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Just to let you know that a large group of dedicated Everton fans from Norway will be at Goodison Park on Friday to see the game against Burnley, this being their annual trip together which happens once a season, although I know many of them are there for quite a few games!

The trip was booked a while ago, and nearly half of them had to re-book flights when the game was moved from Saturday to Friday, which meant they would arrive too late for kick-off. Then, as they had got all that sorted, SAS airlines went on strike which meant quite a few of them had to start from scratch again.

Some of them have a day's drive to get to an airport that can get them to the game, and have to fly all over Europe to other airports to get connecting flights!

Unluckily, not all of them could find a route. But, talk about dedication to your team... Give them a good welcome; even better – buy them a pint! Have a great trip, Lads (and Lasses)!

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