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Dale Self
1 Posted 26/06/2021 at 16:54:06
Cmon Dragons! No disrespect Danes
Getting behind Maehle on westerberg's s side shoud be a pressure point
Jamie Crowley
2 Posted 26/06/2021 at 16:57:47
Danes had their feel-good story, and it was brilliant.

But it's back to rooting for any country on an island in the North Atlantic for me.

Mike Gaynes
3 Posted 26/06/2021 at 17:00:51
Ummm... Jamie

Denmark has an island in the North Atlantic. Big 'un.

Jamie Crowley
4 Posted 26/06/2021 at 17:03:44
There's only two islands in the North Atlantic, Mike. You know what they are.
Jamie Crowley
5 Posted 26/06/2021 at 17:05:27
BTW Mike. Isn't Denmark a Peninsula? It's attached to mainland Europe, no?
Mike Gaynes
6 Posted 26/06/2021 at 17:07:01
'Tis, Jamie. But there's a big old lump called Greenland up there that's also Denmark.
Mike Gaynes
7 Posted 26/06/2021 at 17:08:19
By the way, when Everton come to Florida, Siggy's gonna be knocking on your door to tell you about another island in the North Atlantic.
Danny O’Neill
8 Posted 26/06/2021 at 17:09:08
The Welsh anthem always gets me. Looking forward to the Italian one later.
Jamie Crowley
9 Posted 26/06/2021 at 17:09:25
OK dumb American moment. Greenland is part of Denmark??

Confused, it's not Denmark. Is that akin to an American territory?

Mike Gaynes
10 Posted 26/06/2021 at 17:13:05
Correct. Greenland is part of Denmark like Puerto Rico and Guam are part of the US.
Jamie Crowley
11 Posted 26/06/2021 at 17:18:04
Had no idea. You learn something new every day.

There's still only two islands in the North Atlantic. 😜

Mike Gaynes
12 Posted 26/06/2021 at 17:24:02
I remember how many years in a row we were connected with Delaney. Never happened. He really is quality.
Mike Gaynes
13 Posted 26/06/2021 at 17:27:06
Absolutely brilliant.
Jamie Crowley
14 Posted 26/06/2021 at 17:27:15
Wow. Great goal.
Jamie Crowley
15 Posted 26/06/2021 at 17:28:19
Replay was great. Started about a foot outside the post and curled into the side netting. Great strike.
Danny O’Neill
16 Posted 26/06/2021 at 17:28:34
Beautiful finish. Ajax academy product I believe.
Dale Self
17 Posted 26/06/2021 at 17:28:55
That was a quality goal. Credit to the Danes, they looked outmatched but turned it on and got the reward
Mike Gaynes
18 Posted 26/06/2021 at 17:32:31
ESPN commentator listing Dolberg's troubles this season. COVID twice, an emergency appendectomy, and a teenaged teammate stole his watch out of his locker during training. And now he cracks one with the world watching. Good on ya, young man.
Dale Self
19 Posted 26/06/2021 at 17:40:38
Not a foul. Ridiculous
Jamie Crowley
20 Posted 26/06/2021 at 17:40:40
I'm just glad Dolberg didn't have a concussion. We'd have to listen to Taylor Twellman preach for an hour.


Mike Gaynes
21 Posted 26/06/2021 at 17:44:14
Blunder by the ref. Should be overturned on appeal and allow him to play if Wales go through. Which I don't think they will.
Jamie Crowley
22 Posted 26/06/2021 at 18:06:08
Terrible defending, Awful.
Mike Gaynes
23 Posted 26/06/2021 at 18:07:17
VAR checking the foul in the buildup.
Mike Gaynes
24 Posted 26/06/2021 at 18:07:44
Goal stands. Wales officially an endangered species.
Brent Stephens
25 Posted 26/06/2021 at 18:08:08
Nico Willams
Brendan McLaughlin
26 Posted 26/06/2021 at 18:09:25
2-0 FFS! Rafa out!
Jamie Crowley
27 Posted 26/06/2021 at 18:10:16
The Welsh will be livid at the ref. They've no one to blame but themselves frankly.

You don't clear a ball laterally. And if you do, it should be in the stands. Awful clearance and also the defender was beaten prior to that badly.

Mike Gaynes
28 Posted 26/06/2021 at 18:11:02
Taylor Twellman bemoaning the ref mistake, and yes this young German ref is blowing a hole in his career, but Wales really have nobody to blame for that goal but themselves. That was a train wreck at the back.
Jamie Crowley
29 Posted 26/06/2021 at 18:11:32
Mike -

Great minds and all that.

Joe McMahon
30 Posted 26/06/2021 at 18:15:20
Mike 100% correct, clutching at straws in desperation, but was a horrendous goal to conceded. There is no one else to blame, Denmark running rings round Wales unfortunately.
Brian Murray
31 Posted 26/06/2021 at 18:17:22
Taffy apples like Blighty on Tuesday, coming home
Mike Gaynes
32 Posted 26/06/2021 at 18:18:33
Denmark subbing out Damsgaard and Delaney to keep them fresh for the next round. Now THAT's confidence. And totally warranted IMO.
Rob Halligan
33 Posted 26/06/2021 at 18:20:51
Martin Braithwaite, and Thomas Delaney, great Danish names, a bit like that well known Dubliner Seamus O'Shaugnessy who plays for Finland.
Mike Gaynes
34 Posted 26/06/2021 at 18:27:13
Right, Rob. Like those great traditional Russian internationals Mario Fernandes and Roman Neustädter.
Jeff Armstrong
35 Posted 26/06/2021 at 18:31:45
Remember Joe Brown winning the World Cup with Argentina in 86, well Jose Luis Brown, centre half he was.
Paul Tran
36 Posted 26/06/2021 at 18:33:14
Wales aren't keeping it tight and they're don't look like nicking one.
Rob Halligan
37 Posted 26/06/2021 at 18:34:35
Jeff, who was the chain smoking Argentinian manager who won the World Cup? Wasn't his name Brown?
Julian Exshaw
38 Posted 26/06/2021 at 18:34:51
What was the name of the full back we had from Denmark? Was it Lars Somethingsen??
Barry Rathbone
39 Posted 26/06/2021 at 18:35:41
Teams that play in white always look silky smooth our second kit should be white
Jeff Armstrong
40 Posted 26/06/2021 at 18:36:37
Mennoti Rob, but he he had brown fingers off the cigs
Julian Exshaw
41 Posted 26/06/2021 at 18:37:26
You're right Barry. I've often thought about that.
Rob Halligan
42 Posted 26/06/2021 at 18:39:33
Cheers Jeff. Sounds like Brown! 😀😀😀
Jeff Armstrong
43 Posted 26/06/2021 at 18:39:38
Lars Jacobsen, replaced Hibbo after a tough first half.
Danny O’Neill
44 Posted 26/06/2021 at 18:41:30
Footballers always love to play in all white. I have a picture of me with trophies, but won't subject you all to it!!
Julian Exshaw
45 Posted 26/06/2021 at 18:43:54
Lars Jacobsen...thanks Jeff.
Mike Gaynes
46 Posted 26/06/2021 at 18:43:59
How do they not score there?
Mike Gaynes
47 Posted 26/06/2021 at 18:45:26
I hated playing in white. Could never get the stains out.
Julian Exshaw
48 Posted 26/06/2021 at 18:45:35
Is there a lot of interest in this championships in US, Mike?
Mike Gaynes
49 Posted 26/06/2021 at 18:46:05
And 3.

Wales extinct.

Jeff Armstrong
50 Posted 26/06/2021 at 18:47:22
2 weeks ago this exact time, who would have predicted this for Denmark, it is the the beautiful game.
Mike Gaynes
51 Posted 26/06/2021 at 18:48:00
Julian, I think not. All the games are on live TV, but the sports news is paying it scant attention because the NBA and hockey playoffs are peaking right now.

Even the Eriksen story was only a headliner for the day of... little followup.

Rob Halligan
52 Posted 26/06/2021 at 18:48:14
Harsh red card
Jeff Armstrong
53 Posted 26/06/2021 at 18:48:28
Ref is useless, never a red
Barry Rathbone
54 Posted 26/06/2021 at 18:48:34
Can we buy the Danish team please?
Jamie Crowley
55 Posted 26/06/2021 at 18:48:56
Looked a red in real time.

Looked a yellow with replay.

Frank Wade
56 Posted 26/06/2021 at 18:49:44
Great refereeing, blatant kick at a player. What a pity we don't have more refs with courage to apply the laws.
Nick Page
57 Posted 26/06/2021 at 18:49:50
Amazing how our DoF hasn't bought any of these. Must have the laziest scouting network in world football but hardly surprised.
Mike Gaynes
58 Posted 26/06/2021 at 18:50:18
Third major mistake by this young German ref. He won't be getting another international game anytime soon.

Incidentally, his name is Daniel Siebert -- same name as an infamous American serial killer.

Rob Halligan
59 Posted 26/06/2021 at 18:50:33
Mad dog Tommy Gravesen will be happy! 😀😀
Mike Gaynes
60 Posted 26/06/2021 at 18:51:14
The ref was just the recipient of a Baleful glare.
Julian Exshaw
61 Posted 26/06/2021 at 18:52:51
Let's face it, on paper you'd say Denmark had an average squad. But you see the benefit of good coaching and organisation and players who give a damn.
Jamie Crowley
62 Posted 26/06/2021 at 18:53:17
Denmark flying. 4-0. VAR taking WAY too long
Mike Gaynes
63 Posted 26/06/2021 at 18:53:39
Disagree, Frank. Clear yellow but the contact was on the foot, not the leg, and no studs showing. Didn't leave the ground. Way harsh for me. And I suspect the referee assessor will agree.
Jamie Crowley
64 Posted 26/06/2021 at 18:53:51
Oh for this level of industry, commitment, and effort from Everton.
Julian Exshaw
65 Posted 26/06/2021 at 18:56:06
Exactly Jamie. What we could and should have achieved last season. As Judge Judy says ' shudda, wudda, cudda'!!
Joe McMahon
66 Posted 26/06/2021 at 18:57:04
Jeff, he did. The colossas known as Hibbert was getting skined, by the very good Malouda.
Brian Murray
67 Posted 26/06/2021 at 18:57:11
Just like that other Hummel wearing exiting skilful team. Aston Villa
Mike Gaynes
68 Posted 26/06/2021 at 18:58:46
Julian & Jamie, give 'em credit also for exquisite technical execution. Wales had just as much passion and commitment, but they made mistakes and Denmark simply did not.
Danny O’Neill
69 Posted 26/06/2021 at 19:08:26
My dark horses and outside shout before the tournament.
Barry Rathbone
70 Posted 26/06/2021 at 19:12:02
Don't know why they're trying to talk up Gareth Bale he's clearly on the way out just let it go
Henrik Lyngsie
71 Posted 26/06/2021 at 19:12:26
Man of The Match Kasper Hjulmand
Mike Gaynes
72 Posted 26/06/2021 at 19:17:15
Henrik, think he'd like to manage Everton? I'd hire him in a second based on this game alone.
Will Mabon
73 Posted 26/06/2021 at 19:18:42
Bale's pace was the icing on his game. He can still shift a bit but the fire's died down; no more stepping past players like they aren't there.
Henrik Lyngsie
74 Posted 26/06/2021 at 19:21:32
Mike, he would love to manage in the PL. His only foreign experience was with Mainz in the Bundesliga. He replaced Tuchel but lasted less than a season. If he was offered a job in the PL in a top half club he would take it.
Jeff Armstrong
75 Posted 26/06/2021 at 19:25:42
Joe, I think it was the only decent game Malouda had for them!
Mike Gaynes
76 Posted 26/06/2021 at 19:28:08
So, anybody here doubting the outcome of this game?
Phil (Kelsall) Roberts
77 Posted 26/06/2021 at 19:28:27
Jamie, lots of Islands in the North Atlantic. Depends how big you want them to be.

Iceland, Greenland, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Svalbard, Lofoten chain, Rockall, Ireland, Great Britain and a pile of islands of the coast of Great Britain and really too many to name, Orkneys, Shetland, Faroe Islands,, , , , , , , 😉 and they are just from memory.

Mike Gaynes
78 Posted 26/06/2021 at 19:31:21
Phil, nobody likes a show-off.


Jamie Crowley
79 Posted 26/06/2021 at 20:17:22
Phil -

Funny reading Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. I don't even consider those "North Atlantic" as my mind was over yonder, not on my side of the ocean. But indeed, they are North Atlantic!

What a save by the Austrian keeper!

Mike Gaynes
80 Posted 26/06/2021 at 20:24:31
Jamie, if you want to get technical about it, Bermuda and the Bahamas are also islands in the North Atlantic. For that matter, so is Miami Beach.
Rob Halligan
81 Posted 26/06/2021 at 20:39:18
Place I'm going too on Monday is in the Atlantic.
Mike Gaynes
82 Posted 26/06/2021 at 20:41:16
Azores, Rob?
Rob Halligan
83 Posted 26/06/2021 at 20:41:43
Nearly, Mike. Madeira.
Mike Gaynes
84 Posted 26/06/2021 at 20:43:36
Envious, Rob. It's gonna be 110 degrees on Monday here in the Pacific Northwest.
Rob Halligan
85 Posted 26/06/2021 at 20:46:14
Phil # 77 missed out the Canaries. All islands in the Atlantic.
Jay Wood

86 Posted 26/06/2021 at 21:05:29
Impressed by Austria in that first half against possibly the standout team of the group stage.

Tactically sound, well-organised, composed on the ball even when pressed high, good breakout moves. Just missing a little more composure in the final third.

Could be a surprise on here if they get that one chance.

Mike Gaynes
87 Posted 26/06/2021 at 21:08:18
Jay, yep, and if it goes to pens, watch out. Bachmann saved three for Watford in a League Cup shootout.
Bill Gall
88 Posted 26/06/2021 at 21:11:31
Nova Scotia is not an island it is part of Canada with its border at New Brunswick. Bay of Fundy one side and the Northumberland Straight the other side, separating it from Prince Edward Island.
Jeff Armstrong
89 Posted 26/06/2021 at 21:11:43
Austria coming more and more into this, shock on the cards maybe, Sabitzer looks a good player.

Good tie this.

Mike Gaynes
90 Posted 26/06/2021 at 21:18:28
Sabitzer definitely should have been booked for that one.
Jeff Armstrong
91 Posted 26/06/2021 at 21:22:26
Arnie scores



Mike Gaynes
92 Posted 26/06/2021 at 21:22:33
Mike Gaynes
93 Posted 26/06/2021 at 21:23:59
It does look offside.
Jeff Armstrong
94 Posted 26/06/2021 at 21:25:47
Sabitzer 40 goals from midfield for RBL, will score the winner!
Jamie Crowley
95 Posted 26/06/2021 at 21:25:52
VAR got that right. Offside.
Mike Gaynes
96 Posted 26/06/2021 at 21:27:26
Italy lucky. And Mancini properly responding to the alarm bells with the two quick subs.
Jeff Armstrong
97 Posted 26/06/2021 at 21:30:08
Mancini's assistant with the “Joke shop” face is amusing me these last couple of games.
Jamie Crowley
98 Posted 26/06/2021 at 21:30:50
Mike -

I thought Mancini was very lucky. Very late for those subs. Austria had been at it for like 5-7 minutes prior to that. I thought he dallied on the substitutions. Not good.

David Pearl
99 Posted 26/06/2021 at 21:31:17
Poor these Italians. Or are Austria surprisingly good? Wide open this tournament.
Jeff Armstrong
100 Posted 26/06/2021 at 21:32:16
No way that's a pen
Jamie Crowley
101 Posted 26/06/2021 at 21:33:21
Never a pen. David - I think Austria have risen to the occasion, more so than the Italians not playing well.

Austria have been good. Soaked up pressure and countering when they can. They've been good.

Dale Self
102 Posted 26/06/2021 at 21:33:43

Offside saved Guido. That was going to the spot.

Jeff Armstrong
103 Posted 26/06/2021 at 21:34:28
Mike Gaynes
104 Posted 26/06/2021 at 21:34:51
If anybody's interested, here's the Austrian keeper against pens:
Julian Exshaw
105 Posted 26/06/2021 at 21:35:28
Italy have no Ronaldo, obviously. No really creative players. This could go either way.
David Pearl
106 Posted 26/06/2021 at 21:37:18
Jamie, Austria really have grown into the game. Italians look a bit 'leggy'
Jamie Crowley
107 Posted 26/06/2021 at 21:38:42
Agreed David. Why I was disappointed with Mancini not subbing earlier.

If that were Everton I'd have been screaming at the TV to make subs.

Tony McNulty
108 Posted 26/06/2021 at 21:39:17
Commentator has just informed us that, "one goal could be really significant."

These guys presumably do get paid for these insights?

Mike Hughes
109 Posted 26/06/2021 at 21:41:08
Bellotti looks like Tony Cottee.
Or is it the ale?
Jamie Crowley
110 Posted 26/06/2021 at 21:41:59
Dude - Italian guy goes all Hollywood instead of getting his body behind the ball and brining it down with his chest. Idiot.

I'd never sub Immobile either.

Mancini not getting good marks by Crowley.

Mike Gaynes
111 Posted 26/06/2021 at 21:42:33
Must be the ale, Mike. Italy doesn't have a Bellini.

Jamie, that sub was necessary... he was looking pretty Immobile the last 20 minutes.

David Pearl
112 Posted 26/06/2021 at 21:42:41
Jamie, Denmarks manager impressed me, the way he changed shape to nullify Wales threat so they could take over the game after 20 mins
Jeff Armstrong
113 Posted 26/06/2021 at 21:42:58
Italy pushing for winner now, Austria happy for ET?

Schlager 23 has impressed for Austria.

Mike Hughes
114 Posted 26/06/2021 at 21:44:16
Ha! That was a typo that has now been edited, Mike. (Predictive text).
(The ale might have played a small part).
Jamie Crowley
115 Posted 26/06/2021 at 21:44:42
Even an immobile Immobile is more mobile than an immobile sub.
Brendan McLaughlin
116 Posted 26/06/2021 at 21:47:30
Must be the ale...certainly not the cider given the price?
Jamie Crowley
117 Posted 26/06/2021 at 21:47:39
I would never, ever kick the ball into touch for an injured player.

It's the ref's job to blow up for injury.

Way too much faking and time wasting. A guy going down softly would motivate me to score even more.

Mike Gaynes
118 Posted 26/06/2021 at 21:47:40
Chiesa is more mobile than Immobile at 80 minutes.
Colin Glassar
119 Posted 26/06/2021 at 21:50:24
I blame the FSW for this!!
Julian Exshaw
120 Posted 26/06/2021 at 21:51:20
Mancini is a good advert for Italian food. Not an ounce of fat on him.
Jamie Crowley
121 Posted 26/06/2021 at 21:51:53
He is fit.
Dale Self
122 Posted 26/06/2021 at 21:52:24
Not on the level of Turkey Senegal WC2002 but a good 0-0 at 90m

If they kill that dive I love VAR

David Pearl
123 Posted 26/06/2021 at 21:52:41
Austria great shape at the back, nice and strong.
Jamie Crowley
124 Posted 26/06/2021 at 21:53:23
Phone home! ET!

Getting my coat.

Jeff Armstrong
125 Posted 26/06/2021 at 21:53:28
Nice observation Jamie121😉
Mike Gaynes
126 Posted 26/06/2021 at 21:55:19
Jamie #117, strongly disagree. Nobody's going to fake an injury and leave his team short of cover in the 89th minute of a tied Euro game.

There's a right way to play the game. I kick it out. Every time. For 50 years now.

Jay Wood

127 Posted 26/06/2021 at 21:58:21
Austria bested Italy again that 2nd half. Deserve to be through already. Largely nullified Italy's threat and better in the final 3rd than they were in the 1st half.

A winner in ET, or pens?

Bill Gall
128 Posted 26/06/2021 at 21:58:46
maybe we should look at hiring the Austria coach

or the coach of the loosing team

Jamie Crowley
129 Posted 26/06/2021 at 21:59:57
Not for me Mike. The right way to play the game is to let the ref do his job.

And sorry, there's far, far too much faking and diving for me to ever stop playing until the ref says so.

People feign injury all the time past the 80th minute to kill time. Happens constantly.

Julian Exshaw
130 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:00:12
I had an ex girlfriend from Austria and she messed with my head. Long story. So come on Italy!! :)
Jamie Crowley
131 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:01:40
Hahaha Julian. Hold that country to ransom for that woman's fell deeds!!
Jeff Armstrong
132 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:01:40
Mike Gaynes
133 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:02:59
And there it is.

Great goal from the teammate of Weston McKennie.

Brendan McLaughlin
134 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:03:08
Jamie Crowley
135 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:03:10
GREAT goal. Wow. Cream rises to the top
David Pearl
136 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:03:43
What a finish
Julian Exshaw
137 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:03:48
Indeed Jamie. Italy just made me smile
Jamie Crowley
138 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:04:15
Amazing control. Really great goal.
David Pearl
139 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:04:22
Julian, cars and women
Jamie Crowley
140 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:05:16
Is that Immoblile's sub??? 😂
Mike Gaynes
141 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:05:33
He turned out to be a pretty good sub after all.
Jeff Armstrong
142 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:06:38
Can't believe he took Arnie off, Ffs you need a Gol
Julian Exshaw
143 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:07:33
I had a couple David...both Lancias!
Alan McGuffog
144 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:07:49
Took it like Brett Angel in his prime
Jamie Crowley
145 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:07:56
Mike -

More Crowley genius, that. 🙄

James Flynn
146 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:09:38
Mike (126) - We have to remember that Jamie is a hockey player.
Jamie Crowley
147 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:10:35
Couple pucks to the noggin.
Jeff Armstrong
148 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:13:34
Proves Carlo IS a dinosaur, Italy go and get a second!
Jamie Crowley
149 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:13:52
That's all she wrote. Julian Exshaw - party like it's 1999.
Mike Gaynes
150 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:13:54
Viva Italia.
Robert Tressell
151 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:15:09
Feel for the Austrians. They've been magnificent. The work rate of their midfield puts our lot to shame
Mike Hughes
152 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:16:56
Brendan #116
I'm surprised you remembered that!!!
It was the day WBA beat the RS first game of the season.
Julian Exshaw
153 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:17:19
Yes Jamie. Have a nice glass of Primitivo di Puglia to help me!!
Jeff Armstrong
154 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:17:50
Imagine Carlo in the team huddle, raises one eyebrow, shrugs shoulders, sips on his coffee, fucks off!
David Pearl
155 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:18:05
Maybe some more goals on the break for Italy. Class off the bench... just like erm.

And Bowlorama for ltaly class too

Jay Wood

156 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:18:57
Italy deadly when they needed to be.

Austria continued to play well after conceding the first, but it will be a Herculean effort by them to haul themselves back into this game now.

Jamie Crowley
157 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:19:35
Julian -

The wife is out of town. Went to the local Poker Room last night and took $100 up to $505. All the while ordering beers from ridiculously dressed and marvelous looking waitresses.

Went home and had half a bottle of Chardonnay.

I'm not drinking shit today! ;0)
But I might go play more poker later.

Jeff Armstrong
158 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:22:02
Jamie, half a bottle ?
Jamie Crowley
159 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:23:01
After like 8 beers Jeff!
David Pearl
160 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:23:41
Jamie, was the chardonay in a flask?
Julian Exshaw
161 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:23:52
Jamie. I'd shred that last message if I were you mate. Your secret is safe here though. What happens on ToffeeWeb, stays on ToffeeWeb. :)
James Flynn
162 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:24:33
Jamie (147) - Nah brother. Bring that passion.
David Pearl
163 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:26:18
Haha, it does Julian
Mike Gaynes
164 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:26:58
That's the first goal Italy have given up since last September or something.
Jamie Crowley
165 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:27:16
Hold that thought. 2-1

Crazy!!! WHAT A HEADER! Insane.

Jeff Armstrong
166 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:27:35
Bet the Chardonnay had an umbrella and a sparkler in it, Jamie treating himself.
James Flynn
167 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:27:47
Have no dog in this fight. A fun game. Get it to penalties.
Jamie Crowley
168 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:28:12
I love Chardonnay. Sue me!
Mike Gaynes
169 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:28:32
And a cherry, Jeff. You know what Florida yuppies are like.
Julian Exshaw
170 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:29:40
One sip of Italian Jamie and you never go back!
Jeff Armstrong
171 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:30:33
Jamie,168, that would make a great T-shirt
Mike Gaynes
172 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:31:41
Jamie #168, see, I knew you were secretly a liberal.
David Pearl
173 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:32:21
Jeff, would they make them in mens sizes too.
Brendan McLaughlin
174 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:32:28
Good of my favourite ever threads on TW. Was chatting recently to one of my Everton/TW mates about the end of lockdown and the predicted increase in the price of a pint...we were hysterical about a Mike Hughes 2021 post-covid response.
A ToffeeWeb classic Mike...ya did more than good.
Jamie Crowley
175 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:33:24
Julian -

I drink Chiantis all the time. Dunno if that counts?

Julian Exshaw
176 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:34:14
Hell yeah Jamie
Jamie Crowley
177 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:34:54
Italy, like an entire nation, exhale.

Everyone be well. Tomorrow's games will be great.

James Flynn
178 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:35:32
Jamie probably rips out the cork with his teeth and drinks straight from the bottle.

At least he's graduated from Boones Farm.

Jay Wood

179 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:35:40
Extremely well played Austria. Enjoyed that.
Mike Gaynes
180 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:36:11
Been fun, guys. Let's do it again tomorrow. Belgium, baby!
Jeff Armstrong
181 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:37:58
Enjoyed that tonight, Austria made it worthwhile.
David Pearl
182 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:38:13
Looking forward to Belgium vs Ronaldo. Great tournament this, enjoying it
Mike Hughes
183 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:38:51
Brendan #174
£3.80 a pint was a bit steep to be fair.
And, yes, you read that correctly.
For. One. Pint.
David Pearl
184 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:43:01
Mike, try drinking in Canada at $8 a pint, plus tax and tip.

Every night out cost me $100 🥳

Jeff Armstrong
185 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:46:52
Nobody's drinking Canada Dry !
Brendan McLaughlin
186 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:48:27
David 184 & Mike 183
There's a top TV show right there!
Mike Hughes
187 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:50:02
Brendan McLaughlin
188 Posted 26/06/2021 at 22:57:45
Indeed Mike#187
And COPing (Cider Over Priced) hadn't been formed back it was difficult. It's different now...there is support available. Phone....
Mike Hughes
189 Posted 26/06/2021 at 23:06:11
Brendan #188
I deleted that post.
Too painful.
Best move on.

Mike Hughes
190 Posted 27/06/2021 at 00:08:45
That's almost four quid.
Danny O’Neill
191 Posted 27/06/2021 at 08:45:55
I called Denmark as my dark horse before the tournament. A lot of good talent coming out of the Danish system right now (see Brentford). Please go shopping there Mr Brands.

Italy were patient and clinical when it mattered. My close second favourites, but looking like they could do this.

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