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Kieran Kinsella
1 Posted 31/10/2020 at 14:00:51
Lundstram should've scored
Ray Roche
2 Posted 31/10/2020 at 16:34:51
Chelsea looking good against an admittedly poor Burnley side.
Tony Abrahams
3 Posted 31/10/2020 at 16:49:52
Anyone fancy “Dour Davie” to finally break his duck at Anfield?
Brian Williams
4 Posted 31/10/2020 at 17:05:00
Praying for it Tony.
Tom Bowers
5 Posted 31/10/2020 at 17:10:38
Would be nice if the Hammers could get something but their record at Anfield has been abyssmal for many years so I am not expecting anything less than an easy RS win – especially as they know they can leapfrog us to go top by playing ahead of us.
Rob Halligan
6 Posted 31/10/2020 at 17:25:20
West Ham have one win in 50 years at Mordor.
Tony Hill
7 Posted 31/10/2020 at 17:31:28
Come on Irons.
Brian Murray
8 Posted 31/10/2020 at 17:39:36
If we relying on the likes of Sigurdsson, Gomes and Iwobi then normal service will be resumed until January when hopefully we can phase these losers out and add a better mentality to the squad.
Brent Stephens
9 Posted 31/10/2020 at 17:41:09
Rs one down!
Eugene McLoughlin
10 Posted 31/10/2020 at 17:42:32
Brian Williams
12 Posted 31/10/2020 at 17:44:34
Two after today Rob.
Ray Roche
13 Posted 31/10/2020 at 17:47:33
🎶🎵He's got grey hair and we don't care, Davey, Davey Moyes”🎵🎵😁
Kevin Molloy
14 Posted 31/10/2020 at 17:51:58
They seem to be vulnerable at centre-back this season.
Brent Stephens
15 Posted 31/10/2020 at 17:52:39
Is that a Dave Crotchet, Ray?
Rob Halligan
16 Posted 31/10/2020 at 17:59:00
Kevin, I don't understand why Van Dijk isn't playing?
Ray Roche
17 Posted 31/10/2020 at 17:59:13
Clever, Brent, clever 👍🏻
When I was a kid me Mam made a Davey Crockett hat. This coincided with the mysterious disappearance of next doors cat and a faint smell of cat urine on my head strange.
Ray Roche
18 Posted 31/10/2020 at 17:59:59
Can't help Rob, there's been nothing on tv.
Brent Stephens
19 Posted 31/10/2020 at 18:04:16
The cat was dead I assume.
Rob Halligan
20 Posted 31/10/2020 at 18:05:44
No doubt every goal they concede will be our fault.
Ray Roche
21 Posted 31/10/2020 at 18:07:27
I think so Brent. Funny, the larder was full that week.
Ray Roche
22 Posted 31/10/2020 at 18:08:54
Maybe we can have a Davey Crockett ‘pun' live forum tomorrow if the game's crap.
Rob Halligan
23 Posted 31/10/2020 at 18:11:48
What a fucking dive by Salah
Brent Stephens
24 Posted 31/10/2020 at 18:12:48
Fecking Salah going down so easily.
Ray Roche
25 Posted 31/10/2020 at 18:13:30
Soft penalty again. Cheating bastards.
Rob Halligan
26 Posted 31/10/2020 at 18:15:54
Unbelievable Brent. It's the way the arms and legs go in different directions. He went down like a cowboy in those western when they arch their bodies backwards before falling forward. Cheating bastard.
Brent Stephens
27 Posted 31/10/2020 at 18:17:25
I'm a bit surprised VAR didn't look at that a bit more closely - not just for the offside.
Pete Hughes
28 Posted 31/10/2020 at 18:18:07
Salah doing what salah does best,cheating bastard!
Kevin Molloy
29 Posted 31/10/2020 at 18:19:55
he's learnt from masters Rob. Little Michael Owen went down the same way a thousand times, like he'd been shot by a sniper.
Brent Stephens
30 Posted 31/10/2020 at 18:25:22
The more I see of that penalty the less I think it was a penalty.
Barry McNally
31 Posted 31/10/2020 at 18:26:38
Salah Pen again - he must be top scorer - is he related to Mohamed Salah?
Tony Abrahams
32 Posted 31/10/2020 at 18:29:53
Souness has just said nothing, watch sky over the next few weeks and I'm sure he would disagree if certain teams got a decision like that in their favour.

He'd be right to disagree, but when is football going to change these absolutely pathetic laws, because it's another decision which has no real justification imo.

Ray Roche
33 Posted 31/10/2020 at 19:02:13
Brent. The dead cat. It's on Shaquiri's head.
Brent Stephens
34 Posted 31/10/2020 at 19:05:52
Nice one Ray. And as we speak the rs go one up.
Brent Stephens
35 Posted 31/10/2020 at 19:07:48
Goal ruled out!!! That's even worth a red card.
Kevin Molloy
36 Posted 31/10/2020 at 19:11:29
I really do believe VAR can be a force for good in our game.
Peter Neilson
37 Posted 31/10/2020 at 19:11:45
I agree Brent very clear leading leg. Small mercies at least it was disallowed. Commentary “they've one it once now they need to win it again”. The media love in continues.
Tony Hill
38 Posted 31/10/2020 at 19:26:52
And that is why Moyes is a failure. One of the game's instinctive cowards. The commentary I was listening to on BT, I think, might as well have been Liverpool TV. A disgrace.
Grant Rorrison
39 Posted 31/10/2020 at 19:34:34
Moyes failing to get a result at Anfield then? I suppose it had to happen eventually. What with his incredible and unrivaled record of total success at the place down the years. To the guy five posts after this one that takes me up on this claim, I am being sarcastic fella!
Bill Gall
40 Posted 31/10/2020 at 19:43:56
Just put on another thread,, typical Sky Sports R/S bias. After all the fun and games of recent weeks there is now a familiar look in the Premier League. our cant do no wrong Liverpool are back on top of the league.. What drivel.
Barry Rathbone
41 Posted 31/10/2020 at 19:52:11
No one to stop the RS I'm afraid another walk in the park title this year by the looks.

What a shit league the prem has become at the top

Rob Halligan
42 Posted 31/10/2020 at 19:56:20
Well the pressure is now off, off to stay top of the table tomorrow. The incentive now for tomorrow is to win and return to the top. We've done it once, so we can do it again. 3-0 win tomorrow.
Brent Stephens
43 Posted 31/10/2020 at 20:00:22
Man City, Leicester, Wolves, Spurs, Newcastle. The rs have got to play all these before the end of the year. With the injuries they've got I can see them dropping points.
Brian Williams
44 Posted 31/10/2020 at 20:00:36
The shite's result should be incentive enough for tomorrow's game. Carlo should wind them up to bursting point.
Barry, put down that fucking white flag and pick up your Everton scarf ffs.
Rob Halligan
45 Posted 31/10/2020 at 20:03:45
Souness doesn't think the RS pen was a pen. He said Salah has gone down in an un-natural way and referees fall for it every time with Salah.
Brent Stephens
46 Posted 31/10/2020 at 20:09:49
Good on Sourness. Just what we thought as well.
Rob Halligan
47 Posted 31/10/2020 at 20:12:51
If that's the case with Salah, why is he not booked for simulation? Why aren't the premier league looking at these incidents and giving Salah a retrospective ban? Every penalty is the same with him. He's just a cheating bastard and getting away with it time after time.
Stan Schofield
48 Posted 31/10/2020 at 20:16:07
Barry@41: Seriously? Get a grip mate!
Mike Connolly
49 Posted 31/10/2020 at 20:18:06
its safe to say Liverpool are back in the Devils good books
Tony Hill
50 Posted 31/10/2020 at 20:23:19
No doubt there will be a prolonged inquiry into Salah's routine deception and into the fact that it is sanctioned by Klopp. Step forward Danny Murphy and Chris Sutton as the impartial tribunal.
Tom Bowers
51 Posted 31/10/2020 at 20:29:06
Yet another struggling win for RS but win they do even when they are struggling but it's not coming as easy as it did last season.

Salah has one ploy and many defenders just haven't cottoned on yet which shows the poor standard of coaching at many Prem. clubs.

Would like the Blues to get back on track tomorrow but it has to be a lot better attitude than last week but maybe it's a godsend the Barcodes won't have that raucous crowd behind them.

Barry Rathbone
52 Posted 31/10/2020 at 20:29:09
Stan @48

Be interested to know who you think will stop them and why?

Paul Birmingham
53 Posted 31/10/2020 at 20:39:44
Spawny cheating RS.

I don't watch the Sky and BT as too many ex RS, and the odd cameo by Tim and I watch the games on an App via my phone, it's free and aside it's in Dutch, it's good enough for me.

These louse get almost at least one penalty per home game and how many times do we see the RS front line drop like a bag of blight when the wind blows close by and no opposing player no where near them

That referee should be struck off the EPL list and demoted to the Championship.

Every game his ilk, start, means the game is in disrepute before a ball I kicked, such is his and his ilk amongst referees these days.

Enough said, let's get back on top tomorrow and let's hope Everton turn up and get mean and beat the Toon.

We'll see how much fight and resolve is in the reserve tank for this season.

Anthony Murphy
54 Posted 31/10/2020 at 21:15:07
In boxing, it's said that you have to knock your opponent out if you are fighting on their home soil as you'll never get a decision on points. Same with the RS at Anfield. You need a knock out blow as decisions invariably go their way. I haven't got the stats in front of me, but I bet the number of pens awarded there are like no other in the top flight. Only one way to respond and that is 3 points tomorrow.
Tony Abrahams
55 Posted 31/10/2020 at 21:18:32
Salah, is not alone, he just gets away with this type of decision probably more than any other player.

Retrospective bans should come in for cheating, even for players wearing Everton shirts, because football has got to rid itself of this awful cheating, that has slowly been allowed to become acceptable, and is definitely spoiling the game as a genuine spectator sport, although I might just be speaking for myself with these views.

Bill Gall
56 Posted 31/10/2020 at 22:11:22
Pretty bold statement after seven games Barry, if Aston Villa can beat them with them having a full 11 and having to play in Europe with the injuries they have got, anything can happen before they can improve in the January window.
Stan Schofield
57 Posted 31/10/2020 at 22:35:36
Barry@52: Everton can stop them. Why? Because we've got a squad of very good players. We've got injury problems and suspensions, but if we can keep the decent start going despite these problems, once the problems subside we can resume the football we were playing before the international break.

Of course, if Everton do the usual and let us down after raised expectations, then the above won't happen. But that habit has to stop sometime, and this is a good time.

Will Mabon
58 Posted 31/10/2020 at 23:17:56
I agree, Tony.

It might just have been a penalty for the kick, without the laughably obvious, fraudulent second phase dive. Why not punish Salad anyway, the evidence is clearly there to be seen.

Won't hold my breath though. Vile cheating.

Stan Schofield
59 Posted 31/10/2020 at 23:40:01
Will@58: Yes, the way they blatantly and repeatedly cheat and get away with it is ugly and spoiling the game. They are the riff-raff club of football.
Will Mabon
60 Posted 01/11/2020 at 00:15:36
...and there will barely be a mention, Stan.
Kieran Kinsella
61 Posted 01/11/2020 at 00:31:17
Grant 39

Lmao. Even at 1-1, near the end I knew it wouldn't be Moyes unless it ended in tears

Steve Carse
62 Posted 01/11/2020 at 00:53:24
Quite a few mentions here of the RS missing list. Only 3 of their missing players were nailed on starters. Sunday we'll have 4 of ours missing. Doubt if the match commentators tomorrow will mention this as often as they brought up the RS absentee problems as an excuse for their performance in the game today.
Tony Abrahams
63 Posted 01/11/2020 at 09:18:18
There is a much bigger issue here than just saying Liverpool players cheat. Of course they do, but at least 99% of footballers do nowadays, and it's about time they started getting really called out in the media, (haha- imagine that!) and retrospective bans should become the norm, until football can rid itself of this evil cheating.

I'm not condoning Pickford, but consider the witch-hunt the last couple of weeks, whilst cynical cheating, pre-meditated, diving bastards, get away with murder - without a murmur, and deafening silence, from those who are usually very quick to condone.

Tony Abrahams
64 Posted 01/11/2020 at 09:33:30
Steve@62, that's exactly it in a nutshell, we have got people like Danny Murphy, now writing that it's about time “we” admitted “we was wrong” and started letting teams use 5 subs.

He can understand the smaller clubs, because their squads are not as strong, but he actually says the flip side of this is that the others are having to go all around Europe, playing games!

Honestly, since the derby I've given myself a headache, because of the way the other crowd have carried on, aided by gobshites like Murphy and co, but it's true, teams look a bit jaded, and if we can just battle and fight to stay in the mix, anything could be possible this season?

Stan Schofield
65 Posted 01/11/2020 at 09:37:56
Tony@63: Yes, and in my opinion all of that amounts to corruption when there's a bias towards certain clubs. In the case of LFC, not only do their players cheat habitually but their management clearly foments the bias that we see. In that respect, LFC is corrupt, an ugly disgrace of a club, absolute riffraff.
Tony Abrahams
66 Posted 01/11/2020 at 09:47:09
They would say they are just using their power Stan, but I agree, because if this is the case, it's why we receive so much silence, whenever they get another decision.

Moyes hit the nail on the head when I watched his interview this morning. He said who really wants to be associated with football like this? In reference to Salah diving, and that one sentence alone, should make the authorities stand up and look at how bad the cheating has now become (imo)

Stan Schofield
67 Posted 01/11/2020 at 09:54:53
Tony, West Ham should really appeal with regard to that Salah dive, with respect to deception in the way that Niasse had been looked at. But even if they did, the bias that exists could arise again in the makeup of the review panel, the Niasse review panel having included Danny Murphy.

As such, that type of appeal from West Ham could include an appeal or reservation about the makeup of the review panel, and thereby the system in place for forming such a panel, if there is a concern. Something surely has to be done, the whole thing is now intolerable.

But while this problem exists, the only thing Everton can do to deal with it is win games. We must win the Newcastle game, and not shoot ourselves in the foot as we've so often done. That's the real frustration, the failure of Everton to do things that are within our control.

Tony Abrahams
68 Posted 01/11/2020 at 10:13:39
It's all over the place Stan, from top to bottom. I could honestly pick many people on this website alone, who could do a much better job than the authorities are currently doing mate. And it would just be, “all just for the good of the game.”
Brian Harrison
69 Posted 01/11/2020 at 10:50:47
Last night I watched MOTD and the difference the way pundits asses football matters is all about which club there talking about. Lineker, Shearer and unbelievably Murphy all said the penalty for Liverpool was the turning point and all 3 said it wasnt a penalty. The other discussion was about Jotas disallowed goal, but in that incident Mane missed the ball completely and went into Fabianski with his studs showing. Now I could well imagine if that had been us they would have spent 5 minutes talking about a serial diver winning another penalty, and Shearer as he did with Niasse suggest the authorities take another look at that incident. I have come to the conclusion that MOTD should do away with pundits and just show the games and the interviews with players, with no comments from the presenter. We all thought VAR would be a great leveller and stop the Sky favourites getting dubious decisions but it hasnt,
Kevin Prytherch
70 Posted 01/11/2020 at 11:02:14
Tony 66 - that's one of the things I always respected Moyes for. We always played fairly and didn't dive. He fined Neville for the ludicrous dive he made once.

A lot of people on here didn't like it, but I'd rather try to win knowing that we are better than the serial cheats.

Brian Harrison
71 Posted 01/11/2020 at 11:23:04
I was just thinking about all the rule changes that have been brought in since the 80s and you would think FIFA had asked John Cleese and the Python team to come up with the changes.

I mean who in their right mind would bring in a rule were if a player kicks another player and the trainer has to come on to asses the injury the injured player has to leave the field while the perpetrator is allowed to stay on the field giving his side a numerical advantage, how mad is that?

Then there was the change to the offside rule, which has been in place for decades, everybody understood the rules, so they decide to change the rules so you can be in an offside position but deemed not interfering with play, really. Then some years back they wanted to give forwards an advantage with the offside rule so they said level would not be offside, but now if an attackers toe is a millimetre ahead of the defender he is now offside.

Handball rule again everybody understood the rule, if you move your arm or your hand towards the ball to gain an advantage inside the box its a penalty. Far to simple so lets change that rule, so now if the ball hits you and the ref considers your arm is in an unnatural position he gives a penalty. I mean when did refs become experts on natural and unnatural positions of your arm. Then there was confusion as to where the shoulder finished and the arm started, so they decided that the arm starts were a short sleeve tee shirt would be, lets remember these are suppose to be sensible men making these rules.

They have also increased the number of officials involved in a game now, not only do we have a ref and 2 linesman that was good enough for hundreds of years. But because of the 3 substitutions we have another official holding aboard to inform us of the substitutions, despite the fact that even with no crowds the stadium announcer tells everybody about the substitutions. UEFA then decided they wanted 2 extra refs on the pitch for the Uefa league matches, but strangely not adopted for Chanpions league games.

Julian Exshaw
72 Posted 01/11/2020 at 11:40:52
How annoying THEY are. They've been bleating since the derby about this and that with their tales of woe, their injuries and nasty Everton and how they they can't survive without ol' Virgil. Last night they reverted to type, at least Salah did. Quite frankly he cheats. Of course lots of players do it but that doesn't excuse it. I'd rather win nothing than have a team of diving cheats.
Dave Abrahams
73 Posted 01/11/2020 at 12:07:15
It was a clear dive by Salah, but not at all unusual by him, but in three reports I've read this morning the fault is laid at the WHU player for making that rash tackle and giving Salah an easy excuse to go down, each reporter said it was a soft tackle but it WAS a foul. So the cheating will continue and the likes of Moyes, with a genuine complaint, will be laughed at.

As Brian (71) says, basically, when did any of these new rule changes improve the running of the game, it is destroying fans enjoyment of watching football and only cheats benefitting from them.

Brian Williams
74 Posted 01/11/2020 at 12:12:48
Masuaku was very unlucky in that his foot made contact with Salah's foot and Salah, either by choice or instruction, when feeling ANY contact whatsoever, flings himself to the ground.
He doesn't fall as if the contact has unbalanced him he throws himself to the ground and feigns actual pain.
It's a fucking disgrace it really is.
Mike Connolly
75 Posted 01/11/2020 at 12:16:57
I'm not worried about teams who get nothing at the shite. All these EPL managers could not wait to have a go at us with VVD and the offside goal. Let them get a taste of what we've had for years
Martin Mason
76 Posted 01/11/2020 at 12:22:19
Liverpool are a shadow of last year's side and they are living on luck, cheating and feigned outrage from the pundits. They'll be found out this year.
Ray Roche
77 Posted 01/11/2020 at 12:24:07
Southampton playing well. Excellent goal.
Stan Schofield
78 Posted 01/11/2020 at 12:27:16
Brian@69: I got so pissed off with the blatant bias on MOTD that I decided to switch the sound off a while back. The lies and propaganda just do your head in and put you off the game. It's got to stop. In fact, I'll probably stop watching MOTD, I can see matches through other means. I don't know why I pay a TV licence, the BBC has become steadily crapper over the years.
Ray Roche
79 Posted 01/11/2020 at 12:36:03
Saints 0-2 up.
Tony Abrahams
80 Posted 01/11/2020 at 16:31:06
Not only was it never a penalty I've just read Callum Wilson's description, which shows how far the game has gone.
Will Mabon
81 Posted 03/11/2020 at 17:00:22
I see the hidden striker has come out in Giggs again*.

(*according to media sources).

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