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We disappoint me!

Lee Mandaracas
Posted 20/03/2018

I'm sorry to say this but I am referring to a segment of our own fanbase. (Great way to start by getting everyone onside, eh?) Here is where our fickle minority have an impact.

ToffeeWeb has been running a poll for the last week or so as...
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Much for Big Sam to ponder

Gary McCarty
Posted 20/03/2018

A season that promised so much has failed to live up to expectations for Everton and any chance of threatening to break into the top six has long since passed.

Last summer’s spending spree seemed to herald a new era at Goodison Par...
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The Special One

Steve Hogan
Posted 12/03/2018

I know were not encouraged to talk about the other lot on these pages, but at a time when our current manager is under intense scrutiny, and largely unwanted by the vast majority of our fans, I had a wry smile once again at 'Jose' and his gameplan on...
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More than a spat

Jim Potter
Posted 12/03/2018

I've always thought that ex-Liverpool players have an unhealthy representation on all football programmes - and frankly I'm sick of seeing them.

Having watched Jamie Carragher spit at a 14 year old girl because her dad was gently teasing him over U...
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Liverpool Judies

Geoffrey Cadman
Posted 09/03/2018

That Bramley-Moore dock has been chosen for our potential new home, is amazing. A new Iconic landmark, on the Liverpool Waterfront, and it will ours. As many will know, the Sea Shanty Liverpool Judies, mentions the dock in the song.

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Nil Satis

Maurice Reid
Posted 05/03/2018

My First memory of Everton is from the 1952-53 season and I've seen a few ups and downs; my sister goes back to the 1940s. When we chatted last weekend , we agreed that for the first time as Evertonians, we are not upset when the side loses. We've c...
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My Dilemma

Liam Reilly
Posted 05/03/2018

I was brought up in Dublin and, back in the late 70s, the time came to nail my colours to the mask and to choose a team. To this day, I don't know why exactly I was drawn towards Everton as opposed to the usual suspects of Manchester United, Arse...
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The Cure

Andy Crooks
Posted 04/03/2018

It is customary now to preface any comments with a disclaimer. So, I never wanted Allardyce, I thought it was a panic appointment but I was prepared to give him a chance. I expected harsh medicine and dour football as he weaved his malevolent magi...
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Our Everton

George Gray
Posted 04/03/2018

I have a fondness of Everton due to my 11-year-old son, Thomas, supporting them from the age of 5. We have travelled to watch them in numerous places over the country and have some wonderful memories. Roberto Martinez had the best win-per-game ratio ...
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Why not more Academy and Youth Players?

Steven  Jones
Posted 24/02/2018

I am 64 years old and I have seen many great Everton sides and some average ones over the years. The current one, with the exception of a few in the side, are less than average. This is not the standard of a professional Premier League team.

Why d...
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It's a Sam Butty for me

David  Bromwell
Posted 22/02/2018

As this season draws to a welcome end, and, by general consensus we will remain in the Premier League next season, our thoughts will automatically turn to what happens now? Many supporters who contribute to these pages have advocated that, as soo...
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Feeling left out

Stephen Brown
Posted 16/02/2018

Tuesday night and Wednesday morning I couldn’t read the papers listen to Talksport or watch Sky Sports as I was sick to death (and jealous) of hearing about Spurs’ brilliant comeback or Super City demolishing Basel!

Onto Wednesday night and Th...
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Tom Davies

Andre James
Posted 14/02/2018

There’s been some negative chat about our young local midfielder of late and I wanted to say some things about the lad.

Firstly, Leon Osman used to get unnecessary criticism when he played for us and what is being said now about Tom Davies remind...
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Are we following the Tottenham project plan?

Peter Rogers
Posted 13/02/2018

There seems to be quite a lot of similarities between Everton and how Spurs have performed after the sale of a top player.

When Spurs sold Bale to Real Madrid in the summer of 2013 for £86m, they went on a spending spree – buying seven p...
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Give us peek, please just a 'lil glimpse

Simon Smith
Posted 12/02/2018

With no first team action for a couple of weeks apart from some warm weather training for the lucky few, surely it must be time to raise our spirits not to mention get our hopes up with some long-awaited artist's impressions of our new ground to be. ...
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The big six, my arse

David Tasker
Posted 06/02/2018

I’ve kept my pencil dry on here for far too long now. It’s time to tell it as it is from one who has supported The Toffees since 1967.

My brothers love to remind me that I got a Redshite kit for Chanukah (Jewish Christmas) in 1966 just ...
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Es mundus excrementi, Everton

John Daley
Posted 05/02/2018

If the campaign Everton supporters have been forced to endure since July had to be catchily summed up in one juicy soundbite, then "Season From Hell" should fit like a hermetically sealed shroud.

Many a strange-faced mooncalf has stood accu...
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Why, why, why Moshiri?

Peter Rogers
Posted 04/02/2018

In a season of unprecedented disappointment, there are so many questions we as supporters have; many may never be answered but if the owner of our club has any thought of the fans who pay, week in and week out to watch the utter crap that has been...
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From Unsworth to the Unworthy

Phil Williams
Posted 03/02/2018

David Unsworth is a Blue. Not 'was a Blue'... 'is a Blue. He was a caretaker manager of our great club and will always remain a supporter till the day he dies. Candidly, he did not pass his audition to become our per...
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Play it again, Sam

Mike Woods
Posted 03/02/2018

Five changes after a fine win last Wednesday does not make sense. Sam is too clever by half. He says he played that formation because Swansea beat the Gunners like that. As Victor Meldrew might say, "I dont believe it!"

Kenny should have been the o...
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