Sometimes in football you have to score goals

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"Sometimes in football, you have to score goals" — Thierry Henry once said, in a moment of transcendental clarity. It is stating the obvious, to say the least, and it's an achievement doing everything else perfect, but it's the goals that count.

At the time of writing, AFC Bournemouth, Leicester City and Watford have scored more goals than us this season. Crystal Palace have outscored us 29/22 on away goals. It is clear that we need a more clinical goalscorer, with the pace and confidence to score away from home too.

Importantly, Dominic Calvert-Lewin should not be vilified for his lack of goals because he contributes like a trojan to the team. If he can add the Drogba-style finishing prowess to his game, he will become a top player. We need to help him get there, opportunities for him will be ever-present.

The need for goals though is there for all to see. The games against Fulham and Crystal Palace recently bring it into sharp focus. Getting the right man in, though, is far from straightforward.

The game has changed. It is not about an old fashioned centre-forward anymore. Take a look at Gonzalo Higuain, a world-class centre-forward struggling in the Premier League. Lacking a bit of pace and mobility, he looks average over here. Defenders can take care of him.

To try and find a 'type' of player that would fit the bill, the missing link, I have looked at this season's top scorers list. Aguero, Kane, and Vardy I think would score 20+ for us. All killer players, there is no loss of focus with these 3 when it comes to scoring a goal. It is the kill of a predator on a weaker beast, an act of nature.

Even at 32, Vardy on a 2-year contract would be interesting. Not as a direct replacement, but to act as a bridge and a foil, sharing games while Calvert-Lewin improves.

If not, can Mr Brands find us the right man?

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