Worst Signings in Everton's History

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Perhaps one of the poorest and ill-conceived posts on here recently was one claiming that Tim Howard is "One of the worst signings in Everton's history". But please, no more posts about him.

However, another of our stalwart contributors suggested "Worst signings" is worthy of a thread on it's own. A recurring periodic theme on here but we haven't had one for a while.

Ray Roche suggested a couple to drool over:

Bernie "The Bolt" Wright, named after a piss-poor TV programme;
Per Krøldrup may have been successful elsewhere, but here?
Glen Keelly?
Brett Angell?

It's a dead weekend as far as we're concerned with no Everton game on the ticket, so I've moved a couple of posts over from the Howard thread to get you started.

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