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Season 2012-13

Opinion, Articles and Talking Points

Contributions from our editorial team, featured columnists and readers.

Starting line-up with an Old Squad?

by Ben Hayes : 30/06/2013 [mailbag]

Championship Manager 1994-95 & Nii Lamptey!

by Sam Higgins : 28/06/2013 [mailbag]

Darron Gibson

by Gerry  Killen : 27/06/2013 [mailbag]

Unlikely... but why we could possibly finish 4th

by Ben Jones : 27/06/2013 [fanscomment]

Where is this site 'close' to Goodison?

by Paul Ellam : 26/06/2013 [mailbag]

Site issues and pop-up ads

by Lyndon Lloyd : 25/06/2013 [edblog]

The Question that Must be Asked

by Richard Tolman : 24/06/2013 [fanscomment]

What can we really expect?

by Jim Harrison : 24/06/2013 [mailbag]

To which point will I support Everton FC?

by Ognjen Mojovic : 24/06/2013 [mailbag]

The Dead Zone

by Lyndon Lloyd : 24/06/2013 [editorial]

Never mind the quality, feel the width?

by Jay Harris : 23/06/2013 [mailbag]

Are First Row and other streams in danger?

by Ged Simpson : 23/06/2013 [mailbag]

Déjà Vu, anyone?

by Andy McNabb : 23/06/2013 [mailbag]

New stadium – new approach

by Patrick Hart : 18/06/2013 [mailbag]

Fixture list due out tomorrow!

by Kieran Fitzgerald : 18/06/2013 [mailbag]

The Tumbleweed Connection

by Michael Kenrick : 16/06/2013 [edblog]

Where He Once Belonged

by Peter Fearon : 16/06/2013 [mailbag]

The truth at last

by Shaun Sparke : 16/06/2013 [mailbag]

Royal Blue in The Emerald Isle - The Story of Club Everton Atha Cliath

by Rob Sawyer : 15/06/2013 [editorial]

Let's Go Back To 2 Points For A Win

by Clarence Yurcan : 14/06/2013 [mailbag]

Flares and football

by Phil Sammon : 13/06/2013 [mailbag]

Possible Free Transfers?

by Richard Parker : 13/06/2013 [mailbag]

Education, Agitation and Admiration

by The Blue Union : 10/06/2013 [fanscomment]

An afternoon with an Everton Legend

by Paul McAllister : 09/06/2013 [fanscomment]

Speed of Signings

by Mark Boulle : 09/06/2013 [mailbag]

New Look ToffeeWeb – an Open Letter

by Mike Green : 09/06/2013 [mailbag]

Mirallas as a Center Forward?

by Gary Russell : 09/06/2013 [mailbag]

A Summer of Opportunity

by Louis Huglin : 06/06/2013 [fanscomment]

Moyes 11 from 11

by Barry Earley : 06/06/2013 [mailbag]

Who's Next?

by Adam Luszniak : 06/06/2013 [mailbag]

Ticking the Boxes

by Lyndon Lloyd : 06/06/2013 [editorial]

Normal service resumed

by Kieran Fitzgerald : 05/06/2013 [mailbag]

We got nothing for him!?!

by Micky Vee : 04/06/2013 [mailbag]

What should we expect?

by Andy Crooks : 04/06/2013 [mailbag]

So it's the lone amigo but what about some backing?

by Clive Rogers : 03/06/2013 [mailbag]

Men in Tights

by Ian Macdonald : 01/06/2013 [fanscomment]

Next Season and the Future...

by Ben Hayes : 01/06/2013 [fanscomment]

And Then There Were Three?

by Lyndon Lloyd : 31/05/2013 [editorial]

Parlez-vous anglais?

by Andrew Lambert : 30/05/2013 [mailbag]

Best of Luck and Peace

by Matt Dean : 30/05/2013 [fanscomment]

Bill’s Big Decision

by Mark Eaton : 29/05/2013 [fanscomment]

The type of manager we all want

by Gavin Wadeson : 29/05/2013 [mailbag]

What Do The Stats Say?

by David Stuart : 29/05/2013 [mailbag]

Moyes leaves... staff cheer

by Bob Davis : 29/05/2013 [mailbag]

The Case for Roberto Martinez

by Al Philby : 29/05/2013 [mailbag]

Misfortune or Carelessness or Worse?

by Rupert Sullivan : 28/05/2013 [fanscomment]

Have we got our priorities right?

by Daniel Johnson : 28/05/2013 [mailbag]

Fan-designed alternatives to the new badge

by Lyndon Lloyd : 28/05/2013 [edblog]

The Five Stages of Grief

by John Delannoy : 27/05/2013 [fanscomment]

Open Letter to Everton FC

by Joe Jennings (@NoToNewEFCBadge) : 27/05/2013 [fanscomment]

The Kings, The Knights and the Lepers.

by Ian Robert : 27/05/2013 [fanscomment]

What do we ask of our new manager?

by Richard Dodd : 26/05/2013 [mailbag]

Goal scorer

by Jonathon Edwards : 26/05/2013 [mailbag]

In other news – The Crest

by James Marshall : 26/05/2013 [mailbag]

Crestfallen – The Undermining of the Everton Brand

by Lyndon Lloyd : 25/05/2013 [editorial]

Do they need to change the rules?

by Declan Burke : 25/05/2013 [mailbag]

Tick Tock went the Clock...

by Daniel Johnson : 25/05/2013 [fanscomment]

The recent love affair with Slaven Bilic

by Dave Trudgeon : 25/05/2013 [mailbag]

A Growing Unease

by Sid Logan : 24/05/2013 [fanscomment]

Addressing the Criticisms of Moyes's Performance at Everton

by Marko Poutiainen : 24/05/2013 [fanscomment]

One last signing, Mr Moyes

by Stefan Tosev : 24/05/2013 [fanscomment]

Trying to be logical about it all...

by Mark Tanton : 24/05/2013 [mailbag]

Why Bielsa is the man for Everton

by Steve Ferns : 23/05/2013 [fanscomment]

Kenwright's Decision?

by Brian Hill : 23/05/2013 [mailbag]

Guiness is good for you, Everton

by Gerry Quinn : 22/05/2013 [mailbag]

Waiting for Roberto?

by Richard Dodd : 22/05/2013 [mailbag]

Thank you Davie Moyes (Not!)

by Charlie Martin : 21/05/2013 [mailbag]

Bringing In A Winner

by John Hughes : 21/05/2013 [mailbag]

Top memories of True Everton Legends

by Derek Wadeson : 20/05/2013 [fanscomment]

From my seat: Chelsea (A)

by Ken Buckley : 20/05/2013 [fanscomment]

Last chance to vote For TW

by Lyndon Lloyd : 20/05/2013 [edblog]

Don\'t look down...

by Christine Foster : 20/05/2013 [mailbag]

Crossing The Rubicon

by Rob Riddal : 20/05/2013 [fanscomment]

New manager's salary

by Gary Russell : 19/05/2013 [mailbag]

Starting again with a Blanc canvas

by Brendan Fox : 18/05/2013 [mailbag]

Back to the drawing board

by Vinod Kumar : 17/05/2013 [fanscomment]

Not going to the match makes you miserable?

by Karl Masters : 17/05/2013 [mailbag]

The same or different?

by Jay Harris : 17/05/2013 [mailbag]

Manager: The No! No!! No!!! List

by Tony Draper : 17/05/2013 [mailbag]

Martinez: Can We Afford to Take the Risk?

by Peter Jones : 16/05/2013 [fanscomment]

Time to Modernise the ''Manager's'' Role

by Steve Ferns : 16/05/2013 [fanscomment]

We Know Our History and Only The Best Is Good Enough

by Ash Coakley : 16/05/2013 [mailbag]

A Poisoned Chalice Awaits Annointed Lemming

by Jim Potter : 16/05/2013 [fanscomment]

7 Minutes between 6th and Champions League

by Len Gowing : 15/05/2013 [mailbag]

The Case for Vitor Pereira

by David Stuart : 15/05/2013 [fanscomment]

Pip for gaffer

by Stevie Leary : 15/05/2013 [mailbag]

Memories of 1985

by Rob Coles : 15/05/2013 [mailbag]

Dark Night at Estádio da Luz, 2009

by Kev Johnson : 15/05/2013 [fanscomment]

Duncan Disorderly

by Robby Daniels : 15/05/2013 [mailbag]

Moyes and Man Utd Meeting

by Ste Traverse : 14/05/2013 [mailbag]

Why Not Bag Clarke?

by Kevin Hudson : 14/05/2013 [fanscomment]

Old Trafford Loans and Acquisitions

by Andrew Keatley : 14/05/2013 [mailbag]

North Country Blues - The Jimmy Husband Story

by Rob Sawyer : 13/05/2013 [editorial]

Ending An Era In Style

by Paul Traill : 13/05/2013 [fanscomment]

The money debate...

by Dan Brierley : 13/05/2013 [mailbag]

From my seat: West Ham (H)

by Ken Buckley : 12/05/2013 [fanscomment]

The new 'young' manager...

by Tony Marsh : 12/05/2013 [mailbag]

How good was David Moyes?

by Craig Heywood : 12/05/2013 [fanscomment]

ToffeeWeb nominated in EPL awards

by Lyndon Lloyd : 12/05/2013 [edblog]

What will Kenwright do?

by Andy Crooks : 12/05/2013 [mailbag]

Make us proud!

by Thomas Williams : 11/05/2013 [fanscomment]

Don’t be so defensive about David Moyes, Everton!

by Mark Davidson : 11/05/2013 [fanscomment]

Congratulations to Wigan!

by Michael Kenrick : 11/05/2013 [edblog]

The case for Roberto Martinez

by Daniel Johnson : 11/05/2013 [mailbag]

Duncan Ferguson - This is Our Destiny Calling

by Peter Jones : 10/05/2013 [fanscomment]

In Moyes We Trust

by Mark Dunford : 10/05/2013 [fanscomment]

The Marriage is over

by Ian Hollingworth : 10/05/2013 [mailbag]

The King is Dead....

by Dave Arrow : 10/05/2013 [fanscomment]

Promote from within ?

by Darren Thompson : 10/05/2013 [mailbag]

Is Anyone Else Confused?

by Thomas James : 09/05/2013 [fanscomment]

There was a Dutchman, a Croatian and a Frenchman...

by Peter Fearon : 09/05/2013 [mailbag]

An 11-year marriage of convenience?

by Mike Goodwin : 09/05/2013 [mailbag]

What's the Remit?

by Nick Entwistle : 09/05/2013 [mailbag]

The Next Step

by Alan Feehely : 09/05/2013 [fanscomment]

From People's Club to A Lack of Respect

by Michael Brien : 09/05/2013 [mailbag]

The End of an Era and a Leap Into the Unknown

by Lyndon Lloyd : 09/05/2013 [editorial]

All I’ve Ever Really Known

by Adam Cunliffe : 08/05/2013 [fanscomment]

We Get the Leader We Deserve

by Joe Beardwood : 08/05/2013 [editorial]

Rooney considering his future

by Peter Fearon : 08/05/2013 [mailbag]

Top Seven League 2013

by Trevor Powell : 06/05/2013 [mailbag]

A bridge too far

by Mark Tanton : 06/05/2013 [mailbag]

Blues Fall Victim to Another Derby Controversy

by Lyndon Lloyd : 06/05/2013 [editorial]

Do We Still Have European Hopes?

by Dick Brady : 05/05/2013 [mailbag]

From My Seat: Liverpool (A)

by Ken Buckley : 05/05/2013 [editorial]

“We're Everton, Aren't We?” – Say No to the New Badge

by ToffeeWeb  : 03/05/2013 [editorial]

A team for the future

by Chris Ashton : 02/05/2013 [mailbag]

The Greatest Day

by Bob McEvoy : 01/05/2013 [fanscomment]

In Defence of a Good Manager

by Fran Mitchell : 29/04/2013 [fanscomment]

What a feeling!

by Trevor Thompson : 29/04/2013 [mailbag]

Wear the Black Kit at Anfield?

by Tony McArdle : 29/04/2013 [fanscomment]

Agony or Ecstasy at Anfield?

by Timothy Sebastian : 29/04/2013 [mailbag]

John Connolly – The Man Who Left Defenders on Their Bottoms

by Rob Sawyer : 28/04/2013 [editorial]

What will have persuaded Moyes to stay?

by Richard Dodd : 28/04/2013 [mailbag]

Time to say Goodbye?

by Shaun Sparke : 28/04/2013 [fanscomment]

Everton Shade It In The Sunshine

by Paul Traill : 28/04/2013 [editorial]

Pienaar Winner Keeps Everton In the Hunt

by Lyndon Lloyd : 27/04/2013 [editorial]

From My Seat: Fulham (H)

by Ken Buckley : 27/04/2013 [editorial]

This one's for Jimmy...

by Nick Entwistle : 27/04/2013 [mailbag]

Big Pay Rise for Moyes, Please!

by Paul Abel : 26/04/2013 [fanscomment]

Derby fixture fix

by Mike Goodwin : 25/04/2013 [mailbag]

Why have Everton missed out on a top four spot this season?

by Chris Regan : 24/04/2013 [mailbag]

Seeing An Everton Legend in the Flesh

by Clarence Yurcan : 23/04/2013 [mailbag]

The Leaving of Goodison

by Nick Timmons : 21/04/2013 [fanscomment]

Candy Crush timeout rambling

by Iain Thomson : 21/04/2013 [fanscomment]

Showtime, Bill.

by Kevin Hudson : 20/04/2013 [mailbag]

From my seat: Sunderland (A)

by Ken Buckley : 20/04/2013 [editorial]

Low Expectations

by Andy Crooks : 20/04/2013 [mailbag]

The Wrong Shape

by Ray Said : 20/04/2013 [mailbag]

The picking of non-footballers

by Anthony  Lamb : 20/04/2013 [mailbag]

PFA Shortlist

by Nick Entwistle : 19/04/2013 [mailbag]

In Moyes we Trust

by Chris Ashton : 19/04/2013 [fanscomment]

The Liverpool - Chelsea Dilemma

by Damian Kelly : 18/04/2013 [mailbag]

What It Means to Be an Irish Evertonian

by Alan Feehely : 17/04/2013 [fanscomment]

Players Ratings vs Arsenal

by Sam Hoare : 17/04/2013 [fanscomment]

Honours Even in Emirates Battle

by Lyndon Lloyd : 17/04/2013 [editorial]

Europa Cup Opportunity

by Ciaran Duff : 16/04/2013 [mailbag]

Picking over the bones

by Jay Harris : 15/04/2013 [mailbag]

Coleman or Hibbert

by Paul Johnson : 15/04/2013 [mailbag]

To be or not to be – that is the question….

by Mike Green : 14/04/2013 [mailbag]

Should Moyes stay if we finish 4th?

by Gavin McGarvey : 13/04/2013 [mailbag]

The (distant) Smell of Success?

by Ben Patchesa : 13/04/2013 [fanscomment]

From my seat: QPR (H)

by Ken Buckley : 13/04/2013 [editorial]

The Blues Keep On Pushing

by Paul Traill : 13/04/2013 [editorial]

Big Vic Should Play Central Midfield!

by Barry Rathbone : 12/04/2013 [mailbag]

Can Anybody Find Me Somebody to Love?

by Jamie Crowley : 10/04/2013 [mailbag]

Three Cheers for Captain Pip

by James Cadwaladr : 10/04/2013 [fanscomment]

Where has Bainesy gone?

by Jeff Beaumont : 09/04/2013 [mailbag]

Agony As Spurs Grab Late Equaliser

by Lyndon Lloyd : 07/04/2013 [editorial]

Winning twice at your neighbours

by Matthew Thompson : 08/04/2013 [mailbag]

Close to perfection

by Matthew Roache : 08/04/2013 [mailbag]

Billy or Wayne?

by John Keating : 08/04/2013 [mailbag]

Where's me Leonard Cohens?

by Phil Walling : 07/04/2013 [mailbag]

Maintaining the Balance

by Michael Kenrick : 07/04/2013 [edblog]

The Calendar Month of Death!

by John Maxwell : 04/04/2013 [mailbag]

Forever Everton – The Story of the Song

by Rob Sawyer : 02/04/2013 [editorial]

The Price of Replica Kits...

by Franny Porter : 02/04/2013 [mailbag]

The Leaving of David Moyes

by Gavin McGarvey : 02/04/2013 [mailbag]

Could derby win be clincher?

by Richard Dodd : 02/04/2013 [mailbag]

Blue Union – 2 Years In and Next to Nothing Achieved

by Greg Lambden : 02/04/2013 [fanscomment]

Mathematically safe!

by Carl Waldron : 31/03/2013 [mailbag]

Moment of Mirallas Magic Lights Up Workmanlike Win

by Lyndon Lloyd : 30/03/2013 [editorial]

From My Seat: Stoke City (H)

by Ken Buckley : 30/03/2013 [editorial]

Everton Youth in Soweto

by Philip Arnold : 30/03/2013 [mailbag]

Who Owns Goodison Park?

by Clive Rogers : 29/03/2013 [mailbag]

Spare a thought for the biopsychosocial male

by Nick Entwistle : 29/03/2013 [fanscomment]

What does Bill really think about Moyes?

by Ross Edwards : 28/03/2013 [mailbag]

Champions League in Everton's hands

by James Cadwaladr : 27/03/2013 [fanscomment]

When was the last time Moyes trusted a youngster?

by JImmy Sørheim : 26/03/2013 [mailbag]

What if...?

by John Hughes : 26/03/2013 [mailbag]

Does the team against Stoke pick itself?

by Andy Crooks : 26/03/2013 [mailbag]

Light Side of the Sun?

by John Brennan : 25/03/2013 [mailbag]

“Just Did It” — The Jim Pearson Story

by Rob Sawyer : 24/03/2013 [editorial]

Watching the Michael Owen interview on the BBC

by Dean Adams : 23/03/2013 [mailbag]

West Ham get a (virtually) 'free' stadium

by Mark Boulle : 22/03/2013 [mailbag]

We need someone like The Stracq!

by Frank Capper : 22/03/2013 [mailbag]

The Corinthian Way

by Andy Crooks : 21/03/2013 [mailbag]

Have they mortgaged next season?

by Phil Walling : 19/03/2013 [mailbag]

A fan's right to day dream

by Kieran Fitzgerald : 18/03/2013 [mailbag]

We're Evertonians

by Gerry Quinn : 18/03/2013 [mailbag]

Unexpectedly, not polls apart

by Brendan McLaughlin : 17/03/2013 [mailbag]

Bouncing Back In Style

by Paul Traill : 17/03/2013 [editorial]

What now with suspensions?

by Mike Corcoran : 16/03/2013 [mailbag]

Do Seamus and Mucha prove a point?

by Phil Walling : 16/03/2013 [mailbag]

Everton's Show of Pride Floors City

by Lyndon Lloyd : 16/03/2013 [editorial]

From My Seat: Manchester City (H)

by Ken Buckley : 16/03/2013 [editorial]

Time to get behind the lads

by Kevin Bennett : 15/03/2013 [mailbag]


by Tom Fazal : 15/03/2013 [mailbag]

£150 million – Are you having a laugh? (or Bill, Jon or Robert do you want my single share?)

by Andy Riley : 14/03/2013 [mailbag]

The Time for Change is Now

by Jake Wilson : 14/03/2013 [fanscomment]


by Conor Waters : 14/03/2013 [mailbag]

Under Pressure?

by Mike Elbey : 13/03/2013 [fanscomment]

Moving On

by Ciaran Duff : 13/03/2013 [mailbag]

Anticipating Everton’s Next Move

by Barry Jones : 12/03/2013 [fanscomment]

Say it isn't so!

by Eric Owen : 12/03/2013 [mailbag]

Being Frank – Neil Robinson's Life in Football

by Rob Sawyer : 12/03/2013 [editorial]

Tactically inept

by Jim Hourigan : 12/03/2013 [fanscomment]

Di Canio to be tapped up

by Dennis Shaw : 12/03/2013 [mailbag]

Howard Kendall Autobiography

by Rob Sawyer : 11/03/2013 [mailbag]

Justify The Contract

by Paul Tran : 11/03/2013 [mailbag]

Are ToffeeWebbers Representative?

by Paul Ferry : 11/03/2013 [mailbag]

Born, not manufactured

by Craig Walker : 11/03/2013 [fanscomment]

The Duncan Ferguson Affair

by James  Williams : 11/03/2013 [fanscomment]

The Con Artists Win Again

by Kevin Tully : 11/03/2013 [mailbag]

Le Nouveau Patron

by Roman Sidey : 10/03/2013 [mailbag]

The Dream that Died

by Gregg Sergeant : 10/03/2013 [fanscomment]

MOB protest next weekend?

by Mark Boulle : 10/03/2013 [mailbag]

Punching above our weight

by Brian Williams : 10/03/2013 [mailbag]

About As Bad As It Gets

by Paul Traill : 10/03/2013 [editorial]

Kenwright, Moyes and Our Net Spend

by Garry Corgan : 10/03/2013 [fanscomment]

A dose of realism…. Anyone for cricket?

by Graeme Dodd : 10/03/2013 [mailbag]

Moyes should move for the sake of his career

by Phil Walling : 10/03/2013 [mailbag]

The End of the Moyes Project

by Sam Fitzsimmons : 10/03/2013 [mailbag]

A man of honour?

by Steve Jones : 10/03/2013 [mailbag]

The Tipping Point

by Christine Foster : 10/03/2013 [fanscomment]

Forget Bill & Dave, you're to blame

by Kevin Freaney : 10/03/2013 [mailbag]

Disastrous Display Ends Everton's Quest For Redemption

by Lyndon Lloyd : 09/03/2013 [editorial]

The end of the Moyes Years

by Andy Crooks : 10/03/2013 [mailbag]

10 Things to Fix Everton

by Paul Coleman : 09/03/2013 [mailbag]

Knee Jerk Reactions

by Gavin McGarvey : 09/03/2013 [mailbag]

From my seat: Wigan (H)

by Ken Buckley : 09/03/2013 [editorial]

Ugly, Cowardly, Shameful, Sad, Pathetic.

by Tony Cawson : 09/03/2013 [mailbag]

Moyes's FA cup record

by Brian Donnelly : 09/03/2013 [mailbag]

When Harry Catterick moved upstairs

by Rob Sawyer : 08/03/2013 [mailbag]

Still hope for 4th!

by Ben Jones : 07/03/2013 [mailbag]

The Queen picks her Everton team...

by Kev Johnson : 06/03/2013 [mailbag]

Why the hatred of Man Utd?

by Dave Roberts : 06/03/2013 [mailbag]

This Surprised Me!!

by Phil Smallwood : 06/03/2013 [mailbag]

Abandon the Dream?

by Robert Collins : 04/03/2013 [fanscomment]

Peel Holdings

by Chris Owens : 04/03/2013 [mailbag]

A View From Across the Pond

by Phil Friedman : 04/03/2013 [fanscomment]

Hoofball getting the hoof?

by Richard Dodd : 04/03/2013 [mailbag]

A Neville Surprise

by Trevor Powell : 04/03/2013 [mailbag]

A New Future

by Sam Hoare : 04/03/2013 [fanscomment]

Takeover at Arsenal

by Steve Sweeney : 03/03/2013 [mailbag]

Mucha More Like It!

by Paul Traill : 03/03/2013 [editorial]

'Martinez in' Brigade

by Nick Entwistle : 03/03/2013 [mailbag]

Jelavić's woes

by Cal Davies : 03/03/2013 [mailbag]

From My Seat: Reading (H)

by Ken Buckley : 02/03/2013 [editorial]

Improving Blues Rediscover Their Wings

by Lyndon Lloyd : 02/03/2013 [editorial]

Best Everton side of the last 50 years

by David Cornmell : 01/03/2013 [mailbag]

Family Enclosure Tickets

by Aileen Courtley : 28/02/2013 [mailbag]

Replacement for Big Dunc?

by Terry Morris : 27/02/2013 [mailbag]

Old Jela

by Tony Bell : 27/02/2013 [mailbag]

From My Seat: Oldham (H)

by Ken Buckley : 27/02/2013 [editorial]

Everton See Off Oldham At the Second Attempt

by Lyndon Lloyd : 27/02/2013 [editorial]

One Step Closer To Wembley

by Paul Traill : 27/02/2013 [fanscomment]


by Sam Higgins : 26/02/2013 [mailbag]

Nothing but the best is good enough

by Dave Whitwell : 26/02/2013 [fanscomment]

Season ticket prices go up

by Ken Buckley : 25/02/2013 [mailbag]

Law of Diminishing Returns

by Chris Williams : 25/02/2013 [mailbag]

This has got to stop

by Lyndon Lloyd : 25/02/2013 [edblog]

A fine state of affairs

by Gregg Sergeant : 25/02/2013 [mailbag]

False Sense of Security

by Lyndon Lloyd : 25/02/2013 [editorial]

Everton Chile

by Tom Owen : 24/02/2013 [mailbag]

What do we know?

by Jay Harris : 24/02/2013 [fanscomment]

Last Days in the Bunker... again?

by Gavin Ramejkis : 24/02/2013 [fanscomment]

From my seat: Norwich City (A)

by Ken Buckley : 24/02/2013 [editorial]

What would you do?

by Andy Crooks : 24/02/2013 [mailbag]

What's another year...

by Dave Lynch : 23/02/2013 [mailbag]

What do these players have in common

by Julian Wait : 22/02/2013 [mailbag]

Has Fellaini subconsciously moved on?

by Ryan Barton : 22/02/2013 [mailbag]

We're On The March...

by Ethan Maddison : 21/02/2013 [mailbag]

My take on Moyes's Everton reign

by David Flanagan : 21/02/2013 [fanscomment]

Last-Gasp Oldham Force Goodison Replay

by Lyndon Lloyd : 17/02/2013 [editorial]

Fellow Blues, can you help with my book?

by Brian  Viner : 20/02/2013 [mailbag]

The Extra Officials are not Working, Mr Blatter

by Brian Harrison : 20/02/2013 [mailbag]

Nil money ... Nisi Optimum

by Jim Potter : 20/02/2013 [fanscomment]

Thomas… Latchford… Goal!

by Rob Sawyer : 18/02/2013 [fanscomment]

Is The Grass Greener?

by Paul Traill : 17/02/2013 [editorial]

Time to stop the cheats

by Andy Crooks : 17/02/2013 [mailbag]

The Night Before

by Adam McCulloch : 17/02/2013 [fanscomment]

Season ticket Mr Moyes???

by Dave Harrison : 16/02/2013 [mailbag]

The Emperor has no clothes

by Ian Edwards : 16/02/2013 [mailbag]

From my seat: Oldham (A)

by Ken Buckley : 16/02/2013 [editorial]

When was your first time?!

by Brian Waring : 16/02/2013 [mailbag]

The Contract Affair

by Shaun Cox : 15/02/2013 [fanscomment]

It's all about communication

by Kev Johnson : 15/02/2013 [mailbag]

Castles in the Air...

by Nick Entwistle : 13/02/2013 [mailbag]

Already Planning for Next Season

by Mike Oates : 12/02/2013 [mailbag]

Up for the Cup?

by Phil Walling : 12/02/2013 [mailbag]

Reality Bites the Champions League Dream

by Lyndon Lloyd : 10/02/2013 [editorial]

The Ones That Got Away

by Trevor Thompson : 11/02/2013 [mailbag]

Bad Weather drives man to Statistical Analysis

by Alan Burnham : 11/02/2013 [mailbag]

4th is over, if you want it?

by Carl Taylor : 11/02/2013 [mailbag]

Pressure on Kenwright

by Dennis Shaw : 11/02/2013 [mailbag]

A Famous Night in Oldham

by Tony Onslow : 11/02/2013 [editorial]

Anniversary Blues

by Patrick Murphy : 11/02/2013 [fanscomment]

From My Seat: Man Utd (A)

by Ken Buckley : 10/02/2013 [editorial]

Woeful, utterly woeful

by Andy Crooks : 10/02/2013 [mailbag]

Once a Blue, always a Blue?

by Jim Preston : 08/02/2013 [mailbag]

Can we beat Man Utd?

by Adam Luszniak : 08/02/2013 [mailbag]

Listen, Son...

by Simon Bradley : 07/02/2013 [fanscomment]

Who was England's greatest?

by Ian Allaker : 06/02/2013 [fanscomment]

Champions League Tie Fixed

by Nick Entwistle : 04/02/2013 [mailbag]

Bottomed Out

by Patrick Murphy : 04/02/2013 [fanscomment]

Do We Need a Director of Football?

by Kev Johnson : 04/02/2013 [fanscomment]

Strength of the squad

by Dennis Shaw : 03/02/2013 [mailbag]

Lewis Holtby — the one that got away?

by Christopher Clough : 03/02/2013 [mailbag]

Another Dramatic Finish Saves Everton

by Lyndon Lloyd : 02/02/2013 [editorial]

From My Seat: Aston Villa (H)

by Ken Buckley : 02/02/2013 [editorial]

Leg it, Heitinga!

by Callum Jones : 02/02/2013 [fanscomment]

Step up, Shane Duffy!

by Tony Cheek : 02/02/2013 [mailbag]

Mike Jones — The Weakest Referee Ever

by Paul Traill : 02/02/2013 [editorial]

Most entertaining team

by Simon Davis : 01/02/2013 [mailbag]

Hope Akpan doing well

by Leon Purton : 01/02/2013 [mailbag]

A Window of Opportunity Slams Shut

by Lyndon Lloyd : 01/02/2013 [editorial]

My Deadline Day Report

by Callum Jones : 01/02/2013 [fanscomment]


by Andy Crooks : 31/01/2013 [mailbag]

From My Seat: West Brom (H)

by Ken Buckley : 31/01/2013 [editorial]

Always Doing It The Hard Way

by Paul Traill : 31/01/2013 [editorial]

All or Nothing

by Callum Jones : 29/01/2013 [fanscomment]

The Great 1970 Everton Mystery

by Michael Brien : 28/01/2013 [fanscomment]

Drought-Stricken Jelavic Needs a Rainmaker

by Lyndon Lloyd : 28/01/2013 [editorial]

January transfer deadline day:
An Everton history

by Chris Sillett : 28/01/2013 [fanscomment]

One for the Refs

by Dick Fearon : 28/01/2013 [mailbag]


by Chris James : 27/01/2013 [fanscomment]

Apostolos Vellios

by Peter Warren : 26/01/2013 [mailbag]

I'm Not Fooled... Is Anyone?

by Paul Traill : 26/01/2013 [editorial]

From My Seat: Bolton (A)

by Ken Buckley : 26/01/2013 [editorial]

Where are the loans Moyes promised?

by Jimmy Sorheim : 24/01/2013 [mailbag]

Moyes Has a Decision to Make

by Liam Prenderville : 24/01/2013 [editorial]

Man Utd ticket allocation

by Paul Joy : 24/01/2013 [mailbag]

Everton vs Bolton Wanderers:
The FA Cup History

by Tony Onslow : 23/01/2013 [fanscomment]

Is joined-up stuff the only way?

by Dick Fearon : 23/01/2013 [mailbag]

Additional striker needed

by Stephen Jacobsen : 22/01/2013 [mailbag]

Blues' Attack Frozen Out Again

by Lyndon Lloyd : 21/01/2013 [editorial]

Out Of Control?

by Patrick Murphy : 19/01/2013 [mailbag]

Why Three Points on Monday Night Are a Must

by Liam Prenderville : 18/01/2013 [editorial]

Moyes, Guardiola, Pochettino

by Ian Allaker : 18/01/2013 [fanscomment]

The Death of Football Supporters

by James Martin : 17/01/2013 [fanscomment]

Three players away...

by Phil Walling : 17/01/2013 [mailbag]

To Stand or Not to Stand?

by Bill Griffiths : 15/01/2013 [mailbag]

A Microcosm of his Tactics

by Jim Hourigan : 14/01/2013 [fanscomment]

Fifty Years Ago...

by Graham Reed : 14/01/2013 [fanscomment]

Jelavic, the new Andy Johnson?

by Brian Waring : 14/01/2013 [mailbag]

Everton's Attack Stifled By Swansea's Gameplan

by Lyndon Lloyd : 12/01/2013 [editorial]


by Mark  Roberts : 13/01/2013 [mailbag]

Well, They Came For The Point

by Paul Traill : 13/01/2013 [editorial]

The Invisible Team

by Andy  McNabb : 13/01/2013 [mailbag]

Welshism — a form of racism?

by Mike Hughes : 13/01/2013 [mailbag]

From My Seat: Swansea (H)

by Ken Buckley : 12/01/2013 [editorial]

The next central defender: Brede Hangeland?

by Jim Knightley : 12/01/2013 [mailbag]

Vadis Odjidja-Ofoe

by Joe Gresham : 10/01/2013 [mailbag]

David Moyes should make his decision NOW

by Steve Guy : 09/01/2013 [mailbag]

The Problem is with Heitinga's Height, Not Skills

by Rahman Talib : 09/01/2013 [mailbag]

The madness has to stop

by Andy Crooks : 06/01/2013 [mailbag]

Don’t You Love the Smell of Desperation in the Morning?

by Barry Jones : 04/01/2013 [fanscomment]

Charlie Austin to join Everton?

by Steven Scaffardi : 03/01/2013 [mailbag]

Grand Old Team?

by Phil Roberts : 03/01/2013 [mailbag]

Deadwood on the Bench

by Bill Griffiths : 03/01/2013 [mailbag]

The FA Cup: Should we bother?

by Conor Skelly : 03/01/2013 [mailbag]

Blues Bounce Back with Important Win

by Lyndon Lloyd : 03/01/2013 [editorial]

Lewis Holtby

by Jimmy Daly : 02/01/2013 [mailbag]

The Current Takeover Rumour

by Michael Kenrick : 31/12/2012 [edblog]

From My Seat: Chelsea (H)

by Ken Buckley : 30/12/2012 [fanscomment]

EFC Ownership — do we care anymore?

by Colin  Fitzpatrick : 30/12/2012 [fanscomment]

2013 — A Pivotal Year?

by Patrick Murphy : 30/12/2012 [fanscomment]

Weeks spent above Liverpool in 2012?

by Thomas Lennon : 29/12/2012 [mailbag]

Eddy Bosnar

by Mitchell Wilton : 28/12/2012 [mailbag]

Blues Stay In the Hunt With Boxing Day Win

by Lyndon Lloyd : 26/12/2012 [editorial]

Who wants David Moyes?

by Andy Crooks : 27/12/2012 [mailbag]

Congratulations to Phil Neville

by Steven Scaffardi : 27/12/2012 [mailbag]

Fellaini who?

by Cal Davies : 27/12/2012 [mailbag]

Let's Get Lescott Back

by Andre James : 26/12/2012 [mailbag]

From My Seat: Wigan (H)

by Ken Buckley : 26/12/2012 [editorial]

Player of the Half-Season

by James Martin : 25/12/2012 [mailbag]

Happy Blue Christmas

by ToffeeWeb Staff : 25/12/2012 [edblog]

Victor Anichebe

by Andy Crooks : 24/12/2012 [mailbag]

From My Seat: West Ham Utd (A)

by Ken Buckley : 23/12/2012 [editorial]

A big thanks to Kevin Sheedy

by Michael Brien : 23/12/2012 [mailbag]

Four players away from a serious title shot?

by Anthony Jaras : 23/12/2012 [mailbag]

Blues see through Taylor's red mist to take the points

by Lyndon Lloyd : 22/12/2012 [editorial]

Yo Ho Ho... A Big Blue Christmas

by David Stewart : 22/12/2012 [mailbag]

Heitinga the key?

by Sam Hoare : 19/12/2012 [mailbag]

The Britannia: Where Football Goes to Die

by Lyndon Lloyd : 17/12/2012 [editorial]


by Tony Marsh : 17/12/2012 [fanscomment]

Play the Game

by Christine Foster : 17/12/2012 [fanscomment]

Top 4 - You Must be Joking!

by Mike Oates : 17/12/2012 [mailbag]

Another Silly Mistake Costs Everton

by Paul Traill : 16/12/2012 [fanscomment]

From My Seat: Stoke City (A)

by Ken Buckley : 15/12/2012 [editorial]

Champions League places

by Kieran Fitzgerald : 13/12/2012 [mailbag]

Jelavic is not built for lone striker role

by Rahman Talib : 12/12/2012 [mailbag]

Hilarious pundits

by Ajay Gopal : 11/12/2012 [mailbag]

A Little Change Against Stoke

by Ben Jones : 11/12/2012 [mailbag]

2013 – A Step Into the Known or Unknown?

by Andrew James : 10/12/2012 [fanscomment]

Late heroics turn the tide for Everton

by Lyndon Lloyd : 09/12/2012 [editorial]

Last-Gasp Blues Steal Three Points

by Paul Traill : 09/12/2012 [editorial]

From My Seat: Tottenham Hotspur (H)

by Ken Buckley : 09/12/2012 [editorial]

Jelavic & Naismith

by Lev Vellene : 08/12/2012 [mailbag]

Good Naismith

by Frank  Duffy : 07/12/2012 [mailbag]

Fellaini – Conflict of Interest?

by Steve King : 04/12/2012 [mailbag]

2012-13 – The Season the Perceptions Changed?

by Andrew James : 02/12/2012 [fanscomment]

A Long Day In Manchester

by Paul Traill : 02/12/2012 [editorial]

Biggest match of the season?

by Sam Hoare : 02/12/2012 [mailbag]

Vossen keeps on scoring!

by Paul Ellam : 02/12/2012 [mailbag]

Transfer Activity Under Moyes

by Cal Davies : 02/12/2012 [fanscomment]

Blues Take a Point and the Positives

by Lyndon Lloyd : 01/12/2012 [editorial]

From My Seat: Man City (A)

by Ken Buckley : 01/12/2012 [editorial]

Richard Knights: Another fine mess?

by Paul Jamieson : 29/11/2012 [mailbag]

From My Seat: Arsenal (H)

by Ken Buckley : 29/11/2012 [editorial]

Everton - A Pools Coupon Dream

by Paul Traill : 29/11/2012 [editorial]

Opportunity Continues to Knock...

by Lyndon Lloyd : 28/11/2012 [editorial]

7th is 4th is 1st

by David Stewart : 28/11/2012 [mailbag]

We're doomed! Don't panic! We're doomed! ...

by Nick Entwistle : 27/11/2012 [fanscomment]

Pienaar for the Subs Bench?

by Kevin Tully : 27/11/2012 [mailbag]

Who is next?

by Paul Andrews : 27/11/2012 [mailbag]

Blues Against Racism

by George McKane : 27/11/2012 [mailbag]

A Truly Memorable Experience at Goodison Park

by Zaid Omar : 27/11/2012 [fanscomment]

At Half-Time... We'd be Top!

by Mick Wrende : 26/11/2012 [mailbag]

Evertonianos Extaticos

by Tony Heslop : 25/11/2012 [mailbag]

The Same Old Story

by Lyndon Lloyd : 25/11/2012 [editorial]

A Captaincy issue?

by Cal Davies : 24/11/2012 [mailbag]

From My Seat: Norwich City (H)

by Ken Buckley : 24/11/2012 [editorial]

Embarrassing For Football

by Paul Traill : 24/11/2012 [editorial]

Chilean play-off final

by Mike Owen : 24/11/2012 [mailbag]

Are freebies the way forward?

by Kieran Fitzgerald : 23/11/2012 [fanscomment]

Profiligate Blues are punished again

by Lyndon Lloyd : 17/11/2012 [editorial]


by Jamie Crowley : 22/11/2012 [mailbag]

Battle for third?

by Nick Entwistle : 21/11/2012 [mailbag]

Best of the Rest again?

by Tony Marsh : 20/11/2012 [fanscomment]

Is the Everton Chairman a liar...?

by Paul Jamieson : 18/11/2012 [mailbag]

Bye-Bye Felli

by David Stewart : 18/11/2012 [mailbag]

From My Seat: Reading (A)

by Ken Buckley : 17/11/2012 [fanscomment]

BK says NO to Financial Fairplay

by Phil Walling : 16/11/2012 [mailbag]

Fellaini and the Quest for the Top Four

by Lyndon Lloyd : 16/11/2012 [editorial]


by Ben Jones : 15/11/2012 [mailbag]

Undermining the Blues?

by Joe Green : 14/11/2012 [mailbag]

Goals in a Calendar Year

by Pat Finegan : 12/11/2012 [mailbag]

Wake Up, Bill!

by Dominic Johnson : 11/11/2012 [mailbag]

Everton's resolve shines through in vital win

by Lyndon Lloyd : 11/11/2012 [editorial]

From My Seat: Sunderland (H)

by Ken Buckley : 10/11/2012 [editorial]

Five Draws In A Row Neatly Side-Stepped

by Paul Traill : 10/11/2012 [editorial]

Vadis Odjidja-Ofoe

by George Allington : 09/11/2012 [mailbag]

Loyal Leon Osman

by Andre James : 08/11/2012 [fanscomment]

Birth Map of 2012-13 Everton squad

by Charley Glynn : 08/11/2012 [mailbag]

What's with Anichebe?

by Jon Ferguson : 07/11/2012 [mailbag]

Lewis Holtby

by Kevin Tully : 06/11/2012 [mailbag]

Everton Need Patience

by Bradley Benham : 05/11/2012 [fanscomment]

Donovan's dud

by Mike Gaynes : 05/11/2012 [mailbag]

Barkley Hoots for the Owls

by Andre James : 04/11/2012 [mailbag]

From My Seat: Fulham (A)

by Ken Buckley : 04/11/2012 [editorial]

Missed chances prove costly as Blues draw again

by Lyndon Lloyd : 03/11/2012 [editorial]

The Pros and Cons of Playacting

by Ajay Gopal : 03/11/2012 [mailbag]

Tim... Tim Who?

by Richard Pike : 01/11/2012 [mailbag]

Have Chelsea Dived? And if they have...?

by Peter Hall : 31/10/2012 [mailbag]

Priorities and predictions for January

by Mark Tanton : 30/10/2012 [mailbag]

Looking ahead

by Mike Allison : 29/10/2012 [mailbag]

Everton FC: £300M - £400M

by Gavin Ramejkis : 29/10/2012 [mailbag]

Premier League Officials Still Owe Us Three Points, At Least

by Bradley Benham : 29/10/2012 [fanscomment]

Looking Ahead

by Mike Allison : 29/10/2012 [fanscomment]

Should Mirallas stay out on the left?

by Mark Tanton : 29/10/2012 [mailbag]

What? FIVE in a row?

by David Leung : 29/10/2012 [mailbag]

A new David Moyes?

by Andy Crooks : 29/10/2012 [mailbag]

From My Seat: Liverpool (H)

by Ken Buckley : 28/10/2012 [editorial]

Pushing On

by Chris James : 28/10/2012 [fanscomment]

The Uruguayan

by Keith Glazzard : 28/10/2012 [mailbag]

Things I Hate...

by Ray Roche : 27/10/2012 [mailbag]

Paul Bracewell on the derby and a march into Europe

by Chris Brown : 27/10/2012 [fanscomment]

Vadis he any good?

by Simon Boyd : 26/10/2012 [mailbag]

BBC Bias... Again!

by Mark Boulle : 26/10/2012 [mailbag]

Nothing Changed

by Chris Davies : 26/10/2012 [fanscomment]

Speed Kills

by Timothy Sebastian : 26/10/2012 [mailbag]

My Everton/Donovan Conspiracy Theory

by Bradley Benham : 25/10/2012 [fanscomment]

Will Moyes solve our midfield problem?

by JImmy Sørheim : 25/10/2012 [mailbag]

Naismith v Liverpool

by Andy Crooks : 23/10/2012 [mailbag]

Fellaini The key?

by Kevin Tully : 23/10/2012 [mailbag]

Everton Nearly Men

by Trevor Thompson : 23/10/2012 [mailbag]

It's my first derby!

by Steven Scaffardi : 23/10/2012 [mailbag]

Banning Orders

by Jeff Beaumont : 23/10/2012 [mailbag]

The Italian 3-5-2

by Breandan Clarke : 22/10/2012 [fanscomment]

Will it even itself out?

by Pablo Connelly : 22/10/2012 [fanscomment]

Bad Timing

by Adam Baig : 22/10/2012 [mailbag]

Pass the time until tomorrow

by Ged Simpson : 20/10/2012 [mailbag]

Ross Barkley: The Enigma

by Mike Oates : 19/10/2012 [fanscomment]

Fans Forum tonight

by Joe  Clitherow : 19/10/2012 [mailbag]


by Sean McKenna : 19/10/2012 [mailbag]

Our Next Captain?

by Eddie Tully : 18/10/2012 [mailbag]

Chilean Update

by Mike Owen : 17/10/2012 [fanscomment]

The Belief-beggaring Commercial Ineptness Of Our Great Club

by John Ballinger : 17/10/2012 [mailbag]

Everton in the Community

by Andy Crooks : 17/10/2012 [mailbag]

Neville Southall

by Trevor Powell : 17/10/2012 [mailbag]

LFC to redevelop old Everton ground

by Roberto Birquet : 15/10/2012 [mailbag]

Kingsley James – The boy looks good!

by Paul Hardcastle : 13/10/2012 [mailbag]

Pierluigi Collina

by Neil Smith : 12/10/2012 [fanscomment]

Jelavic – The Best Everton Striker For 25 Years?

by David Nicholls : 09/10/2012 [fanscomment]

Everton's Somewhat Alarming Lack Of Youth.

by Dick Brody : 08/10/2012 [fanscomment]

The Road Is Long

by Paul Traill : 07/10/2012 [editorial]

From My Seat: Wigan (A)

by Ken Buckley : 06/10/2012 [editorial]

My Apology to Colin Harvey

by Julian Batti : 06/10/2012 [fanscomment]

Big Nev's Heritage Night

by Joe  Bibb : 04/10/2012 [mailbag]

Top Ten Subjects to rouse a Toffeewebber

by Drew O'Neall : 04/10/2012 [mailbag]

In Memoriam: BBC 606 Forum

by Kev Johnson : 04/10/2012 [mailbag]

The Tide is Changing on Merseyside

by Tim Luke : 04/10/2012 [mailbag]

A Fascinating Chat with Big Nev

by Paul Traill : 03/10/2012 [editorial]

Getting the Balance (Right)?

by David Lawless : 02/10/2012 [mailbag]

Moyes & Kenwright... who else?

by Bill Griffiths : 02/10/2012 [mailbag]

A Pilgrimage: My Weekend Abroad to See an Everton Match

by Pat Finegan : 02/10/2012 [fanscomment]

Judge us after 10 games

by Kevin Thompson : 01/10/2012 [fanscomment]

Quiet Goodison Park?!

by Simon Bell : 01/10/2012 [mailbag]

Free-Scoring Blues Win at a Canter

by Lyndon Lloyd : 01/10/2012 [editorial]

A Game of One Half

by Paul Traill : 30/09/2012 [editorial]

From My Seat: Southampton (H)

by Ken Buckley : 29/09/2012 [editorial]

Sky 4 blues

by Ste Moorcroft : 29/09/2012 [mailbag]

The Art of Cheating

by Steve Guy : 28/09/2012 [mailbag]

The Kids are Alright?

by Idwal Hughes : 27/09/2012 [mailbag]

EFC Manager (for PC & Mac)

by Kev Johnson : 27/09/2012 [fanscomment]

Time for this Farce to End

by Jack  Molloy : 25/09/2012 [fanscomment]

Everton 8 - 0 Southampton

by Neil Davies : 24/09/2012 [mailbag]

Impressive Everton steamroller Swansea

by Lyndon Lloyd : 23/09/2012 [editorial]

There's no substitute for speed!!

by David Cooper : 24/09/2012 [mailbag]

Cup Game against Leeds?

by Nigel Gregson : 23/09/2012 [mailbag]

Another 5 years?

by Sean McKenna : 22/09/2012 [mailbag]

From My Seat: Swansea City (A)

by Ken Buckley : 22/09/2012 [editorial]

Swansea City v Everton

by Chris Walford : 22/09/2012 [editorial]

Fan Ownership

by Jimmy Stenn : 21/09/2012 [fanscomment]

Without Gibson and Jelavic...

by Ben Howard : 21/09/2012 [mailbag]

Swansea City v Everton, Match Preview

by Peter Thomas : 20/09/2012 [fanscomment]

Bad Officiating — Premier League Response

by Andy Stevens : 19/09/2012 [fanscomment]

So frustrating...

by Mark Yeomans : 18/09/2012 [fanscomment]

Injustice Adds Insult to Injury

by Lyndon Lloyd : 17/09/2012 [editorial]

From My Seat: Newcastle Utd (H)

by Ken Buckley : 18/09/2012 [editorial]

How Many Times Have You Seen That Goal?

by Paul Traill : 18/09/2012 [fanscomment]

Will we ever win the league again?

by Stephen Leary : 16/09/2012 [mailbag]

A New Dawn For Blue-Red Relations?

by Kev Johnson : 13/09/2012 [fanscomment]

Bangkok, the Home of Chang...

by Mike Hargreaves : 12/09/2012 [mailbag]

Burn the Witch!

by David Stewart : 11/09/2012 [mailbag]

Ambition makes you look pretty ugly.. or does it?

by Jonathan Fogg : 10/09/2012 [fanscomment]

The shield of 'ambition'

by James Martin : 09/09/2012 [fanscomment]

The problems (and the possibilities) with Barkley

by Gavin McGarvey : 08/09/2012 [mailbag]

What was he thinking?

by Nick Entwistle : 06/09/2012 [mailbag]

Is Everton's Marketing Department Really Incompetent?

by Clarence Yurcan : 06/09/2012 [mailbag]

Passing the Baton

by Rob Sawyer : 06/09/2012 [editorial]

What a difference 8 months makes...

by Sam Hoare : 04/09/2012 [fanscomment]

Our Physical Weakness

by Mike Oates : 04/09/2012 [mailbag]

Davey Moyes — Cock-Up King!

by Tony Marsh : 04/09/2012 [mailbag]

Time To Honour a Goalkeeping Great

by George  Orr : 04/09/2012 [fanscomment]

A letter from Bill to the fans...

by Jon Brennan : 03/09/2012 [fanscomment]

League Cup 3rd round 1987

by Neil Smith : 03/09/2012 [fanscomment]

Who is on top?

by Eric Owen : 02/09/2012 [mailbag]

Getting shirty about numbers

by Kev Johnson : 02/09/2012 [mailbag]

Right wing is our nemesis

by Sur Jo : 02/09/2012 [mailbag]

From My Seat: WBA (A)

by Ken Buckley : 02/09/2012 [editorial]

Blues' Momentum Stalls at the Hawthorns

by Lyndon Lloyd : 02/09/2012 [editorial]

Back down to earth

by Sam Fitzsimmons : 01/09/2012 [mailbag]

Do we still need the Blue Union?

by Andy Crooks : 01/09/2012 [fanscomment]

Biggest signing still to come?

by Steve Guy : 01/09/2012 [mailbag]

Pinch me...

by Paul Mackie : 01/09/2012 [mailbag]

Old Evertonians in Adelphi Autograph Mystery

by Dave Fyfe : 30/08/2012 [mailbag]

Football Manager Stole My Life

by Yessar Daou : 30/08/2012 [fanscomment]

Let's keep it real

by Sal Nelson : 30/08/2012 [mailbag]

From My Seat: Leyton Orient

by Ken Buckley : 29/08/2012 [editorial]

Seven Toffees too sweet for Barnsley

by Tony Onslow : 29/08/2012 [editorial]

Third Team Lucky?

by Andre James : 28/08/2012 [fanscomment]

Is our squad now too small?

by JImmy Soerheim : 28/08/2012 [mailbag]

Pienaar's Coach?

by Pete Norton : 27/08/2012 [mailbag]

Our Goalkeeper

by Chris Morris : 27/08/2012 [mailbag]

Everton and Referees

by Stuart Higgins : 26/08/2012 [fanscomment]

Villa Taken Apart By Fantastic Everton

by Paul Traill : 26/08/2012 [editorial]

Team for Leyton Orient

by Nigel Gregson : 26/08/2012 [mailbag]

Dominant Everton Banish Their Villa Park Blues

by Lyndon Lloyd : 25/08/2012 [editorial]

Great Performances

by Andy Crooks : 25/08/2012 [mailbag]

From My Seat: Villa (A)

by Ken Buckley : 25/08/2012 [editorial]

Look What Statto says!

by Peter Hall : 24/08/2012 [mailbag]

Doping in sport

by Paul Thomas : 24/08/2012 [mailbag]

Has Bill Kenwright won over the Blue Union?

by JImmy Soerheim : 24/08/2012 [mailbag]

The Last Game: Life, Death, Family and Football

by James Corbett : 24/08/2012 [fanscomment]

More of the same, Moyes

by Tony Marsh : 23/08/2012 [fanscomment]

So what next?

by Chris James : 22/08/2012 [mailbag]

Non-Liverpudlian Everton Supporters

by Trevor Thompson : 22/08/2012 [mailbag]


by Sam Higgs : 21/08/2012 [fanscomment]


by Peter Morris : 21/08/2012 [mailbag]

Picking up where we left off....

by Mohammed Horoub : 21/08/2012 [mailbag]

Fellaini Delivers Everton's Statement of Intent

by Lyndon Lloyd : 21/08/2012 [editorial]

From My Seat: Man Utd (H)

by Ken Buckley : 21/08/2012 [editorial]

Fellaini Does A Big Dunc!

by Paul Traill : 21/08/2012 [editorial]

EFC vs MUFC — the response

by Dan Owens : 20/08/2012 [mailbag]

Everton Box Office Email FAIL!

by Paul Traill : 19/08/2012 [fanscomment]

Optimism back again

by Andy Crooks : 18/08/2012 [mailbag]

The Scene of the Crime of the (Last) Century

by Julian Wait : 17/08/2012 [fanscomment]

Redevelopment – Again!

by Paul Norman : 17/08/2012 [mailbag]

Unsung Everton Heroes

by Mike Hughes : 16/08/2012 [mailbag]

Fixture Fix!

by Nick Entwistle : 16/08/2012 [mailbag]

Jack Hitting the Road is Probably for the Best

by Lyndon Lloyd : 15/08/2012 [editorial]

The last signing that got you excited?

by Natasha Nelson : 15/08/2012 [mailbag]

Summer sucked; now back to the football

by Nick Entwistle : 15/08/2012 [fanscomment]

Trust Everton – What's happening??

by Derek Thomas : 15/08/2012 [mailbag]

How do you measure a Manager?

by Steve Barr : 15/08/2012 [fanscomment]

How will we start the season?

by Kevin Tully : 14/08/2012 [mailbag]

The Overdraft

by Guy Hastings : 14/08/2012 [mailbag]

The Bright Promise of Youth

by Phil Davies : 14/08/2012 [mailbag]

Midfield an issue!

by Martin Clark : 13/08/2012 [mailbag]

Optimism gone?

by Stephen Leary : 13/08/2012 [mailbag]

Quiz Time

by Matthew Lovekin : 12/08/2012 [mailbag]

Rodwell: The product of poor coaching?

by Pablo Connelly : 12/08/2012 [mailbag]

Annual Araz around?

by Drew O'Neall : 09/08/2012 [mailbag]

Root cause for frequently travelling players' performance?

by Julian Wait : 09/08/2012 [mailbag]

Hibbert Scores, Goodison Riots

by Luke O'Farrell : 09/08/2012 [fanscomment]

Still not match fit, another slow start ahead?

by J A Hansen : 06/08/2012 [mailbag]


by Des Kenny : 05/08/2012 [mailbag]

Olympics underlines fundamental problems with English football

by Chris James : 05/08/2012 [fanscomment]

Should Moyes ever take the Man Utd job?

by Sur Jo : 04/08/2012 [mailbag]

Tim's grim US debut

by Mike Gaynes : 04/08/2012 [mailbag]

Is there a right solution?

by Simon Spencer : 03/08/2012 [mailbag]

Rodwell for Right Back?

by Dave  Edwards : 03/08/2012 [mailbag]

What next?

by Mike McDonald : 01/08/2012 [mailbag]

Ineptitude or good management? The case of Steven Pienaar

by Nick Wall : 31/07/2012 [mailbag]

The Real White Elephant?

by Phil Martin : 31/07/2012 [fanscomment]

Edge Lane

by Ian Smitham : 30/07/2012 [mailbag]

Pre-Season Idea

by Ciaran Duff : 30/07/2012 [mailbag]

The Silent Blue Union

by Jimmy Digney : 29/07/2012 [mailbag]

Thank You for the Memories, Tim

by Nick Armitage : 28/07/2012 [editorial]

Who negotiates our transfers?

by Kevin Freaney : 28/07/2012 [mailbag]

Cahill replica kit

by Gary Feeley : 27/07/2012 [mailbag]

Time to Cash in on Johnny?

by Yessar Daou : 27/07/2012 [fanscomment]

Same as last season

by Des Kenny : 25/07/2012 [mailbag]

Moyes's best all-time 11

by James Martin : 25/07/2012 [mailbag]

Moyes's Contract

by Brian Harrison : 24/07/2012 [mailbag]

The Time is Right to Move On

by Lyndon Lloyd : 24/07/2012 [editorial]

Let's honour a modern-day hero

by Sean Kearns : 24/07/2012 [mailbag]

Here We Go

by Tom Owen : 22/07/2012 [fanscomment]

No Country For Old Firm

by Paul Traill : 22/07/2012 [editorial]

Beauty v The Beast

by Sean McKenna : 22/07/2012 [mailbag]

A Question to Everton’s Commercial and Marketing Department

by Alun Willis : 22/07/2012 [mailbag]

Motherwell 1 Everton 1

by Jamie Yates : 21/07/2012 [fanscomment]

The club should put a time limit on sales out

by Steve Cotton : 21/07/2012 [mailbag]

Professional referees

by Nick Millington : 19/07/2012 [mailbag]

Moyes Likes Them Flexible

by Kristian Boyce : 17/07/2012 [fanscomment]

Summer Dreaming

by Martin Reppion : 17/07/2012 [fanscomment]

Holiday Blues

by Peter Manning : 16/07/2012 [fanscomment]

Will the bad starts to the season stop?

by Jim Hansen : 15/07/2012 [mailbag]

Junior Starts in Lively Pre-Season Opener

by Paul Traill : 15/07/2012 [editorial]

Everton v Spurs, February 1983

by Andy Crooks : 15/07/2012 [mailbag]

50 shades of Blue

by Karl Parsons : 14/07/2012 [fanscomment]

Finch Farm

by Edward Boyd : 13/07/2012 [mailbag]

What will be acceptable?

by Andy Crooks : 12/07/2012 [mailbag]

Marketing Everton

by Adam Bennett : 12/07/2012 [fanscomment]


by Mike Allison : 12/07/2012 [mailbag]

Clubs for Sale

by Richard Tarleton : 12/07/2012 [mailbag]

Accelerators, Padded Rockers, and Jess

by Ged Simpson : 11/07/2012 [fanscomment]

Stardust Memories

by Mike Hughes : 10/07/2012 [mailbag]

Keep It Together

by Lyndon Lloyd : 10/07/2012 [editorial]

Yearning for Peanuts

by Yessar Daou : 09/07/2012 [fanscomment]

Everton to Finish 4th Shock (Reprise)

by Alun Willis : 08/07/2012 [fanscomment]

Starting eleven?

by Tom Bowers : 07/07/2012 [mailbag]

Clive Thomas

by Neil Smith : 06/07/2012 [mailbag]

Transfers Out and the Youngsters

by James Cadwaladr : 06/07/2012 [mailbag]

Buying up houses around Goodison

by David Shaw : 06/07/2012 [mailbag]

An Assessment of the Competition

by Jay Harris : 04/07/2012 [fanscomment]

Farewell, 'Twiggy'

by Martin O'Boyle : 04/07/2012 [fanscomment]

What's needed?

by Sean McKenna : 03/07/2012 [mailbag]

The Cahill conundrum

by Steve Cotton : 02/07/2012 [mailbag]

New Blues

by Mick Davies : 02/07/2012 [mailbag]

Everton's Big Transfer Budget

by Drew O'Neall : 01/07/2012 [mailbag]

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