Has Kenwright given up?

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The storm clouds are gathering around Goodison. The fans are certainly not happy, booing the team's performance after 45 minutes of the new season. The fans are dissatisfied with the signings so far and the amount of money spent, compared to every other club.

The silence from the board, and the chairman in particular who is normally so vociferous when things are going well, is mystifying.

Similarly with the ground move. Two attempts have failed and we have been told by the CEO that the Walton move is unaffordable. So what is the position now on moving to a new stadium. Nobody knows!

At the Annual General Meeting two years ago, in response to demands from shareholders, the chairman agreed to have such meetings annually and be open to questions. Last season, the meeting didn't take place, and I believe none has so far been scheduled for this year.... The chairman seems to have gone to ground.

All this makes me believe he has given up trying to run a successful club, given up looking for investment, given up the search for new owners, but is hanging on to power for as long as possible for reasons best known to himself.

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