Rising up the 'Ineptitude League'

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The Guardian run an annual Ineptitude League, which is well worth a look... and Everton are in 3rd spot and pushing for the top! This is not the news we want to hear and yet Mr Silva has a proud record of achievement in the league and I did not want this to go unnoticed.

Key points to extract from the league statistics include:

Throw ins straight to the opposition: We have managed to do this 157 times already this season. How do you reach that level of crapness without practising to do it?

Goalkeeping incompetence: We are in 2nd place here with Pickford making four errors leading to goals against us.

Missed penalties: we are joint leaders with Man Utd here with three penalties missed (so far). Time for a change in takers, I think?

Red cards: 2nd place here with four reds so far.

But, to end with a direct quote from the Guardian piece, 'That’s not the real story here. In 2016-17, Marco Silva had a hand in getting Hull to the top of the ineptitude index and, last season, he helped inspire Watford to top the list. This season, he’s made a good fist of getting Everton up there too. That takes some doing. No wonder Farhad Moshiri was so keen to splash the cash'.

What goes on at Finch Farm?

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