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Transfer Trash Talk #2

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According to the News of the World and, Moyes is signing Jay Bothroyd on a free transfer after the striker was released by Cardiff following their failure to secure promotion. Jay Bothroyd played for England once during the last season and scored 20 goals for Cardiff. Apparently, Neil Lennon at Celtic wanted to sign him, but the 29-year old player wants to come to Everton.

I do not know how to react to this, but the more we sign those players, the higher are our chances that one will become a golden boot for us. I think it can be a good signing. Ba at West Ham and Odemwingie at West Brom were also unknown before they shone on the grand stage. Perhaps Jay Bothroyd will be along the same lines...

Sur Jo, Florida, USA     Posted 29/05/2011 at 02:58:39

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Dick Anderson
1   Posted 29/05/2011 at 15:45:38

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I just think it's sad that we can only get free transfers now.

Last season we had a free transfer from League One. This season it looks like we are getting a free transfer from the Championship.

What a shame Moyes cannot just identify an International class striker and be given £15M - £20M to sign him.
Jalil Noor
2   Posted 29/05/2011 at 15:52:32

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So next season we are getting a free transfer from the Championship then... hehe.
Iain Love
3   Posted 29/05/2011 at 15:48:49

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Though not overly impressed by the lad, wages aside, keep him, have a look... if he does well ? great; if not, sell him for a price that covers those wages and a bit more, and also increases squad size... I mean can he be worse than Vic? No brainer really.

Heard a rumour again about Owen; if true, it would have to be pay-as-you-play.

Luke O'Farrell
4   Posted 29/05/2011 at 16:07:23

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Better than Victor but agree with Dick, it's sad to see.
John Shaw
5   Posted 29/05/2011 at 16:17:46

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Let's have it straight, it's not sad, it's a fucking scandal. Direct result of a useless inept Board bereft of ideas on how to increase revenue and run a sustainable business... bunch if bastards!
Chris Bannantyne
6   Posted 29/05/2011 at 16:14:22

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Bit worried about his attitude. Seen him play a few times for Cardiff and he seems to spit the dummy a lot when things aren't going his way.

Don't go thinking Anichebe is out of the starting 11 just yet though guys, Bothroyd appears to be a similar style player to Beckford, lots of pace, eye for goal, but doesn't hold the ball up or play a physical game challenging for headers. He is not a lone striker, so who do you think he will partner? Vic of course.

My hope is Vellios gets a run and proves himself. He's a big strong lad, so hopefully he can work out to be a decent partner for Beckford/Bothroyd, as Anichebe just doesn't cut it for me.
Ben Jones
7   Posted 29/05/2011 at 16:42:35

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I disagree Chris, he's more of a Bobby Zamora than Beckford. Good at holding the ball up as far as I can see.

I'd take him, I mean, he was in the England squad earlier in the season. For a free and hopefully we can buy another striker to replace Vaughan and Yakubu. Only the end of the world if that's all we sign.
Kunal Desai
8   Posted 29/05/2011 at 16:37:31

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It's so depressing having to read this ? especially after watching 11 geniuses destroy the Mancs. I guess we have to come back down to earth at some point... :(
Kevin Naylor
9   Posted 29/05/2011 at 17:01:38

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I watched him this season and in the playoffs, he's a poor man's Beckford and not good enough for this division, let alone us.
Roberto Birquet
10   Posted 29/05/2011 at 17:05:47

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Not seen much of him. But one thing is for sure, we need two new strikers. And at least one of them will need to be pricey.
Chris James
11   Posted 29/05/2011 at 16:59:09

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Obviously it's total speculation at this point, but if it did come off I'd suggest it's a smart bit of business, for 4 reasons:

1. With Vaughan out and the Yak on his way too, we need more cover up front to supplement Beckford, Saha, Vellios and Anichebe (although ideally it'll just be the first 3 and we can roll big Vic on to someone else too).

2. We clearly don't have big cash to splash, at least until we sell on (which is obviously uncertain into when, who and how much) or the Sky money clears (August), low fees or free transfers are going to be our only options in the short term.

3. Like Cahill, Beckford (and even Jags), he has a good track record outside the premiership and is less likely to be a Bertie big bollocks in either attitude or wage demands. This is his last shot to make it at the top level so he should be keen to give it his all.

4. Our side has always been desperately short of pace, Bothroyd seems to have it, as well as an eye for goal.

5. As with Vaughan, it's a sign of intent to get business done early, which is vital if we're to avoid our usual terrible start.

Ultimately, this is unlikely to make any difference to whether we sign a £10M+ player ? that'll be down to budget coming elsewhere, but I for one would rather that we had a plan in place just in case those silly offers for Rodwell, Felliani, et al don't materialise.

So I say let's get this out of the way and try and repeat the feat by clearing out Yobo/Yak and getting in a winger ? Seb Larsson would do me fine.
Chris James
12   Posted 29/05/2011 at 17:22:38

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Okay, 5 reasons... ;-)
Shane Corcoran
13   Posted 29/05/2011 at 18:05:48

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Only just saw him in the playoffs and he looked a diving, crying bastard. No thanks.
Brian Waring
14   Posted 29/05/2011 at 18:06:13

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29 years old, 1 goal every 4 games, a bit of an attitude problem, refused to sign new contract with Cardiff because he wanted more money. Hmmm.........
Brian Waring
15   Posted 29/05/2011 at 18:10:31

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Had his best season this year with Cardiff, after failing at his previous clubs. Hmmm..........
Sean McCarthy
16   Posted 29/05/2011 at 18:08:21

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A sign of how far we have fallen and how skint we really are. Last week we're linked with Klose til someone mentions his wages and reality bites and were scraping the barrel again.

In one England squad (for a friendly??) in mid-season and not a sniff of another squad since, even with England being in dire straights striker-wise for next week's game against the mighty Switzerland!!

Championship player aged 29. Not exactly some young up-and-coming prospect.

Brian Waring
17   Posted 29/05/2011 at 18:26:55

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Instead of being linked with journeymen, wouldn't it be great if we heard we had been linked with a cheeky bid to get Sturridge or Welbeck on a season long loan?
Tony X Williams
18   Posted 29/05/2011 at 18:32:38

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Apart from the season just ended when he bagged 20 goals... normally he scores more yellow cards than goals!!
Ian Tunstead
19   Posted 29/05/2011 at 18:50:56

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In Moyes I trust; if he did half as well as Marcus Bent, I wouldn't be too disappointed.
Brian Waring
20   Posted 29/05/2011 at 19:04:24

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Ian, I would be really worried if he only did half as well as Bent, considering Bent's goalscoring for us, something like 1 goal every 8 games.

Dennis Stevens
21   Posted 29/05/2011 at 19:20:08

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It is a shame that we don't have about £20 million to splash on a decent forward, but I can't say I'd be too keen on letting Moyes have the money if we did ? his best buys seem to be relative bargains.
Philip Jones
22   Posted 29/05/2011 at 20:04:59

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Klose's visited Finch Farm twice, once with his family. Can anyone confirm this or is my mate's cousin clutching at straws? Anyway, I'm hoping we've found a rough diamond in Thomas Vellios (thanks for that one Tony, still makes me chuckle).
Trevor Mackie
23   Posted 29/05/2011 at 20:18:41

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I watched the Cardiff - Reading play-off.

I wasn't impressed when this lad bottled a collision with their goalie in a one-on-one when he was favourite and the game was in the balance.
John Daley
24   Posted 29/05/2011 at 20:30:39

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"According to the News of the World and". I stopped reading after that.
Jalil Noor
25   Posted 29/05/2011 at 21:02:18

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Apparently there's a Rennes winger available on a free by the name of Sylvain Marveaux.

And apparently the Shite were looking at him so he must be some good (or not).
Ian Tod
26   Posted 29/05/2011 at 21:02:43

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Arsene Wenger described him this season as one of the best talents he's worked with and it was only a matter of him settling down somewhere and getting his attitude right. Well the earlier games for Cardiff this season where he scored 17 goals in like 15 games showed that talent and he got a call up for England.

I've watched and when his attitude is right he is unplayable. If he was 25, I would really be excited by this but at 29 I doubt if he has enough time on his hands to adapt to the Premier League like Beckford... still worth a go on a free though.

Joe McMahon
27   Posted 29/05/2011 at 21:22:30

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Shit ain't it. We haven't even got the money for just ONE Manchester City signing. It's madness, what have City achieved prior to all this money?

Yet again, we will be spending less than Bolton & Stoke. Makes you wonder how long this Kenwright/Moyes relationship will be with us, 10 years and counting...
Brian Waring
28   Posted 29/05/2011 at 21:38:39

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Why the fuck don't we just get the Yak back?
Billy Bradshaw
29   Posted 29/05/2011 at 22:00:23

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Because the Yak is a fat, slow, lazy bastard who doesn't want to play for us. Take a chance with David Nugent ? he would walk to Goodison and at a push could play in wide positions.
James Stewart
30   Posted 29/05/2011 at 23:09:16

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Now there are a lot of bargains and freebies to be had this summer but this guy isn't one of them. Dives, whinges and rarely finds the net. Add to that he's 29 and past his peak if he ever had one. Hope this isn't true.
Brett Kemp
31   Posted 30/05/2011 at 01:16:47

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As I'm sure most of you have heard, we have a bid accepted for Lille's Gerviniho for around ?10M but the player has turned us down and wants a move to Newcastle ? this from the French press.

Even if this is true, I think we could get him; with some good persuading, this lad could be ours.

Ian Tunstead
32   Posted 30/05/2011 at 01:52:07

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Brian, Bent was a major player in helping us secure 4th spot, on that basis Bent did an excellent job.
Rahman Talib
33   Posted 30/05/2011 at 03:40:00

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How bout getting Andy Johnson back?
David Gallant
34   Posted 30/05/2011 at 09:38:52

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Gervinho is going to be a great player in a better league, but he's not bound for the Toon, Brett, he's after Champions League footie. Which rules us out, sadly. This is the calibre of player we should be after, not a 29-year-old Championship striker (could be a good bit of business though under the right terms).
David Gallant
35   Posted 30/05/2011 at 09:48:27

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ps. Because he was and is shite (not good enough for Everton), Rahman... :)
Brian Waring
36   Posted 30/05/2011 at 10:22:52

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Agree on that point, Ian, but we need someone who can put the ball in the back of the net.
Neil Humphreys
37   Posted 30/05/2011 at 09:10:18

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Billy, good call. Given our perilous finances, Nugent would be a good shout.
Tim Kells
38   Posted 30/05/2011 at 11:08:49

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Nugent? Not for me, didn't cut it in the Premier League with either Portsmouth or Burnley. Championship player at best. Having said that, at least he'd give 100%.
Brian Waring
39   Posted 30/05/2011 at 12:18:52

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There you go, Tim, that's all Davey needs to know about a player: "At least he'd give 100%"... That, and must be able to play numerous positions.
Tom Bowers
40   Posted 30/05/2011 at 13:10:01

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Let's face it guys, going backwards will not help our cause. Neither Nugent nor Bothroyd will help the Blues. They are much like Beckford who can score goals but miss twice as many and so we may as well keep Becks. No strikers are any good without good providers and that is the area Everton need to concentrate on.

This last season we had too many injuries to the midfield creative players and that could have contributed to many poor results. This department needs to be strengthened immediately and Charlie Adam would be my choice but, if we are penny-pinching, then he is beyond signing for the Blues.

Saha and Cahill have been basically no-shows since January and it remains to be seen if they will be of much use as strikers next season with their injury problems. Anichebe is not the answer and perhaps a swap plus cash for someone like Odemwingie may help the striking situation.

Chris Ashton
41   Posted 30/05/2011 at 14:40:46

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This club does not have money, I think we can all agree on that. Last season we spent £1 million on players, funded from the sale of a player in the previous January. So to me, dreams of bringing in multi-million pound superstars is not going to happen. Maybe looking to fill our weaknesses can push us on for next season? Rather than do the whole football manager thing, here's a few suggestions that could ultimately help us next season:

Seb Larrson ? Free
Nigel Reo-Coker ? Free
Jay Bothroyd ? Free
Klose ? Free
Matthew Upson ? Free
David Vaughn ? Free
Gudjohnson ? Free
Vicente ? Free

Now I know the immediate reaction is "too old, not good enough" etc but look at it this way: What Moyes excels at is getting players to play, whether they are an amazing player, or Carsley/Bent who would not make a first team elsewhere. I suggest that filling our squad with a few squad players to 'do the job' is surely more effective then spending a lot of money on a few players who might not play 'our' way.

It was only a few weeks ago we had two centre halves as our midfield. Would it not have been better with Reo-Coker and Larrson as backup? If, instead of Anichebe, we had Bothroyd? Sure we can invest the cash we will make off sales into a 'good' player? But at least bring in lads who can do a job and fill our squad out a little more.

The difference between draws and wins next season could well be a goal from a free player, a midfielder stand-in winning the game in the middle, or a centre-half who is experienced there.

David Holroyd
42   Posted 30/05/2011 at 15:04:18

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If we ain't got any money, Larsson would be a good shout as would Vaughn, but Dithering Davie needs to move fast ? no point leaving it to late. Maybe Moyes has irons in the fire but he still needs to get his arse in gear.
Neil Vaughan
43   Posted 30/05/2011 at 14:53:12

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Bothroyd has all ready been in the Premier League TWICE (Arsenal & Wolves) and failed miserably on both occasions.

I have seen him on a few occasions and he appears to be a moody sulking little bastard... in the play-offs he blatantly refused to move if the ball wasn't played directly to him.

I think it's a fucking disagrace and insult to our fine club that we have to trawl the lower divisions year after year in the hope we can turn up a gem. Kenwright and his fucking cronies should hang their heads in shame... Craig Mackail-Smith for fucks sake... he was playing non-league three seasons ago and he ain't no youngster.

That said, perhaps Bullshit Billy doesn't trust the manager with a shed load of cash. The last time he gave him £10 million, he spent it on the load of SHITE known as Bilyaletdinov.

I'm sorry but Jay Bothroyd, DJ Campbell, Craig Mackail-Smith etc are names that just SHOULD NOT be linked with our great club and IMO CAN NOT & WILL NOT take us forward. As previously mentioned by another poster, Bothroyd is a poor man's Beckford... if that's the best that this club can now attract, I am very saddened and truly embarrassed. Surely there are better alternatives than these types!?!

There is a lot of divided opinion about signing the likes of Owen & Barton but the truth is both are proven Premie League quality and far better than the lower division also-rans we're currently being linked with.

Personally I'd have 'em both but I accept I will be in the minority but I'm absolutely certain that, if we sign Boythroyd, Campbell, Mackail-Smith etc, in 12 months time the majority will be saying about them what they are now saying about Beckford ?quite simply JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH..!!

Finally not to say I told you so but 12 months ago I posted on here that Beckford would not be the 20-goal-a-season man we all craved... I got some stick but I TOLD YOU SO. I hope I'm not saying the same this time next year about Bothroyd etc.

Ste Traverse
44   Posted 30/05/2011 at 16:21:17

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Having had a nose at some Cardiff forums of late, it's clear there fans don't rate him and aren't sorry to see him leave.

If he's not rated in the Championship, what's the chances of him doing well in a higher league?
James Boden
45   Posted 30/05/2011 at 16:45:40

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It sums up just how far our standing has fallen when we are hoping to sign shite like this. Remember the days when Everton were signing the best up-and-coming English centre-forwards like Gary Lineker and Tony Cottee? Those days have long gone and, as long as Kenwright or any of the other members of the board are at the helm, it will remain that way.
David Barks
46   Posted 30/05/2011 at 18:16:42

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If we sign him on a free, is it really a bad move? We've sold Vaughan due to his injury issues. Yakubu will be sold for one reason or another. Saha is an injury worry of course. So that leaves Beckford able to play every day, and Anichebe who despite some opinions started to show a bit more at the end of the season.

We'd have Saha, Beckford, Bothroyd and Anichebe without any transfer fees being spent yet, and gaining funds from Vaughan and whatever we get for Yakubu. And having just seen Reading fail to win promotion, maybe we could scrape together some funds and get Long?

Dave Wilson
47   Posted 30/05/2011 at 18:21:05

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I heard on the radio that Johan Elmander has signed for Galatasaray on a free today... surely somebody at Goodison could have convinced him we were a far better option?
Gavin Ramejkis
48   Posted 30/05/2011 at 18:19:08

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Chris (#41) ? freebies is all BK is funding nowadays so you are correct on that part but we also fund from sales; the players you mention would have absolutely no resale value whatsoever, thus any wages we spend on any wouldn't be recouped by future sell-on, the business model doesn't work. The wages of a few of those mentioned would also be quite high for little return.
Jay Harris
49   Posted 30/05/2011 at 23:13:55

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Chris (#41) ? Good post... but you forgot Demba Ba who is also available on a free and IMO offers far more potential than Bothroyd with significantly more presence and work rate.
Sam Hoare
50   Posted 31/05/2011 at 07:46:15

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Jay, I agree. Would much prefer Demba Ba to Boothroyd but yet again our finances are fatal as apparently we can't afford Demba's wages...

Bootrhoyd if he comes is no more than a stop gap till Hallum Hope is ready to step in 2-3 seasons time.

ps...sounds like Yakubu ain't going anywhere...greedy git!
Simon Smith
51   Posted 31/05/2011 at 14:27:55

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If what the rags are writing... and more to the point, if WE believe what they are putting in their gossip pages, are we about to witness a change in direction at the club? Could we be about to see a swing towards youth and an attacking front line in the signings of Jay Bothroyd and Craig Mackail-Smith to back up last years signing of Beckford on the cheap?

Both these players have been goal machines in the last couple of years and living, as close to Peterboro' as I do, I have seen just how many times CMS has found the onion bag.

With Saha again picking up knocks, JV on his way to Norwich, Tim Cahill looking a lil' tired from his trips with the soccerroos and the Yak maybe going to pastures greener, is it worth taking a punt on them both?

And Yes, before anyone tells me, I know CMS is 27 but to a 40 something he is young!

Richard Dodd
52   Posted 31/05/2011 at 16:50:03

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Time to comment is when he signs for the Club but he has to be better than what we saw from our so-called strikers last season-free or not!
Dave McKitt
53   Posted 01/06/2011 at 13:44:50

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Looks like the rumours about Owen coming to us weren't true... thank god if you ask me!

Sean McCarthy
54   Posted 01/06/2011 at 13:39:54

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We'd have Saha, Beckford, Bothroyd and Anichebe without any transfer fees being spent yet............I'm not convinced the rest of the prem would be losing too much sleep before facing that pile of shit!!!!
Charlie Percival
55   Posted 01/06/2011 at 13:45:43

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Just a thought...

If Rodwell was to go (let's face it, it's only Utd he'd join) would you take Welbeck and Park for him?

Personally, I hope he stays cos he will be at home in that Barcelona team in a few years.

Tom Bowers
56   Posted 02/06/2011 at 14:01:52

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So, any guesses who's offer has been accepted for Craig Mackail-Smith? This striker could help the Blues. He is from a lower division but has good qualities and others have made the step up with success. Remember someone named Rush?

With Saha and Cahill getting past their best ? not to mention injuries ? then Beckford could do with support and at the right price Mackail-Smith could be the answer. Wigan seem to be interested too.

Jonathan Tasker
57   Posted 02/06/2011 at 14:04:02

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It's that time of year when the papers have nothing to really write about so they make it up aka transfer talk. Yesterday, The Guardian devoted two pages as to who teams might buy.

For us they said, Shane Long, Gervinho, Demba Ba, Michael Owen, James Milner and N'Zogbia.

I am going to stick my neck out here and say that none of those will happen for various, sometimes obvious reasons and here are my suggestions.

Moyes has little money so he will be bargain hunting in the lower divisions such as he did with Beckford. My suggestions, as probably peddled here before, include Craig Mackail-Smith and George Boyd, both at Peterborough and Steve Morrison at Millwall, although I think the latter, whilst good, may be going elsewhere.

Anyway, beware when you see us linked with most players as it is nearly all made up rubbish and yes, I have worked at "proper" newspapers.

Sam Hoare
58   Posted 02/06/2011 at 15:35:28

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Does anyone else hope the Klose rumours aren't true?

The guy is a modern legend but would be on huge wages and has in the last two seasons scored about 10 goals in over 60 matches for Bayern. Not quite as prolific as he was.

Think we should be looking elsewhere.
Tom Bowers
59   Posted 02/06/2011 at 16:03:06

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The rumour mill will continue to grind during the summer season in the absence of any real soccer action as it always does. Still it is fun to see all the rumours and the reactions from everyone. Sure we will all be hoping that one or two relating to Everton bear fruition but as far as the big names go we have no chance so they can be excluded right off the bat. Everton cannot compete these days with the big spenders neither can they attract with big wages unless they offload first. It will as usual be a patient waiting game to see what happens but surely something should take place before the off season games so that any new faces get integrated before the new season starts. Alternatively the newer players who came last season should get some more competetive games under their belts such as Vellios and Guyeye.
We've seen the ''best'' now lets see the rest.
Tony McNulty
60   Posted 02/06/2011 at 21:35:27

Report abuse


Based on a post a while back, I thought we had established that Sur Jo was a piss-taking red?

Was this thread designed to lull people into a false sense of security with a follow-up soon after?
Eric Myles
61   Posted 03/06/2011 at 02:52:38

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Weren't we trying to sign Bemba Ba and he chose West Ham over us?
Michael Kenrick
Editorial Team
62   Posted 03/06/2011 at 05:25:22

Report abuse

Tony, I must have forgotten that about Sur Jo...

I looked at some of his previous posts... I can perhaps see if I twist around far enough, that he could be taking the piss...

On the other hand, he could be as genuine as anyone else on here for all I know. Correct me if I'm wrong but was this piece really written by a piss-taking red? If so, I'm obviously out of touch and need to recalibrate.

I'm still waiting for that follow-up...
Brett Kemp
63   Posted 03/06/2011 at 14:53:08

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According to Grand Old, we are in advanced talks with Demba Ba. I don't no wherever it's true but it said breaking news and said nothing about reports so it's definitely new, just wondering if anyone else knows anything?
Tony McNulty
64   Posted 04/06/2011 at 07:05:33

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Sorry Michael, been away for a few days. There was a long thread a while back. I think it was his first ever post. I think several of us, including you, had your suspicions as well and you wrote then that he was a new poster. I believe you then stopped him.

I just don't like people coming on here pretending to be what they are not, joining in our private debates. Of course you are correct, how can you really tell?
Michael Kenrick
65   Posted 04/06/2011 at 17:07:37

Report abuse

Absolutely, Tony. There have been a few who have tried but can't maintain the facade and their shite redness shows through. Then there's one real kopite nutter who keeps submitting mailbag items... I stopped reading them long ago and just hit delete.

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