Allardyce interview fail

By Paul Traill 31/03/2018 112comments  |  Jump to last
Everton 1 - 3 Manchester City

To add insult to injury, quite literally, this week as I have been recovering on the couch from last Saturday’s tonsillectomy, in ridiculously bad timing, the boiler packed in last Saturday as well; and three, yes three, boiler engineers later, it was finally fixed this morning, a whole week after breaking down. Having been told by the previous engineer that a part was required and was unobtainable for a week or two, I was resigned to more weeks of no heat and no hot water, and could have kissed the chirpy Geordie engineer who turned up this morning and fixed it for us. First world problems I know, but we take hot water and heating for granted. Even Liverpool’s lucky win at Crystal Palace couldn’t break my stride as Gaz rolled up at about 3pm. Picking up Ste on the way, we were in the pub for about 3:45pm while I nursed a couple of beers, both of which were a bit of a struggle to get down me.

Hot water and heating then, something we take for granted. I’d like a shift from the Everton players to be something we take for granted, but I doubt many were surprised by Everton’s performance. Before kick off I was saying to Ste how under David Moyes, at Goodison Park at least, when the best teams came to town we would usually find a way to match them. He’d make sure we were into them early, and fizzing the ball around at a tempo, drawing on the crowd to get them behind the players. We didn’t always beat teams at home of course, but we made sure they knew they were in for a game, and you’d usually walk away from Goodison Park if not celebrating a fantastic win, at least satisfied the team had given it a good go and that you had generally been entertained.

Everton home games against the ‘Big Six’ under Sam Allerdyce?

Chelsea at home: well we held on for a draw but were battered black and blue second half by Chelsea, without a shot on target throughout from ourselves if I’m not mistaken. The draw papered over some cracks in reality, though we did nearly nick a winner at the end when Michael Keane headed over.

Manchester United at home: nothing particularly wrong with the players' effort, but it was too easy for Manchester United and they strolled to victory in reality.

Now Sam can talk about not having the players in comparison to Manchester City and of course he would be right. I’m not disappointed to lose to one of the best teams of all time, and I agree with Sam when he says the players tried; I think they generally did despite the lop-side in quality, but they were restricted by tactics. It’s true that Yannick Bolasie missed a sitter at 0-1, and then Manchester City made it 0-2 moments later. That may have been a big moment, but in reality, I don’t believe an Everton equaliser then would have impeded the result.

So what could we have done instead? As I’ve already eluded to, get into them early. Make that first tackle. Have, for example, Seamus Coleman get an early kick in on Leroy Sane, or Morgan Schneiderlin on David Silva. Let them know early that their in for a game. Get the tackles in early and pop the ball about, and the crowd will rise to it. It isn’t rocket science. Instead, as against Manchester United at home in December, we had this cautious approach. I can understand this performance if we’re in the relegation mire and need to concentrate on other, more winnable games, but we’re not, we’re ninth on 40 points. We’re not going down. We’re playing the Champions-elect under the lights at a sold out Goodison Park with seven games to go until the season ends. His contract for next season is very much in question. If that doesn’t quantify what’s known as a “free hit”, then I don’t know what is.

Given our pragmatic approach, Manchester City, of course, won easily. As we groaned at Sam’s final substitution of Cenk Tosun being replaced by Oumar Niasse, Gary joked towards the end that Sam Allardyce would be happy just to win the second half. I didn’t disagree, but didn’t expect him to say as much in his post-match press conference!

I haven’t enjoyed the witch hunt and abuse that’s been hurled Sam’s way. I don’t particularly dislike the bloke, but I can’t accept this as our standards. All the while I’ve thought – well, let’s see how he does against Manchester City and Liverpool, and if we finish well, it would seem silly to disrupt it. I had no expectation of defeating Manchester City but I did at least expect to be entertained by our team, and to be able to bring enough out of the game to bring hope into the Merseyside derby. Instead, we go into the derby, defeated, hopeless and helpless, and given what’s come before us in home games against the ‘Big Six” under Sam (let’s not even go into some of the away game surrenders!), and it’s hard to believe there’ll be any upgrade come next Saturday.

Sam has now failed in his job interview for me, with the only hope of resurrection being an emphatic hammering of Liverpool next weekend, but we all know that won’t happen.

Onto the next appointment then and Moshiri and Kenwright really best get this one right. Thanks but no thanks, Sam.

Player ratings:

Pickford: As all three Manchester City goals were down the other end of the field from us it was difficult to tell what he could have done about any of the goals. He made one brilliant save in the second half from a deflected Fernandinho effort, but otherwise his kicking was largely frustratingly poor. One moment which made me chuckle was when the ball went out of play from another Manchester City attack and, frustrated as we all were with our play, the ball boy volleyed the ball straight back onto the pitch rather than gather it for Jordan, who didn’t know whether to laugh or grimace… and kind of did both. 6

Baines: One of few who emerges with credit as he seemed to have an idea of how to get into them and how to get the ball forward. Stuck at it well. 7

Jagielka: Another who did his best and made plenty of interceptions and clearances as we were so often on the back foot. 7

Keane: Didn’t really get in the way of enough. 5

Coleman: Kept at it. 6

Schneiderlin: We could do with a bit more imagination with the ball from Morgan, but defensively he didn’t do badly. In the second half he made a fair few tackles and interceptions. 6

Rooney: Up against a team like that, Wayne shouldn’t have been asked to play defensive midfield. Perhaps Beni Baningime or Tom Davies should have began in there. In the periods we were in attacking positions, we really could have done with Wayne’s attacking nouse up there, but he was needed further back. A disappointing display, but the wrong assignment was put to Wayne for this game. 4

Bolasie: Though he missed that big early chance and then later got on the scoresheet, I don’t believe Yannick should have begun this game. He is a luxury player and one that we could seldom afford in this game. A more disciplined Dominic Calvert-Lewin down that side, Theo Walcott on the other, and Wayne Rooney playing attacking midfield supporting Cenk Tosun would have been my choice, with Yannick as an impact substitute. He did have his tail up in parts of the second half, but he also seemed to be playing a man-marking job on Kyle Walker at left wingback for a lot of the second half… not exactly a position Yannick is suited to, or has the discipline for. 5

Walcott: Pretty ineffective with the ball and in attacking areas, but the effort and discipline was there, and he did at least try to press at times. 6

Calvert-Lewin: Would have been better served wide left, though I’m not certain what his instructions were as though he was surely supposed to support Cenk Tosun, our Turkish striker was so isolated throughout. Whatever he was doing, the effort was there from Dominic. 5

Tosun: The poor lad was so isolated and worked hard up there with no support. At one point, when we attempted to press them back, he was doing all the running with no support and his frustration showed. He worked very hard to not be given anything from his team mates throughout. 7

Davies (for Rooney): Made an immediate impact and had a hand in the goal. At least showed some character and attempt to take them on and get on the ball. Says a lot when your 19-year-old substitute is your best player out there in his 33 minutes. My Man of the Match. 7

Baningime (for Calvert-Lewin): When I saw Benni getting ready I was trying to figure out what the idea was… and when he was brought on for an attacker, I was equally as confused as to what the plan was. He did okay, was lively. 5

Niasse (for Tosun): When I saw him getting ready and with 12 minutes on the clock and us being 1-3 down, I figured he was going for the two lads up front… but no; it was a like-for-like substitution for Cenk. My brain is burnt. He did okay, was lively. 5

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Derek Knox
1 Posted 01/04/2018 at 05:19:31
I am retired now but, having experience of central heating repairs/fault finding, it never ceases to amaze me, these so-called engineers, who are getting paid decent money, are unable to ascertain the problem from the outset. They are like the old TV Engineers who used to keep replacing components till the problem was fixed.

The reason I have brought this in, is, there is a distinct analogy between those 'going through the motions Engineers' and the squad we have at Everton at the moment.

Every one in four or so, are worth keeping; the others deserve the Order of the Boot, along with a plethora of backroom staff and Board Members.

Right – the soap-box is back under the stairs... tiĺl next week at least!

Why he picked Schneiderlin is a mystery to me, coupled with your allusion to playing people out of position, or in incorrect roles, is equally baffling.

Let's just hope that Allardyce has effectively signed his own Death Warrant (metaphorically of course) and dispelled any chance of him remaining anywhere near Everton beyond this season.

It never ceases to amaze me, Paul, that these managers are on immoral earnings, yet the fans can glaringly see the shortfalls in team selection and tactics.

Lenny Kingman
2 Posted 01/04/2018 at 08:18:04
It reminded me of the siege of Rio when Germany took Brazil apart and scored 7 but could have scored 17, but took pity on their slain victims.

City were from a different footballing planet and, if the current status quo remains, then Everton will never get back to the top tier where they once so proudly strode.

Jim Bennings
3 Posted 01/04/2018 at 09:53:28
I think you are far too generous with those player ratings to be honest.

I wouldn't have given any of them that started that match more than a 3.

Why would you give ratings to players that for 45 minutes simply stood there looking at Man City players and admiring them?

Derek Thomas
4 Posted 01/04/2018 at 10:39:34
Thanks for that report, Paul, and all your others. I'd reply to your various points but just now I really don't care that much. I'll be taking suitable anesthetic in a glass to watch the derby.

The sooner it's all over, the better and the best thing that can happen is multiple sackings and resignations... hopefully followed by the right appointments, because, if they aren't the right ones... we'll be looking down the road at Sunderland and Leeds, to name but two...

Paul Welsby
5 Posted 01/04/2018 at 10:51:41
Schneiderlin a 6? You must be taking the piss? Just like the clown who keeps picking him!

He made tackles and interceptions in the second half? Did he really? I must've been watching a totally different game to you! So you give him a 6 for doing what you say in 45 minutes? Correct me if I'm wrong but the game is 90 minutes?

Schneiderlin strolled round that pitch yesterday doing fuck all! I think many people would agree with him on the pitch it is like playing with 10 men!!! The rest of them yesterday would struggle for a 5! The 2 interceptions he made you're on about, he gave the ball straight back to them! And you think he's worthy of a 6 for that? Come on, lad, are you messing?

Iain Love
6 Posted 01/04/2018 at 11:06:41
I'd probably have taken 1-3 before kick-off after seeing the teamsheet. Legs and energy are what we needed, not something that Wayne possesses anymore and he was quite rightly subbed for young Tom, but not before the game as a contest had gone.

Calvert-Lewin... I'm really not sure what he offers to the team or what he was supposed to be doing yesterday? With Sigurdsson missing, I'd have been tempted to play Vlasic, especially after he scored 2 international goals midweek, as our 10.

Was "stand back and admire them" our game plan?

Geoff Lambert
7 Posted 01/04/2018 at 11:40:41
Derek, don't be talking like that!! Sunderland and Leeds??

Look, we have been total crap this season, from the owner and chairman to the management and players, and we have managed to keep our place in the top flight for next season.

Can it get any worse? I don't think so – the only way for us next season is up. The changes should start now – give a new manager some time to work with the players and staff for the rest of the season (nothing to lose now) and a full pre-season. Hopefully move on some of the not-good-enoughs and get in a midfield general, playmaker and decent centre-back.

We will be back stronger next season but it needs doing sooner rather than later.

Brent Stephens
8 Posted 01/04/2018 at 11:46:24
How on earth can Schneiderlin be given a rating of 6 – just one less than the highest rated in your report, Paul? What specifically did he do to earn that 6? Tackles? Passes? Next to none – as his rating should be.
Steve Carse
10 Posted 01/04/2018 at 12:15:23
As well as Man City played yesterday, we made it easy for them.

I'm baffled as to what plan evolved in Allardyce's mind as to how to play the game. Baffled because everyone knows City damage you by finding space between your back line and your midfield line. We also are all aware that City will hold the ball and pass it around until they eventually outnumber you down the flanks. So what plan did we have to counter and contain these things? Clearly we didn't have one. Instead we gave them the freedom of the park, we left both full-backs exposed, and, critically, we just looked on as Silva and co wandered at will into the space between the lines.

So, that's what we get for ٤m a year? This management game is easy.

Jack Convery
11 Posted 01/04/2018 at 12:18:33
Decent report. Allardyce Out.
Andy Meighan
12 Posted 01/04/2018 at 12:20:03
Massively over generous with the ratings. And, as Jim (#3) said, anyone who started the game didn't deserve more than a 3. As for the manager, words fail me; it's like he forfeits these games and has a mindset of "Well, we can't beat these sides so we will concentrate on the sides in and around us."

Absolute folly, of course, as Burnley and Palace have shown recently against Man City – if you put the hard yards in, you might get something. But no, them cowards who don the blue shirt just sat back and went "Oooh, Kevin, that's lovely!" ... "Oooh, David, that's great!" Cowards, the lot of them... and expect more of the same next week.

Matt Hunter
13 Posted 01/04/2018 at 12:46:08
I really disagree with your ratings – far too generous:

Pickford (5) – Our best signing but still has lots to learn.

Baines (6) – Got forward.

Jagielka (4) – The best central defender we have which really says a lot about how rubbish we are.

Keane (4) – Surely we have to offload this lad, he's hopeless.

Coleman (3) – He will be having nightmares about Sane; first time I've ever seen someone roasting Coleman for pace.

Schneiderlin (2) – The manager is to blame for playing him; no-one in the ground was surprised at his performance, he spent the first 20 minutes running around in circles. At one point both Rooney and Schneiderlin were actually shouting at him in his face, not sure if that was on TV but it was right in front of me in the paddock.

Tosun (6) – Very slow but excellent effort; I don't know how you can give someone 7/10 for effort, they have to do more.

Rooney (2) – Embarrassing was just watching the game going on around him; basically we had no midfield. I can't remember him doing anything to help us at all... he might has well have been playing for Man City. He must be killing himself laughing at the wage we are paying him.

Bolasie (5) – He isn't much use really; I give him 5 for the goal but he missed a sitter, doesn't create much and rarely scores, which means he shouldn't be playing in the position he is. Total waste of money.

Walcott (4) – Didn't notice he was playing.

Calvert-Lewin (3) – Tries hard but totally out of his depth; offered zero.

Davies (6) – I agree with you, he was our best player... but you can't give him 7/10 because he just pressed the ball. He didn't really win the ball or create.

Baningime (5).

Niasse (4) – Tries his best

Fat Sam (0) – Clueless... stood there trying to think of ways to limit the damage, totally one-dimensional, worse than Moyes who actually would press and play high tempo football when playing better teams at home. The one good thing is we are nearing the end of this nightmare and he will be gone soon. Just embarrassing to think that someone like him was ever associated with Everton Football Club.

Christopher Timmins
14 Posted 01/04/2018 at 12:49:07
We are quite simply a country mile behind most if not all of the top 6. We are almost certain to finish below Burnley and Leicester. The season can't end quickly enough.

Thanks for keeping us up, Sam; that was by no means certain when you were appointed but it's time to move on.

If Silva was the first choice in the Autumn then he should be appointed shortly after the season ends.

Derek Thomas
15 Posted 01/04/2018 at 13:19:00
Geoff @7; If Moshiri hires more dummies, spunks more 3 figure millions on shite, which way do you think we're going? The top 6... Reminder; he's a billionaire (singular).

But he won't be putting his hand in his pocket for another 𧶨M, if he did for the first. In the end, even Sky money can't keep up with that level of expenditure... it will have to come from somewhere, by various means and sources... aka, club debt.

Back to square one.

Kevin Tully
17 Posted 01/04/2018 at 13:43:29
Any footballer plying their trade in the Premier League should be able to match any opposite number for effort and athleticism. Unfortunately, we have now adopted such an underdog mentality, reinforced by Allardyce, that we face mid-table mediocrity at best for the foreseeable future.

This attitude of "let them have the ball because we can't match them" is absolutely poisonous, and we have spent 𧶲m over three seasons to get here. It's fucking scandalous!

Letting Lukaku leave and bringing Rooney back as our highest paid player sums up our club. Who sanctioned those transfers? Would any of the top six clubs who we aspire to join have made that move? Not a chance; Man Utd couldn't wait to see him out of the door, they knew he was spent. Of course, the current dross isn't all down to Wayne, the lad tries and has scored a couple of great goals, but his legs have gone.

Until someone gets a grip at the top, we are destined for more of the same. Mercenary players who don't give a shite about this club. Allardyce said himself that at least 5 players wanted out at Christmas, a sad indictment of the leadership and non-existent team spirit. Get rid of all these ex-players robbing a living. Get rid of Walsh. Get rid of Allardyce and start again. Otherwise, what's the point of next season?

John G Davies
18 Posted 01/04/2018 at 14:16:05
Agree with your post, Kevin. Except for the first sentence.

City are far more pacy and athletic than most teams – never mind a very slow ordinary Everton side.

Mike Gaynes
19 Posted 01/04/2018 at 15:37:15
Paul, glad your throat and your boiler are both feeling better, but I'm sorry to say I'm much closer to Matt Hunter's ratings than yours. Particularly on Schneiderlin, Rooney and the giant dispiriting blob on our touchline.

John G, you're right about the athleticism, but Kev is correct that we should at least match every opponent for effort and generally fail to do so, a result of the manager-instilled inferiority complex. Having a midfielder with the intensity of a basset hound playing the full 90 doesn't help either. (A 6, Paul? Really?) We weren't going to beat City on our best day with what we have, but it would have been nice to see a real fight.

I yearn for Monday, May 14... six weeks from tomorrow. This lost season will have ended, and I fervently believe that's the day this dysenteric manager will be kicked down the road and the long process of recovery will begin.

John G Davies
20 Posted 01/04/2018 at 15:42:49
Sorry, Mike, I should have made myself clearer.

I agree with Kevin's point about the lack of effort from some of them.

Ross Edwards
21 Posted 01/04/2018 at 16:48:29
Allardyce failed his "job interview" in my eyes when he parked the bus away to West Brom, who will shortly be going down as one of the worst teams in Premier League history, and then did it again the following week at Bournemouth. What should've been 6 points from 2 winnable games ended up being 1.

The man was never nor will ever be an Everton-standard manager and his appointment was a disgrace.

Alasdair Mackay
22 Posted 01/04/2018 at 18:01:02
Yesterday's was an Everton performance from a group of players who never believed they could get anything from the game.

Whether that comes from Allardyce, the media or the key figures within the side – it is definitively unEverton.

Rob Halligan
23 Posted 01/04/2018 at 19:47:39
We were out-played, out-passed, out-thought and just about out-everything yesterday, but as Kevin says, we should have been able to match city for effort and commitment. We did neither.

It's 11 v 11, professional footballers who should be on a level par in terms of fitness. City kill most teams with their first time passing, their pass and movement, their one-twos, their movement off the ball. City have destroyed better teams than us this season, so why should yesterday have been any different?

If we had shown the effort and commitment yesterday, then I guess most of us would have accepted it. I think it's that lack of effort and commitment that most are not happy with.

John G Davies
24 Posted 01/04/2018 at 20:00:12
The back four, Tosun, Bolasie and Calvert-Lewin all put the effort in. They were just not good enough. Could not get near them.

Rooney's legs have gone. Walcott and Schneiderlin never put the effort in.

Dermot Byrne
25 Posted 01/04/2018 at 20:06:05
Oh bollocks! I just had a day with granddaughter and had returned to some sense of balance and what is important. Then make the mistake of popping into TW and you have ruined it all by mentioning Schneiderlin, John G.

The whiskey is now out and I am rocking slowly back and forth again. Thanks John, bloody thanks.

John G Davies
26 Posted 01/04/2018 at 20:08:53
You're welcome, Dermot.

We will all be alcoholics the way it's going.

Dermot Byrne
27 Posted 01/04/2018 at 20:11:54
Rob Halligan
28 Posted 01/04/2018 at 20:25:47
The effort and commitment will be shown in abundance next Saturday when we kick the RS off the park, thus helping city in their second leg of the Champions League.

Probably that's the reason why we made it so easy for city yesterday. Didn't want to injure any of their players before the first leg. (Only joking about that before any smart-arse thinks I'm being serious.)

I totally agree with what you say about one thing though, John. We just could not get near them. You try and close them down and they Just pass you to death. You try and tackle and before you know it the ball has gone. City like to keep possession.

Did you notice when they kicked off for the second half, they played about 12 to 15 passes between themselves before we committed a foul. The ball hadn't left their half. When we kick off, it's played back to whoever, who lumps it as far as they can and we immediately give up possession.

Jim Bennings
30 Posted 01/04/2018 at 20:30:57

I'm guessing you are kidding us when you say Everton will show “effort and commitment” in a Merseyside derby?

Every time we play a top 6 team these days, it's just a "lay down and have our bellies tickled" mentality.

John G Davies
31 Posted 01/04/2018 at 20:33:03

A lad in front of me repeatedly called the Everton players "shithouses, cowards" in between "just fuckin hit them".

We couldn't get close enough to them to hit them. We could have done a few of them with late tackles and got our players sent off.

The likes of Baines, Coleman, Jagielka, Calvert-Lewin, Tosun and Bolasie put plenty of mileage in but could not get within a yard of them before the ball was moved on.

We were completely demolished by a great football team.

Rob Halligan
32 Posted 01/04/2018 at 20:40:42
Jim, we can but hope. It's our last so-called big game this season, and against the RS, so let's hope the effort and commitment is there.
Paul Tran
33 Posted 01/04/2018 at 20:45:13
Did anyone notice the irony of Ferdinand et al criticising Evertonians for not appreciating Allardyce, then spending the whole game saying Everton had no shape, wrong midfield, poor passing, can't keep the ball, no pace, no creativity, etc, etc?
Rob Halligan
34 Posted 01/04/2018 at 20:51:31
John, a fella behind me was shouting exactly the same things. You don't sit in the Upper Gwladys by any chance, do you?
John G Davies
35 Posted 01/04/2018 at 20:55:48
In the Bullens, Rob, close to Gwladys Street.
Mike Allen
36 Posted 01/04/2018 at 21:00:06
Paul, I agree with the Moyes comment.

I may be wrong but I can't remember his Everton rolling over so easily. However, with so many cheats on the pitch and so many referees not up the job, getting stuck in or Dogs of War days are a thing of the past. The game has practically become a none-contact sport because of players feigning injury to stop the flow of the game or just blatantly coning the officials. For me it's just as bad as the cricket-ball tampering.

Not taking anything away from City – they where allowed to play a poor side (maybe not that good) off the park. I hope the board noticed the half-empty ground towards the end... better do something quick or it will be like that at the start!!

Eric Paul
37 Posted 01/04/2018 at 21:01:02
Players only have the talent and ability they have, they can't improve on it. What they can do is improve the effort they put in. Players not putting 100% in is fuck all to do with Al-lard-arse.
Dermot Byrne
38 Posted 01/04/2018 at 21:35:33
Eric..."Players only have the talent or ability they have, they can't improve on it."

Yes, they can; they develop.

"Players not putting 100% in is fuck-all to do with Al-lard-arse."

I think you may find that, at the very least, getting effort out of staff is one of the most basic requirements of a manager in any field.

Peter Mills
39 Posted 01/04/2018 at 21:48:54
Rob (#23), it was good to bump into you, Keith and John outside The Winslow yesterday. I have read on TW of all your travels following the team over recent years, if the players would show only 20% of your commitment, we might just have a chance.
Tim Kelly
40 Posted 01/04/2018 at 22:25:14

It has long been acknowledged (by some people) that Everton is one of the true powerhouses of European greatness.

Accordingly, authorities on mainland Europe have recognised the irrefutable geographical argument surrounding the future of our current manager.

Following this progression: Martinez >> Belgium, Koeman >> Holland – there is only one conclusion. Accordingly, Sam Allardyce has been identified as the next manager of the German national side, and is expected to take up his position as soon as possible in order to prepare them for the forthcoming world Cup in Russia.

We wish you well, Sam. Under the circumstances, it would be best for all parties if this change is effected immediately.

John G Davies
41 Posted 01/04/2018 at 22:27:46

Helmet Showin the 2nd

Ernie Baywood
42 Posted 01/04/2018 at 22:43:24
I wouldn't even bother factoring in the second half in the ratings. The game was over.

So it's 3s all round with 2s for our midfielders. They actually had a chance to do something about it and either didn't or couldn't.

We know what Sam's about by now. We know his formula for 'success' (by his own metrics, survival equals success).

Don't bother against the big teams. Hope for a draw away to the rest. Have a bit of a go at home to the rest. He hasn't shifted from that once this season. I'll give him credit for consistency and conviction in his methods.

40 points on the board hasn't changed that mindset. We had people saying his appointment was his last chance to change minds... but he didn't. We had people say that assuring safety would give him an opportunity to change his approach... but he didn't.

What really is the point of enduring any more of this now?

Jerome Shields
43 Posted 01/04/2018 at 22:49:39
Allardyce's tactics are simple and every team outside the top six can work them out and pressurise Everton to some extent, often with success, especially with the standard of players we have,

Completely unsuccessful tactics. Guardiola saw right through them.

Rob Halligan
44 Posted 01/04/2018 at 22:50:40
And you, Peter. We will be in there by about 11am this Saturday if you fancy a pint.
Ray Robinson
45 Posted 01/04/2018 at 22:54:46
Tim (#40), next manager of Luxembourg, more likely. Their defence really need shoring up.
Ian Riley
46 Posted 01/04/2018 at 23:16:24
The question is who is to blame? Owner, director of football, manager, or players. All of them? Moaning at the players not giving 100%. Why? Oh it's the manager. Hang on a minute, no, it's the director of football for buying them. No wonder the whiskey bottle never makes it to the globe.

What is the plan? Do we have one? A manager with one year left on his contract won't do. Let him go and get a young manager with Premier League experience. Why? Well at present we are in boom and bust mode. Spending 𧶲 million and we have to get a manager out of retirement to steer the ship north is telling us something is seriously wrong. Our wage bill must be frightening and relegation would have been to much to consider.

A younger manager given a plan with input of player purchases and sales. The aim must be to attain a top six finish within three years. Top four is beyond us at present but realistically top six is an achievement. If Arsenal and Chelsea are struggling to make the top four then let's give the next manager realistic targets.

Choices available for next manager. Silva or Howe from Bournemouth stand out. A coach from abroad with no Premier League experience or knowledge could mean calling Sam again in November. The biggest plus we must give our next manager is time and support. We are not one or two players short of Champions League but rebuilding areas of the team.

Paul Traill
47 Posted 01/04/2018 at 23:42:18
Ernie (42) - spot on mate. Couldn't put it better.
Eric Paul
49 Posted 02/04/2018 at 00:48:40

With all due respect, by your rationale all players will evolve into Maradonna. Regardless who the manager is, the only person responsible for effort is the individual. You have obviously never played football... and if you have, did you need a manager to tell you to try?

Anthony Flack
50 Posted 02/04/2018 at 11:03:01
He has to go – plain and simple as that.

For the first time ever, I am thinking seriously about whether I want to watch what he is doing to our team.

Clueless & Classless.

Mike Kehoe
51 Posted 02/04/2018 at 11:12:01
Next game is huge to us but is nothing more than three points to Allardyce. Based on everything so far, we will set up defensively with Schneiderlin sauntering about and Liverpool will destroy us again. The entire stadium will see the glaring problems and know to improve matters, bringing on Davis and Baningime.

He will accept this and dismiss the booing as half a dozen internet malcontents while the intellectual titan that is Rio Ferdinand will describe inexplicable gross incompetence in all departments before asking, without a trace of irony, why the fickle fans are unsatisfied. He will then think about having a bit more of a go against Swansea, as they represent a statistically better probability of not losing before conceding a late goal and blaming an individual...

Next week the fans will turn up hoping for something different and there will be loads of people saying on here ‘I have a feeling' and ‘you never know' based on previous experience when optimism was possible because of the team spirit: the sum of all our parts was greater. But not now, in reality we do all know another meek surrender will be witnessed and the only consolation is the Premier League is beyond them for now.

An alternative would be to get shut now, today, and put Unsworth back in. At the very least, the atmosphere would be better – and he would not play Schneiderlin.

David Hallwood
52 Posted 02/04/2018 at 12:14:15
Great report Paul, but like everyone else not sure about the ratings

Agree with Kevin (#17) Yes, City play a type of football rarely seen, but to the poster that said we couldn't get anywhere near them, that's because we couldn't cope with their movement, and that's down to poor marking and a lack of concentration.

Citteh have beaten everyone this season but they generally have to win the battles first, as teams such as Huddesfield (who where unlucky to lose to a last minute goal) have a game plan knowing that they can't go toe-to-toe with teams like this.

Standing off great players that are peppered all around the city team doesn't come close to being a game plan. You would have thought that because Lardiola has been in this position with relegation candidates many times, he would understand that.

We are unlucky with injuries to key players in midfield, but that doesn't excuse him playing Rooney & Schneiderlin in central midfield; Rooney can only play in a 3 man midfield in the Pirlo role or not at all-if only he'd looked after himself like that other 32-year-old David Silva.

Final point on Schneiderlin; I've said this before but the only thing missing from his performance was a dog, because if he's going to stroll nonchalantly round the park, he might as well give some poor mutt their daily walk. How is he still wearing a blue shirt?

Brent Stephens
53 Posted 02/04/2018 at 12:19:10
Eric (#49), I'd like to believe that I never came off a pitch without having given my all. But in my experience there were definitely players who didn't always give their all. Most of them could be motivated to put more effort in; and the type of motivation (kick up the arse or arm around the shoulder) depended on the personality of the player. I know it shouldn't have to be like that! But it is in my experience.
Mark Murphy
54 Posted 02/04/2018 at 13:06:10
If Schneiderlin starts next weekend, I'm finished for the season. I was planning on another couple of games before the end but if Sam doesn't show some guts and imagination next weekend we will get mullered. And the embarrassment will be unbearable!
Rob Halligan
55 Posted 02/04/2018 at 13:26:00
Pardew leaves West Brom. Sam, go and do your duty and save them from relegation.
Martin Nicholls
56 Posted 02/04/2018 at 13:37:50
Rob – you beat me to it! Maybe it would suit all parties?
Eric Paul
57 Posted 02/04/2018 at 13:41:48
In the teams I played for, there were 10 others on the pitch, the line and people watching who would let you know in no uncertain terms if you weren't giving 100%, anything less wasn't an option.
Martin Nicholls
58 Posted 02/04/2018 at 13:43:33
PS - he's 16-1 and currently the most popular bet for the job per Oddschecker! We can but hope that a load of punters will make a few quid on this one!
Tony Abrahams
59 Posted 02/04/2018 at 13:54:09
I heard Allardyce was getting the West Brom job, so who knows? Stranger things have happened I'm sure... please!
Rob Halligan
60 Posted 02/04/2018 at 13:58:50
Eric / Brent, like you two, I also played amateur football. 15 years on a Saturday and over 20 years on a Sunday.

We played because we love the game. What would we have done to have been a professional, which is every young kids dream.

You would get out of bed on a Saturday or Sunday morning looking forward to the game, and be absolutely gutted if you weren't selected. Luckily for me, that didn't happen very often. Lads would turn up with hangovers, carrying injuries or whatever, but be desperate to play, and would give their all once the game started. Of course, the encouragement came from your team manager and the dozen or so people on the line.

My point being, some of these prima donna professionals of today probably can't be arsed getting out of bed on a Saturday morning. The only carrot dangling in front of them being 㿞k per week.

Jim Burns
61 Posted 02/04/2018 at 14:17:55
Paul – thanks for the report but some of your ratings are baffling.

Schneiderlin was a joke throughout – particularly the second half. Continually backed off and his half arsed wanderings are designed to avoid confronting anyone with the ball.

Too many of them now clearly waiting for Allardyce to go and simply counting time.

I've never been so apathetic going into a derby in 50 years of watching.

Matt Hunter
62 Posted 02/04/2018 at 14:43:43
David Hallwood (52) Regarding Rooney in the Pirlo role – NO NO NO. I watched him closely this season and he is a massive liability. As someone who has gone to the matches regularly I can tell you that on average at least once every match he has played a hospital pass back towards our defence. Honestly, I've lost count of the number of times he has done it.

In some games when he scored such as Newcastle away he was absolutely dreadful while in other games such as Liverpool in the cup he completely hinders our entire midfield with his lack of movement. Koeman played him upfront and our attack had all the pace of the last days of the Walter Smith era and Rooney himself had no discipline for the role often popping up in the left back position. So as a result we are forced to Justify his wages and reputation by playing him in midfield. Of course pundits aren't allowed to criticise him so don't expect anyone to draw the same conclusions as me.

I remember when we signed Eto'o and he came on against Chelsea and you could see the bloke still had oceans of class and an ability to make a difference, with Rooney he is capable of the odd good forward pass because he still has vision but I'd sooner give Klaassen that chance.

For the wages we are paying Rooney we could have a really top class player. He is one of the major, major problems with Everton this season it really worries me for next season I hope we can somehow offload him.

David Hallwood
64 Posted 02/04/2018 at 14:44:23
Rob (#60) when I played Schools football there was a team from Kirkby, St Kevins who were the Man City of school football. If my memory serves, they were that good that they weren't in a league.

And when we were due to play them, ‘Sir' would take me to one side and say "You're marking so-and-so who's a schoolboy international and is on (name a top division team) books. Don't let him out of your sight."

Okay, his superior skills would always win out but at least he would've known he'd been in a game.

After the game, you had to run the gauntlet against hordes of Kirkby nutters but that's another story.

My point, like yours, is that, just because the opposition is superior, try your fucking best and hope for the best.

Brent Stephens
65 Posted 02/04/2018 at 14:51:54
Eric, you asked of Dermot "You have obviously never played football and if you have did you need a manager to tell you to try".

But you also say "In the teams I played for there were 10 others on the pitch, the line and people watching who would let you know in no uncertain terms if you weren't giving 100%".

I think we're agreed that some do need others to tell them to pull their fingers out, to motivate them – and that can include a manager who's also on the sideline.

Rob Halligan
66 Posted 02/04/2018 at 14:55:53
David (#64). Was that player Tommy Caton?
Brent Stephens
67 Posted 02/04/2018 at 14:55:59
Martin (#56) etc – do we get Pardew as part of the carousel of changes?!
Gordon Crawford
68 Posted 02/04/2018 at 15:00:02
Most of these players don't care as long as they collect their astronomical wages for kicking a round thing into a big net thingy. And they can't even do that well. I'm sure the only regret these players have from Saturday was that they didn't get the City players' autographs. Shame on most of them.

Will we ever get back to being that top club, I'm really not sure anymore. The dogs of war would have kicked Man City into the stands. No guts, no glory – and that applies to the whole club.

Gordon Crawford
69 Posted 02/04/2018 at 15:13:21
When I played football, I give it my all. Regularly covered in blood after making sliding tackles on cinder pitches. My moms use to pick out the stones with tweezers, sometimes it was a hospital job.

As for my managers they were all very strict. One was my dad, who subbed me for arguing that I scored when the ball crashed off the bar and bounced inside the goal line. It wasn't given and I was subbed. Another manager that benched me for 8 games because I didn't put the ball in the net after rounding the keeper.

Unfortunately for me I left the ball sitting on the goal line as I heard a whistle blow, it was from the crowd and not the ref. So he made an example of me.

But these so called pros, they get away with blue murder, they don't put the effort in, their not interested in the fans or even the club which they play for. If you cut me I would bleed blue Everton blood. Next week in the derby, will they give it their all? I believe they won't and it will be another mauling. Sad times a head.

Mark Murphy
70 Posted 02/04/2018 at 15:13:38
David, I remember them! My school team (Cuthies) played them in a cup game and we had to get changed in the minibus as a player who played them in the last round got stabbed by a Kirbyite!
Rob Halligan
71 Posted 02/04/2018 at 15:39:30
Gordon, you're right about one thing, in that we showed Man City too much respect on Saturday and, as you say, the team of 95 would more than likely have kicked lumps out of them.

I remember playing against Sammy Lee when we were at school. At the time, he was on Liverpool's books at schoolboy level. This meant nothing to me, I showed him no respect at all as I sent him flying into the air with a crunching tackle. Was it the fact that he was on the RS books, or because he stood out head and shoulders above everyone else, I can't honesty remember, but I was determined to bring him down a leg of two.

Respect... Fuck it! Go out there on Saturday and show them bastards no respect at all. Let them know they've been in a game.

ps: Okay, it probably was the fact that Sammy Lee was on the RS books!

David Hallwood
72 Posted 02/04/2018 at 15:46:32
Rob (#66), sorry it was a long time ago. But I think Denis Mortimer was in the team. Any local football historians out there can confirm?

Gordon Crawford
73 Posted 02/04/2018 at 15:51:00
Rob I would have done the exact same. I had three real attributes when playing football. I was direct runner and so was used as a winger because of this. I could hit a ball on the run and I nearly always got it on target. And I could tackle, tackling was something I was known for. I would have tackled a brick wall.

We need to get stuck in and give them hell, but it won't happen, sadly most of players we have, don't have this attribute in them. I just wish I was wrong.

Mike Kehoe
74 Posted 02/04/2018 at 15:55:00
With Pardew gone Lardiola could go and save them. Go on Sam, imagine saving two clubs in just one season. Go and prove what a legend you are. It's just crazy enough to work!

Please Sam just go.

Take Schneiderlin with you.

Steve Barr
75 Posted 02/04/2018 at 16:01:07
Dave @#64, you've brought back interesting memories for me regarding St Kevins.

We played them at U14 level and they were the first school team I remember who played "proper, joined up" football if my memory serves me right.

We played them back in 1968-69 and they were certainly an exceptional side back then. Was that the era you recall or earlier?

Other Kirkby schools I remember playing against then were also very good footballing sides such as Brookfield and Ruffwood.

The best school team I remember around that time though was Salesian College in Bootle. They thrashed us out of sight at the U15 level.

I think you might be correct about Dennis Mortimer, but not 100% sure!

David Hallwood
76 Posted 02/04/2018 at 16:12:58
Rob (#71) good memories but you didn't do him hard enough!!

Btw, the manager merry-go-round is beginning to look like an online swinger site. Not that I've ever been on one of course.

Ray Roche
77 Posted 02/04/2018 at 16:22:56
David,Steve, I remember playing with Phil Boersma at Ruffwood in about 1968. But not in the school side, I think it was the Kirby and District League in those days. Some good football played and some nutters, as you say.

Incidentally, I am royally pissed off today; I was supposed to be at the Fans Workshop with Dan Meis but I've been visited by the Snot Fairy and have the Mother Of All Colds and didn't think I should decimate our fan base by passing it on so e-mailed the club and told them to start without me! What a bummer.

Steavey Buckley
78 Posted 02/04/2018 at 16:43:24
Everton would have done better last Saturday if Everton had bought better players at the start of the season, instead of wasting money on average type players. This is irrespective of the opposition having one of the best managers in the world, who has access to the financial resources of one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Guardiola will only remain manager of Manchester City while they are successful or he wants to go.

Any Everton manager just has to keep Everton in the Premier League. No real pressure there, for any present or future manager.

Steve Barr
79 Posted 02/04/2018 at 17:05:03
Steavey, Interesting point about Guardiola being one of the best managers in the world and having significant finances to hand.

I read a while back that he has spent more than any other manager at each of the clubs he has been at. Is he the best manager in the world or has the fact that he has had access to shed-loads of money got him to that heady position?

I for one get a little peeved listening to people in the media raving on how great he is and how great Man City are without putting it into a little bit of perspective. I wonder how they would fare if there was a salary and transfer cap they had to work to. Well I suppose we know the answer to that given their previous history.

Whenever any of these great managers hit an injury or two the cry goes out for more money so they can go out and buy another world class player to fill in! I'm therefore a little sceptical. There is no doubt City are playing fantastic football, which is the least you would expect given the players they have bought!

Notwithstanding, we were shameful in the performance put in on Saturday. The likes of Huddersfield and Wigan put in very creditable performances against them. It's an indictment on all at our club (not the fans) that we were so pathetic.

Keith Harrison
80 Posted 02/04/2018 at 17:34:30
Steve, David and Ray.

I take it you didn't hear of Rob's tragic end to his football career?

While playing in goal, he suffered a late challenge which necessitated the pyhsio coming on the pitch.

"Sorry Rob, it looks like you've played your last game for the club"

"Jeesus, is the injury really that bad?"

"No, it's because you're shite!"

David Hallwood
81 Posted 02/04/2018 at 18:03:00
Nice one, Keith!! (#80)
Steve Barr
82 Posted 02/04/2018 at 18:13:56
Keith, then he said "But you can play for Everton!"
David Midgley
83 Posted 02/04/2018 at 18:21:45
Just read the comments from all you footballers, you sound like just what we need... Can you bring your boots and shinpads for midweek?
Keith Harrison
84 Posted 02/04/2018 at 18:26:29
The RS would need shinpads, David.

Now, where did the wife put me boots after she burned them?

David Hallwood
85 Posted 02/04/2018 at 18:30:39
Steve (#75),

Just a few years earlier, mid-60s.

Rob Halligan
86 Posted 02/04/2018 at 18:34:01
Cruel mate, cruel. Show us your medals, and I don't mean your war medals. 😂
Ray Roche
87 Posted 02/04/2018 at 18:41:03
David (#83), yeah, can you bring me two knew knees?
Keith Harrison
88 Posted 02/04/2018 at 18:54:30
Make that 4 Ray.

My medals are for egg chasing young Robert. As you well know.

Rob Halligan
89 Posted 02/04/2018 at 18:55:40
Keith Harrison
90 Posted 02/04/2018 at 19:00:35
And go karting, quiz league, darts and football.

Think I've left you behind there 😎😎😎😎

Ray Roche
91 Posted 02/04/2018 at 19:35:20
You're keeping quiet about the dressmaking ones, eh Keith?
Mike Gaynes
92 Posted 02/04/2018 at 20:00:06
Peter and Rob, what time on Saturday? I'll hop on a plane and join yas. I could use a pint after this one.
Dick Fearon
93 Posted 02/04/2018 at 21:13:20
David @64,

My old 40/50s coach was a forerunner of Fat Sam. His one and only instruction to me was 'If you get the chance, kick it or him as hard as you can.'

Even at the tender age of 11, I used to think "Surely there is more to the game than that?"

William Gall
94 Posted 02/04/2018 at 21:25:41
Dick, something similar to my first coach, that is if you called him a coach then, he seemed to be coach, manager, secretary and first aid man all rolled into one. His instructions were, "If you are in our goalmouth, welly it as far from our goal as possible."

As I was only 10 that wasn't far – and "If you are in their goal area, welly it at the goal as hard as you can."

Then, as no-one else was available, he put me in goal.

Peter Mills
95 Posted 02/04/2018 at 21:50:37
Mike (#92), get yourself over here. I'll pick you up from the airport. You just never know.
Andy Crooks
96 Posted 02/04/2018 at 22:13:48
Sam has a chance of greatness. Please, go to West Brom and save two teams in one season. He can do it.

Rob and others, Man City are a magnificent team and they will not be thwarted by a dinosaur void of ambition like the appalling Allardyce.

However, we have, in my opinion, exactly the players to have given it a go. Two players who will press and press, Calvert-Lewin and Niasse. Attack and press them and force long balls. The Juve team with Vialli and Ravinelli did exactly that.

Now, yes, we don't have those two but the success they had was 90 % effort. We could have given City a game. We didn't because there is a backbone missing at our club. We are spineless, complacent and soft, really disgustingly soft. All the money in the world cannot buy a backbone. Not a one of our nice guys have it.

Keith Harrison
97 Posted 02/04/2018 at 23:14:38
Ray. I didn't want to mention them as Rob is still embarassed about them.

Mike, bring my towels and cutlery back if you are coming over please.

Keith Harrison
98 Posted 02/04/2018 at 23:20:02
Did you realise, Mike, it's almost a year since you were here. Grand National day. we beat Leicester, then Burnley the following week.

Everton should pay to get you here – you lucky mascot, you.

Rob Halligan
99 Posted 02/04/2018 at 23:20:42
Ray (#91). Keith's main pastime was ballet. He has plenty of medals for that!
Keith Harrison
100 Posted 02/04/2018 at 23:22:06
Andy, has your missus forgiven me yet? She'll be on a 6-week half-term Easter break and in a good mood, will she not? 😎😎😎😎😎
Keith Harrison
101 Posted 02/04/2018 at 23:23:16
Pas de deux, Robert, pas de deux.
Rob Halligan
102 Posted 02/04/2018 at 23:25:37
I can just imagine you in a tutu, mate.
Keith Harrison
103 Posted 02/04/2018 at 23:30:28
How many times must I tell you, I will not dress up for you.

Really think you need to move from Menlove Avenue, pal. New Zealand batsman out 1st ball.

Keith Harrison
104 Posted 02/04/2018 at 23:32:31
Kinell. 2 in 2.
Rob Halligan
105 Posted 02/04/2018 at 23:40:35
You and Kev Tully both in the Winslow on Saturday in your tutus!! 😂😂😂
Keith Harrison
106 Posted 02/04/2018 at 23:47:20
Whatever turns you on Rob mate. Don't forget the missus is with me.😁😁
Mike Gaynes
107 Posted 03/04/2018 at 03:43:42
Peter, please send me photos of Keith and Rob doing matching pas de bourrées in the Winslow. (Do tutu's come in XXXXL?) Keith, keep your sausage to yourself.

And yes, Keith my friend, I do recognize the anniversary. (I remember every time I put Christine's silverware in the dishwasher.)

Sorry I couldn't risk my unbeaten record in The Year Of Substantial Sam, but it'll be glorious to see you lads again in December when somebody else is in charge.

Ray Roche
108 Posted 03/04/2018 at 08:03:29
I think this thread has been taken over by Julian Clary and Alan Carr ... sorry, Keith and Rob.
Keith Harrison
109 Posted 03/04/2018 at 08:18:22
Ah. The Great Raymondo (Only Fools Jolly Boys Outing), has re-appeared! 😁😁😁😁

You can get me and Butch Halligan a pint on Sat if you're about Ray. Usual tavern. Rob's the one that looks like Boris Johnsons' scruffier brother. 😎

Keith Harrison
110 Posted 03/04/2018 at 08:21:10
Mike, I'm highly surprised your dishwasher hasn't sued you in America if that's how you treat her!
Lee Brownlie
111 Posted 03/04/2018 at 16:23:29
I don't care who we play... to get stuffed by anyone can happen, and will happen too often when its a team like City... mug shrug-grin-'Fuck it, we're just little Everton.. and they were pretty good, weren't they?.. (And let's not.. smirk.. forget that I'm still.. smirk.. getting my big fat wedge.. smirk!!') card is a disgrace!!!
Christine Foster
112 Posted 03/04/2018 at 23:55:20
Listening to all the comments, I have to step back and look at the pre season stuff when really the crap hit the fan for me. Clueless, no key players in the key positions, a team of lightweights, past-it players and a manager who decided to dismantle the quality we did have with his comments and attitude. One by one, they went and were not replaced or replaced with – what exactly?

So the seeds for the season were sown preseason and it was clear we neither had adequate replacements or a sufficient quality of players to hold their own in the Premier League.

Nothing has changed because well, we still have the inadequate replacements, and a massive shortfall in quality required. It's almost a total rebuild required with the playing staff because many are over the hill and many of the youngsters aren't up to it. That's a fact of life.

But we are Everton and we fight. Well, we used to. But there are no more Dogs of War to call upon, no one to mix it and no leaders with a damn on the pitch anywhere to be seen.

I think that's the sad bit, because we have always tried to cover our shortfalls in the past with effort. But against Man City, the shortfalls were so big any effort was never going to cut it. The gulf between money and management was there for all to see. Allardyce may joke that its a £350M gap, which is true, but in the last couple of seasons we have lost Stones, Lukaku, Barkley and others and not replaced them. That's down to the club as much as the manager.

Which brings me to Allardyce. We are safe. His job is done and frankly given what he had to work with I am glad we are still in the Premier League. But he is not what we need going forward and I hope to goodness that Moshiri gets his project back on track and finds a replacement in the summer. It's not Unsworth, it's not Allardyce, it's not Wenger, it's not Moyes, no, we need inspiration and hope and a brand new set of players.

I am not surprised by the result against city, not even angry because I knew the players picked couldn't hack it (or anyone tbh) but honestly, out of all our playing staff, who else could we have played instead?

We had half of the contributors on ToffeeWeb wanting an attacking side and go for it, the other half wanted to pack the midfield... which in truth was the way we should have gone... putting Rooney and Schneiderlin in the middle was suicide against Man City – any supporter worth his salt would have told Allardyce that, one is clueless the other is legless and it was embarrassing for Rooney to be put in that position, the manager should apologise to him, to the rest of the team and the supporters.

For me this season is the culmination of something else – years of bad management, an appalling director of football and a succession of poor decisions and a new leading shareholder who made a call to save his investment.

I really doubt anyone could have managed this team and got more out of them, that is NOT to say Allardyce did a good job. More to the point, how poor a group of playing staff we have to compete well in the Premier League.

Next weekend all I want to see is an Everton team fighting for every ball, I want to see every player not giving an inch, I want to feel proud again. I want to see us win – blood sweat and tears.., I don't care. I just want the players to.

Then for me the season is over. Then its bye bye Sam, hello...? asap please and let's get on with the rebuild.

Steve Taylor
113 Posted 04/04/2018 at 09:01:48
I can tell you what we could have done, tackled, closed them down, got in their face. All these things will be there come the visit of Liverpool. It's called choosing when to turn up – it's a form of cheating really.
Danny O'Neill
115 Posted 04/04/2018 at 23:36:20
He'd failed his interview before he was appointed.

I never wanted this Neanderthal of a football coaching anywhere near our club. Now he has been here, we are tainted, but at least we can remove the stain by removing him. He was awful in 1998, he is awful now.

Koeman would have achieved 9th / 10th. Unsworth probably could have done. Why did we panic and feel the need to have the name of Sam Luddite-ice associated with our club's proud history??

Brian Porter
116 Posted 05/04/2018 at 06:59:32
Just watched Liverpool tear City apart. Do you see how to do it Sam? Interview fail? Most definitely! Next game?

I guess Sam already has his post-match defeat speech written, like, just in case, you know?

Allardyce Out.

Jay Woods

117 Posted 05/04/2018 at 07:08:05
Brian Porter, LFC have slightly better players than we do, which makes your point a bit meaningless. That said, Sam is a disgrace and has to go pronto.
Brian Porter
118 Posted 13/04/2018 at 07:22:12
Jay (#117), sorry but must disagree with you. By extension of your argument that means teams like Wigan, Burnley et al, should have been destroyed by Man City, or does that mean they too have slightly better players than we do? Burnley, perhaps. Wigan, never!

There is nothing to stop any team, us included, from taking the game to the opposition, no matter how good they are. Sitting back and allowing them to launch wave after wave of attacks at our pathetically static defence and midfield is tantamount to abject surrender before the ball has been kicked.

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