Everton may have been putting some distance between themselves and their reputation for being a selling club over the last few years but recent events concerning Kevin Mirallas suggest that the time could be right to cash in on one of their best players. The dilemma shouldn’t be whether to sell the Belgian or not, it should be instead how to command the best possible fee for him and look to rebuild and take their place next season in the battle for top four places.


The highly-publicised episode of apparent indiscipline from Mirallas recently, in which he jumped in front of Leighton Baines to take a penalty, was perhaps the final straw for many Evertonians in terms of their relationship with the player. It has been a delicate one for some time, given Mirallas’s public courting of a move away from the club, and there is a growing feeling that there is little more to be extracted from the player in the long-term.

The Belgian is Everton’s best player from an attacking midfield point of view, but the money they could possibly command now before his contract dwindles down further would go some way to reinvesting within the squad. Roberto Martinez has an eye for talent, and if Everton could get a figure north of €10M for Mirallas, then it could be perhaps distributed amongst the signing of two, or three, different players.

The party line

Martinez’s system is based upon collective effort, from a defensive and attacking point of view, and if anyone is not toeing the line, it can all become undone. It explains Everton’s form this season, hardly a beacon of consistency or the values you’d associate with the club. Because of their financial limits, and difficulty attracting top talent, Everton will always look to make up for this with work rate and effort. Under Martinez, they are more technically able, but still, that graft needs to be there.

Mirallas, while extremely talented, is someone who has not shown enough of it lately. His form at times can be spectacular, but he can drift out of games for long spells. His impact from the bench has perhaps been the most defining feature of his Everton career so far, where he can provide attacking impetus down the final stretch of games. Over the course of 90 minutes, however, the Belgian can struggle given his fitness is not at a particularly high level. David Moyes encountered, and mentioned, this issue before. Martinez is also experiencing it much to his own detriment.

Big boots to fill?

The problem is how do Everton replace him? Some suggest the recent loan signing of Aaron Lennon, with a view to making it permanent, could facilitate the Belgian’s departure. The truth is, however, Mirallas has been Everton’s best player this term, and this is despite his injuries and the waves he has caused with his public comments, and the furore over that penalty. It seems clear the 27-year-old is seeking a move if the Blues can't provide him Champions League football and it puts Everton in a difficult position, given that they would not ordinarily be looking to move the player on unless an out-of-the-market offer arrived. Everton must be sure they can replace the player, be it with one particularly strong talent, or various players to fill the role.

Mirallas himself clearly wants to play in the Champions League, though how many clubs will be willing to put up with his aforementioned fitness issues would be interesting to see. Atletico Madrid, one of the teams more strongly linked, are heavy when it comes to focussing on physical work. Could Mirallas honestly handle that in his current shape? In contrast, Diego Simeone might view impact from the bench as enough, given his issues with squad rotation. Spurs meanwhile may look to involve Lennon in any deal, and Mauricio Pochettino could certainly do with more creative options from the bench as he continues to develop the squad at White Hart Lane into his own shape.

Triumph in the Europa League this season – and the path to the Champions League that winning that trophy now provides – would put an entirely different face on the situation but, otherwise, there is perhaps only one option for Everton, and that is to move the player on. It’s a classic case of being the best for all parties involved.

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James Stewart
1 Posted 17/02/2015 at 17:52:01
In a word... No. Inconsistent and a complete idiot to boot. Not good enough for the top clubs so he will be just after one final payday contract. Take the money and get young Gerard Deulofeu back. Just as good and equally frustrating to watch.
Kevin Rowlands
2 Posted 17/02/2015 at 18:00:23
No, sell, along with his fellow ego maniacal mate, spend the cash on Peresic, far better player btw, and a quality center forward to replace the human pin ball machine we currently have.
Richard Reeves
4 Posted 17/02/2015 at 18:04:58
Get him to sign a new contract, give him a deadline. If he doesnÂ’t sign, then sell him. Simple really.
Clive Rogers
6 Posted 17/02/2015 at 18:03:47
The whole point is that we should not have to be selling to buy, which seems to have become the norm for us. We have the 20th highest turnover in the world. This tells us that we are being financially mismanaged.

Kenwright is an artistic person, but obviously hasnÂ’t a clue about business. Nobody at the club has. Take the disastrous Kitbag deal. We signed away our shirts income for 10 years, to a company with no outlets. The RSÂ’s 𧷤M deal makes ours a complete embarrassment in comparison.

Aidy Dews
7 Posted 17/02/2015 at 18:15:52
Flog him? He may blow hot and cold but for what weÂ’d get for him currently, we couldnÂ’t even replace him for someone of the same standard!

And that bollocks about a Martinez team requiring players to give equal effort in attack and defence and kind of hinting at Mirallas not pulling his weight is stupid, I canÂ’t remember people bringing this up last season...

Giving 100%, equal effort going forwards and in defending, is a must at any club with any manager, not just for Martinez, and for me, Mirallas does do both.

HeÂ’s a good player, one of, if not our best imo and we need to convince him to agree to the year option and give us another year to see how we get on next season, and if thereÂ’s no improvement, then fair enough, he can go, but if we do well and mount a serious challenge at the top 4, then itÂ’s upto him if he wants to stay or go.

Andy Meighan
8 Posted 17/02/2015 at 18:15:25
ShouldnÂ’t even be up for debate. HeÂ’s more or less said he doesnÂ’t want to play for us anymore; if Martinez had any balls, he wouldnÂ’t even include him in any squad for the remainder of the season.

ItÂ’s not as if heÂ’s been a match-winner all season. He looks totally disinterested; if we can all see it so should the Spaniard. A decent player on his day but his days have been few and far between. A total and utter wanker, and IÂ’ll be glad to see the back of him. I can’t see him getting the big move he thinks he deserves though... it’ll be some German or Turkish nonentities – not Madrid, Barca, Munich, etc. Anyway, good luck with that, Kev.

Ian Glassey
9 Posted 17/02/2015 at 18:14:31
No, get shut in the summer there are better players out there, and in are price range.

Deulofeu and Perisic for two, and if any one wants to give us are money back for Lukaku, rip their hand off.

Colin Glassar
10 Posted 17/02/2015 at 18:23:14
Agree with you about the financial shambles, Clive, but itÂ’s not about us needing to sell Mirallas to buy in this case. ItÂ’s about getting some decent dough for a player who seems determined to move on to Â’bigger and better thingsÂ’ in his opinion.
Mark Pierpoint
11 Posted 17/02/2015 at 18:19:51
I think, however hard we battle, he is going to go. I would ensure we take the option to extend his contract, as is apparently our prerogative, to maximise our position.

I think it is fair enough if he chooses to go. Not sure where he would go, mind you, where he could get CL football and maintain his current earnings. I doubt Atletico Madrid are going to increase his earnings. With players like Koke and Turan, he will be a squad player after all.

He could go Tottenham but that won’t guarantee CL football. I think they are third to Man Utd and Liverpool in the race myself. Teams in Germany won’t pay wages or challenge the latter stages of the CL if we accept he isnÂ’t good enough for a Bayern Munich and Dortmund seem unlikely to be in the tournament for the foreseeable future.

I wonder whether the grass would be greener for him. A good player, like when Pienaar left us, but not quite good enough to be a top player at a higher level than what Everton are operating...

Ian Jones
12 Posted 17/02/2015 at 18:24:26
I don’t think it is case of battling to hold on to him. I always prefer to have players at Everton who want to be at our club. Once they start looking elsewhere, they might as well go...For me, Mirallas doesn’t do enough generally for whatever reason.

Hopefully if we can get clear enough away from relegation danger I would be happy to see some of the younger players given a chance to show what they can do. We might lose some millions through league placings but we might end up with a few stars for the future saving millions. It’s a risk but sometimes worth trying

Clive Rogers
13 Posted 17/02/2015 at 19:00:43
Colin, yes I agree, but I’m sure the Mirallas money won’t go on top of the amount delegated to spend this summer, but will reduce it or just disappear like the Arteta and Fellaini money!!!
Mike Green
14 Posted 17/02/2015 at 19:18:22
Correct again Kevin Rowlands #2 - you’re on a roll!
Kevin Rowlands
15 Posted 17/02/2015 at 19:22:18
Thanks Mike, Everton should also put in place an unwritten rule that we NEVER sign Belgian or Dutch gobshites ever again, they are nothing but trouble.
Steve Cotton
16 Posted 17/02/2015 at 19:27:26
No point in selling him or Lukaku because Kenwright will stuff the money where no-one ever finds it, so be as bloody minded as him and keep them both, extend Mirallas contract.

Failing that, how about swaps? That way Kenwright wonÂ’t be able to keep it.

Denis Richardson
17 Posted 17/02/2015 at 19:34:40
The guy wants to leave and to be fair he doesnÂ’t owe us a thing. Everton is his employer, no more no less. HeÂ’s got one year left so we need to cash in as the risk is heÂ’ll leave for a free next year. Although he bigs himself up he is a very good player so I hope we can get decent money from him.

On another note, one of my hopes (wishes) when we signed Martinez was that, being Spanish, heÂ’d have a great network of contacts in Spain and South America and would bring in a couple of Michu like gems, for little money.

However, having discovered that he moved to the UK 20 years ago, I imagine his network abroad is a lot smaller than I’d hoped – his professional career has been spent in the UK and the only overseas signings so far have been Delboy and Besic (who he saw during the World Cup) – the current Everton scouting network has been pretty underwhelming. I’m not holding my breath as far as us signing any Spanish rough diamonds on the cheap.

Paul Ellam
18 Posted 17/02/2015 at 19:51:56
Sell Mirallas, buy Perisic or Depay.
Stephen Brown
19 Posted 17/02/2015 at 20:01:54
Denis – he owes us about 5 x 3 months wages from his injury spells!

He can repay that with some good performances between now and may so we can get a good fee for him!

Steve Hogan
20 Posted 17/02/2015 at 20:03:33
He really does believe heÂ’s Â’Johnny Big TimeÂ’, he shows occasional glimpses of his undoubted talent, but never on a consistent basis for a player who can only ever perform on the wing.

Spends far too much time injured for a club like Everton who need much more consistency from their core squad of players. Compare his attitude to someone like John Stones who has more talent in his little toe than Mirallas will ever have.

Get shut as soon as the season is over, there has to be players with a better attitude out there, who can show us more consistency.

He seems to forget, Moyes plucked him from the obscurity of greek football, now he suddenly believes heÂ’s Â’champions league materialÂ’.

Sean Kelly
21 Posted 17/02/2015 at 20:08:46
I want players at Everton who want to wear the jersey, have pride on wearing our jersey and give everything on the pitch. It may be a romantic notion on these days of egotistical over paid twats parading as footballers. So sell him and give him a commission to find someone for his mate Rom.

Champions League more like championship material with the inconsistent performances this year. There are far better players in their price range around.

Turkey may be the only option for these two turkeys.

Ross Edwards
22 Posted 17/02/2015 at 20:27:58
I wouldnÂ’t blame him if he did leave. The only way weÂ’re getting Europe next season is by winning the Europa League.

If he wants out, thereÂ’s little we can do other than haggle and get a good price. Over 㿀m and he can go.

Joe Foster
23 Posted 17/02/2015 at 20:39:11
If we sell him I suggest we use the money for a Stannah stairlift to help Barry, Distan and the likes getting up and down the steps.
Kevin Rowlands
24 Posted 17/02/2015 at 20:42:53
Ross, if you think weÂ’re going to get anywhere near 㿀 mill for Mirallas IÂ’ve got a bridge to sell you in San Francisco. I believe this summer heÂ’s got 1 year left on his contract with a club option for another. Obviously we will take the option but IÂ’d be pleasantly surprised to get 㾶 mill, he might think heÂ’s brilliant but the fact is heÂ’s nowhere near as good as he thinks he is.

Also, for the other gobshite, seeing we fleeced Man Utd for another Belgian big timer, IÂ’d bite anyoneÂ’s hand off for 㿀 mill, take a loss and move on.

Clive Rogers
25 Posted 17/02/2015 at 20:52:34
Yes, weÂ’ll do well to get 㾶 million. HeÂ’s not really a winger and doesnÂ’t really understand wing play, always wanting to cut inside and shoot. HeÂ’s struggled when used as an out-and-out striker.
Sam Hoare
26 Posted 17/02/2015 at 20:57:50
Mirallas is possibly our only midfielder who scores goals and creates them fairly regularly. He has off games and quiet periods but he has been and remains one of the most effective attacking players we have.

But heÂ’s leaving. Nailed on. We will get ٤-10M for him and do well to replace him for that. Perisic would cost twice as much and is unlikely to leave a CL bound Wolfsburg.

Deulofeu is all fart and little poo, barely able to get a game for Seville. Hopefully the scouts have got some options lined up as replacing him effectively will have a big impact on next seasonÂ’s success.

John Gee
27 Posted 17/02/2015 at 21:06:13
I work with a guy who goes home 2 hours early every day he works which is only about 3 quarters of the year because of his sick leave. 4 days out of every 5 he just stands at the fryer looking bored clearly thinking he should have an office job. Then one day in a five day week he fries some nice chips (although theyÂ’ve already been blanched by someone else) and once a year he flips a mean burger.

What IÂ’m trying to say is, fuck him, weÂ’ll miss him as much as we missed Radzinski.

Andrew Ellams
28 Posted 17/02/2015 at 21:25:36
Depay is going to go to a bigger club than Everton and IF Perisic was to leave WolfsburgbI doubt he would touch us either.
Wayne Smyth
29 Posted 17/02/2015 at 21:19:50
Andy (#8) we went through a period under Moyes ostracising our players and getting poor fees for them (Yak springs to mind). IÂ’m glad that Martinez takes a different tack.

Mirallas, for all his faults, is still one of our best players and one of our big problems this season has been a lack of decent fit wingers. Keeping him playing is therefore something we need to try to do so we can move up the league.

Keeping him integrated in the squad, playing and advertising himself is probably the best thing we can do to get a decent fee for him in the summer. None of us have any loyalty to him, but we should all care about whether our club gets ٣M for him or 㾶M.

Colin Glassar
30 Posted 17/02/2015 at 21:45:24
Just for the money we got for Fellaini and Big Vic, Martinez deserves a knighthood, Wayne.
Denis Richardson
31 Posted 17/02/2015 at 21:41:03
Â’All fart and little pooÂ’!!

Had me in stitches and made me spit my tea out.....thanks Sam!!

Tom Bowers
32 Posted 17/02/2015 at 21:50:24
Have to agree, Kev. He should be let go if his mind is set. It would seem he has served notice and in that case RM should only start players who are 100% committed to the Blues.

Having said that, who knows what is going on in the minds of the players at any time? If they are not getting enough playing time in their own minds, then they may also have some thoughts about moving on and not necessarily to a team that is assured of Champions League football.

Kev has been somewhat injury-prone which I believe has stunted his form, especially this season, and this I suspect has affected EvertonÂ’s offence frailties. The Blues are in desperate need of another striker with strength and pace to help Lukaku as, although Naismith works his tail off, he is not an out-and-out striker.

Sean Roberts
33 Posted 17/02/2015 at 21:51:25
Will be interesting to see what happens when he leaves us. Apart from Rooney and, for a much lesser amount, Atreta, I canÂ’t remember players leaving us to go to better clubs to be better players and it works out!!! eg, Pienaar? And anyone old enough to remember Craig short leaving us to go and better himself at "Blackburn!!!" I would think Mirallas would fall into the Pienaar category myself.
Gavin Johnson
34 Posted 17/02/2015 at 21:58:34
I still think Mirallas will probably go to Spurs with Lennon staying and us getting a cash adjustment of anything between ١-5M. Spurs wonÂ’t be in the Champions league but IÂ’m sure the move will be justified with rubbish about CL potential, neglecting to mention the silly wages heÂ’ll be on.

Personally I hope we win the Europa and he stays. If not, I hope we bring in Delboy or Peresic. The latterÂ’s fee was rumoured to be around ٦M before his injury after the World Cup. I think 㾶-12M would land him, but would he want to leave Wolfsburg who look certs for the CL next season.

James Byrne
35 Posted 17/02/2015 at 22:11:37
According to relable souces close to the club, Super Kev is a Grade "A" Bellend. One of those super human types who thinkÂ’s he walks on water! HeÂ’s even got his own name etched into his gold plated Bentley car seats and some personal clothing items just to remind himself of how special he is.

No doubt he has talent but after the recent penalty debacle I reckon itÂ’s time to cash in; fortunately for us there will be no shortage of clubs around Europe who will be lining up for his services.

Jamie Barlow
36 Posted 17/02/2015 at 22:30:15
Keep him. Good player.

Seems heÂ’s gone shit all of a sudden on here.

Ambitious. Pfft!!

John Gee
37 Posted 17/02/2015 at 22:48:22
James (35) and others. His Bentley isn't gold plated. It's wrapped in gold coloured vinyl wrap, a much cheaper option. "vinyl wrap" when translated from English into Flemish translates as "bargain bin beagrie" I swear down kidder (isn't that what they say now?)

As for him going to Spurs, I don't see it. Pochettino puts an emphasis on fitness and high intensity pressing of the ball (it's what used to be called football until "philosophies" took over). Mirallas is not the kind of player they'd be looking for.

He's just another "good on his day player" and there has been loads of those. Ask yourselves this... When have you ever heard the following players being described as good on their day... Beckham, Baines, Wise, Winterburn, Dublin, Cahill, Sutton, Mills?

Those players don't or didn't display the Zola/Scholes/Giggs kind of ideal football but they tried hard and made the best of their undoubted talents. "Good on their day" refers to players like Carlton Palmer, Robbie Savage, Phil Babb, Phil Neville, Kenwyn Jones.

Lets get a little perspective of what he's done for us. Mostly, fuck all, for 80 grand a week.

Peter Laing
38 Posted 17/02/2015 at 23:11:12
Column inches wasted on a player who evidently sees his future away from the Grand Old Lady. He will fit in well at a Club like Spurs, we have had much better players leave and have kicked on.
Paul Smith
39 Posted 17/02/2015 at 23:26:00
Our best player going forward. Inconsistently brilliant! He's off in the Summer; can't see what we can do now to keep him.
Colin Glassar
40 Posted 17/02/2015 at 23:43:08
Gavin, I think the wages we could offer someone like Perisic would be much higher than heÂ’s earning now. CL football is great but these guys think first and foremost in their bank balances.
James Byrne
41 Posted 17/02/2015 at 23:56:34
John Gee #37.............great response.
Andy Crooks
42 Posted 18/02/2015 at 00:18:18
John Gee, I like that post but your first list of players threw me until I looked at it again and realized you were spot on. The second list is even better with the exception of Savage, who was a trier and on his day tried a bit harder.

If only Mirallas was as good as he thinks. Does anyone think he will go elsewhere and be a star? I see him going to Spurs and slowly disappearing. Everton is as good as it will ever get for him. I said the same about Moyes many years ago but I think it even more with this self-regarding fool.

John Gee
43 Posted 18/02/2015 at 00:37:06
Andy (42), I think I had a good point but I didn't write it well enough. You're right about Savage. I think I put him on the wrong list because I just can't stand the guy. Although, I remember the rumour going around that he was close to signing for us and thought "We could do with him". God, I hate myself for admitting that!
Eric Myles
44 Posted 18/02/2015 at 00:51:16
"Everton may have been putting some distance between themselves and their reputation for being a selling club over the last few years"

Have they??? When?

John Gee
45 Posted 18/02/2015 at 01:12:50
Eric, you're being unfair. We proved it quite conclusively with Gosling.
Terence Leong
46 Posted 18/02/2015 at 01:31:15
Wayne Smith (#29) is spot on. Keep the positivity going; else the whole world knows that the manager can't stand him. Guess how that's gonna affect the club's bargaining power?

Keep it positive; look at how Martinez managed to get ٤ million for Jelavic.

James Kirrane
48 Posted 18/02/2015 at 03:13:12
David, 'Martinez has an eye for talent?' McGeady, Atsu, Alcaraz.... If that is an eye for talent, he needs to go to Spec Savers pronto.
Gavin Johnson
49 Posted 18/02/2015 at 03:36:49
Sean #33 We did good business on Craig Short. if I remember right he was nearly out of contract and we tied him to a new deal and then sold him a few months later.
Kieran Fitzgerald
50 Posted 18/02/2015 at 06:48:46
It's a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" scenario for us in may ways with Mirallas. How do we sell a player of this quality for the right money to replace him? His reputation and injury list would precede him. We can't afford to take a hit on just offloading his petulance out of the dressing room either. We don't have much else in terms of quality and creativity at the moment either.

The theory of us being a selling club has been diluted a little by the huge and recent increase in TV money. We don't appear to be in the situation now where we need to sell just to survive. From the outside, being in the top 20 clubs makes us look almost affluent. However, dig a little deeper and you will soon see that our other revenue streams are a joke. Yes, we're not dependent on transfer money, but we are still an awful lot more reliant on that type of revenue stream than we should be.

In terms of the summer transfer window, I have said before that a lot may depend on how many dead rubber games we have between now and the end of the season. Finishing in the top six has consistently been a big earner for us. This season, we are going to be several million pounds short in terms of prize money for league places. This, and putting away money for a new stadium, is going to have a big impact on what summer transfer budget we have. You would presume that any agreement with the local council around the stadium and them providing us with a site would involve us having the cash to back up our half of the agreement.

Depending on when we are fully free of relegation, there may not still be enough points available to really affect our league finish for the season. With this and the above in mind, Martinez may decide to give a lot of the youngsters on the fringes of the squad game time in the dead rubber games. It will give them experience, fully cement their places in the squad if they're good enough and will show us what senior players we have in place for next season.This will allow Martinez in turn to decide who he can offload to free on wages and also decide what he needs to bring in.

Financially, I don't think Martinez will have any choice in the matter.

Firstly, I think he will have to sell Mirallas as he will be the easiest option if he does want out. There would be a mutiny if we sold Coleman, Besic or McCarthy without them seeming to agitate for a move, which they aren't at present. The cash raised will probably be used to finance loan options as this is our forte at present and will work well in tandem with our lack of cash and loss of prize money.

Secondly, with all the hype around our younger players in recent years and their reputed collective talent, Martinez would be mad to ignore them at a time when he can least afford to.

That I think of it, injecting three or four of 'our own' would have added benefits also outside of the financial. Bringing through three or four of 'our own' from the academy would be a justification of all the hard work and faith that has been placed in the academy over the years. It would give the whole club, us fans included, a huge lift considering the season we have had. For Martinez and the Board, it would definitely take some of the pressure off and allow Bill in particular the chance to put a positive spin on the lack of investment in the senior squad. If I am being objective, I think I would have to admit that a lot of effort by the club as a whole has been put into the academy. If there is a payout for the senior squad and our financial situation, as a result then fair enough to give credit where it is due.

Andrew Ellams
51 Posted 18/02/2015 at 08:38:18
I just don't see Everton attracting a better player than Kevin Miralles right now.
John Keating
52 Posted 18/02/2015 at 09:23:53
No - get rid. In fact, get the whole squad in the day after the last game of the season and ask every single one of them if they want to play for Everton Football Club.
Any negativity or hesitation then straight onto every newspaper and agent there is to inform them of their availability.
Colin Glassar
53 Posted 18/02/2015 at 09:18:59
Why not Andrew? We pay top dollar to our players, more than most teams in Germany, Holland, Spain, Italy, France and Portugal can. ThatÂ’s why a lot of players want to come to the PL for the weekly wage.

Forget all this rubbish about the CL, average-to-decent players (like Mirallas) know they can make far more money playing for someone like WHU or QPR than they can for a team like Marseilles or Porto even though those teams qualify on a regular basis in the CL.

Gavin McGarvey
54 Posted 18/02/2015 at 09:53:34
I'm concerned about the number of posters advocating the selling of our only player with attacking threat on the basis of a lack of ability. What does that say about the rest? The reason that Spurs are interested in him is because he does carry a goal threat.

As for him being less than a nice well rounded fellow, well, perhaps he isn't the right man for a role with the UN on a Palestinian peace mission, but we're talking Premier League football. As I don't have to sit down and drink with him, then as far as his personality is relevant, provided he doesn't disrupt the dressing room, the fact he is a bit of a pain (heaven forbid we have players who are competitive) shouldn't come into it. It would be nice if all of our players were like Naismith, but unlikely these days.

Of course we should be trying to keep him, and getting in some more players who can score goals. Goals being handy things for winning football matches. Someone was complaining about Osman only scoring 4 goals a season (I looked it up and he averages about 5 regularly getting 7 a season at his peak and played out of position), well that's 4 more than any of our other midfielders, or at least that's how it feels.

We really do need more creativity in our team and I'd like us to get a couple of players in before we even think of selling anyone. Selling Mirallas without having a couple of players who can provide threat first would be suicidal.

Trevor Peers
55 Posted 18/02/2015 at 10:19:06
Mirallas himself has decided he wants to leave and what the supporters think is totally irrelevant to him.

Everton have no choice but to get the best possible deal for him and hopefully sign someone even better.

Trevor Lynes
56 Posted 18/02/2015 at 10:41:13
Here is a question for the other fans on here:

Who is going to put the ball in the net for us if Mirallas and Lukaku leave?

Eugene Ruane
57 Posted 18/02/2015 at 10:44:37
Andrew (51) - "I just don't see Everton attracting a better player than Kevin Miralles right now."

That might be the case, but I bet we could find a few decent players with more commitment, a better understanding of 'team' and who want to be here.

We should imo sell any player employed by Everton who doesn't want to play for Everton.

Andrew Ellams
58 Posted 18/02/2015 at 11:22:06
You are probably right, Eugene, but we are painfully short on that attacking flair that Mirallas offers. If he had been fit all season, there is every chance he'd be our top scorer by now.

There are plenty of players who would show commitment to the club, but how many of them have the quality to improve things next season, and fit into the budget?

Sam Hoare
59 Posted 18/02/2015 at 11:37:31
John Gee

"Let's get a little perspective of what he's done for us. Mostly, fuck all, for 㿼 grand a week."

The trouble is that what he's done for us has still been more than virtually every other player! In an attacking sense at least.

He's right at the top of our assists and chances created lists for the last few seasons (only Baines has more) plus our only midfielder who scores more than 1-2 goals a season (except Osman maybe).

He might be a dick but he's one of the best dicks we have.

Nick Entwistle
60 Posted 18/02/2015 at 11:37:03
Haven't read all the posts, but what exactly are we supposed to battle with?
Anthony Hawkins
61 Posted 18/02/2015 at 12:10:29
The issue the club is beginning to face is this: Martinez is almost certain to have indicated to players his plans to get Everton into the Champions League. Players, like Mirallas, Lukaku, Besic etc will all have joined with the idea they would imminently be playing in the CL but clearly are not and unlikely to be next year either.

Is it wrong for players to want to play at the highest level possible, especially if they are capable of doing so? No.

Is it wrong to leave a job to achieve your objective of playing at the highest level? No.

Does it suck that Everton players want to leave because they are not playing at the level they want achieve? Yes. However, there is the arguement they could stay and build a team which can win things. The flip side to that is Stevie G's loyalty for the reds where they've won minimal silverware despite his passion for the club.

Bringing it all back round to Mirallas. I will be sorry to see him go as he's been one of a few Everton players to show passion, desire flair and creativity to win games.

The team has looked very flat and missed a cutting edge when Mirallas and Barkley have been missing from the team.

Personally, I think the team should be built around players like Lukaku, Mirallas, Barkley, Besic, McCarthy, Coleman, Stones & Rubles.

The major player types the team is missing are proper wingers who are able to provide a quality final ball into the box. All the midfielders we have at present are CMs, with the exception of loanee Lennon.

Liam Reilly
62 Posted 18/02/2015 at 14:36:34
"The only way we're getting Europe next season is by winning the Europa League."

We're perilously close to the top of the Fair Play League; so if Gareth stops picking up the cards, we could be back in Europe next season.

Andrew Ellams
63 Posted 18/02/2015 at 15:11:24
But is the Premier League near the top of the Fair Play League Liam? Isn't it one club from each of the top 3 nations?
Colin Grierson
64 Posted 18/02/2015 at 16:31:32
If he wants to go then get what we can for him and try to get in someone of a similar ilk as far as attacking potency is concerned. Any player who wants to go we should get rid. We are MUCH bigger than any player who plays for the club, even the legends, of whom none are on the present team!
Dave Abrahams
65 Posted 18/02/2015 at 16:40:43
Let him earn his transfer by having a good go from now to the end of the season, score a few goals and prove that he can play consistently well (I don't think he can), and that would help him to get a decent club and also help us to get a better fee for him.
Steve Hogan
66 Posted 18/02/2015 at 17:40:57
Anthony Hawkins... Mirallas has 'passion, desire, flair and creativity'? – in which particular game or games, did he show all those attributes???

Answers on postcard please...

Peter Gorman
67 Posted 18/02/2015 at 17:45:40
Steve, you have a short memory - in this season alone how about home to Palace and away to Spurs where he was pretty much our only player displaying those attributes.

Last season I think it was in the run up to Christmas he was our only player showing the necessary desire.

I am not sure we should pull out all the stops to keep an unhappy player but I can't pretend Mirallas on form isn't our most potent attacking player and one of the few who seem to step up against the better opposition.

Clive Rogers
68 Posted 18/02/2015 at 18:50:44
Gavin (#44),

Osman got 44 PL goals in 11 seasons. Plus 1 this season makes it 45 in 12. I was quoting league goals which I feel are a better standard.

Gavin McGarvey
69 Posted 18/02/2015 at 19:58:30
Fair enough, Clive. I wasn't holding him up as an example of a prolific scorer, however; far from it. Just trying to highlight the woeful lack of goals from our midfield. I know that Barry and McCarthy are defensive midfielders, but I still think they should be chipping in the odd goal here and there. As for McGeady, well it hasn't been his or Barkley's year. We really do need more threat going forward.
Murdo Laing
70 Posted 18/02/2015 at 20:26:59
Wayne #29. Agree wholly with your last paragraph. The best scenario all around is for us to do well with Mirallas in the team, playing well, scoring goals and with Everton doing better in the league and at least getting to the QF of the Europa League. On current form, we are not good enough to beat either the RS or Spurs over two legs, so if we can at least get past Young Boys we can only live in hope we then have another favourable draw and KM and RL can stay in the "shop window".

As with other posts on here, I do wonder what on earth is going on with our worldwide scouting system under Roberto. We don't often appear to be seriously linked with anyone of any promise outside this country. That's one of the reasons I've argued on here that we take a punt next season with at least two of our own home grown academy graduates and see where it takes us?

Clive Rogers
71 Posted 18/02/2015 at 20:33:35

I've been saying the same. Only 1 goal from our midfield four. Also Naismith has only got 2 since August and no assists all season and he is really our second striker. It will be worse if Mirallas leaves. Lennon doesn't score goals either.

We desperately need a proven striker and a goal scoring attacking mid in summer, but I don't see Martinez landing them or the funds being available.

Phil Sammon
72 Posted 18/02/2015 at 20:46:35

Naismith provided the assist for Lukaku's goal against Palace (as you well know!)

Paul Tran
73 Posted 18/02/2015 at 20:43:04
Why battle? If he wants to go, just get the best price for him. He's nowhere near good enough for us to get down on his knees or smash the wage bill to keep him.
Clive Rogers
74 Posted 18/02/2015 at 21:45:05

He didn't, it came back off the goalie, so isn't classed as an assist. His cross wasn't going to Lukaku.

None this season, 3 in 3 seasons, he's just not creative or a scorer.

Ross Edwards
75 Posted 18/02/2015 at 22:25:25
Liam, we are 8th in the BPL Fair Play League, so even if England was in the top 3 nations, we wouldn't qualify through it anyway.


West Ham are currently top ahead of Burnley and Liverpool.

Trevor Lynes
76 Posted 18/02/2015 at 22:42:34
The only players in our squad with a decent goal ratio up front are the Belgians. Kone would very possibly join them if he was brought on to partner Lukaku instead of just to replace him. I would bring on Kone to replace either Naismith or Barkley at the hour mark especially at home when we are struggling for goals.

We are very defensive throughout our defence and midfield. We missed the boat on Lallana, Delph and others who actually shoot! Even Shelvey at Swansea can bag a few each season.

As I said before our midfielders are behind the full backs and Jagielka for scoring goals. We cannot afford to play two and sometimes three defensive midfielders and expect to win matches against organised sides. Surely one of our midfielders should be chipping in and between them they should be averaging ten goals a season.

What on earth is happening to Barkley too ? This lad should be scoring regularly by now.

Mike Allison
77 Posted 18/02/2015 at 23:31:06
He doesn't want to play for us, so he goes, it's as simple as that. His strengths and weaknesses as a player, whether or not you or I rate him or whether he's even half as good as he thinks he is don't enter into it. He doesn't want to be here, so we get rid. I'd love to bring back Deulofeu and see what kind of a player we can turn him into.

Our big issue is the manager, we get an awful lot of criticism of individual players, but basically they can all look brilliant if well managed and playing in a confident and successful team who knows what it's doing, and they can all look awful if the collective unit isn't working for whatever reason. Last season under Martinez we were the former, this season we have been the latter. Which one is the real Martinez is something we'll just have to wait and find out.

We have some outstanding young players, and plenty to be excited about in the future, depending on whether or not Martinez can learn from the huge mistakes he's made this year. Mirallas is only a minor part in all this. Let him go to Spurs and sit on the bench as far as I'm concerned, Everton Football Club is bigger than any player, and it is far, far bigger than a jumped up, arrogant Cristiano Ronaldo wannabe.

Eric Myles
78 Posted 19/02/2015 at 00:48:25
Clive #74, Naismith is credited with an assist against Palace, his other is against QPR.
Clive Rogers
79 Posted 19/02/2015 at 10:02:35

TW have, but not the proper stat sites I use. Either way, it is still very poor. His stats for tackles and shots on goal are also poor.

Peter Barry
80 Posted 19/02/2015 at 10:39:15
Anthony Hawkins
82 Posted 19/02/2015 at 12:26:58
Steve Hogan (#66), without doubt the last few matches have seen Mirallas as the main man in midfield, with big question marks being asked why he was withdrawn by the 80th minute, latest. That's without stretching my mind back further.
Mike Childs
83 Posted 19/02/2015 at 12:50:50
Brutal last sentence Mike A. #77. Well written post though that I agree with. If his heart isn't in it then why bother. His head will keep him putting up numbers but no heart in it means no extra effort plays.
Tony J Williams
84 Posted 19/02/2015 at 14:22:55
"Steve, you have a short memory – in this season alone how about home to Palace and away to Spurs where he was pretty much our only player displaying those attributes."

We lost both games!!

He's a bellend that is nowhere near as good as he believes he is.

He doesn't get involved in games anywhere near enough and is happy to stare at his colourful boots on the wing waiting for the ball to come to him so he can do a step-over then do fuck all with it.

Get shut, get some moolah and buy someone who will actually want to play a whole 90 minutes and isn't a jumped up little bellend with delusions of grandeur.

Jim Harrison
86 Posted 19/02/2015 at 15:04:24
Cash in. Get Del boy back. Younger and lees of a tit.
Andrew Clare
87 Posted 19/02/2015 at 15:07:32
No.Top top players are excellent week in week out. Mirallas is not.Look for an unknown like Besic. They are out there.
Colin Glassar
88 Posted 19/02/2015 at 15:11:52
There are good players in the lower leagues as well Andrew. Just look at Cresswell, Ings, Redmond etc... It’s just a case of having a decent scouting system and being willing to take a risk on young, British talent. Foreign players aren’t always necessarily the best option.
Rick Tarleton
89 Posted 19/02/2015 at 16:31:19
We are allegedly Number 20 of the biggest clubs. If Mirallas is a player who can command a place in a top ten club, then I am amazed. He has moments of brilliance, but more often he is greedy, lacks discipline or awareness of other players and has no idea of a team ethic.

Sell him to the highest bidder: if Spurs are daft enough to believe he's better than Townsend or Lallana, then they can buy him.

Phil Walling
90 Posted 19/02/2015 at 20:34:54
After tonight, NO!
Robbie Farmer
91 Posted 20/02/2015 at 20:38:11
I think we should keep him until until next season and see if he plays any better; if not then he can go. Also, I saw a few comments moaning about Lukaku... I suppose you couldn't have known he would score 3 goals a few days later...
Ian Riley
92 Posted 21/02/2015 at 01:16:30
Battle to keep Mirallas. He has one full season left. Let him see it out and he can go to a real big club like Tottenham. The manager keeps making the fans think we are lucky to have players like him. Give me a break!

How many big clubs have made bids for him? None!

Anyway, he will be nearly 29 at the end of his contract with us. The club should not be giving big contracts at that age.

Anthony Hawkins
93 Posted 21/02/2015 at 08:01:28
As stated above, we should battle to keep Mirallas. However, if Mirallas has decided to go, we should sell him rather than make a loss or get nothing for him.
Rob Baker
94 Posted 22/02/2015 at 21:16:26
Kevin "Crystal Hamstrings" Mirallas can go if he really thinks he's ECL material. Like most folk here, we agree with his ability but I can't be done with a want-away attitude. Take Lukaku and Howard with you

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