Wenger the Great!

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Incredibly, Pep Guardiola has spent more money in 21 months at Manchester City than Arsene Wenger has in 21 years at Arsenal. Whilst clubs like Chelsea and Manchester United were spending hundreds of millions, Wenger was competing, and often out-performing these clubs on a minus net spend. What he has done for the ingrates at Arsenal is actually quite amazing when you look at the figures.

I always looked forward to turning on a live game and watching his sides playing fast-flowing, pass-and-move football. To listen to their entitled fans hounding this man out of a job after 20 years solid of qualifying for the Champions League is astounding. Even over the past 5 seasons, the man has won 3 FA Cups, reached a League Cup Final and finished runner-up in the Premier League. They are on the verge of a European final as we speak. Imagine for one moment if that was the record of a recent Everton manager? There would a dozen statues around Goodison by now!

Listening to tales from his ex-players, about how he even introduced warm-downs to the English game and how his training methods, which were 20 years ahead of their time, makes me think how desperate we are for someone of his ilk to transform Everton. Even if we didn't push on to the Champions League under his stewardship, then surely he would lay the foundations for someone else to follow him and deliver success. That alone has to be worth hiring this man.

Over the hill? No chance. He's been hurt by the way he's been let go. That will definitely light a fire in his belly to prove to the footballing world that they've made a mistake sacking him. Because that's what has happened, he still had a year left to run on his contract. The press didn't really run with the 'Wenger Sacked' tagline. He has publicly stated he wants to carry on in management. He won't be doing a Fergie and 'going upstairs' to take a directorship.

David Dein said he's already received many calls in relation to Wenger's availability; it's not too much of a stretch to think that Mr. Moshiri had been one of those callers. Could we get him? Personally, I think it's doubtful. If he is to stay in England though, would any of the established top five clubs want him? I can't see it. That would leave us as the only realistic candidate for his services. A club with the resources to back a big name. It would be an incredible coup for Everton to be able to convince Wenger to be our next manager.

Only today, he is quoted as saying: "I hope these are not my last European cup games – my target is to play in Europe again. I've had no break for 35 years. You can look around, and that doesn't exist. I don't know now how addicted I am. I am like a guy who plays Russian roulette every week and suddenly has no gun. I will see how much I miss that gun."

Has he got one last hurrah left in his locker? I think he has. Wenger on a bad day is 10 times the manager we have recently seen pollute the dugout at Goodison Park. He would modernise this club from top to bottom if we gave him a free reign. That has to be an attractive proposition for a scorned man like him, with something still left to prove. Come on, Arsene, are you up for the challenge?

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Brian Porter
1 Posted 27/04/2018 at 11:31:47
Totally agree with all you say Kevin. Well said.
Tony Abrahams
2 Posted 27/04/2018 at 11:33:13
Wenger, on a bad day, is probably better than every manager Everton have had during my lifetime, Kevin, with the possible exception of Kendall for three and a half years!

His only weakness is in defence but to turn up at Goodison and watch football played "Wenger style" every fortnight whilst he revolutionizes the club would be brilliant.

Wenger has always been ahead of his time and seems to be a lot more caring about his football club than to just go throwing money at it; once he leaves, I'm sure most Arsenal fans will realize this.

Could we get him? Who knows, but I hope that's what Moshiri is trying to do now.

Jim Hardin
3 Posted 27/04/2018 at 13:22:06
Wenger and Arteta with the stipulation that Wenger cannot ever choose the central defenders.
Shane Corcoran
4 Posted 27/04/2018 at 16:32:53
I disagree.

No doubt he revolutionised the game in England when he arrived but he is lacking in many areas.

He's poor in the transfer market when money is available. Mustafi, Wellbeck, Xhaka etc have all been bad buys in recent years.

His teams have generally been poor defensively, in particular in recent years.

That's not to say he'd be a bad candidate for Everton. People cry out for a winner though. Is Arsene a winner any more, or does he just want his teams to pass and move?

Paul Birmingham
5 Posted 27/04/2018 at 16:33:40
It's been one of those weeks we will remember for the wrong reasons, in terms of EFC and the ascent of the RS in Europe.

If... If we could secure a manager of Wenger's stature, I'd be made up... It feels to me that at the moment EFC is an after thought for the top end managers and DoFs.. but surely as supporters fate will deal us a good hand soon, in terms of the clubs plan and direction?

Has Farhad Moshiri got a master plan to take the club forward?

Mike Allison
6 Posted 27/04/2018 at 17:10:25
“With the stipulation that Wenger cannot ever choose the central defenders.”


Ian Burns
7 Posted 27/04/2018 at 17:32:16
Good article, Kevin — food for thought that's for sure. I really like the idea Jim Hardin suggests with Arteta in tandem.

However, I do feel that, after the season we have just suffered; the boardroom lacking in any sort of leadership, such appointments are presently beyond the scope of EFC.

Barry Connor
8 Posted 27/04/2018 at 19:39:38
Tony (2);

You are absolutely correct.

Who wouldn't take Wenger over Allardyce, especially if it only costs 6 months pay ?

Even if Wenger was 'moved upstairs' he would have a greater beneficial influence than Allardyce.

However, Moshiri has been bitten and so will probably consider that firing Allardyce now would be wasteful - ignoring the potential benefits of replacing him with Wenger a.s.a.s.p. !

Seb Niemand
9 Posted 27/04/2018 at 19:54:05
To me, the staggering statistic that damns Arsenal and outs Wenger's consistent excellence into perspective is this - his win percentage for his first 11 years at the club was 57.6%. His in percentage for his second, allegedly failed, years was 57.1%. I know its a game of fine margins, but not that fine.
Tony Abrahams
11 Posted 28/04/2018 at 09:10:44
He's been one of the greatest ever failures in football Seb! He kept them near the top whilst they built a fantastic ground, but like Moyes, with Kenwright, he stayed in bed with the owner for too long, and 3 fa cups, in 5 years, has not been good enough for the Arsenal fans, who see their club drifting along, when it comes to the bigger prizes in the game.

The legend, has been hounded out because results have not been good enough for the Arsenal fans, but Moyes, left to rapturous applause for keeping Kenwright, and plucky little Everton, As the best of the rest for so long.

So much irony in life, and just writing this down now, makes me think... that how was this allowed to happen?

Kevin, I was wrong, I thought this thread would bring about loads of Wenger detractors, but the fact that this is going to be post number ten, makes me wonder why you bothered mate!

Alan J Thompson
12 Posted 28/04/2018 at 11:16:20
"So long as he doesn't pick the central defenders".

If he can produce or duplicate the football and success that Arsenal think they have suffered then, as far as I'm concerned, he can pick the crowd if he wants.

Dave Abrahams
13 Posted 28/04/2018 at 12:36:05
Alan (12), I'm with you, if Arsene came here he could do what he has always done, play attractive brilliant to watch football. He has always been ahead of his time in all aspects of football. I would be more than happy to see him at Goodison in any capacity.
Brian Williams
14 Posted 28/04/2018 at 13:01:53
Reckon Wenger would consider himself too good for us, and he'd be right.
Nicholas Ryan
15 Posted 28/04/2018 at 13:05:18
'...so long as he doesn't pick the central defenders...'. Am I imagining things, or were the Arsenal 'Invincibles' built around Tony Adams, Sol Campbell and Martin Keown?
Keith Harrison
16 Posted 28/04/2018 at 13:06:40
Jim Hardin (3) - absolutely spot on. Replace Sams, Walsh and Shakespeare - remember him? - with Arsene and Mikel.
Dream team for me.
Jay Wood

17 Posted 28/04/2018 at 13:16:15
Mixed emotions on this one.

Wegner, as Tony @ 2 mentions, is way better than many recent managers in Everton's history.

He evidently did not choose to leave the Arse. His hand was forced and his subsequent comments clearly suggest he is up to a new challenge still.

He has been a great innovator and stylist in the English game.

On the one hand, he still appears to have the fire in his belly and - despite fading results in the league compared to the vast bulk of his years at the Arse - his teams still play wonderful football, still get to cup finals and still win trophies.

On the other hand, I wonder if - to a smidging degree - he is already 'yesterday's man', that what we really should be looking to recruit is not the old Wenger, but the new Wenger.

Now who the hell that is, I have no idea.

I would also remind you that in very recent years he was once also very dismissive of Everton EVER being able to compete again at the sharp end of the table.

Some disqualify the likes of Benetiz for similar disdain towards us.

The Arsenal ownership in the past always spoke of retaining Wenger at the club when he stepped down as manager, for all the other skills he possesses. I'm guessing, the nature of their separation, rather precludes that.

On balance, I wouldn't be averse to seeing Wenger appointed Everton's manager even short term, but it seems an extremely unlikely appointment IMO.

Derek Thomas
18 Posted 28/04/2018 at 13:28:06
Moshiri first has to admit to himself there is a problem; secondly decide that Wenger is the man to fix it. Thirdly and greatest of all, Moshiri has to convince Wenger that he really, really, needs to jump out of the Arsenal frying pan into the Everton fire.

And as there is more chance of the third requirement happening than the first...you might as well, while you're all at it, wish for Wenger to bring Usmanov with him too.


Jamie Crowley
19 Posted 28/04/2018 at 13:41:36
It's never going to happen. But if it were actually no pie in the sky, I have concerns.

I watched ToffeeWeb turn on a man who valued attacking and possession-based football because he didn't know how to defend. Roberto Martinez.

Roberto is NOT in the class Arsene Wenger is. I understand that.

But for about 5-6 years everyone and their brother have been saying Wenger needs some "steel in defence" or "a take charge holding midfielder". In short, he's completely neglected that other part of the game - defending.

Based upon the frustrations Evertonians developed with Martinez, the same thing would happen under Wenger. The man plays beautiful football, but he's not honed in on defending.

I think he'd eventually drive the natives fucking nuts.

As for me, I wouldn't care at all. I'd take Wenger and Arteta in a heartbeat.

But the fanbase would be slitting their wrists at the porous defense I think. So it's not really a good fit.

Michael Lynch
20 Posted 28/04/2018 at 13:51:35
Jamie I don't think Martinez played beautiful football. He played possession football, very slow, lots of sideways, not much energy or speed. He allowed our players to lose their physicality and fitness, and we don't seem to have recovered from that. Our players still look unfit at times and lacking in energy.

Wenger produced some wonderful teams in his early years at Arsenal. The current team is weak and unprepared for the rigours of the current PL. His teams can't compete with the likes of Citteh and the Shite.

We need tomorrow's man, not yesterday's man. Since Moyes left, we've been through four managers. It may well take another four before we find the right fit. But of the four, Koeman and Martinez were both positive appointments, although neither really worked. Allardyce was clearly a negative appointment to steady a very badly holed vessel. The only question is whether the ship is ready to be sailed by a new captain, or whether we're still in choppy waters.

Fucking hell, starting to sound like Captain Pugwash may be our next manager.

Derek Thomas
21 Posted 28/04/2018 at 13:54:26
James @19; I, like you, don't think it will happen, but it wouldn't be the end of the world if it did.
William Gall
22 Posted 28/04/2018 at 13:54:35
I doubt very much that in this time of his career will he be willing to start a rebuilding program. We need a younger ambitious manager
with fresh ideas.
Paul Ellam
23 Posted 28/04/2018 at 19:32:18
I just can't see Wenger managing another English club, whatever package and promises they offered him.
China or France look his likely destination - unless a certain David Beckham collars him for Miami!!
I'd be happy for him to come in for a few years though - to oversee the stadium move, and then hand over to somebody like Arteta or Howe.
It seems more likely we will end up with Silva or Fonseca instead.
Or Allardyce !
Jeff Armstrong
24 Posted 28/04/2018 at 20:35:36

Arsenal fans know better than us about Wenger, just as we know best about Allardyce. Please don't fall into the “outsider looking in” trap – honestly, as you probably know, the fans know best. Entitled or not, we know... always.

Rob Dolby
25 Posted 29/04/2018 at 09:56:23
If he still has the hunger I would take him in the blink of an eye. I agree with everything in the op.

The thread is similar to the Wenger rumour articles week or so ago.

Arsenal fans will be calling for Arsene to come back in 12 months when they realise that they can't compete with City, Chelsea and United. Their boardroom has been a mess for a long time but his performances have papered over that. Watch them being exposed next season when he isn't there.

John Raftery
26 Posted 29/04/2018 at 10:19:40
He would take one look at our squad and say 'Non'.

Martin Nicholls
27 Posted 29/04/2018 at 12:53:02
Wenger is (soon to be was) Arsenal - he built that club into what it is today and the greatest tribute they could pay to him would be to change spelling of their name to Arsenel!
Jim Wilson
28 Posted 29/04/2018 at 22:14:45
Spot on Kevin, absolutely spot on.
It beggars belief that some people wouldn't want him as manager especially they mention who they would go for.
I wish he would come to us I really do.
Jason Broome
29 Posted 05/05/2018 at 23:59:54
100% behind Arsene Wenger being Everton manager next season.

Like the striker transfer bullshit from last season, I fear that Everton will chase a host of top foreign managers, get turned down by them (and humiliated in the press) compromising Allardyce as a manager and unsettling the players.

In the end we'll be held to ransom by Allardyce or some mediocre Premier League manager (or former manager) who like the two before him won't be able to step up to the level of our expectations.

Cue another shit year!

Or we could seize the opportunity of confirming the arrival of a proven Premier and Champions League manager, whose greatest failing is that he recently won 3 FA cups in 4 years and that his team has never fallen out of the top 6 in 2 decades! Not to mention the win ratio.

Such a nice guy. A Legend that commands respect. His presence alone in the dressing room and on the touch line will transform our team and game play.

Arsenal fans wanted shot of Walcott who has turned out to be one of our better players. What do they know? If we can get him, I welcome Wenger.

Craig Walker
30 Posted 09/05/2018 at 20:04:44
We were on a par with Arsenal in terms of what we'd won until Wenger took over. He might be past it but his worst teams are better than what we've had to endure. My biggest concern would be his away record this season and their performance against the better sides. I'd love to see it happen though with a younger coach alongside him e.g. Arteta. Having said that, I was excited when Koeman was appointed so what do I know?

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