‘Sin miedo’ ... remember that one? The irony hurts.

For those of you with a bit of Spanish – is it more ‘mierda’ than ‘miedo’ this season? (Look it up. And looking up is certainly better than looking down, which a lot of us are doing recently.)

Whatever, ‘fear’ is most certainly in our midst and seemingly tightening its grip on a daily basis. The players, the fans and the manager are seemingly being consumed by it. And after last night’s defeat at Stoke this is probably only going to get worse.

I loved a lot of the football we played last season; it was often free flowing, imaginative, expansive and carried out with vigour and enthusiasm. What the hell has happened? Like every club we’ve had key injuries and some bad luck along the way – but our mindset (and style of play) this year has been way too negative. Does anyone actually ‘enjoy’ watching us anymore?

We are, in reality, boring. The only thing not static about us is our league position. I have reluctantly been forced to ask myself is this acceptable for Everton Football Club?

It appears Bobby was prepared to re-open the School of Science for one year only. This year’s pupils only appear to have the study of crabs on the curriculum – how to move sideways and backwards. Slowly. We have become Ray Wilkins incarnate.

Another trouble with crabs is that they lead to great irritation and often appear after you’ve been screwed...

I find it hard to swallow the manager’s stubbornness in not seeing his tactics are failing. Surely a good manager learns from their mistakes and adapts accordingly? They don’t cover their ears and eyes and charge on regardless.

And yet in Europe we have played some terrific football. How can we alternate been this and the turgid inertia we see in the Premier League? It’s an infuriating head scratcher. (Those crabs again...)

If we do survive, do we want to entrust whatever funds we may have available to a man the majority of fans are now questioning? Many of the current squad are aging and others already seem to be planning their escape. Apart from McCarthy I find many of Bobby’s acquisitions questionable. It is, to me, vital that we look to build a team around a core of Coleman, Stones, Gabbutt, Naismith, Barkley and McCarthy. If we drop – how many of these will still be around?

Has Kenwright the ‘steel’ to bite the bullet ... and then use it? I admire loyalty – it’s one of the values that sets us apart from so many other clubs – but I now have to consider – at what cost? We appear to be in freefall and quite a few of us are crapping it. (Those brown shoes may have a practical use as well)?

I was unashamedly a Moyes fan. I am still a Martinez fan (despite playing a Devil’s Advocate role here). Why? Because they manage my club and I passionately love my club. I want the manager to succeed and feel I need to defend them come what may (normally against outsiders).

It actually pains me to be so negative about the guy. I have avoided this site for months, as even in good times there are so many negative vibes emanating around. Should he go? I have a Dr Jeckyll / Mr Hyde battle waging internally. “He’s a lovely bloke who can get us playing good football” v “We’re devoid of confidence and heading for the drop”.

My heart says ‘No’ but my head, after last night’s result, very reluctantly believes it is time for a ‘gracias’ and ‘adios’ to Bobby M. And I am truly sorry to say that.

I started with a famous Bobby catchphrase – so I’ll end with a few that could be used in our current predicament by Bobby or Bill or lower league managers. And as everything seems so depressing currently I think one or two of you might completely trump the below and make me smile:-

  • You are the Weakest Link – goodbye!
  • I don’t believe it!
  • D’oh!
  • Here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten me into....
  • I have a cunning plan ... (please God)
  • You’re fired!
  • I’ve started so I’ll finish (you off).
  • Come on down!
  • It’s goodnight from me .. and it’s goodnight from him.
  • Don’t just stand there .. do something!
  • Ooh you are awful ... but I like you.
  • Can I have a P please Bob?
  • Shut that door! (On your way out).
  • You stupid boy.
  • I’ll get my coat.
  • You’ve gotta ask yourself one question. Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?
  • Nice guys finish last.

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Tony Draper
2 Posted 05/03/2015 at 15:09:11
When Moyes left so ungraciously having openly lied for a long time about his true intentions, I wasn't disappointed in the slightest. I had grown to dislike his corner shop view of Everton. What most Evertonians overlooked was that his petty view of Everton included us fans.

For too long I, like so very many, had yearned for better football, so appositely described as the "Reopening of the School of Science".

Roberto Martinez got so much correct.
He smiled.
He saw Everton as a truly great club.
He loved our history.

It was all so bloody marvellous after a decade plus of "Eyeores Gloomy Place".

This season has been inexplicably demoralising.
I've stopped watching Roberto's interviews and PC's, because I still like the guy, I just do not want to hear him spinning the unspinable.

Sadly, I now want Roberto to go and work his magic somewhere else. I am no longer under his spell.

Now, I fear that we are resigned to even more years of "workmanlike" football.

But thank Roberto, thanks deeply for the all too brief of glimpse of what might have been. Thanks Roberto, it was bloody great and I loved it and I can now not go back to accepting that gloomy mentality that had us in it's grip for so long.

I'm sorry that you couldn't keep it going, more sorry than you'll ever begin to know.

But, I think that you should go now. Sorry mate, I really am.

David Harrison
3 Posted 05/03/2015 at 15:27:15
As I put on another thread, all the other factors in our demise (injuries, loss of form, bad luck etc.) are incidental to the huge elephant in the room. All roads lead to one conclusion. Our manager has stuffed up big time and will not recover from this position. He has to go
Jay Wood
4 Posted 05/03/2015 at 14:58:04
A nicely balanced post Jim, reflecting the anguish and conflict many of us are feeling today.

For some months I have posted my concerns at the performances and our lowly position in the league.
Not once have I called for RM’s sacking.
Not once did I resort to personal abuse of RM.
Not once have I said we will be relegated.

But nor was I in denial. I recognized we have effectively been in a relegation dog fight since December. But still, I had to believe there are 3 worst sides than Everton in the PL who would occupy the relegation places before us.

That statement is a cause of shame, not triumphalism. This squad, this manager, this club, should be competing for a top 6 place, not anxiously looking over its shoulder from bottom 6.

How many of us were perversely hoping for wins for Shitteh, the Arse and (shamefully...) even the ’poo last night to help us maintain a 6 point gap to the bottom 3? We should be in a position where the reverse was true - hoping for QPR, Burnley and Leicester to take points off our top 6 rivals.

I went looking for small crumbs of comfort this morning and possibly found it. The mythical 40 points to guarantee PL safety for another season is ... well, a myth.

Since the inception of the PL and in the 19 seasons there has been a 38 game season, the highest placed relegated side in 18th place has, on average, required 36 points.

In only 3 of the 19 seasons has 40 points or more NOT been enough to save the 18th placed side from relegation, the last being WHU with 42 points in 2002-03. Taking the 11 seasons since then, the average points required for the 18th spot falls to 35 points.

Small crumbs of comfort as I said, but rather than needing another 12 points from our final 10 games as some believe, possibly just 7-8 points could well be enough to avoid being sucked into the bottom 3.

But ... it’s still going to be tight! We have just about achieved that in our last 12 games:

P 12 W 1 D 4 L 7 F 6 A 17 GD - 11 Pts 7

A single defeat in any of our 6 pointer games against Villa, QPR or Burnley could well tip the balance against us.

Our plight is that precarious...

David Graves
5 Posted 05/03/2015 at 15:50:03
You say that you have stayed away from the sight but you must also have stayed away from watching the team if you believe that the team should be built around a core of Coleman, Stones, Gabbutt (?), Naismith, Barkley and McCarthy. Stones I am sure has lots of potential but I'm afraid that the others have been distinctly ordinary of late. It may well be down to the failings of the manager but I'm not so sure that a.n.other will unshackle hidden abilities in the players you list.
Marc Williams
6 Posted 05/03/2015 at 15:55:09
I was trying to log on to ToffeeWeb in the vain hope that they've sacked the clueless twat.....looks like I've
Ended up on catchphrase.com by mistake !

Not sure l know many of these, but l think " l've started so I'll finish ( you off ) " , was "Fat Julie" from Norris Green circa 1983.....Am l right ?

Tony J Williams
7 Posted 05/03/2015 at 16:28:22
It's just Ground hog day from when he took the Pie Eaters down.

You could copy and paste his comments from their last couple of months and you would believe that he had said them last night.

Even the arrogant Moyes changed his tactics when they were clearly not working, this fella won't....

The last couple of months before Moyes went the "Einstein Quote" was oft used on here.....looks like it's a failing of this one too.

Ray Robinson
8 Posted 05/03/2015 at 16:29:22
Roberto is probably right now instructing the PR Department in the art of positive spin. "Tell them [the season ticket holders] that renewal represents a phenomenal opportunity. Four extra games, at no additional cost!"

Let's hope Private Frazier's "We're all doomed" doesn't come to fruition.

Kevin Tully
9 Posted 05/03/2015 at 16:49:09
I thought last night's performance epitomised the whole season really. It was clear the players had decided to ditch the patient (or boring) build up play, but we just looked completely out of sync.

At one point, Jagielka found himself on the left wing! I think we have now hit rock bottom in Roberto's tenure as far as the actual football in concerned. The players look completely lost out there, they are fucking confused as to how to play the game - that's some feat Bobby!

I just can't see any manager coming back from this, once the players lose faith, it's over.

Steve Cotton
10 Posted 05/03/2015 at 16:57:54
I will tell you how bad it was last night... Clattenberg was actually giving us most of the decisions and we still looked shite!
Dave Lynch
12 Posted 05/03/2015 at 17:28:15
Ok. So my original quotation of "Fuck Off" was not considered worthy, I actually thought it was straight to the point and succinct.

How about.

"Piss off you useless twat."

Eddie Hitler from Bottom.

Julian Exshaw
13 Posted 05/03/2015 at 19:41:01
Jim, I also found a lot to agree with in your post. I remember reading before the season started that Barcelona were 'allegedly' keeping an eye on Martinez as a future coach. "Keep your greedy Catalan hands off him" was probably my first thought at the time.

Then before you know it, we are dropping points at Leicester, home to Arsenal and imploding against Chelsea. This set the scene for what has become a nightmare (EL apart) season. Basically the whole management team as well as the players have had a six-month stinker.

There are all kinds of theories and rumours as to why there has been a virtual collapse. I can't understand how such talented players have fallen so far. I can't accept that it's ALL RM's fault. I also can't accept that a promising manager 12 months ago has become so inept a year later.

I truly believe we won't be relegated, no way, but neither will we win the EL. As a chairman (that's another day's topic), I would shake my head and ponder whether I would stick with my ever-so-promising manager of last season and give him a chance to redeem himself, or whether I would heed the warnings and terminate his contract in May.

I hope RM turns it around, not only for our sake but his too. I genuinely like the man and I don't see him as being a charlatan or anything of the sort. Something has to change though.

James Hughes
14 Posted 05/03/2015 at 20:43:57
Kenwright needs to be a member of this forum or at least check it.

For the first time in my life, I stopped watching before the end of a game... in fact, before the end of the first half. I am desperately trying to pretend it is all OK.

Maybe TW should start a helpline for us desperate and disillusioned Blues...

Phil Walling
15 Posted 05/03/2015 at 20:49:44
The truth is that for all our present angst, just three or four wins from our remaining games will see Roberto re-installed as Everton's Patron Saint.

Just as the Chairman believes, it will have been a glitch – and just think of all those lovely Europa victories!

And then it will be onward to next season and which Everton will be on show for us. Fickle? What us?

Patrick Murphy
16 Posted 05/03/2015 at 21:14:11
Phil - I understand what you are saying and for the most part supporters only want their team to win and problems which may be apparent to many will disappear into the ether – if the team puts a run of decent form together – as if they never existed.

I'm not too sure this is the case on this occasion, both TW and GOT polls are hovering around the 70% mark wanting RM to be dismissed from a sample of some 2,000 respondents. The proof of the pudding will come with season ticket renewals and whether they are willing to endure another season of ineptitude at Goodison and pay for the privilege of doing so – only time will tell.

Jay Wood
17 Posted 05/03/2015 at 21:14:09
I said something similar last week, Phil. My gut feeling is we will just scrape by in the PL and avoid relegation, that we will be eliminated before the final of the EL and that Roberto will still be with us going into next season.

And based on the team’s performance under him over two Jekyll and Hyde seasons, we have no idea which Everton will show up.

Michael Polley
18 Posted 06/03/2015 at 12:35:06
I'm concerned about the upcoming EL games against Kiev. Not so much about the actual games themselves, but the impact they will have on the Sunday games against Newcastle & QPR repectively. The return leg over at Kiev is something we could do without.
Both these PL games are cup finals for us, we need to win them and allow us to break clear of relegation. I'll cheer us on Thursday evening, and we should get a result, but I'm worried these games could have a detrimental impact on our survival.

I hope to be proved wrong.

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