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Bill Gall
1 Posted 27/02/2021 at 13:29:30
watching the City West Ham game good game, wanting City to win but West ham Equalized with a good goal, the first goal scored against City on their own ground since last October in the league.
Brian Murray
2 Posted 27/02/2021 at 13:37:11
Pep looking nervously over his shoulder.He knows it's when not if the royal blue tide ready to drown all in our wake. Can't accuse me of being negative eh !
Brian Williams
3 Posted 27/02/2021 at 13:41:55
Makes me wonder, with regard to City's goal, how many would have crucified Pickford for conceding that?

McManaman as annoying as ever with his Scouse/non Scouse commentary.

Bill Gall
4 Posted 27/02/2021 at 14:01:04
That's better 2---1 City
Danny O’Neill
5 Posted 27/02/2021 at 14:34:24
Can't claimed to have watched that enough to analyse in detail as I just had one eye on it, but West Ham looked organised and difficult to beat as you expect from a Moyes team. Also, they do have some good players who are in form to be fair. The league table rarely lies as they say.

That said, professional performance from City. I don't know why, it reminded me of a 2 - 1 win against Charlton at home in the run in to the 86 - 87 season. Not at our best on that day, the opposition made it difficult, but we saw it out and got the win as we started to close in on the title.

Good start to the weekend for us, providing we take care of our own business on Monday.

Brian Williams
6 Posted 27/02/2021 at 14:38:45
Danny you're right WH look a good side.
Dave Abrahams
7 Posted 27/02/2021 at 15:00:34
West Ham played well and were in it to the end, City played abroad on Wednesday night and played the early game today, it makes a difference, a big difference playing in and travelling to Europe, might have accounted for City's poor passing, by their standards, today.
Danny O’Neill
8 Posted 27/02/2021 at 15:32:54
Nothing wrong with VAR here. This is just bad officialdom from a Ref who has lost the plot.
Barry Rathbone
9 Posted 27/02/2021 at 15:50:21
Gratifying to see Moyes West Ham beaten.

Nothing against the hammers just can't be doing with another re-write of Moyes "achievements" from his disciples.

The con he pulled on a whole generation making 6th-ish a decade long ambition peak will forever stand as a barren footnote in our illustrious history. Apparently we were skint but I'm sure I read on these pages that he was the 6th highest paid football manager on the planet at one time.


Rob Halligan
10 Posted 27/02/2021 at 15:52:03
Danny, I think Lee Mason has just proved that he is the worst referee in the premier league. In my opinion the Brighton goal should have stood.
Bill Gall
11 Posted 27/02/2021 at 16:07:57
Rob the sad thing is he will get away with it. I always thought that the referee's were assessed by another official but who no's. the standard of the game is made poorer by the standard of officiating
Rob Halligan
12 Posted 27/02/2021 at 16:11:56
Bill I'm sure there are still assessors in the stand for every game, premier league or football league. We don't need an assessor though to realise how poor Lee Mason is. I think he's even worse as a VAR official, if that is possible?.
Danny O’Neill
13 Posted 27/02/2021 at 16:17:22
I really don't understand why it didn't stand Rob. I suppose the official line is he blew the second whistle before the ball crossed the line but then what did he see that he didn't like? The goalkeeper wasn't ready? Surely that's the keeper's problem?

Genuinely don't know, but it seemed he really descended into indecisiveness of the highest "yeah but, not but, yeah but" order.

Danny O’Neill
14 Posted 27/02/2021 at 16:20:02
This relegation battle could suddenly get interesting. There was me suggesting; no, proclaiming, that the bottom 3 were a done deal only weeks ago.

If Fulham get a result and Newcastle don't this weekend, as it stands at the Hawthorns, game on.

Rob Halligan
15 Posted 27/02/2021 at 16:35:28
Brighton miss another penalty.
Jeff Armstrong
16 Posted 27/02/2021 at 16:36:31
Welbeck offside from the penalty rebound he missed!

Is that a thing?

Jeff Armstrong
17 Posted 27/02/2021 at 16:37:53
Brighton are determined to be in the relegation dogfight!
Rob Halligan
18 Posted 27/02/2021 at 16:38:23
Jeff, he wasn't offside, he's played the ball twice from a dead ball situation before another player has touched it.
Jeff Armstrong
19 Posted 27/02/2021 at 16:40:32
Ah so Mason got something right for once, thought the pen was harsh anyway, he got the ball first, if that was RS or Manure it would've gone to VAR,
WBA ? tough titty.
Danny O’Neill
20 Posted 27/02/2021 at 16:41:21
My son (a Moyes generation fan) called me back from the kitchen last week Barry to make me listen to Moyes' pre-match interview before the West Ham - Spurs match.

The interviewer was bigging up West Ham's position. Moyes defaulted to his negative play down expectation mode. Look, initially he was great for us given where we were. But over time, you are right, he coaxed a generation into believing that mediocracy was success. Fortunately my long suffering lad can see through that.

Rob Halligan
21 Posted 27/02/2021 at 16:47:33
Anyone read about Allardyce complaining about the rescheduling of our game with West Brom next Thursday, yet he says he would have been ok if it was rescheduled for the Wednesday. Yeah right, two days after we play on the Monday night. What a gobshite he is. Jeez, the mere thought of the fact he was our manager for a few months makes me want to vomit.
Danny O’Neill
22 Posted 27/02/2021 at 16:51:36
It embarrasses me Rob. That Sam Allardyce is associated with the history of Everton Football Club really embarrasses me.
Jeff Armstrong
23 Posted 27/02/2021 at 16:52:31
Rob, it's chippy tea for fat Sam on Thursday's, that why he doesn't fancy a game!
Tony Hill
24 Posted 27/02/2021 at 16:52:36
Simms is doing very well again for Blackpool today assisting goals. I read his interview in the Echo (yesterday, I think) and he speaks very fluently too. Promising; Critchley is a good coach.
Joe McMahon
25 Posted 27/02/2021 at 17:10:28
Can we please stop this Fat Sam stuff. He was brought in to do a job and he did it. Moshiri brought him in remember. And if he's fat what the hell is David Unsworth?
Thomas Richards
26 Posted 27/02/2021 at 17:11:13
Jeff Armstrong
27 Posted 27/02/2021 at 17:12:39
Fat Dave?
Moise Kean gets another today

Graham Mockford
28 Posted 27/02/2021 at 17:35:18
Would you rather have £10 000 or Big Sam's head filled with pound coins?
Thomas Richards
29 Posted 27/02/2021 at 17:36:58
Barry Rathbone
30 Posted 27/02/2021 at 17:46:33
Danny 20

I watched the interview and thought exactly the same the dilemma is the interpretation. Is Moyes a man of honour simply reflecting reality or a shyster protecting his interests for the inevitable fall off.

His antics pre and post his Utd appointment gives the answer

Darren Hind
31 Posted 27/02/2021 at 17:49:04
How many is that Moise Kean has scored now?
Jeff Armstrong
32 Posted 27/02/2021 at 17:49:30
I'd go for Sam's Easter Island head personally!
Dennis Stevens
33 Posted 27/02/2021 at 17:52:04
Is that simply for the pleasure of smashing it open to get at the cash, Jeff?
Jeff Armstrong
34 Posted 27/02/2021 at 18:09:02
16 in 30 Darren, 2 of them for us in the league cup, so 14 for PSG, price going up weekly, don't think he'll come back to us ,he'll want to stay in France if they come up with the cash we want.
Michael Boardman
35 Posted 27/02/2021 at 18:16:05
One comment - BBC Sport's Lawro (what an absolute ) and his predictions, but yet again, let's look at the league, and show the Top 6 only (not the side in 7th who have a game in hand against an out of form Villa which would clearly take them into the top 6 with so much as a draw). But there is no media bias at all.
Tony Hill
36 Posted 27/02/2021 at 18:16:43
It might be wise to save the Allardyce hilarity until we've beaten his team on Thursday.

Kean is a finisher, no doubt, but I can't see him coming back. He and Vlasic are big talents who just didn't fit us, or we didn't fit them.

Barry Rathbone
37 Posted 27/02/2021 at 18:44:39
Kean couldn't cut it here and didn't help himself by being a bit of a big time charlie.

He found a level to indulge his antics with another armchair ride in a top team in an uncompetitive league.

Get as much dough as possible then sit back and watch his career vanish into the mist.

Danny O’Neill
38 Posted 27/02/2021 at 18:49:03
We do rib a French colleague though; scoring for PSG in the "farmers league" is one thing. It's like banging them in for Celtic or Rangers in the SPL.

I don't want to be negative and am genuinely pleased he is gaining experience. I hope the PSG experience is good for Kean and I hope he comes back to us a more confident and settled player as there is undoubted potential in him. Still very young so plenty of scope for development.

Brian Williams
39 Posted 27/02/2021 at 18:49:37
Sam's head full of pound coins without a doubt.
Would put me up by about £5k at the very least!
Lee Courtliff
40 Posted 27/02/2021 at 18:52:11
I keep watching Moyes interviews. Just so I can see him downplay expectations...again.

He never lets me down.

And, I'm also convinced West Ham will drop away and finish 7/8th at best.

That's Moyes. A good manager, just not quite good enough.

Thomas Richards
41 Posted 27/02/2021 at 18:53:03
Or get a big profit Danny.
Either way its a win win
Martin Mason
42 Posted 27/02/2021 at 18:54:59
Watching BT today I was seriously impressed with Joe Cole's analysis of the issues. Macca wasn't so bad neither.
Danny O’Neill
43 Posted 27/02/2021 at 18:59:16
There is that Thomas.

I'd like to see what he can do in an Everton shirt, but yes, either way, on the back of the potential that saw us invest, his stock is growing on the back of a good season with PSG.

Thomas Richards
44 Posted 27/02/2021 at 19:03:37
I always thought he had something Danny.
Imo he tried too hard to do the difficult thing in the minutes he got on the pitch.
A youthful thing of having to show something special every time he got in the ball.
I havent give up on him yet.
Danny O’Neill
45 Posted 27/02/2021 at 19:10:05
Me neither Thomas.

Wouldn't mind a Leeds equaliser here.

Darren Hind
46 Posted 27/02/2021 at 19:10:55
I think Brands bought Kean with half an eye on future value.

His value will not grow with us while Ancelotti contines to make the youngsters disappear, but he is putting himself in the shop window with a coach who is clearly getting the best out of him.
Brands may yet get his money back. . and more.

Fourteen since he left ?....Quite embarrassing really especially when you take into consideration that we have gone into games without a recognised striker

Thomas Richards
47 Posted 27/02/2021 at 19:16:44
Me too Danny, Rafinha should have buried the header there.
Graham Mockford
48 Posted 27/02/2021 at 19:17:51
Have a night off
Danny O’Neill
49 Posted 27/02/2021 at 19:22:51
That's a possible / probable and as much as it pains me to see young players treated as commodities, if the club is finally developing some business sense, then it's progress.

I'd rather he hadn't have gone on loan personally. Not sure of the reasoning, but from a footballing sense, it left us short. Providing he stays at Everton, hopefully he comes back more confident; I don't doubt the ability or potential. Strikers more than any other player on the pitch need confidence.

Thomas Richards
50 Posted 27/02/2021 at 19:32:32
Pack it in.

I've got 9 to 9.30 in the sweep.

John Keating
51 Posted 27/02/2021 at 19:34:25
Jeff @27,

Good on Kean doing well at PSG. Some players seem to find their best at certain clubs for whatever reason. Maybe, and it is a maybe, Kean would have succeeded if we'd kept him, who knows.

Then again... the guy who really should be our manager, apparently, subbed a sub, so maybe the guy who should be our manager, apparently, didn't rate him?

Chris Williams
52 Posted 27/02/2021 at 19:40:21
A Director of Football's role is surely as much about selling players as buying them, as in Lookman and Vlasic for example. So, if we sell Kean, if we make decent money out of Kean, and he wants to be away, so be it.

Any purchase should have an eye on future value. This will be a major factor in his legacy I'd guess. Hence James came on a free.

Speaking of which, what's happening with Brands's contract, I wonder?

Ian Horan
53 Posted 27/02/2021 at 19:44:59
Kean won't want to come back here, his ego is being massaged at PSG. He will always get chances with Mbappe and Neymar in the team. But fair play 10 league goals in 11, 2 Cup goals in 2 and 3 Champions League goals in 6. So, all-in-all, increases in value the longer he is there.

Our challenge is PSG now saying the transfer market is unusual due to the pandemic. French press claiming they may push for a 2nd year on loan. Brands needs to weave his magic, if Kean wants to go, he should forgo his loyalty bonuses and it needs to be 㿣 to 60 mill.

Danny Broderick
54 Posted 27/02/2021 at 19:56:22
Darren (46),

We should praise Ancelloti for his shrewd decision to allow Kean to go out on loan That decision alone could see us make a 㿊-40 million profit on the player. When you go to bed tonight, you should praise the Lord that we've got Carlo in charge.

Thomas Richards
55 Posted 27/02/2021 at 19:57:20
Hallelujah brother.
Graham Mockford
56 Posted 27/02/2021 at 19:57:35
Kean was shite, let's face it. His lack of physicality was exposed in the Premier League. He may end up being a decent striker, who knows... but to blame his inability to claim a first-team place at the door of Ancelotti would be risible – unless, of course, you understood the poster's motives.
Phil (Kelsall) Roberts
57 Posted 27/02/2021 at 20:00:43
Today we have had a goal disallowed in football because the West Brom players "were not ready".

Meanwhile, over in Wales, the England players all stood under the posts to hear the required "Tell your players to stop breaking the rules and the next gets sent to the bin" message from their captain and then the ref blows the whistle, gives them 2 seconds and Wales score.

Are we going the ref was French, the opposition Wales and it was "We all hate the English"?

Darren Hind
58 Posted 27/02/2021 at 20:03:37
Danny, I can't reason with that level of sycophancy.

Ancelotti could not get a hand's turn from Kean in a year... and now you want to give him praise for his rise in value because another coach got an instant tune out of him.

You really do embarrass yourself at times.

Graham Mockford
59 Posted 27/02/2021 at 20:04:31
Phil 57,

You should give up on the egg chasing. If you fancy some proper rugby, watch a bit of Super League.

Thomas Richards
61 Posted 27/02/2021 at 20:15:18
Full back tennis, Graham?

Always been Union for me but the kicking game is ruining it.

Brent Stephens
62 Posted 27/02/2021 at 20:17:36
"I can't reason with that level of sycophancy."

The full stop belongs after "reason".

Michael Kenrick
63 Posted 27/02/2021 at 20:23:23
Phil, I thought the refereeing in Rugby Union was beyond reproach but this French bloke, Pascal, is a real headbanger.

So many penalty decisions, so hard to see what Pascal is seeing. And two of those Welsh tries should never have stood. But the [Rugby Union] Referee is always right... even when he's clearly wrong. Wish they would do a full analysis of each one and I might learn something... but then we'd be here all night!

Graham Mockford
64 Posted 27/02/2021 at 20:24:21

League has always been the better game. It's a working man's game versus a game played by posh lads. It's inherently more exciting because the premium is placed on running with the ball... and don't get me started with all that close contact in the scums, that's definitely a public school thing.

Always been a Saints fan

Thomas Richards
65 Posted 27/02/2021 at 20:26:49
It used to be the class difference Graham, especially in the amatuer days.
Be interesting if you accused Sinkler or Genge of being posh

Michael K.

Worst referee i have seen for many years. They had a half-time interview with the best ref in rugby.

Chris Leyland
66 Posted 27/02/2021 at 20:29:24
To sum up:

Players like Calvert-Lewin and Davies have improved despite the manager. Nothing to do with him whatsoever.

Players like Allan and James would have jumped at the chance of joining us regardless of who the manager was and it was nothing to do with him that they joined whatsoever.

Kean was actually sensational whilst on our books but the manager failed to see this and it's all his fault that he's now scoring goals even though it's in a pub league. Even the manager's assistant (who we know should really be the manager) could see this. When he was in caretaker charge and subbed Kean off just 10 minutes after bringing him on, this was secretly some master plan to prove what a great player Kean was for us.

Every time we lose, it's all because of the manager's zombie football. He's the Italian Allardyce. He's a has-been and he's only here for one last big payday. However, when we win, it's in spite of his tactics and team selections and he shouldn't take any credit.

He has only ever managed successful teams and he doesn't have a clue how to manage a club like Everton.

Anyone who disagrees with the above is a ‘happy clapper' an Ancelloti ‘fan boy' or a sycophant.

Have I missed anything off?

Graham Mockford
67 Posted 27/02/2021 at 20:29:40

No, I wouldn't... but I tell you what: Go to Twickenham on matchday and tell me it's not a posh boys' sport.

Of course for the Welsh it's the complete opposite, it's the game of the working man.

Graham Mockford
68 Posted 27/02/2021 at 20:31:09

It was a shame his house got burgled?

Chris Leyland
69 Posted 27/02/2021 at 20:34:15
Sorry Graham - forgot that one. But it was actually his fault that his house got robbed if you think about it. If he didn't live in a nice, big house in Crosby and instead lived in a mid- terrace in Bootle, then the burglars wouldn't have bothered breaking in. It proves that he is only here for the money really.
Graham Mockford
70 Posted 27/02/2021 at 20:36:38

I didn't think of it like that. And Unsworth has never been robbed so I think you may have a point.

Thomas Richards
71 Posted 27/02/2021 at 20:39:30

I've been a few times. Picnics a plenty in the back of 4x4s. Plenty of braying as the champers kicks in. The money in the game is seeing working class kids getting involved. The Hooray Henrys and Henriettas are still there though aplenty, agreed.

Brent Stephens
72 Posted 27/02/2021 at 20:42:43
Chris, he was also stupid to join us in the first place as he was warned by Mystic Meg, before he came here, that he was "bound to fail".
Graham Mockford
73 Posted 27/02/2021 at 20:43:57

But it's a bit of a cheap shot for me to play the class card. I was brought up with League so I just prefer it.

Thomas Richards
74 Posted 27/02/2021 at 20:48:01
Not at all Graham.

I think the picture you painted is pretty accurate with a lot of the English fans. Also saw a lot of lads from ordinary lower league clubs having a day out. Few beers and the game.

As you say, different story for the Welsh and Irish.

Martin Mason
75 Posted 27/02/2021 at 20:50:03
Graham, do you understand the concept of blind stereotyping?
Oliver Molloy
76 Posted 27/02/2021 at 20:55:08
Well, Mosie Kean didn't want to be at Everton - he told his agent to find him a club outside England, and Ancelotti didn't want an unhappy, moody 20-year-old player annoying the fuck out of everyone when he was looking for harmony and commitment from his squad.

So I think it was the right decision for all concerned and of course although I can not be certain, I do not believe Kean would be in double figures if he stayed with us even starting every game.

Let's all hope he keeps on scoring and we will see what happens... In my opinion, If PSG want to keep him, he will not want to come back to Everton (even if Ancelotti wanted him). He is playing in an easier league with superstar footballers and scoring goals – practically guaranteed Champions League football every season – for him, it's most likely an easy decision.

But I can tell you, I would love to read or hear the opposite – that he wanted to come back to us and prove himself; that would be great for us I think. It will all depend on what value we stick on him and whether PSG will want to pay it.

This reminds me of the Lukaku situation when he was at Chelsea and he was scoring goals in the Premier League!

Graham Mockford
77 Posted 27/02/2021 at 20:56:50

You may have to educate me.

Jason Wilkinson
78 Posted 27/02/2021 at 20:57:39
The usual off piste banter I see.🤣🤣

Villa winning today was a good result for us. Why? Because we have played Leeds home and away and can't affect their points total. Villa however we play twice in the forthcoming weeks and four or six points in the fixtures should see us finish above them. A draw or a United win is the best outcome tomorrow. I don't see United dropping enough points to be caught.

All this will mean nothing if we don't beat Saints on Monday.

Could Brewster inflict more damage to the RS? That would be funny.

Jason Wilkinson
80 Posted 27/02/2021 at 21:27:14
I wasnt going to mention the alcohol derived posts🤣🤣
Andy Crooks
82 Posted 27/02/2021 at 21:29:16
I'm feeling quite well inclined to Sam Allardyce today. I thought West Brom were overpriced at 3/1 and put them in a treble with Birmingham 17/10 and Preston 7/5. Two late goals from Birmingham made it quite a day.

Amazing how easily bought one can be.

Thomas Richards
83 Posted 27/02/2021 at 21:37:11
Get in Andy.
Always nice to see someone beat the bookie mate

If you fancy an ante post get on Concertista in the Mares Hurdle.

No price but wont get beat if she stands up

Danny O’Neill
84 Posted 27/02/2021 at 21:59:11
I'd have preferred a Leeds - Villa draw, but as mentioned, we have to do our own business starting with Southampton. After that, we can effect the outcome of our fixture with Villa; we've already played Leeds.

The West Ham, Tottenham and Villa fixtures, notwithstanding Monday night are big ones. Then again, it's Everton, we could throw those and pick the points up elsewhere.

On the Rugby thing; a game that always confused me but I do (usually) admire their standard of refereeing and use of video technology. Always saw that as a benchmark for football.

Interestingly, whilst I do not confess to understand NFL and by no means consider them the same game, during many trips to the States, I see tactical parallels to Rugby League.

Jason Wilkinson
85 Posted 27/02/2021 at 22:15:43

Rugby union is possibly one of the only games where without a ref the game would be impossible to play. There was plenty of controversy today. The laws or rules are getting harder to follow. One thing they have got spot on is the respect shown to officials.

Danny O’Neill
86 Posted 27/02/2021 at 22:21:11
Oh Jason, to simpletons like me, at face value "pick the ball up and run with it" seems, well, simple.

The reality is that Rugby is a tactically complex and rule-driven game in comparison to football.

There is respect for officials. I have long pointed to the fact that Rugby officials actually understand the game whereas football officials dine of their ego. I give you Lee Mason today... and on many other occasions.

I don't like to knock officials for the sake of it. We need them. But football for too long has got this wrong.

Thomas Richards
87 Posted 27/02/2021 at 22:27:21
"Excuse me sir"

The common approach to a rugby ref from the players.

Jason Wilkinson
88 Posted 27/02/2021 at 22:32:23
The game is simple. Run forwards, pass backwards and kick forwards. Sounds very much like our midfield play against Fulham.

I have heard of the lunacy Brighton endured. I'm gonna watch it on MotD.Should Salah have received a yellow for his dive in the derby or did the ref think he lost his footing?

Danny Broderick
89 Posted 27/02/2021 at 22:40:57
Chris (66),

Perfect summary!

Danny O’Neill
90 Posted 27/02/2021 at 22:47:04
Interesting point, Jason. I've always been of the opinion that, giving the benefit of the doubt of the coming together of players being inevitable in a contact sport, if a player is found to go down unnecessarily, then they should be penalised.

I don't buy the "We'd be giving them every week" debate. Card the offenders with consistency and soon you won't be giving them all week because it will be stamped out.

Don Alexander
91 Posted 27/02/2021 at 23:16:14
Rugby, league and union, is a joy to watch re the attitude to the ref. A few years back, before the replay system now governing rugby, a league lad scored what was shown to be a perfectly legit winning try in the Wembley cup final. The ref disallowed it, completely wrongly as TV showed. That cost the try scorer and his team the trophy.

On the pitch the try-scorer was interviewed still dripping with sweat. He was asked what he felt about his disallowed try. Without a hint of sarcasm he gave the interviewer a withering look and said, "Well it wasn't a try was it? The referee said so!"

Don Alexander
92 Posted 27/02/2021 at 23:32:31
Just watched MotD and realised Barkley was benched, again, even though or maybe because Villa's best midfield player who always puts a shift in, Grealish, was out injured.

Everyone in football (bar a few Unsy groupies) susses "our" Ross out – namely, when the hard yards have to be run, when the tackles have to be made, when the opposition need to be in fear of you, best not play the whiffenpoof 6'-2" promising teenager that was Barkley fully eight years ago, and he very regularly showed all those shortcomings then.

Such a shame, allegedly.

Jeff Armstrong
93 Posted 27/02/2021 at 23:56:01
Don, agreed on Barkley, I remember saying when he was 21 he has not improved since 18; same at 23, 25 etc... now 27 and still the same player he was at 18.

Inconsistent, no bottle, great one minute, poor the next... Some players never improve, others work hard, soak up the advice, listen, watch, learn from mistakes etc. Davies and Calvert-Lewin are good examples lately.

Trevor Powell
94 Posted 27/02/2021 at 23:56:13
Blast from the recent past. Sandro Ramires scoring a goal for Huesca today against Eibar in La Liga 1, Link
Ed Prytherch
95 Posted 28/02/2021 at 01:50:25
When I played Rugby Union, there were plenty of working class lads in the game and at some clubs there were no upper class types. But in those days the working class players did not play for England.

I was at Orrell when Eric Lyon was there. He was the best English blind side wing forward by a mile but he lived on a council estate, was often on the dole, and his older brother played Rugby League for Wigan. He never played for England. Waterloo and Liverpool refused to play Orrell unless it was in a Lancashire Cup Game. They considered themselves to be above us but could not beat us.

The biggest bunch of pansies that I played against was when I was living in Luton and I played a few games for Stockwood Park. We had an away game at Rosslyn Park in London. Park had a good first team but the lower teams were blouses. It was so much fun running over guys who were afraid to get hurt.

Later on, I played for Ormskirk and we had a couple of ex-Rugby League guys on the team. The Rugby Union did not allow that but only if they found out. Those two were awesome. They would "top and tail" any loudmouth twits that we played against.

I lost track of rugby when I moved to the states in '82 and although Rugby Union is now on TV, it has changed so much that I don't appreciate it.

I was a St Helens fan when I was in school and I went to many games at Knowsley Road but my school was in Wigan and all of my friends there supported them. I went to the 1966 Rugby League cup final at Wembly and I bought a ticket in the Wigan section section. It was great as we won 22-3.

Mike Gaynes
96 Posted 28/02/2021 at 01:59:10
Splendid, Andy! You're buying tonight.
Alan J Thompson
97 Posted 28/02/2021 at 06:02:12
Don(#92); Your comments on Barkley are very similar to those on Dowell and some on Tom Davies and makes me wonder if it is something which should be brought to the attention of the coaching staff or DoF.

Ed(#95); I feel the same way. Since RU rules were changed for the sake of FOX TV it is more like watching Rugby League, two players follow the ball carrier and when he is tackled pushes the ball arms outstretched backwards, the two followers form an arch over him and you have the equivalent of a League play the ball, without the tackle count.

Danny O’Neill
98 Posted 28/02/2021 at 06:44:22
Sunday morning just like all the others when you have a pup; it really is just like having a baby! So here I am.

On Barkley, I'd go a bit deeper and set off on my grass roots rant again.

I lay the blame for not realising the potential at the non-coaching I suspect he didn't receive whilst coming through the academy.

Ross was, by all counts, physically superior to those around him as a youngster. Taller, quicker, more physical by virtue of said physicality. He simply brushed others aside, hence the hype and excitement when he was coming through. Was he left to "do his thing" because of this rather than being coached properly?

Fast-forward and he's in his mid-20s. The players he now plays with and against are the same size. They can mix it with him and some of them are even quicker. But, because Ross wasn't coached properly, he's still trying to win games on his own, like the 10-year-old kid in the park who is bigger and quicker; but he's not any more and sadly he doesn't know any different.

Obviously I don't know for definite, but that's my suspicion. A genuine talent that was never and likely will never be truly unlocked.

Dave Abrahams
99 Posted 28/02/2021 at 08:42:41
Danny (98), Danny you sum up Ross Barkley very well, in a nutshell he didn't have a “ football brain” made the wrong decision, with the ball, as often as he made the right one.

I think the difference with Dowell was he had a good football brain but didn't have the heart and bottle to go with it, same goes for Iwobi, he's played for two top division teams and still no one at either club as put the heart into him, can it be coached?

Tony Everan
100 Posted 28/02/2021 at 08:45:22
Danny, I have the curse of the puppy too. The kids have the fun, I'm the shit shoveler.

I think there is a thread of truth to what you say about Barkley's development. Maybe though he would have only reached a certain level anyway, an average Premier League midfielder. The "10-year-old kid in the park" comment is harsh but to some degree fair. It implies an impetuousness and lack of football intelligence under pressure, it is difficult to train that into a player. The likes of Kevin De Brunye were born with class and cool heads..

ps: I'm joking about the pup being a curse, it's been a good move getting her.

Darren Hind
101 Posted 28/02/2021 at 08:59:00
Chris Leyland.

Your non- argument is cringe worthy.

The ridiculous side-tracking of creating some bizarre scenario concerning Ancelotti, Unsworth, Crosby, and some imaginary gaff in Bootle demonstrates you have nothing and I mean nothing, to offer agaist REAL criticism of Carlo Ancelotti.

The use of the straw man argument is occurring with increasing regularity. The accusations against Carlo and his anti football and the Bizarre claims made in his name (see post 55 for latest example) cant be defended, so people like you will create your own imaginary smokescreen.

Nobody claimed Kean was sensational when he was here - You made that one up too. People are questioning (Quite rightly) why a boy who couldnt buy a goal is suddenely scoring for fun...That is a legitimate debate. Whether you like it or not

Nobody claimed Carlo had nothing to do with Allan and James being here either - Yet again you made that up too. The argument is whether they are here because we are the biggest club to come in for them. Did Carlo entice them by the promise of better contracts and game time. . . or did he simply use his "Pulling power"

"Every time we loose its because of the managers Zombie football". Again not true. Those who come on here to complain about the spoiling tactics we are forced to endure. Hate spoiling tactics. "Zombie football" no matter what the result.

"Anyone who disagrees with the above is a happy clapper" etc.. - Wrong again sorry Chris. - You've made that up too. There are numerous posters, (I would suggest the overwhelming majority) who support Carlo big time, but they are balanced enough to accept and even give a little criticism of Carlo. I'm talkng about every day posters...But there is a group (And you will be among them) Who simply cannot tolerate it. Everything is everyone else fault.

This has nothing to do with Franny Jeffers, It has nothing to do with Unsworth, It has nothing to do with Eddie Howe, It has nothing to do with Arteta, It has nothing to do with someones gaff in Bootle, Or the pricks who burgled Carlo's house. It has nothing to do with Ferguson, It has nothing to do with Sam Allardyce. Martinez, Silva. Koeman, Man City, Chris Wilder
These are all just smoke screens people like you put up because they have nothing else to offer.

This is about the here. The now. Its about Carlo Ancelotti. The CURRENT manager. Its about expectation management.

A guy used to regularly come on here and predict (Fairly accurately) that we would finish around about seventh. I cant remember his name. I just know he lived in Cypress and he was hounded on these pages for negativity. now it would appear Seventh is a good place to be.

I'm happy to debate with anybody who has a counter argument, There are many people on here who can and have put together stronger points than mine. but I'm done with the whataboutery which a certain group regularly hide behind in the name of debate.

Thomas Richards
102 Posted 28/02/2021 at 10:01:44
"I'm happy to debate with anyone who has a counter argument."

Great. If I may, I will start the debate off with a couple of questions.

Do you think Ancelotti has the club in a better all round state from how he found it on the day he arrived?

Do you think Ancelotti has had any influence on the big improvement in Tom Davies game?

Thomas Richards
103 Posted 28/02/2021 at 10:04:24
Dont know what happened there eds.

I was posting in response to Darrens offer to debate the merits of Ancelotti.

Darrens post disappeared?

Michael Kenrick
Editorial Team
104 Posted 28/02/2021 at 10:21:58
Sorry, Thomas, that was my fault.

So bored reading yet another regurgitation of his bile toward anyone who dare use his rhetorical devices: recasting the opinions of others in pithy soundbytes, only for him to squeal like a little piggy when someone does it to him.

I'd prefer to pull the plug. You know you'll never get the acknowledgement of our current manager that you are seeking.

Alan McGuffog
105 Posted 28/02/2021 at 10:30:22
I know we have supporters of all races, creeds and colours. Didnt know we had tree dwellers amongst us. I demand to know who it is who dwells in the cypress ?
Robert Tressell
106 Posted 28/02/2021 at 10:35:45
I expect the coaching of Barkley could have been better. He's probably got DeBruyne level ability but none of the nous. But there's a limit as to how much nous you can coach into a player. Lots of players come through the Ajax academy with outstanding talent only to fall away. Al Ghazi, also at Villa, was talked of as a new Ronaldo. Lots never really make it. Ravel Morrison arguably had more to his game than Ross but he's more or less finished. The new Messi, Alen Halilovic, scored for Birmingham yesterday after spells at Barca and AC.

So Ross remains someone good enough to be a game at a Champs League club but could never be a regular because he's erratic. He's found his level mid table and sometimes looks amazing and sometimes dreadful (within the same match). It's a shame it didn't work out for him with us, because I'd love someone like him (and home grown) still at the club for all his faults.

Tony Everan
107 Posted 28/02/2021 at 10:38:16
It was good to see Man City beat West Ham yesterday as they are a top 4/6 competitor of ours.

I only watched the highlights, but I thought it was a good strategy by Pep leaving one or two defenders up front on occasions to help breakdown the organised Moyes defensive unit. The extra body of John Stones in there won the match. I think the first goal was from a defender too, whilst Stones was also challenging for it.

I'm interested as we have to find ways to beat defensively packed, counter attacking bottom half teams at Goodison.

Andy Crooks
108 Posted 28/02/2021 at 11:04:13
They were interesting tactics, Tony. Unfortunately I don't think they will help us. More likely our lower rated opponents. When Fulham and Newcastle came to play us they played us off the pitch. It was our team who packed the defence and looked to nick one on the break.
Let's hope Southampton and West Brom don't learn from Pep.
Thomas Richards
109 Posted 28/02/2021 at 11:11:41
Michael 104,

I thought it was the affects of last nights vino tinto for a minute. :-)

Brent Stephens
110 Posted 28/02/2021 at 11:46:44
Michael #104, on balance probably better that posts like #101 (though like being in a torture chamber) are left in. It allows somebody to express their views on football, which is what TW is about. The irony is a poster who likes to give it out ("it's no more than what you get in your local") but who then struggles to be able to take it when the "lads in the local" have their say in return. Can't have it both ways!
Brian Harrison
111 Posted 28/02/2021 at 12:13:13
I see Leicester are already a goal up inside 6 minutes against Arsenal, I think Rodgers has done a good job there, they are looking strong candidates for a top 4 place. I think if we hope to challenge for a top 4 position we have to win our next 2 games, although I think a Europa slot is more likely this season.
Man Utd very much like us a lot better away than at home their game today will be interesting as Chelsea are much improved since Tuchel has arrived and those 2 could be battling for the remaining 4th spot.
Barry Rathbone
112 Posted 28/02/2021 at 12:15:38
On Barkley he had a repetitive flaw in his game which after his first Martinez season opposing coaches sussed and used with much success against him.

From a standing start faced with a marker he ALWAYS turned inside which made him predictable he lacked the ability to "drop the shoulder" and wrong foot the opposition. If he wasn't knocking it past a defence to run onto he invariably coughed up possession.

In fairness the little snippets I've seen since his move seems to show him choosing to pass in such situations. For me he is much improved as a result

Thomas Richards
113 Posted 28/02/2021 at 12:15:54

Darren, hopefully will be given the opportunity to "debate".

Danny O’Neill
114 Posted 28/02/2021 at 12:36:48
Tony, this is my 4th from the same breeder and she's a feisty one. I also have a 3 year old boy who is currently running scared from her!! You're right though, they're worth it for the way they enriched our lives.

Fair points about natural ability; that certainly plays a part in how or if a player develops to reach their potential or hit certain heights or levels. But coaching is so important in shaping and moulding the formative years of that development and I just wonder whether much effort was put into developing Ross or they just let him do his thing. I like Ross the player. I just hope he settles somewhere and enjoys his football.

I see Lee Mason is no longer the 4th official at Bramall Lane this evening. Apparently he had to pull out because of an "injury". Bruised ego or a particularly bad strain of mutated embarrassment?

Rob Halligan
115 Posted 28/02/2021 at 12:43:02
Danny, imagine if lee Mason had been in charge of a liverpool v man utd game, and he did what he did yesterday to one of them? The gallows would have been built overnight, but only after the premier league struck him off their referees panel. Seeing as it was only little old West Brom v Brighton, it doesn't really matter!
Robert Tressell
116 Posted 28/02/2021 at 12:51:43
Brian 111, the top 4 looks like City, Man Utd, Leicester and Chelsea to me. For all their problems, the RS remain strong and are unlikely to drop out of the top 6 which leaves one other spot for Europe, I think (might be wrong). So I guess we fight it out with everyone from WHU to Spurs for that very keenly contested place. There's every chance but each game is a real challenge and hard to call the outcome.
Bill Gall
117 Posted 28/02/2021 at 13:16:08
Leicester down 2/1 missing Maddison and Barnes just gone off, didn't look good. Now down 3/1
Danny O’Neill
119 Posted 28/02/2021 at 13:44:36
Depending on the outcome of the League Cup Final won't 7th place also mean European qualification?

If City win it then that would be a yes, but if Tottenham finished 5th or 6th, then 7th would come into play also right??

Danny O’Neill
120 Posted 28/02/2021 at 13:56:00
I hope Fulham somehow pull this out the bag. I have no particular soft spot, but I do like my days out at the Cottage; even if we did go through that really annoying period of turning up for our annual 1 - 0 defeat.

Double edged sword that score at the Kingpower (had to stop myself typing Filbert Street then). On one hand, an opportunity to close on Leicester. On the other, Arsenal close to us.

Get the job done tomorrow Everton. Take care of our own business.

Tony Everan
121 Posted 28/02/2021 at 13:57:02
Danny, I have a golden/red cocker spaniel, she's a confident little dog too, acts like she owns the place!

Robert, You may well be right with those 4. It's going to be a close thing this year. With Leicester and West Ham losing, Man Utd and Chelsea playing each other it's given us another big opportunity to throw our hat firmly into the ring.

One match at a time applies starting tomorrow, it's all up for grabs, behind Man City theres not a great deal between next half dozen teams. We are a team on the up, some excellent young improving players, some quality senior players, James Rodriguez and a near fully fit squad.

Two great games for us this week for us to gauge whether we are to be challengers.

Tom Bowers
122 Posted 28/02/2021 at 13:59:20
I guess it's no good getting excited but the results this weekend certainly help Everton if they are to seriously mount a threat to the top four. With the Foxes losing, best scenario is that Everton could conceivably get up to second place at the end of the season if they can get a good run together.

Certainly fourth position is now a clear possibility if they don't blow it but just finishing well and above RS would be welcome too.

Martin Nicholls
123 Posted 28/02/2021 at 14:04:02
Bill#117 - as well as Maddison and Barnes, Leicester are also without Justin, Fofana, Perez, Evans, Praet and Morgan but no blanket coverage in media, or daily hospital bulletins on their condition. I realise Pickford can't be blamed for their plight but wonder why else they don't get the same "sympathy" as the rs. Answers on the back of a postage stamp please,
Thomas Richards
124 Posted 28/02/2021 at 14:06:48

I thought the same but fluck it. Why not, lets get excited.
I have stayed firm in my thoughts that top 4 is out of reach this season but the other teams results are working out for us.
I will stay with my thoughts that it will be 5th or 6th position for us but you never know

Tony Hill
125 Posted 28/02/2021 at 14:08:32
Tom@122, it really is an opportunity for us. Concentration and not folding under pressure are, of course, crucial.

That's why the derby result was so impressive: we won under pressure - Richarlison, Pickford and the whole team didn't wilt. In fact, they flourished.

It's going to happen.

Danny O’Neill
126 Posted 28/02/2021 at 14:10:27
Rhodesian Ridgebacks Tony. They do own the place!!

Curious if anyone has had an eye on the loanees this week? Also, did anyone watch Norwich? I keep hearing about Aarons being linked to us but I've not seen a lot of him myself. I've said previous that I like the Villa right back Cash, but it would be difficult to do business with them and also, seems to have hamstring issues? The wife and in-laws are Villa fans too, so that wouldn't go down too well.

Graham Mockford
127 Posted 28/02/2021 at 14:13:34
A top 4 position is clearly not out of the question. It would probably require 30 points from our remaining games.

Can't quite see it happening though. This week is pretty key. Two home wins against lower table teams required. Not something we've done a lot of recently

David Cash
128 Posted 28/02/2021 at 14:14:59
Michael k

I am a big fan of Carlo, but there is a clique here on ToffeeWeb. A group of people who desperately want to shut down opposing views. I watched with interest recently when Darren stayed out of a match day thread. They hounded another poster instead.
Desperately trying to shut him up. "Thank fuck for that" one said when he logged off.
It's unhealthy and it makes for grim reading.
I could have told you which two people would be first to react to your ban. They always are
The claim made by you and Brent Stephen's that Darren couldn't take it would be funny if it wasnt so pathetic. He has took more personal shit on here than anybody, for years. It's the people who level the personal shite who scream the loudest when he fires back at them with sweeping put downs.
I stopped posting on here because two people ( the same two ) were repeatedly posting about Aussie women " who had "founced". What is that about ? All their posts were based on a lie that was so easily exposed. Thats not football debate. Its idiotic nonsense shared by idiots trying to shut down somebody they had no answer to.
A legitimate question was put up about Moyes Keans scoring exploits since he left. It defies belief that that question would somehow descend into incredible nonsense about Unsworth imaginary house in Bootle. Is that really football debate ? Really ?

I think it's unfortunate that you should see fit to attack Darren whilst denying him the right to reply. I suspect that was because you knew it wouldnt be a "little piggy" coming back at you. But it's your site you put enough into it. I guess and you are fully entitled to ban who you see fit.
Beware though if you are bored now wait until the clique have gotten there way and all the conversation is about the miracle of the man who could do no wrong

I'm personally glad you banned him. I hope its permanent. Its always wound me up to see this group attack with The pack mentality
I do however like that its been pointed out and recognised by several respected posters.

This group will continue give Carlo supporters a bad name. We are not all happy clappers who cant handle legitimate questions. Some of us ca do an awful lot better than waving imaginary red cards and steering the conversation round to Dame Edna somebody.

God luck to the vast majority who will always make this site worth a look in. See you at the CL away games next season


Rob Halligan
129 Posted 28/02/2021 at 14:16:08
Spurs 2 up already. Top is getting really tight. With all teams kicking off at different times, it puts pressure on those teams kicking off later than others.
Kevin Molloy
130 Posted 28/02/2021 at 14:16:31
Martin, Leicester's list of injured is just part and parcel of football. What happened three months ago was of a different order of magnitude. One team set out to deliberately injure the greatest defender in the world, we succeeded and through hard faced corruption within the footballing authorities no punishment was ever even issued. Until this injustice is rectified and is seen to be so, there can be no peace.
Tony Hill
131 Posted 28/02/2021 at 14:21:34
Danny@126, I mentioned Simms at Blackpool somewhere above. He's a very interesting fella in my opinion.
Danny O’Neill
132 Posted 28/02/2021 at 14:22:51
And Burnley another team who now need to watch their back Rob? I'm such an expert I declared the bottom 3 nailed on about 4 weeks ago!
Tony Hill
133 Posted 28/02/2021 at 14:25:28
Graham@127, we're away at WBA. But I know what you mean. Those are the games we've messed up and it's a different type of pressure for us to overcome.
Rob Halligan
134 Posted 28/02/2021 at 14:25:51
Five points above the drop zone, Danny, and play Leicester at home midweek. A Burnley win would be good!!
Brian Williams
135 Posted 28/02/2021 at 14:29:21
Whatever the results today we could do with us beating Soton by a bagful and improve our goal difference.
Things look like they'll be that tight it might make the difference between CL, EL or Europe fullstop.

Thirteen nil and we're back in the top four!

Rob Halligan
136 Posted 28/02/2021 at 14:32:36
Spurs 3-0. That's this game over. You're right Brian. We need to improve our goal difference. Another nine put past Southampton wouldn't go amiss.
Tony Everan
137 Posted 28/02/2021 at 14:35:22
Rob, Considering how we played against them last time a 1-0 win with a deflected goal off Dominic's rear end would do.
Rob Halligan
138 Posted 28/02/2021 at 14:37:22
Agree Tony. First and foremost win the game. While we keep on winning the likes of Spurs, villa and arsenal can't catch us.
Jeff Armstrong
139 Posted 28/02/2021 at 14:37:40
Anyone keen to get into UEFA's new 3rd competition next season? Called the conference or something (apt) not sure but I think 6th only gets you into it, not even EL.
Thomas Richards
140 Posted 28/02/2021 at 14:45:36
A touch of the always the victim there David.
He gives as much, if not more, as he gets.
If you called someone a "runt" or a "phony" for instance what would you expect back?

Is there a reference to me included anywhere in your post David?
I only ask because no names are mentioned.

Si Cooper
141 Posted 28/02/2021 at 14:49:12
Graham (64 +73), brought up to play union but we also went to watch league games so I like them both. Having played a few games of league I have huge respect for the physicality of those that play that game.

Nevertheless it doesn't provide the niche positions for the variety of body types that union does. Front row is a blend of ‘dark arts', psychology, sadomasochism, and a world spanning ‘brotherhood' that I don't think you get from any other sporting endeavour.

Ed (95), I think things must have changed fairly shortly after you left because I'm pretty sure there were Liverpool (LSH) v Waterloo, Orrell v LSH, and Waterloo v Orrell fixtures up and down the various team levels before the leagues were introduced. Could be wrong. I certainly got plenty of ‘local derby' games at 2nd team level, and the regular Wakefield fixture had that level of intense rivalry too. Even had a few cross-code games against Blackbrook. ‘Headhunters' were a routine hazard when playing any Wigan or St Helens based teams.

On the footy, results seem to be going the way of intensifying the scramble for those European places. We really must get maximum points from our fixtures this week to keep the pressure on the others.

Graham Mockford
142 Posted 28/02/2021 at 14:54:19
Yes Si it allows the fat boys to play 😂
Brent Stephens
143 Posted 28/02/2021 at 15:00:45
David #128 you mention me by name in your post so I'll comment. I'm not the sort of guy to go in for personal, ad hominem attacks as opposed to sticking to the substantive football argument - witness my numerous friendly and ongoing conversations with others on this forum.

Unfortunately, Darren takes debate to a personal level: witness the numerous conversations he has with others that descend into insults; witness what I suspect is him being sin-binned by the editors; witness the pushback against him taken by the most gentlemanly of people on this site - no names, no pack drills.

As I said earlier, the irony is that he argues that his style of commenting is no more than you get in your local pub, but then complains when people respond in style. I was on the receiving end from him of that sort of stuff over Lukaku debates when Lukaku was at Everton, even though I was relatively new to ToffeeWeb at the time and posting in a non-personal style. I took it for quite a while and then hit back.

So it was never me who started anything with Darren. And I still steer clear of most of the vitriol. At times, though, he initiates more of the same. I'll stand back most of the time but not all of the time. As I said earlier, if you want to give it out, you have to be able to take it.

Si Cooper
144 Posted 28/02/2021 at 15:12:59
That's mesomorphs to you Graham. You're welcome to come and play with the ‘fat lads' but then it will no doubt be Mr Mesomorph! 🤣
John McFarlane Snr
145 Posted 28/02/2021 at 15:14:43
Hi Darren [101] I obviously can't speak for everyone, but I think that what cheeses them off, is the fact that you haven't given Carlo Ancelotti the time to justify your claims. You may in the long run, be correct in your judgement, but there can surely be no doubt that the club is in a better state than it was before Carlo Ancelotti took control. I have had differences of opinion with one or two poster's, but if I couldn't influence their view in [at the most] three posts, I took the option of withdrawing from the fray. By the way I'm still looking forward to sharing a bottle of Guinness with you as and when the opportunity arises,
Danny O’Neill
146 Posted 28/02/2021 at 15:17:14
That's fair David. I thought about whether I should or shouldn't answer to be but would like to.

To be honest, I had a couple of spats with Darren and put something to him that in my opinion he took out of context. But, I realised I could have put it better and apologised. On 2 occasions.

He chose to (in his words, not mine) treat those apologies with contempt. I'm okay with that and thick skinned enough not to lose sleep. I would reiterate, he took my mudslinging out of context and, dare I say, misquoted me. I could explain, but it will likely fall on deaf ears. Subsequently, I kind of reverted to commenting on when I agreed with him, ignoring when I didn't. It was easier.

I don't know Darren and he doesn't know me. Just as much as I don't know most of the people I engage with on here, but we all share one thing in common and that is our passion for Everton.

I sometimes agree with Darren. I often disagree, but always read his views. The problem I suspect is that despite seeming to want debate (as he continuously tells us), he gives the impression (note impression) that his is a one way conversation and anyone else's view that doesn't align to his must be shouted down and ridiculed.

I hope Darren gets un-banned and continues to post on here. He adds a good counter and balance to the broader discussions we have about the one thing that unites us; Everton Football Club.

Mark Murphy
147 Posted 28/02/2021 at 15:18:53
My dad (Saints RL fan) used to describe Union as the only game where the ball spent more time in the crowd than on the pitch.
Danny O’Neill
148 Posted 28/02/2021 at 15:21:11
Last thing I'll add is in relation to the other poster I think you're referring to.

He would do himself more favours if he offered more context than "I don't like Ancelotti and he's a dick / dinosaur".

Darren at least offers context behind his views and opinions whether we agree or not.

Graham Mockford
149 Posted 28/02/2021 at 15:25:06
Mark 147

Amen brother

David Cash
150 Posted 28/02/2021 at 15:26:10
Brent and Thomas.

The only thing I have ever seen Darren do to you two is ignore you. There are numerous examples of you two diving straight in straight after he posts
You don't even have to leave this thread. It was indeed you two who repeatedly posted about the Aussie Dame. - All based on a lie.
You two are most definitely part of the shout down group. You only have to look at the way you went after another poster on a recent match day thread.

"Most gentlemanly on this site" ? You are mistaken gentlemanly for slyness.

Thomas if you don't want people to insinuate you are a phoney. Stop bringing up arguments you were involved in when you posted as John G Davies.

LYou protest too much fellas.

I' m not Darren and I wont get into arguments with the holier than thou. I've said my piece.

See ya

Danny O’Neill
151 Posted 28/02/2021 at 15:26:27
Seen Tony Hill (131). Good to hear.

This could get really bad for Burnley. All of a sudden, Newcastle, Brighton and Burnley put themselves into contention for what looked like the most obvious and decided relegation non-battle ever.

Jay Wood

152 Posted 28/02/2021 at 15:36:10
Would this be an appropriate thread to post...

Happy Global Scouse Day to Youse All!

Be you Happy Clappers or Nappie Crappers.

Barry Rathbone
153 Posted 28/02/2021 at 15:36:34
Hope Mr Hind gets parole soon I disagree with him on a few things but respect his right to call it as he sees it and I find his stuff concise and interesting. Plus his chutzpah in taking on a baying mob is admirable.

Similarly on the moderating side I disagree with MK on occasion but on the whole he strikes a great balance between letting the game flow and blowing up for foul play. Just wish I could write as well he is a marvelous user of the written word

Brian Murray
154 Posted 28/02/2021 at 15:40:14
Re. Tomorrow night, every and I mean every team in the premier carries a threat of some sort. We have to impose ourselves early on and by the time that ex kopite up front wants to announce himself it should be game over. The league placing is rarely unjust so if we succeed or fail it will be on us not a beaut in a van or injuries. Let's really make it a season to remember.
Brian Williams
155 Posted 28/02/2021 at 15:43:01
Jay I heard about that on the radio this morning.
Can't beat a pan of Scouse on any cold winter's day like!
Thomas Richards
156 Posted 28/02/2021 at 15:43:36
Post 150

Not a clue what you are talking about David.

See ya (again)

Kieran Kinsella
157 Posted 28/02/2021 at 15:45:45
Spurs bench is better than most teams first 11. I hate the way Jose sets them up, back four, two defensive mids and then strikers left to do the Roy of the Rovers thing. Luckily it's not my problem being anti Spurs but it's very unimaginative for the so called “special one”
Si Cooper
158 Posted 28/02/2021 at 15:46:48
Mark (147), perhaps your dad never watched anything other than first team union, because what most social players want is to have the ball in play. Kicking for touch is generally counter-productive because it just gifts the opposition the ball and then you have to work doubly hard just to get it back. The forwards certainly don't have much regard for excessive touch kicking (we're the grunts who are generally expected to get the ball back) and are highly unlikely to kick for touch under normal circumstances.
Kicking for touch for territory is for the elite who back their ability to bottle up the opposition and force them to turn the ball over in a more advantageous position.
Like I've said, I'm also a fan of league (and footy as well obviously) but there was a time in the 90's when league became turgid with 95% of it being big lads (with big pads!) running into each other for 5 tackles with a standard towering kick on the last. Fortunately the Superleague era has seen more flair / risk-taking coming back into the game.
Danny O’Neill
159 Posted 28/02/2021 at 15:50:53
Well I never Jay. I always think Scouse is better made with lamb, but budgets normally dictate beef.

Can I also add a suggestion? To add a tip, throw in a bit of paprika. Gives it a really nice twist.

Kevin Molloy
160 Posted 28/02/2021 at 15:51:19
this thread is like an episode of Dallas.
Danny O’Neill
161 Posted 28/02/2021 at 15:52:27
I think Sky has forgot the Fan Sound. Either that or it is a realistic representation of the new atmosphere at the new White Hart Lane.
Will Mabon
162 Posted 28/02/2021 at 15:55:55
Danny @ 151,

For all the results, surprises and unusual big scores in this reputedly "Bizarre" season, the statistical long game is coming back into play, as it almost always will, given enough time.

Best team walking away at the top, "Big six" teams mostly shuffling back into position. Bottom teams still down there but the next group above appearing to drift down onto them, as those bottom teams (or one at least) have their own particular version of swings & roundabouts "Improvement".

The middle block, our playground for a long time, is starting to arrange with swopsies to be more as expected - the points gaps are even closing. As ever, no more than two or three surprises at the two thirds-in stage; RS, Sheffield United and the Hammers. Some of that can still change.

For all the discussion re. our improvements, and they are certainly there to see in certain categories and details, the net effect is that we are where we have been for much of the last decade, in the table.

The difference now for us, is that there is potential to be unleashed. We're in position to realize it, at the threshold. Tomorrow and the coming games are huge, the hard yards - to where the table really doesn't lie. These next three games perhaps, will determine if we've made that hardest of steps; genuine, measurable improvement.

The more things change, the more they stay the same!

Brian Williams
163 Posted 28/02/2021 at 15:56:13
@135. Fifth, we'd go fifth. Losing the plot!
John Keating
164 Posted 28/02/2021 at 16:01:42
I think Spurs, in their position, showed exactly how to approach and treat a team in Burnleys position.
Play their own game and show them no respect whatsoever.
This is the way we should have treated both Newcastle and Fulham at home.
Hopefully this is how we treat Southampton
Danny O’Neill
165 Posted 28/02/2021 at 16:03:32
Yes Will. I've been a scratched record all season about staying in touch. That's what we've done to date.

But now, results start to matter. In our hands to make it count and the next week is huge.

Raymond Fox
166 Posted 28/02/2021 at 16:09:06
Brian, I agree about tomorrow nights game being far from easy.
Its a here we go again game, we love to lose to teams that cant get a win to save their lives.
Southampton latest results in the league read LLLLLLDL, its becoming like a jinks losing to these sides.
What bits and pieces I have seen of them they have not seemed a bad team, more that they have had little in the way of good fortune.

Watch out tomorrow!

Will Mabon
167 Posted 28/02/2021 at 16:09:18
John - exactly right, and a pivotal part of being a more consolidated team, accepting the occasional reverses and upsets. The RS have found this to their cost too, this season.
Will Mabon
168 Posted 28/02/2021 at 16:10:29
Danny, I hope against hope we aren't in "Ruing" mode, late tomorrow night...
Graham Mockford
169 Posted 28/02/2021 at 16:35:27
This could get me excommunicated but one thing I learned living in Manchester these last twenty years is Lancashire Hotpot knocks spots of Scouse.

And if that is not a fucking windup worthy of our banished maestro I don't know what is.

Danny O’Neill
170 Posted 28/02/2021 at 16:51:38
Or John (164), had Burnley been thinking what I've been suggesting? The bottom 3 are down, job done (job being stay in the Premier League), so switch off. Palace seem to do it every year. Seems like Newcastle, Brighton and Burnley's complacency could yet give them a nervous run in.
Ed Prytherch
171 Posted 28/02/2021 at 16:51:44
Growing up in Ormskirk our mum made scouse every Friday and we never had Lancashire hotpot but from age 11 I went to school in Wigan and there it was the opposite. I believe that hotpot derives from mining and mill working families where they put the pot on the hob before going to work in the morning and it was just right when they got home in the evening.
Fran Mitchell
172 Posted 28/02/2021 at 16:58:24
Good to see Ellis Simms getting some praise.

"10. MAN OF THE MATCH: Ellis Simms - 8/10
Ran Charlton ragged all afternoon with his strength and pace. Brought down for Pool's first penalty of the game."

The manager had this to say :

"Ellis was a real handful, him and Jerry were to be fair” Critchley said.

“We thought we could get some success against their two centre-backs and we were searching for balls down the sides of them and in behind them.

“I thought he was a real handful all game, a real physical presence for us and he caused them a lot of problems."

His only goals remain to be his league debut brace, but good to see his is improving and becoming a first team fixture.

This follows Anthony Gordon's MOTM performance midweek for PNE.

Dave Ganley
173 Posted 28/02/2021 at 17:01:32
Just to weigh into the Darren debate for what it's worth, for the last few years I've had disagreements with Darren about the football/players/managers etc but never once have we resorted to unpleasantness. We have lively debate and both put forward our reasons for the disagreements and more often than not just agree to disagree. Not sure why it all has to get all personal like this.

The reason for this site is lively football debate about Everton. As Danny said, we are all after the same goal of being successful, we just sometimes have different ideas as to how we get there. Sometimes you'd think we were arguing with RS fans such is the ferocity of the comments. No need really

I'm not suggesting that Darren is any better/worse than anyone else, but surely we could all do with a bit of perspective amongst fellow blues

Dale Self
174 Posted 28/02/2021 at 17:02:37
You're out on a limb there Will. Progress is discernible now. What will be seen is whether some minds truly change as results continue to challenge tired old narratives. UTFT!!!
Fran Mitchell
175 Posted 28/02/2021 at 17:06:15
But in terms.of Branthwaite, interesting to read this:

"Make no mistake about it, Branthwaite will evolve into an immense talent. This past week will have been a valuable learning curve for him and one that, at some point in the future, Everton will be grateful for.

There is an acceptance with young emerging central defenders that they're prone to mistakes. Except, as is always the case with loan acquisitions, the errors they make are of no detriment to their parent club but can be costly to their loan club.

As Branthwaite toiled with the lively Tyler Walker, he was beaten to the header that provided the first goal. He was guilty of several other lapses but this is an 18-year-old defender, learning his trade. He'll be all the more wiser from it."

A clear indication of where he is at, and why calls for him to be in the first team were way too premature. Look back at the Ben Godfrey thread when he was signed and many a poster claimed "why buy Godfrey when we have Branthwaite?!?!".

Danny O’Neill
176 Posted 28/02/2021 at 17:06:35
How are Chelsea not 1 - 0 up?
Thomas Richards
177 Posted 28/02/2021 at 17:10:24
Watching Chelsea v Utd.

Poor game.
We can hold our own if this is the top 4 standard.

Will Mabon
178 Posted 28/02/2021 at 17:13:36
Dale, I think I acknowledged the progress as it is, but it has to be reflected come season's end - that is the measure. We have the guns like we haven't had for a time; now they have to be fired. Otherwise, it becomes a perpetual round of "Kick on next season with a few more signings..."

Positive but realistic.

Danny O’Neill
179 Posted 28/02/2021 at 17:14:06
Thanks for the feedback Fran. Branthwaite in particular is interesting. Absolutely he needs to learn and be developed. At 18 he will not be ready to be a first choice centre back in the Premier League. I still argue a centre back does not peak or mature until around 28 - 30. We judged John Stones too early; he's about to win another league title.

This Chelsea - United draw suits us although if it goes either way, I'd say we prefer a United win? Then we just need the blades to be sharp later.

Like Gary Neville's recollection of a dig in the ribs after being helped from the advertising hoardings being at Goodison!!

Mike Gaynes
180 Posted 28/02/2021 at 17:19:08
Fran #172, thanks for sharing that info, great to hear. We should also congratulate Jonjoe Kenny, not just for playing so well in his new loan at Celtic (3 goals against in his 6 games there), but for being wise enough to escape the meltdown at Schalke. His decision to return to Everton raised some eyebrows, but he may have seen the early signs of Schalke's ultimate collapse, which has now left that club a smoking ruin. They just fired their entire management.

Kev #160, great comment, but I think you just gave away your age, mate.

Side note... the Chinese Super League may be in trouble. The reigning champions Jiangsu FC shockingly shut down this week because their owner, Suning, pulled the plug. Jiangsu just won the title over previous champions Guangzho Evergrande (home of our old friend Tyias Browning). Suning also owns Inter Milan. There are rumors of other Chinese corporate entities considering ownership pullouts from the league because of changing economic conditions.

Will Mabon
181 Posted 28/02/2021 at 17:19:09
Dave - I once suggested an area/thread on the site where posters could go to argue emotionally if they felt so inclined.

Sounds daft, but no more so than getting upset with what are essentially words on a screen from mostly unknown people. Maybe we can all be guilty from time to time but I'd be surprised if anyone on here would behave similarly if we were all in a room together.

Will Mabon
182 Posted 28/02/2021 at 17:19:46
Thomas - agreed, it's dull.
Graham Mockford
183 Posted 28/02/2021 at 17:20:35

I don't think we judged Stones too early. It was always apparent he was going to be a top class centre half. He has everything, quick, anticipates well, good in the air, exceptional with the ball at his feet. He just had a tendency to overplay a bit and lapses of concentration.

To his huge credit he came through a bad patch but his strength of character has got him playing as the best English centre half in the league by a country mile.

Dale Self
184 Posted 28/02/2021 at 17:23:45
Will, you referenced change and then stated things were the same with an exclamation point. That's a bit nonsensical. If you now wish to wait until season's end to claim that things are the same I guess that meets the forum standards, brill.
Ed Prytherch
185 Posted 28/02/2021 at 17:24:48
Si, I played at Orrell in the late 60's. They had 8 teams and the thirds was the highest that I made. We had a reputation as a hard club and we had to live up to it. Sometimes the opposition were intimidated by that but at other times not. I once played against a club from a small town in central Lancs, maybe Newton-le-willows or Bickershaw and most of their players were coal miners and some of them came straight from the pit after working the Saturday morning shift. We got no respect from them. Those are good memories.
Brian Williams
186 Posted 28/02/2021 at 17:30:46
Graham your claim can't be classed as a windup because it's the equivalent of saying Susan Boyle is tastier than Jennifer Aniston. In other words so ridiculous to be taken as anything but a joke. 🤣
By the way your cards marked should you ever venture down the ELR. 🐴
Graham Mockford
187 Posted 28/02/2021 at 17:34:24

Once you've tasted the succulent lamb and kidneys in a rich gravy topped with crispy yet soft potatoes with a side of pickled red cabbage there's no going back

Brian Williams
188 Posted 28/02/2021 at 17:36:24
Does sound good that, but I didn't know you had kidneys in a Lancs hotpot?
Andy Crooks
189 Posted 28/02/2021 at 17:37:41
Raymond @166, you re spot on. LLLLLLDL makes terrifying reading to the Evertonian. It's like some football Doctor has prescribed Southampton an away trip to Everton. " This will soon have you back on your feet.. "
Brent Stephens
190 Posted 28/02/2021 at 17:37:49
David #150 "The only thing I have ever seen Darren do to you two is ignore you."

Then, by your own admission, you haven't seen what I'm talking about.

Will Mabon
191 Posted 28/02/2021 at 17:39:07
Dale, the "Same" bit was more about how the league pans out, over the long haul - and it mostly does. Usually few shocks/surprises at season's end.

As for our position in the table right now, it's best-of-the-rest, around & about where it's been for a long time. Difference now is, we have the potential to improve it, which we haven't had for the same span. Long time since we stood up against "Bigger" teams like we have this year.

Trick now is to keep the momentum and deliver in the games where we should deliver; we all know what they are... that will result in measurable progress in the table.

Graham Mockford
192 Posted 28/02/2021 at 17:41:21

Oh yes. A good friend of ours is a Michelin star chef. Her hotpot is ambrosia. A meal I would have before they lead me to the gallows.

Danny O’Neill
193 Posted 28/02/2021 at 17:44:54
Breaks my heart Mike Gaynes. Shalke are indeed staring down the barrel. And their usual get out of a renowned academy appears to have dried up. I will still make the trip(s) next season, just guess its going to be Bundesliga 2. I don't know if Celtic and the Scottish League are the best for him though. Gone now, but Neil Lennon is toxic and Jonjoe is better than that. We talked about the French league but the SPL really has deteriorated since the 70s and 80s. Very poor standard in my opinion.

The perils of generalist statements Graham. You and I and many others could see that in Stones. We could also see he was young for a centre back. Only Goalkeepers mature later. It is a position that you see the best in as they approach their later 20s and hit 30 because experience and wisdom are key.

Stones is becoming the complete centre back I thought he would. Shame it isn't in an Everton shirt.

Let's be patient with our young centre backs. They are great but they are young and will make mistakes. The only one who concerns me is Michael Keane. And that is not to detract from the season he is having, just as and when we have to go more expansive, attacking and play higher up the pitch his weaknesses will be exposed. And I don't think we can get rid of them with coaching and experience or age.

Thomas Richards
194 Posted 28/02/2021 at 17:45:47
Dave 173

He seems to reserve a dislike for one or two, me included.
The rest are fine.
Dare to disagree with him and it kicks off.
Im not bothered by it tbh, I find it amusing.
I posted this morning I would not have liked to see him banned, he mentioned a change of tack.Debate instead of disgust.
Would have been interesting to see that develop

Brian Williams
195 Posted 28/02/2021 at 17:47:59
You might be eating that soon if someone gets their way. 🤣
Graham Mockford
196 Posted 28/02/2021 at 17:49:44

True but I'd take Keane over Mina, I think he is a better defender and also a stronger character. But I am expecting Godfrey to be first choice centre half for some while.

Danny O’Neill
197 Posted 28/02/2021 at 17:54:01
Godfrey is a gem Graham. I just hope we succeed as a team and keep hold of him. Otherwise, he could well follow Stones' path. He can be that good in my opinion.
Tony Hill
198 Posted 28/02/2021 at 17:56:35
That's the next hurdle to clear, Andy, @189. And we will.

For the first time in a long time, I feel that there's a force behind us. In the end, it will come from Usmanov but Ancelotti is also going to hang around until we get where we need to be.

It may not be this year - though it will be fun trying and let's believe - but it will be sometime very soon.

We should all enjoy the progress.

Ray Roche
199 Posted 28/02/2021 at 17:57:29
Like others, I don't always agree with Darren, then again I don't always agree with quite a few posters. But Michael, if you are going to start culling posters, please, for Heavens sake, start with the negative, miserable doom-mongers who blight every Live Forum with their incessant drivel, their constant whining and moaning about Kenwright, Moshiri, Ancelotti in fact, just about everything Everton. “BMD will never happen “, it's a myth etc.

Once they're history, maybe you can continue with the group who heap criticism on the likes of Davies despite his improving form.

I've avoided TW for a short while and consequently posted very little solely because the negativity is wearing and is something that is less welcome than any of Darren's offerings. Either allow him back or bin the other shower as well.

I know that I am not the only reader pissed off with Les Miserables.

Dale Self
200 Posted 28/02/2021 at 18:04:28
Will, I'll go with the Schroedinger's table However, when you say we are where we've been for a long time you don't mention games in hand which moves us possibly to fourth where we absolutely have not been for a long time.

In this sense your pessimism appears to be just that. We've been above Chelsea, Arsenal and Spurs throughout this season for the most part. That is so diiferent as to not lean toward the sameness perspective.

Graham Mockford
201 Posted 28/02/2021 at 18:08:37

That sounds a bit cancel culture to me. The only posters who should be banned are those that post something that cross the line into hate speech.

Darren is a wind up merchant of course but he does offer a different opinion, those that choose to engage with him know what they are letting themselves in for and in many cases are equally guilty of loving a row.

But we do agree it seems a bit harsh to ban him but as I have pointed out before it's Michael's train set and he can do with it as he pleases.

Danny O’Neill
202 Posted 28/02/2021 at 18:10:16
As it stands, win our games in hand (Southampton tomorrow and Villa - TBC), we are above West Ham, 3 points behind Leicester and 4 behind United, with still more points to play for.

We have to take control of our own destiny, but for the first time in a while that destiny is more than being the best of the rest.

Danny O’Neill
203 Posted 28/02/2021 at 18:20:31
We owe Michael, Lyndon and the editorial team a great deal for providing this forum and maintaining it. These things don't just happen and take personal time and effort.

I'm all for the "free the Kirkdale 1" or wherever Darren lives. Even though Darren doesn't seem to like me or my views.

All I would say, is how about Darren also looks in the mirror and consider that he gives the impression (impression - not saying that is his way) that it's okay for him to spout criticism and abuse but when the tables turn there is some kind of pack hunting him down?

I get what David Cash says, and for the very reasons he called out, I have stopped bothering responding. But if you are going to come on a public forum and be provocative (lets be honest Darren is - which is fine), then don't be surprised if you attract reaction, response and attention.

Dale Self
204 Posted 28/02/2021 at 18:20:37
I've not been here long enough to weigh in on our collective distraction but I will offer this: any appeal to cancel culture or shutdown characterizations of the situation need to be accompanied by explicit discussion of tone and respect

We're toffees so I left out the decency part. UTFT!!!

Danny O’Neill
205 Posted 28/02/2021 at 18:25:37
Right, come on Blades. Then come on blues tomorrow!
Mike Gaynes
206 Posted 28/02/2021 at 18:30:46
Delightful to see two of the teams ahead of us drag themselves to a 0-0 snoozefest. I had a good nap and we can gain ground on both of them tomorrow, so it was a profitable day all around.

Danny and Graham, I devoutly hope we keep all three. A Champions League run will require three quality CBs, and I'm convinced we have them.

Will Mabon
207 Posted 28/02/2021 at 18:31:13
Dale - true, apart from me being pessimistic, which I'm not. One man's pessimistic is another man's realistic.

I've allowed for the game/games in hand and the possibility you mention. An important phase for us now - three games of which we may be expected to win or at least perform as we know we now can (let's say 6-7 points from them), and interspersed, a "Big" club, the type of game in which we're markedly stronger thus far. Say a point there.

This will then be reflected in the table - when we've done it, this being the area in which we've fallen down several times. That's all I'm saying.

We have been above Chelsea, currently we're not. Arsenal and Spurs are now closer, Villa stalling etc. This is what I mean by the table mostly shaping up as it usually does.

We now have the chance to put down a marker - all in our hands. Roll on tomorrow...

Mike Gaynes
208 Posted 28/02/2021 at 18:43:42
Jags starts for the Blades. Go get 'em, old friend.
Fran Mitchell
209 Posted 28/02/2021 at 18:44:44
WIth that draw, Everton are now 5 points beind 4th place west hame with 2 games in hand. Those games in hand are Southampton tomorrow (I EFFING HATE MONDAY GAMES), and Villa whenever that game gets played.

4th is totally in our hands, as much as the media will ignore the fact.

Another side not: see Stones is getting praise, and fair play to the lad after getting written off. Showing his potential after a poor spell. He's the same age as Pickford, who also appears to be getting through a dodgy spell. just saying like.

Rob Halligan
210 Posted 28/02/2021 at 18:46:14
The next six games will be massive for us, with the possibility of gaining at least 16 points. Southampton (H), West Brom (A), Chelsea (A), Burnley and Crystal Palace (both H) and Brighton (A). Get 16 points from them and we're looking at minimum top six.

A big ask, maybe, but we've got to be winning these next few games If we want to get into Europe next season.

Graham Mockford
211 Posted 28/02/2021 at 18:48:21
I don't usually hang much on a single result. But it feels if we are to challenge for top 4 then two wins this week are pretty essential. It would put us in the mix, anything less you can forget it.
Brent Stephens
212 Posted 28/02/2021 at 18:50:30
The Chelsea -MU game really was a snooze-fest. You never know, Sheffield United might surprise us and just take a point (and deprive the rs of two). I live in hope.
Fran Mitchell
213 Posted 28/02/2021 at 18:50:35
Rob 16 Points is a big ask: 5 wins and 1 draw. With a cup game vs City in between too. The Palace games comes after a dreaded international break, too.

Lets just stick to the one game at a time approach.

Danny Broderick
214 Posted 28/02/2021 at 18:51:32
I never agree with Darren but I've got no problem with anything he has said here...
Dave Abrahams
215 Posted 28/02/2021 at 18:52:09
I'm reading posts that say Darren (Hinds) has been banned, did Darren say something on another thread? Don't see anything from Michael that says Darren is banned, the post that apparently went missing is back there. Am I missing something from this thread?
Brent Stephens
216 Posted 28/02/2021 at 18:53:25
That's my reading as well, Dave. That Darren's post was removed and then reinstated. Rather than him being banned.
Dave Ganley
217 Posted 28/02/2021 at 18:54:53
Thomas #173 don't get me wrong I'm not taking sides, debate instead of disgust is indeed what we'd like to see
Danny Broderick
218 Posted 28/02/2021 at 18:56:04
I don't think we are good enough to finish 4th. However, if we win now against an injury hit Southampton and West Brom, we will be 4th on Thursday.

The players need to be brave now, get on the front foot and go for it. We've had some great results away from home this season, and even won at Anfield. I'm hopeful this indicates a better mindset and mentality. The next 2 games will really tell us a lot, because we should be getting 6 points if we are at it.

John McFarlane Snr
219 Posted 28/02/2021 at 18:59:46
Hi Danny [203] I have never taken place in a fans forum, and I gather from various posts over a fairly long period, that it wouldn't suit a self confessed 'Shrinking 'Violet, and paid up member of the 'Snowflake Brigade.' In my book debate and the expression of different opinions are healthy, and should be welcomed, because we can all learn from another's point of view. The phrase of 'Do as you would be done by' springs to mind, but then 'All's fair in love and war' counters that approach, but I know which one I prefer.
Thomas Richards
220 Posted 28/02/2021 at 18:59:53

I answered Darrens post offering to debate by saying that would be good and starting a debate.
It then it vanished.
Michael explained he took it down.
He then put it back up.
I don't think he is banned.

Dave Ganley
221 Posted 28/02/2021 at 19:01:29
Totally agree that its all in our hands now the way results have gone, but as Danny just said, are we brave enough to go for it? The win against the gobshites should provide all the mental attitude they should ever need. Let's hope we can finally learn lessons on how to approach games like Southampton and WBA
Danny O’Neill
222 Posted 28/02/2021 at 19:06:10
I think you're right Dave. I don't believe Darren has been banned.

Seems a post got deleted and is still there. As is probably Darren watching us talk about him!!

Being the big drama queen he is, he's probably privately chuckling away to himself with his popcorn as he watches on the side!!

Fran Mitchell
223 Posted 28/02/2021 at 19:10:34
Christ, you know we play on a monday when the discussion is about the opinions of someone who isnt even commenting. if darren has or hasnt been banned, can we at least have a thread that is dominated by his opinions?
Graham Mockford
224 Posted 28/02/2021 at 19:11:54
Our problems haven't been in the big games. We've beaten Spurs, Leicester and Liverpool away plus a draw at United. We've also beaten Chelsea and Arsenal at home.

It's all been losing games to poorer teams. Newcastle twice, Southampton, Fulham, Leeds and West Ham. Any one game can be lost but our inability to put lower level teams to the sword is a trend. We are a better side on the back foot, soaking up pressure and being good on the break. I'm not feeling particularly confident about the next two games.

Si Cooper
225 Posted 28/02/2021 at 19:11:56
Ed (185], Waterloo is my club, now sadly much lower down the leagues than they were when I started playing senior rugby. We were put in the top division when the leagues were first formed but then Orrell rose to be the top North West club. Absolutely horrendous what Dave Whelan did to the club and then Sale became top dogs and have stayed there ever since. There was a time when it looked like Chester might get to that level but I don't really closely follow the club rugby at the moment.
Know what you mean about those surprise package ‘junior' clubs in the middle of nowhere who can give you a real shock if you are complacent. Mind you if you are playing for one of the bigger clubs everybody raises their game hoping to take a scalp.
I don't get the class divide some stick to in sports. The vast majority of the rugby lads I've played with liked most team sports. It tended to be people who only ever spectated who seemed to believe you had to be partisan. We had plenty of lads from St Helens like Andy Northey who eventually went back to league,
Someone said they thought league and gridiron were similar. Only in the fact that you have a measure of guaranteed possession where the game stops when a player is tackled to the ground within the boundary of the pitch. In American football you could have up to 40 plays without the opposition getting possession. The variety of roles is much more akin to union and the features peculiar to the game itself (forward passes allowed, no contested restart when the ball goes into touch) mean the rugby codes are much more like each other than either resembles American football.
Back to the footy, another draw keeping things really open. Hope the players are channelling some of George McKane's positive vibes (or whatever he calls them) because we need to capitalise this week. Come on the Blades. A screamer from Jags for a winner would be especially welcome
Brendan McLaughlin
226 Posted 28/02/2021 at 19:26:51
I remember, although it's a few years ago, Michael K. confirming that only one poster had ever been actually banned (as opposed to "moderated") & I don't think Darren has done anything close to meriting such a punishment. Mind you don't think he'd be too concerned might be a different matter if Amazon said "Mr. Hind as a result of Brexit there's an issue with you Bushmills/Jameson orders"
Mike Gaynes
227 Posted 28/02/2021 at 19:27:34
I'm don't think this particular thread is going to be a nominee for the coveted ToffeeWeb Thread Of The Year trophy.
Si Cooper
228 Posted 28/02/2021 at 19:28:02
After Ray's post at 199 it seems I again have to ask who are this mysterious group of TW posters who continue to ‘heap criticism' on Tom Davies? Do they only post on the live forum?
I get the impression that particular witch-hunt still has devotees.
Thomas Richards
229 Posted 28/02/2021 at 19:29:24
"I could have told you which two people would be first to react to your ban."

Thats off David Cash.
Can we presume Darren has told him he's banned?

(nobody knew he was/ wasnt banned btw, so how do you respond to something you have no knowledge of? )

Jeff Armstrong
230 Posted 28/02/2021 at 19:32:46
Mike this could well become thread of the year if Sheffield beat the RS tonight!
Graham Mockford
231 Posted 28/02/2021 at 19:34:12

Let me repeat what I said to Darren

Have a day off ffs

Jeff Armstrong
232 Posted 28/02/2021 at 19:37:32
Hallelujah brother.
Thomas Richards
233 Posted 28/02/2021 at 19:40:25

Let me repeat what I said to my kopite neighbour after the derby last week.

Danny O’Neill
234 Posted 28/02/2021 at 19:41:01
Absolutely John Senior. Listening to others' opinions and views can open the mind, even if we don't always agree with them.

We learn from others if we listen. Otherwise we are stuck in our own self opinionated bubble.

I genuinely enjoy reading the opinions of others here, even those I don't necessarily agree with.

Graham Mockford
235 Posted 28/02/2021 at 19:41:39

Horse, water and all that

Thomas Richards
236 Posted 28/02/2021 at 19:42:15
Dont forget the devilled kidneys
Brendan McLaughlin
237 Posted 28/02/2021 at 19:42:37
Mike #227
Don't give a flying long as I win "Mr. ToffeeWeb" for the fifth year in succession!
Graham Mockford
238 Posted 28/02/2021 at 19:45:16

I think they retired that trophy after Eugene Ruane won it three years in succession.

Jeff Armstrong
239 Posted 28/02/2021 at 19:45:36
Ramsdale playing well so far.

Which is a worry

Jeff Armstrong
240 Posted 28/02/2021 at 19:47:15
Yeh John Daly winning it 5 years on the bounce became boring.
Conor McCourt
241 Posted 28/02/2021 at 19:47:15
"We are all one family". What a complete joke of a statement. One of our brothers has at least been muted if not barred and yet where is the anger among "the family". Thank God you aren't my family.

Darren gets hammered and hounded on a daily basis yet Michael has no problem with these guys who offer nothing except trolling and "in Carlo I trust" on everything. The Kean post angered Darren, it just made me piss myself it's gotten that ridiculous. But hey ho let's pull the plug on Darren.

I stopped posting, now I will stop reading. We have lost posters like Ferns, Hoare, Zapa, Pierce and now Darren who all have in common their original takes on all things Everton and the type of guys who I like learning from and debating with. Even when I wholeheartedly disagree with a post there is always a little nugget which may challenge my held views. Now this will be a site left to favour guys who post 50 times a thread but still offer nothing to the debate and who you know what they think before they say it.

Good Luck Darren. In keeping with the family theme you fight for our youth with a strong paternal hand and you encourage other posters in brotherly fashion and I know that had one of your adversaries been silenced in this way you would behave with the integrity of a mother who would preach on doing the right thing as opposed to that of self interest because you disagree with their views. Now that is familial.

Graham Mockford
242 Posted 28/02/2021 at 19:48:38
Great to watch Jags. He's obviously way past his best but what a player he was for us. Never left a fucking inch on the pitch, winning pen against United, equaliser at Anfield. A proper Everton player.
Brent Stephens
243 Posted 28/02/2021 at 19:51:36
Jammy sods! Disallowed SU goal
Jeff Armstrong
244 Posted 28/02/2021 at 19:52:01
Agreed Conor, why not ban that bloke who bullied John Mc Snr and still slags DCL off at albeit less and less opportunity !
Graham Mockford
245 Posted 28/02/2021 at 19:55:29
Conor 241

That post is slightly disturbing 😂😂

Rob Halligan
246 Posted 28/02/2021 at 20:00:23
Brent, was that the right decision to disallow it? Ball over the top which McBurnie who was in an offside position made a run for but didn't touch, and the ball was knocked into his own net by their new centre half? Offside given, but I can't get me head round that one?
Danny O’Neill
247 Posted 28/02/2021 at 20:01:41
Just in the spirit of balance Conor, does Darren not hammer and hound on a daily basis too? With his own strongly held views? Which are fine with me by the way.

I've been on the receiving end of disagreeing with said views. It can be quite unpleasant, but I don't claim to being hounded. It's just a different point of view.

Brent Stephens
248 Posted 28/02/2021 at 20:01:42
Rob, like you I'm baffled.
Graham Mockford
249 Posted 28/02/2021 at 20:02:16

It had to be offside, he was definitely active when the defender played the ball. No brainer.

Dave Abrahams
250 Posted 28/02/2021 at 20:04:20
Graham (224), let's be honest, those games we lost in most part was because Carlo picked weakened teams instead of picking his strongest team each time, and going all out to win the three points on offer.We have thirteen games left, or is it fourteen, every one of those games will be a battle if we aim to reach the top four, doubt if we are good enough, but Carlo and his squad have to aim for it. Watching Chelsea v Man. Unt today, it wasn't pretty but it sure was a battle for every ball, I imagine every one of Everton's games will be like that one, and the further we climb to the top four and stay there the harder the points will be to gather in. They will be easier to watch than fighting for points to stay up, that's for sure.
Rob Halligan
251 Posted 28/02/2021 at 20:05:44
I thought that Graham, but if he didn't touch the ball and a RS knocks it into his own net..................

Ah Fuck it, you're probably right!

Dale Self
252 Posted 28/02/2021 at 20:06:09
When is it officially squeaky bum time? Cmon Blades!
Graham Mockford
253 Posted 28/02/2021 at 20:12:36

Most definitely, if you had offered me this position at the start of the season I'd have taken it.

It's a bit weird that the one thing we've been pretty consistent at over the last 15 years, winning games at hone against lower sides appears to have become our Achilles heel.

30 points from 14 games will do it, that's why six points this week are so important

Fran Mitchell
254 Posted 28/02/2021 at 20:14:07
Sheffield Utd can clearly play; it's shocking to see how the season has gone for them. But this seems to be the standard for them – play reasonably well, not really threaten... eventually concede and lose the game.

Can't really see today being any different.

Graham Mockford
255 Posted 28/02/2021 at 20:14:51

If he makes no attempt to go for the ball it's a goal, the minute he does it's offside regardless of wether he touches it.

Brent Stephens
256 Posted 28/02/2021 at 20:15:47

Shffield Utd seem to get well into the final third a reasonable amount but they just don't seem to have the quality for the killer final pass or shot. Come on, Sheffield Utd!

Fran Mitchell
257 Posted 28/02/2021 at 20:17:16
One question: how is it right that we play Monday and then Thursday? Why Not play on Sunday?

I bloody hate Monday games no matter what – ruins the weekend. But when there will be another game mid-week, playing on a Monday just seems totally absurd.

Brendan McLaughlin
258 Posted 28/02/2021 at 20:17:40
Dave #250,

Do you think Carlo is going to pick his srongest team from here on in? Saw an interview where he suggested the defeats to the likes of Fulham etc came about because of defensive rather than offensive failings. Didn't fill me with confidence.

Fran Mitchell
259 Posted 28/02/2021 at 20:21:18
Brent: McBurnie and McGoldrick would struggle for goals in the Conference.

That can't be a goal. Out of play.

But it was in play, just.

Unfortunately, the result is now a formality.

Rob Halligan
260 Posted 28/02/2021 at 20:21:52
1-0 to Liverpool!
Jeff Armstrong
261 Posted 28/02/2021 at 20:22:07
Why no definitive VAR lines to show if the ball was in or out?
Rob Halligan
262 Posted 28/02/2021 at 20:25:36
The whole of the ball wasn't over the line, Jeff. You could clearly see that from the camera along the by-line.
Jeff Armstrong
263 Posted 28/02/2021 at 20:29:07
First angle looked out, agreed, camera behind looked like TAA crossed it in play, but why not show proof on VAR if the technology allows?
Brent Stephens
264 Posted 28/02/2021 at 20:29:58
Yes Fran #259 - and that miss by McBurnie (?) just now really shows that. Shocking miss.
Jeff Armstrong
265 Posted 28/02/2021 at 20:30:36
A draw would still be a good result for us.
Fran Mitchell
266 Posted 28/02/2021 at 20:30:54
McBurnie... awful miss.

Sheffield Utd must rue the day they sold Calvert-Lewin for ٟ million.

Kieran Kinsella
267 Posted 28/02/2021 at 20:32:09
This is our chance to break our habit of doing the hard bit then messing up the easy bit. If we want top five, I think we need at least 6 points from the next three games...
Brent Stephens
268 Posted 28/02/2021 at 20:34:30
What a poor defender Kavak is. I can see him costing Liverpool points in future games (if not this one even!).
Will Mabon
269 Posted 28/02/2021 at 20:34:31
Not enough pace McBurnie...
Jeff Armstrong
270 Posted 28/02/2021 at 20:36:02
Jammy twats.
Rob Halligan
271 Posted 28/02/2021 at 20:36:34
Spawny second goal.
Will Mabon
272 Posted 28/02/2021 at 20:37:00
Jammy RS...
Danny O’Neill
273 Posted 28/02/2021 at 20:40:18
McBurnie looks so laboured. Poor match.

Knowing Everton, Kieran, they'll give us 5. Just to keep the hope there!

Jeff Armstrong
274 Posted 28/02/2021 at 20:43:28
You're right, Danny, not sure why he's not brought Sharp on.
Will Mabon
275 Posted 28/02/2021 at 20:47:55
75 mins in – must be due for a dive from Salah.
Will Mabon
276 Posted 28/02/2021 at 20:52:47
Should've dived for a pen there.
Jeff Armstrong
277 Posted 28/02/2021 at 20:59:46
Mane now a saint for NOT diving!
Will Mabon
278 Posted 28/02/2021 at 21:01:25
That discussion was such bullshit, Jeff.
Jeff Armstrong
279 Posted 28/02/2021 at 21:03:24
Hinchcliffe another one betraying his roots, Will.
Will Mabon
280 Posted 28/02/2021 at 21:04:49
I think they inject them with red paint, weird.
Fran Mitchell
281 Posted 28/02/2021 at 21:04:50
Awaiting Mané's knighthood for service's against diving.
Fran Mitchell
282 Posted 28/02/2021 at 21:06:53
Sheffield Utd are really poor. Really, really poor.

The keeper could sit down and have a picnic and would seldom need to fuss about spilling his tea.

Will Mabon
283 Posted 28/02/2021 at 21:09:04
Thought they looked pretty ordinary really. Salah didn't even dive once.

Think that about caps it for Sheffield Utd.

Fran Mitchell
284 Posted 28/02/2021 at 21:11:59
If Liverpool play like that against 90% of teams, they'd lose. But against Sheff Utd, it doesn't matter.

Sheffield Utd run and pass it about, but they can't defend, and they can't attack.

Steve Guy
285 Posted 28/02/2021 at 21:18:21
From the BBC
Roberto Firmino's effort then deflected off Kean Bryan and over a stranded Ramsdale as Liverpool doubled their lead with the club's 7,000th goal in England's top division.

The Reds are only the second team to achieve that landmark, after Merseyside rivals Everton who have scored 7,108.

A) How is it their 7,000th if it's an own goal?
B) We got there first!!

Mike Gaynes
286 Posted 28/02/2021 at 21:23:25
Brendan #237, I think you're gonna need a re-count on that.

Fran #266, every club has a day it rues. I was just reading this week that our Academy trialled -- and rejected -- Erling Haaland four years ago.

Danny O’Neill
287 Posted 28/02/2021 at 21:25:28
Well, regardless of what else has happened this weekend, it is now over to Everton to do the business at the business end of season. Starting tomorrow...
Si Cooper
288 Posted 28/02/2021 at 21:26:41
Shouldn't commentators get done for bringing the game into disrepute? Absolutely shocking basically stating he could have collapsed to the ground and guaranteed himself a penalty when your co-commentator is admitting that there wasn't enough contact to have actually tripped him.
Si Cooper
289 Posted 28/02/2021 at 21:28:46
Steve, own goals still appear on the score sheet, in the goals for column, etc.
Gerry Quinn
290 Posted 28/02/2021 at 21:29:36
The Redshite are only the second team to achieve that landmark of 7,000 top-flight goals, after Merseyside rivals Everton who have scored 7,108.
Dave Abrahams
291 Posted 28/02/2021 at 21:40:56
Brendan (258), Well we have had eight days since the win at Anfield when we play Southampton tomorrow, they have had a bad run so I'm expecting a win against them. Then we play West Brom on Thursday at The Hawthorns. We are getting the points away at the moment, so that should be another victory. Then we have a rest ‘til Monday and a big test vs Chelsea, maybe a point there?

That will leave eleven games to finish the season. I don't know how they are spaced out in the eight or nine weeks to the end of the season although there is an international break in that period, which could mean extra games for a lot of our players.

We haven't got a big squad so injuries and suspensions could decimate the squad further. All-in-all, it would be a terrific effort if we pull 4th position off and most probably end the debate, if there is one, of whether Carlo is doing a good job or not. It's all in the lap of the Gods, and the Gods usually look the other way when it comes to Everton, but maybe Carlo can talk them into giving us the nod.

That's a long-winded way, Brendan, of saying yes Carlo should always play his strongest team, especially against the weaker teams, get the points in the bag. I think it's fair to say he's wasted the chance of at least six points with poor selections. Don't waste any more, Carlo.

Brendan McLaughlin
292 Posted 28/02/2021 at 21:48:50
For fuck's sake, Dave #291...

Long-winded doesn't even come close. When I've read it (three or four times)... I'll respond. Might even agree!

Paul Jones
293 Posted 28/02/2021 at 21:51:40
Ready for a paranoia pile on?

According to Sky, Yerry Mina bagged our 7000th goal against Burnley in 2018 (Link)

The BBC report on this game never even alluded to this milestone (Link).

Yet they devote an article to Liverpool for this within 10 minutes of game end and have the cheek to make a passing mention of us?

Who remembers the third person to climb Everest (behind Hillary and Tensing)? Or the second person to step on the moon (outside of a circle of geeks like me)? Not the BBC. But when it's about Liverpool, anything goes.

David Pearl
294 Posted 28/02/2021 at 21:58:40
Good analagy, Paul. I did wonder what reaction there would be on here after Sky twitted the all-time top-flight goals scored by a team.
All of our records go unnoticed. I guess it's time we get back in the top 4 and to Europe so we are deemed worthy.

So now, come on, you Blues... how about a home win (and the same formation, Carlo, please). Calvert-Lewin and Richarlison up top.

Tom Bowers
295 Posted 28/02/2021 at 21:59:24
It's going to be quite a battle for the top 4 after this weekend's results. They have been favourable to Everton so wouldn't it be a real bonus for Everton to capitalize on it?

Of course whenever we have had a position like this we have always found a way to screw it up and coming back to Goodison doesn't help. However, surely now on the back of the derby result, they can start believing in themselves and go after teams like Southampton from the first whistle.

Liverpool were expected to beat awful Sheffield Utd and have Chelsea coming up whilst we have awful Albion. We don't want to get ahead of ourselves but 6 points has to be a reasonable target.

Does anyone think that VAR is somewhat unnecessary given that half the time they can't make a decision and pass it right back to the referee who couldn't see the incident properly the first time? Surely Man Utd should have had yet another penalty but for once were denied. Doesn't make sense anymore. It's causing more problems than we had before.

Mike Gwyer
296 Posted 28/02/2021 at 22:07:00
Everton's odds are 23/20 for tomorrow night's game, roughly a shade above even money. I'm having some of that...

David Pearl
297 Posted 28/02/2021 at 22:24:07
Everton at home have cost me enough this year already, l cant jinx it.
Tom Harvey
298 Posted 28/02/2021 at 22:34:29
Just filled in my tax return and I am feeling uber grumpy, they better win tomorrow and win is the only result I can accept.

The have the the springboard of the derby result, it's time to use it.

Tom Harvey
299 Posted 28/02/2021 at 22:37:24
Sheff Utd fought like tigers against us and showed some guile, today the looked more the last Ale house team I played for, but with less energy.
Dave Abrahams
300 Posted 01/03/2021 at 09:09:55
Brendan (292), take your time Brendan, I'm not going anywhere at the moment, or for the next few months!!
David Cash
301 Posted 01/03/2021 at 18:38:53
Brent Stephen's

I was going to leave it there but you are still peddling two workies

1) He didnt complaint about getting stick back. I did.

2) I've looked through many threads and although I can see numerous cases where you have dived in attacking. I cant see a single one were he has responded to you, or anyone else in this small group for that matter -
He has done himself no favours by ridiculing his pursuers with sweeping put down and I guess that's why the editor "pulled the plug".

This site is the best EFC site out there, so I wont follow Conors lead and stop reading, but He is 100% right There are a few who post 50- 60 times trying to shout don't anyone who dares to go against the views and there is a very real danger they will ruin thi site.

I wont condone the ridicule or the sweeping put downs, but I do understand them. They are always in response.

You guys spend a lot of time in here that's for sure. You clearly like it
So why not protect it. A forum will never be a proper forum if there is no room for all views.

Maybe that's something you and your group may want to consider when the next guy comes along.
Although I did notice you have already started to gang up on another poster with alternative views. You being right at the forefront.
I don't think its malice, but once you all get going, you do get carried away

Dont ruin the party by attacking the guy who likes a different kind of music

Enjoy the game tonight

Kieran Kinsella
302 Posted 01/03/2021 at 18:48:34
David 301

It's not about contrasting opinions. Steve Ferns was essentially in a gang of one as a fan of Marco Silva. He had lengthy debates with people and most disagreed with him but he presented his case eloquently and politely. There weren't any issues.

Thomas Richards
303 Posted 01/03/2021 at 19:02:57
I was going to give it a miss myself for a while tbh but the post at 301 needs answering.

Do you genuinely believe your mate is picked on by some imaginary gang?
Or is it posters with an opposite opinion giving thier point in as vigorous a manner as Darren?
The fact that so many on TW post against his views may make it seem like a gang. Its not.
He prides himself on many, many occasions about being a man who says it as he sees it. When anybody else posts saying it as they see it, he takes offence.

Do you consider Darren, the lad you reckon has got the skin of a rhino, is at the end of his tether due to the stick he is recieving?

Bit of a game being played here by the two of you imho.

Brian Williams
304 Posted 01/03/2021 at 19:02:59
Kieran, you make a very good point there. I tended to disagree a lot with Steve over Silva (as much as I wanted him to be "the one" ) but he was always reasonable and never resorted to vitriol. His experience in court probably helped him in that respect.
Kieran Kinsella
305 Posted 01/03/2021 at 19:14:10
Brian 304

I know, I really wanted Steve's expectations to be realized and that we'd have our very own "special one." Myself I am still convinced (deluded?) that if the board had allowed HKII to buy Dion Dublin we would have turned the corner.

David Cash
306 Posted 01/03/2021 at 19:29:33

You are bang on the money there.

When I first logged onto TW. Steve was taking dogs. Really unwaranted in my view. He dealt wit it like a gentleman.
The pantomime baddie is no gentleman. He was never going to take it the way steve did.


I see why you keep coming back. Last time I spoke to you I offered you three chances to prove you were not telling outright lies. You failed.
I think you also recognise yourself when Conor spoke of somebody who posted over 100 times in a thread and said nothing. I think you recognise a lot of what has been said on this thread. That's why you are protesting so furiously

No wonder you were systematically blanked for do long.


Thomas Richards
307 Posted 01/03/2021 at 19:34:55
"That's why you are protesting so furiously"

If you think my post at 303 is furious protesting you have lived a sheltered life David.

What is this nonsense about three chances Darren?

Brian Williams
308 Posted 01/03/2021 at 19:43:45
Me too. In fact I said the Abrahams at one of the TW get togethers I thought he would be "the one." My credibility (hahaha) took a dive soon after. I just thought he was dead cool and wanted him to succeed so much. Didn't seem to have much of a clue in the end, much like meself lol.
Thomas Richards
309 Posted 01/03/2021 at 19:43:50

What is this nonsense about three chances DAVID

Chris Williams
310 Posted 01/03/2021 at 19:53:31

Has anyone considered that all this debate about one poster on here, not for the first time, is a bit peculiar?

Is this really what TW should be about?

Just asking like, and not wanting to intrude on private grief.

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