Mike Trebilcock at the train station in 1966

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After the FA Cup win 1966, I was very depressed as I hadn't got in to Wembley. Not only that but all the cafes with TVs were full of Sheffield Wednesday fans. I ended up getting a bus to the next town and watched the second half through a TV shop window (No sound).

After an overnight stay, my wife and I went to the train station to go home. As we entered the platform, we suddenly found we were either side of Mike Trebilcock who was holding the FA Cup! In front of us were press photographers snapping away with their cameras, we couldn't believe our luck! Also, we were allowed to hold the Cup.

Then, to our surprise, we were on the same train as the Everton team taking the Cup home. This incident lifted my downer but I just went straight home on arriving at Lime Street.

Unfortunately, we never did see that photo. Can anyone out there help to find it for us? Now living in injury time!

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