Lies, damn lies and statistics

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I like stats, I like numbers, I like manipulating numbers to demonstrate an argument or point of view. So I thought I would share some with my ToffeeWeb family.

In the last 10 games, we have achieved 20 points out of a possible 30:

We have scored 16 goals and conceded 5.We have kept clean sheets in 8 out of those 10 games.

We have taken 10 points out of a possible 12 from the "supposed" top 6.

We have taken 10 points from a possible 18 from the "rest". So room for improvement there, I would say.

Anyway, here is the interesting thing: If we had performed the whole season as we have in the last 10 games, this would be the situation.

We would have 76 points.

We would have scored 60 goals.

We would have conceded 19. This would be the best defensive record in the league.

We would be in 3rd position.

Yes we need a striker, yes, we should have done better against Newcastle, Fulham and Crystal Palace... but, if we had have done better, the goals scored and the points total in my "full season" projection would be even better.

So, is Marco Silva on the right track? My answer to that question is Yes. If, and only if, he gets us playing consistently to the standard we have played in the last 10 games.

Food for thought and optimism...

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