short of criticism for the strikers... pretty poor man management I would say, yet he is always ready to defend certain players.

I like Tim Howard, a worthy sucessor to the likes of West and Southall; however, when he drops a clanger or has a bad day, Moyes defends him to the hilt, unlike some of the strikers. He should show such public backing for all of his players. He has his favourites, eg, Hibbert, and, as manager, that is pretty stupid man-management in my opinion.

Had Beckford gone to Newcastle, I think he would have scored more goals as he would have been given more of a chance and been played in a more attacking formation.

David Moyes to blame? ? well, he gets paid lots of money to decide on the tactics. It's about time he took some responsibility. I read we are interested in a couple of strikers ? until Moyes stops his obsession with 4-5-1, I won't get too excited... after all, if he signs a striker, it's a case of which 3 or even 4 will be on the bench!!!!

Eugene Ruane
48   Posted 18/05/2011 at 07:39:23

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Agree Matthew ? for the money, he's done ok and with better service and more games, he might have scored a few more. Never going to be Dixie but... who is?
Steve O'Malley
49   Posted 18/05/2011 at 08:31:45

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The lad has never had a fair go and will be lucky to get one. He is an out-and-out striker, he moves well, he gets into scoring positions, he can finish. There has not been many times when he has been on the pitch that he hasn't had a scoring opportunity. Is he perfect? ... No he isn't, but who is? And unfortunately he doesn't defend well which is why he gets criticised.

I can think of plenty of good strikers that don't defend well... Drogba, Bent, hate to say it but Torres (he will come good), Berbatov, Van Persie, Anelka etc etc. What they do if left on the pitch long enough is score and win you games. Something that 8 or 9 defenders/holding midfield players won't do.

And I am not even going to insult the lad by comparing him to Vic.

Paul Olsen
50   Posted 18/05/2011 at 08:55:36

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What has Beckford done wrong this season?

1: Not really acting as a footballer. A poacher sure, but his overall ability is poor.
2: Not showing real spirit to hide his weak spots
3: Failure to actually show on time for a game
4: Poor body language
5: Episodes of dissent
6: Will dive if he gets the chance, falls over like a leaf in the wind.

What has he done right:
1: Contributed a fair few goals
2: Came free so should be judged thereafter?
3: Really tries?
4: The team don't really try to play to his strengths

All-in-all, Beckford is too poor a player to really make a difference as a first team player, yet seems too confidence-needing to be able to contribute as an impact sub.
He is a result of our hopeless financial situation and is not really to blame, but watching the lad play is really depressing most of the time. Sadly, except Saha, we have no-one better up front.

Tony J Williams
51   Posted 18/05/2011 at 08:53:53

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Michael, he has had two digs at Beckford saying that he needs to work harder for the team and that his finishing needs improvement, is that not true?

His finishing is usually absolutely terrible, that's why he is getting stick.

His "favourites" have done it year-in and year-out, so of course if they have a slump he will defend them because he knows they can perform. Beckford is yet to do that and should rise to the criticism and prove Moyes wrong instead of trying to twat every ball through the onion bag rather than just in it.

if Beckford stays for a few years, I bet the "digs" will relent and he will back him when he has a lean patch.

Fecking man-management? ? those overpaid feckers should just take one look at their wage-slip, turn cartwheels then bust a gut for the team. He is probably on more a week than I am a year, so feck their fragile mind state, get on with the job they are handsomely paid to do. Man-management, feck off!
Tommy Byrne
52   Posted 18/05/2011 at 11:52:32

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The contribution of goals from midfield has been woeful: Fellaini, Arteta, Osman, Neville, Rodwell, should all be scoring 4-5 goals plus 3-4 from Distin and Jag.

The reliance to play deep, with even Arteta played as a bloody sweeper, isolates the lone forward who has 3 defenders to contend with.

Under Moyes, the tactics are negative safety first. We can certainly pass the ball and that looks nice but no killer passes thru the defence to a speedy Beckford.

What's Manny Fernandes up to these days as he was able to thread the eye of needle. Alas we have David Moyes and, as much as he has done, we are also-rans with him at the reigns.

Brian Denton
53   Posted 18/05/2011 at 12:21:27

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Completely off-topic, but why do people posting here use circumlocutions like 'feck'? As far as I can see, Michael is quite happy to allow 'fuck' through the censor's radar.
Tony J Williams
54   Posted 18/05/2011 at 12:39:38

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Brian, my reason is that I don't actually like typing swear words that much so I use the Father Ted variation. Not too sure about the others.
Matthew Roache
55   Posted 18/05/2011 at 12:46:03

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I completely agree on this one, to me there can only be one answer as to why he hasn't featured more and that is because Moyes has something against him.
Sam Hoare
56   Posted 18/05/2011 at 13:02:05

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I think Beckford has done really well for a player making a big step up. He hasn't been consistent but then who has for us?!

He always looks likely to get a goalscoring opportunity and the reason for that is that he is fast and has good movement. Qualities none of our other strikers possess.

If he started 38 games next season with another striker, I would back him to score 15 goals. And that makes him fairly useful in my eyes.
Brian Denton
57   Posted 18/05/2011 at 13:23:59

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Beckford is good at getting into scoring opportunities ? whether you think his inability to take a really high proportion of them can be be trained out of him.... matter of faith really. He could be another 'Jigsaw' Barlow ('couldn't hit a cow's arse with a banjo' being one of the wittier descriptions), but I tend to veer on the optimistic side.
Paul Gladwell
58   Posted 18/05/2011 at 14:34:29

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He has a goals-per-minute record second to none in the Prem. He is not great but the best we have. Since scoring against Wolves when in the first half his movement was top draw, however, because he was a little lazy in the second half Moyes, has had it in for him and dropped him when, if he would have started every game, he would certainly have added to his tally in my opinion.

But instead, he persists with a lad who is never going to be a goalscorer or a half decent Prem player, who also has not scored for well over a year.

Putting it simply, its pathetic.

Tony J Williams
59   Posted 18/05/2011 at 15:15:47

Report abuse

Paul, I hope that every chance Beckford has from now on is with his head, he scores them with ease but usually screws up the ones with his feet.
Gavin Ramejkis
60   Posted 18/05/2011 at 16:29:46

Report abuse

Lad from the Spanish Fourth division that trained with Iniesta in Barca's academy, got to be a one off but bugger me this would get the crowd going
Dick Anderson
61   Posted 18/05/2011 at 16:30:53

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The one inescapable fact is that Beckford has scored just 7 Premier League goals this season.

Everton have ambitions to be a Top 5 club and 7 goals is simply not acceptable.

We need a Darren Bent or a Javier Hernandez.
Chris Bannantyne
62   Posted 18/05/2011 at 18:34:39

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Is Hernandez that good? He certainly has scored a few, is often in the right place at the right time, so I wouldn't be complaining if he did that for us I suppose. But I can't think of any real 'strikes' he's made, good assists or good build up play. He gets a lot of tap ins and crap like that.

Again, not saying he can't score, and a goal is, after all, a goal. But I've not really been wowed by his 'skill' as such.

Am I missing something?
Pat Finegan
63   Posted 18/05/2011 at 20:19:57

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As much as I hate all caps, I just have to do it. I'm truly sorry but...


This is the true measure of how useful a striker is as a goalscorer. 1 goal per 175.7 minutes is, at the very least, acceptable.

I don't think his supposed lack of goal scoring is a problem at all. If we are going to talk about problems with Beckford, let's talk about his inability to hold the ball up. He is a fine goal scorer.
Tony Cheek
64   Posted 18/05/2011 at 22:06:20

Report abuse

I can't believe you lot... the man SCORES GOALS FFS ? do you know what that is worth??? Now, just back off and let him do his job. I can assure you you he will come good.
Brendan O'Doherty
65   Posted 19/05/2011 at 03:04:16

Report abuse

2 words...

Shane and Long.

Jackie Barry
66   Posted 19/05/2011 at 04:53:41

Report abuse

Dick we can all twist things around to make things look the way we want. You mention he has played a part in so many games this season but fail to mention the truth.

Look at how many games he has actually started/minutes played and the fact that he has scored goals, yet Anichebe, who last scored when, walks into the team?

There have been some seriously messed up decisions made this season and we all know it, such as picking Saha continuously when he was playing some of worst football I have seen for a while. I say lay off Beckford and give him a chance, a decent one like everyone else seems to get.

Derek Thomas
67   Posted 19/05/2011 at 09:07:09

Report abuse

Beckford is NOT a 4-5-1 striker.

Moyes IS a 4-5-1 manager.

Now who do you think is going to have the say on this??

Moyes strikes me as a 'My way or the highway' person... but without the highway option.

Until there is a change, Goodison will stay to all intents and purposes a Strikers' Graveyard.
Tony J Williams
68   Posted 19/05/2011 at 10:34:22

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"Moyes strikes me as a 'My way or the highway' person" ? Derek, strange though it is, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Imagine players dictating the line-up and tactics, you will have eleven egos vying to have their tactics used, because they all know best.
Alex Buckley
69   Posted 19/05/2011 at 12:08:00

Report abuse

With Long committing to stay if Reading get promoted, I?ll be cheering for Swansea in the Play-Off Final. It would be a great story if they did it and I always tend to root for the underdog in these games (easier fixture for us next season for a start). But the main reason is that I fancy us signing Long after watching his development this year.

He looks like a real striker, good pace, quick feet & a natural goal scorer. Together with adding someone like Sturridge it would add some much needed spice to our bland strike force.

Jon Cox
70   Posted 19/05/2011 at 13:57:43

Report abuse

I agree with Mike (22).

Bring Vaughan back. Make them a partnership, work at it on the training ground. Both have bags of pace and could initiate excellent counter attacks.

With JV's fitness and lack of injuries, he could well be in a position to finish his unfinished business at Goodison Park.
Jackie Barry
71   Posted 19/05/2011 at 14:22:14

Report abuse

Tony, I would rather have eleven people with ideas over one who doesn't have a clue sometimes any day of the week.

It's Moyes's inability to change and accept that maybe there is another way that will prevent Moyes from developing into an excellent manager. The fine line between failure and success is ever so fine but sometimes so wide.
Gaute Lie
72   Posted 19/05/2011 at 14:50:52

Report abuse

He's not too good as a player. Somehow reminds me a lot about Marcus Bent.

But I would rather have him than Anichebe... Beckford, that is.
Jason Lam
73   Posted 20/05/2011 at 08:22:19

Report abuse

His goal at Anfield was alright.
Karl Meighan
74   Posted 20/05/2011 at 12:31:08

Report abuse

Beckford has done ok and he should have started a lot more home games with either a partner or at least another midfielder a lot closer to him.

While Beckford is on the pitch his movement if not creating himself chances will give others goalscoring chances.

We all know his touch is not very good as Saha's, and he will miss chances and piss us all off... but he will also get goals.

It's been easy for Moyes to drop Beckford: he cost nothing and is no star name... but Moyes did not drop Arteta or Jageilka at times this season when their form was arguably far worse than that of Beckford.

Players with average technique and pace cost a fortune and are England Internationals.

More craft in midfield and a more attacking system and Beckford will get us goals but we may have to put up with some terrible misses to go with it.

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