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Regular topics from ToffeeWeb readers

Seamus Coleman Homecoming

Shane Corcoran
Posted 28/06/2016

Seamus Coleman welcomed back to Killybegs after Euro 2016....

Brexit, what will happen now?

Andy Osborne
Posted 24/06/2016

As a Brit living in Australia, I have watched the events of the last 24 hours with interest. My opinion on whether this will be a good or bad thing for the UK is irrelevant, but I got to thinking about what the impact would be on English football ...

Everton May Have to Sell John Stones

Albert Perkins
Posted 24/06/2016

Prior to the 2013-14 Premier League season, the Short Term Cost Control (STCC) rules were agreed upon for the next three years, and then renewed in 2016 with the purpose of stopping salaries increasing in line with the new broadcasting revenues. The ...

Bobby's last season. A blessing in disguise?

Kim Vivian
Posted 23/06/2016

This is NOT an article about Roberto Martinez... but possibly an argument to offer him thanks.As I was sitting in London's outer orbital car park – known to many as 'The M25' — killing my time by catching up on ToffeeWeb, as one does, a...

Lukaku: Difficult to replace

Mark Frere
Posted 19/06/2016

With the appointment of Ronald Koeman and the investment of billionaire Farhad Moshiri, this is a very exciting time for the Everton faithful. I'm sure Koeman is looking forward to assessing the players he has at his disposal and seeing where he n...

Crazy Transfer Window!

peter larkin
Posted 18/06/2016

As news breaks on Sky Sports that Watford have rejected a 25 million bid for Troy Deeney....Let me say that again...25 million for Troy DEENEY, im starting to think that our super huge 100 million transfer fund is looking well, ermmm shite!! 100 m...

Getting rid?

Andy Crooks
Posted 17/06/2016

New coach, new dawn, new players. It's all good. There is plenty of speculation about who we will buy. I enjoy it though I accept it is pointless. What I don't understand is Evertonians with a "get rid", list. In my view, every player at the...

Stick or twist

Jay Harris
Posted 15/06/2016

It is being reported that EFC plan to offer Lukaku double his wages to stay at Everton. I have pretty fixed views on this. He has 3 years remaining on his exist...

How it may've played out...

Ian Bonnette
Posted 14/06/2016

Everton – A New Dawn: Chapter One In a large, bright office deep in the heart of Theatre Land, a distinguished gentleman looks down from the window at a blue suited Mediterranean man in brown shoes walking off int...

Koeman: More a sinner to the Saints?

Kris Boner
Posted 13/06/2016

During a recent trawl of Everton related media, I came across an interesting commentary by a Saints fan that has been making the rounds on their fan sites. I'll reserve my personal opinions until the end but I decided it was definitely so...

Red or dead

Andy Osborne
Posted 10/06/2016

Koeman is to be announced, imminently, apparently. There has been much said about the prospect of him bringing his full team of back room staff, including one Sammy Lee. As a red in the Liverpool hey day, he is associated with many league and cup vic...

Modus Operandi

Andy Osborne
Posted 10/06/2016

Koeman is locked in, the announcement will be made next week, and as a trusting, loyal Evertonian, I don't doubt this will happen! In the meantime, we have recently been connected (by the press) with several players as potential "Koeman" targets:...

While news is quiet...

Nick Entwistle
Posted 10/06/2016

The quality of build that modern stadiums have is little in compensation for the generic soulless bowls their designs often become, and leave the fan without that feeling their home is something special. So to help out any future Archibald Leac...

Everton Squad, 2016-17

Steve Foster
Posted 10/06/2016

A few years back I posted a similar topic along the lines of 'what if we got a rich owner, would we need to change much? And whom would you want it'. The general vibe back then is we were not too far away, just needed a couple more class additi...

More scouting options

Aaron Evans
Posted 09/06/2016

I'm an ex-Club volunteer, Disability team skipper, fan and scout. Here are some more players from my recent series of who I believe would make the squad better or whom we could potentially develop: Outfield players ...

A voice of reasonable expectation

Chris Keher
Posted 09/06/2016

I am writing this piece because I am reading too many posts on other threads saying that they expect too much too soon from our team and owner. It is ridiculous for people to seriously post and expect that we will get Champions League next season ...

Reclaiming the City

Mike Goodwin
Posted 06/06/2016

In 1892, Liverpool Football Club unwittingly pulled off a remarkable marketing coup, by naming their breakaway outfit after the City of Liverpool. In one fell swoop, they consigned Everton FC, named after a small suburb of Liverpool, as bit-part pla...

Shareholder sway

Paul Columb
Posted 05/06/2016

I believe we all as Evertonians have a lens through which we view all things blue, the color of which is tinted by our personal history and experience with the club. My personal involvement dates back to 1985 from afar in Ireland where I g...

Before Z-Cars?

Laurie Hartley
Posted 05/06/2016

Before Z-Cars was introduced, the Blues used to run out at Goodison to a marching band tune. It's driving me mad trying to remember what it was - can anyone help. I know I should know but I just can't remember....

What's Our Name?

Peter Fearon
Posted 04/06/2016

We are all naturally focused on our new manager but the passing of the legendary Muhammed Ali took me back to 1967 and his (admittedly distant) connection with Everton. Terrell foolishly insisted on calling Ali by his former name, Cassius Clay, and i...

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