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Fan-designed alternatives to the new badge

As the fallout from the rollout of the club's much-maligned badge redesign continues, fans have been taking to Photoshop to craft their own visions of what they think the Everton crest should look like so we thought we would try and collect them all in one place for fans to view.

Below are some of the best offerings from Evertonians and a few suggestions of our own as alternatives to the one designed by a Liverpool fan, overseen by a Liverpool-supporting Commerical Director under the auspices of an ex-Liverpool Director of Communications.

Obviously, our preference would be to reinstate the old crest but if the club are hell-bent on something that is easier to produce – with the motto or without – then we thought it would be good to pull together some visions from the fanbase.

Adaptations of the "beehive"

Beehive adaptations

Wreath-based crests


Tweaks to the preferred crest

Tweaks to the existing crest





Later additions


Some of these have been circulating on Twitter and Facebook so we don't have credits for all of them. Feel free to email us at or send us a message through our Contact form if you have any more detail of the designer or have an attempt of your own (particularly if you are a professional graphic designer yourself).

Lyndon Lloyd     Posted 28/05/2013

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Reader Comments

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Clarence Yurcan
046 Posted 28/05/2013 at 00:16:25
Many of these are really sharp looking
Mark Pierpoint
048 Posted 28/05/2013 at 00:15:00
Some of these put the 'professionals' to shame. We could take any number of them, but if I had to choose it would be number 11. Would work well digitally and on merchandise.
Nick Brown
049 Posted 28/05/2013 at 00:16:29
Milky One Design is the best so far, I would say.
Eugene Ruane
054 Posted 28/05/2013 at 00:37:43
The wreath on the right has everything - class.

Same goes for the disc on the left.

All the behives are shite.

(I'm not an expert but do have a degree in industrial art and design)

Wayne McNee
055 Posted 28/05/2013 at 00:42:15
Every one is better than the clubs effort!?

How embarrassing for them.

It's not just that the fans had no input & they're throwing a strop, it's just crap.

Yet another PR disaster.

Patrick Murphy
056 Posted 28/05/2013 at 00:43:21
Any of 2, 6 or 14 would be my choice but 14 would probably be my favourite.
Clive McBride
061 Posted 28/05/2013 at 00:56:45
Just goes to show how much effort the professionals put into designing the new crest....sod all! All these are so much better.
Dan Dorrington
063 Posted 28/05/2013 at 00:57:16
6 says it all.
Jamie Sweet
064 Posted 28/05/2013 at 00:55:12
Number 6 stands out for me. Looks good on the shirt too:

I also quite like the discs.

Would have to be one which retains NSNO for me.

Most significantly - none of them look like they were drawn by a pre-school child.

Patrick Murphy
066 Posted 28/05/2013 at 01:05:23
I am not a number I am a real Crest!
Tommy Meehan
067 Posted 28/05/2013 at 01:01:16
That Milky One design is really smart. Discs look good as well. Steven Dyson's Tower design is really economical as too. I look at these and then look at what the club have just brought out and think, why? I mean it obviously wasn't that difficult to produce a tasteful design.

Steve Jones
069 Posted 28/05/2013 at 00:55:06
#8 or 9 Probably does the best job of putting all the elements into a single, contained, unit. So thats likely the best compromise between the 'new' offering and the existing one. Cant say it excites me but it doesnt offend.

#6 Looks good on the shirt, but, is likely just as 'scattered' as the current crest in reproduction terms so why not stay with what we had?!.

For me best option is no change.....if not possible I'd tolerate #9

Ernie Baywood
070 Posted 28/05/2013 at 01:12:52
Number 6 is very classy. The discs also look good if the club wanted to move to a clean, bold badge.

It really says something about how those involved don't 'get' the club, when Evertonians can piss all over their efforts with a fraction of the time and budget.

Ciaran Duff
071 Posted 28/05/2013 at 00:54:53
Unbelievable. It took the club and commercial partners months and how much money to develop the new badge. Within a day or two, the Everton community has come up with some fantastic alternative designs.

Thinking about it now, it would have made much more sense for the club to engage the community to come up with new designs, vote on them etc. That would have been a PR bonus not a PR disaster.
(Personal favourites 2 & 14).
Patrick Murphy
072 Posted 28/05/2013 at 01:22:31
Ciaran I wonder if we should do the same with the Managerial Vacancy? Not a vote of course but perhaps a lottery, everybody buys a ticket for a £100 and then pick five winners for interview and the club have to appoint one those five based on their interview. £1m raised if 10,000 bought a ticket. We could have a new manager every 3 months and raise £4m which would mean the manager could be hired without breaking the clubs bank account.

Bjørn-Ivar Pedersen
075 Posted 28/05/2013 at 01:14:09
Ahh so good to see some real bright heads at work.
Nr. 9 is the most obvious since it's not so far from the one we love.
Of the discs it's nr. 15 that reminds most about Everton.
And from those beehive crests I must say I could settle with nr. 2.

I recon it is way to late to turn now, but at least from next season there should be a change to the better.

Alyson Leonard
078 Posted 28/05/2013 at 01:25:45
Discs the way to go. NSNO.
Derek Thomas
082 Posted 28/05/2013 at 01:55:38
How long did it take how many at what cost...If I were computer savvy I would send all involved the badge fiasco from Bill down the results of googling the words NEW COKE
John Daley
083 Posted 28/05/2013 at 01:52:22
Something along the lines of no.5 would do for me. Always disliked the needless plastering of 'Everton' in large font under/above/within the badge. The yellow strikes me as just a superfluous shite afterthought and adds an air of cheap tackiness to the whole thing.

At least St Ruperts tower doesn't look like the Michelin man's severed head on any of these versions. The one on the clubs choice looks like a cartoon character with two beady little eyes. Keep expecting the creepy fat little fucker to wink at me every time I see it.

Lloyd Farrell
084 Posted 28/05/2013 at 02:05:33
If anyone ever wanted a list of everton crests for a new tattoo this is the place.
I cant imagine for one minute anyone rushing out to get the new badge tattooed anywhere on their body.

All the above look brilliant, my preference would be #6 - that just oozes class.
followed by and one of the three discs, pretty sharp each one of them
followed by #8

I like #6 that much I think that will be my first ever tattoo....

Dan Doran
089 Posted 28/05/2013 at 02:40:29
I just want to say how good it is to see this site (and others) petitioning to try to fix this ugly new badge. I'm from the states so to see this kind of organization and ownership over your club is a kind of foreign concept to me. It's makes me happy to be a football fan and an Everton supporter.

My vote goes to the wreath on the right. Oozes class. That's what the club should be striving for, nothing but the best. Don't know how they forgot that.

Dan Doran
091 Posted 28/05/2013 at 02:55:51
Also, can we gat a poll for a fan favorite? (With the boards choice included in the poll...)
Luke Berry
094 Posted 28/05/2013 at 03:13:56
Six and fifteen for me, either and I would be happy. Look at how sleek Tottenham's new crest look, a cock on an old leather ball. Tradition and style.

Both of those designs have that in abundance, but if I was pushed, my standout favourite is 15. I plumped for it when I first saw it and it jumped off the screen as a modern take on our traditions. All done with class.

Can we get a poll going for these designs and then submit them to the club?

Dan Doran
095 Posted 28/05/2013 at 03:22:24
I think there are two 15's...
Adolf Ng
097 Posted 28/05/2013 at 03:36:50
In fact, all these designs (some of them are really good) illustrate the disastrous approach of the club's is so easy for the club to announce earlier in the season that they are planning to introduce a new crest, with objectives x, y, z...etc., and so they will invite fans to submit new designs into a competition ~~ leaving a selection committee (incl. "branding experts" and fans, etc., you name it) to select the best one.

OK, no crest will satisfy every single fan, but by doing so (not much cost required, is it?) the club can easily justify that they have "extensively consulted" fans inputs, and avoid all the nonsense justification...Oh, Nil Satis Never Mind...
Pat Finegan
098 Posted 28/05/2013 at 00:10:13
The discs, shields and wreaths are all better than the new badge.

If I pissed the word, "Everton" in the snow, took a picture of it and scotched taped it on to a t-shirt it would look better than the new crest. Pissing "Everton" in the snow takes a lot more skill than coming up with a crest like that. It would actually be quite difficult. Unfortunately, it's May.

Pat Finegan
100 Posted 28/05/2013 at 03:55:44
6 and 16 are the best for me. We should get a poll of these going so we can all get behind one design. Vote for your favorite, second favorite and third favorite and tally them up that way. I would be thrilled with half of these. I mean, lets face it, the current badge, beautiful as it is, is kind of all over the place from a marketing/design perspective so we need an update. These all look professional except for the first three. The only reason the first three don't look professional is that they're an adaptation of something that already looks childish. That said, to the designers of those badges, they are all significant improvements on what we have.

I'm quite impressed with all of these, guys.

Ernie Baywood
102 Posted 28/05/2013 at 04:15:41
Lots of calls for 6, however it would never happen as it doesn't adequately answer the brief. Floating items, complexity in the laurel.

Which leads me to wonder whether the new crest is actually a decent effort given that the brief was so flawed and contrary to what Evertonians want.

So who provided the brief? That's a fairly high level document. Presumably the board?

Peter Thistle
103 Posted 28/05/2013 at 04:36:12
I'd take any of those except the beehive ones. Some nice work.
Andrew Lightfoot
106 Posted 28/05/2013 at 05:44:38
14 is perfect. 17 would be if it lost the ribbon. I'd reproduce either on a royal blue shirt and call it my kit.
Shaun Brennan
109 Posted 28/05/2013 at 06:09:22
6, 14 and 17 are brilliant.

Agree with Andrew above, loose the ribbon on 17. Great effort by all though.

John Ford
112 Posted 28/05/2013 at 06:26:12
Love the discs. Like milky one too, but take out the Everton Football Club written at the top. The name is already on the beehive and it would look smarter without the lettering.

I'm no expert but I did have a drawing shown on vision on!

Eric Myles
113 Posted 28/05/2013 at 06:28:48
The discs look surprisingly good. The could be used in all manner of merchandise too, beer coasters, tax disc holders, bottle openers, frisbees

No. 14 gets my vote.

John Ford
114 Posted 28/05/2013 at 06:38:40
Actually yeh, no 17 is shit hot, just take away the ribbon.
Kunal Desai
116 Posted 28/05/2013 at 06:49:29
8 or 9 is my preference.
Paul Andrews
118 Posted 28/05/2013 at 06:56:07
Number 6 is the best by a mile.
Why cant the club ask someone like that,with an obvious talent for design,to create the badge?
I take it the designer of above is local?Does anyone know who it is?
Dickie Langley
119 Posted 28/05/2013 at 06:54:27
No. 17 (but without the ribbon) looks brilliant. For online stuff though, I think the one the club has come up with is best. Sorry. I read the story on the official site about the competition in America this summer, and they showed the crests of the teams before they put the names - there were a few I didn't know who they were, so I think the simplicity and clarity of the club's design were just right.

Again, like most people, I'm no expert, though I had a couple of years working in mobile phone content and had to deal with logos for things like the Olympics and Sonic the Hedgehog - and they keep it simple.

Tim Jones
120 Posted 28/05/2013 at 07:09:18
You are all missing the point the whole exercise in changing the crest was cost. They looked for the CHEAPEST one to reproduce and did not give a flying f*ck what it looked like or what the supporters think .
Steve Pugh
127 Posted 28/05/2013 at 07:30:43
Tim you are a very bitter man. Maybe you should go and get laid.

As for crests, if they want simple and easy to reproduce number 16 without the laurels. I know that they represent winning but it was always the tower that meant Everton to me.

Dennis Stevens
128 Posted 28/05/2013 at 07:28:27
I've seen some other designs on other sites too - be great to see them all consolidated in one place. It seems to me that, even if the club were set on the basic elements of the design being as they've chosen, they could have still produced a version of the new badge that looks smart & stylish instead of cartoon-like & childish. The tower on the new club logo looks like a bloody compost bin!
Norman Merrill
135 Posted 28/05/2013 at 08:35:36
I would go for design No 6
Scott Hamilton
137 Posted 28/05/2013 at 08:30:03
I've always though that our badge with 2 wreaths and the tower looked like an owl. Maybe that's what the club was trying to avoid, people from other countries saying "Who's that team with the 'owl' badge?"...!

I agree that none of the efforts above are worse than the official design and quite a few are better. Interestingly all of the circle/disc designs look great.

I wonder whether our still-born rebranding and our current show of "fan power" will in any way affect the decisions of those that have been approached for the manager position...

Karl Masters
138 Posted 28/05/2013 at 08:29:18
This shows two things. Firstly all these are better than the Official offering ( some are absolutely brilliant ) and show the lack of imagination employed at EFC. Secondly, with all this creative talent out there the Club could have run a competition, saved a fortune and scored a massive PR plus instead of an own goal.

If we really have let a Liverpool fan design this overseen by another Liverpool fan you would have to be completely stupid to let that happen wouldn't you? Beyond belief.

Mick Fleming
140 Posted 28/05/2013 at 08:30:34
Petition now at 20k
Alan Williams
146 Posted 28/05/2013 at 08:48:40
I don’t like the new badge if I’m being honest, on the polo shirt it’s terrible but on flags its ok, but if you read the official site we have changed it many times and in the 70/80’s we had just EFC which didn’t kick up a fuss. At some point they have to try and move us forward and many have suggested some less dramatic changes which are an easier option. Please read the OS on all tabs and it explains why they have done what they have done and it’s an interesting read, again I don’t like the new badge but I praise the club for trying to modernise the clubs brand. We have for too long had parochial sound bites like the “People Club” and “If you know you’re History” we need to move forward and try and sell the brand outside L4 and changes need to be made I’m just not sure the badge on offer is the one but time will tell.
Paul Norman
147 Posted 28/05/2013 at 08:44:12
The main gripe with the new badge for me is that the motto must remain. I don't mind the squat little tower, that's what it is and I think it still looks quite elegant. The 2 laurels I've always thought looked a bit naff anyway, and made the crest far too cluttered. I do quite like the shape of the new shield compared to the old one.

So, great to see the amount of effort that peope have put into this, and my take on those provided:
1. Pretty good, perhaps a bit of work on the placement of the motto required
2. Too busy, I think it's the laurels that do it
3. No, too busy, not really an improvement on what we've currently got.
4. Nice, but where's the motto?
5. Again, no motto, and needs to say Everton, not EFC
6. Really good, no need for Everton on the tower though and/or could probably do with losing the football club bit over the top
7. 8. 9. Not for me, I don't like the shape of the crest, 9 probably the best of a bad bunch for me
10. 11. 12. No, not really feeling the shield
13. 14. 15. I'd go for any 3 of those, but would be inclined to lose the laurels
16. No, and I think it's them bloody laurels that do for it
17. Lose the ribbon and I like it
18. I don't mind that, except I'd be inclined to re-think the motto as I don't like the way it extends the tower

So all in all, it's 1. 6. or any (or all) of the discs for me!

Karl Masters
148 Posted 28/05/2013 at 09:06:02
Alan. I don't think anybody is saying we shouldn't move forward and I personally didn't like the pale blue or the additions of 18 78 and Everton that were just stuck floating around the old crest.

However, the new one is bloody awful and other than the darker blue is a step backwards in every way.

Shaun Laycock
151 Posted 28/05/2013 at 09:16:26

Could you do one of your fan vote thingies and send the results to the club? It could include the current badge and then it would give the club a 'real view' of what the fans are thinking and some viable options on any changes they might make (if indeed they listen to the fans?)

Tony Draper
155 Posted 28/05/2013 at 09:10:26

New latin , motto as follows

kenwright relinquo, relinquere, et nunc !

or in Ancient Greek
(My Dad went to The Collegiate, the top school near St Ruperts Tower)

Αφήστε kenwright, και αφήστε τώρα

Tony Draper
157 Posted 28/05/2013 at 09:33:10
Looks boss in Greek doesn't it ?
Tony Draper
158 Posted 28/05/2013 at 09:34:43
Hopefully the new owners will full all this shite off

Make some noise !

kenwright relinquo !
kenwright relinquo !

kenwright, kenwright, kenwright !

relinquo ! relinquo ! ! relinquo ! ! !

Ray Roche
159 Posted 28/05/2013 at 09:36:38
No 3. By a country mile.
Gareth Morgan
163 Posted 28/05/2013 at 09:54:42
Number 14 all the way.
Mark Pierpoint
164 Posted 28/05/2013 at 09:37:36
I see a lot of people going for #6. Though I don't like the new badge I do understand the need to simplify the badge to use on multiple platforms. There is too much on number 6 and due to this it couldn't be used on smaller items or adequately reproduced on flags etc.

One thing I have begun to appreciate is losing the Latin motto. Totally disagree with Paul. The motto is the thing that makes it difficult to reproduce I suppose. Spurs have lost theirs, City have lost theirs, there is clearly marketing rationale behind it. Look at Bayern Munich, Dortmund etc. Simple.

I don't see the need of 'Everton' plastered on the badge. I do think '1878' should stay as it sets us apart from many 'younger' continental clubs. I think the laurel wreaths add something.

Did originally say number 11. I would now go for something like 18 with the tower simplified like the ones on the discs

James Morgan
165 Posted 28/05/2013 at 09:13:43
I like number 6.
Does nobody else think of Chelsea when looking at the discs though?
Mark Pierpoint
166 Posted 28/05/2013 at 09:58:50
Seriously Ray? The numbers 1-3 are way too busy. I don't think that you can do anything with the tower the way it is currently. Because of this it will always look childlike
David King
170 Posted 28/05/2013 at 09:58:38
14 or 15 for me
Steve Jones
171 Posted 28/05/2013 at 10:05:05
James 166

Yep I see that too....and Rangers.

I think we do need 'Everton' on there somewhere as this is meant to take us into new markets and make us recognisable to non English speakers. Anyone on the planet can recognise Coke or the BBC as their image describes it...we want the same sort of fast recognition.

Tony Draper
172 Posted 28/05/2013 at 10:17:00
See I have Identified the problem here

You all seem to think that a new badge is needed, or will even consider that

New manager YEP
New Players YEP
New Owner YEP

And IF you know your history

The badge we have is fuckin great
And so is:
Z Cars
Royal Blue

Those who understand...............

Tamhas Woods
182 Posted 28/05/2013 at 10:51:53
number 17, I can just see us winning something in that for some reason
Brent Stephens
184 Posted 28/05/2013 at 10:47:36
Would we need to agree the design spec first (to rule out any that don't meet the spec) before any vote? Pointless having anything voted for that doesn't met the agreed spec.

How do we agree the spec?

Brent Stephens
186 Posted 28/05/2013 at 10:58:21
Lyndon "designed by a Liverpool fan, overseen by a Liverpool-supporting Commerical Director under the auspices of an ex-Liverpool Director of Communications".

Loved that!

Duncan McDine
189 Posted 28/05/2013 at 11:00:23
How many tattoos are now out of date?!!!!!

I like the crest ones... number 5 probably as my fave. Would like the motto wrapped around the bottom half of the border though.

Having said this, the original (well the one before the recent change!) is as good if not better.

Duncan McDine
190 Posted 28/05/2013 at 11:05:02
Speaking of tattoos, do you remember the fans competition to design Big Dunc's tattoo? Must be going back to 98 or thereabouts I reckon, but there's a fella who knows how to get the fans on his side despite his many flaws!!!
Dave Lynch
191 Posted 28/05/2013 at 11:03:21
13 for me.
Andrew Bulmer
193 Posted 28/05/2013 at 11:02:35
As Lyndon Lloyd points out and Karl Masters alludes to, there is an extremely troubling core issue here. We appear to have a decision making group/individual that has employed Liverpool fans to help create this badge and therefore presumably many other initiatives within the club.

My background is in processes (booo) There are so many actions that are just plain wrong with this from first to last the mind boggles. Ultimately we have seen what the result can be. Tragically it is almost certain that this is not an isolated/unique situation just a very obvious public one. It would be reasonable to assume that a number have already occurred and that there is more to come no doubt if things don't improve.

The professional competence not to say intellectual capacity of the decision makers here is surely worth review. I just feel tired inside if what we are told is true. Why would this need to be explained as a potential problem when designing the club crest ??

Anyway all these are superior efforts 6 with one less everton and 17 without the ribbon.

Eugene Ruane
206 Posted 28/05/2013 at 10:52:10
Alan Williams (146) - " I don’t like the new badge but I praise the club for trying to modernise the clubs brand. We have for too long had parochial sound bites like the “People Club” and “If you know you’re History” we need to move forward and try and sell the brand outside L4 and changes need to be made I’m just not sure the badge on offer is the one but time will tell"

Total nonsense - and here's why.

Forget badges for a moment and ask what is it that makes people in China, Thailand etc, pay money for the shirts of British football teams.

It is an association or link with success - "I support this team, they are successful"

And the fact is, we've never had enough success (certainly recently) to create the kind of interest that gains big 'support' abroad.

Phrases like 'we need to move forward" are unthinking, meaningless, 80s-speak bollocks imo and PARTICULARLY so regarding Everton.

When Everton start to regularly pick PL titles, THEN we can start to 'move forward', but until then, regarding maximising revenue from Evertonians, moving BACKWARDS is actually the way.

Everton FC are, until there's big change, stuck with it's present support - that's us.

And the most minimal research would show that because we don't regularly win trophies, we take a LOT of pride in our club's history.

In other words, in our history, we CAN find success.

(we're far more likely these days to sing "you've never won fuck all" than "we're gonna win the league")

So to be fucking about 'modernising' our crest right now is beyond dumb (it's practically attempted suicide)

If Everton want revenue from shirts, produce a replica 1930s shirt with the Theo Kelly crest and watch them fly off the shelves.

Be honest, the people in charge of marketing at Everton are fucking hopeless and have fucked-up hopelessly on this

And to be praising them arouses nothing in me but suspicion.

Tony Draper
213 Posted 28/05/2013 at 12:04:49
Stop being careful with that axe Eugene !

Kill bill !

David Cochrane
216 Posted 28/05/2013 at 12:12:49
All the above are very much better than what the club are proposing. I like 4, 6, 9 and 17 the most.

Well done lads !

Mike Hughes
227 Posted 28/05/2013 at 12:25:18
Some great designs. Much better than the fridge magnet efforts of the club.

I'm torn between 17, 18 and 6 though 14 isn't bad either.

6 does look classy though not sure it's distinctive enough.

It's funny how you can get attached to the crest shape. I don't like to see it go though it's a tough call.

Personally would like some amber / yellow on the badge to match my own company logo!!! I don't want to do another re-brand.

Wesley Coles
230 Posted 28/05/2013 at 12:45:35
Number 18 is quality. Modern and includes the stuff we all love about the club.
Paul Mackie
233 Posted 28/05/2013 at 12:49:07
18 is fantastic.
Mike Hughes
235 Posted 28/05/2013 at 12:50:14
Still wouldn't change the "old" badge though. I'm not sure any of these beat it.
Gavin Ramejkis
237 Posted 28/05/2013 at 12:49:24
Eugene #206 couldn't have put it better. The club haven't even got a fucking clue who the bread and butter customer is, you can come up with al the jumbo jumbo market speak you like saying lets break this market, lets break that market but there's no bleeding appetite there so it's pissing money away on a lost cause.
Phil Bellis
239 Posted 28/05/2013 at 12:58:25
I'm with you, Mike

Still think the 1991 version is superb

Mike Rourke
240 Posted 28/05/2013 at 12:58:18
I appreciate the effort put in to these and with a hefty amount of fine tuning something decent could possibly come of them but all they really do for me is make the new badge look less awful.

Better than all of those would be to keep the current badge

Even better than that would be to take a step backwards and go with the classic '83-'91 badge which just so happens to fit all that management speak bollocks about being easier to print. Win-win.

Phil Bellis
241 Posted 28/05/2013 at 13:01:24
Just noticed - the signatories now exceed the season ticket sales; who'd have thought it?

(well, actually...)

Kevin Tully
247 Posted 28/05/2013 at 13:11:07
Ha, Ha, Guy on Merseyside saying the club shop has David Moyes dolls for sale with the new crest on!!

I love the is club!! It's a comedy roadshow.

Eugene Ruane
251 Posted 28/05/2013 at 13:00:34
Tony Draper - "Stop being careful with that axe Eugene!"

SFX: Loud klaxons

C-O-N-G-R-A-T-U-L-A-T-I-O-N-S !!!!!!

(two satsuma-coloured birds wearing bikinis appear with bottles of Pommagne and Lambrini)

You are the ONE MILLIONTH TW contributor to make the 'careful with that axe' reference.

Your prize is the fantastic new Everton crest tattooed on your back

(using a rusty nail and a jar of Quink)

Gavin Ramejkis
252 Posted 28/05/2013 at 13:22:20
Just heard it Kevin, my mate put a picture of it on Facebook last night it doesn't even look like Gollum either, fit for a landfill, there's another picture on there showing an Everton mug with the fucked up crest on it for half price, the packaging has the old logo in the bottom corner, truly amateur
Ged Simpson
254 Posted 28/05/2013 at 13:24:52
"Stop being careful with that axe Eugene!"
Eugene Ruane
255 Posted 28/05/2013 at 13:26:16
Too late Ged - no prize for a million and one.
Kevin Tully
259 Posted 28/05/2013 at 13:26:28
Gav - Did the doll look like he was thinking of making an 88th minute substitution?
Eugene Ruane
268 Posted 28/05/2013 at 13:27:09
Gavin, I'm getting a mental picture of the Antiques Roadshow in the year 3046.

Prick wearing bow-tie looking at that same mug: "Well first of all, I have to ask, how did you come by this piece"

Greedy old pensioner: "Well it's been in the family for more than a hundred years but after that I'm not really sure"

PWB: "Well let me tell you a little about the piece. It's basically a device for drinking tea or coffee"

GOP: "Oh yes..mmm...really"

PWB: "Yes back then they would fill this with a hot drink then drink it like so" (raises mug to lips)

GOP: "Oh yes I wonderful"

PWB: "But the REALLY interesting bit for me is (wipes dust from mug) do you see this crest under all the dust?"

GOP: "Oh yes!"

(more greedy old pensioners start to gather)

PWB: "Well basically it's.......fucking shite so your mug's not worth a wank"

Close-up of gutted greedy old pensioner.

Cue end music.

Julian Wait
276 Posted 28/05/2013 at 13:50:13
17 without the ribbon would be my choice.
Many of the others are worthy too.
Agree we should lose the yellow, it doesn't add anything.
Eugene Ruane
279 Posted 28/05/2013 at 13:56:10
Julian, 17 without the ribbon, that would do me too.
Gavin Ramejkis
280 Posted 28/05/2013 at 13:54:55
Eugene in fucking tears at my desk with that
James Stewart
282 Posted 28/05/2013 at 14:00:12
Some really nice designs. I love the wreath ones. Classy.

Agree with everything said @206. When it comes to PR and branding we are truly pathetic

Rob Noonan
299 Posted 28/05/2013 at 14:18:26
Yes, all very nice but why the fuck are we changing anyway? nothing wrong with original.
Phil Bellis
301 Posted 28/05/2013 at 13:50:21
Alan, 146
..but if you read the official site we have changed it many times and in the 70/80’s we had just EFC which didn’t kick up a fuss"
Whatever was or wasn't on the players' shirts, the 1938 crest was the badge of EFC
Somewhere in the loft, I've got a 1958 copy of "the Encyclopedia of Sport" or somesuch with full-colour plates of the, then, 1st Division clubs' crests, Everton's Nil Satis et al proudly displayed

Tony Draper, 158

Us Old Xaverians would argue with "The Collegiate, the top school near St Ruperts Tower"
Culus meus!

Chad Schofield
303 Posted 28/05/2013 at 13:53:03
I was going to work one up myself, but made a couple of a hybrids:

Originally was just going to do the disc, but it a disc does look a little too Chelsea for my liking. I appreciate that these are tweaks of other people's work, and they're quick jobs rather than getting exact whites or alignments, but all of these go to show that it's not rocket science and how poor the decision of that fat beehive is.

Alasdair Mackay
337 Posted 28/05/2013 at 14:37:57
I like 5 and 17.
Roberto Birquet
339 Posted 28/05/2013 at 14:40:22
Nos 5 or 7 for me. But they don't have the Latin, nil satis...maybe that could simply be added as a line below.

I'm not a fan f No 6 as many others are: too busy, and does not have the outline we're famous for.

ut we did not have the outline in other periods, such as mid-80s - simple tower and wreaths.

Why's this new one called beehive? Fat lower half? It is ugly; pregnant looking.

Alan Williams
347 Posted 28/05/2013 at 13:28:11
Eugene: you really need to step back and have a word with yourself. EFC are trying to market the brand something all you pessimists have choked on about for years, I agree the badge put forward is probably a step too far for us all myself included but they have consulted people like Nike for advise so they have followed a process apart from asking a fans vote to decide which may have appeased everybody but at some point they have to make decisions to take us forward.

Please read the official site as other teams have chosen to do what we have done, as I said above I don’t like it but I back the club in its efforts to try and make us more modern. We need to embrace our History but not at the detriment of our future, my choice would be no 7 on the above. I would like to see this badge scrapped and a pole to fans officially registered with the club to vote otherwise other team’s fans will scupper the vote.

Eugene at some point you have to cut some slack with the club, every decision cant be dissected to the point of ridicule otherwise it damages your point of address you attack my post but I actual agree with you on the badge on offer, why is that so hard to comprehend or is it I praise them be it on a small scale that disgusts you so much?
Mike Hughes
351 Posted 28/05/2013 at 14:43:55
Chad #303 - they both look excellent.
The club must be gutted (a) at the backlash and (b) at the money they could have saved by engaging the fans - something they should have done in the first place.
Richard Reeves
356 Posted 28/05/2013 at 14:11:53
All the beehives are shite, all the wreaths are okay but missing Nil Satis. on 4 and 5 is a no go for me but if it was incorporated onto 5 then that could look quite smart.

All the tweaks to the preferred crest look shite; all the shields look shite; the discs look quite stylish but a little Chelsea-like for me.... and as for the later additions, I think 16 would look good on the jersey but only on the jersey and 17 would look okay minus the ribbon, but again, it's a disc — I wouldn't get rid of the crest for a disc.

All of these designs are better than what the club have produced but still not better than the badge we've just got rid of. The old badge had class and didn't need changing but if they really had to change it for egomaniac reasons then they should've changed the colour of the blue inside the shield to Everton blue without light and shade, just a simple little tweak. Also, going by these designs, I prefer 'EFC' on the badge than 'Everton'.

Jamie Barlow
357 Posted 28/05/2013 at 14:48:29
No6 without Everton on the tower or No17 without the ribbon.
Louis Huglin
374 Posted 28/05/2013 at 14:56:47
No. 5 is pure class. Whoever created that, please contact the club and offer it to them for free, complete assignment of all IPR.

Lyndon - possible to gauge the most popular ones from these comments and run a poll between 5 or 6? Would add to the discourse, give us numbers, and keep tjhe topic trending on twitter and on fansites. Club seems to have deliberately timed the press release on a Bank Holiday weekend, on the day of the CL Final and on the same day it announced our pre-season plans to bury the news cycle. We mustn't let the club ignore us... by keeping the conversation going, the issue won't go away.

Let's keep spreading the word and getting @NoToNewEFCBadge as many follows as possible. Keep up the good work gents.

Would Martinez like the new badge? Doubt it...

Number 5 all the way.

Paul David
389 Posted 28/05/2013 at 15:04:56
The discs all look great.
Ken Crowther
403 Posted 28/05/2013 at 14:47:07
I was fairly relaxed about the whole thing until I got involved on the other thread.

The I looked at the offerings above and understood what is wrong with the "new" crest.

So my "vote" was going to be 6 with the qualification that we don't need the word "Everton" twice. So get rid of it from the tower and lose the "Football Club" bit (almost goes back to the "Everton Football Club Co., Ltd." of Theo's design of 1938) we know what we are.

Then I read the thread properly and realised that Paul Norman #147 had said exactly that; so I'm with you, Paul.

ps: Alan #347... DUCK!

Richard Reeves
405 Posted 28/05/2013 at 15:01:53
As Evertonians we know how important it is to have Rupert's Tower, the victory wreaths and Nil Satis on the badge but, as far as our identity goes, it is just as important to have the crest as many fans and non-fans recognise us from the shape of the badge.

I grew up having the shape of the badge ingrained into my brain as being Everton; in fact, whenever I would see that shape anywhere, I would point out to anyone how it looked like the Everton badge. Getting rid of the crest and the scrolls would be loosing a lot of our identity.

Richard Reeves
429 Posted 28/05/2013 at 15:25:31
Alan Williams (#347) Why didn't you start of your post with your preferred choice being number 7? At least then I wouldn't of had to read anymore of it.

A truly awful choice.

James McCall
452 Posted 28/05/2013 at 15:45:25
I like the crest far right in the later additions with the nsno built in the tower wall, it looks neat sharp and not in your face.
Stuart Mitchell
455 Posted 28/05/2013 at 15:48:48
Love 6 and 11.

I wonder how much we paid that team of idiots to design our new badge!!

Stuart Mitchell
456 Posted 28/05/2013 at 15:50:03
6 and 17 I meant
Robin Cannon
481 Posted 28/05/2013 at 16:01:51
A mixed bag, but nothing noticeably worse than the club's offering, and some that are massively better.

We shouldn't focus on the lack of NSNO; the club can rightly point out that it's been in and out of our badges over the years. While I'd prefer to see it there, it's just the general shiteness of the badge design that should be most heavily opposed.

Even going by the club's supposed requirements (simplified, refreshed, easy to reproduce), #4 is excellent.

Kevin Fowkes
514 Posted 28/05/2013 at 16:29:52
I'd like to throw my hat in the ring with a couple of designs.

Eugene Ruane
561 Posted 28/05/2013 at 15:25:13
Alan Williams (347), you are talking but saying nothing imo.

You appear not to be thinking about WHAT you are saying and instead seem content to spout tuppeny ha'penny marketing guff.

I explained (206) as clearly as possible why, for Everton FC, at this moment in time, in terms crest design, it makes perfect sense to go BACKWARDS, not forwards.

Am I SURE of this?

Never more so, because something like 22,000 (and growing) Evertonians on a petition are saying 'The new one is shite, the old one was fine"

And because a poll of almost 12.000 people on TW says 91% don't like/hate the new badge.

Before this 'redesign', I heard NOT ONE complaint about our badge (did you?)

Consequently to be talking (as you did) in terms of 'praise for trying' is imo complete nonsense.

Praise is given when someone achieves something, not when they fuck something up and this is an IMMENSE fuck up.

I'll be honest, your justifications make you sound like a ludicrous club/BK apologist.

You state..

"EFC are trying to market the brand something all you pessimists have choked on about for years".

Two things.

1) Trying is one thing, getting it right is something entirely different. ALL Everton had to do was was ask the people who buy the merchandise.

2) 'All you pessimists' - this simplistic crap and just sounds like some who works for Everton getting annoyed.

And remember, people aren't BORN pessimists, constant disappontment makes them so (figure it out).

You go on..

"I agree the badge put forward is probably a step too far for us all myself included but they have consulted people like Nike for advise so they have followed a process apart from asking a fans vote to decide which may have appeased everybody but at some point they have to make decisions to take us forward".

Yeah it 'PROBABLY' was (rolls eyes)

Sorry but waffle waffle waffle followed by that marketing phrase again ' take us forward' (nb: but NO specific suggestion how)

Well as you didn't get it first time, I'll repeat it - If 'taking us forward' means pissing off the majority of potential buyers of merchandise, where EXACTLY is the forward part?

As for 'consulting Nike' - so fucking what, are Nike Evertonians?

Do Nike buy Everton shirts and mugs and flags?

(clue - do they fuck!).

Nike might know how to make trillions, but WE know a lot more about Everton FC.

Look at THIS thread - THIS is how it could/should have been done.

Ie: Stick a load of designs up, ask blues to click on their favourite, EVERYONE has their say and (if the designs above are anything to go by) we end up with something decent, rather than something that looks like it was put together by Lennie Peters (one for the teenagers there!)

And I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets suspicious when I read sentences like the following

"We need to embrace our History but not at the detriment of our future"

Meaningless marketing Elstone-style shite that genuinely insults the intelligence - pure fluff.

You finish..

"Eugene at some point you have to cut some slack with the club, every decision cant be dissected to the point of ridicule"

Again, I'm suspicious, firstly by the weasel-speak of EVERY decision and 'dissected to the point of ridicule'.

Fact: It's NOT every decision (I don't give a shite who sponsors us or what brand of pies we sell) just the important ones. And if you want to talk about ridicule, what number of Evertonians on a petition would it take for you to look at our board and think 'hey, maybe these fuckers DESERVE ridicule'

As for you want ME to cut the club some slack?

This (obviously) shows the difference between how you view the world and how I do.

We follow Everton our entire lives, cradle to grave, we pay tens of thousands of pounds and we travel thousands and thousands of miles in that time.

And do we ask to PLAY for Everton?

Do we want free seats?

No we simply want the club to cut US some slack and consult us with decisions like this, especially when it is a) dead easy to do b) US buying the bleeding merchandise on which the crest will appear.

Really, how hard is THAT for you to understand?

By the way - If you still don't get it, fine but I've explained it twice now (as simply as I can) so I won't be responding to anymore "Hey guys, sometimes you need to move on yeah" cobblers.

Tony I'Anson
649 Posted 28/05/2013 at 17:58:38
Apology on official site now and it's getting re-designed again for 2014-15 by the fans.
Luke Berry
660 Posted 28/05/2013 at 11:21:52
Sorry, In meant 6 and 16, the Dyson one.

I'm not having any of the 'floating' or too hard to reproduce nonsense. In this digital age things are easier to produce than ever.

After studying a BA in TV and Production Values I can tell you how easy it is to get a logo on screen. Anything coming from the club is utter lies.

If they want simplified, then 16 all the way.

Plus I had an excellent gif on as my screen saver on my old sony walkman mobile phone. If that phone was capable of powering a gif that rotated, then skysports and ESPN can too.

Patrick Murphy
671 Posted 28/05/2013 at 17:51:23
Eugene Antiques Roadshow will never be the same for me again, bravo sir. But your observation that people aren't born pessimists is untrue at least according to my mate Pessimistic Pete, he is a twin and he distinctly remembers saying that his brother Optimum Olly would get out first and guess what he was right Olly being the elder by 3 minutes.
Louis Huglin
686 Posted 28/05/2013 at 18:10:39
Good on the club for dealing with this within 72 hours – and with a sensible solution. I look forward to getting involved with the process of selecting a great new club crest for 2014-15 and can live with this for one year, if that's all it is.

Huge thanks and congratulations to all Evertonians, all fansites and in particular the gents behind the petition and the @NoToEFCNewBadge twitter account. We have made our voices heard and showed just how powerful the fans can be. Job well done.

Now back to more important matters... IMWT

Patrick Murphy
687 Posted 28/05/2013 at 18:11:41
But they still want to choose a panel of people which I don't understand it would take a week at the most to choose a selection and then let the fans vote on it via the official website or other similar platforms, I'm sorry I think they have just kicked it into the long-grass and hope by this time next year everybody will have forgotten about it.
Alan Williams
701 Posted 28/05/2013 at 18:08:11
Eugene: so I work for EFC now, excellent really shows just how paranoid you really are, its nothing but a difference of opinion, seriously you post complete shit at times and all comes back to anti BK thoughts look at things in isolation its much easier. I spend many thousands on EFC just like other fans but we have different opinions mine is no greater than yours yet you choose to dismiss my post when I actually agree with you about the new badge. As it stands EFC will now consult the fans in 2014/15 season so one of the rules of marketing is to consult your client base and they have, they even say sorry! Now, they look really stupid but at least they changed their minds unlike Man United, Arsenal & Chelsea who all done the same as what we proposed. EFC has to move the brand forward not back History means nothing overseas yet to us its everything but at some point History has to be second its what’s ahead we control the rest is just reading material.
Dean Adams
702 Posted 28/05/2013 at 18:13:28
Proof that the fans hold power, if organised correctly. They could have just ignored us, so this is a small victory. Now we need to sort out who we really want as Manager, be it RM or any other candidate.
Eugene Ruane
715 Posted 28/05/2013 at 18:22:36
Patrick - "I'm sorry I think they have just kicked it into the long-grass and hope by this time next year everybody will have forgotten about it"

You could be right, so the only way to make SURE there's no back-sliding is for sales figures to be nil.

Anyone (other than little kids) prepared to buy anything with this tat on, imo needs a fucking good talking to.

Personally, I think some sort of online pledge might help..

"To make sure the name of Everton FC is not cheapened, I promise not to purchase any item that incorporates the new tatty shitty-arsed crest"

Patrick Murphy
728 Posted 28/05/2013 at 18:33:25
I agree with you Eugene if the sales figures achieve their targets they won't feel the need to change and once it's out there it will be just as difficult to alter as it has been now. What they should do is have at least the shirts where you can buy it with or without a crest.

Eugene Ruane
750 Posted 28/05/2013 at 18:31:06
Alan Williams - "One of the rules of marketing is to consult your client base"

Ha ha ha ha ha, yes indeed it is.

But...(roll on the drums)...BEFORE you make a decision, not fucking after.

Oh sure NOW they want to 'consult us' because we have made our feelings known and they see much-needed revenue vanishing into thin air.

Well keep this in mind - BEFORE their Dodd-style U-turn, you told me I should 'praise them for trying'.

I suggested I thought this was bollocks and now THEY are saying that I and thousands of others were right and admitting THEY fucked up.

Consequently, I'm very glad I stuck to my guns and kept my earlier posts praise-free.

If I hadn't, imo, I'd be looking a right twat right now.

Ken Crowther
782 Posted 28/05/2013 at 18:50:59
Alan #701

Eugene won that one on points (actually it should have been RSF), you were warned!

Alasdair Mackay
841 Posted 28/05/2013 at 19:56:35
I have to say that, reading the statement put out by the club, it seems that Bobby Elstone has had a dressing down from BK.

Bobby obviously had control of this one and told BK that he had consulted the fans. Something which he obviously didn't. Well done BK - you might not have any money, but you do have class!

It takes a big man to admit his mistakes, especially at such a crucial time for the club. Looking forward to seeing what alternative designs are offered.

Harold Matthews
122 Posted 29/05/2013 at 03:06:26
Chad Scofield. Well done mate. Love both designs.

Why are young Evertonians concerned about the Chelsea thing. It has long been an un-written law that we only think, we only talk about one club. The only club. Our club. Everton.FC.

Paul Dark
123 Posted 29/05/2013 at 03:21:32
I think the motto is an integral part of our identity and values - and should therefore remain on the crest.
Derek Thomas
125 Posted 29/05/2013 at 03:34:28
1st step; perform rapid U turn... tick

2nd step; promise to consult fans this time...tick

3rd step; call for submissions ( see above )

4th step; set up the link to 'click on your top 5

5th step; get this going asap

But unless we keep on at them there will be steps 6, 7, 8.

6th step; Do nothing... it seems to be falling off the radar

7th step; Check Jun - Dec 2013 sales figures

8th step; announce in mar 2014 a U turn to the U turn along the lines of operational requirements do not allow enough time to replace the current badge in time for next season.

Alex Higgins
150 Posted 29/05/2013 at 07:38:22
The one thing that shone out on our old crest was elegance and class.It seems Everton's marketing people have left out all the class and elegance and informed us there is no place for such luxuries in the modern promotion theme.The reaction from the people of the peoples club shows there certainly is room for our elegance and class as well as a modern stance.I see all these qualities in effort 6.
We are EVERTON ,a unique club that always plays the game hard and fair and gives opposition credit when credit is due.
Maybe in the modern world this is seen as old fashioned ,so what.
By all means embrace the modern values but not at the expense of our rich traditions.
Alan Williams
163 Posted 29/05/2013 at 08:11:45
Ken, won what? Sorry I'm 43 not 6! Eugene rants on most posts and his opinion is exactly what it is an opinion. The difference is he chooses to bully people off the site by going too far instead of being constructive, we all have opinions which are great but listening to other people’s opinion is a talent he doesn’t have. I have learnt in life you learn far more by listening than talking, peoples perception on things and opinions can be changed if you have constructive dialogue that’s the point of it and if like EFC they have cocked up which we all agree its constructive they have recognised this and issued an apology that makes them very look stupid, but nonetheless they did it and a victory for common sense and the fans. The point of my posts to Eugene is we both actually agree on this but just because I gave them credit for trying to market brand EFC differently I get abuse. EFC marketing have been very active on this and yes cocked up but the fact they are looking at ways to take the brand forward is a positive move. Too many people on this site are just looking to pick holes in everything EFC do, it’s getting very tedious.
George McKane
164 Posted 29/05/2013 at 08:10:02
Further to my earlier comments of TW I managed to get the issue of The Badge onto City Talk Local Radio this morning with Mick Coyle.

I reiterated how great it is to be an Evertonian, my/our pride in our History and that The Club needs to be more in touch with the fans.

You see if you shout up and make comment you can change things.

Well done Blues.

Chad Schofield
289 Posted 29/05/2013 at 13:02:46
Thanks Harold and Mike, let's just hope that the board actually keep their word. I'm still adamant I won't be buying any merchandise with this season's emblem.
Eugene Ruane
322 Posted 29/05/2013 at 13:13:41
Alan Williams (163) - Imo you deal in none-specific fluffery, deflection and commit yourself to nothing and everything.

Then when the going gets tough, you cry 'bully!'

"Eugene rants on most posts and his opinion is exactly what it is an opinion".

My opinion of COURSE is just opinion, but you conveniently ignore the facts.

You want proof?

Fine, here are some of the things I said believing them to be facts, why don't you point out what is just 'opinion'

I said..

"..something like 22,000 (and growing) Evertonians on a petition are saying 'The new one is shite, the old one was fine"

"..a poll of almost 12.000 people on TW says 91% don't like/hate the new badge"

"Before this 'redesign', I heard NOT ONE complaint about our badge (did you?)"

"Praise is given when someone achieves something, not when they fuck something up and this is an IMMENSE fuck up" (nb: sort of opinion but indisputable unless your brain is broken)

"Trying is one thing, getting it right is something entirely different. ALL Everton had to do was was ask the people who buy the merchandise".

"And remember, people aren't BORN pessimists, constant disappontment makes them so".

"As for 'consulting Nike' - so fucking what, are Nike Evertonians? Do Nike buy Everton shirts and mugs and flags? (clue - do they fuck!). Nike might know how to make trillions, but WE know a lot more about Everton FC"

"Look at THIS thread - THIS is how it could/should have been done. Ie: Stick a load of designs up, ask blues to click on their favourite, EVERYONE has their say and (if the designs above are anything to go by) we end up with something decent, rather than something that looks like it was put together by Lennie Peters (one for the teenagers there!)"


You then whine..

"The point of my posts to Eugene is we both actually agree on this but just because I gave them credit for trying to market brand EFC differently I get abuse"

Yes you DO and you deserve it, especially as your praise and credit was advocated BEFORE the U-turn.

Do yourself a favour, read your own posts back and count the amount of times you write "but"

(ie: "I don't like the new crest but...")

You say "Too many people on this site are just looking to pick holes in everything EFC do, it’s getting very tedious"

Like I said at the start, none-specific fluffery and deflection.

I could equally say too many people on this site indulge in weak badly thought-out arguments, then try to deflect away from them when they (inevitably) collapse, Jenga-style.

You sound like you're pissed off and feel comfortable resorting to 'bully' because I won't accept "yeah ok let's agree to disagree"

Well if it's any consolation, post like yours frustrate me in the extreme and here's why.

There is an episode of Hancock's Half Hour that is a pastiche of the Film the 12 Angry Men.

The Jury is 11 to 1 for conviction, Hancock is holding out - not guilty.

He is asked "Why man!? Why in the face of all the evidence? He was caught red handed with the Jewels on him. There were 15 witnesses who saw him throw the brick through the window. Why in the face of all the evidence do you continue to say not guilty?"

Hancock, after a long pause says "Well...he's got such a nice face"

Peter Davies
422 Posted 29/05/2013 at 16:42:15
Number 14 is spot on! Simple but stylish and contains all the elements an Everton crest should have...quite striking really, Whoever thought it up, well done!
Jonathan Matthews
749 Posted 30/05/2013 at 01:56:54
Most of these are better than the officially proposed one. I like #14 the most.
Kevin Fowkes
874 Posted 30/05/2013 at 11:44:24
Can't help myself playing around with Everton crest ideas. Here's my latest one

James Lauwervine
893 Posted 30/05/2013 at 12:08:03
Happy with the official proposed one myself, but of these I think no. 2 with the 18/78 replacing the wreathes. Never liked the helter skelter design so that's probably unfairly excluding a lot of them for me.
Alex Willett
907 Posted 30/05/2013 at 12:45:49
should we not be doing away with the tower and put a red devil in its place instead?
Ken Crowther
915 Posted 30/05/2013 at 13:00:17
Alan #163 (re my #701)

Eugene won the re-match too!

Alan Williams
940 Posted 30/05/2013 at 13:31:08
Is that all you can come up with Eugene? Are you Barry Norman in disguise as I believe in as many days that’s the second movie you have quoted in your post. Really, read back what your rant – yes, rant – it's total rubbish dressed up to attack the simple fact you object to everything connected to EFC board, just admit it. My post annoys you because I don’t go full out with your opinion as you are wrong in so many ways you approach this subject.

History or pedigree is great to have domestically but internationally it’s not seen as important when you’re competing against fellow EPL clubs to establish a trademark. Obsession with History and the way we always like to do things is often a classic failure of a brand about to go bust.

For examples, look at the High Street: Woolworths, Axminster Carpets, HMV and MFI all fell foul because they failed to capture the market ahead and relied on the past to aid them through, which eventually caught up with them. Companies like BA & M&S have had to change their brands and re-design logos to look aspirant in an extremely crowded marketplace — yet they still remain big influential players in their field.

Most of your opinions are based around hindsight and easy soundbites that make you feel better ranting them but you can carry on enjoying your imaginary pick-n-mix at Woolworths whilst I would prefer the board to look at ways of moving Brand Everton forward. The market for EFC is not restricted to L4: we need to branch out. Yes, this should have been done years ago but it can still be retrieved if we stop looking back. History puts absolutely nothing in to your Profit & Loss in today’s football business... sad it may be but that’s just the reality of it; Premier League survival and increasing your P&L year on year is what keeps us alive.

I will go as far now as to say our History is holding us back; we need to respect our History and park it and look forward — it’s the only way we can break this status quo. The first thing I would do is stop playing that stupid song, "If you know your History" — it is a joke.

Peter Truin
944 Posted 30/05/2013 at 14:07:55
Eugene (#322)

Applause for a cracking post, you said it all and I for one think that every single one of the those 'new crest collaborators and sympathisers' should abstain from voting or having opinion on a new crest as they've shown they have no flair or taste to qualify.

ps: I never ever liked the new/existing crest; I could never understand why they changed it in 2000. For me, the shield and the scrolls will always be THE Everton crest.

Ross Edwards
946 Posted 30/05/2013 at 14:20:35
And why not?
Brian Denton
953 Posted 30/05/2013 at 14:32:37
'And why not' what...?
Andrew Bulmer
966 Posted 30/05/2013 at 14:39:25
Alan Williams..A proper process increases the likelihood of success..right thing, by and for right people, at and for right time..right resources right costs etc etc..

1) Did they have to do it..Maybe ..Did they analyse well..who knows ..unlikely.
2) Did they have the right people...The work wasn't tendered a brief not sent out..In house but by LFC fans..
Project stops right there for review likelihood disaster..If you cant see why it should or that this was not a "rigourous process" as Mr Elstone descibes it. Then with all due respect stick to talking about subjects you know something about and/or educate yourself on the same course/real experiences that our CEO needs to go on.

James Lauwervine
062 Posted 30/05/2013 at 17:03:29
Well ranted Alan #940 - might not have come across so much as a rant, by the way, if you'd popped a few paragraph returns in there. Friendly advice, not meant to irritate. IYKYH does my head in every time I hear it played every home game, sung 25 times a game. Yawn.
I declare myself a new crest 'sympathiser' Peter #944. FYI, being in the majority doesn't always make you right.
Peter Truin
073 Posted 30/05/2013 at 17:27:44
James 062

'Being in a majority doesn't always make you right'

Totally agree with you mate but if something is so ugly and widely hated,would you want the same people involved on the remake?

You and Alan Williams seem to dislike a lot of tradition at Everton,if its that bad why bother?

I repeat again,I think those who like the new one should abstain from further input on the Everton crest,they've had their chance

Steve Bell
074 Posted 30/05/2013 at 17:29:11
Like most of us I sent my protest post to EFC. Flipping 'Eck I got a reply today. Curt and to the point. Referring me to there "apology" response on the official site and the reasons for the change. Bog standard reply really. But they could not even spell my surname right. Bell is not rocket science nor hard to spell. Typical slipshod can't be arsed attitude.
Eugene Ruane
075 Posted 30/05/2013 at 17:26:27
Alan Williams (940) - "History puts absolutely nothing in to your P&L in today’s football business, sad it may be but that’s just the reality of it and PL survival and increasing your P&L year on year is what keeps us alive. I will go as far now as to say our History is holding us back , we need to respect our History and park it and look forward it’s the only way we can break this status quo, first thing I would do is stop playing that stupid song, if you know you’re History is a joke"



Eric Myles
080 Posted 30/05/2013 at 17:37:00
"Woolworths, Axminster Carpets HMV and MFI all fell foul because they failed to capture the market ahead and relied on the past to aid them through which eventually caught up with them"

Yeah, they all failed because they failed to change their corporate identity to a Mickey Mouse ClubHouse logo.

Or maybe there were other factors involved? the shift away from carpets? The introduction of the internet, mp3, iTunes and bittorets?

Eric Myles
082 Posted 30/05/2013 at 17:52:56
"increasing your P&L year on year is what keeps us alive"

If you know your history of the Club accounts then you'll know that the P is none existent and the L keeps increasing.

The only thing keeping us alive is the intensive care unit.

Patrick Murphy
083 Posted 30/05/2013 at 17:58:08
This is a decent article by an Evertonian who asks some pertinent questions. A logo re-branding won't make up the for the amateurish way our club proceeds.

Eric Myles
085 Posted 30/05/2013 at 17:59:06
Steve #074 sorry to be the pedantic police.

"Bell is not rocket science nor hard to spell. Typical slipshod can't be arsed attitude. "
"Referring me to there (sic) "apology" response "

Peter Truin
091 Posted 30/05/2013 at 18:09:18
Steve Bell

Got the same myself

Just a thanks for my feedback and a link to the apology on the official site,I'm actually astounded I got a reply,I'll treasure it until I delete it.

Alan Williams
092 Posted 30/05/2013 at 18:02:09

Peter/Andrew, for the record I don’t like the new badge never have from day one don’t be fooled to think I do, on this Eugene and I agree. My point which has been lost a bit is I would rather the club do something to modernise brand Everton than do nothing, the argument in the past was they did nothing and yes that criticism was valid.
Eric Myles
093 Posted 30/05/2013 at 18:02:35
Patrick #728, surely the best solution would be to just turn up in a shirt you already own with the old crest rather than buy one with no crest?

Why waste the money?

Patrick Murphy
097 Posted 30/05/2013 at 18:24:23
I won't be buying one but then again I don't have to waiver to pester power like many parents do and they often find it difficult to say no to their offspring - it was only a suggestion a compromise if you will. However, I don't buy the club's line that it is all too late to change as this season has only just been completed I'm sure that the badges are probably one of the last manufacturing processes and it would be no biggy to change it. The process of choosing a new badge should not take a year as I've said before this could be done in 7-10 days if the will was there to do so.

Peter Truin
100 Posted 30/05/2013 at 18:24:35

I've seen no evidence that changing the crest actually modernises brand Everton,if we want to modernise the Everton brand lets start by bringing someone with fresh ideas and experience to take brand Everton to new markets.

Picking on the crest and then coming up with that was a terrible decision(I know you don't like it)i personally don't believe a word the club say and with regard to the crest I think they could get the shirts printed cheaper with a less complicated crest hence the cartoon badge,imagine if DK had gone ahead,shit stadium,comical crest and we could run out to the mr men theme tune

Eric Myles
104 Posted 30/05/2013 at 18:35:40
Patrick #097, you're right, it's not too late to change, I'm sure if the knock off copies can be made here in Thailand within 48 hours of the new design coming out then the Nike factory here in Thailand can whip up the new crests PDQ.

And considering they only cost 5 Quid for the manufacturer the Club won't be losing any money by ditching the new logo.

Eugene Ruane
117 Posted 30/05/2013 at 18:31:57
Alan Williams (092_ - "My point which has been lost a bit is I would rather the club do something to modernise brand Everton than do nothing".

Your 'point' hasn't been 'lost', we get it.

And I for one think you're talking nonsense and have explained why (206).

As simply as I can (for the last fucking time) put it.

The idea is to make money - agreed?

Well we DID 'modernise' (nb: like you want) and 22.500 said 'fuck off!'

They also said "We like the old one - DON'T modernise'

Which bit of this AREN'T you getting?

If going back NOT forward makes more money, why are you still saying modernise?

You haven't once explained how (re our badge/crest or 'brand' as you seem to prefer) we SUCCESSFULLY 'modernise' (ie 'move forward').

You add - "..the argument in the past was they did nothing and yes that criticism was valid"

Re the badge?


WHAT argument/criticism was there 'in the past' re the badge?

Re the ground and other things, maybe, but this (thread) is about the badge.

James Lauwervine
219 Posted 30/05/2013 at 20:09:20
Peter 073, I promise you I'm immensely proud of our tradition and history, my kids will vouch for that big time ("Yes okay Dad, You've told us about that 100 times already!"). I just don't like the song. For example, 'we don't care what the red shite say'. Okay, well why mention it 25 times a game then. Methinks you doth protest too much and all that. It's an individual song, granted, but I'm sick of it and never really liked it much the first time I heard it many many years ago. Plus, as a football song, the dynamics of it are pretty poor IMO.
Back to the thread and the new crest, I just like and prefer the new design. I would prefer it included the motto, which I'm a fan of. But in general I think it's an improvement. Anyway, it's clearly very unpopular and has drawn a strong negative reaction from a huge amount of people, but I think your comments earlier were a little strong re taste and flair, which I like to think I've got a bit of (but am probably wrong).
Peter Truin
231 Posted 30/05/2013 at 20:53:46
James 219

Hardly protesting too much,for the record I'm not a singer unless pissed at BBQ's with the family(who are all red c****) a grand old team,if they sing it 25 times during a fixture you can't change the "we don't care........" bit because it makes us sound obsessed,maybe Nike,The Fans Forum and Everton in the community can come up with a new song to compliment that abomination they created...........something with taste and flair.

John Keating
639 Posted 31/05/2013 at 16:19:28
Got a reply from Nike regarding the new crest.

They say there was no consultation with the Cub and they had no input.

At least they replied — unlike the fucking Club.

Steve Bell
902 Posted 31/05/2013 at 22:44:31
Eric Myles. Pedantic police or not you are perfectly correct. My spelling was schoolboy error. Apologies, my rush post was ill thought and embarrassing.

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