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Couldn’t tackle their way out of a paper bag

David Cooper
Posted 20/01/2019

I am just watching the Fulham v Spurs game and I cannot for the life of me believe that so many so-called lesser teams have players who win tackles and physical challenges.

Watching yesterday’s excuse for a performance at St Mary's, I tri...
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An Education for the Future

Jamie Crowley
Posted 14/01/2019

A somber preface to an interesting life-decision.

I'm 49 years old. My Dad passed at 64, my best friend's dad at 59, the only company I worked for, before I started my little Ma and Pa Print Shoppe, my boss died at 54. I've had multiple frie...
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Have a Plan and Stick To It

Andre James
Posted 04/01/2019

The last month hasn’t been pleasant, has it? The last time I saw us play in the flesh was Newcastle at home. My brother maintains, as do many on this site, that the derby damaged our confidence. I disagree because of how we came back after the i...
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Half-Term Report

Mike Oates
Posted 02/01/2019

We thought that Silva and Brands did us proud back last July and August, signing two ex Barcelona players, one of Brazil’s rising stars, one of Brazil’s most coveted midfielders, and two excellent loanees, and they also managed to keep hold of...
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Happy New Year

Andy Crooks
Posted 01/01/2019

First alcohol free new year that I can remember( kidney infection, antibiotics, pissing glass) — Happy New Year, my arse!

But things are going to get better. This time next year we will be challenging for a Champions League spot. Though I ...
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Jim Bailey
Posted 29/12/2018

I swear to God if I ever hear the word 'transition' as a reason or excuse for Everton's performances this season, or the last two or three seasons... or however many you like, I will fucking scream!!!

Please, people — look up the word and then ...
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Living in the Past

Jim Bailey
Posted 27/12/2018

I am completely and utterly at a loss as to why so many Everton fans choose to live in the past. Oh, so-and-so, an ex-player comes out and says that Everton is the best club, the best fans, they made me feel welcome or at home, blah blah blah.

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Aspirations! Really?

Mike Oates
Posted 22/12/2018

I think, as we have done every season since 1987, we have ambitions which are way beyond what we can deliver. I believe we have once again beeng drawn into aspirations which are way beyond our current capabilities. Yes, we are playing football whi...
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Goals, Goals, Goals

Jay Harris
Posted 20/12/2018

Much debate has been going on about 2 things involving Everton: our belief and ambition to be top 4 again; and the lack of a proven goalscorer since Lukaku left.

I looked into the current top of the table and it illustrates the importance of...
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Bullied again!

David Cooper
Posted 11/12/2018

Like many Blues, for me continually watching sub-par performances against teams we feel we should beat happens far too often, I think for quite a while now other managers have assessed the Blues and decided they can be bullied out of possession. <...
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Who really has the bigger claim to the Liver Bird?

Michael Kenrick
Posted 09/12/2018

A seemingly very well researched article in the Echo tackles this thorny question, tracing the history of the City's ornithological symbol back to ancient times.

Everton shareholder Keith Wilson, from Waterloo, decided to mount a campaign to...
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An evening with Duncan Mckenzie

Tim Taylor
Posted 07/12/2018

I attended this event last night at a bar in Nottingham where I live. He was great, really funny and entertaining. He did talk a lot about Forest (given where we were) but also Everton.

A few snippets:

  • A joke about Rooney's edu...
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We're still here

Darren Hind
Posted 04/12/2018

How are you feeling? Numb? Angry? Hurt? frustrated?

I watched some of Sunday's game again today. Not all of it – just the end. Now you could be forgiven for thinking I`m some sort of a masochist, A glutton for punishment, but I can assure...
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The legend that is Lyons

Andy Osborne
Posted 05/12/2018

13 September 1975 was a day I will remember for the rest of my life. It was the day before my 9th birthday and the first time my Dad took me to Goodison Park, where I watched us beat Newcastle 3-0. Latchford scored the first, Mick Lyons the second...
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To the banks of the Mersey

Geoff Cadman
Posted 01/12/2018

Ever since, Bramley-Moore Dock was chosen as the site for our new stadium, the sea shanty “Liverpool Judies” played on my mind. The dock is mentioned in the Lyrics, so I tried adapting it to an Everton Theme. With the stadium Consultation, improv...
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Loan Watch — #4

Posted 21/11/2018

This article in The Guardian covered the range of on-loan Premier League players. The report in regards to our 14 boys elsewhere goes as such:


Ashley Williams, 34, Stoke: Williams has little ...
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Adding A Lookman

David Pearl
Posted 13/11/2018

Okay, so we’ve been hearing calls for Lookman to get a run in the starting line-up since... well, since the first game of the season really. Finally, I am in agreement. Sometimes he comes on for his 10 or 20 minutes and looks good and other t...
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Another bleeding international break

Fran Mitchell
Posted 13/11/2018

I ain't one of those 'I ain't bothered about international football' fans, like most, I love the world cup, and the European Championships and usually get swept up in 'In-GER-LUND' mania like the best of us, and as such I agree that friendlies are...
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Is the Premier League getting boring?

Tony Cheek 
Posted 10/11/2018

I just read this on Facebook and it really got me thinking....

Is the Premier League getting boring. How much longer can it continue being about the "Big Six"? Is it about to bite its own bum?

The sooner they all fuck off to a 'Supe...
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Where are we now and what we need next

Peter Rogers
Posted 02/11/2018

I had picked after the Man Utd game to assess, in my opinion, if we had progressed or not under the new regime. Although some of the results so far this season may not have gone the way we all hoped they would, the signs are very promising.

We wer...
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