The next 12 months will be pivotal for Everton's future as a football club.

We have previously been labelled as one of those clubs entitled 'best of the rest' (well, not this season), but the recently announced Sky/BT financial deal for Premier League teams – £5.1 billion starting in 2016 – is a 70% – let me repeat that: 70% – increase on the last offering by these two media giants.

If Everton were ever offered a financial incentive to build a new stadium, it is now. In the history of the game, there has never been that much money now guaranteed to clubs playing in the top flight.

It should in theory, offer guarantees and safeguards to any financial institution or investment group looking to invest in Everton.

It should also strengthen, Everton's 'borrowing power' at the banks, as they will surely have to go down this route, to some degree, in terms of funding.

The 'phoney' increase in our annual turnover last season, due entirely to the increase in media revenue, should once again see Everton be in a position to reduce our debts and put the club on a much healthier financial footing.

Kenwright has just been handed the 'golden ticket', to either sell the club to interested parties, or move to a new stadium on Walton Hall Park, all we need to do is to ensure we stay in the top flight.

Call me a cynic, but was the announcement to 'freeze' season ticket prices for next season, wholly as a result of the increased revenues guaranteed to the club anyway next season? Seems strange that the press announcements virtually followed each other on the same day? My guess is that sales of season tickets next season would have fallen dramatically anyway following on the massive disappointment this year.

If Everton can overcome the local opposition that will inevitably happen when they apply for planning permission at some stage in the near future, the financial position will be a lot rosier than it would have been a few years ago.

So, all the building blocks are there for us to move forward, only the Chairman and his cohorts can mess up now.

If he fails to achieve this at the third time of asking, I think you will see the slow demise of Everton Football Club, stuck in a clapped-out stadium, with all the lost revenue opportunities, in terms of sponsorship, naming rights etc.

It's over to you, Mr Chairman.

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Lyndon Lloyd
1 Posted 11/02/2015 at 17:46:59
IÂ’m not sure the time horizon will be as short as 12 months, Steve, but it would not surprise me if the club shifts from using these massive revenue increases for debt reduction to... sorry... ring-fencing it for a new stadium over the next few years.

Providing transfer fees and wages donÂ’t inflate to even more ridiculous levels (although they probably will) this should be a viable strategy and, frankly, the only way itÂ’s going to happen.

Personally, IÂ’d prefer they invest in upgrading Goodison Park and gradually buy up property around the existing site like Liverpool did to increase the footprint, but thatÂ’s just me.

Aidy Dews
2 Posted 11/02/2015 at 18:05:51
ThereÂ’s no doubting Kenwright as this current and new tv deal coming into play from 2016 in mind with regards to a new stadium.

ItÂ’s the only chance heÂ’s going to get to be able to fund his part in it. HeÂ’s hoping the council put in aswell but obviously he as to come up with some funds aswell and these tv deals is where heÂ’s going to get the cash!

These tv deals have been a god send to Kenwright, with the amount of money coming into the league and to clubs, itÂ’s allowing him to fund transfer moves and it will now give him a chance to finally fu d a stadium!

DonÂ’t forget, when the premier league sell there tv rights to Asia and the Far East aswell, theyÂ’ll be a bigger share of the pot to clubs than just over ٣Bn!

Andrew Sell
3 Posted 11/02/2015 at 18:04:49
Well at least we now know the answer to the question Â’Can we afford the new ground on Walton Hall Park?Â’

WeÂ’ve got the location sorted - In our city and in our Walton patch, I now fully expect an excellent design with future expandability built in and nothing like the cow shed junk they were planning for Kirkby.

With Liverpool council an enthusiastic partner I can only see our clubs project failing if we were led by a bunch of fools..

Steve Hogan
4 Posted 11/02/2015 at 18:16:45
Lyndon, IÂ’m sure I read that later this year, the club would be applying for planning permission, along with itÂ’s Â’preferred partnersÂ’, the social housing group.

ThatÂ’s why I mentioned the next Â’12 monthÂ’ window as being crucial. If we get knocked back at planning stage, I believe the project is once again, dead in the water.

Tony Draper
5 Posted 11/02/2015 at 18:25:41
Steve, IÂ’m with Lyndon on the ground location issues.

It is my understanding that as it currently stands Gwladys St School will not continue to meet the modern required standards (much like GP). There is a statutory requirement upon LCC to provide a school for the locality. IF this really is so then surely there must be some "mutually acceptable" deal to be done ?
Possibly this is behind the "proposal" to build "New Goodison" in Walton Hall Park.

Personally, I quite like the WHP location, but really still want a properly redeveloped GP. Being the worlds first purpose built football stadium means a great deal to me as a slice of our heritage.

Some time back I did think that the "Innovation Park" site on Edge Lane was absolutely ideal, because it has:
2 railway stations (Wavertree Technology Park & Edge Hill)
M62 5 mins away
Major arterial routes
Large expanse of non-residential surrounds
Is in/close by the L8 and Kensington regeneration zones
And would certainly qualify for EU "Derelict Land Grant" as an ex industrial (brownfield) site.

But despite everything, I still want a redeveloped Goodison Park and I always will.

Lyndon Lloyd
6 Posted 11/02/2015 at 18:40:06
Ah, I see what you mean, Steve. I was thinking in terms of our ability to fund it.

But, yes, they could certainly submit planning applications within the next year.

Colin Glassar
7 Posted 11/02/2015 at 18:44:51
I donÂ’t want to be a party pooper but I just donÂ’t trust Kenwright and his cronies. HeÂ’s shown over the years to be a complete and utter incompetent clown.

My nightmare scenario is he does sod all I.e. no GP redevelopment, no new stadium and minimum investment in the team while he recovers 15 years of back pay (remember he doesnÂ’t, or hasnÂ’t, earned a penny as chairman).

I simply donÂ’t trust him or any of his gang to do the best for EFC.

Fred Manning
8 Posted 11/02/2015 at 18:41:23
As with everybody else I want a new stadium as soon as. Walton Hall Park is a great idea but the only reason the council are offering us it is they want to sell the rest of the park to ballence their books.

There will be opposition for years. If, and thatÂ’s a big if it will be years down the road. Kenwright has to bite the bullet and, like the other lot, redevelop.

I like many others have a bevy before and after the game. Where would you go from WHP?

Tony Abrahams
9 Posted 11/02/2015 at 21:56:33
Last paragraph of the thread sends shivers down the spine, simply because of how true it is.

Some will say we have slowly been demising for years, but when you have a man remortgaging his house to buy Everton, then what can we really expect?

I would be very surprised if WHP was given the go-ahead because there is going to be loads of opposition to this project.

Like you, Colin, I could never trust Mr Chairman, and your nightmare scenario is really quite conceivable to me!

Mike Childs
10 Posted 11/02/2015 at 22:28:14
Only being with the club for 5 years now and as I see it BK & his cronies are in this to fatten their own pockets period.

As far as IÂ’m concerned, I have more blue running through my veins than them.

Last year 2 players in the January window and we make the top 4. God forbid we risk ٣ million for a chance at 㿞 million more hell no.

Same BS this summer... all he cares about is staying up and pocketing the increases.

Jimmy-Ã…ge Sørheim
11 Posted 11/02/2015 at 23:29:24
I want GP to be redeveloped.
Eric Myles
12 Posted 12/02/2015 at 00:56:17
Steve "should once again see Everton be in a position to reduce our debts and put the club on a much healthier financial footing" we may have been in this position before, but debts have not been reduced and weÂ’ve not been put on a much healthier financial footing, so what chance is there it will happen this time round?
Steve Hogan
13 Posted 12/02/2015 at 01:26:36
Eric, IÂ’m merely making the point, that with the Premier League currently awash with money, if EvertonÂ’s ground switch doesnÂ’t happen in the current climate, it never will.
Helen Mallon
14 Posted 12/02/2015 at 05:29:44
Goodison is tired and old and I for one want a new stadium. We have a new site thatÂ’s in the city boundaries so letÂ’s just get on and do it.
Kunal Desai
15 Posted 12/02/2015 at 06:55:29
Everton will NOT be moving forward under Kenwright, itÂ’s that simple.
Dennis Stevens
16 Posted 12/02/2015 at 08:50:03
With the amount of money coming into the game, thereÂ’s no reason the club couldnÂ’t afford a phased redevelopment of Goodison Park, which would be the ideal way forward, imo.
Clive Rogers
17 Posted 12/02/2015 at 10:16:57
Colin #7,

IÂ’m with you. The man is incompetent. WouldnÂ’t it be just like EFC to go down next season and miss out.

Andrew Ellams
18 Posted 12/02/2015 at 10:31:16
These conversations seem to come up every 3 years when the latest obscene round of bidding for the TV rights and yet here we are still in the same rut. Only difference is that we have now gone above the 㿀million mark for a single player. Thing is, Liverpool spent 㿀million plus on 3 players last summer, Man Utd... God knows and Chelsea and Man City are so far ahead with transfer fees and wages we canÂ’t even see them any more.
Lee Mandaracas
19 Posted 12/02/2015 at 09:45:50
A pity I have to start this with an "IÂ’m not a Kenwright apologist" statement but I continue to be shocked at much of the vitriol levelled at him on here. HeÂ’s made a lot of mistakes and is not the most astute, of that thereÂ’s no doubt. But I would rather that than a corrupt billionaire who loses interest and drops us in the back like Birmingham, Southampton (several previous owners ago!), Portsmouth, etc, etc.

For Tony Abrahams (9) to slate Kenwright for having the temerity to mortgage his house in order to buy a greater share of the club... Really? How dare someone put their house on the line to help manoeuvre us away from the chairman we then had and universally wanted rid of. The utter bastard!

Earlier, Colin Glassar (7) reminds us that Kenwright has never taken a penny out of the club – unlike any other chairman of his peers. The shitbag!

Colin and Tony are far from alone so are not meant to be singled out but are just highlighted on this particular thread as demonstrating a trait we see all over this site and others regarding Kenwright and have started to see in the same fashion against Martinez in recent months.

By all means criticise his failures, not least of which being the shambolic fiasco that was Kings Dock (shudders) but why portray his positives as negatives just because youÂ’ve built up such an irrational hatred of the guy?

Phil Walling
20 Posted 12/02/2015 at 13:38:15
No doubt the annual debate surrounding new v revamped ground is introduced to take our minds off the pretty sick state the team is in at present.

A few draws and a near miss against the league leaders has taken the heat out of feelings about the managerÂ’s position but the fact remains we have won only SIX games all season. By any standard that stinks but letÂ’s all fall out over a possible ground move. No thanks.

Martyn Thickitt
21 Posted 12/02/2015 at 15:25:32
Lee 19: Hear, hear, I totally agree. BK lives and breathes EFC. He has made mistakes but letÂ’s see if he and the board capitalise on this windfall before criticising.
Steve Carse
22 Posted 12/02/2015 at 15:36:01
Phil (21), my sentiments exactly. ThereÂ’s only one important issue to focus minds on at the moment and thatÂ’s PL survival. You can bet your life that relegation would see the new ground issue disappear off the radar.
Dave Abrahams
24 Posted 12/02/2015 at 15:47:56
Lee. (19 ) Tony and Colin are taking the piss out of "Billy Liar" they donÂ’t believe he hasnÂ’t took a penny out of Everton or remortgaged his house to buy Everton.

And neither do I along with thousands of other Evertonians but you are free to do so.

Paul Andrews
25 Posted 12/02/2015 at 16:12:43
Steve: "call me a cynic.."

Ok, youÂ’re a cynic. You are also 100% correct in your observation.

Brian Harrison
27 Posted 12/02/2015 at 16:02:18
By the time the greedy players and agents have renegotiated their already massive contracts, with the extra money then we will have to see how much is left to fund a new ground. Every year that there is a delay to building a new ground, then the cost just keeps rocketing so surely it is either now or never.

Spurs are already planning for their new ground which will attract a lot of interest from overseas investors, not to mention West Ham moving into the iconic Olympic stadium, I am sure Gold and Sullivan will be rubbing their hands in the money they will make when they sell out.

As we all know revenue is King and while we have managed over the last decade or so to challenge for European football, I fear unless we can build a new stadium attracting new owners then the slippery slide will start. Mind with RM in charge we may have to see how much the parachute payments are for a side going down.

Alan McGuffog
28 Posted 12/02/2015 at 16:17:15
The issue here is whether or not Everton Football Club has a genuine medium to long term business plan. The club has done sterling work in itÂ’s outreach programmes and this has to be admired.

However, the core business is advancing a successful football club (we are successful in the sense that we have been in existence for over 130 years, most of that period we have played in the top flight).

This is not a rhetorical question: Has anyone ever heard BK or any of his chums speak out about what their ambition is for the club and the stadium? If it is to muddle along and exist as one of the also-rans of the Premier League so be it. It would be nice to be told, though.

Eugene Ruane
29 Posted 12/02/2015 at 15:55:08
Lee (19) - "HeÂ’s made a lot of mistakes and is not the most astute, of that thereÂ’s no doubt. But..."

SFX: Family fortunes wrong answer noise,

But nothing and I always feel duty-bound to point out the following when I smell Â’irrationalÂ’ apologist.

Stan and Ollie werenÂ’t astute and made a lot of mistakes.

Frank Spencer wasnÂ’t astute and made a lot of mistakes.

Tommy Cooper wasnÂ’t astute and made a lot of mistakes.

But they werenÂ’t liars either and there is a fucking big difference.

As for Â’irrational hatredÂ’, thereÂ’s nothing irrational about hating someone who lies to you, especially when they do it over and over and over again and treat you like an idiot dupe.

(if you want to know the difference between Â’not astute and made mistakesÂ’ and Â’fucking liarÂ’, IÂ’ll be happy to supply a long list of fat-headÂ’s lies and bullshit).

Tony Abrahams
31 Posted 12/02/2015 at 21:25:50
Lee (19), I think Kenwright is a complete phoney, but if you read my post again, you might realise that I wasnÂ’t even having a go at him on this occasion. Not until my last paragraph anyway...

Martyn (21), I think a lot of people live and breath Everton, and to say that Kenwright has made mistakes is utter garbage. HeÂ’s robbed Peter to pay Paul, and the reason is simple, heÂ’s spent fuck all! But itÂ’s kept him in charge and kept Everton as paupers, unlike the man himself who will make a lot of money if the club is ever sold.

Not bad for a man who has suppossedly got our best HIGH INTEREST at heart!

Paul Hewitt
32 Posted 12/02/2015 at 21:52:28
I think Kenwright would sell if he had a reasonable offer but he never has had one. So how can he sell?
Karl Masters
33 Posted 12/02/2015 at 22:08:44
Maybe the price has always been too high, Paul?
Andy Finigan
34 Posted 12/02/2015 at 22:27:40
Karl, just maybe being not the total owner negates what he would be prepared to sell his club for? If he was prepared to give the club away for very little to the right buyer, what will the other stakeholders be prepared to take?
Ian Hollingworth
35 Posted 13/02/2015 at 06:41:06
Unfortunately this tv deal allows boards like ours to be lazy. They can just sit back and plod along.

Imagine a shrewd businessman and an Evertonian in charge of our great club with all this TV revenue heading our way:

Invest in the team and aim for glory not just survival
Revamp the stadium or even a new one
Invest in all revenue streams corporate and merchandising. Imagine being able to see and buy Everton gear in shops around the world
Invest in your loyal fans..... Yes, ticket prices should fall, not just be frozen

I think a forward thinking board would do all of the above (except maybe reduce prices unless forced) and a board of such led by an Evertonian would do it with the number one goal of getting the team to win things.

So we have the TV money, we have the Evertonian Chairman (albeit probably not in charge) so I wonder where it will all go wrong?

Daniel A Johnson
36 Posted 13/02/2015 at 07:38:42
As much as I do love the old lady, I feel a complete rebuild on a new site would be the best option. providing it is in a prime location.

The way Liverpool council fell over backwards to give Liverpool permission to rip up Stanley Park for their new stadium was disgusting, whereas we have to scratch around on industrial estates in the middle of nowhere.

I think redeveloping Goodison will leave us with a patched up stadium and will look hodge potch when finished. Plus building a new stadium doesnÂ’t lower gate receipts and capacity as we can still be at Goodison while the stadium is being built.

John Otway
37 Posted 13/02/2015 at 08:04:04
Surely anything to do with the future of Everton is in the hands of Earl and the potty mouthed Green.

As an aside, will someone get Terry Leahy in to sort the marketing side of this club.

Tony Abrahams
40 Posted 13/02/2015 at 08:47:54
Ian 35, good post. So we have a chairman who isnÂ’t really in charge. I agree, but imagine if the majority also agreed. Do you think our imaginative chairman ( see finch farm complete fuck up, for starters) would still get the same Scott free ride? WhatÂ’s a reasonable price Paul, for a supposedly lives-and-breaths Evertonian?

Kenwright tells us about the unemployed fella in the council flat in Manchester? Why? And also that we would have been sold to Shiek Mansour, but for not having a new ground. But isnÂ’t this the same Evertonian who told us that the money for the Kings Dock was ring-fenced?p>Not getting that ground has possibly affected Everton, just as much as the European ban did in the eighties.

Lee Mandaracas
41 Posted 13/02/2015 at 10:26:19
Eugene - instead of offering three fictional characters to demonstrate your point (which I don’t entirely disagree with) perhaps you could spend a little time focussing on the final paragraph of my post that prompted your response.

"By all means criticise his failures, not least of which being the shambolic fiasco that was Kings Dock (shudders) but why portray his positives as negatives just because you’ve built up such an irrational hatred of the guy?"

His positives may be few but they don’t IMHO deserve to be portrayed as something to sneer at when there are clear negatives to highlight without rewriting history.

Eric Myles
42 Posted 13/02/2015 at 11:18:15
Lee #19, if you really believe BK mortgaged his house and raised his share of the cost to buy the Club then you sir, are a fool.
Phil Walling
43 Posted 13/02/2015 at 11:28:42
Not Ruane, please anybody but him! But yes, I do have to admit I am far more obsessed by the piss poor record of our team that any tittle tattle about a new stadium.

And I am not that easily side-tracked.

Denis Richardson
45 Posted 13/02/2015 at 11:32:27
Agree with the article but I remember saying something similar when the last TV deal was announced and fuck all has happened since.

As for the board not taking any money out of the club – I don’t believe that to be true. We pay around ٟM a year in interest on a loan we have from some company in the BVI. It is a fact that certain directors have business interests in the BVI, cannot imagine that this is simply a coincidence. We’ve had this ’revolving’ loan for many years and why we need it given the massive TV money is beyond me. So that’s ٟM a year (at least)going out of the club to god knows who. That’s before we start with the 㿃M a year costs for the lawn mowers...

Sadly re the new TV deal I can only see the average wages and bonus payments for players and managers going through the roof after this, just like with the last deal. It won’t be long before some players are earning 𧺬k/week just in wages! Players like Sterling, although good, have only been playing for 5 minutes and already want over 𧴜k/week! Whilst the clubs are awash with money, the players will just be paid more and ever earlier.

The bid from sky is so over the top I hope people were fired – a 70% increase when there was basically no competition! Surely all it would have taken was for the head of Sky to call the head of BT and decide what each wanted and bid accordingly – and thereby save themselves a couple of billion pounds! It looks like sky was shiting it that someone else would join the party and so bid a ridiculous amount. At some point the maths doesn’t make sense anymore and given the sky share price went down 5% after the bid was announced, I’m guessing we’ve reached that point.

I quit Sky last year as I refuse to carry on paying 𧽴+ a year just to watch football (hardly ever watched other channels) -now I go the pub or stream the Everton games (if I’m lucky I’ll go to the odd match live). The whole thing is a joke as most of the Sky money (which comes directly from subscribers) just ends up in the pockets of the players, managers and agents. If Sky halved the prize money the quality would still be the same, only difference would be top players earning 𧴜k/week instead of 𧶀k/week.

Theoretically, with this new deal, each club should be able to halve ticket prices for the fans and still have more cash... Will this happen? Will it fuck.

Eugene Ruane
46 Posted 13/02/2015 at 10:57:27
Lee (41) - The point of my post could not have been clearer – that there is a MASSIVE difference between lying and incompetence.

Your response suggests you have (again) missed or ignored this (I suspect the latter).

As for your spin on positives and negatives – disingenuous nonsense.

If you stroke your dog once in a while, but spend the rest of the time kicking it, don’t expect anyone to be impressed when you tell people "You’re all concentrating on me kicking him, don’t forget I stroke him occasionally too!"

As for me not ’focusing’ on your final paragraph, I’ll repeat (ffs!!) my specific response to it – "As for ’irrational hatred’, there’s nothing irrational about hating someone who lies to you, especially when they do it over and over and over again and treat you like an idiot dupe."

Or maybe you really think this IS an irrational response? (tip, it can only really be irrational or...not).

Brian (39) – "Colin, yes I’ve been starting to scratch my head a bit at Phil Walling’s posts re Martinez. It borders on the pathological, and I wonder what exactly is behind it. I think Professor Eugene Ruane should apply a diagnosis."

’Professor Ruane’ made his diagnosis months ago, decided only madness lies there and has consequently ignored everything from this patient since (and shall continue to – some are simply beyond help).

Basically a picture started to form in my mind of a shouty, Farage-like, saloon-bar lawyer, bellowing half-baked opinions (over and over and over and...) as though they’d been delivered on tablets by Moses.

In the film Bad Day At Black Rock, Spencer Tracy’s one-armed detective character, Macreedy, quietly informs shouty red-neck Ernest Borgnine’s character, Coley Trimble, "You’re not only wrong, you’re wrong at the top of your voice."

Basically I see him as TW’s Coley Trimble.

(nb: by the way, even with one arm, Macreedy whups him).

Up the Toffees!

Brian Denton
47 Posted 13/02/2015 at 12:12:15
Welcome back Eugene! I didnÂ’t see you on the site for a few weeks at the start of the year. I hope your absence wasnÂ’t due to anything unpleasant.

Good film that, Bad Day at Black Rock. ItÂ’s often a surprise to see American films of that era addressing issues of racism and other prejudices. I caught Inherit the Wind a few months ago on TCM. Another Spencer Tracy of course.

Alan McGuffog
48 Posted 13/02/2015 at 12:20:19
He kicked seven types of shite out of all comers in that movie... Borgnine, Robert Ryan even Lee Marvin. Sort of fella you want on Gerrard in a derby.........a thinking man’s Joe Parkinson?
Dave Lynch
49 Posted 13/02/2015 at 12:31:25
Spencer was brilliant in Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hyde.

I can imagine BK taking a sup of his cuppa before falling behind his desk and emerging as deluded football chairman croaking the words. "I stood on the Boys Pen you bastards".

Alan Williams
50 Posted 13/02/2015 at 12:48:35
Lee, you’re totally wasting your time on this subject as the lines are drawn with people’s views no matter what side you choose to side with. Eugene will continue to patronise you every week he is a classic at it and is probably the Anthony Dinozzo or Barry Norman of ToffeeWeb!

In business, people make mistakes all the time even more so when you have no EBITA like EFC, mistakes have clearly been made and, as you say, Kings Dock was the worst in my opinion but with hindsight (like most used on this site) if you could envisage what the TV deal would be in 10 years then we would be there now.

BK’s and EFC’s problems all come back to the simple fact we have no cash flow. He as an individual doesn’t have the money to bankroll us – he has never denied this obvious failing in being Chairman. Please remember at the time of KD the TV revenue was less than a billion (over 3 years), EFC’s EPL status was in a mess and attendances were falling, along with corporate spend at GP at one of its lowest. Add to this the fact Mr Gregg and SFX wanted control of additional revenue streams that KD would bring, and you can see why he made the decision to pull out at the time.

Regrettably, history has proven this to be a disastrous decision but we will only see if BK’s tenure as Chairman is a positive or negative one once we have had 2/5 years of any new owner. In simple terms, we could have done a lot better but, on the flip side, we could have easily done a lot worse.

Teams that have fallen and either gone bankrupt more than the ones that have succeeded. Coventry, Leeds, Birmingham, Blackburn, Portsmouth, Middlesbrough, Bolton, Leicester, Southampton, West Ham, Sheffield United, Sheffield Wednesday, Glasgow Rangers, QPR, Swindon, Bradford, Norwich, Barnsley, WBA, Wolves, Blackpool, Burnley, Oldham, Cardiff, Wimbledon, Oxford United, Nottingham Forest, Notts County, Man City, Brighton, Wigan, Hull, Crystal Palace, Fulham, Watford and Charlton all of which have dropped down the leagues – the one thing we haven’t done.

Those that have stood still, like us, are Newcastle (relegated too), Villa and Spurs and the ones that have progressed are Man Utd, Man City (after dropping to League 2), Chelsea, Liverpool (30 mins away from liquidation) and Arsenal.

Prospective is needed on this subject we all want to be in that Top 5 but I’m afraid without cash it’s really hard if not impossible to achieve, and again regrettably not one person or consortium has ever publicly made us aware of the will to even invest or make a bid to buy EFC.

My money would be on us being sold soon and I would expect it to a person or fund from Qatar.

Lee Mandaracas
51 Posted 13/02/2015 at 13:38:00

I somehow knew we’d get to this. Be as creative as you wish with your arguments (conveniently ignoring that I acknowledged agreement in some part with you) but you are consistently missing my point. Your dog analogy is erroneous in so much as we are not talking about treat versus punishment. We are talking about judgement of a person based upon their deeds and colouring positive as negative because of a personal opinion of them as a whole.

To accuse anyone of being so one-dimensional as to believe absolutely everything they do is either positive or negative is a juvenile, delusional shortcut to suit one’s own agenda.

It’s rather like saying Eugene Ruane is always a sanctimonious, arrogant, holier-than-thou individual with a god complex. I wholeheartedly believe that is not always the case.

In my experience, I know you won’t take anyone challenging your perspective or offering balance lying down. Why should you? You never misinterpret anything do you? Far less get anything wrong, God forbid. Enjoy your response to this as I don’t have the energy or inclination to engage with you further on it. Pity really, as when you’re being more comedic than sanctimonious I quite enjoy your posts. Have a good day.

Jim Hardin
52 Posted 13/02/2015 at 13:36:07

"If you stroke your dog once in a while, but spend the rest of the time kicking it, don’t expect anyone to be impressed when you tell people "You’re all concentrating on me kicking him, don’t forget I stroke him occasionally too!" – Brilliant!, may I use it?

Kenwright seems to have many good traits in that he is loyal to the club, not taking all the money he could out of the club, but there are those interesting "business" accounts and write-offs perhaps?

Unfortunately, it seems the owners who subscribe to the old football club ways like remaining patient and loyal to the club and manager are those who don’t have the independent finances to keep up with the multimillion dollar groups and Russian mobst.... I mean businessmen, and oil sheikhs who buy and sell players and managers like suits. Kenwright seems a decent person and not prone to egotistical demands and craziness like the Cardiff and even Hull City owners.

However, it seems that English football is never going backwards to the old style of ownership, so his loyalty to the old ways may be his biggest flaw moving forward. It seems a new stadium is key just to stay competitive but it also seems that Everton are missing the boat on developing a world identity or at least a USA and European identity.

Face it, the USA has the lion’s share of the $$$$ going to football or soccer in TV rights viewing etc. but Everton has little identity here. Tours over here when they occur are not pushed like Chelsea and Man Utd. Supporters groups don’t have conventions and meetings for Everton like they do. We Everton fans over here either are English or, like me, follow the club because a certain player interested us and we became hooked.

Why, with Tim Howard as the face of USA soccer and one of the "beards and faces" of the World Cup, did Everton have no promos or anything over here featuring him and/or Landon Donovan, is beyond me. Why weren’t Mirallas and Lukaku trotted out (Rooney does commercials for goodness sake)? It is reflective of some antiquated idea that a major sponsor is all that is needed when kit deals etc are needed too.

Kenwright should bring in someone to develop a global plan and work on the stadium and with increased revenue from TV deals this looks like the opportune time.

Oh well, for now lets get through this season and move onward. COYB

Eugene Ruane
53 Posted 13/02/2015 at 14:07:01
Jim (52) - "Eugene - ’If you stroke your dog once in a while, but spend the rest of the time kicking it, don’t expect anyone to be impressed when you tell people "You’re all concentrating on me kicking him, don’t forget I stroke him occasionally too!’ - Brilliant!, may I use it?"

Yes of course you may, in fact if you use it right now and apply it to the main thrust of your post, you may find yourself reconsidering lines like "Kenwright seems to have many good traits in that he is loyal to the club" and "Kenwright seems a decent person" (nb: every successful con-man ever initially seemed like a decent person).

Lee (51) - "I somehow knew we’d get to this. Be as creative as you wish with your arguments (conveniently ignoring that I acknowledged agreement in some part with you) "

Again, disingenuous deflection (like you, I had a feeling we’d get to this - often happens when a flimsy argument starts to collapse).

Agreement in some part?

He’s either a proven liar or he’s not, there is no ’in some part.’

If you think he is, then your ’yeah but what about the positives?’ stance is meaningless to me (I’ve explained why - see kicking dog).

If you want to argue he’s not, fine - off you go (not holding breath).

Tony Abrahams
54 Posted 13/02/2015 at 16:30:06
Lee #51, if you would have not misinterpreted my post, maybe we wouldnÂ’t have got to this.

Read Alan WilliamsÂ’s at post #50. Kenwright does not have the money to bankroll us, though some seem to think heÂ’s saved us from disaster by keeping hold of Everton.

Everton who won a major honour at lease once, in every decade of their long and very proud history, have won nowt since Bill Kenwright became chairman.

I honestly havenÂ’t saw anything positive during KenwrightÂ’s reign, and I canÂ’t understand why the man splits opinion.

Lee Mandaracas
56 Posted 13/02/2015 at 18:22:25
Tony (54) rather than keep engaging with the person who accuses others of his own failings in not reading their posts fully, in order to weakly divert attention from the facts and then discredit them without foundation, I will answer you.

I meant you no offence when I highlighted your comment but there is no misinterpretation as far as I am aware. You said "Some will say we have slowly been demising for years, but when you have a man remortgaging his house to buy Everton, then what can we really expect?" and that could have been meant to say we struggled to get any better in a ’ah, bless him’ fashion and I understand that. You then followed it with "Like you, Colin, I could never trust Mr Chairman, and your nightmare scenario is really quite conceivable to me!" in the same post so it is fair to draw the conclusion that you aren’t particularly impressed with Kenwright on any level, including that of him mortgaging his house to raise funds for our club. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but at the time was he challenged and criticised for ousting Peter Johnson?

Be honest now, as much as we love our club, how many of us would put our houses on the line? I hope it doesn’t make me less of an Evertonian to admit in all honesty that I would not go that far. Admittedly, my house would barely pay a couple of players’ weekly salaries so it’s not apples with apples but I hope you get the premise of my point.

It seems I have been misinterpreted in so much as I am not defending him as a whole and just because he is a proven, inexcusable liar on occasion should not mean he is a evil in everything he does. It’s the melodrama of some that get to me *cough Eugene *cough ’He’s a liar, ergo everything he does deserves blindly damning. Bugger, I said I wouldn’t do that!

I was (naively) asking for balance. #fail

Lee Mandaracas
57 Posted 13/02/2015 at 18:49:13
Tony, just re-read my post and you could interpret the opening paragraph as being about you. It is not and I said in my first post that I only singled out you & Colin because of the stance since explained. It was, and still is, not personal.
Eric Myles
58 Posted 13/02/2015 at 18:50:46
Alan #50 "we will only see if BK’s tenure as Chairman is a positive or negative one once we have had 2/5 years of any new owner."

Isn’t that a bit like saying in hindsight ’Hitler was a good leader because Stalin was worse’?

Neil Gribbin
59 Posted 13/02/2015 at 18:56:33
Clive @17......don’t even think that!!
Phil Walling
60 Posted 13/02/2015 at 18:49:46
To return to the simplistic (my level), I have to admit that I used to give Kenwright praise for appointing a capable manager who was able Â’to steady the ship.Â’

I never found much else in his stewardship which merited complement and now even that single praiseworthy action seems old hat. Given that MoyesÂ’s successor could have been appointed only on his ability to out think Davey on the way to an FA Cup trophy, BK can now add lack of due diligence to his many shortcomings.

But heÂ’s Â’Our BillÂ’ and heÂ’s an Evertonian. Urhh !

Eric Myles
61 Posted 13/02/2015 at 19:08:18
Lee #56 "Be honest now, as much as we love our club, how many of us would put our houses on the line? I hope it doesn’t make me less of an Evertonian to admit in all honesty that I would not go that far. Admittedly, my house would barely pay a couple of players’ weekly salaries so it’s not apples with apples but I hope you get the premise of my point."

And how much do you think our Chairman was able to raise on his mortgage for his house? If you think it raised the ~6,5m for his share purchase in 2000 then more fool you.

Eugene Ruane
62 Posted 13/02/2015 at 20:20:00
Lee (56) - "It seems I have been misinterpreted in so much as I am not defending him as a whole and just because he is a proven, inexcusable liar on occasion should not mean he is a evil in everything he does. It’s the melodrama of some that get to me *cough Eugene *cough ’He’s a liar, ergo everything he does deserves blindly damning. Bugger, I said I wouldn’t do that! I was (naively) asking for balance. #fail"


Tony Abrahams
63 Posted 13/02/2015 at 23:14:50
I never took it personally, Lee, I was just stating facts.

How can a club expect to prosper when a man had to remortgage his house to buy them? Might be alright in The Vauxhall Conference, but we are talking about the richest league, the world has ever seen.

Kenwright never takes a penny out of Everton, not even the money to pay the re-mortgage! This is the man who gets off the train at Lime St, and drives past Walton Hall Park to get to Goodison Park.

Eric Myles
64 Posted 14/02/2015 at 05:50:14
Tony #63, it seems that you have also been fooled into beleiving the myth of Kenwright and his mortgage ’saving the Club’.
Phil Walling
66 Posted 14/02/2015 at 13:50:45
Surely, if he ever did so, Kenwright did not mortgage his house to SAVE Everton. Whatever he raised did not go into the club coffers but into the person’s pocket from whom he acquired the shares.

Borrowing against one’s property is not unique and many of us have ’released equity’ as house values have risen. I don’t remember getting many plaudits when I’ve done so as it was strictly a private decision to take maximum benefit of the market. It was like getting my hands on free money. Then again, I didn’t invest in Everton shares which will soon be worth a great deal more than Bill paid for them.

Always provided we don’t get relegated !!!

Brian Denton
67 Posted 14/02/2015 at 16:01:12
Phil, I suppose it depends on what you view as his motivation. Leaving aside the question of whether he actually mortgaged his house, somehow he needed and succeeded in getting sufficient funds to buy out Johnson. If it was a case of him scrabbling around desperately to raise the money to Â’save the club he lovedÂ’ (from what exactly?) then perhaps he is to be applauded; if it was because he saw a very undervalued Â’investment opportunityÂ’ then we can berate him. I suspect the truth lies somewhere in between.

Good post you made though. There - IÂ’ve said it. Now IÂ’m off to Confession.......

Matt Traynor
68 Posted 17/02/2015 at 12:23:39
Seems Swansea City may be the latest Premier League club to attract investment, from the owners of the San Diego Padres.

Interestingly, they don’t (yet) own their stadium. They also have a supporters trust holding 21% of their shares, and they will not dilute this when the Americans come in with their 30% stake.

Joe Foster
69 Posted 17/02/2015 at 12:39:02
I saw that as well, Matt. There is so much money in the Premier League now that probably every club in the division has had multiple offers.
Colin Glassar
70 Posted 17/02/2015 at 12:42:17
Everyone except us Joe. "Chairman Bill, you have a call from a Mr Bill Gates, Seattle, USA.". "Tell him IÂ’m not in and to stop calling me. This precioussssss Issss mine!!!"
Joe Foster
71 Posted 17/02/2015 at 12:58:14
Colin at least we get the odd loner in a bedsit trying it on. But I don’t believe Bullshit Billy for a second, there would be no need for a 24/7 search of the universe for potential buyers/investors in this market. The bottom line must be he just does not want to sell.
Colin Glassar
72 Posted 17/02/2015 at 13:15:01
ThatÂ’s just it Joe, he doesnÂ’t want to sell, full stop. The sooner everyone realises this, the sooner he might be forced to sell.

All this Boys Pen, teary-eyed, true-blue bullshit is just a smokescreen for this charlatan to continue on his jolly. While heÂ’s in charge, we will never progress as a club.

Kevin Tully
73 Posted 17/02/2015 at 13:41:24
There is no way in hell the board would dilute their shareholding at this point, unless they were made a ridiculous offer. They are sitting on a golden nest-egg, with money pouring in from every source. If we had paid any attention to merchandising and sponsorship, the club would be worth even more.

Colin Glassar
74 Posted 17/02/2015 at 14:31:14
DonÂ’t think they know the meaning of sponsorship and merchandising, Kevin. Bill probably thinks most of the money still comes in through the turnstiles.
Bill Gall
75 Posted 17/02/2015 at 14:28:45
Is there no way to find out how much did Bill Kenwright pay to Peter Johnson to take control or ownership of Everton FC?

I understand that BK is the majority shareholder at the present time with over 9,000 shares but he must have had some of his own when he purchased PJ’s shares to give him his majority.

On another article a shareholder explained that shares are sold between owners of shares at an agreed price between them selves, as there is no fixed price. At that time,he stated he had bought a couple of shares from a fellow shareholder and the price of the shares was over ٠,000.

So I ask – How much did it cost BK to take control from PJ? It could not have been for just the price of gaining his shares unless PJ asked for 㿞,000 a share.

Michael Kenrick
76 Posted 17/02/2015 at 15:42:07
Bill, the answer to your very good question is 𨀑.

At least, that’s what True Blues Holdings (aka Bill and his mates) finally paid to Peter Johnson, buying up each of his 24,986 Everton Shares to gain control of Everton Football Club. This was after months of rumoured deals, in which the price of the deal kept dropping and dropping... from 𧵄M (or was it 𧶀M?) down to a rather paltry 㿀M.

Yes, that’s how much it cost Bill and Co to wrest control of EFC from the evil red clutches of Peter "Hamper" Johnson. (Snippets of the story can be found here: Everton Shares.)

Gareth Fieldstead
77 Posted 17/02/2015 at 15:28:13
Could it be simply that we are a club not worth investing in? I cannot believe media or social websites wouldnÂ’t have heard so much as a rumour if there were potential buyers out there who have approached Kenwright.

Take away Man City and Chelsea and there has not been another club that has benefitted from new owners. Unless a new owner is willing to waste hundreds of millions in bankrolling our club with a new ground and players of the calibre that Man City and Chelsea have, they are wasting there time and money. Unless they want to treat our club as a play thing and we are left with the likes of an Abramovich who changes managers on a whim, there would be no returns on their investment. I just cannot see that happening Alan (50) for the above reason.

Investment in the playing squad to make us consistent genuine challengers for a top 4 place would cost a fortune; then the small matter of having the funds for a ground move. LetÂ’s start at 𧶀 million. With a fan base of roughly 40,000 in a socially deprived area, close to Liverpool, Man City and Man Utd. Where are the returns?

Colin Glassar
78 Posted 17/02/2015 at 16:05:16
Yet people continue to invest in football teams Gareth, Swansea being the latest example. Hardly a hotbed of football Swansea or Cardiff are they? Like Wigan they are more rugby inclined but yet they can still find investment.

Gareth, I donÂ’t want to sound dismissive but you sound like a few Evertonians I know who think we just arenÂ’t good enough to invest in. The Arabs took a punt on a smallish club in Manchester of all places and itÂ’s working out quite well for them.

I donÂ’t believe there arenÂ’t investors out there who wouldnÂ’t be interested in us but when you have a megalomaniac in charge, who probably is demanding an exorbitant fee, then it doesnÂ’t get any easier does it?

Michael Kenrick
79 Posted 17/02/2015 at 17:59:59
ps: Any feedback on the current EFC share price? There seems to be a conspiracy to hold it at around ٟ,500± since gawd knows how long...
Helen Mallon
80 Posted 17/02/2015 at 16:30:04
LetÂ’s just kick out Kenwright and his board like we did Peter Johnson.
Gareth Fieldstead
81 Posted 17/02/2015 at 18:57:22
YouÂ’re not being dismissive at all, Colin. I think the difference with Man City was they had a brand spanking new ground and only limited debt. My concern is I donÂ’t want an Ashley or a Lerner because we will be exactly where we are now, with a minor increase in commercial revenues.

If someone wants to treat us as a plaything and throw silly money at us, then by all means, but I would wonder why. If we were regularly chasing trophies, what sort if capacity could we be looking at? 45 to 50,000?

Bill Gall
82 Posted 17/02/2015 at 18:45:56
Thank you for the information Michael. So if BK did not use all his own money to oust PJ, was the money, that as he said, "he remortgaged his house for" used to pay outstanding debts or for the general running of the club?

I understand that BK doe’s not have the financial wealth that other chairmen of Premier League clubs have, but he has on the board two people whose combined wealth exceeds 𧺬 mill so, in reality, we are far from being the poorest in the league.

The question is: "Am I missing something?" as BK doe’s not appear to have actually put a lot of money into the club "Why is it so difficult to sell the club?" The only thing that I can think of is that, for personal gain, he is putting too high an inflated price for it...

Colin Glassar
83 Posted 17/02/2015 at 19:15:58
Depends Gareth, we could probably get about 45-50,000 blues and a few thousand glory hunters, if we start winning things. So IÂ’d try and build a 55,000 stadium with the possibility to expand, if necessary. But it all depends on having a winning team.
Phil Walling
84 Posted 17/02/2015 at 19:15:37
As a follow on from the Editor’s question re share price, can anyone give a value for the Club based on that ٟ,500 per share price?

I recall a Talksport Special about three years ago in which Stan Collymore suggested 𧴵M would buy the lion’s share of Everton although money for a new ground would have to be added.

I guess since then, the Sky booty has added a hefty premium and the debt book has all but disappeared.

𧶲M anyone?

Pete Edwards
85 Posted 17/02/2015 at 19:47:03
One of the major failings of Kenwright has been the apparent lack of being able to appoint a decent person to exploit marketing opportunities globally, thatÂ’s left us so far behind most of the Premier League.
Tony Abrahams
86 Posted 17/02/2015 at 21:42:11
Eric 64, not really mate, but I do tend to agree with Colin (#72), that Kenwright is living the dream, and does not want to sell.
Michael Kenrick
87 Posted 17/02/2015 at 19:27:15
You’re welcome, Bill.

I wouldn’t put too much faith in the "remortgaged" tale... Theatrical embellishment at best. But as I recall, it was made in the context of buying into his portion of TBH, which eventually gave him 9,000+ EFC shares. But the cost was apparently much greater than the value of his house. Who knows, perhaps he was a million or two short?

Much as BK boasts that no-one on the Board takes a salary, what he fails to mention is that (AFAWK) no-one on the Board puts any money into the club either. Now some say that they should indeed all be using their wealth to advance their mutual asset. After all, if it would boost the club’s value.... But as investors, they would need to be sure such additional outlay would see as good a return.

I can understand fans’ frustrations when they see the massive amounts being spent by other clubs, essentially to buy trophies, and the assumption has to be, if we can’t do it, then it’s because our Directors won’t pony up. But should they be expected/required to? I’m not convinced.

If the venture is so precarious, despite (or because of) the massive TV payouts that are now dominating clubs’ income streams, what is the rationale for putting more and more of one’s own money in? Especially if there is no clear path to seeing a hefty return?

That brings us neatly to the question of selling. That has to be the way for these investors to make their money ultimately. So why not sell now, if they can? Perhaps because they feel they must balance that current gain against the prospect of an even bigger return down the road...

Obviously the Premier League is an incredible cash-cow everyone would want to get sucking on... yet how many actually make a profit? Any analysis of even the top clubs seems to show that, while the turnover is crazy-big, the profits seem to be rather small, while the debts are astronomical.

Something doesn’t make sense. What is really going on? It’s almost too easy to convince yourself that these club owners are siphoning off a nice tidy portion of the vast monies coursing through their books... While they wallow in the reflected glory of their involvement in the biggest stage on earth. If that’s the case, then why indeed would they make it stop? (By selling.)

I’ve watched this crazy thing for 20 years now and it seems to defy rational analysis. I still can’t work it out.

Gavin Johnson
88 Posted 17/02/2015 at 22:14:18
Totally random, but I see Bill as a film producer now. There was a film on the BBC the other weekend. Forgot what it was called now. It was pretty good actually.. very much in the style of Ken Loach and Mike Leigh.

Kenwright needs to go. This is well tread territory. I can’t see it happening unless we win something. Haven’t Villa been for sale for a while and they’re a second city club with a ground that doesn’t need redeveloping.

While I’m naturally biased and think we’re a bigger club than them in terms of history. It’s a concern that nobody seems to want to buy them for a fee that I’m guessing will be less than Bill and his friends are asking.

Bill Gall
89 Posted 17/02/2015 at 22:26:56
Thanks again, Michael.

I guess if BK ever decided to do a play of his time as chairman of Everton FC, the title would be: "My Life Of Smoke and Mirrors" .... Or an alternative: "Never Let The Right Hand Know What The Left Is Doing."

Michael Kenrick
90 Posted 17/02/2015 at 22:50:07
Hehe... some nice working titles there, Bill.

And Phil, your answer is 㿠½ million, as there are 35,000 shares outstanding.

If the club is really valued at 𧶀M, would I be invited to cash in at ~٣,700 for my paltry slice of the cake?

Eric Myles
91 Posted 18/02/2015 at 09:48:10
Bill (#82) – "was the money, that as he said, "he remortgaged his house for" used to pay outstanding debts or for the general running of the club?"

My bet is that the couple of hundred grand he raised was used to pay interest up front on the loan he got to get his shares.

Bill Gall
94 Posted 18/02/2015 at 14:35:43
My only reason for mentioning the wealth of members of the board was for when, usually in the January transfer window, we seem to have no funds, they could give a no-interest loan for purchase of players.

It will most probably come from an investment fund that in someway they would get a tax refund plus interest.

Phil Walling
95 Posted 18/02/2015 at 14:59:43
How many times does this have to be said? If, and itÂ’s a big Â’ifÂ’, BK did mortgage his house, it was to PURCHASE SHARES FROM ANOTHER SHAREHOLDER, in order for True Blue Holdings to gain a majority holding. His money did not go into the Club for any purpose.
Andrew Ellams
96 Posted 18/02/2015 at 15:53:25
Head - wall - banging, Phil!!
Michael Kenrick
97 Posted 18/02/2015 at 15:55:36
Great point, Phil! This phrase "invested in the club" trips off the lips when talking about the millions laid out by (or in the name of) Kenwright, Earl and Woods. Yet in truth, the last place those millions have gone is into the club they have supposedly Â’investedÂ’ in.

The millions went to Peter Johnson, to Paul Gregg... to whoever else sold the shares. Only back in the distant past did the club see the paltry ٟ per share that is their nominal value. Since then, itÂ’s been a high-class version of Pass the Parcel.

Bill (#94), I believe thatÂ’s basically what Sir John Moores did when we were the Mersey Millionaires. I donÂ’t know if thatÂ’s whatÂ’s happening at other clubs these days... but it sure as hell ainÂ’t happening any where near the EFC Boardroom!

Bill Gall
98 Posted 18/02/2015 at 16:33:07
Phil (#95)

Thank you but that was explained to me by Michael (#87).

Denis Richardson
99 Posted 18/02/2015 at 16:44:38
Phil / Michael, I bought an Everton Share about a year and a half ago for ٟ,300 (was quoted ٟ,250 a year before that).

Not sure what the current price is but would not be surprised if it's gone up due to the new TV deal.

Michael Kenrick
100 Posted 18/02/2015 at 18:04:51
Thanks, Dennis. That fits with the Blankstone Sington price quoted on their website of ٟ,325 (probably from last year). It amazes me how stable the price is. I think I paid ٟ,250 off Steve the Ticket Bastard at least 10 years ago...

Share Ownership in Everton Football Club Co Ltd is a sentimental (not financial) investment. (Unless your name is Sir Philip Green!!)

Bill Gall
101 Posted 18/02/2015 at 17:33:43
Reading all the comments and facts about our beloved chairman, and his board, especially about them providing financial gains to the people they bought their shares from, without any money going into the club.

Is it right to assume that any person or consortium only has to become majority shareholder/s to take control of the club and then resume the running of the club with its debts and running costs and incomes?

We are all made to believe that a new stadium is factored into the cost of a takeover but, with modern methods and engineering, a new owner may be able to revamp Goodison Park a lot less than a new stadium. This raises the question again of why there have been no potential buyers for the club over the last 4-5 years? Is it because BK and his backers are asking for a huge profit on their original investment? Or is there really no-one who is interested in buying into Everton FC?

People may wonder why I persist on comments on BK and his inept Board; well it is because, since BK took over, one of his comments was that he wanted to put Everton FC in its rightful place in the Premier League...
Well, I believe that Everton's rightful place is at the top – not occasional good cup runs and top 5-7th finishes. Going on previous failures, BK and his Board are the last ones I would trust with the new Premier League monies coming in.

I have been an Everton Supporter since 1952 and under this regime it has been 2 steps forward and 3 steps back; I do not not see any change in the future while BK is in charge. But, hey, I have seen stranger things happen in my lifetime.

Andy Crooks
102 Posted 18/02/2015 at 18:58:47
Kenwright is, I expect, financially secure. He seems to have a business that he enjoys and, best of all, he is living the dream CHAIRMAN OF EVERTON, on the cheap. Why on earth would he sell? If the club is prised from his deadly grip it will, I believe, see him remain as honorary chairman for life. He is a man having the time of his life and he's having it cheap.
Colin Glassar
103 Posted 18/02/2015 at 19:10:54
I wonÂ’t even add a comma to that Andy, spot on.
Gavin Ramejkis
104 Posted 18/02/2015 at 18:51:38
Cut to the chase regards BK's chairmanship (ignoring whether or not he helps old ladies across the road, his fairytales from childhood etc and black and white) his actual Chairmanship and running of the business and it's not pleasant reading.

I'm not getting further into it because I've had years of trying to point the obvious out to the most myopic people I've ever met. I don't wish any of them any ills, I've just gained a lethargy to ignore them as white noise unless they are preaching the lies they have been drip fed as a single version of the truth.

Eugene Ruane
105 Posted 18/02/2015 at 19:20:29
Sure Gavin, he's got his faults and made a few mistakes but...
Brin Williams
106 Posted 18/02/2015 at 19:38:04

Blankstone Sington – great name for a firm!!

But tell me how easy/difficult would it be for a simpleton like myself to acquire a couple of shares in this bonanza we call Everton – always fancied myself as a shareholder – wasn't that one of the Thatcher legacies?

Brian Denton
107 Posted 18/02/2015 at 19:42:46
Brin, the mistake lies in thinking of an Everton share as akin to a commercial share like BT which you can buy on the Stock Exchange. Everton are not a quoted company in that sense, and shares are not actively traded. They do come up for sale from time to time, but that is very much dependent on there being somebody around who wants to sell.

Of course the other big difference is that an Everton share generates no income for its holder, as no dividends are paid. There are some minor perks associated with being a shareholder, but basically we are mini-Bills. I bought a share after Johnson’s rights issue back in the day, because I had a friend whose family had five shares passed down the generations since 1892. It’s all about sentiment for the small shareholder!

Brin Williams
108 Posted 18/02/2015 at 20:02:08
Thanks Brian, I get that, but is there likely to be a waiting list for these or are they just gobbled up by the 'establishment' with no chance for the 'Evertonians' in our midst that have no need for a return – but the return of 'belonging'.

In other words are we talking in terms of years, decades, pure luck or forget it, it'll never happen?

Brian Denton
109 Posted 18/02/2015 at 20:24:41
Well, Blankstones tend to be the broker dealing with most of those that come up for sale :

Whether they keep a waiting list or similar I don’t know.

Gavin McGarvey
110 Posted 18/02/2015 at 21:34:47
Eugene, I reject your inflammatory comments and insensitive criticism of Stan and Ollie. Having read a biography of these two comic greats, I can confirm that, yes they may have made mistakes, chiefly in their personal lives, but they really were quite astute not only in terms of comic timing but also in achieving success in the cut throat world of Hollywood. As for BK, well it's all been said before... Now or never? You mean 'never' right?
Laurie Hartley
111 Posted 19/02/2015 at 08:43:25
Eugene at 62 – perhaps your link was too subtle. How about:


It's amazing what you can find on the internet.

Good to see you back and in form – remind me never to cross swords with you.

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